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Monday Calls; 2012 Conferences

Monday – 8.27.2012

Host: Wynn Free

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Channeled by Terry Brown and Daphne Karandanis

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien

Edited by Terry Brown and Valerie Hawes

Formatted and sent by: Gary Brownlee




Wynn:  Hey everybody, my name is Wynn Free. This is a live call tonight.  As you know, if you’ve been checking in, we do unusual things on this line. If you’re checking for the first time, the theme is interdimensional communication, tapping into energies from other realms and bringing them into this realm.


This call is always a simulcast between the conference line and the internet. What you’re hearing right now is the conference line people coming in. We’re going to officially start in about five minutes, and in the meantime you can listen to the people checking into the conference line.


This is Monday August 27, 2012 at 6:05 p.m. Pacific time in Sedona, Arizona. We welcome everybody who is on our conference line and we welcome everyone who is listening on BBS. We’ve been calling this the Wynn Free Conference Line; it just started that way. It’s really not the Wynn Free Conference Line; I’m just the guy who sticks his foot out the furthest. We have two people who are co-creators. I’m just the straight man for the voices that come through them.


The other neat thing is that, as some of you are learning, there’s a very unusual energy on the calls. We don’t emphasize that energy on Monday or Wednesday—not usually—we do on Sunday. The testimonials from the people that come into our Sunday call are through the roof. It’s this unusual experience, and we go through it. You have to be there to understand it. It’s hard to put it in words, and it’s even kind of unbelievable to put it in words.


There’s this idea that we’re talking to these two group souls that are able to send energy into this realm. By asking for their presence, they show up. Because of doing this for ten years, probably it was somewhere around the fifth year or fourth year, I started to feel that energy.


I didn’t identify it if it was there; it’s kind of subtle. It’s kind of not like it hits you over the head; it’s not like somebody sits down next to you, some ET and says “Hi Wynn; we’re here.” It’s an energy that starts to connect with your energy. It’s so seamless, that it feels like part of you.


If we didn’t watch it carefully and if I didn’t point it out, then it would be really easy to miss, because it’s subtle. When I say it’s subtle, it’s not always subtle for everyone. I get emails from people that are having all kinds of wild experiences while they’re on this line.


They’re seeing lights, feeling energies, they put things in the light and people get healings. I’m not doing any of this other than showing up, and neither is Daphne and Terry. This was like a learning curve, when I suddenly realized that these voices that were answering my questions, the Creator God Book, was all channeled before we ever did a conference call. 


Actually, I remember what was in my mind-set when I first started writing it. We’d had a number of experiences; we had done a number of sessions both with Daphne and Terry. It was probably two years into this and I’m saying to myself—I keep saying it—“Are they really who they say they are? How do I know they are who they say they are?” We have the healing of my sister; we had different phenomena.


It was still not easy to believe—the story was so crazy—that these two women kept tapping me on the shoulder and saying “Those guys want to talk to you again.” I’m talking to a Source that says they created the physical universe; that was very hard to believe. I would have thought if something like that was happening, there would be bells and whistles and trumpets and I get led to the throne of God with bunches of angels all around. I mean: that’s what I would have mocked up.


Instead, I’m driving somewhere with Daphne; she’s complaining about how hot it is, and in the middle of it she’ll say “They want to talk to you again.” I had been taking a tape recorder with me; I’d pull it out and put it on record. They never lectured me; they never said “Do this.” They just said “Ask us questions.” I started to see that they were leading me down a path so that I could prove to myself they were who they said they were.


Initially, I wondered, “Why did they say they’re the Elohim?” You know the Elohim is a loaded word. Normally, I would automatically mistrust anyone that said “I’m channeling Jesus.” They could be, but nonetheless, I don’t want to give up my power; you don’t want to give up your power.  Nobody wants to give up their power.


When you get a loaded word like Elohim; if you Google it you find out it’s the name for God in the Old Testament—I had to just keep testing it and testing it. It was probably two years into it: 2003, 2004 , that I said to myself “If they really are who they say they are, I’m going to ask a series of questions that people would want to know the answers to; about how things work between realms.”


That began a series of questions that became the Creator God book, The Creator Gods of the Physical Universe Want to Talk to You. I was pretty amazed at the quality of the answers. I just kept saying “Gee, I think they might be who they say they are.”


Of course you who are reading the book are probably, on some level, saying “There’s a certain sense of unreality to it; that it can’t be real that we could actually be on a phone line and we’re having conversations with these Sources and it’s so casual.” Casual is not the best word; it’s informal.  It’s informal; part of it is because I’m informal. There’s a sacred aspect to it; there’s a way that people are responding that just blows me away, the emails that I receive. Nonetheless, they don’t have any bells and whistles and trumpets and it seems really authentic.


I decided that this evening, on this call, I was going to share a little bit about The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? which was all happening preliminary to my having this experience. I’m going to open the lines on the conference line for just a moment. Try to be quiet, because this can open up a lot of noise here. Can you guys hear me?


Quick question: How many of you ever read an Edgar Cayce book?


Callers: many affirmatives


Wynn:  How many of you have followed David Wilcock?


Callers: some affirmatives


Wynn:  How many of you are good Roman Catholics?


Callers: a few affirmatives


Wynn:  How many of you are Jewish? There has to be more than one Jew in there; you’re just being shy.


Callers:  a little response, then, “Exactly. We all are.”


