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Wednesday Calls – 2012 Q & A

Wednesday – 8.29.2012

Host: Wynn Free

Audio Link - 

Channeled by Terry Brown and Daphne Karandanis

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien

Edited by Terry Brown and Valerie Hawes

Formatted and sent by: Gary Brownlee



Wynn:  Gijs I think we’ll get started; its 6:08. Maybe before I mute everybody, let’s hear—what are we going to have them say, Gijs? What do you think?


Gijs:  Who is here?


Wynn:  I’ll tell you what; wait a second. Let’s all sing Stevie Wonder, you know? “I just called to say I love you.” Ready? 1-2-3-4:


Callers:  singing a few lines of “I just called to say I love you”


Wynn:  That was so good I’m going to start the recorder. Can you hear me, Keith? That Stevie Wonder rendition was so good that I’m going to start the tape recorder; we’re going to do it again on the tape for all the people who listen to the replays. Okay?


Hello to everybody who is on the replay; this is August 29th, 2012. And, for all those people who are live, we have something really special for you. If there are any record-producers out there, please email me. We are ready to go on—what TV show?


Callers:  Bandstand…


Wynn:  Okay. So here we go guys. Is everyone ready? This is our Wednesday Question and Answer call, but before we start we’ve got a special message for you. 1-2-3


Callers:  singing “I just called to say I love you…”


Wynn:  Alright everybody is muted; I’d like to thank everybody. You can see why they put me in this job. Thank you, Gijs. Don’t mute me okay?

I’m not very administrative, but I’m learning how to do it. I hate commitments and I’m really getting good at commitments, because I’m showing up.


You know what the problems with commitments are? You know how you’re moody; everyone is moody. Everyone is moody, and it’s easy to make commitments when you have to show up when you happen to wake up on a good day. But, when you wake up on a bad day, you say “Oh my God, they’re going to see me on a bad day.”


That’s the problem with doing these calls, because you got to show up. The good news about it, as you all know—most of you know—I finally found a job I can do in my underwear. I don’t have to worry about combing my hair.


(The sound of someone hanging up their phone)


 Uh oh – there’s one of those holier-than-thou people; they said “Uh oh, I thought this was spiritual.”


One of the things is, I remember when they were first talking to me. I said “How do you do this in the world? Are you serious and somber and sacred?” I said “I hope not; I’m not good at that. Can you do it this way? Can you do it that way?”

This is our call where people have submitted questions. Those of you who have been coming into the calls regularly and even not for that long, have noticed that there is an interesting phenomenon that happens in this call. 


There’s an energy that comes in that many people feel. Some people feel it really strongly; it feels like they’ve suddenly got lights in their room.


We’re talking to voices that identify themselves as group souls, two of them that have blended. Some of you heard the Ra group on Monday and you’ll notice that it was quite a bit different. I recommend going back and listening to last Monday’s call which is in our archives at Usually we talk to a group, the Ra group and the Elohim group and both of these Sources have different points of view. I believe they both have the same ultimate end: to help us understand and evolve ourselves. Both of them are important.


Somebody said “How do I make better connection?” Read Carla Rueckert’s Law of One; read everything we put out; read the archives. There’s so much stuff in there. It’s not that well organized, so you have to work a little bit to go through it. Sooner or later we’ll get it organized and make it into little pdf books. You never know what they’re going to say that’s going to trigger something that releases something in you.


Many of you who are attracted to this work are actually old souls. In this realm, it’s hard to find the things that trigger, that remind you of your heritage. If you happen to be one of those old souls—you don’t have be an old soul; there’s another situation where people are newer souls. But, if you happen to be one of those older souls, that means you’ve gone through a lot of lifetimes. In your track there are a lot of cellular memories and when you start hearing things that are the right things, it starts to stimulate your track. It starts to stimulate your cells, and you go “Aha! That’s it.” Many of you are having these experiences already.


Some of you are curious about it; you’ve heard about us. You’ve heard us on Coast. We put out a constant stream of stuff. If you really get what we’re doing, you’ll try to pay attention to as much as we can.


