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The Elohim Say They Can Stop an Earthquake


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Monday Calls; 2012 Conferences
Monday –
Host: Wynn Free
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Channeled by Terry Brown and Daphne Karandanis
Transcribed by Connie O'Brien
Edited by Terry Brown and Valerie Hawes



Wynn:  Thank you all for being here tonight. This is our Monday call that we’ve been actually holding on BBS now for quite some time. Thank you for being here and thank you everyone on the conference line. I can’t believe they’re so quiet. I can’t believe they’re live; are they really live? Are you guys on the conference line there? Do you want to say hello? Terry, are you there?


Terry:  Yes, I am.


Wynn:  Daphne, are you there?


Daphne:  I am here.


Wynn:  Okay; so the three of us are here. I want to thank all of you who came to our Sunday grid healing yesterday. We got so many emails. If you’re listening tonight and you weren’t on our Sunday call, I want to tell you that what we do on these calls—if you’re tracking my work, if you heard me on George Noory, what we do on Monday nights is—this call actually started as a conference call, with perhaps ten or twenty people on it.


Wynn: We started doing this call on a conference line and then we went on BBS and we kept doing the conference line. The reason was, at the time, I realized that this was not an entertaining-type call, even though it can be really entertaining. It’s not like “Hi, this Wynn Free and we are doing this special”—it doesn’t have that tone to it. This is a call where there’s a group energy and we communicate with beings in other dimensions that say they’re group energies. We create a group energy on this call.


How do we that? I don’t know; I just say “Okay, we have a group energy” and something shifts. I didn’t know that would happen but it was experimental. People kept feeling the energy shift. Then, we’re involved in this process called channeling, so we would ask our Sources. I said “Can you explain that?” They said “That was us,” and they’re joining us.


If you’re on this call, and you’re open to it, there’s a good chance that somebody-something out there is paying attention to you. They don’t violate your free will, so if you want to be private and say “I’m checking this out, I’m not sure I want strangers paying attention to me” then, they won’t. They’ll honor the request that you’re thinking.


If you start to have them pay attention to you, it’s as if, while you’re on this call, you feel an energy coming into your body, sometimes from the top of your head and sometimes elsewhere. It’s a very friendly energy; it’s a very connected energy. It’s a peaceful energy. Its like: the premise here is that energy that’s coming in is connected to the same Source that talks to us; that channels through us. They explain that they’re a group soul. When they’re talking to us, we’re not talking to one consciousness; we’re talking to a group consciousness; that’s what they say. I believe it’s true at this point. When somebody is checking us out, then it’s something that each person has to check us out, read our material and see if it’s true.


Lately, when Daphne has been doing readings for people, they are telling people “Go into our archives and study this.” Because you can’t jump to conclusions and believe it’s real because you heard me once on George Noory or you came to one conference call.


It’s a vey big deal to jump to the idea that we’re talking to a group soul that can actually project energy from where they are—they say it’s the beginning of the Universe—to where we are, in a way we can feel them and have a sense of loving connection. The feeling is always loving, from my perspective.


This is one of those things that you have to watch it for a while, you have to come into the calls, you have to read our materials—The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?— and read other materials that are connected to this, to see if it holds true and if you can validate it for yourself. How do you validate it for yourself?


First off, you start feeling energies and you say “I wonder if that’s what Wynn’s talking about?” Second off, things start happening in your life a little differently; like, you suddenly have synchronicities or your house suddenly sells, or you have some kind of healing. Or, somebody who was mad at you calls you up and says “I’m not mad at your anymore.” Things like that start happening.


What happens is, when you make this connection, the connection works upward as well as downward and you start to get the feeling of how it feels to broadcast who you are into a higher dimension and into a higher hologram. When you start doing that, the Universe starts responding and things happen that wouldn’t have happened otherwise.


The illusion to this—it’s an illusion that maybe I’m doing this—I can’t tell you how many emails I get everyday that say “Wynn, can you tell the Elohim to fix this or to heal this?” Or, “Can you tell the Elohim that I need a job?” I wish I could do that; I wish it worked. I’d say “Hi guys; John needs a job and can you give him a little hand?” That’s not the way it works!


