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Wednesday Calls – 2012 Q & A

Wednesday – 8/22/2012
Host: Wynn Free
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Channeled by Terry Brown and Daphne Karandanis

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien
Edited by Terry Brown and Valerie Hawes
Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee



Wynn:  This is August 22nd, 2012. This is Wynn Free in Sedona, Terry in Sedona, and Daphne in Stone Mountain, Georgia.


I’d like to address a couple of things that some of the people ask me. One of the things is: Why do I send out notices always a half hour before the call?  This got started a while back for two reasons.


First of all, when we first started this I became aware that there were negative sources paying attention to us and I didn’t want to give them any advance notice so I just said “We’ll just start out in a half hour and then people will get used to the time.” The other thing is, I think we’ve gotten enough grounding where the call is really grounded.


Some of you would not understand that. I wouldn’t have understood it, if I wasn’t in the middle of it, if I didn’t experience Daphne for ten years and if I didn’t have a chance to do all kinds of questions and answers and if I didn’t study the Carla Rueckert material.


A lot of New Age stuff is a little bit off when it says, “Make pretend the negative doesn’t exist”, as many people are learning now. We have the government acting insane; it’s pretty clear there’s something strange happening. We have earthquakes, tsunamis, nuclear plants going off; we have people talking about HAARP; we have people telling us our television sets are sending out frequencies. It’s hard to figure out what’s what.


If you don’t have any idea how this works, you don’t have any discernment. You may think “Wynn is really cool; I like Wynn. It feels good.” Tomorrow you’ll listen to someone else and they sound good, but they may be negative. It’s really hard to figure out what’s negative in this realm; it really is.


Quite frankly, if I didn’t have the experience I’ve had, I wouldn’t know myself how to figure it out. I would probably get misled. It’s so tricky; because when I use the word ‘negative’ or ‘service-to-self’, you’re dealing with not stupid entities—really sharp—that know how to look like the positive. They know how to look other than they are; they know how to use the right words and they’re paying attention.


They’ll use words: love-light; they’ll use the words ‘ascension’, ‘DNA activation’. They can channel through anybody. Here’s what really gets tricky:  somebody could be a channel and they could be generally positively predisposed, channeling something positive. The negative suddenly inserts something unexpected and derails the energy, or de-focuses it in another direction.


When we do channeling publicly, it took me a long time to come to the conclusion that wasn’t happening here. Even so, it’s a huge responsibility to do this publicly. When you folks listen, then you should always, always apply your own scrutiny.


If you think there is something off, then please email me. You’ll note one of the things in our channelings, when we ask them questions; very rarely do they take any bit of decision-making away from you. If they did, they may  not be positive, or they’re certainly of mixed polarity.


Why don’t they make your decisions for you?  Because if they did, you’d be missing one of the biggest lessons of this realm and that is discernment.  If something is making your decisions for you now and it happens to make good decisions, how about two weeks from now?


Are you sure it’s going to be the same source making your decisions for you? It might not; and, you’re not independent. You need something to make decisions for you, like people who go to psychics all the time.


People say “Should I do this or should I do that?” Those psychics charge people and they like charging them, so what would make you think that the psychic wouldn’t want to make their decisions for them, wouldn’t want to make them dependent upon him? That’s how they make more money.


It’s one of the reasons that for most of the things we do, I like charging very little or giving it away, if people ask and making money selling other things. Or, making money where we have a suggested donation, or $0, because I don’t want to focus my attention on how to maximize the money; I want to focus my attention on how to maximize the service.


I still get emails from people that think that everything that’s channeled is negative, which I could understand if I didn’t know everything. I’m still open to the possibility of making a mistake, although I don’t think so. Both Terry and Daphne know very well the signs of negative sources. The three of us, at this point, are all watching each other’s back, so to speak, so if anything comes up, it would come up and somebody would notice it.


The other thing is, people want the Elohim, or these groups, to fix them.  There’s this perception that they can fix you, that they can make you better; they can bring you money; they can do this; they can do that. There are a lot of things that have happened in our group, where I’ve seen people change their circumstances as a result of these Sources. I want to tell you how it works, so that those of you who want to be fixed can see what you have to do, to do your part. It’s not that hard, but you’ve got to do it; and, it may not happen right away.


