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Monday – 08/13/2012
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Channeled by Terry Brown and Daphne Karandanis
Edited by Terry Brown and Valerie Hawes

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien

Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee





Wynn:  First of all, before we go into dreams – in case you guys haven’t figured it out, this is seat-of-the-pants, grass roots communication.  We’ve never got it down so that everything works perfectly.  It’s sort of like most of our lives, so we have something in common.  It reminds me of when I used to play music and I used to go watch different performers.  Sometimes the most exciting part of their performance was when their guitar string broke.  We are like a constant guitar string breaking.


If you’re checking us out for the first time, first of all – thanks for being patient.  The bad news is:  sometimes we’re late, sometimes the audio screws up.  The good news is, nobody’s backing for any money and controls us.  It’s better to be totally free and totally uncontrolled than have it all professional and then other people get involved in a profit motivation, because these calls are not meant – I don’t mind making money – but, this is meant to be available for free to anyone who wants it.


If you’re tracking us, we have this unusual experience which you really have to read my story to grasp.  If you’re coming on the call and you haven’t read my free book, please read it.  It’s hard to believe that we’re actually doing what we think we’re doing.


Wynn:  Is Daphne on the line?


Daphne:  I am on the line.


Wynn:  Is Terry on the line?


Terry:  Yes, I am.


Caller:  Hail hail the gang’s all here.


Callers:  Alleluia!  We have lift-off.


Wynn:  We have lift-off, right.


I’ll tell you what happens is:  we are increasing the energy so much by what we’re doing.  Things around us – every time we do something like this – we go through a period where it comes together.  When we first started doing conference calls, the calls used to drop off all the time.  I asked them “Can we really get this energy over the phone line and over the internet?”  They said yes; and they had to clear the pathways.  It took about a few weeks before it kind of got smooth.


With this stuff that’s going on with George Noory – and all you new people on the line, thank you so much for your patience – all you people that are coming on from hearing us a month ago and you’re still following through.  We are upping the energy.  When we up the energy, it causes other people to break down and it causes electronics to break down.


Daphne, are you on the line?  Hello Daphne?  Hello Terry?


Terry:  I’m here.


Wynn:  Even I was getting a little uncool there, and I’m usually pretty cool.  I know that Daphne has told me that when she walks around, street lights suddenly go off underneath her.  Have you ever had that experience, Terry?


Terry:  Yes, I did – I had that happen, too.


Wynn:  Hello Daphne?


Daphne:  I am here, yes – the call dropped.


Wynn:  I’m not surprised a bit; we were talking about you when you were gone.  We’re saying how you walk under street lights and they turn themselves off.


Daphne:  That’s actually true; and computers jam up and cell phones don’t work.  It’s frustrating as all hell – excuse my French.  Yes, it does happen.


Wynn:  I was talking about: we are really ramping our energy up.  Tomorrow we’re going to have millions of people listening to us.  That’s a lot of energy.


I want to tell you guys what I see is the potential.  Tomorrow, it’s going to be mostly me for three hours because we’re laying a track.  If everything goes well, and if we go over well, then we might be able to have live conversations with our sources on George Noory; I hope it comes to that.


I don’t know if you understand this, but it’s not just – if he said “Wynn, we’d like to have you on tomorrow and talk to your sources” I probably would say “No.”  We haven’t built the energy right yet; we have to build the energy.  Those of you who came in on George Noory a month ago and are coming to our calls regularly start to understand it because we’re a group energy; we’re creating a group energy.


The group energy creates protection.  It’s not about bringing through some awesome message and giving up your power.  Within a group energy, you’re empowered and we’re empowered.  They can come in just as one of the guys; they’re not one of the guys, obviously.  They’re not coming in as God or something bigger than life and, they are bigger than life.  It’s kind of hard to explain.


I’ll give you an example of an email I got today.  Then, I’ll tell you a story.  I am constantly amazed by the emails I get from strangers, people that I don’t know.  They’re showing up on these calls [and] are having this experience.  I’m looking here for this one email. I think this is it here.  Here it is – I’m not going to say your last name because I don’t have permission to read it.  I’ll just say her first name is Nancy:


“Just a quick note to let you know I will be sending love and light in your direction during your Coast to Coast interview.  I’m also one of the many who have received so much benefit from listening to your conference calls; one of the many who are financially devastated at this time – unemployed for over eighteen months.  But, since I’ve been listening consistently, things have started to finally happen for me.  Opportunities are starting to happen.”