I say “we”; see?  I’m you; we’re we—because it’s all on downloadable mp3s. What some people do is they download it, they play it on the way to work; they play it on their walkman. They play it in the background. It’s much better than watching network TV; that’s for sure.


It’s a way of ingraining this stuff in you. It has nothing to do with a belief-pattern; it does not have anything to do with saying “I believe Wynn is real; I think the Elohim are real.  I think what he’s doing is real.” It has to do with incorporating these energies so that you can sense them, feel them.


The key thing that I’ve learned, this was a surprise to me, the way that most people feel these energies. It’s as if you feel like who you normally are, but it suddenly feels expanded. You feel a sense around you. It’s like if I was going to explain how I understand that, that sense you feel around you is their energies blending with your field.


So, they’re not separate from you; they come in as part of you. They’re just a big, expanded part of you. You probably won’t see them as hugely expanded, because you’re only able to feel around your own immediate space. But, you can feel a sense of connection; it feels like you’re not alone. 


If you practice and fool around and experiment, then you kind of talk to that energy and ask it for things, act as if that little energy that’s around you is a friend. You suddenly find it responds. It’s not me that’s doing it; it’s not Terry that’s doing it. We just happen to be bringing through a voice that says it’s that energy.


It took me a long time to believe that and I expect it should take you a while, some of you. Some of you will get it right away. Some of you will just say “That’s too incredible.” Just keep paying attention. It’s kind of like out of this consensus reality. Traditionally, that particular experience has been often interpreted as God. But we’re bringing in a totally new way of understanding it.


When you’re dealing with energies that come from other dimensions into this dimension, you do have to be very scrutinizing. When you’re dealing with channeling you have to be very careful. The reason is, once you start moving your energy fields into these other dimensions, you’re in areas where you can’t see where you are.


It’s very easy to get involved with something that goes bump in the night. The other side is filled with negative guys waiting to talk to you. And, they’re much easier to talk to than the positive guys, because all they have to do is come in and talk to your ego; tell you how great you are, how they’ve picked you for this mission. Most people get hooked; particularly if they can do something psychic.


In fact, when this first started happening to me in 2002, I was already aware of that idea through the work I had done studying Carla Rueckert and David Wilcock. I was not jumping to any big conclusion about who was talking to me. I said “What if this is one of those guys that that I read about?”


It’s best to learn to feel the energy, because if you can feel the energy, if you can feel this loving energy in your space, and suddenly, you’re lying down and you’re meditating and you can feel that energy, at that point, if you hear a voice whisper to you it might be them.


Still, always check it out, check it out, check it out, check it out. If it’s a very loving energy, the negative does not come in. In fact, they can’t come in, as I understand it, on a loving energy.


We have a load of questions tonight. I’m never going to get them all; we’re going to do some of them. Before we go into the questions, one thing is, that on Saturday we’re going to do a three-or-four-hour session channeled, mostly channeled.


If I can answer the question I will. I have so many questions I’ve asked and so much experience that sometimes I can answer it and that saves the channels the energy on it. We’re going go for three or four hours, asking your questions. That’ll be a call like this, but there will be a time for a lot more questions. I would suggest not missing this call.


We’re getting bigger. Right now, if we do a three or four hour call, we might get to most of the questions. At some point, we’ll never get to all the questions. You know we used to do this call every Wednesday and we could get to all the questions. Now, we can’t get to maybe 20% of the questions that come in, if that much. Take advantage of that call on Saturday.


If you go to the home page of our website, which is, there’s a thing that says “The Coast Special”. You’ll click on a page and it says $15; not only do you get to be on this call Saturday, you get a four-hour workshop that I did for the first time I was on George Noory for all the people that listened, an audio workshop.


You get them both. Some of you already bought the audio workshop for $10 and you didn’t get the thing on Saturday, the extra $5. I’m going to be sending an email to everybody that’s in that position and offer them the option to upgrade for $5. That’s it.


Let me just see here. Terry, Daphne’s not going to be on tonight. She wasn’t feeling well; she’s taking a break. So, Terry’s going to handle this. Terry, are you there?


Terry:  Yes.