Wynn:  Who has the cat that’s meowing in the background? 


Caller:  That would be me.


Wynn:  What’s your cat’s name?


Caller:  Lucas. He’s seventeen.


Wynn:  Hi, Lucas.


Do we have any Mormons?


Callers: two affirmatives; then “I’m Quaker”


Caller:  I’m spiritual.


Wynn:  How many of you are spiritual? 


Callers:  “We all are, everyone”, general affirmatives—a dog barks—“even the dog!”


Wynn:  Thank you so much for sharing. What’s the dog’s name?


Caller:  That’s Fluffy.


Wynn:  I just want to make sure; he doesn’t chase cats, does he? 


Caller:  Whenever she can, she actually does!


Wynn:  Those of you who have cats on the line, look out for an astral dog, Lucas! Does anybody want to say anything before I mute you all?


Caller:  Yes, Wynn. Can I put in a special prayer for my nephew Christopher?  He had his appendix removed nine days ago. Tonight—he’s a very service-to-others person—he tried to help us on the move. He threw up three times within the last hour. I would like to put out a special prayer for him.


Wynn:  You know what we’ve been doing that’s working—I’ll add this in towards the end of the call, because there are so many people that would like that. It really has been working, to do it silently. What happens is, on these calls we have these groups souls.


This is stuff I tell people “Don’t believe this; I’ll tell you how it looks to me”, because you have to prove it to yourself, not believe it because I say so. We have these group souls that want to make a difference on our planet. Their criterion is that they have to be asked.


A lot of times we think of that as far away, but those of you who are coming in, particularly on our Sunday calls, have learned they can move right into your space, right on this call. Some of you feel it and you know it couldn’t be an accident. They can hear your thoughts, but they don’t violate your free will, so they’re not going to do this unless you ask; you’re open.


Towards the end of the call we will have a moment of silence as we’re starting to do every Sunday now, even more than once, so everyone can.  This is not prayer in a normal way; I don’t like the word ‘prayer’ even though you can see how easily this could be thought of as prayer; if you want to use prayer it’s fine with me. This is non-religious; this is experiential. If you keep coming into these calls, they are as real as you and I. They’re telepathic; they can tune into us.


I don’t want to say this. If you follow me up on this, let me tell you, be prepared for a four or five week wait. If I talk about this, we can’t handle it.  We get so many responses.


I’ve watched now. We have done many, many readings for people. It is amazing how specifically they can look at someone and see their conflicts, see what they need to hear. It’s not a psychic reading; if you want a psychic reading you go somewhere else. It’s a reading that you’re giving them permission, essentially, to tune into your soul and they look at what is blocking you.


When readings come in—this is the truth; I say “Oh my God another reading.” I’ll also tell you I am pretty sure that there is going to come a point where we don’t have time to do readings. The response I get from most people is awesome. It’s like I’m just sitting there and I don’t know the answers to these questions. Terry looks and she says “Oh my God, what are they going to say?”


They go in and untangle some of the most sophisticated problems and help people go through them. The thing about it is they don’t fix you; you co-create with them. The Universe is one being and these group souls are part of the oneness, just as you’re part of the oneness. In fact, many of you used to be them.


You came into this realm either because you were curious, because you wanted to help; you knew it was in trouble. In most cases, people get lost, almost all the time. I certainly was lost most of my life. I had a lot of phenomenal experiences when I was younger and I didn’t know how to integrate them. There are all these reality systems in this realm.


Why do you get lost when you come in from a higher realm? Because, once you’re here you don’t remember that you came in from a higher realm and you start to define yourself by the people around you. You choose certain parents and you define yourself by those parents.


What did Jesus say?  He said “The sins of the parents are visited upon the children.” I wouldn’t say the word ‘sins’, I would say the distortions, the contractions, the hang-ups. There’s a level of judgment in the word ‘sin’.  One of the things is, most people do the best they can with what they know.


When somebody is a screw-up, when they’re selfish, when they’re operating out of fear, when they’re acquisitive, many times they had a lifetime where they starved to death and they’re just scared of that happening again. That’s why non-judgment is so important, because people do things and they don’t even understand the repercussions of it. 


Except, you and I are the repercussions of those people and we end up screwed up. Then, we have to untangle ourselves, particularly if you’re a wanderer or if you came in from a higher dimension. It’s like “Where am I?” You come here; everything is so dense where everything used to be loving, everything is tough and people are mean and you get rejected. That’s not true for all of you.


The thing about this realm—when you get strong enough in your connection to the higher realms, your own reality starts to re-create itself.  You attract new people, you attract new opportunities and people respond to your new vibration. The challenge is to learn how to hold those vibrations. My hope is by doing these conference calls and putting this out so consistently, that it gives you an opportunity that might not have been there without this.


Particularly since these group souls are not just on this call. You can take them home with you. You can join Team Shift; you can have a call every day with five people that get to know each other. I’m sure many of you have had the experience that once you move into these new ideas and these new ways of looking at things and everyone around you is in a contracted space, you can’t talk about it. You’ll get ostracized; people will think you’re crazy.


Once you actually learn to hold the frequency, you no longer need people to talk about it with; you become kind of a stable repeater station of the higher realms and you change the vibrations of those people around you; you don’t change them, they change themselves. By holding the space you give people the opportunity to go through shifts. You’re suddenly able to be actually a loving person.