“The WD40 energy from our sources” – for those of you who want to understand that – in one of our channelings, they were describing that they can spray, when you start connecting with them, their image was it’s like spreading WD40 on your auric field.  [This] means it loosens things up so you start having more synchronicities.  People think because you’re talking to the Elohim or these big group souls that it happens like “We’re going to have a miracle”; or, “This is going to happen.”  It’s subtle; it’s like you start shifting your energies.  Many of you are learning how this works because you’re trying to figure it out in your logical mind and you can’t.  But, you can keep observing that you’re energy and how when you come into these calls, there’s an energy shift.  Not everyone on the call is feeling it.  Some of you have done lots and lots of spiritual work, and those people oftentimes click into it fastest.  Here we go, let me just read this:


“The WD energy from your sources is loosening the wheels.  I thought I would get an offer today – a job offer – but I just got a call it won’t be a decision until Monday.  Waiting can be so hard, but I will keep listening because it keeps me positive.  Thank you for mentioning the creative arts; I listen in my studio and often do artwork during the calls.  Also, please don’t be offended if people cut off early; I don’t mean to be rude, it’s just family obligations.  I so want to stay on, and now I find myself arriving late to some functions on Sunday.  Thank you for doing a wonderful, excellent job.”


“I have been paying attention to metaphysical subjects for about forty years, and you are the most sincere person I have ever come in contact with.”


That’s because she doesn’t know me personally – that’s my public image.  Nonetheless, really I’m a human – anybody that’s around me knows I’m a human.  I go through human things.  I didn’t think you could do this and still be a human; I thought you’d have to walk on water and float around.  I don’t do that; I’m just – we go through anxieties, we get in arguments.  You should see Terry get upset.


Terry:  Yes.


Wynn:  Even Daphne doesn’t think Terry can get upset.


Daphne, are you there?


Gijs:  Daphne is muted on the console; so press *6 Daphne, if you want to unmute yourself.


Daphne:  I am here, yes.


Wynn:  I want Terry to describe herself when she gets upset.


Terry:  I get really mad sometimes [when] I try really really hard to get a point across.  Sometimes it’s because I’ve got an old pattern that I don’t like to be made wrong, and other times it’s because there’s something that’s just so urgent that I get it across that there’s reasons why and it’s important.  But then, another way I get upset – the other day, it was about 105º in my room – and sweat was pouring into my eyes.  I got really upset that day.  So, Wynn turned on the air conditioning and we discovered that it really does work; we thought it went out, but its working.


Wynn:  Alright! 


“I live in Calgary, Canada and cannot access the stream radio.  Is there a station I can listen to tonight’s broadcast?  Peace and love”


We switched everybody, but they came on late.


The topic for tonight is dreams.  I have to say that I’m not an expert on dreams; I think both Daphne and Terry get more dreams than I do, and look at them.  If you read The Creator God book, you’ll know that I told his amazing story that happened.


The most amazing thing that happened to me was when Daphne first started channeling in 2002, and I was getting all these messages.  I’m trying to figure this out; I’m trying to see “Can I trust this?  Who is this talking to me?  How do I know they are who they say?”  At that time, we were having a very difficult life.  I can tell you, for example: 


Daphne and I at one point were driving two cars.  I don’t know if I should talk about this because I don’t want to trigger her into it; she’s doing really well.  Let’s just say, it was almost like she could hardly stay in her body; she was slipping out of her body.  We have to buy a special walkie talkie to drive somewhere so that I could communicate with her to keep her centered.  That was really strange; it was like I’d never understood this idea of negative greetings or negative attacks from other dimensions, and we were having them.  At that time, I just asked in a question “I know I exist in other dimensions.  How do I connect with the parts of myself that exist in other dimensions?”  I had no idea what they would say.  The answer was “To write your dreams down, and you’ll connect with the parts of yourself that exist in other dimensions.”


That night I put a pad by my bed and I would wake up I’d write something on the pad; go to sleep I’d write something on the pad.  In the morning – I didn’t look at what I wrote I just wrote it.  In the morning when I looked at the pad I was expecting to see stories of dreams.  Instead, I found messages like somebody was talking to me.  I remember those first messages; it was “It’s the insanity of passion that makes things happen in the real world.”  “Through your dedication to love, serve and care, the negativity disappears.”  “You’re supposed to be the front man.”  “You have to look tall and thin.”  “Communication from another dimension – just like Cayce – he slept to connect with this dimension.”


