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Wild Card!



Monday Ė 09/03/2012
Host: Wynn Free
Audio Link - Channeled by Terry Brown and Daphne Karandanis

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien

Edited by Terry Brown and Valerie Hawes

Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee



Wynn:  Guys, weíre on BBS Radio; this is September 3rd, 2012.  This is Monday night. My name is Wynn Free in Sedona, Arizona. Terry will be here in a moment.


As you all notice, I never come on this call and think of myself different than you guys. We start out with spaces so that we can feel the energies. Before you know it, you guys will just be able to check in and thereíll be silence and youíll say ďI feel it; I hear it.Ē Then you would know youíre really getting it down.


This is going to be one of those calls where we just hang out together. Weíre on a moving vehicle, and when we go from one call to the next itís kind of like weíre making a train in a timeline. This is something I became aware of; Iíll mention it to you because maybe you can relate to it.


Every time I make an appointment, thereís a string of energy in a timeline from the moment I make the appointment until the time the appointment fulfills. It was one of the reasons, when I was younger and even not so long ago, I just hated making appointments; I hated being pinned down. Itís one of the reasons that people who have what I call high-matrices in this realm, they have connections to really higher timelines. They can look many times as being irresponsible, because every time they make an appointment, they usually put a string on their timeline and bring it down to the level of that appointment. That kind of rides along with them until the appointment and then it releases. Some of you might relate to that experience.


It was very hard for me to want to do these conference calls, until I found out that the conference call was holding the energies of the high timeline.  It didnít carry a 3D kind of obligation to it, but it held the energy of the high timeline that I could make the appointment and there was very little string attached to it.


By doing three appointments a week, three conference calls a week, I started to notice how the high timeline of the conference call would stretch out from one call to the next to the next. Making the commitment didnít create a compromise; in fact, it created an anchoring of energy in my entire life on a higher level.


What Iím watching: some of you may be noticing this. Iím pointing this out so that you can observe it and see if itís true for you. This is not a call where thereís an Ďusí and a Ďthem,í or thereís me being entertaining and you being an audience. On the surface it may look like that. Somebody may think that, but underneath that itís a call where our energies start to come together and we create a group synergy.


We bring in the energies of these group souls. When the call is over, as you keep coming in youíll find out, the call never is over. It just has a string connected from Monday to Wednesday through Sunday and seeing how that works. Youíre not going to notice that right away. Maybe some of you will never notice it; I hope you all do; thatís why I do it.


As you create that string of energy, it weaves through all those calls, your life starts to accelerate. Thatís when these little miracles happen, when synchronicities happen. You find yourself with your depressions leaving.  If you remember the Ra group, I think it was last Monday; they talked about consistency and about how consistency was so important in getting this down.


Some people hear this and they hear that itís a good idea or interesting concepts or intellectually stimulating. They can be the smartest person in the world, but if thatís the level theyíre hearing this on, they are going to miss it. Theyíre only going to hear it at the level theyíve already mastered which is their intellect and their mind.  This call does not happen on that level; it stretches into it.


The energy that rides along with the call is not into it; itís somewhere else.  It attaches itself to the call and it attaches itself to the people who are listening to the call who want that to occur. This is the key. Iím explaining the process so that you can be open to that opening. They do not violate your free will; nothing is going to attach itself.


I hate to use the word Ďattachí because attachóattachmentóis kind of a negative term for negative attachment; thatís not how I mean this. I mean that this higher timeline, these higher dimensions, are riding along with this call.


By showing up, showing up, showing up, it starts to re-train, re-entrain your energies, your own energy levels, so that your life will change. If you start to move into higher timelines you start to hold that energy; your life changes. Itís not because youíre sitting here saying ďElohim please do that; Ra please do that.Ē Itís not about prayer.


They are in those very same timelines and itís more about reverence, appreciating the connection and all of that. This is what Iíve noticed; this is what Iíve seen that other people who come into the calls notice. We kind of compare experiences, mainly because I donít have a clue of how to do this or what to expect.


I can only learn from my experiences and paying close attention, watching the experiences of other people and saying ďI think this is real.Ē Each of you is in that same banana-boat, to keep checking it out for yourself to see if itís real.