Wynn:  Great. We have great questions tonight.


Are you in the kitchen, Terry?


Terry:  I am.


Wynn:  If you’re going to be in the kitchen, try not to be there when you’re channeling.


Terry:  Laughing: I won’t!


Wynn:  I hear the dishes rattling. Now I told everybody, so they’re really going to listen for it now.


One of the great things about doing this on  a conference call—a lot of people do workshops and they travel—and they have to charge quite a bit of money to cover their expenses and to make a profit and the hotel rooms and the hotels and everything. One of the beautiful things about doing this on a conference call, we could charge, but we don’t charge anything.


It’s right in your home, so when the vibrations get lifted instead lifting the vibrations in a hotel room, you’re lifting the vibes exactly where you live.  You can do it three times a week or more, doing the things we’re doing.


I’m sure some of you know this experience; I do. You go to a great weekend workshop and it’s very inspiring. You learned all this stuff. Two weeks later, you don’t remember a thing and you’re back to where you are. 


This is a beautiful opportunity; I don’t think anyone has ever done anything like this before, to create this kind of intimate connection, this kind of connection of oneness, that offers everybody the opportunity to participate for absolutely no money. That is miracle, if you think about it.  This is not a low-level thing; this is a high level thing. You couldn’t pay to find this and yet you’ve all found it and it’s free.


When we sell something, even for $5 or $15 or $3, please take advantage of it. In spite of the fact we do all this stuff for free, we all have to have roofs over our heads; we all want to expand this. This is something that could change our planet. This is something that could have millions of people; can you imagine having a million people on a conference call, saying “I just called to say I love you”? This is a chance.


I’m just saying what I believe to be true. This is a chance, a very unusual opportunity, to bring the energy of the heaven realms into this realm, so that it’s accessible to every single person that would reach for it.


You guys are part of that, just because you’re here, just because you’re feeling it, even if you tell just one other person. Just think truth. Don’t try to tell them about it; you’ll find the more you say; you’ll get in trouble. 


Send them a link to our website; let them watch my video. Let them download the book, just like you did. Just tell them it worked for you.  Invite them to something you think they’ll resonate with, like our Sunday grid healing.


You have to use your own thoughts to think what works for somebody, but this is a really phenomenal opportunity and it’s an opportunity for you, just as well as it is for the planet, for our Sources, for Terry, myself and Daphne, to operate as a team, to get people on these lines and lift the vibration of planet earth.


We have people in other countries and we have just scratched the surface.  Using the internet the way we do, we can translate things into other languages.


What is that thing going on in the background there?  Do you hear that Gijs?


Gijs:  I got it.


Wynn:  I thank Gijs very much. He’s been volunteering.  He just showed up one day when I had one of my resistant moments and I said “I’m going to be late today.” He started saying hello to everybody and he’s been doing it ever since. In fact, that’s how people ended up volunteering for us; they just showed up. If any of you have administrative experience, we need an administrator for volunteers. There are a lot of people who want to do things and I’m the worst person to administrate them. 


Somehow I’ve managed to administrate this as far as it’s gotten, but I can’t handle any more. So somebody out there is a good administrator. This is not about me, it’s about us. Every one has something to contribute and everyone has something to learn and grow into. I’m going to start these questions now.


Father-Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Love Light, to surround and protect Terry, myself, every one of you on this line and everyone who is listening to replays and reading the transcripts. We let our negativity go into the highest dimensions of Light, to be transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through the outer energy fields of planet earth, through our bodies and into the center of the earth.  Right now, we invoke a group energy connection amongst all of us present on this line.


Do you feel that energy coming around you, becoming part of you, flowing into you? That’s it; that’s them. That’s us; they’re us. We’re them.


We invite those Sources that are positive to join with us and we create a protected space that only the positive has access to. Anything not of that nature must leave now.


On that note…


Ra’An:  We greet you in the love light of the one infinite Creator. Wynn – continue.


Wynn:  I was saying I was going to introduce you; that’s the introduction.  You can go ahead.


Ra’An:  Thank you.


