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Wednesday – 08/15/2012

Host:  Wynn Free

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Channeled by Terry Brown and Daphne Karandanis

Transcribed by Connie O’Brien

Edited by Terry Brown and Valerie Hawes

Formatted and sent by: Gary Brownlee



Wynn:  This is Wednesday, August 15th (2012), and Daphne is explaining why she didn’t like being called a girlfriend. Go ahead, Daphne; we’re recording now.


Daphne: (laughing) I’m going to try to explain this in a way that’s both light and humorous and very truthful. The reason I don’t like to be referred as—go ahead.


Wynn:  I was going to say: Recently she has been getting back at me and she’s gotten even.


Daphne:  I’ve gotten even? (laughing) Okay, this is not a contest.


Wynn:  The way she’s gotten back at me, she’s been calling me the Howard Stern to the Elohim.


Daphne:  I think that’s kind of a fair assessment, don’t you? Kind of like anything goes, right?


Gijs:  Daphne, you’re right on.


Daphne:  I know I am Gijs; thank you for that acknowledgment.


Wynn:  One of the things about doing this, about bringing in these messages, is that there is an aspect of it which is sacred; which is very special. This is what they started religions about. On the other hand, I learned that the thing that made it accessible to people, the thing that made people connect with it, is the human story. This is what I learned when I was scratching my head saying “How am I supposed to put this out into the world?”


Literally, here I am having two consecutive women—we didn’t talk about this too much last night; we talked about it the first time I was on George Noory—here I am having two consecutive women tapping me on the shoulder and this voice starts talking to me and says they’re the Elohim.  Put yourself in my shoes and think how you would feel. You say “I must be making a mistake.” This felt like a movie; it couldn’t be real. Are they making this up? No, they couldn’t make it up, there is too many phenomena attached to it.


It’s like, after about four years of trying to figure it out—imagine knocking on a door and saying “Excuse me; the Elohim is talking to me.” “What?” No one believes you; how do you prove that you’re talking to the Elohim? I didn’t know how to prove it; I couldn’t prove it. But, I could tell the story of how these two women had voices talking to me, how my sister’s life was saved and how they have all this wisdom. The people were curious and they’d say “I think that really happened.” How could I make that up?


Now, I have both women on the phone and they both have agreed this is far bigger than—how can I say it? It’s far bigger than possession, or ownership. Daphne, for the longest time, said “You can’t say girlfriend.”


I finished that video—those of you who went to my website and saw the video, where I told the story of how this all this started for me; I just did that video about six weeks ago; maybe two months ago. It was a big thing for me to put that out in public. I would put it out when I talked to people if I was being interviewed. There’s this thing that if you put it on uTube and it’s in the public, who knows who is watching it? What are people going to think? Who is going to judge you? You can’t really take anything back when you put it out into the public.


 Even right now, while we’re talking to you guys, at one point I would say “What can I say? How do you say this?” I just grew into the experience that the more authentic I was, the more I just spoke the truth of my own experience, that other people would look at it and investigate deeper.


This is like: “What do you do when they’re paying attention to you now?”  You guys are all paying attention; you heard me. Many of you new heard me on George Noory last night. What do you do now? How can I be of service to you? That’s the real deal here; how do we serve you and how do we pay the bills? Those are both the deals. That’s just the reality of it. The reason I’m talking right now, the reason I’ve been doing this preamble, is because we have to create a group energy amongst us if we’re going to have them talk to us.


People tend to give up their power to these channeled voices; they tend to give up their power. Then, they believe things or they evaluate it, they say “This couldn’t be that.” Because you hear these human voices; you hear Terry’s voice, you hear Daphne’s voice. I want to explain a little bit and then we’ll ask them some questions. I know they are really happy to talk to you all. I want to give you some things to pay attention to and look for as we talk about this.


I didn’t let Daphne finish; I jumped in and I said something. Daphne, did you want to say anything more?


Daphne:  Yes, I do; and just in a note of fairness.


From my perspective, this was not a light, whimsical or funny adventure.  This was a devastating adventure in my life. Wynn is a wonderful person and I do love him dearly. However, this was not a romantic escapade.  What happened was: We met and the power of what—this is my take on it, what needed to come through in terms of this Work and these transmissions and the whole kind of karmic, dharmic thing—was so huge, it was so epoch in its proportions, that it literally was like a tsunami.


It was like my life was going along; I was in a, for all intents and purposes, very good marriage, successful. I had an internet entrepreneur husband who gave me tremendous freedom; I was a musician; I was recording. I didn’t have money problems.