That’s my hope, that these calls and these conversations help all of you grow into that. I honor those people—there are people that already there—in fact, they’re like turn-key. They start coming into these calls and it’s like they’re off like an express-train. They know how to do it and they suddenly realize they’re not crazy. They look crazy, or they think they’re crazy because no one else is like them.


I am going to talk about Edgar Cayce, David Wilcock and myself.  The background is: Edgar Cayce was the first person, I think, to inspire me to the idea that there’s more to life than meets the eye. For many years of my life I would have said I was an agnostic; I didn’t know what to believe. I said “It’s got to prove itself to me.”


Somehow or another, I started reading some Edgar Cayce books, probably when I was in Berkeley in college. I read them and I said “This guy couldn’t be a fake; this guy had to do what he said he was doing. Now, there’s this voice coming through him.” Of course, if you’re not completely familiar with Edgar Cayce:


For forty years of his life, he would go into a trance; people would ask him questions. He demonstrated the most remarkable abilities that I’m not sure anyone has ever demonstrated with such consistency, before or since. 


It started out he started being able to diagnose people’s health. He could be so accurate that it was like they had a medical examination. He could tell them what their blood pressure was, their white blood count, all these things. They would go to the doctor and it would always be confirmed.  Then, he could tell them they had their specific health issues. They would go to the doctor and it was confirmed.


For the first twenty years of his life, he only did health readings; he never did reincarnation readings. Do you know why that is? The reason is because whoever was talking through Edgar Cayce knew that Edgar Cayce was a fundamentalist Christian and that if they came on too strong and too far-out, he would have been scared about what he was doing and he would have dumped it.


He would have been scared that it was something demonic speaking through him; it was only after twenty years when he’d had thousands of people that he had helped. Not only was he diagnosing things, he was recommending alternative remedies that no one had ever used before.


Once he started talking about reincarnation, then he had a group formed around him that was kind of protecting his energy, monitoring it. He started talking about how the Universe works and how people move around to different places in the Universe and different experiences.


Edgar Cayce‘s Source, whoever was talking through him, never specifically said who they were. In fact, oftentimes they seemed to indicate that they were part of the Christ and they would refer to Jesus in a very holy way as they gave their readings through Edgar Cayce. In the reincarnation readings that Edgar Cayce did, there was a whole history of people, a whole group of people, that had histories in different past lives. There was a group that had past lives in Atlantis; there was a group that had past lives at the time of Jesus; there was a group that had past lives in the Old Testament—and they were identified.


When he died, authors would go through these readings, many of them thinking they were going to prove him to be a fraud and they would say “Wow!  This is real.” Then they started compiling books about different periods, epoch times based on the past lives people had in those times.


There’s a book called “Edgar Cayce on Atlantis”,“Edgar Cayce on Jesus”, “Edgar Cayce on Attitudes and Emotions”,“Edgar Cayce on Alternative Remedies”. In fact, 500 books were written about Edgar Cayce after he died. Of course, many of you discovered Edgar Cayce and said “Wow, this is amazing.” It was amazing for me, and it put me on a spiritual path.


One of the things that happened when I first ran into David Wilcock, is I had to really make my connection that he was Edgar Cayce. Some people have a problem with David having been Cayce—I should say a former incarnation—no one is ever the same from one life to the next. Every life is its own painting. Oftentimes, the way your life unfolds kind of depends on people you meet who connected with you in a past life.


For example, you could have a lifetime and you could be very spiritual and you have a past life track where maybe you were a bank robber. The next life, when you’re young you meet some of your buddies that you were bank robbers with; you become friends. You end up becoming a bank robber again, unless you have a very strong sense of ethics and spiritual connection. Oftentimes people can go from one extreme to the other, just depending on who they meet.


In Edgar Cayce’s situation, prior to being Edgar Cayce he was, according to his readings, a gambler and a womanizer and he used psychic powers for his own advantage. His name was John Bainbridge. Now you have John Bainbridge, that in his next lifetime becomes Edgar Cayce. How is it that a guy who had such service-to-self aspects suddenly becomes the world’s most famous sleeping prophet?


When Cayce was young, he was hypnotized. When he was hypnotized, this voice spoke through him. It seemed to indicate it wasn’t Cayce. The hypnotist became very fascinated. That was the beginning of Edgar Cayce’s channeling.


The rest of his life, slowly but surely, became dedicated to that. You can see how the flow goes from one life to the next. Why was he channeling? Why did Edgar Cayce have this ability to channel when most of us don’t? How did that come about?


If you study Edgar Cayce, you find out that Edgar Cayce had a past lifetime, before John Bainbridge. Many of his past lifetimes were indicated in the Cayce materials. He had a past lifetime as an Egyptian high priest by the name of Ra-Ta. Ra-Ta, according to the Edgar Cayce readings, was building pyramids by levitation; was doing healings.


There was a whole bunch of Edgar Cayce material on Ra-Ta and the time given was 10,500 B.C. In the Edgar Cayce readings it was also indicated that Ra-Ta became known through Egypt as Ra, the Sun God.


Most people never read that in Edgar Cayce, but I read so much stuff; I was trying to undercover clues. I kept saying to myself, there must be clues here to something. 


How is this guy doing this?  Who is talking through him? I couldn’t dismiss it as easily as to say “Well, it’s the Christ.” What is the Christ? I was brought up Jewish; I didn’t have a relationship with the idea of Jesus when I was young. I was just in an inquisitive mode when I was reading Edgar Cayce and reading all this stuff about Ra-Ta.