I remember looking at that in that morning and I said “I must be making this up; this is totally crazy.”  I’m writing the book on David Wilcock, The Reincarnations of Edgar Cayce; I’ve got Daphne having this voice telling me they’re the Elohim, and suddenly I’m getting messages in my sleep.  We went back and did a channeling on that. I said “Can you tell me who is talking to me in my dreams?”  I was expecting them to say I was making it, because I was expecting dreams.  They said, basically, it was the Ra group; there’s more to it than that.  The whole story is in the Egyptian Connection if you listen to that workshop; but, they said it was the Ra group.  It sounded like the Ra group.  Keep in mind; I was like a baby.  I was like going to school here.  I was in a whole experience that never in my life could I even imagine was possible.  I know that some of you who are paying attention to this work – I don’t blame you – say “There must be a mistake.  It couldn’t be what he says it is.”  I felt that way for three years so I understand it “How can this be?”, and “Why me?” and, “Why are they talking to me, and why is all this activity around me?”  Of course, over the next few years it started to unfold piece by piece by piece.  I’m not going to talk about that on this call; I just wanted to talk about how I got those dream messages.  I want to share with you, specifically, how it felt.  I believe if you’re connecting with the energies on this line and you feel the energy that there’s a really good chance you could get your own messages.


There are two things that happen when you’re sleeping – one is you get dreams and one is you get messages.  My take is that dreams have a lot of different meanings to them; it’s not easy to say “A dream is this; it means this.”  I know they said this in one of the channeling about Terry.  They said they were giving her dreams to help release some kind of karmic pattern.  In other words, if you have a karmic pattern in the world and it keeps repeating and repeating, it seems like they have the ability to put your through a dream experience so you don’t have to have that experience in your life.  For example, let’s suppose people are always killing you; maybe you’ll get killed in your dream and then that releases you from the karma of having that have to happen in your life.  I don’t know if that’s the best example, but maybe.


Another thing about dreams is I assume the negative can project dreams and try to hypnotize you into something– we’re going to ask a question about that.  Another aspect of dreams – I have not had this particular experience; or, if I have I don’t remember it – I think that people can meet on the astral in their dream state.  I’ve heard of people telling me this – they’ve talked about it – they thought it was a dream that the other person was there.  The other person had the same dream and the two people were in the same circumstance in their dreams.  That seems to be a possibility.


We know that certain people sleep during our Sunday call, and my take is – I think we asked this question – when all this energy comes in and it’s more than your circuits are used to handling, you may fall asleep to just to process the energy on the unconscious level.


Daphne, you’re there, right?  Do we hear Daphne?


Daphne:  I am here, yes, Wynn.


Wynn:  I know you have a certain relationship with dreams; why don’t you share your relationship with dreams?


Daphne:  I think that I started studying dreams or kind of looking at the symbolism seriously and trying to figure it out probably when I was in my early or mid-20s.  That’s when I stumbled upon the A.R.E. – the Cayce Foundation in Virginia Beach – the Association for Research and Enlightenment.  Actually, I started ordering some of their books, and specifically some of their books about dreams and dream interpretation.  I started with this little discipline of taking a pen and a notebook and having that pretty much by my bed and using it a lot and getting into the habit of when I was taking a nap or when I’d wake up in the morning to write things down, even if I could only remember snippets.


When you start getting into the practice of that, and start to ask your high self to help you to remember; to help you to bring into focus what your higher self is trying to download into your consciousness, your angelics and your celestial guides will start to help you do this.  I saw over a period of weeks and then months, I was given the language to start to decode the dreams.  They actually kind of – they gave me a tutorial – in the symbolics of dreams and I started to see things in a very interesting way.  It’s formed the whole way I look at everything – at numbers and color and form and picture – but, it’s something that’s very personal.  It’s a relationship that happens over a period of time, but something I really really encourage people to delve into.


I guess I could start there; how’s that?


Wynn:  How long ago was that you were doing that?


Daphne:  I’m giving way my age; a long time ago.  Probably in the 80’s.


Wynn:  In the ‘80s – well, no one knows how old you were in the ‘80s.  You could have been ten years old and writing your dreams down.


Daphne:  I was older than ten, but not much.


Wynn:  You were an advanced soul.


Daphne: I don’t know about that.


Wynn:  Can you give an example of something you actually learned and put into practice from recording your dreams.  Like, an example of a dream that really impacted you and changed your life in some way?


Daphne:  Are you talking about an actual practice that I started to do, or something in the dream itself?


Wynn:  An actual dream that you woke up, you remembered the dream and you analyzed it.  Were you getting verbal messages, or just dreams, where people were talking to you?