I met Wynn and within three weeks after our meeting, it was like this wave of energy came and literally just overpowered me. It was like being in a car wreck. The reason I say this, is because I’m trying to emphasize that this had very little to do with personal desires or personal attachments. This completely transcended that. This had to do with what had to be brought onto the planet.


Wynn:  Speak for yourself!


Daphne:  Speak for yourself; okay; speak for myself. From my vantage point, this was overwhelming; it was absolutely overwhelming and very hard to handle. It still is hard to handle, on some levels, but for different reasons now, because a lot of it has been integrated and I see the tremendous importance of what’s gone down here.


It’s complex; it’s very, very complex. Go ahead.


Wynn:  These guys are all—they just got our book, except for the ones that couldn’t download it; we’re working on it. They just got the book, the Creator Gods book, so they’re going to read the exact story of what happened.


Just to give you a little bit of description, I was writing articles for this metaphysical web magazine and they were paying me to writing articles. I had met David Wilcock and I had interviewed him. I think I mentioned that on George Noory last night; I interviewed David. I started writing the book, but in the meantime I was writing these articles.


There was this New Age conference near Monterey, in Pacific Grove. It was not sensible for me to go; I had an old funky car. I thought “Will my car make it 400 miles? If it breaks down I don’t have the money to fix it.” For some reason I was compelled to go, because I was going to be interviewing people at this conference. I was getting paid for every interview. So I thought “I can interview five people, six people, and maybe make almost $1,000.”


I arrived at the conference. I walk in and this woman is staring at me, this really cute woman and I look at her. I said “Do you know me from somewhere?” She said; this is what I remember that she said, it was something like, “You remind me of a writer that I had a crush on.” I don’t know if she said “crush”.


Daphne:  I said “You remind me of a writer I know on Cape Cod.”


Wynn:  Daphne is this elegant princess and I’m this, how can I say it? street poet-songwriter and I’m writing articles for a metaphysical magazine. I looked at her and I said, “I’m a writer; I’m writing a book.” We agreed to have coffee the next day. We’re both in the lobby of the hotel and we’re chatting with each other. I said “What do you do?” She said “I do astrology charts.” I said, “I used to do astrology charts.” Then, she said “I write poems.” I said “I write poems.” Then she said “And I play music.” Then I looked at her, and there was a piano in the room, so I tapped her on the shoulder and we sat down at the piano. Then, I sang her this song that I wrote.


Daphne:  You actually sent me to go get coffee; you gave me a $5 or something and you said “Go get us some coffee.


So, she got coffee. I don’t remember that. I remember sitting at the piano and I sang her this song that I wrote years ago called “First Encounters of the Close Kind.” It was about meeting this woman in a coffee shop and having a one-night stand and she became the love of my life. She’s just looking at me and saying “Are you making that up on the spot?” and her eyes were rolling. Then, we went back to the conference.


Then we met the next day and I sang her a bunch of songs and I left her a poetry book. Somewhere along the line, I learned that she was married.  She went back to her well-to-do husband and I went back to living in my RV, writing my book at Starbucks and Denny’s.


Interestingly enough, I was driving back from that very same conference and I was passing through Santa Barbara and somebody introduced me to Barry Morrow. Barry Morrow wrote the movie “Rain Man”. I was meeting him, because I was pitching him on the idea of making a movie on the Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?


The book was not completed; it was still in process. I had a rough draft. We didn’t have a publisher, but I gave him the draft of the book. He was intrigued by me; he’s a very nice guy. Of course, he won an academy award for the movie “Rain Man.


I drove back to L.A. and I didn’t hear from him. Then, there was that eventful thing, where Daphne ended up leaving her husband, arriving in L.A. I didn’t really promote that; the way it occurred was—how can I say it? Read it in the book; it’s in the book. Now, I had to make some money. I was driving; I booked a show; I used to sell things at shows.


I booked a show in Portland, Oregon and we were driving to Portland on the now-famous rainy night and I said a prayer of protection for safe driving and “Does anybody want to talk to me?” And, she answered. I thought “She must be joking with me; she knows I’m writing this book, but she must be playing along.” Then, she said “That’s the strangest thing that ever happened”, or something to that effect.


I had no idea what to make of it. We were somewhere near Mount Shasta and I remember reading that weird things happen in Mount Shasta. We continued to Portland, Oregon. Three days later we were in the hotel room. I said “Do you want to try that again?” and I took a tape recorder out. I said “Does anybody want to talk to me?” and she answers again. I said “How come she can do this?”


They said she was from another dimension; she came here to bring these messages in and this was a very important connection. Then, I said “How do I know she’s not crazy? Can you guys predict a newspaper headline?”  Then, they successfully predicted a newspaper headline; they said it would happen in two weeks.