You’ve got to look at yourself as someone that is in a compressed field; everyone on this planet has been in a compressed field for many lifetimes.  We’re compressed, partially by design of negative sources that want to keep us compressed, that control our media, that control our television, that control our newspapers, that control our music.


If you don’t believe it, you can do a lot of searches and you’ll see how much there is to that. They control the books we read, they control the money. That’s the biggest thing: they control the money. The design was to compress you. Why? Because when you’re compressed, you’re a good little slave.


People in America think we’re in the land of the free, but are we, really?  When we have a government that can spend trillions of dollars sending troops to the Middle East; at the same time, we have an educational system that is going down the tubes, that was only a short while ago one of the best in the world. Now certainly, maybe not the worst, but going down the line.


Why would our government let our educational system go down the tubes? Why would music—which in the ‘60s was awesome, when we had things like the Beatles and Crosby Stills and Nash. Maybe there are some things up to that caliber now, but I don’t tend to hear them in the background anymore when I go to restaurants. It all is old music.


We read the newspaper; then we find out there is all this stuff that the newspapers won’t print. If you look on the internet, you find out about it.


So you’re being controlled. How do you get out of being controlled? One of the things about having your energy compressed is the higher Sources can’t find you. You are buried in the clouds; you are buried in a contracted space. If you want help, then you’ve got to get your antennae above the clouds, so you can be visible. In a lot of cases, that can be a hard thing to do but in our case, it’s easy.


Now, this is something that you have to determine for yourself, but it seems like when we create a group energy on this conference call, our antennae get, as a group, we get raised to a circumstance where individually maybe we’re not seen very well, but as a group, we get to be seen.


They come down and they can look at us energetically. Many, many people are feeling it on the call. If you don’t feel it, you have to keep coming back; you have to study this. You have to listen to our replays, listen to our workshops. Go to our archive site,, which has hundreds of things on it. They’ve said that their frequency is in their words, so as you study them you start tuning into their frequency.


This is not something that your mind can quickly assimilate and think it knows everything. This is something where, especially some people who have been on the spiritual path, that have worked on themselves, that have studied, done yoga, meditated, sometimes those people trigger in really fast. A lot of people it takes time.


I’m going to read an email here; I don’t know if you have seen the pictures, but occasionally there’s a picture of myself shrouded in pink light. This happened accidentally where a couple of times, somebody took a picture of me and I was shrouded in pink light. I asked a question in a channeling:



“Could you explain that pink light?” They said that it was the Elohim and that the Elohim was tracking me and it came out in the picture. That was just new stuff to consider; I don’t believe things quickly. But it happened more than once and they consistently said it was them.


I got an email from somebody who was on last Sunday’s call. I’m going to send this email out to everybody, but I want to read it. This is from a fellow named Brian who lives in Nebraska. The Sunday call that we do is particularly powerful in bringing these energies in.


That whole call is focused, just on creating a group energy and people feeling it and creating group intentions for personal and planetary healing.  There are a lot of energies on this call and some of that is happening on this call; it’s just not the focus. This call is more of a focus of bringing questions and answering them.


Brian says, “I was deeply moved with Sunday’s call which I was on. A tickling feeling about three feet above my head was present before you inferred I would feel something. My auric system was breathing in, I would say, in the very least, a state wide radius meaning I could feel Source light pulsing outside my state of Nebraska from about a twelve inch zone outside of myself.”


When he says that—if I was in my scientific mode, I would immediately question him and say “How do you know you were pulsing outside of your state of Nebraska? How do you know you were pulsing?” Who the heck can understand that, unless you have the experience?


I understand the experience and some of you are starting to have the experience. I know the experience is real and it’s hard to put it into words to somebody who hasn’t had it. It’s like talking to a blind man and telling him what color is, or vision—or a color-blind man.


This is one of those things, if you’re not having the experience, this is probably where faith comes in to say “If all these people are having this experience, I would like to have it. I’m going to keep checking it out until I have it.”