I called this a Wild Card night and I donít think weíre going to do any channeling tonight. Both Terry and Daphne did five hours on Saturday, five hours! They held the energy. We have never done that before, ever, done a five-hour marathon like that and I wasnít sure we could do it. It was one of those things, again, that we had to prove that we could do it.


I did talk quite a bit at the beginning and some people said ďWe really liked your talking.Ē I say again; Iím not talking because I need the attention. Iím talking because I know Iím helping to balance the human side of everybody. They picked me because I was such a good human; I have very high intent; I have a lot of connections with other realms. But, Iíve also, probablyóthey even said this on SaturdayóIíve had lifetimes in the negative. That means Iíve kind of learned a lot about the negative and I know how it works, so Iím able to hold the energy and hold the energy for other peopleís negativity.


Some people canít do that. They get into angelic realms and as soon as something gets negative they have to leave the room or theyíre picking up weird energy. That doesnít bother me. Itís probably why I can do this; I can sit on these calls, I can talk to you. When the callís over, itís kind of like, usually, not always, when I go to Expos I process; when Iím live in front of people. Iíve learned on these calls that the processing for me goes really fast. The processing for Daphne sometimes is the worst and Terry second-worst.


What do I mean by processing?  It means that when we all meet in oneness. Since we initiated it, weíre there with you; maybe weíre more used to being there than you are. Thatís not true for a lot of you, but a lot of you it is true. Itís a new feeling; itís a new idea, concept. If you were more used to being there and then we become one with your energy, all of you are going to have the same experience, so you might as well learn how it works.


If we are going to become one with your energy, then you, who are not used to being in this higher timeline, are going to go back to your old way of being for a while. The way people evolve, itís like they go up and they go back and they go up and they go back. Over time, they donít go back as far and they go up higher. Over a certain period of time, people start to anchor themselves at that new timeline. In the meantime, youíre going to go back; itís something new.


When we become one with you, we really are. I believe our energies are one with you and you go back; it pulls us back to a certain degree, because weíre connected with you still. Then, we have to come back to ourselves.  Youíre going to learn to have the same experience.


You are all learning how this works by tracking the energies of what weíre doing; you are learning how these energies work. Youíre going to be able, I think, to do the same thing for people in your lives. You have to understand that just being in front of people like this and talking about this and channeling, from one level it looks like, I want to be like Wynn; I want to do that, too.


You can do it; you may not do it like me, but youíll do it like you. You may not be channeling; you just might be loving, but, you will still experience this circumstance of moving into somebodyís matrix and then moving back again into your matrix.


Thereís a time-lag; this is still holding energy for them. Thatís all good, because thatís why youíre here; thatís the service youíre providing here.  You can put that in you mind and pay attention to that in the future.


Terryís on the line; everybody is on mute. Are you guys ready now? The question is, did you guys like it when we sang [Stevie Wonderís] song ďI just called to say I love youĒ when we all sang it together?


I spent three hours last night thinking ďWhat song can I play tonight without just playing the same song over and over again?Ē I got one, okay? Are you guys ready?


[music playing]


Wait a second; that was me turning it off for a second.  Quick question:  Is it really distorted, or can you hear it? 


Callers: We can hear it.   


Wynn:  Does anybody know what song it is yet?


Gijs:  Knocking on Heavenís Door


Wynn:  Thatís right! 


Caller: I love that song!


Wynn:  Why are we so silly? This is serious; weíre talking to the Elohim; the world is breaking down. Weíre all here on this line together and weíre singing ďKnock, Knock, Knocking on Heavenís Door.Ē


Some of you are still thinking, including me, about what Daphne said about the three months. Iím going to do a full report on that. Iím going to get an alternative view of it; get another view through her, to understand what they meant by that three months.


I just want to point out that Iím not sure itís accurate. Those of you who were not on Saturdayís call, Iím not going to even explain what Iím talking about. You have to catch these calls, because certain things come in on the group energy and they have to be evaluated later. I know it gave everyone a cause for concern. What they said was:


I asked a question. The question was; there is some questionóthis came up even in 2002óabout, was the earth going to survive as a planet? How is it going to continue? Was it possible all life would be destroyed? They said that they didnít see that, but it was a possibility, if there was a majority of choice in that realm. A majority of choice doesnít mean everybody choosing that; it means thereís not enough opposition to the negative and that the negative is prevailing over all the neutral people who are not holding their energies high.