Why am I telling the story this way? Because it is so crazy that people don’t believe it. I have Daphne on the line; I have Terry on the line, and I couldn’t possibly make it up; couldn’t possibly. I could have my sister on the line, who had that healing miracle from lupus. That was beginning of it. I’m telling the story because I wanted to introduce Daphne; we introduced Terry.


Terry, are you there?  Hello, Terry? Are you un-muted?


Terry:  Yes, I am.  I was muted; I’m here.


Wynn:  You’re un-muted; I thought you might be muted.


For about six months, Daphne and I—just picture this—Daphne is this petite, very fragile, high-strung, can I say high-strung, Daphne?


Daphne:  I don’t know; would you say high-strung?


Wynn:  High-maintenance—


Daphne:  High-maintenance, you can say high-maintenance, yes.


Wynn:  Definitely high-maintenance. I was trying to figure out how to make this work. I was very happy living on no money, living in an RV and writing my book in Starbucks. I couldn’t figure out how to have freedom to write it and I had stopped doing the things I was doing to make money previously, making a little bit.


Now I have this high-maintenance, petite woman and I’m dragging her around to street fairs. And, she’s wilting in the sun and I’m saying “My God, she’s bringing through all these messages. How do we make this work?” That’s when we went to Portland; I booked a show there.


For six months, I’m dragging her around, and not only are we having a hard time making money; she’s calling her sister, “Can you send me some money?” She’s calling her mother “Can you send me some money?” She’s looking at me and saying “Oh my God, what have I done? I’ve left my million-dollar house and my computer mogul husband. I’ve run off with this street urchin who’s a good songwriter. He’s dragging me around everywhere.” And, on top of that, she was being negatively attacked.


I never understood the idea of negative attacks, although some of the people who have come in and heard our stories have explained it. In normal circumstances, you would think it’s a psychological problem; somebody is bi-polar; they have mood-swings. I was just trying to figure this out because she would—how would you describe a negative attack in that period of time? if somebody was trying to get the feeling of what it felt like. Do you want to describe it, Daphne?


Daphne:  I’d never really had much experience with anything like that up until about two years before I met you.


I would describe it as an intense feeling of gripping anxiety, to the point where it totally takes over your body: sweating, shaking, disorientation, intense fear of being able to do anything, go anywhere; you have agoraphobia. You can’t get grounded; you can’t get centered; nothing feels safe. You feel, oftentimes, an intense pressure on your chest. It’s paralyzing.


It’s most often treated by western medicine with something known as benzodiazepines. Unfortunately, Xanax is in this family, although I was never on Xanax, but there are other related drugs. They’re extremely addictive and they are extremely difficult to get off. Interestingly enough, Michael Jackson was addicted to benzodiazepines.


One of the hallmarks of being on this kind of medication is that you cannot sleep without it. Having panic attacks like this, you never can get a good night’s sleep; so, you’re sleep-deprived over a period of weeks and months. It is a hellish experience.


Wynn:  She was going through this experience. The way she’s making it sound, it sounds like a psychological problem; it’s an anxiety-attack, it’s a bi-polar thing.


Daphne:  That’s how it feels on a physical level, yes.


Wynn:  I started to learn something; I don’t know if I learned it that first six months, I’ve learned it certainly over time; that in her case, what happens is, I tell this to people. When you start connecting to the very high realms up there, the high spiritual realms—and I would put these two group souls, the Elohim and the Ra group, in that place of being in those zones—when you start connecting to them, you traverse the lower realms. If you have any weak points, if you have any hooks, that these attacks—I know this now; I’m certain of it—were actually stimulated by lower level forces that were doing everything to make this connection between Daphne and myself not work.


Because, as you study our materials, you’ll learn that it wasn’t just random that we came together. We both had a couple of past lifetimes that I know about. I’m not going to say what they are now, but when we did, she would be channeling and I would be a warrior and something big would happen in the world. We were, I would say, a threat. We already had track record of that. When I say something big happened, I meant something big in a spiritual way happened, that was making a contribution. The negative doesn’t want this stuff to happen, because it takes people’s energy fields out of the place where they can be enslaved by the negative.


Essentially, in this realm, many, many people are contracted and enslaved, but they don’t know it. Many things that you think are your issues, your unworthiness and your un-lovingness, are actually programmed into you in past lifetimes. They stay as a kind of an implant and a residual background program that keeps you in a contracted state.


Some of you know how hard it is to move out of it and you walk around thinking you’re no good, you’re worthless and, you think that’s who you really are. I can tell you, may people who have felt that way, after paying attention to this Work we’re doing, have shifted, have changed.