The way it works is: we are being an example on these calls and in our material of how you can expand your energies out of what would normally be the veil, the contraction, of earth. There’s a veil around the earth and everyone’s contracted in it—almost everyone. You read the newspapers, you watch TV; you’re programming yourself to be underneath the auspices of that veil.


Then, there are negative beings that really want you to be under the auspices of the veil. You’ve lived your entire life in that veil and you’ve lived probably many past lives in that veil. Suddenly, we’re telling you that there’s this group energy, which you can’t validate, that’s way beyond the veil; and that we made contact with them. It was like we tuned in our receiver. That happened when I started writing the book about David Wilcock, and it started happening when I met Daphne. Suddenly, just like you, I’m saying ”Who is this voice talking to me?” I’m trying to figure out. They can say something, but until I validate it for myself I really can’t believe it.


So, I kept validating it. If you’ve read my books, you read some of the things I went through and some of the things that happened to help me validate it. If you’re listening to call, you have to validate this for yourself.  You can’t just say “Wynn says he’s talking to the Elohim; he says they can do miracles. Wynn, tell the Elohim to get me a job.” It sounds funny, but literally I get emails like that every day: “Tell the Elohim to fix my mother; she’s doing this.” “Tell the Elohim to help my husband love me better.”  Like I said, I wish it worked that way.


But, it does work. But it works when you pick up their signal and make a connection. Now you’re friends with them; I’m only the guy that’s introducing you. Then you have to make your own friendship. I am just the liaison, the facilitator. We talk to them live and they explain how it works and how they function.


You can understand how easy it would be in past epochs of time, to think of a consciousness like this and think of it as God. People make a connection and you don’t have to know it’s the Elohim. They’re an energy.


Somebody could know the word ‘Elohim’ or know the word ‘Ra’ group, and they’ve studied it and they’ve become scholars on it and they know the theology of it, but they don’t have a connection; they just understand it in their minds.


Somebody else could just say “Please God help me” and they say it with the right intent and the right love and something happens and they make the connection.


These Sources don’t care if you understand that they’re a group soul. They don’t care what you understand; all they care about, as I get it, in terms of relating to us, is: Can you make a connection? Can you tune into their frequency? They tell me they’re on the line right now. They’re paying attention to everyone on the line. Did you notice when I said that, how the energy shifted? This is one of the things I started to note, that I would be talking and as soon as I talked about them and I said how they worked, the energy would shift. Not everyone, but many of the people on the line would feel that shift.


If you’re on the line and you didn’t feel that shift, it means that either you’re still in your head, or you have too much stuff occupying your body, trauma or whatever, that’s not allowing itself to open to feel the energy. I should say the third possibility is that we’re a bunch of wackos and you think we’re nuts and you’re watching us and saying “Wynn has those people hypnotized.”


Maybe that’s true; I don’t think so, but anything is possible. Each of you is in your own experiment. The only way you can figure this out is to keep attending our calls for a while and see how it impacts you. It took me; quite frankly, it took me three years to get it. It took Daphne—Daphne, are you there?


Daphne:  I’m here.


Wynn:  How long did it take you to figure out that this was real?


Daphne:  I think I thought it was real from the get-go; I had to determine if it was a good thing and that took a very long time.


Wynn:  If it was positive, right?


Daphne:  Yes.


Wynn:  Right.


At the time I was studying David Wilcock initially, there was a lot of stuff in his material and Carla Rueckert’s material, about how negative sources would imitate positive Sources; and I knew that. When I was writing the book, the Reincarnation… book, I couldn’t find anything negative in David’s channelings. I only found the most immense wisdom in it. When Daphne started channeling, I said “What is this? Is this some negative source trying to get in the way of me writing this book?” It didn’t feel negative, but it certainly, if you notice, Daphne and Terry sound quite different when they channel. They both have different natures; Daphne is very authoritative and Terry is very soft and vulnerable. I was trying to figure out how come the same Source sounded different between these two people and what’s going on.