Daphne:  For me, it’s not such a clear demarcation.  In fact, the dream state and my interior locution flashes – for me, they aren’t necessarily clear cut.  I can get a message and I can be kind of just resting or thinking about something; I can also be asleep.  I got a very clear indication – this is not easy information to handle – but, I knew very definitively two days before the World Trade Center went down that something huge was going to happen in New York.  I had written an article about the towers in 1993; I’d published it in Marc Lerner’s astrological journal “Welcome to Planet Earth.”  That was a “channeled” article, even though I didn’t really understand it as being channeled material at the time.  In it, I basically knew that those towers would come down; at least, symbolically.


Come September 9th or so of 2001 I was in Saratoga California; Robert was in Boston.  Some very, very powerful things, physical things, were happening in the house – wind was whipping through the house; an article that I hadn’t looked at in years was on my desk – there were a series of things that happened.  I think that in terms of dreams – symbology per se – its part of a whole package of tools that once you start honing and refining your receptions and your receptivity and your perceptions to the other dimensions, dreams will become more vivid, but everything will become more vivid.  You will start noticing your surroundings and you will notice symbolism in your surroundings and you’ll notice when people say things to you, things will just start jumping out at you in ways that – up until that point – you might have missed them.


Wynn:  Keep in mind, everybody is going to have their own experience.  They may not have it the way you did, but some people will have your experience, or that will help them.  I know one of the things you mentioned is that when you were young and growing up, you had all these little voices talking to you – you thought everyone did.  Isn’t that right?


Daphne:  I wouldn’t actually describe it as little voices; it was more a knowingness, a deep awareness, a remembering.  It didn’t feel like it was separate from myself; I fact, it still doesn’t.  It feels like it’s not necessarily a part of myself that I’m focused on in every day consciousness, but it’s definitely there.  It’s an aspect of myself; it’s not something foreign.  That’s why I’ve had a really hard time – even still do to a certain extent – with the material and the messages.  It doesn’t feel omniscient or omnipotent.  It feels actually like I’m making it up; it feels like some more honed part of myself is making this up.


If you look at the kind of fabric of reality, that is indeed what’s happening on some level.  I don’t know; that’s as far as I can take it right now, I think, Wynn.


Wynn:  You’re making it up, right?


Daphne:  No; not making it up.


Wynn:  The National Enquirer is going to have a big headline tomorrow – Daphne’s making it up.


Daphne:  Making it up?  Yeah, but Beethoven made it up, too.  I’m not comparing myself to Beethoven, but any creative act is “making it up on some level.


Wynn:  When I was writing songs, when I go back and look at writing songs, I was having this amazing experience and I’m sure it was somewhat parallel to a channeling-type experience.  I'd put my pen to the paper and I’d write something.  I just picked something out of the clear blue sky and I wrote it down on the paper.  I’d say “What comes next?”  Then I’d pick something else out and wrote it on the paper.  Fifteen minutes later it was a song and it was written so well, everything fit in – everything led to everything.  I had this feeling like I didn’t do it; one thing led to the next to the next to the next.  I didn’t even have the word ‘channeling’ in my vocabulary at that time.  Yet, you know my songs – and my songs and my poems have that feel to them.


Terry – you’re a dreamer, right?


Terry:  Yes, I dream a lot.  The dreams kind of fall into categories:  one of them is the predictive dream.  Like before that big tsunami in the Indian Ocean – sometime within the two weeks before it – I had this very vivid, vivid dream in vibrant colors.  It really stood out; when I woke up it was just written across my mind.  What it was that I was at the beach in Santa Monica and there was a tide coming in.  I was wading so I didn’t have my shoes on; I was up to my ankles in water.  I saw a little wave come in and I thought “A wave’s coming in.”  Then, it kept coming in and kept coming in and going to the other side of me towards the beach further and further and further.  It wasn’t that high, but it was white-capped.  It wasn’t that high; maybe four or five inches high, maybe even less – it just kept coming and coming.  Then I thought “That’s not a wave; that’s like a little tsunami coming in.”


When I woke up I looked around and I thought “Boy! That’s written on my mind in indelible ink and in color.”  I just didn’t know why it was like that, but it was predictive of the tsunami that happened around the day after Christmas in the Indian Ocean and in Indonesia.  So that’s a predictive kind of a dream.


Then there’s a teaching kind of a dream, like where I feel really bad when I make a mistake.  If somebody calls me on my mistakes, then I just get really upset.  In my dreams that they were sending me – I think it was the Ra group that was sending me – like I’d have these situations where I’d make a mistake.  Then everybody would say “That’s okay; don’t worry about it.”  I’d get a chance to do the thing again and make it come out better so that I thought “Alright! – I made this huge mistake but it’s really okay.  I’m still a good person.”