When you start to expand into the frequency of the higher dimensions, you go above it. It’s not necessarily an overnight process or an easy process, because those other things are very old habits. It takes a lot of intention on somebody’s part to move through them.


I can say I’ve had those habits. I’ve lived with feelings of unworthiness and contraction. It was actually when I used to hitch-hike around the country playing music that I escaped the matrix and felt how it felt to be free inside myself. I couldn’t stop moving around; every time I stopped, the old patterns would come down upon me.


Daphne was being hugely negatively attacked, and eventually in September of 2002, she left me. I remember I was doing interviews. I was in the middle of interviewing Greg Braden, one of his earlier interviews, for this magazine I wrote for. There was Daphne, packing up her car. I think she picked that moment because she figured I wouldn’t stop the interview to stop her.


Did you pick that moment on purpose?


Daphne:  I didn’t pick the moment; it was more like I was so distraught and I was so—it was sheer terror; it was absolutely sheer terror—I just wanted that horrible, horrible sensation to stop.


Wynn:  So Daphne left; I’m sitting there with this little box of about fifteen cassette tapes of these recordings. I have to say, the way they occurred: we were driving around, I was going to these shows, she was complaining about panic attacks. In the middle of it, she’d say “They want to talk to you again.”


I would pull out the tape recorder and I would start taping her and asking questions. They just always said to ask them questions. It had this unreal quality to it. I said “Who are these guys talking to me? Okay, they say they’re this; how do I know?”


Then, there is the story with my sister, where I get a call from my brother-in-law and he tells me she’s going in the hospital and she thinks she’s going to die the next day. I ask them if they can help. Then you’ll read the story in the book where not only does her cancer go away, but four weeks later her lupus disappeared. The nurse said “This can’t happen; lupus never goes away.”


When I finally went back and did a channeling and I said “How did you guys do that?” They said “We projected a filter into her blood and took the lupus out.”


Suddenly, I said “Who am I talking to? I have never heard anyone who channels have an experience like this.” You know, when her cancer went away—she had an operation and it was successful—I thought it was just coincidence. But when her lupus went away, I said, there had to be some kind of intervention.


Then, Daphne leaves. I’m sitting there with these fifteen cassette tapes in a box and I said “I’m just going to throw them away. This is the end of this epoch.” I was thinking “David Wilcock will be a lot happier”, because at that time I would call David up and say “David, what do you think of this?” I looked at David as my mentor at the time and I would talk to him about things, but I didn’t know he was really totally freaking out.


It was like the biographer of his book, his biographer of this book, and he did not want to be publicly known as Edgar Cayce. I convinced him that it would be in the highest service for that to occur. So, we’re struggling away, writing the book. Suddenly, I am now having a woman in my life, who was channeling a voice who says they’re the Elohim. I actually think he thought it was negative. It was just bizarre.


When Daphne left, I said “I’ll throw these tapes away; now David and I will get into a good relationship again.” But I started transcribing the tapes and as I was transcribing them, there was this energy that was jumping around me. I said “What is that energy?”


I’ve learned now that energy was them; they said “As you study us we study you.” When you read the book, pay attention when you get to their channelings and see if you can feel it. Let the channelings read you and an energy can move through you.


Now we have that energy on the line. We’ve done it so many times, so many people have felt it. I don’t usually have this kind of conversation before the calls, because the people who have been coming into our calls regularly, they hold the energy; they snap right into it and boom, we’re doing it.


One of the aspects of doing this kind of channeling—and this is what I have learned—is, we’re not dealing with a deceased soul in the other realm; we’re not dealing with an ascended master. We’re dealing with a group soul matrix. They may be a voice coming through Daphne or Terry, but they also have the ability to stream energy through all the dimensions in a way that you can feel it. When I describe this, some of you notice just as I said that, if you’re paying close attention, the energy shifted a little bit.  That’s actually the beginnings of feeling them, noticing that shift. The way they describe it, they are a frequency that adds to our frequency. They are part of us; we’re part of them.


In the highest sense, there’s this thing called the Law of One. The Universe is one energy; it’s all the same energy, subdivided umpteen trillion times.  You and I are part of that energy. Except, when you take a body on earth, you lose track; you start to have this illusion that you’re separate. That’s part of the requirements of being here. It’s like we go through many, many lifetimes struggling and feeling separate and feeling alone and feeling alienated. Now, there’s this group soul, two group souls that can flow energy into this realm in a way that suddenly you feel a sensation; you start to feel a connection. When you feel that connection, you say “This is strange” and you start kind of learning about it.