“Right after you guided the Light back in and into the earth, it was like a white-glowing cocoon pulsating at such distances as Des Moines and to the borders of eastern Wyoming, with a dinner-plate-3D shape over the plains.  But then this happened;—check this out, brother—my Real Player started changing colors while I was watching on my computer.”


Do you know what Real Player is? It’s like an audio player; it’s like Windows Media Player, just a different brand of Widows Media Player.  So, Brian was watching his audio player and it started changing colors.  “And I managed to open my snipping tool and capture this image while I was listening to Monday’s replay.


This happened when your voices were drifting in and out and the audio was in flux. I have come to my conclusion: It’s pink; it’s love. Love you all, which has been a very crooked path for me and yet again, more to be revealed.”


He sent me the jpeg of his Real Player and you have this pink Real Player with sparkly lights spritzed around it. I can feel the energy when I look at it; I’m going to send this out to everybody. How many of you ever watched something change color like that unless it was supposed to? I never have.


Description: 444 


That’s one of many, many kinds of things we get. Here; let me give you another one.  I want you to read this because those of you who are skeptical—and I tell you to be skeptical—here’s one. I’m not going to read this guy’s whole thing; I’ll paraphrase it.


Daphne:  Wynn, before you go there, I think it’s also interesting, even though you don’t want me to go into numerology, that the jpeg number listed on that was 444.


Wynn:  Thank you; you said it. Alright, we’ll let it slip. We have Niccolo in Bulgaria. He started feeling the Elohim energies. How does it feel? He just started feeling really uplifted and connected. When that happens you start to feel that and you don’t usually feel that—you’re not going to necessarily jump to conclusions and say “That’s the Elohim.”


Maybe you think you’re just having a good mood. The Elohim has said that when you connect with them, they can spray WD40 on your aura, that’s their terminology and things get looser. You start having synchronicities; you get things to happen.


This guy in Bulgaria—Hi Niccolo, if you’re listening—got up early in the morning and was taking a walk in the local park. He was feeling that energy, a really good energy. He wanted to do something that Jim Carrey apparently has done: to leave $20 bills on park benches and write on them “Have a Nice Day.” He didn’t have any $20 bills, because he’d left all his paper money at home; all he had was change. So he decided; I’ll just read it:


“I’ll just leave what I have.” He left a few coins; “enough for a kid to buy a candy bar. It felt so nice that I decided every time I’m in a park or something similar and I feel this good energy again, I will leave some money so that maybe someone who needs it will experience the energy himself. After I left and went on with my day, about two hours from then a friend from my old job called and said they had a lot of work and an urgent project had to be finished in the same day and it would be well paid.”


“I hope I did not bore you or waste your time with this, but I had a feeling I should share it with you.”


That’s from Niccolo. I hope he’s listening to this in Bulgaria. I think I wanted to share that particular story, because when you’re in your darkest, most difficult moment, how hard is it to put 25 cents on a park bench, or 50 cents? You see, you don’t need to do a lot of money. You can do it just a little bit. It’s the intent that does it; not the money. Here is this guy that just got a job after being unemployed, I think for a long, long time. He got a job after he did that.


That’s an example of how you can do something to get your antenna up through the clouds where you start working in the higher realms. The worst thing you can do is sit in bed and think about how bad things are and how difficult life is and how sick you are and all those things. Because if you keep thinking those that’s what you get.


I’ll tell you what; let’s ask a couple of questions. I can’t possibly ask all the questions I’m getting. Oh, I’ll say one more thing: if you go to the home page of my website, it has  ‘Coast to Coast Special’. We’re doing, on September 1st, 2012 a marathon of asking questions. We might go three or four hours with both Daphne and Terry, if they can stand it.


To be eligible to attend that, you’ve got to spend $15, but for the $15 not only do you get access to that call, you get access to my four and a half hour workshop, immediately. I did a four and a half hour workshop that I recorded really well, with loads of information; time goes really fast on that workshop. For $15 you get the workshop and then you get the chance to participate on this three-to-four-hour session.


We’re going to take questions in advance, based on the time that people have signed up for this. I think we’ll get more people who want to ask questions. We’ll take as many questions as we can fit and if we can’t take them all, we’ll figure out other ways to answer your questions.