When I ran into David Wilcock—I can tell you, it’s always interesting how people get introduced to something. There’s usually, especially when something is really significant, what seems like a coincidence, but there’s usually some sense of cosmic movement that brings things together. I had learned that a long time ago.


By the way, Edgar Cayce—I said this earlier, but I want to re-iterate it—never knew he was talking to a group soul. Maybe he wasn’t; but that’s my take on it. I’m going to tell you how I proved that myself, or convinced myself at least, to have a predisposition to that.


I got an email from a guy I’ve known for many, many, years. In fact, it’s a guy that has been on Coast to Coast. I knew him probably 35 years ago when we were both musicians. We met in New York City and he was singing at a bar. We actually have very different points of view now, but we’ve maintained a connection over many years.


You may have heard him on Coast to Coast. His name is Michael Horn. He happens to be the media representative of the Pleiadeans and Billy Meier. I don’t follow Billy Meier and I haven’t checked that out to say I think that it’s positive. Nonetheless, it’s probably a valid ET contact, whether it’s positive or not. Michael is their media representative. I lost track of Michael for many years; I didn’t know he was the media representative for Billy Meier.


All I know is, sometime in 1999, I got an email from Michael telling me that this article that was in Rense about Sai Baba having sex with his disciples.  Sai Baba is this Indian guru that many people think of as God, or an expression of God. I remember years ago people talking about Sai Baba, so I clicked on the link to see who wrote that email.


It was an article in Rense and I end up, guess where?—on David Wilcock’s website. There’s this little section on his website where he says he has a resonance with Edgar Cayce. He never said he was the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce; he said he had a resonance.


He told the story of why he had a resonance and it was a very compelling story. Needless to say, because of my background in Edgar Cayce, I glommed on and started reading everything on his website, all his channelings.


At that time, he was not presenting himself in the way he’s presenting himself now. He was presenting himself as a channel. Then, he wrote articles. It was kind of mixed. He was putting together his scientific presentations; he was making online books called Convergence. It was filled with channelings and predictions. He was probably 27 years old; he’d have headlines on his website like “Wilcock has another psychic hit.” I studied enough of him to be convinced that he was Edgar Cayce.


I’ll tell you a couple of the things that tied David to Cayce. David was living in New Paltz, New York. He had graduated school. By the way, I’m not David’s spokesperson, so I try not to make any opinions about anything he’s doing now, anything other than the book. If I do, it’s my opinion and it’s not what David would say. I want to be sure I clarify that. 


He was living in New Paltz, New York; he was studying metaphysical things, he was studying ETs. Someone had recommended to him this idea of writing his dreams down. There was something called a dream voice that that person had experienced and they were getting communications in their dreams.


So David started that and he started getting messages in his dreams. He was fascinated by it. Every night he’d have a tape recorder, or whatever way he did it and he kept getting more little sentence fragments. If you read The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? there’s a whole chapter that is dedicated to those initial sentence fragments that David was getting.


Then, he started reading about channeling and he wanted to get better at it. He was only getting sentences. The thing that really, really caught his attention at that time was they made a prediction of something that was going to happen to him on a certain day and a certain time and it happened. The prediction was “You’re going to receive”—I’m not going to get the dimensions right—“a three inch by eleven inch sheet of paper on Friday morning at 10:30.”


Friday morning at 10:30, David was driving and the police stopped him and he got a ticket. He became really, really hooked on these messages at that point.  He got from the place where he was just writing down a sentence at a time, to where he could write paragraphs and pages. By the time I discovered him, his website was filled with pages and pages of these messages.


One of the things that immediately became apparent to me was the wisdom that was in all these messages. It was incredible; they were looking at people from such a depth of place. Sometime a year into getting these messages, David had a communication from his dream voice that asked him to move to Virginia Beach; they said that would be beneficial. Virginia Beach is the place where Edgar Cayce Foundation existed and the place where Edgar Cayce lived, I believe, when he died and was doing his work there.


David, of course, knew about Edgar Cayce but he didn’t initially even consider that he was the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce. He went to Virginia Beach, moved there and people started stopping him on the street because of his resemblance to Edgar Cayce. Finally, he did a channeling and he asked his Source “Why do I look like Edgar Cayce?”


The answer was “Because you were Edgar Cayce.” If you study Edgar Cayce you’ll see all the parallels. “This lifetime, if you’re going to do your highest purpose, you’re not going to do past life readings and health readings; we would like you to be a public figure and bring the understanding of the shift to the masses.” David kind of freaked out at that point, and he started studying Edgar Cayce.


He found that there were a number of amazing things connecting him to Edgar Cayce. First of all, his astrology chart—five planets were in the same sign as Edgar Cayce’s, one chance in 260,000. Second of all, not only was he the spitting image of a young Edgar Cayce, his father looked like Edgar Cayce’s father and his friend looked like Edgar Cayce’s wife. Then, as he was studying the Cayce readings, he found out there was a reading in Cayce’s material, where Cayce said he was going to return in 1998, live in Virginia Beach and might be the liberator of the world.


It was November of 1997 that David went to Virginia Beach and they told him they wanted him to be a public figure and bring the information regarding this shift to the planet. Now, it looks like this Source that was speaking through Edgar Cayce was now setting David up. In other words, they predicted he was going to return; they start talking to him and somewhere when he starts taking them seriously they tell him “Go to Virginia Beach.”