We are here with you; this is Ra’An. This is the 29th of August, 2012. We greet each and every person that’s on the line or each and every person that’s going to be reading the transcripts and listening to the replay at any later time. We do that within the time frame of whenever they read the transcripts or whenever they listen to the replay.


We take a moment and we see the people on the call. We do not violate your free will. We are coming in contact as you wish it. We are extending our energy to you. We are in a different realm; we are in a different layer of All That Is. We move in with our light-pink Light into your realm and we touch and we are there for people that wish it.


We look at the eastern part of your United States. We see along the Mississippi Delta the winds. And, we see the people in their houses; we see the fear that some of them are experiencing. Although they don’t sense it or see it or feel it, we wrap them in our Love Light, as they are children of All That Is, the same as all of us are.


We do not look at ourselves as being exalted; we look at our selves as being equals to each and every person who comes within the sound of our voice or each and every person who doesn’t come within the sound of our voice.  We are so delighted and it is sacred, that we have come together tonight.


Do you have questions?


Wynn:  Yes. First question is from Antonietta.  She asks:


If we are in union, do you think defense is necessary?


Ra’An:  Thank you. Where is Antonietta located?


Wynn: I don’t know. It was one of those questions that sounded like not a personal question, but a general question.


Ra’An:  Thank you. When one is in the third density and one is experiencing within the third density the hazards that can beset one, or the potential hazards that can beset one in the third density, this is a situation that one needs to be aware and one needs to have their intuition out to see if there is any potential danger in the area.


We see that when one is in the third density, there are situations that take into account duality. One of the greatest things that individuals in the third density can do is learn how to masterfully handle duality. As when one is in the third density they can be non-linear and they also are in the density of the higher realms. We place them in our protection when they ask. It is a balancing that can occur.


When one is in the third density, they, at the end of their life, move into the higher realms, if they are open to it. They can come back home if they are open to it. We provide support for that. So, the answer to your question is “yes and no.” At the level of our density, the tenth density, there is pure love and care and concern and caring. At that level we are all one and there is not need for protection in that density.


When one is able to maintain a sense of that tenth density at the same time they negotiate the third density, they can know that in their heart of hearts and in their soul they are always safe, and be centered. They do not need, in that connection, to be thrown off balance.


However, to learn to bring that Love Light into the third density, so that as they negotiate the ins and the outs and the yeses and the no’s, the good things and the bad things, as they negotiate the duality in the density, if they can maintain their center and their, you might say their compass point to home, then they can masterfully negotiate.


There are several meanings for negotiate and we mean operate through whatever is thrown at them. This is a tall order; we hope this has shed some light or sense upon your question.


Wynn:   Thank you. Next question—and all we have is the email address  - but, again it’s a general question. They ask:


What is the difference between densities and dimensions?


I would add timelines; because from my perspective, they are all different ways of saying the same thing. Can we have your answer to that please?


Ra’An:  Thank you.


When you have the different layers within the realm of All That Is, one can be within, say, the third density wherein the items within this density are quite heavy. It is also called by some the third dimension. When one is in that space, it has a certain timeline; time moves very slowly within the third density. It is a good place where people can learn to grow and have more time to move through their life and the things that they need to know.


When you move into the fourth density, there is more Love Light available and things are moving faster. It is a different timeline. Because of the technological differences within those two sections or realms, people within those realms see things differently and they do not generally see into the other realm, as they are, you might say, surrounded by the veil of the body, the veil of the food they have eaten, the veil of the atmosphere, the veil of the consensus reality and it becomes one operational unit depending upon location within the third density.


When one moves into the fourth density, things are lighter; they flow faster. It is easier to move through things. Time is faster. When you move into the fifth density or dimension, which, we prefer density, then things are much more rarified and people can achieve things faster.


We say ‘people’; however, it is more energy units, beings of energy with very light bodies that are able to move quickly, as there is a different timeline and things are much quicker.


When you get into the tenth density, where we are, things are very, very fast. When we move into the third density, then, particularly as we first move in there, we become sometimes impatient because it takes so long for something to move through, even a conversation. Those are some differences. We prefer density to dimension, though some people call it dimension.