Suddenly, things start to get clearer inside you; things lift, depressions lift.  How does that work? Where did that go? You have to experience this to understand it. It’s like you’re getting educated, just as I got educated, being in this energy and learning it. It’s not something that you can educate somebody by going to school, or educating by information.


The more I kept doing this, the more I kept giving talks, the more I started to see that I could feel that sensation. The people around me were tuning into it through me. That’s what it seemed like, because I wasn’t doing anything; I’m not trying to do anything now; I’m just talking. Yet, as I keep talking the energy shifts and there’s this wave that starts to blow through.


When I was doing live talks, I could see the wave. I didn’t know I could do this on a phone call. I asked them “Could I do it on a phone call?” and, they said “Yes, you could.” Then I started experimenting and the people on the calls—we had people all over the world coming in—and many of them would email me and report that they felt it. They didn’t just feel something; their depression lifted, their feeling of alienation lifted. For some people this happens almost immediately and other people, it can take a few months to have the experience. Why is that?


Two reasons: One reason is we’re all different. Some of us are more screwed-up than others. When I say “screwed up”, don’t judge yourself; it’s not a judgment. It’s that we carry more of a load of karma; we’re carrying more internalized trauma. Sometimes you have to release that before you can feel this energy, because that stuff is taking up the space where this energy comes in.


That stuff is not you. It is not you. The trauma is not you; the unworthiness is not you. Yet, it’s such an overwhelming illusion that it seems like you.  You wake up every day; you feel a certain way.


I used to feel that way, and I said “That’s who I am. I’m neurotic; I’m this, I’m that.” It’ not you; it’s an illusion that’s been overlaid upon you by forces that want to control you. You can’t fight those forces directly; they’re too powerful, but you can rise above them.


I would say it’s been ten years now, since Daphne and I had that first experience. Interestingly enough for a long time, she wouldn’t get near the Work we’re doing; she withdrew from it. In her mind, she was thinking—and I can understand this—“How could this Work be so good, if I’m feeling so attacked and so miserable when I’m around Wynn?”


She had come from a background of mystical Catholicism, and she was running some of the words of Jesus, saying “Maybe Wynn is one of those guys Jesus was warning us about”. So she was trying to find a life somewhere. Yet, this was so big, it kept coming back. Of course, then the story goes where she left; it was 2002, September. A month later, I called Terry up; Terry came over. In the middle of the night, she woke me up and said “Get the tape recorder out” and I did not believe it. I said this couldn’t be; my life was like one big science fiction movie.


I got the tape recorder out.


Terry, are you there?


Terry:  I’m here.


Wynn:  Why don’t you tell them what your experience was when that happened?


Terry:  I had attended one of the channelings that Daphne did, and I asked a question. I asked if I might be able to bring in the energies and be able to channel them. They said that “Yes, I could. I needed to learn to recognize the frequencies.” I was open, and able to do it.


Then, when I came over to visit Wynn, he went to sleep. I was just there and I could feel a pressure tapping on the right side of my head, like just gently pushing on my head. I recognized the frequencies from the channeling and so I realized that they were there. So I greeted them. I said, “Hello.” They answered back “We want to talk to Wynn.”


I said “Wynn’s asleep. Maybe you and I, we can just talk, and that way we can acquainted.” They said “No; we want to talk to Wynn.” So, I woke him up and he got out the tape recorder and it began—lots and lots of messages and lots and lots of taping—we taped them.


It was for a couple of years like I wasn’t sure. I was learning how to coordinate what they were giving me in concepts into voice.  We were getting acquainted, just through doing these readings, so I did get acquainted with them. I got better and better as time went by.


That’s what happened.


Wynn:  Thank you.


I was mentioning Barry Morrow; I brought him up. I pitched him on doing the movie. Three months later, I called him up and I said “Barry, I have to tell you what’s happening with my new girlfriend.” I should say personal relationship, but I said girlfriend. I told him the story and he said “Wynn, that’s a much better story than the Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce.”


It is; it’s like a movie. We meet; I’m playing our song; she gets entranced.  Suddenly, street poet with refined aristocratic lady, driving around to do street fairs. This voice that created the physical realm starts talking to him.


Actually, we met for five years and we made the story; we wrote the story.  We decided that we wouldn’t try to do a total documentary on it; we’d do it like a fantasy, because people wouldn’t believe it at first, and not try to present it as something that really happened.


So we mocked myself up; maybe this movie will still happen; I hope it does. I’m going to keep talking about it. For a while, before I started doing conference calls, I was thinking “I’ll make this movie.” I spent a couple of years running around Hollywood, knocking on doors. I could have broken my nose if I didn’t get out of the way, talking about it.