We have one idea. I talked to Daphne about it; we’re going to do a test on this. We’re not doing it yet, but maybe we’ll try to take a question by email.  I’ll moderate it; Daphne will send an email back to me, I’ll send it back to you. The reason I’m in the middle is because I protect the energy. Then, charge not very much money for one question. I want to try that on a few people. Obviously, we just can’t open the door to answer endless questions all the time, because we’d be on the street. And, there’s not enough time; there’s only 24 hours in a day but I need 48. I have to figure out a way that when somebody pays $15 or $20, it raises their level of intent at that point.


In any case, we’re going to go on now. Remember that workshop; the sooner you sign up the more chance you have of getting your question. I will say one thing: Even if you sign up early, if you really ask a dumb question, I’m going to email you back and say “That question, I’m not going to waste everybody’s time asking it.” I still have censorship, point of censorship stuff. I have to do that; I have to sometimes censor questions in every kind of situation.


What we’re going to do is ask some questions and let’s see here: what’s going to be a good first question? I’m going to call in the Light. David Monroe wants us to fix his life situation and what’s the outcome? David, keep coming to our calls; come to the workshop; listen to; there are hundreds of our conversations there.


I’m going to address this first question to Terry, but let me call in the Light first.


Father-Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light, to surround and protect each person here and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Love Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through the outer energy fields of earth, through our bodies and into the center of the earth. Right now, we invoke a group energy connection amongst everybody on this line and everyone listening to the replays and reading the transcripts. We invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring the Law of One, to join with us. We create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.


Let me just check Terry’s audio to make sure she didn’t accidentally mute.  Are you there, Terry?


Terry:  Yes.


The question is: What is the most efficient prayer or statement to call in the Elohim? I’m just going to add to that:  Should we call in the Elohim and Ra separately, or call in for Ra’An?  How should we direct our call when we want to make a call?


Ra’An:  Thank you. We greet you in the Love Light of the One Infinite Creator. This is Ra’An and this is the 22nd of August 2012. We greet each and every person on the line and we are very delighted to have each and every one of you here. We are available for contact for those that wish it.  We do not violate free will; so for those that don’t wish it, we do not violate that. We are aware of your question: what is the best prayer to call us in?


We do not need any special prayer; it is intention that can call us in. Your intention is like a light; a light in the third density, a light on planet earth, a physical light that we can see. It is your intention that calls us in; we do not need any particular words. We get the intention that is behind your prayer.  We have gathered, as a group, from both the Elohim and the Ra group, the elements of both groups and we are available to you and everyone that connects with this Work.


By connecting with this Work, you have made a connection to the higher realms, to our groups. We are available and—depending upon the frequency and the intention of what is prayed for, what is asked, we are available, depending upon the prayer, the element of the group, the particular section of the group, the particular individual energy in the group that we assign to that.


We also sometimes send angels when it is an angelic presence that is needed. You are also in the field of those of the angelic realm who listen for prayers. When the prayer is of a particular nature that an angel can answer, then it is –‘assigned’ is not the exact, correct word—it moves into his area, for handling and answering.


That is our answer.


Wynn:  Thank you.  Do you mind telling everybody what an angel is?


Ra’An:  An angel is an entity that has taken on an angelic body and the angelic body is white and has wings. The angels are of the disposition that they can fly.


The Elohim and the Ra group are not made of angels. The Ra group are made of energies that have crossed over and are working together to help mankind. The Elohim group has never had a body, the ones that are in the higher realms, the tenth dimension. We, in the Elohim group, have energy-bodies that are not of a very strong matrix. We are more fluid and can flow.


That is our answer.


Wynn:  Thank you. A question for our Sources through Daphne:


What’s the best way to protect ourselves from radiation in the event we need to do so? There are natural ways to do this with zeolite and certain iodine products. Is there any other way that we can depend upon protecting ourselves from radioactivity, say in the event of a nuclear plant breaking down in this country?


Ra’An:  Give us a moment, please.


We greet you in the Love Light of the One Infinite Creator. This is Ra’An.  We thank you for your question.