So that’s a teaching kind of a dream; when after the dream I remember it and I feel better about myself.  Then, when I make a mistake in my life, I think “Oh – well, it’s not the end of the world.”


So, those are two types of dreams that I have.


Wynn:  Did you relate to Daphne’s experiences?


Terry:  Give me an example again; I forget what she mentioned.  Just trigger it for me.


Wynn:  Are you not paying attention?


Terry:  I’m half in trance.


Wynn:  I’m sorry.


Terry:  If you name something, then bring it back to me.


Wynn:  Daphne, are you there?


Terry:  She wrote down her dreams; I remember that.


Wynn:  She wrote down her dreams.


Daphne:  I’m sorry Wynn; I can’t hear you.  You’re asking if I wrote down my dreams.


Wynn:  I asked Terry if she related to your dream experience, and I got – Terry’s in trance already; she’s trying to talk from her human side.  Maybe we should just go bring our sources in and have them give everyone guidance on how to best use their dream experience; if there’s a conscious way of relating to it.


I know for myself – when I talk about my own conscious self – it was very hard to write things down.  It still is.  I have to really discipline myself; sometimes I’ll hear them and I don’t write it down and I miss it.  It feels like – do you know the experience for me; this is my experience in getting their verbal messages:  It’s like I’m daydreaming.  It’s like the experiences, there’s a little voice going in my mind, and it’s like me thinking.  But, I’m not directing my thoughts, so I’m daydreaming but I’m sleeping; I’m in a twilight sleep.  I am just in between sleep and wake, and I only get one sentence.  I can’t get a whole bunch of stuff; I just get one sentence.  Then, I go back to sleep and I wake up and I get another sentence.


Then I start watching it, and when I get good at it, it’s like the sentences are following each other.  I would have thought that there was this dialogue going on and I’m missing most of it; but, I wasn’t.  I’d get a sentence then twenty minutes later I’d get the next sentence – wherever these sentences were coming from, someone out there was paying attention to that moment when I was in twilight sleep.  So, one sentence would lead to the next to the next.


The interesting thing is, that’s exactly the way David Wilcock started getting his messages.  I believe that’s an indication of a Ra group connection.  Maybe not everyone is going to be able to get the Ra group; some of you are going to relate immediately to what I’m saying and recognize that you’re connecting to the Ra group.  But, I think the Elohim group, if they’re giving you dreams, it’s going to be a different experience because everything between those two groups is different.


Why don’t I call in the light?


Terry:  I have a comment to make.  There’s one gentleman who was working for Ed Danes and he was teaching remote viewing.  I was talking to him one day, and he said before the 911 incident he was trying to do a remote viewing and there was this big disturbance in the field and he was unable to bring in the remote viewed thing.


I think that there is a disturbance in the field when stuff is going on and I think it comes into dreams.  I do relate what Daphne said about the day the World Trade Center; she knew the World Trade Center was going to down because there’s this bleed-through from the future time into the present.


That’s my comment.


Wynn:  I don’t understand all that actually myself – but, I’ll believe anything.


Daphne:  Wynn, this Daphne, just to comment on what Terry was just saying.


There’s a project that was started, I think in the late 90’s – I think it might have been at MIT – and it was called the Webbot project.  They were basically computer scientists and A.I.s – artificial intelligence people – were looking at various spikes in Google search words and search engines; certain key words that were showing up at a much greater frequency than normal, and just the traffic on the internet.  They were picking up a good three months, back in June of 2001, some disastrous event happening around September of 2001.


You might want to check that out; it’s kind of interesting.  It’s called the Webbot Project.


Wynn:  Alright.  I’ll tell you what – let’s get this through both Daphne and Terry, and then we will say good evening to everybody for the night.  Sorry to keep you up longer than we should be; especially those of you on the East Coast.  I know it’s getting late.


Father Mother God we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect each person here, and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned.  We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through the outer energy fields of earth, through our bodies and into the center of the earth.  Right now, we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls.  We invite those sources that are positive, service to others, honoring the Law of One to join with us as we create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.


Our topic tonight is dreams and how each of us can use our dream experience in any way positive to help us clear our karmas, to help us get wise looks at ourselves, to help us make deeper connections to highest realms.  Of course, everyone is unique in the way they dream and what happens to them when they sleep.


Daphne, our sources as they come through Daphne – we are ready for your input on this.


Daphne:  Thank you.  Just a moment please.