Barry Morrow, even though he was an academy-award winning screenwriter, wouldn’t tell anybody about it. He didn’t want to screw up his reputation. He said “Wynn, you can use my name. You’re going to have to get the movie done.”


Maybe that movie will still happen; there are still some people in the film industry. Maybe, because so many people are hearing about us on George Noory, it might occur. If any of you know anybody, please get back to me, because it’s a really great story. Ultimately, it would draw people into the energy of this work.


Wynn:  I took this opportunity; this is not our normal format for this call.  Normally, people come on the call and they submit questions. I ask our Sources questions that people submit. For the longest time, we usually could handle people’s questions. There were probably like thirty or forty people coming into the call. Out of those forty people, there would be four or five questions, and we would ask them.


Since the first time I was on George Noory, there have been too many questions to handle. So, I have to pick the best and ask them, things of most relevance.


One thing that happens; I just want to say, is people come into this and they hear about my sister’s healing, or other people who have been involved have had healings and they say, “Ask them to heal me! Ask them to heal me!”


First of all, the way it works—I think I’m going to put this tape out to all the new people who have come in. It’s important to introduce Daphne, because we introduced Terry last night. This is like a group team now at this point. The Sources don’t do what I say.


There are certain predispositions that seem to work for healing. One of them is getting into their energy and feeling their energy and making friends with them. That is very possible, to make friends with them. We’re introducing them and we’re introducing their energies on this line. You end up feeling the energies.


At first, you’ll feel it on this line and you’ll say “What’s that?” Then, you’ll start feeling it during the week or in your life. You’ll say “There it is again.”  You’ll start to integrate; it’s like having a new friend that’s invisible. You can see how, in the old days that’s how that turned into God, right? But, they’re not God in the way that religion looks at and paints God.


They’re a group soul, but they operate as a team and they’re all one with each other. It’s kind of a paradox, because there are a whole bunch of them. They have councils; they have assignments; they monitor the earth. They look for circumstances of high intent and high vibration and they come in and add to the energy of those things.


They don’t usually channel, because that screws it up; it’s too weird. You don’t have to channel to make the connection with them. In fact, channeling first, then making the connection, is probably the most dangerous way, because, when you start to channel, you don’t have any idea who it really is and if you can trust them. You don’t know that it’s not a negative source talking to you.


But, when you start to really anchor into their energy and tune into their frequency, then if you get a message while you’re feeling that energy, there’s a much greater chance that’s who you’re connecting with.


Then, if that should happen, you have to figure out; do you want to tell anybody about this? You have to look at can you really do this as service, or are you just going to think, “I’m going to like a lot of attention.” It’s not wrong; most of us in our unworthiness really love attention, because it seems to validate us and say, “Maybe I’m really not unworthy.” 


There’s a danger that you end up starting to do it for the attention and because of that, you start to get the wrong source. We’re not making a model that you should channel. I would say that those of you who have discovered us and have chosen to pay attention are really lucky.


This is very, very rare, as I’ve learned to see it. And to have two people who are so highly-intended and so articulate being here, trusting this and willing to be public—two women, who are giving you all unlimited access virtually, for free—is a very rare opportunity. It can accelerate your spiritual evolution tremendously just by paying attention.


You might note that we have an archive section on our website where we have about three or four years of these calls, with loads and loads of transcriptions and audios. You can go and peruse them. It’s not very well organized, but some of them are classics; some of them are just mind-blowing. Some of them are okay; they’re all okay, but some of them are extraordinary. One of my pending things is to take some of those that are extraordinary and put them up on the website separately so they’re easier to find, so you don’t have to look through so many things.


But right now, hundreds of things are up there. Start with your own doubt and curiosity, but let it just see where your fingers go; see which ones you end up reading or looking at or listening to and see what happens.


Consider it your own experiment. The idea is not to give up your power, but to enhance your power, to let these new energies come in so that you can be more of who you are. The more you do that, the more you’re being of service to this planet and the people around you.


Daphne—we’re not going to do this in the normal way; we will do an introductory little message from them. I’m sure they’ll have something to say; they’re always really, really, really happy to be connecting to this realm so directly and to be giving all of you this opportunity to have this very unusual experience.


Daphne, is there anything you’d like to say from your human side?


Daphne:  Would you like to re-instate the invocation?


Wynn:  I didn’t even say the invocation did I?


Daphne:  I don’t recall.


Wynn:  Of course I’ll say the invocation. Anything else?


Daphne:  No, that would be good.


Wynn:  Terry, anything you’d like to say?


