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Flowing Around Blocks


Sunday Grid Healing  8.26.12
Audio: Channeled by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Cynthia Izzo
Edited by Terry Brown and Valerie Hawes
Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee


Ra’An:  We greet you in the love light of The One Infinite Creator. This is August 26th (2012) and in other parts of the world it is already changing to a future date. We take a look and we are looking at each and every one of the things that each of you put into the Light, not only the ones that put it into the light verbally, but the ones that put it into the light in their own hearts, in their own silence and it has all been heard. 


We take a look at what blocks there are; what blocks exist to having what you wish to happen and in that mode, we look at some of the similarities between how people react to a typhoon and how people react to stage 4 cancer and how the reaction helps to fuel the condition.


We take a look at the people that are in the pathway of the typhoon Bolaven and the other typhoon that came just before and we see that there is enormous fear among the people. That fear puts them at a lower condition to the energy of the hurricane and it feeds fuel, energy fuel to the hurricane, because it is granting it passage. When one polarizes with it, then it allows the other energy to hurt, the typhoon to take that energy and to move it into its own momentum.


So how does one circumvent doing that? One is being connected to the higher Sources coming from the higher realm, which is above the level of the typhoon. It is above the level of the cancer and it is assuming control. Not control by force either; it is assuming control simply by being at a higher energy level.


We search for the words here. It is being at a higher cause level; not a level which polarizes and tries to shove energy which already exists in to a box, tries to control it and then push it down. When one has stage 4 cancer, or cancer and attempts to control the emotions by pushing the unwanted anger and unwanted emotions away, the body is watching. The body, the cells, hear it. They sense it; they see it; they pick it up; they hold it like a capacitor and it fuels the cancer; it does not allow free flow. Anger is a stop. Anger at the typhoon, at the conditions coming, is a stop. It freezes one into place and it does not take into account what’s coming and allow it to flow through and allow it to flow off.


It is the same with one who’s getting a negative attack. Then they may take a polarized look at it and attempt to get away, go away, move off and they do not take into account that that is a real energy, that when one allows it to flow off, to move off, does not fight against it but is senior to it, then one can establish real control and mastery over their own life. 


We thank each and every one of you who has put something into the Light today and we see that one of the basic things in each thing one has put into the light is that in the 3rd density there is polarization. There is something wanted and something not wanted.


When one gets caught in the headlights like a deer in the thing that one does not want, then they cannot flow around it, through it, over it.


Be cause over it from the highest density and then one such as we and you, when we move into that area, can take into account all of the parameters and can see ways to flow around it and can even condense through looking at all the factors, taking everything into account, allowing communication and mastery at Love Light and granting being-ness, so everything can begin to come back to it’s natural state, can move it into something that is harmonious for all.


We send each of you Love Light, and it is a sacred moment that we get to connect with the individuals from the 3rd density. We are one; we are not better; we are all one and we welcome you to the vista of home.  Adoni.  



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