Council of Ahn:  We greet you in the love light of the one infinite Creator.  This is the Council of Ahn.  Your question to us this night has thus been poised as dreams – the dream state.  What are the hidden messages and symbols, and how can they best be used to serve an awakening humanity?


You speak and communicate in architecture of language, and the language is a symbolic coding, a symbolic synopsis or encapsulation of frequencies which is encrypted and in the encryption enable certain packets or fragments of love light consciousness and intelligence to cohesively avail itself and to put together a stream of consciousness and to weave that fabric of consciousness into higher densification and stratifications of love light collective consciousness, thereby braiding and making available higher dimensions, higher densities, higher orchestrations, higher calibrations of the love light architecture.


What you are learning to do with the dream work is to break down those symbols, those encrypted packaged codings of the love light language into the language thought-form and structure of thought-form.  Your picture, your codes of pictures, actually contain more information than do singular words, thereby symbols and their like associations with many words, are a jumping off place for a multitude of meanings to be netted together or brought together as one would hold a strand of balloons, for example, in the hand.  One can hold twenty or thirty balloons with the tethers of the string in one hand.  Thus, the picture is very much like the hand holding the string and each of the balloons is perhaps a word or a key word having to do with the picture.


Learn to think in pictures; learn to think in terms of object, and then associations with the object.  For example, if you are looking at a brick you can think of many things about a brick; you can think about weight, you can think about density, you can think about shape, you can think about what it would be like to draw the brick, what it would be like hold the brick, what it would be like to heat the brick – the uses for the brick.  It could be used in a building, it could be used as part of a garden scene; it could be used a pathway along which one walks – yellow brick road:  immediately symbolically can go out in many many different areas.  Learn to stretch your imagination and the ways in which you see your world.  A picture is worth a thousand words; and this is not simply a euphemism, this is in fact true.  The more you can see and correlate what is seen with verbal expression and to color and to word and to texture and to taste and to music, the more that you open your mind to the various panorama that is associated with your physicality the more that you can expand your creative architecting.


As such, you can start to uncode and you can start to learn the liquid life language which is in fact the orchestration of your higher Christed self.  That being said, you are learning to unravel your own frequency coding blanket or enmeshment by which your higher self is actually instructing you, your lower self or your cognizing self in 3D.  You are you own teacher, you are your own over soul, you are own over soul – what is the word we seek – advocate – you are the one who is guiding and tutoring your own self through this quagmire, through this enmeshment of what seems, at one level, confusion.


When you ask for help, when you diligently – night after night before you retire for bed – make a mental assertion, make a request to your oversoul self, to your heavenly guide self, that you wish to partake in learning the language of the architectural spheres, so to speak.  You shall be guided.  You must ask with persistence; you must ask with intent, you must ask with focus.  As you do this, it shall eventually come to you.  As you move into a place of wanting to master this art, as it is indeed an art, you put forth the intention by perhaps writing down the dreams, by asking your over soul self to help you with the dreams, by asking your over soul self to help you remember the dreams and to decode the dreams and to make the dreams understandable and applicable in terms of understanding the different fragments and segments of your life and what is going on, you start to pull into your sphere of understanding the multidisciplinary and multifrequency aspects of braiding together a unified field of consciousness fabric.


These are many words; what is the simple message?  The simple message is that when you intend to understand and when you intend it every day and you keep on moving a little bit in this way, over time, with perseverance, you shall manifest your goals.


We hope that this helped you.  Adonai Adonai sabaoth Ommm


Gijs:  Wynn, we can’t hear you.


Wynn:  Okay – excuse me.


The reason Daphne and Terry sound different is because – when I say because, this is me trying to figure this out – you have a group matrix; a huge matrix.  Then, it combines with either of their matrices.  They bring through words; it’s coming through, it’s forming, around their individuation.  So, it’s different according to each of their individuations.  Each has access to different kinds of information.


Let me turn it over to our sources as they speak through Terry and get a perspective on dream work.


Terry:  Thank you.


Ra’An:  As spoken through Daphne, the importance of codifying things into pictures and geometrical objects that things are made of in geometry is that this is how manifestation is built.  When you are able to recognize pictures and the significance of the objects of those pictures, then you can bring into your own consciousness in the dreams as your consciousness in all of it’s levels including the over soul, are able to access levels beyond what you are conscious of, and learning to recognize the object leads you to the beginnings of language leads you back to spirit language and you can begin to work at non-linear levels; at all levels, and unifying the different realms that you access to unconscious and conscious.