Terry:  It was just a real joy last night to talk with George. It was wonderful. That’s all.


Wynn:  Thank you. Maybe George is listening in the background. If I was George I would be. Hi, George, if you’re there.


Just as a little note of explanation and a disclaimer: Channeled messages are not meant to be believed blindly. You take what resonates and you leave the rest for consideration. Within the context of channeling, there is always the possibility that there is going to be a certain amount of bleed-through from the person’s own personality. I know that happens with both Daphne and Terry.


I know that so many times, information comes through that couldn’t possibly come from their own consciousness; other times information comes through that I know is connected from bleed-through. You have to consider that when you’re listening to these messages.


The other possibility—I don’t think this happens very often at this point—is that a negative source can take over the line and suddenly give misinformation. If I ever thought that was happening I would tell you right after and I would say “I think you should disregard that.” I don’t think it’s happening; the reason we have a certain degree of protection, is because we create a group energy.


If you notice, all this talking we’ve done, yes, it’s entertaining, yes, it’s interesting, yes, it validates the authenticity of all three of us. Nobody here has got any—how would I say?—agenda and everyone is willing to talk about what would normally be embarrassing things in their personal life and put it out in a transparent way, so that you know we’re not trying to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes. By doing that, we create an empathetic energy with all of you; that creates a group energy. 


As we create a group energy, we bring our Sources in on that group energy; it creates protection. The negative does not come in on a loving energy. We have to do whatever we can do to create a loving energy, not just with each other, but with you, so as you’re listening, you start to open. 


Your openness actually helps the protection and it allows us to do this publicly. That’s my experience of bringing through messages from group matrices.


You’ll also note that they sound different between Daphne and Terry. The way that I have observed this is, they blend or they connect to the structure of each person. Neither one is a ventriloquist’s dummy, so to speak. Both of them are present in the group energy, so the group energy is not just this big group in another dimension. It extends, and it connects with both Daphne and Terry and, it works through their personality-brain structures before it comes out in words.


Is that described okay for both of you? Is that a reasonable description?  Daphne?


Daphne:  I think, speaking for myself, yes. I was a student of metaphysical-channeled material, especially the Jane Roberts material; so, I was exposed to a certain way of phrasing things. I was a linguistics person. Terry has a background in art and physics and math.


Terry, do you think it’s fair to say that they kind of use our inventory-set?


Terry:  Yes; I feel like they do, in that they will give a concept. Sometimes I can’t even find any words; like, it’s a concept that I really haven’t run across before. Other times, they give the concept and then I can get words to describe their concept.


Wynn:  A few years ago, Terry would be channeling; then, she would be saying “They wish Daphne was here; Daphne has a better vocabulary.”


Terry:  Right; I’d be stumbling and seeking to find the words. They’d go “Where is Daphne?”


Daphne:  And Daphne thinks,“Where’s Terry?” Terry is so incredibly loving and accepting and supportive. She, of any human being I have ever met, embodies unconditional love and acceptance. I have to say that; Terry, you’re the greatest.


Terry:  Thank you, Daphne.


Daphne:  You’re welcome, sweetheart.


Wynn:  You guys have just upstaged the whole show.


Daphne:  We love you too, Wynn.


Wynn:  Thank you; even if I am the Howard Stern to the Elohim, right?


We do this little invocation; I call it Invocation to the Light. It’s just words. But, there is a lot of intention behind it. It’s not the words that make it work, it’s the intention. It’s a call to create a group energy amongst all of us, all of you and to participate in that energy which creates the protection for the messages to come through in a more protected way. It keeps out negative stuff from it.


We’re going to start with that. I’m just going to let our Sources introduce themselves and whatever they want to share through both Daphne and then Terry. Then, we’ll adjourn this evening. I thank you all so much for being here; even if I didn’t send the email.


All of you really had a great intent to come here, because you had to go look it up on the web, because I didn’t send an email out to announce this. In fact, that’s why I was late; I was getting discombobulated about getting the email out, and I said, “Oh heck, I’ll just show up.” Actually, part of me didn’t want to send an email out, which I usually do. I usually send an email out before all these calls.


So, you guys had to search for it. I’m sure some of our regulars are here, but the new people had to go search for it, look for it on the website. It showed more intent and reach on your part, which is good.


Father-Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light, to surround and protect Terry, Daphne, myself and every person listening to this call, whether they’re listening to it directly or they’re listening to the replay, or reading the transcript. We ask that any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through the outer energy fields of planet earth, through our bodies and into the center of the earth. Right now, we invoke a group energy connection, while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. We invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring the Law of One, to join with us, and we create a protected space that only the positive has access to. Anything not of that nature must leave now.