We penetrate the essence of your question and we seek to find and observe why the person has asked. Clearly, on a physical level, there are means and ways to avert possibility of being visited by certain dangers. On a physical level, obviously if you live in an environment which is in the vicinity of a nuclear reactor, there is a higher statistical chance of contamination or danger visiting upon the physical self. So, one in the physical realm has the option of removing oneself from the physical danger present.


However, this is not always possible, and inadvertently one might find oneself in the presence of those elements and those radioactive isotopes which do indeed pose a threat to physical safety. We would then focus on other levels of your being and consciousness.


When a person is fearful, as in a “What if… what if…. What if, sense”, the person will tend to have more of a chance of attracting a negative situation, be it radioactive fall-out or adverse environmental-chemical toxins occurring in the environment and not being able to handle these.


When one is fully immersed in the Love Light vibration at a very, very high level, one is able to transmute and to withstand the onslaught of many difficult situations. That is not to say that one should expose oneself unnecessarily to toxins, or to unhealthful environments or to unhealthful foods. This is not what we are saying.


What we are saying is the emphasis on fear, as in “What can I do if this were to happen?; what can I do if this were to happen?” is predisposing the person to push their creative energy out into the universe in a way that in the event of the destabilization of the environment, he is more likely to attract a negative scenario.


We would, therefore, ask the entity to go into neutral; to affirm to one’s higher self, that one wants always to be protected by the Love Light Christ vibration and Source. As one hones and perfects one’s Love Light creation and protection and connection with the Love Light Source, Love Light Source will always guide and protect and move a person or family to a place where they need to be.


In essence, there is a perfection and a natural flow in every circumstance in which you find yourself. Rather than adopting the stance of bracing oneself continuously against a “hostile” environment, see that every aspect of other and even a hostile environment is in some way, a reflection of something in self.


When an entity can stop polarizing with a perceived negative situation and bless it, going into neutral—this does not mean a condoning or acceptance of it—it just means a simple blessing of it, a spraying of the proverbial WD40, as we spoke before.


This allows the higher harmonics and frequencies of the celestial hologram to architect themselves, so that the lower level vibrations of stress and strain and difficulty no longer have to be endured by the person living in 3D. And, the 3D person is then able to transcend what it is they are having difficulties with or they are afraid of, or are having a hard time anticipating.


In this way, one can produce much more of an effortless flow through the life, blessing and accepting each day as it comes and knowing that everything that you need shall indeed be given. You are learning to be master co-creators with Source. Ask and it shall be given; seek and you shall find; know that you are provided for.


When you can raise your vibrational frequency out of fear—false evidence appearing real—and move into a centered place of neutrality, the heart chakra, the heart, what you need shall start to come to you much more effortlessly. It is the dawn of Grace. One need not live so much by the sweat of the brow.


We hope this has answered your question.


Wynn:  I had a question related to that answer. That is, there have been many times in history where there have been mass-murderers, like what Hitler did, exterminations of millions of people. I would have to guess that some of those people were in the position of praying, believing those things and yet, they had horrible deaths.


Can you explain to me how your answer to the question works in relationship to the situation I just brought up?


Ra’An:  In 3D, you are operating under the illusion that your body is all that you are, that when the body is destroyed, you are destroyed. This is not so, from our perspective. If, for some reason, a horrific event in 3D occurs, it indeed is horrific from a 3D perspective. Yet, from a higher perspective, we see a translation of the soul from one densification to another.


There is not only individual consciousness and will; there is also group consciousness and group will. There is also karma; there is also dharma.  There are very complex, intermingling factors, which all coalesce moment to moment, making the physical reality, time-space constructs occur for each and every individual. We would say thus:


To master your fear of death is to master the physical plane. When one can calmly face the prospect of one’s physical demise, knowing that it is yet a translation into another densification, one can free the bondage of 3D fear.  This is, essentially, the master lesson of this plane: to know that you are far more than your physical body.


We say this, not to put any less value on your body, but to assure you that the body is the least of what you are. Your body is a space-suit; your body is a sea-shell. Your body is simply a vehicle by which you can experience this densification. Yes, it contains genetic materials. Yet, even that you have architected from a soul level. It is as an intergalactic memory-tank, or an intergalactic hard-drive, something you have taken with you.