Paying attention to your dreams and writing down in a notebook in the morning as you first wake up can begin to bring into your consciousness other levels of connection which you had; other beginnings, other realizations that can help you harmonize and can help you move through your patterns and move through your life in an expanded way.


Thank you.


Wynn:  Thank you.


I have a question.  The question is:  Obviously I had an experience of getting those dream messages as I described earlier.  I suspect that they were targeting me and trying to lay ground work for the kind of work I’m doing right now.  How many people, if they asked, could get those kinds of messages?


There was a thing in The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce was that as you move into service – I should read it; I don’t have it in front of me – those people who are predispostioned to do service have more resources sent to their direction.  Let me repeat that again – that was from the Ra group through the David Wilcock: 1:15:30


“As you are more committed to actually do service, you have more resources sent to you from the high realms.”


Maybe my dream messages were part of those resources.  I tell you people I was not in any way prepared to do this.  I’m still not prepared to do it; I do it because I pushed myself through it.  I said “I think this is going to be important to people.”  I had to learn that it actually was important – not to just think it was.  I didn’t feel worthy of doing it; I didn’t feel I could do it.  I couldn’t feel that the world would respond.


One thing I realize is that if you have a vision of something you can do, you don’t have to depend on being ready.  I used to feel that; I used to think I had to be ready to do something – everything has to be right.  I can’t feel any unworthiness; I have to feel self love I have to feel perfect.  That’s not been my experience; my experience is: if you actually see the vision and move towards it the other stuff comes in secondarily, not before.  The doing creates the other stuff.  If you wait for the other stuff to come in, it never happens.  That’s my experience.  That’s one of the tricks that keeps us in an inert space; because we wait for it to feel right and we think there’s going to be this magic that happens and say ”Elohim and Ra; fix my unworthiness.  Do this; do that.”  That’s not my experience; they didn’t fix mine.  Doing this work fixes me.  It’s fixed Terry; I’ve watched it fix Daphne.  It’s like no one was ready and yet doing it, it’s the doingness that brings in the resources from higher dimensions that starts to fix you; that’s my experience.


The question is:  Obviously everyone would like to have the Ra group talking to them in their sleep and giving them wisdom and guidance.  What does a person have to do to be worthy and to have that kind of experience?  Maybe they don’t have to do anything and maybe worthiness is not the right word.  They want their dream-teacher; they want guidance; they want verbal messages.  What happened to me – how easy would that be for someone else to bring that in for themselves?


Address that to Terry.


Ra’An:  We have concepts here that we are seeking to put into language.  One of them is: What is ‘is’?  So that if an individual is putting into their life the request and they are not stopping themselves by feelings of “I can’t do it” but they’re putting it into their life.  Whatever they can put in there it will come back.  So that if they ask and they have the intent and they are not blocking the intent then they can begin to have something build and something can begin to happen.  They can begin to remember their dreams. 


Usually when a person wakes up first thing in the morning they can have a glimmer of something that happened when they were sleeping but it’s like being in a different realm; then, when they wake up, then their whole surroundings in their room is there and their whole focus shifts off of the dream scenario in the other realm and quickly evaporates; quickly disperses.  So before they’ve totally woken up they grab their dream journal and put something down and tack it down.  Then, they can begin to remember – sometimes only a little bit and – sometimes remembering the little bit can bring more into their focus.


The other day when Terry was sleeping and woke up, between sleeping and waking she remembered being out of her body and standing by the car.  Then, when she woke up, there was the room and she rapidly dissipated that memory of standing by the car.  It’s like being in two different places or two different worlds.  If you can get it tacked down, even one little picture, and as you work on it day by day you can remember more and more and get into that other realm and see what was happening there.


Those are our comments.


Wynn:  I’m not sure you completely addressed the question about getting verbal wisdom from what seemed to be the Ra group.  Is that something many people could have if they asked for it?


Ra’An:  Yes.  By asking and by opening up the intention, opening the willingness – willingness is key – the willingness to get the information, the willingness to make the connection.  Then you can gradually – keeping your dream journal – can gradually open up the connection and bring in wisdom from the other realm and bring in teachings from the other realm as you are sleeping.  It isn’t a process of suddenly having it happen; it needs to be built like a muscle so that you are exercising the ability.  As you access the ability then you can begin to bring more and more wisdom in; make more and more connection.


Wynn:  Thank you.  Let me ask Daphne this question.  Are you there, Daphne?


Daphne:  I am, yes.