I turn this over to our Sources as they speak to us through Daphne.


Council of Ra’An:  One moment, please.


We greet you in the Love-Light of the One Infinite Creator. It is a joyous occasion to address such a multitude of beings, whose intent and combined purposes and heart-felt reaching out towards us and towards understanding and towards the love felt in their hearts and in the love felt in the hearts of others—you are learning to merge in a collective space, and learning the power of your own heart-felt presence.


You are learning that love, indeed, is not only a grace and brings graciousness, but is also a very, very powerful Liquid-Light-Love-stream, which enables the most precious parts of the soul of each and every person to come forth and to raise itself to the highest expression intended by the One Infinite Creator.


As one hones oneself in the interior frequency of love when one centers oneself in the heart, one is balanced; one is in the center of oneself. One does not have to endure the impingements and the encapsulations of fear.  Fear is resistance. In your physics it is measured in ohms. You are learning that by loving, you dissipate all resistance. You are learning to step up your frequencies and to hold the Living-Light-Love consciousness, which is the Higher-Truth-Wisdom aspect of your very self, in your everyday personal experience.


As you come to each other and hold out who you are authentically, one to each other, you are able then to embody the highest potentiality of that which you incarnated to manifest. You were not designed to suffer; you were not designed to hurt one another. You are not designed to live a lack-luster, uncreative, unfulfilled, depressed existence, for this is a waste of precious God-given opportunity and potential.


You are here to live out your destiny and your destiny is as a child of the One Infinite Creator. You are of the great Mother-Father and you are designed to experience the beautiful brilliance of your true lineage, of your true authenticity, of your true creative genius, for every person at their center, has their own unique, innate, creative genius, and it expresses itself in a way that’s unique unto you.


There never will be another like you. Do not ever wish to be another, other than yourself. Wish only to be the most perfect you that you can be. The magnificence of you is perfection in the eyes of the One Infinite Creator, for you are uniqueness expressed in densification. You are infinity and uniqueness expressed in the encapsulation of you; one that shall never be repeated.


We hope that this has been an uplifting and joyous experience. We have very much enjoyed and loved sharing our essence with you. You may call on us anytime. As our dear heart Terry says most often: “We leave, but we do not leave you.” Adonai, Adonai.   Pax Christos  Ommmm.


Wynn:  Terry. Terry, we don’t hear you.


Ra’An:  We are—give us a moment.


We have spoken through Daphne, and that is our initial message. We turn it back over to Wynn. We are around and with, each and every person on this line. We love each and every one of you.


Wynn:  Thank you. I’ll just let you know that we do a Sunday call. I don’t know if I’m going to announce it to everybody yet. I prefer, I think, to let people find it who are new. Each of you is learning to hold the energies on this line; we’ll let it happen gradually a bit. If you want to check our website, we have the complete conference call schedule; it’s at If you just go to Intelligent Infinity you’ll see a thing that says ‘Conference’.


Again, we have archives up there. You can either go to the, or you can go to the website and look for ‘Conference Call Archives’. We have something called ‘Store’. Store has a lot of things for free; a lot of classic channelings. By listening to these, it helps tune you in to the resonant frequency.


We also have this workshop; this four and a half hour workshop, which is mostly me talking. Actually, a couple of channelings I played and the workshop finishes with a message to the group.


You all have opened yourself up to something new, unusual and very much having the ability to transform you. Paying attention to our materials is like opening up. It’s like I once said; it feels like we’re in that place where everyone thought the world was flat and we’re telling them its round. 


That’s how it felt to me for a long time; how in the heck do you put this out into the world? Because it’s so different from what everyone normally thinks. You have to decide if it resonates with you.


Whatever it is, it’s real.  We do this spontaneously—you heard the story; you can read the book. If you pursue it, it will open you up to a new set of possibilities for your own life and a new experience of being a child of the universe. That’s been the experience of so many people who have been paying attention to our work. It can be yours as well.


On that note, I’m going to un-mute everybody.


Thank you all so much for being here. I thank Gijs for saying hello to everybody at the beginning of all our calls. There are a number of people who have come forth and that are volunteering all over the world. They just find us and they want to help us. Hopefully, we’ll even have room for more volunteers; I think we could have a thousand volunteers and still not have enough.


I really want to thank Daphne and Terry for their dedication to this Work and allowing themselves to be transparent and vulnerable. I know that makes it real for all of you. We look forward to seeing you on Sunday; I’ll probably send some emails out between now and then. 


Thank you so much for your attention. We’ll see you next time.

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