Put yourself in my position. “What’s going on?  Is this real?  Who is talking to me?” I kept testing it and testing it and testing it. I tested it by asking them certain kinds of questions and seeing how they answered; I tested it by watching the impact on people. I tested it by comparing their material with the material that was coming through David Wilcock.


Those of you who are listening to these calls have to go through your own process of testing. You cannot believe that because I say it’s good or it passed my test, that it should pass your test. If it’s going to pass your test, on some level, something in your life has to shift. Either you have to get happier; you have to have a synchronicity; you have to feel the energy. But, something will happen so you say “Gee, this seems really good.” Then, you’ve validated it yourself; you’re not just believing it because I said so.


Daphne, why don’t you share with people what put you over the edge to finally say “I think this is good.” It’s probably been nine years that Daphne was going through this and was running around the block tearing her hair out about it. Why don’t you share it, Daphne?


Daphne:  I’m trying to think if there was a definitive moment. It’s been kind of an unveiling process in the last—it’s been in process for a number of years. In terms of my own personal circumstance: I was in Sitka, Alaska from 2008 to 2010. Then I had a health crisis and I ended up going down to St. Petersburg, Florida for the better part of a year.


I’m just trying to think of what exactly did it. There has always been a consistency in the work with Wynn and Terry and the depth of the people in the group. I think that what happened was, I have to give this a fair shake, a fair examination. So, I made a decision to just show up and to be a participant, to the best of my ability, three days a week. Then we have these Team Shift calls that I’m now part of. I think it was probably something around critical mass. I don’t know if I had a definitive Eureka moment. I don’t know if there was a defining moment, but there was a very clear demarcation about what was happening for me in my personal experience, between having commitment to the work and then being away from it. It was very clear that this where energy was, this is where really genuine connective-ness was and everything else, dead. I don’t know if that makes any sense.


Wynn:  I know Terry went through an evaluation as well; not as long as Daphne. I’m bringing this up because I’m really encouraging you all to do your evaluation. We have where you can go back.


You can’t go back to 2002; some of that early stuff is in the book. But, you can go to and go back about four years and there are some incredible conversations we were having starting four years ago. It’s all available; some of it is transcribed and some of it isn’t. Eventually we’ll have everything transcribed and it will be easy to go through it.


We’re operating on a shoe-string; we’ve been operating on a shoe string. Sometimes people may have the illusion that we’re big.   We have a lot of people paying attention to us, but we’re not big; we’re small. The only reason we’re doing this conference call is because it’s free. The only reason we’re on BBS is because we were one of the first shows on BBS when they started.  They didn’t charge us a lot; they never raised our rates. We have to pay, though, for all of these shows.


Sometimes, people email me and say “Wynn, why don’t you just have 800 numbers?” If we had 800 numbers every time we did a call like this, we’d probably get a bill for $1,000 or $500.


Those of you that have trouble—I want to repeat this; I’ve said it before but this is important—the area codes that are used for these conference calls, 712 and 559, be sure and call your carrier, even if you have free long distance, to make sure they’re not charging you for them. Those particular area codes some carriers deal with differently, not all, but some. If you’re with one of the carriers that are charging for those calls, be sure and check so you don’t get a huge phone bill next month.


If you’re carrier is one, we recommend that you sign up for Skype and for $3 a month you have unlimited calls, United States and Canada and you can come into our calls all month for $3. Otherwise, we love you being on the call live, but the energy is on the call on the replays, on the downloads, and even the transcripts. If you go to, it’s our archive website. The download for this call will be available within 24 hours almost always and later the transcript will be available. You can access it on that website. So, those are the solutions.




Terry:  Yes, I’m here.


Wynn:  What did you have to go through to figure out that it was positive?  What was your process?


Terry:  My process was to actually do the channeling and get acquainted with them through doing the channeling. I used to have huge amounts of pauses in my channeling because I would be questioning the data or thinking “What does that word mean?” Like, they’d be using the word ‘dharma’ and I didn’t know what it meant and I’d be trying to think if that word would fit in the sentence. Or, they would say something and I would think “I don’t know if that’s true or not. I don’t know if that person has a daughter” so I would just wait until they repeated something three times before I said it.