Has this helped your query?


Wynn:  Yes. The next question that someone would ask that’s listening to this is:


How do I get to know that I continue when I die so I’m not afraid?


Ra’An:  One moment please.


As a child, think back: were you afraid to go to sleep? When a child goes to sleep, the child is essentially, from the waking perspective, dead. Except that the child continues to breathe, but the experience of consciousness is not there. The child closes the eyes; the child does not move; the child is inert. The child does not speak. When you go to sleep every night or take a nap in the afternoon, you are essentially dead.


Are you afraid to go to sleep? No. Perhaps you are if you have nightmares; but in general, no. Sleep is welcomed, and it is because your consciousness is moving into other realms, other realms which are usually more easy to handle than the physical realm.


Think, then, of the physical realm being one realm of many realms and that sleep is one realm of the higher level, a teaching level. When you are ready, you will leave this teaching level and go to another level. Were you afraid to leave your elementary school to go to Junior High? Were you afraid to leave your high school to go to University?


In life, there is always the ending of one stage and the beginning of another. Just because we cannot see, for example, microwaves, does this mean they do not exist, or x-rays? We cannot see them and yet we can see the results of them when we have our hand x-rayed. We clearly know there are frequencies we cannot see; we are speaking on cell phones.


Just because we cannot see the after-world or the higher planes, does not mean they do not exist. A simple example would be to look back in your history. If, in 1500 AD, you talked about 747s flying at 600 miles an hour and going to London in a matter of hours from New York, they would have thought you were crazy. Yet, people do it all the time now.


It’s not a matter of faith, but of simply looking at your history. One day there will be scientific, empirical evidence to show that the soul does indeed continue after the physical body rests.


There is no destruction of energy or matter; there is only a changing in the amount of energy or the amount of matter. The Universe is perfect. The balances of energy and matter are constantly changing and you are experiencing an ever-going flow. There is no reason to fear. The fear is a game that you have posited upon yourselves; it is a divine cosmic drama. It is as your Shakespeare said: that you are all players strutting and moaning on the stage. Yet, it is only a stage. You have constructed this yourself.


We hope that helps.


Wynn:  Thank you so much.


I’d like to address the next question to Terry. This is from Frances in Los Angeles. This is a great question; a very great question:


Can we start anew with the new shift of energy, changing our past, learning from our past mistakes and keeping the past the past? Is our guilt enough as burden, to learn a lesson, be forgiven and move on with our life in an honest, clear way?


Ra’An:  Thank you for your question. Give us a moment.


The first answer, the first part of the answer, would be that when one is totally in present time and is tracking with the energy of the moment, without attention caught up and hung up on the past or on the future, that then they can move forward with the most attention on their present circumstances, in ascertaining, based upon what is presented to them and what they are creating, what their next best step will be and how to interact and coordinate with their surroundings.


When one is experiencing guilt and it is sort of a remorse for something that they have done or have not done, or something they have failed at, when they are experiencing this, they are looking at something within the past.


This can be good, to look at, to determine for the present how they may wish to respond to similar circumstances and reset themselves, that they will build that in to their current mode of operation, so that they do not make the same mistake again for which they feel remorse, or the desire for correction.


When one is experiencing guilt, then they can observe, look at the circumstances of what has happened and what has triggered this or what has caused this to happen and what their part has been, and even before that, why they might have acted or not acted in the way that they did.


In that way, their response, their action for which they feel guilty about or their lack of action—they will begin to understand better why that has happened. So if there is something that has triggered that, then they can review their own mode of operation, their own thought-processes and understand better how they got into that circumstance in the first place.


By understanding what has happened there and what that is, then they can have an easier time of dismissing it. Once they can dismiss it and know the pattern or the reasons for the mistake, as reasons, they can then move past that. Then they can look at each circumstance as it is from present time and not carry that guilt any longer, but reset themselves to operate in the mode of the present and at the best response at any one time.


We hope that helps.


Wynn:  Thank you.


Next question is for Daphne and another really good question, from Wendy Johns. The question is:


She wants to know, in any given moment and we’re all in this given moment right now, we’re in this moment; what takes precedence in this moment? What are the forces and how do they work to take precedence?