Wynn:  Am I correct when I say timelines is also another way of looking at that spread?


Ra’An:  Yes it is; because the timelines in each density are different. If things flow faster, then time moves more quickly as you go up in the densities.


Wynn:  When we’re sitting here and we develop a loving energy, is part of our energy moving into the fourth dimension, even though we’re in third dimension?


Ra’An:  Yes, it is.


Wynn:  But we can’t see that.


Ra’An:  Each one, as they connect with the higher densities, is able to move and to flow with that density for the amount of focus and time that they have connected with that. And so then they begin to experience some of the Love Light and to drop some of the heaviness of the third density.


Wynn:  Thank you. Next question:


Aside from listening to the conference calls, how can I rapidly integrate and connect with the Elohim and broadcast their vibration out into our collective world? I should say the Elohim and-or the Ra group or any other higher dimensional frequency. That’s me adding that; because it’s not just the Elohim.


What’s the best way for someone to learn to do that when they’ve learned to feel the energy on the calls?


Ra’An:  When you learn to recognize the frequency, the signature, of the Elohim group, the color of the Elohim group, then you will know when you have tuned into it. Tuning into it brings muscle, the building of a muscle, where then you can more easily tune into it in the future, as you establish and we establish a track of connection to you, that then can bring you more easily into our frequency.


Wynn:  Thank you.


This is from northern Maine. I think the person’s name is Linda; she has a lot of grief right now. 


They have a recently departed canine child, Grace. It is still surreal that she has left the earthly plane. Can you add anything at all to me personally about this? They want to release the grief of their dog, and they probably want to know their dog Grace is okay.


Ra’An:  Thank you. Give us a moment.

Your dog Grace loves you very, very much and is very much attached and committed to you. Give us a moment. Your dog Grace is holding for you, is around you in the spirit world and is still connected dearly to you. 


We recommend that you say a few kind words; things that you said when she was alive. And, to cheer her up by saying those things and she will hear you. We recommend to let her have this closeness and you perhaps can feel her at sometimes. She experiences joy and she senses the energy connection that we have made and you have made on this call with her. It brings her joy to the extent of being ecstatic, as she has been heard and acknowledged.


Sometimes when one has departed, it is very hard, because the people just grieve and do not sense that one is still there. If you can simply acknowledge her presence without the physical body, but acknowledge her presence; give her some kind words every now and then in the day, once a day or so, she will be ecstatic. We recommend you let this relationship play out as she, in so being acknowledged, will eventually see her path to the next episode in her life.


That is our answer.


Wynn:  Thank you. And now we have Linda and I don’t have her city, but there’s a strong energy in her writing; I think you’ll pick it up.


“I heard you on Coast to Coast; I’m pleased to hear all you have done. Terry sounds so angelic. I had a teacher who passed away and she is now with her masters; but, I miss her. She had a center called The New World Peace Center. We had many classes on many subjects, including angels.


I was wondering: would you know if she is teaching on the other side? Or, how she is? I added the ‘how she is.’” Linda


Ra’An:  She is in a school at this time and she is orienting to her new location. She is coordinating with the individuals within the school and is seeing how she can contribute to the school and the best contribution she can make and the best location for her, as she further transitions.


She is a grounded person and a caring person. She has much to contribute.  We do not wish to pull her off of her trajectory right now; we wish her well and to continue her studies where she is. She will find the best place for her next contribution.


Wynn: Thank you. Next question is from Abymolah Abosija.  It sounds like he’s African, although he didn’t tell me his country. It’s kind of a general question. The question is:


“If someone comes from a bloodline that has a curse upon it, such as spirit causing death within a family, how does one free someone from this cursed bloodline, or lift the entire curse altogether? Is prayer and meditation the key, or is this a destined actuality that cannot be changed?”


Ra’An:  This can be changed; although this may be slow to change, as there were some changes within the cells, within the particular cells along the blood moving through the bodies of these individuals which has now moved into about sixteen individuals in different parts, in different bodies. 


They, in the moving through their lives and the relying and dependency upon their body, it has given their mental outlook a twist, for which they are accessing in their life. The curse is within the blood of these individuals. 