Gradually, over time, I got to trust them and I got into more of a communication, give-and-take with them; then, it got easier.


Wynn:  Thank you.


One of the things I learned as I spoke to Daphne and Terry is, that when they described how it was when they were channeling, there was this feeling that they’re making it up. Daphne kept saying “I think I’m just making this up.” Do you want to comment on that feeling, Daphne?


Daphne:  I’ll try. This afternoon I was doing a session with someone new.  It was a little bit different than what I’ve done in the past, in that the energy didn’t seem to be right there; I had to wait. Then, eventually it did come in, but I remember thinking “I don’t know what to say; I don’t know the answer to that question.  I don’t know how to help this person.” Then I got into a mode of receptivity and I began to trust it more. It definitively has an essence of “Where is this coming from?”


It’s been a really interesting experience; something I’m getting more comfortable with.


Wynn:  Over time of communicating with these guys I started to learn more and more about the process of what was happening. I realized that they had a consciousness, a lot of individuated consciousnesses coming together as a group and they could be a group consciousness and we could be a group consciousness here. Just the fact that we’re all listening and they’re here, it starts to weave the energies, so that all our consciousnesses start to touch each other. When that happens, it creates like a bridge from where they are to where we are.


Then, if we create group intentions and they’re for the highest good and they honor free will, it allows the whole group to apply itself to that intention. Most people who are metaphysical—even Wayne Dyer wrote a book called The Power of Intention—say that intention is one of the most powerful tools that a human has.


When you have two people having the same intention, this just doesn’t have to be spiritual; this can be anything. One guy can be trying to start a company. He’s meeting all these obstacles then he gets a partner who he really gets along with and they both start building the company together.  Suddenly, the obstacles go away, because now there are two people working with the same intention.


Men know this; men understand this. Sometimes they’re out there trying to earn a living. They have a really hard time getting things to happen the way they want them to. Then, they get married; now, they have another person who is supporting their intention to make money. Suddenly, the guy does a lot better. He starts getting promotions; everybody likes him a little better. The two people, the couple, help increase the level of intention.


It works that way across the board; if you have a lot of people having the same intention, it makes it a lot easier for that to happen. That works for both the positive and the negative. You can have a bunch of people who have the intention to rob a bank and they can get along and be good friends and rob a bank and be successful at it, maybe. We’re not recommending that; but, intention is a very, very powerful thing. Group intention increases the power of individual intention exponentially.


When we come together as a group and we have these Sources that explain they’re group souls and they come in, we start making intentions and they’re included in our intentions; we then have basically a miracle-making machine. You have a few hundred people and how ever many of them that they would add, which can be multi-millions of very powerful Sources.  You can see, in the old days, this is how the idea of prayer got started.  Prayer is just another word to describe group intentions.


Our Sunday call, the one we did yesterday, is dedicated to creating group intentions for the highest good. It’s dedicated for planetary transformation. Many people on that call email me with amazing things that happened to them, the way they felt during the call, this very expanded energy.


This call, our Monday call, we’re not directly focused on that. This call is more designed to explain to your mind how this works. The energy is still here, but in order for you to participate and know what you’re getting into, your mind has to understand it.


Our Monday call goes through topics. Even our Wednesday call where people ask questions, goes through various topics that help you understand this process, because it’s very unusual. For most of, you’ve never been exposed to anything like that. You’ve been living your life in the veil; in this compression.


There’s this illusion that’s all there is and nothing else is possible. If you’ve gone through many, many lifetimes, which we all have, under the influence of this compression in this realm, then you don’t have a reference point for anything outside of that.


One of the things these calls are doing is creating a reference point, so that you can start to grasp, both mentally and intuitively, these shifts of energy and explain them to yourself, to your rational mind, so that you understand it and it’s not scary.


We are all sovereign. Even when we participate in a group energy, we’re not glommed together; this is a temporary, free will association on these calls. We move through an experience. We start to learn, not only by the words, but by the energies we feel—how it feels to connect with a group energy; how it feels to be expanded bigger than we are.