One of them is, does the intentional Law of Attraction practice? Or, is it a predetermined experience your soul made before incarnating, or do our birth chart and planetary energies dictate what happens to us in this moment?


I would like to know how that works. Thank you.


Ra’An:  Thank you for the question.  Please give us a moment.


The sum scope of what experiences, when one is, for example, in a group and one wants to know why a certain stream of pattern, why a certain stream of activity, why certain platforms coalesce and why a person experiences what they do; this is as a chemical soup, or an interdimensional soup.


There are many factors at play and they all come together. There is, of course, intent and the disciplined, focused, honing of that intent. Some people, through experience or through emotional upheaval, have very, very strong and focused intent, or they have honed a particular pattern. 


For example, a master musician or master artist has honed intent and precision of using color or sound or form and they have done this through many lifetimes. Therefore, their intent is extremely honed and refined and precise and strong. There is this aspect.


There is the emotional aspect of great excitement or great anger. This can be coupled, for example, by media frenzy; for example, by something on the internet which has a lot of hits, something that is spiking, for example, and something that has aroused a lot of attention.


It can also happen and does happen, with the television, with major media stations; there is a frenetic whipping up of energy, usually fearful, around some event. You can see this with your Republican convention to be held in your United States, in Florida, in the town of Tampa.


There are also planetary influences; and yes, the birth chart. It is not so much a chart of destiny, as it is a chart of influences. For example, if a person has many planets in Leo, the person will be able to have great courage and great fortitude and great creativity and be able to work with the fire energies, the energies of the will power, very successfully. 


If a person has propensity with Cancer, for example: the water sign, a greatly feeling, greatly emotional energy,  their response to things would be very different and thus would color perceptions and reactions and the way in which they handled the life essence and the life form.


So to say in any given moment: What precisely are the influences involved?  This is as if searching for a needle in a haystack. There are millions upon millions of influences, and they all mix together, and what is the defining influence for one person?


In the end it comes down to volition and free will. That, of course, also depends upon where the thought-form is in the consciousness. Is it operating at the subconscious, or at a minimal waking consciousness, or at a super consciousness state?


There are many, many influences and they all join in the confluence. It is exactly that confluence which we must navigate and learn to get a handle on. As we do so, we become master orchestrators and master manipulators and master architects of our experience in this realm.


We hope that has helped you.


Wynn:  Thank you. This is for Terry from Eric in Phoenix. He mentions something that some of you may also experience. That is: during these calls, you may get sleepy and tired, fall asleep. In Eric’s case, he gets drained and tired after the call. He loves learning the information but it takes the energy out of him. Sometimes he’s really sleepy for days.


Could you explain why Eric is getting tired, and if there’s anything he can do about it?


Ra’An:  Thank you. Give us a moment.


We look at the energies and we see that when the connection of Eric to the higher Sources is made, it begins to release stuckness-es within his sphere, to unlock flow of energy. In these stuckness-es within the flow of energy within his matrix, there are areas of blocked-up energy and these begin to get unstuck. These drain his energy as they begin to flow within his matrix.


This is like metals—releasing of stuck energies is similar to a body releasing toxins. As these energies begin to move and clear from your matrix, this takes the whole of you to reset and readjust to the change in the energy. This is something that not only you experience, but other people on the call experience. Terry also experiences, sometimes after a call, where the energies have begun to move and to reset; it takes, sometimes, hours, or even days, to process these changes. This is not bad; this is a clearing.


That is our answer.


Wynn:  Thank you very much.


Before we go to the last question, I want to address all those people who asked questions that I did not ask: people who are asking about their health, people who are asking about their finances, people who are really worried about themselves. I didn’t ask those questions.


I want to deal with them, right now, in a unique way. I want to read to you something from Delphine in San Diego who had an experience on Sunday.  I don’t know if it was this Sunday or maybe the Sunday before:


“I attended both Sunday and Monday’s conference calls, and all I can say was I was blown away. Moments before placing the call, my body seemed to vibrate and during the invocation my spirit was lifted. Several times I gasped in shock of my physical response to the words you spoke. During the request for the first time Coast listeners to respond, I wanted to speak up but I couldn’t find my voice. Now I really want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to present our silent prayers to the Elohim.”