He had no idea of this prophecy, any of this. It all started to unfold. If you studied Cayce and you read the Wilcock readings, you’ll definitely see the parallels. The book The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? is, probably, half of the book is readings from that period of time. The readings were giving incredible wisdom and guidance on how to cope, how to survive, how to spiritually grow in this shift.


The group that was talking through Wilcock identified themselves to Wilcock. Wilcock didn’t have the stipulations of Cayce with regard to being a Fundamental Christian, so they explained to him that they were a group soul. I’m not sure of the timeline here. They called themselves the Ra group. There was another, a woman who channeled the Ra group in 1981 through 1984 and her name was Carla Rueckert. Those of you who are on our calls know that at least once a month Carla is my guest.


She has four books out which you can get on Amazon, or if you search the internet you can find them for free, called Ra: the Law of One. She had a Ph.D. partner who was asking questions for five years to this voice that came through her that said they were the Ra group. David was giving her huge amounts of acknowledgment in his work.


I began a pretty thorough study of Carla Rueckert’s work. I found something that absolutely blew me away, which is probably the one fact that gave me the motivation to finish The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? That was a really amazing task to take on. 


First of all, I never wrote a book before. I was writing songs; I was writing poems. I have four planets in Gemini, so to get focused enough to write a book that’s going to withstand the scrutiny of people was one heck of a challenge of discipline for me.


I’ll tell you why I did it; what motivated me. The first thing was, as I was studying Carla Rueckert’s material and this group soul was explaining itself to us through her, they said that they came upon a high priest in Egypt that they’d had an affinity with. They said they’d worked with that high priest to build the pyramids by levitation. The time period was 10,000-10,500 B.C.


When I discovered that I fell off the chair. I thought that they had to be talking about Edgar Cayce. Edgar Cayce talked about that same past life, 10,500 B.C, but he never referred to a group soul. Carla Rueckert never referred to the name Edgar Cayce, they just said he was a high priest.


Through Carla Rueckert and her Ra channelings, there was another very important piece of information that was not in Edgar Cayce’s stuff. That was that the priests of that time took the work the Ra group was doing; the way it would be described is they were trying to change the template of the planet, of the negative, to bring new energy, new possibilities here. There were negative groups that were working to keep everything just the way it was or even worse. As many of you know, they could be called the Illuminati now.


The priests at the time, according to Carla Rueckert, took the work of the Ra group and this high priest and attempted to use it in self-serving ways to control the masses. They kept it secret, and they kept the masses on a string. As I started to read in between the lines, this was all the beginnings of a huge entrée into negative beings in the other realms that became what is now the Illuminati. All through the history of Egypt, this was the case.


There was one attempt to try to turn this around and according to Carla Rueckert, there was an Egyptian Pharaoh whose wife was channeling. He outlawed all of the traditional religions and became really unpopular.  Eventually he was overthrown; his city was taken over and no one knows what happened to him.


In fact, the history of him was lost for thousands of years, until there was some excavation a couple of hundred years ago. According to a lot of things I studied, that particular pharaoh, who was connected and getting messages from the Ra group, was being used in their plan, to bring a being into this realm who could hold the symbolism for the masses and lift—uh oh, I’m getting emotional here—lift the consciousness.  Excuse me, it’s like, this stuff reaches me on a deep level.


Akhenaton was creating enlightened beings, who he would send out of his city to live in the caves, who became the Essenes, because they were planning to bring Jesus in. The Essenes were the group that was going to—that could channel, that could hold a high intent—that would make sure Jesus discovered his mission. How does someone discover a mission?  Everyone goes blank in this realm when they get a body. They don’t know why they’re here. The Essenes were part of the preparation for Jesus.


As you can see, here is this group soul that is working really, really diligently, to shift the consciousness of this planet. We start out with Ra-Ta, 10,500 B.C. In fact, they probably were working with Atlantis. There were the Children of the Law of One and the Sons of Belial, if you read Edgar Cayce. If you’ll notice, the Law of One is the Ra group’s trademark; they use it all through anywhere that they speak. Carla Rueckert: Ra, the Law of One—the idea that the Universe is one energy.


We have the Ra group starting in Egypt, and their work gets taken over by the negative. They make an attempt through an Egyptian pharaoh to turn it around and although it’s unsuccessful, they do start the Essenes. Then, Jesus comes in.


Of course, the thing that makes this realm so tricky and so hard to figure out, is that any time somebody comes in who is representing what I believe to be the positive up there, in their track, other people start channeling the negative and they get the information that sounds exactly or similar to what the real person was doing.


For example, if you look through Egyptian history, there was the God called Amun-Ra; Amun-Ra was not the Ra group. Amun-Ra would be like today somebody is very innovative and then other people just knock them off and try to make themselves sound like them. Amun-Ra was the negative version of Ra. Amun was the Moon God, and the moon is reflective light. The Ra was the Sun God.


Why was it the Sun God?  I asked that question. It was because, at that time, the sun was as big an expansion as anyone could have in their hologram in this realm; that’s no longer true. But, it was then; the negative had picked it up.


They tried to fix it with Akhenaton; they did bring Jesus in. Jesus was—if I have it right, the Ra group was whom Jesus called ‘Father’. They were playing that part. I started to get into that realization when I was writing The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? That if I have this right, I’m writing a book that’s the current message of whom Jesus called Father! I wasn’t sure of that, but I considered the possibility. Then, there were at least a couple of Wilcock’s channelings that seemed to imply that.