Wynn:  The question is – there were two things – I don’t think they were addressed.  One of them was the clearing of karmic patterns in dreams, where you can have a dream come in that puts you through an experience in a dream so you don’t have to experience it in your waking life – particularly an unpleasant dream.


The other thing was where two people have the same dream together and they end up comparing notes.  It was like they both moved into an astral space and they actually were together in their dream state.


Can our sources make any comment on these two experiences?


Daphne:  I will see; give us a moment.


Ra’An:  The query concerns that which you would term the aiding and abetting of amelioration of karma, or habitual tracks of energy laid.  From our perspective – this is the Ra’An group – we see that there are many, many layers, many layers of webbing, of infrastructure, of the soul positing experience onto a canvas of various levels of densification.  Some of this you will experience as third dimensional conditions or circumstance or obstructions or talents or benefits or things which are pleasurable in life because karma is not necessarily negative.  Karma can also be very positive.


We would see that some of the dreamscape would be experienced in this way and some of it could be apparently instructed or guided or worked out as you would say in the other realms – yes.  The overarching answer to your question is yes; we see it as a kind of a teaching forum or a teaching dissemination whereby awareness – awareness is key – once things are brought into the consciousness, the major lesson has been learned.  Then, as the consciousness chooses, one can find various channels be they 3D channels – 4d, 5d, 6d, ad infinitum – channels in which to work out the various manifestations of the energetic rippling effect.


Once the consciousness has unlocked or unleashed a karmic knot as it were, it can be more easily, more readily, subdued or assimilated or processed.


We hope this has helped your understanding.


Wynn:  In other words – let me just repeat what I think I heard – is that the dream may not lift karma, but it brings experience to the consciousness that…


Daphne:  I’m sorry Wynn, we can’t hear you here.


Wynn:  The dream may not lift the karma, but it brings an experience that when the conscious mind assimilates it, the negative karmic pattern can potentially lift.


Daphne:  They say it’s not – you’re focusing on negative here – karma is not negative or positive; karma is experience.  They’re saying as you understand the deeper implications of your experience, be they negative or positive, as you understand and bring that perceptual fine-tuning into your thought-forms, the physical challenges around that tend to be released.


They’re saying that the dream is actually a teaching device that they use; that the key to releasing the karmic pattern is actually understanding – from what I’m understanding of their message.


Does that help?


Wynn:  Yes.  That’s kind of what I said I think in a different way, but its close enough.


Can the negative project a dream into somebody?  What would be the predisposition to allow that to occur?  For example, if a person has a nightmare – would that be a negative projection?


Daphne:  Absolutely.  Given what we’re going through right now with the George Noory stuff I don’t want to go into that now.  Let’s just put lots of light around that.


Wynn:  Okay.  You know what I’m going to do now – we’ll bring this discussion to a close.  We’ll take a moment; there’s this beautiful energy that’s connecting with us all while we’re discussing this.  Let’s just tap into it; tap into the web that we’re creating by the expansion of our energies.  It’s us expanding; there’s no force taking you over – it’s us expanding, just through the loving energy.  Feel that expansion; feel how – just by intending it – we can touch each other.  We’ve already been touching each other; we’re just focusing on that experience consciously.


When we touch each other, we’re creating a web around the earth; it’s a web that’s above what we call the negative.  It’s a web that downloads into the earth.  If enough of us do this, the earth will transform.  Even if the earth doesn’t transform, if we can’t make that total grade, we will transform; and, the people who are doing this will transform.  We will transform other people into this experience.  When we create this energy and when we have a high intent of service doing this, for our planet and for ourselves, we get our group souls to join with us, to reach down to give us more energy.  We’ll take a moment and see our planet and ourselves being whole and healed.  Know that just by doing that you are doing an incredible service.


I thank you all for being here.  I hope you’ll help hold this energy and we can get this kind of energy going on George Noory tomorrow.  Thank you Daphne, thank you Terry, thank you all the volunteer people – Valerie, Gijs, Gary, Pauline, Edna – Bogdan in Sweden, Connie – and all of you who are waiting for Team Shift, it’s coming.  We have to work out a new model of how to do it, and I’m doing it – I’m working out that model; I have it worked out in my mind.  We’re having too many people to do it the way we’re doing.  Edna has been doing it; she’s doing it part time – she works, she has a relationship.  She’s been individually bringing people and putting them and assigning them into groups.  We’re going to have another way of doing it.  We’ll probably start it in a week. 


Thank you all so much for your patience and thank you all for just being here and helping us go along with all the rocky road tonight.  We finally got our show on the road and working.


We’ll be talking to you tomorrow night on George Noory – blessings to everybody.

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