By the way, the way Delphine was responding—to me, from my experience—Delphine is probably an Elohim soul in this realm. There are Elohim souls who are in this realm that don’t go back, that usually get stuck here. But when they get tuned into the Elohim, they have this kind of immediate reaction, really powerful, to connecting with their soul family.


I would postulate that’s true with Delphine and that people who are Elohim souls in this realm have a great service they have the potential to provide. When they make the connection with the celestial Elohim, they have great ability to ground the energies from the celestial realms into this realm.


Most Elohim souls have lost the connection, have lost it. They have certain characteristics, they have certain appearances. They tend to be very functional in this realm in some way. They also tend to be innocent and lacking discernment, because they can be new souls in this realm.


What happened with Delphine is, her ex-father-in-law was in the hospital on Sunday; he was in ICU and was not expected to live, due to pneumonia, blood infection and he was on a respirator, because his lungs weren’t responding.


“By mid-morning Monday, I received a cell phone picture from my ex and the photo was of my father-in-law smiling, minus all the tubing, needles and machines, with the message that he was being transferred out of the ICU, due to vast improvements.”


“On Monday, the Elohim explained the concept: power of two or more in agreement is what exactly occurred on Sunday morning. Together we formed a massive cable of intent that the Elohim could respond to. It was obvious to me that my silent prayer had been heard and my words were not wishful whispers in the wind.”


“Thanks for this opportunity.”


I want us all to right now, those of us that have it together, those of us who are feeling the energy, those of us who want to feel the energy, shut your eyes and let that energy radiate between us all, leaving the top of your head connecting all of us in a great group web, connecting us to these Sources who move in on the top of the web.


I’d like especially to bless those people on the call who are going through struggle, illness, fear, lack of money and that we all as a group ask for them to have the synchronicity come, like that guy that had the job after he left the money on the park bench—that we ask them for the synchronicity, the healing and those of you who are in those situations, I want you to feel worthy to receive this. Take a moment; hold the silence.


The last question is for Daphne and then we’ll close the call:


How do I keep the vibration I feel on the calls with me at all times?


Ra’An:  One moment please.


You are asking how to sustain a vibration, an energy which we have collectively worked towards and built, all together. The best way to do this is by listening to the replay line. It is also very helpful to read transcripts. We have many of the transcripts archived, and you can go back at least two or three years and systematically look at many, many topics.


There is also the possibility of listening to sessions; they have also been archived as mp3 audio files. In addition, set up a systematic study. We would recommend the Ra Material – Carla Rueckert’s material, located on the llresearch website. Perhaps Wynn can send this information out.


As anything in life, repetition is important. If one wants to make a masterful impression in one’s consciousness, one needs to avail oneself of the tools that one has at one’s disposal. We have attempted, as a collective and as a group, to make this information available to you. Please avail yourselves of it.


Thank you. Blessings.


Wynn:  Thank you. 


We have so much information available, that you don’t have to buy anything to get what you need. We hope you buy something occasionally, so that we can pay our bills, so we can continue to do this. Between and the three calls we’re doing a week, we are making an ongoing support system. Please take advantage of it.


This is a very rare thing, according to what they say. It makes sense to me that it’s rare, because it’s just so unusual that all the pieces have come together, so that we can have this vast understanding between these two group souls. I emphasize it so that you take advantage. According to some of our conversations, it can be many, many, many lifetimes before you run into a situation with this kind of opportunity again. I say that not to exalt us, but to encourage you; don’t miss this chance.


On that note, we’re going to come back to being the center of our Universe in our own abodes. I thank everyone and I thank the volunteers and I thank Daphne and Terry and I thank all of you.


Sometimes people stay on the line and talk to each other; it’s not moderated, this particular call, so we have private rooms:  #1, #2, #3, #4. If you want to chat with each other and meet each other, be my guests, because we’re not going to shut the line down.


On that note, everybody is un-muted.


Callers Group:  Thank you! Good night! Goodbye, etc.

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