Remember, you can’t believe channelings; you’ve got to look at this as an over-arching picture to see what’s true. One of the channelings was—this is a paraphrase—“We came to you in Christianity, but we don’t often speak in those terms any more, because of the way religion screwed it up.” That’s a slight paraphrase, but that’s kind of it.


Part of the Sunday conference call was developed out of a little statement from the Ra group where they said “Send your energy up to us through the crown chakra and we will send it back in vibrations of Love and Light.” It was part that sentence; I said “I wonder if this is true.” Terry and I were writing the book; I was writing it, but Terry and I were editing it.


We would go into these little coffee shops in Pasadena and we would be reading those channelings aloud in the coffee shops. The whole vibration in the coffee shops changed. Normally, if you’re going to go into a coffee shop and be there for eight hours, people look at you and say “When are you leaving?” We would be there for eight hours and they would say “When are you coming back?”, because there was this magical energy.


Then, there was this little line that was in the book. There were a lot of little things like, “As you study us, we study you.” I started to postulate “Do you think that energy could be the Ra group coming in?” That was probably happening before I met Daphne, before I started talking to the Elohim group. Sharing this, you can see how crazy it all felt as that was going on.


When The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? was published and released in 2004, David really had an aversion to being publicly identified as Edgar Cayce.  He decided—this is my take; I think this is what went on with him. He decided that emphasizing the science of transformation and the history of ancient civilizations was a better way to reach the masses than being a channel.


Judging by the results, he was right. Of course, he had a best-selling book last year that became a New York Times best-seller. Of course, millions of people are paying attention to him now. I’m not going to comment or make an opinion on what he’s doing now, because we went our separate ways after the book was published.


He’s decided his way of bringing himself out into the world. He certainly has gotten a lot of people paying attention to him. But I haven’t studied it enough and we haven’t stayed connected enough, to say that I can endorse that.


But, I can certainly endorse the period of time that he was channeling and that I was learning about the Ra group and this group soul that is made up of graduates of this realm that has been tracking us for millenniums, trying to get through the web of the negative in order to create a transformation in this realm.


That is some of the history of this. I wanted to make sure, since we’ve talked about The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? on my website there’s a whole little page on that, where you can access it directly at


You can buy the book from Amazon from only $12.37 or something like that. If you click on the links on that page, I think we make fifty cents so it’s not a big deal. Also there’s an option to buy it directly from us for $25, in which case I include this very rare channeling that I did with the Ra group, or what said they were the Ra group, speaking through David in 2003, where I asked questions about the shift.


I think it’s a 45-minute audio; we did it over the phone. That’s included with the book if you get it on the website for $25. I really encourage you to get the book, even if you get it from Amazon.


If you understand, the Ra group is so wise; they’ve spent millions of years being in this realm and they know the way things go down here. They’re different from the Elohim group. I just want to read one paragraph. You’ll see they’re more; the way that I’ve learned to understand it is, the Elohim group is more powerful; they’re more adept at sending huge gobs of energy into this realm from the center of the Universe, in miracles and whatever else.


The Ra group is wiser—not exactly wiser, that’s not fair to say. The Elohim has watched this planet and observes it from their space. They understand pain, because they could become one with someone that’s in pain and feel the pain. Then, they go back and there’s no more pain.


The difference with the Ra group is they got stuck here. Many of you understand how it feels to be stuck here and being in pain and not finding a way out. That’s part of the nature of this realm. The Ra group understands that experience of being stuck here.


That’s why they could talk through Edgar Cayce and they could know all these remedies, because they had bodies for, I say millions of years, hundreds of thousands of years—they went through many, many lifetimes, so, they could tap into all the remedies that ever worked for something, that they had used in previous times.


I’ll read a little thing here from The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce. There are so many things; there’s a whole chapter on how television corrupts you; there’s a chapter on attitudes and emotions.


“Why should you struggle with facts and information, when the deeper knowledge comes from diligent inner seeking and meditation? Why should you resist your musical work, when it is one of the highest affections for the Creator that you are capable of expressing?


Why, indeed, does it seem impossible to believe that you truly are one with Father-Mother God; that your spirit exists as an infinite vibration-reverberation throughout the Universe? These concepts are difficult to assimilate, for the fact that the physical world is so conducive to the belief that that is all there is.


We understand the conundrum that is planted before you, as you must deal with the realities of study and of work and of adult responsibility, while at the same time maintaining a station that allows you  to hold on to your awareness in a form that is much more streamlined than what you may otherwise want.”


That’s an example of the Ra group in The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?  There are many little triggers; that’s one of those things that if you read it right you can read it a number of times, because it’s so deep. It will start opening little cliques in you of awareness:


We’re going over, but they said we could go over a little bit today because they don’t have a show on after us.


Daphne, are you there?  Let’s see.


Daphne:  I am here.


Wynn:  I was thinking; between you and Terry—Terry, if we were going to bring through a message from the Ra group, do you think it should be you or Daphne, or both?


Terry:  I don’t know.


Wynn:  Would you like to bring through a message from the Ra group, Daphne?


Daphne:  I can, yes.


Wynn:  Let me just say, whatever voice we hear, we’re going to leave this as, this is what identifies itself as the Ra group. We can’t prove it’s the Ra group. We are going to let you decide, but they say they’re the Ra group. 