They access this, which gives a distortion to their interactions, particularly with their close family members, as with other people they damp it out. It is there and so within their family members it expresses itself.  Unfortunately, because the members of the family do not really deserve it, except, they have chosen to be born into that bloodline.


We see: we move to that particular individual, as we do honor free will. We see that you, as an individual, can clear it from your own body and from your own blood and from your own future and from the future of relatives descending from you. This can be cleared.


There is a joy in the idea of clearing this, as it has been heavy upon the life of yourself and affecting some others that you are in contact with. We are, as we are speaking, we are working on the clearing of it. There are some other things that ground it into the system and keep it there, such as smoke in the vicinity of your body.


We suggest—we are speaking slowly, because we are working with that, with yourself—we do not clear it from the other members as they are not asking. You may sense it as we are speaking, moving in and out; you may be able to look within yourself and see the particular frequency of this and to look to change it to a different frequency.


Being at a different frequency, it can no longer affect you as it has been and can have less hold, and can move out of your body. We suggest you listen to this and work with moving it out of your body and changing that frequency.


Thank you.


Wynn:  Thank you. And Abymolah, if you hear this please email us and let us know what you experienced as this was taking place.


Next question; this is from Dave:


Is it possible to save our country, or should we prepare for troubled times ahead?


Ra’An:  We say the answer may be both. It is possible to save the country and to prepare for troubled times ahead. There are categories of trouble.


One of them is economic situations, where the government has gotten itself into a great trouble economically. One of the things is to find politicians that are service-to-others and to see what they are saying and to take a look at their history and what they have voted for; find the ones that you feel will bring the brightest future to the country.


Other categories are such things as climate change. As the solar system moves through one of the arms of the galaxy and thus heats up and is having more heat moving into not only earth but other of the planets in the solar system, this can create melting of the glaciers. This can create, then, climate change, so one needs to keep track of this. It can bring difficulties into certain parts of the world. Those are two different areas that can be difficult.


So, we do not make predictions; things that something cannot be changed and is headed for a bad course. We see the signs and we pay attention; however, from our standpoint, outcomes can be changed. It depends upon the number of people and the intention of the people that are working toward the change or asking for the change, or praying for the change.


That is our answer.


Wynn:  Would you say that if we had a quantum leap in the number of people listening to our calls that would be a big step in creating trajectories for more positive outcomes?


Ra’An:  That would be a preliminary step, as those people came on board and were participating in the calls and participating in the consensus on the calls, creating a new consensus towards positive outcomes.


Wynn:  Thank you. Here’s my favorite question of the day which I think I’m going to answer:


Please let me know how I can repay all of you for your selfless and loving work. With Divine love and peace, that’s from Ann Johnson.


We have a little thing on our website called, even little small amounts.


Next question: I’ll answer one question here, from Darryl:


Can you share any information on disappearance of people, especially children, from national parks in wilderness areas?  How can we keep them safe?


I can’t say how we can keep them safe; you’d have to ask that again.


I say that the negative tends to abduct children and they have horrible outcomes. That happens not just in national parks. I don’t want to say anything more about that.


Ra’An:  There are also problems with animals in national parks, so do not leave your children unattended when you are in a national park. Keep them within your eye-shot, as even a small lapse can create an opportunity for an animal to come in.


Wynn:  Thank you.


This is a question about the Carla Rueckert readings. You may have heard me mention Carla Rueckert. She’s a guest approximately once a month on our Monday night calls. Her work is foundational for the work we’re doing.


In 1981, she had a voice come through her called Ra. For three years  her partner asked, all these questions to the Ra group and got answers. They were published under “Ra, the Law of One.” They’re available on her website for free: If it wasn’t for Carla Rueckert’s work, there wouldn’t be a David Wilcock, most likely and there wouldn’t be us doing this.


She is a very highly-intended, loving channel. She did her channelings under quite a bit of rigor to keep it positive. Just for the note, we don’t ask her to say “Wynn is channeling Ra, or the Elohim.” Although she has said in terms of Terry, she’s heard Terry’s work more than Daphne’s lately; she said she trusts Terry’s tuning.