On Saturday I asked a question.  I said ďWhat are the chances? They indicated that there was some chance that the earth was not going to make it. Then, I said, ďHow long do we have to get enough people to shift so that it changes that as a probable outcome?Ē Note: I didnít say ďWhen is the earth going to fall apart?Ē I said ďHow do we change that as an outcome, and how many people?Ē


I kind of believe that if I got famous, if enough peopleódonít tell people I said this; they wonít get it right. Donít say ďWynn said make him famous or the world is going to come apart.Ē That will get me plastered; Iím just telling you how I think. I know weíre shifting energies, changing timelines and people are shifting and people are starting to understand how to play the game down here.


Most people donít have a clue how to play the game or what the game is about, that if enough people, you know, 10 million people, are coming into my conference calls and weíre holding grids, that maybe we could change the probability futures of this planet.


I asked them ďHow much time do we have to change that, to change that as a possible future that everything would be destroyed?Ē I didnít say, when would everything be destroyed? I said ďHow much time do we have to change it?Ē They said ďThree months.Ē Thatís not what I expected.  I thought Iíd hear five years, or ten years, but they said three months, which happens to be just about December 21st, 2012 , doesnít it?


I didnít want to pursue that topic any more. When I ask a question like that, I have to consider the possibility and so do you; we just do this openly. Iím transparent. We have to consider the possibilities, as itís true, or, Daphne reads a lot of stuff about different people; she internalized it and it was a bleed-through from her conscious mind in the channeling.


We most definitely have bleed-through with both Terry and Daphne.


If you keep listening to Terry long enough, there are a few people she recommends. One of them is Dr. Marshall. It sounds like the Elohim are recommending him; maybe they are, because theyíre becoming one with Terryís mind. Dr. Marshall has been Terryís favorite doctor for years and years; he has his own vitamin line and he seems to be expert.  Oftentimes Terry will tell somebody when they have a health problem , to call Dr. Marshall.


The very first time she ever did that and we did it publicly, it was embarrassing. I said ďPeople are never going to believe sheís talking to the Elohim if all she ever recommends is Dr. Marshall.Ē Then, I started talking about it and I said ďWe know she couldnít come through with the kind of information she comes through with; we know that. Weíll just let Dr. Marshall slip in.Ē


Daphne is reading things, so ďthree monthsĒ might be what sheís slipping in.  Itís really not them; especially the way she said it. If you remember, she said it in such a way that it sounded like ďTheyíre telling me to say this.Ē  No; she said ďThis is what Iím hearing.Ē Prior to that, she was channeling; it was them speaking through her. Why did she say ďThis is what Iím hearingĒ? Maybe she didnít want to say it; maybe she wanted to look at it and think about it before she said it. So thatís the second possibility.


The third possibility: there was a moment when a negative source came in and it said something that would tend to create fear. We know this can happen. In The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? the book, there was a whole chapter where they were talking about Edgar Cayceís devastation prophecy, where he said everything was going to disappear in the blink of an eye; Europe was going to disappear; Tokyo was going to disappear; California was going to disappear. There were going to be huge inundations and tsunamis and earthquakes and it was going to disappear. 


Through Wilcock, it was corrected; I think I talked about this last week.  They corrected it and said that was not them speaking through Cayce; it was not the Ra group. They said these changes are going to happen gradually; I remember reading that 35 years ago, 40 years ago, I said ďThese are two different messages.Ē Then, they said that message came through in order to create fear; and, it did.


Even when I first started reading Edgar Cayce, I remember my friend in Berkeley and I we would oftentimes take a trip on the weekend and say ďMaybe this is the weekend of the big one.Ē Edgar Cayce had made even some indications; I believe he said ďWhen Mount Vesuvius erupts, look for the big one after that; look for this big devastation.Ē


When I studied the Cayce readings, which I did when I was writing The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? I studied them; I had them all on CD, all 15,000. I discovered that reading and it wasnít Cayceís normal source that put it through; it was someone else. I searched that other beingís name and it came out later on; the Edgar Cayce group decided not to let them come through anymore.