The idea is that as you learn that, you start to apply it to your own life; you don’t apply it by your mind; it just happens.


Then, you find out that you can be in your own life and you start to hold this energy and things happen. You have intentions and something happens via synchronicity and something answers your intention. Then you get the feeling that you’re not alone; you feel this slight signal somewhere and you say “Is that them?” Then you have to keep testing it and decide if it is or if it isn’t.


Everyone has their own individual unfoldment. I want to go to the topic of the call. All of this has been leading up to it, and that is: Can our Sources stop an earthquake? We’ve had many experiences, those of us who have been on the calls for a while, of things that shifted in the physical world that were really unusual; that shouldn’t have happened.


We know our planet is in this huge shift right now and we know that there are all kinds of predictions for things. If you’re listening to George Noory, you’re having the best of the best of all the predications of what everyone thinks are going to happen.


When we ask our Sources “Is this going to happen?” they have said “We don’t want to say something is going to happen, because things can change.” They gave me the idea that the more people who are on our calls, the more people who are participating and holding this energy, the more change they were able to do.


If that’s true, that’s a really important reason to come to our Sunday call, to check it out. It’s two hours; it goes really fast and it’s very experiential for a lot of people.


I’m going to ask them today—Daphne, you’re there right?


Daphne: I am here, yes.


Wynn:  You sound good. Terry you’re there. I’m just making sure.


Terry:  Yes, I’m here.


Wynn:  We’re going to ask through both women.


I just want to point out how lucky we are to have two people that we can cross-reference things with, because it protects us; it protects us from a negative source. It keeps us all in line to make sure that if somebody goes astray, we’re going to figure it out and nail it. I don’t think that happens; but that’s because we have a group energy, because you’re participating in the group energy. We have two extraordinary women who are believing in this work and being here for it.


I’m going to do our little calling of the Light ritual. I’m going to turn it over to Daphne and get the answer to the question.


Father-Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light to surround and protect each person on this line, myself, Daphne and Terry and each person listening to our replays or reading the transcripts and that any negativity be taken to the highest reams of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. 


We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through the outer energy fields of earth, through our bodies and into the center of the earth.


Right now, we invoke a group energy connection, while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. We invite those Sources that positive, service-to-others, honoring the Law of One, to join with us, as we create a protected space that only the positive has access to. Anything not of that nature must leave now.


We’re going to open it up for our message through Daphne with an explanation of “Can you stop an earthquake?” and “What does it take on our part to stop an earthquake?” The same question would extend to many other things that we might like to see transformations on in the physical realm. Thank you.


Daphne:  Give us a moment, please.


Council of Ra’An:  We greet you in the Love Light of the One Infinite Creator. We thank you; we thank you for coming, for focusing your heart-felt intentions together as a collective.


This is the Council of Ra’An; we have been asked to focus and a question has been posed, about interventions, prayerful intercessions, from your realm to our celestial realms. Intervention and intercession—this is not a new concept; indeed, throughout your history people have prayed for many things.


In our particular way of understanding and viewing this, when you come together as a collective, it is as filaments of fiber, say, a rope. One filament, by itself, is quite weak and will break without much tension being exerted upon it. If there are many filaments you produce a small cord, more, a rope—even more, a cable.


From our understanding, we see that the collective, taken together, imparts a much more focused intent, a much stronger intent, a laser-like intent, so that the prayer of one is amplified. In other words, one is focused but a group is focused 100 or 1,000-fold.


In this way, if a group comes together and asks for the intercession or intervention along the lines of preventing an earthquake, along the lines of preventing nuclear disaster, along the lines of intercession to prevent a war, it is that much more powerful.


The answer to your question is “Yes; we can and do, and have—if it is for the highest good and if there is sufficient intention from your side. You see, what is paramount is that the Law of Free Will must be followed; there must be sufficient clear intent from your realm, orchestrated into our realm, for us to be able to intercede and intervene on your behalf. There must be a tipping of the scales, so to speak. There must be an equanimity point, basically, more than half. There must be more energy for the intervention to happen than for the intervention not to happen. This is why community is important; this is why shared commitment and focus is important.