We’ve asked them questions and as you know in this crazy experience that we’re sharing so transparently with you all, we have two groups, the Elohim group and the Ra group, because we’ve tuned into both of their frequencies.


We’ve tuned in to the Elohim group because of Daphne’s ability to tune in to that group, which then rubbed off on Terry. We tuned into the Ra group because of my study of Edgar Cayce, my background with the Ra group. 


There’s something else we have online called The Egyptian Connection. I recommend that you go to that page. It’s called egypt.intelligent-infinity .com. It tells the story that seems to indicate that I might have been that Egyptian pharaoh.


It’s a four-hour workshop with a workbook. If you’re the kind of person that likes to unfold and prove things for yourself, it’s good that you are that. You need to read, because it grounds the energy. In many of the readings that we’re doing now with Daphne, they’re saying “Read our archives; read thespiritchannel,net; absorb this stuff.”


It’s the way that you integrate it, so that you can not just have this entertaining experience of our conference calls, but it becomes part of your life in a way that’s experiential and you start to realize you are never alone; you are never alienated. It’s an illusion of this realm. You’re always part of All That Is. This has been a temporary illusion that you’ve come into, that you’re not and, to awaken to that is a phenomenal experience to have in this realm.


I’m going to call in the Light. Both Terry and Daphne at different times, have each had the Ra group come through. Remember when we say the Ra group we try to understand this. It would be like there’s this huge group soul with perhaps billions of beings and they have councils and sub councils and they’re made of individuals like you and me, especially the Ra group.


Depending on who’s channeling, they’re going to access a different portion of this group. It’s going to feel different. You’ll probably notice a difference when we just have Ra as opposed to Ra’An, which is a combination of Elohim and Ra.


Father-Mother God we ask for the presence of the Light, to surround and protect each person here and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through the outer energy fields of planet earth, through our bodies and into the center of the earth. Right now, we invoke a group energy connection, while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. We invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring the Law of One, to join with us, and we create a protected space that only the positive has access to, and anything not of that nature must leave now.


We request, if our Sources go along with it, the presence of, or at least the emphasis on, a communication from the Ra group and perhaps any of their comments on anything we just reviewed.


Daphne:  Wynn, they’re asking you when you make your affirmation make it in a declarative: “must leave now”.


Wynn:  We ask that anything that’s negative must leave now.


Daphne:  Thank you. One moment please.


Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. We greet you in the Love Light of the One Infinite Creator. You have accessed the Ra frequency. Have you questions for us this evening?


Wynn:  We’d like to ask for anything that you would like to share with all those listening tonight about the history we just spoke of, anything that I said that was incorrect. I’m sure everyone wants to know how to access the frequency of the Ra group in this period of transformation.


Ra:  We are heartened at your query. There are many interesting aspects you have covered in the historical program of this evening and it is indeed a very interesting tapestry along the time-space lines of continuum; a beautiful tapestry, which weaves different parts, different characters, the different timelines, the different essences, the different soul contracts, which have served, one with another, to make a complete orchestration through the time-space continuum, of that which has come to be rendered as service in the present time.


You spoke of the various connections and the various affinities with certain frequencies. We would observe to, from our perspective, make some comments. The first being: that the differences you observe between the essence Daphne and the essence Terry, are primarily, from our perspective, a Ra and Elohim frequency differential. The authoritarian; the definitive, scientific nature of the entity Daphne, stems from a deep and long affiliation with the Ra frequencies, more so than the Elohim frequencies. 


The affiliation which the Terry carries is more of the Elohim nature, although both, at this point in their soul stream and consciousness, are able to braid and combine the frequencies, as they are both the master track of mastering this incarnational influence.


It is also interesting, that historically speaking, the entity Daphne, when she met her present husband of this lifetime, upon meeting him, the first question she asked was “Do you know who Edgar Case is?” not knowing how to pronounce C-a-y-c-e. Her husband, Robert, corrected her and said “It is kay-cee”, or the man who would become her husband.


There is also that which Wynn did not mention in this evening’s broadcast, in which the entity Robert very strongly resembled the photograph of this individual, playing yet another historical part. Yet again, in 1987, Daphne was with Robert in Virginia Beach, Virginia. She was pregnant and experienced a miscarriage. Had she not experienced the miscarriage, she would not be doing this work now; she would have opted to stay with family and family obligations.


It is interesting from our perspective, to see how the interplay of various personalities, various meetings, various “chances”, confluences of information, timing, event and circumstance, combine.


We can influence, but ultimately we cannot decide the life course of any particular person, nor the outcome of any particular event. We have hopes; we see possibilities; we see trajectories; we see probability vortices. Yet, we never know for certain.


Have you other questions?


Wynn:  In the initial experience of the one known as David Wilcock, there was that famous first prediction, where you predicted he was going to get a ticket on a certain date at a certain time. What are the mechanisms where you could see that with such certainty?


Ra:  Again, there is no definitive knowing; there is only probability. And at that point, there had been a confluence of various factors, whereby there was an extremely high likelihood that he would be in a time and a place whereby the confluence of factors would make for a highly probable outcome.  We ascertained that most highly, probably, the vehicle would be ticketed. We knew the piece of paper representing your ticket structure would most likely come out of that.  Again, it is probability; it is not definitive knowing.


Wynn:  Thank you. How would you look at what we’re doing now, in this group, with all these people that are suddenly paying attention to us and being introduced to the Ra group and the Elohim group? And, how can they make the most of it?