Carla Rueckert, in her channelings, was getting very negatively attacked.  She had a way of tuning with putting various spiritual items above her head, care of her body, sometimes even instructions for placement of her hair. She was told that doing all those admonitions for correct placement were required to bring in the Ra group at that time.


The person who is Don Hanson, Superior, Wisconsin. I think it’s Donna, but she or Don Hanson. The question is:


That doesn’t seem to be as great an issue with the three of you.  Why is this?


Ra’An:  Thank you. It is in accordance with Terry’s tuning, that we speak only for Terry here.


The locking-in of the home frequency of the Elohim and combined with the Ra group is very strong. We are able to lock in, through the crown chakra and down into the head and even lower, and to couple with Terry, in that she has worked very hard on herself to eliminate her spurious frequencies. She can hold a frequency very well; she has very little mind chatter, and this one of the reasons.


When Carla channels and has the exact placement of the hair and the things about her, this brings a grounding and a reference point and stability for the bringing in of the Ra energies and the ‘Quo’ energies.


With Terry, we lock in with the physical body around the head, the hair and down into the brain area; down into the vocal cords. If one looks very carefully at Terry [while channeling], you can see around the outside of her head, you can see characters, geometrical structures, small geometrical structures, that are part of the linking and the grounding; you might even say ‘docking’, of our energies with Terry.

Wynn:  Thank you. I’m going to ask just one more question, on behalf of Michael Adler in southern California.


Do our Sources see as possible a large movement of the population of southern California out of the state, due to environmental hazards, such as Fukushima Nuclear Reactor disaster worsening? Perhaps we should say earthquakes; any other reason. Thank you.


Ra’An:  That is a potential that would not occur until the actuality of something very tangible appearing, as people would not leave unless there was something very demonstrably tangible. But, we do not, at this time, predict that for at least a few years. We do not wish to predict it even after, as it is not written until it is written.


Wynn:  Thank you. Do you have any closing comments before we close out this session?


Ra’An:  We, in a way, are speechless at the response of each and every one to the calls. It brings tears to our energy eyes to make this connection and it is profoundly meaningful to us.  Adonai


Wynn:  Thank you.


Just remember, everyone who is listening, that we are doing a four hour call like this, three to four hours, as long as we can stand it and we’ll be answering loads and loads of questions this Saturday morning at 10:00 a.m.  Go to the website and look up ‘Coast Special’ and its there. If you already bought our four-hour workshop for $10, I’ll be sending an email where you can upgrade that for $5 more to attend this Saturday session.


Ra’An:  Can you explain how they can get onto the Saturday session?


Wynn:  They’ll get on exactly like they got on this call; but, it will be a unique number, which I’ll email everybody. If you don’t get that email by Friday night, email me; make sure. We’ll see what’s wrong. Check your spam folders because you’ll get an email with the number for the Saturday session.


We send blessings to all of you; let’s all of us send blessings to our entire planet. Let’s take a moment of silence; bring in the connection. All those of you who need healing, take a moment and ask; lift your energies up. All of you that want to send energy to someone send it right now. I’ll take that moment of silence.


Gijs:  Especially also to Daphne.


Wynn:  Okay, we’ll send light energy to Daphne who was a little bit under the weather with her shoulder today. Thank you for reminding me Gijs.


Silence.  A long pause…


I hope to see many of you on our Sunday call; if you like the feeling of the energies on this call, the Sunday call is our strongest call with feeling the energies. We do processes and visualizations to bring the energies in. We call that personal and planetary healing session. If you like this call, you’ll like that call.


Watch your email, or you can also go to, those of you who keep missing calls because it’s last minute. I send it out an hour or a half hour before the call. Again, our call schedule is listed on the website: Or, just go into  to menu and you’ll see one of the links at the top that says conference and you’ll get the schedule of our three calls.


If you’re feeling energies, if you’re feeling a shift while you’re listening today and you start listening, you’ll start integrating these energies. On that note, I’m going to un-mute everybody. Here we go.


You’re all un-muted, and we’ll see you later.


Callers:  Thank you, etc.

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