We hope this has helped in your understanding of your query.


Wynn:  Thank you very much. I’d like to pose the question to Terry:


When there is a request and when there is a group energy and when there is a decision to do an intercession—in the physics of it, how does that work? In other words, how does it go from your side, through the field of energy of the Universe, through the unified field, through the oneness? How does it go from your side, to create an actual shift in the physical?


Ra’An:  Thank you. We delight in such questions.


Taking in to account all of the things that we have said through Daphne, we take a look at when all of the energies come together from your side to our side and when we are participative in the process and we see the energy-points of concurrence within your third density as to the desiring of the change, and the change is for the highest good.


In this case, a change would be to moderate an earthquake; to take into account whether this is to be modified or not, all of the requests, all of the prayer requests, which we see as points of light.


Taking into account all of the consequences and taking into account also, the portion of the earth which is under pressure and may be ready to release in an earthquake; taking everything into account, that is one factor.


We then have our own toolbox, which we can apply, which is to look at everything from an overview. We are one with all of the factors. We take into account the free will of the earth, the free will of the people, the intentions of the people; we take it all into account. We take into account our own abilities to change parameters, to change geometries in alignment, in new alignment, with the factors, all of the factors that are brought to bear on the situation.


When we take into account, one of the things is the earth and its necessity to move. In some circumstances, the densification within the area to be considered is so great and the pressure so great that this becomes the overriding factor for what is to result.


Taking into account also all of the other factors, we often can enter new geometries into the equation to re-route the pressure, to bring it to an area that will do no damage, but will still release the pressure.


We look at areas such as the recent earthquake in Iran. We see that there was the earth brought to bear; the earth was ready to move. We see other situations where, in Southern California, there was an earthquake that was on the edge of happening.


There was a conference call with your group and our group going on at the time, and the call kept dropping out because of the intense electrical changes brought by the electrical movements within the San Andreas Fault.


This, then, kept dropping the call. When it was brought to the attention of the people on the conference line and when they asked for moderation, then we were able to re-write some of the potential happenings and to modify the resultant earthquakes, which happened a day later at 6.5 and 6.8 on the Richter Scale in the Gulf of California, doing no damage.


There are other groups in California that are praying and are asking that are doing great service, such as some of the individuals who have been on Coast to Coast.


The Law of One places a soul within the range of having an effect upon the over-all whole and we take into account the overall prayers, the overall asking, the overall intention of individuals. Sometimes the number of people on the call is not the deciding factor; it is also the intensity with which one or more individuals are asking. It is their intention that may be worth the similar voices of ten others, but due to their passion in wishing an equitable, beautiful outcome their say is more weighed; it has more voice.


Does this help to answer some of your questions?


Wynn:  Yes, it does and thank you so much for your clarification.


Our Sunday grid healing is really important then—at least as far as we make a contribution to the group and the power of it. I just wanted to underline, all of you who are listening, to make your best attempt to show up for our Sunday morning call, which emphasizes this particular aspect of the connection with these Sources.


On that note, I thank you all for coming in and listening and evaluating all of this. This is really unusual what we’re doing and every person has to come to their own conclusion as to the reality of it, by listening to these calls, by listening to the consistency of the information, the consistency of the point of view, the observation of how it impacts you in your own life and how your own life transforms; it’s the only way to validate it.


We have all of this available for free on live calls three days a week and there’s much more: things you can look at on our website, archives you can go through; there are books. You can read The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? And you can see how it all fits together.


Your mind—my mind—needed it, because that’s the only way that I brought myself to the willingness to be doing a call like this, knowing  for myself, the reality of it and, learning that each of you has to come to that for yourself.


On that note, I’m going to thank everybody for being here, thank all of you who are making those little purchases we have to support our work. I thank Daphne and Terry and all the people who are volunteering that are sending emails out, who are transcribing. We’re going to open up the conference line.


The conference line is open; we can hear you. Thank you so much for being here.


Group:   Thank you! (many)

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