Ra:  We would say from our perspective, that to unite oneself with the field of the Ra is to unite oneself with Divine Will, with the will of the Godhead, with the Will of Source. It is the creational aspect of the Divine engine; it is the charge; it is the thrust; it is the forcible movement through time and space; it is the power which gets things done. To call on the Ra is to call on the force which makes things go.


We do not know if this has answered your query.


Wynn:  At different times it was indicated that the Ra group was more aligning, in the dualistic aspect, to the male principle and the Elohim to the female principle. So, the Ra group is the active force for transformation in this realm; could we say that? That has been the way you’ve interacted with us throughout our history.


Ra:  This is affirmative.


Wynn:  So, as people are wanting to make connection, then on some level if they do a thrusting act in this realm, they would get the Ra group’s assistance as long as their motivations were of high service and for the highest good of all concerned. Could we say that?


Ra:  We would say that much has to do with intention and that much has to do with focus. In order to generate power in this realm, one must couple emotion, passion, with focus. In that way, one generates a powerful thrust.


Wynn:  Emotion, power and focus, I just wanted to repeat that. Emotion, power and focus create the energy for transformation, yes?


Ra:  Affirmative.


Wynn:  Yes.


What is the wisdom you would impart to all these people that are listening to us right now, who in their hearts would like to access this? What’s their next step?


Ra:  Consistency and practice—one must, every day, no matter how small a step, keep moving forward. It does not matter if one is tired; it does not matter if one is frustrated; it does not matter if one does not understand. 


One can keep asking. If one does one small step, be it a continuous writing in one’s journal, a continuous time for reflection. It can be a quiet walk, a quiet sitting in the garden, but persistence, persistence. It is the persistence which makes an etheric track; it is the persistence and the discipline which makes an etheric beacon, an etheric pulling, an etheric template. That is what we can see.


If one makes a half-hearted notion of connectivity, it is nothing. But, if one does this day in day out for weeks and for months, there is an imprint which is left in the ethers, then this is joined by like-minded others. When one joins in community such as this one, it is magnified one hundred then one thousand times more.


Consistency, focus, practice, it is like anything. You must learn to use your spiritual muscle; it is like learning to swim, learning to walk, learning to use the software on your internet. It is practice. In your 3D, it is all the time, practice. Take it one day at a time; it shall come: consistency, focus, practice.


Wynn: Thank you.


I think that will be my questions for tonight. I just want to thank you for being connected to our group, working with us, being available. At different times we, in the future, we will focus on bringing through the wisdom and the guidance of the Ra group.


I wanted to again mention that reading the materials, reading the Carla Rueckert materials, The Ra Material, The Law of One—I really suggest that to everybody. It’s available for free online at , all four books. Carla Rueckert was so dedicated to this that even though her books are published, she gives away her pdfs free.


Also, The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?—we are integrating things which are new, strange, and unusual. And, all of you are a part of integrating it into your own lives.


Do you have any closing words for us before we end this transmission?


Ra:  The Rueckert material is foundational; it is as the base of a pyramid.  With the work you, Mr. Wynn, are bringing in, with the Daphne and the Terry, you are building on a foundation which has been brought in by The Ra Material. What you are doing is attempting to integrate the Ra wisdom with the holographic architectonics of the celestial Elohim realm during the time of the shift.


We are all part and parcel of a greater whole, bringing in the Trinitarian consciousness, the Christed consciousness, the triune three-pointed consciousness of the Christed vibration, leading to greater wisdom, compassion and discernment.


We would suggest—encourage—all to become spiritual warriors and to take courage in your spiritual convictions by allowing yourselves to have a strong foundation and, to become disciplined in your thoughts and to become disciplined in your studies. Metaphysical law is not a namby-pamby affair; it is not a dilettantish affair and it is not something to be played with lightly. It is a very serious responsibility; not that there is not joy and not fun. These things can be had. But it is not a responsibility to be taken lightly.


We are very honored to work with you. We send you many blessings.

Ommmmmmmmmmmm. Shanti, Shanti


Wynn:  Thank you. Terry, are you there?


Terry:  Yes, I’m here.


Wynn:  I think we should close it with that transmission through Daphne.


Terry:  Yes, that’s right.


Wynn:  I thank you all for being here and listening. I wanted to do one thing; I wanted to take a moment for healing. This is what we do on our Sunday calls. All of those of you who are wanting to make a connection, wanting to feel the energies; take a moment and shut your eyes. We’re going to follow the way the Ra group suggested through David Wilcock.


That is, to send the energy up through our crown chakra at the top of our heads and send it to the higher realms, send it to the Ra group and the Elohim group. Ask that they send it back down to you in vibrations of Love Light that you can feel, and move that energy through your body and direct it to where you need healing; direct it to who you know that needs healing.


Healing can be healing of disease; it could be healing of patterns that keep you contracted and feeling unworthy; it can be healing for people you care about, that you have an energetic connection with. Understand that you’re part of the process; when you’re part of the process, they can help. It’s not done to you; it’s done with you.


We take this moment and do a prayer for the entire planet, that this work and work like this can perpetuate itself and touch all those people who are looking, hungry, afraid, don’t know what’s going on, for their highest good.


On that note, I’m going to stop our recording. We’ll see you all who are on the conference line and on BBS next week. We thank all those people who are listening to the replays and reading the transcripts; we thank you all for being here.


Thank you.




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