When we get something that has the slightest bit of fear-provocation, it takes a lot of looking at it to decide how we want to deal with it. In one case, maybe fear has a certain good aspect to it, because it motivates us. It makes us feel the importance of the time weíre in; there is no time. There is not time to dilly around. Whether thatís true or not, there is a sense of urgency.


The urgency is more about making sure that you graduate this realm than whether the planet survives, because whether the planet survives or not, you are going to die; that is for sure, and Iím going to die. If we die, what is the most important thing anyone can know? Itís to understand the process of dying; understand with certainty that you continue; that you donít really die. Once you know that, you can approach the future without fear. If you donít know that, if thereís the least bit of you that thinks your body is all there is, you have to then be afraid of dying, because then you stop existing.


Thatís one of the values of coming into these calls and talking to these guys, because first, we have the chance to have them explain all this stuff to us. Second, we have Terry here and Terry remembers her past lifetimes.  She has that experience.


We have this amazing story of the David Wilcock-Edgar Cayce look-like; the Terry-St. Catherine look-alike. And, the Wynn Free Ė ah!  Iím not going to tell you; one day Iíll tell you and you can go look me up. Iím not going to tell you yet; youíre going to have to think about it. There was someone who I was, that I believe I was, thatís kind of mind-blowing.


The one that I do talk about, I donít think Iíll talk about him tonight. I donít like to talk about my past lives, because I had a lot of lives as an orphan, a misfit, didnít fit in, I probably was a criminal.  But, there were a few lifetimes I had where I was kind of exalted and I did some really prominent things that are in the history books.


Theyíre interesting to look at, because if youíve heard of those people and you look at how Iím manifesting now, if you look at how facile I am at doing this and talking to you and, how comfortable I amóitís kind of like weíre all family; weíre in the same living room. Most of my life I felt like a misfit. ďWhat am I doing here?Ēófor a long, long time.


Suddenly, I step into this and itís like I still had to go through a lot of Ďtrainingí and figuring it out, but, now Iím standing in the middle of it.  This is great; this comes so easily. I could do a lot of things; I learn how to do things because of the way I want to express. I learned how to do the web designs and the emails and the internet. I had no desire in learning that stuff; I couldnít figure out how to get this out there if I didnít put it out.


What Iím going to do ĖĖ remember, I said this is going to be a wild card tonight. Weíre not going to do any channeling. We did five hours on Saturday; we did our two-hour grid healing yesterday. Not only am I giving Terry a break and Daphne a break, but there needs to be moments where you express and youíre not just listening to channelings. Thereís too much temptation to give up your power to the Elohim and to the Ra group and all these Sources.


Its 6:41 and we have about another twenty minutes. Why donít we take some comments? I should say ďLadies and gentlemen; somebody came in on the line yesterday and said ďWynn, I donít think you should call everybody Ďyou guys.íĒ I said ďWhat should I call them? How about, Ďladies and gentlemení?Ē He said ďThatís much better.Ē


I will tell you the reason I am so casual about this; itís not really casual; itís very sacred. Weíre talking about peopleís future trajectories; weíre talking about miracles. Itís so high that itís intimidating. Part of me is to letóthis is what Iíve learnedólet myself be as human as I can be, because it makes it more accessible to other people. If I am solemn it sounds like itís a religion and I donít want to do a religion this lifetime. I did that in another lifetime and Iím not going to do it again; I see where it went.


In any case, Iím not going to change that. I like the casualness; it also allows me to do three calls a week and never feel like I have to be more than I am; I just come as I am. It allows you to come as you and it allows Terry to come as she is and Daphne; weíre all some of the biggest misfits around, including you! Some of you, I wonít say all of you, but, some of you, know youíre misfits. You donít fit in. Youíve been trying to figure out how to fit in. You donít have to be anything more than you are when you come to this call and things shift.


What I will do, if anyone would like to share anything, even if they think Iím terrible; even if they donít like the way I say ďYou guysĒ, I want you to feel free to do it. The worst I can do is mute you. But, I probably wonít.  Just do *6 and say your name and your city; donít be anonymous. Maybe you had a miracle; weíve been getting emails everyday from people that have had little miracles that they believe are connected to this. Does anyone have anything theyíd like to share?


Donna:  I wouldóDonna from Great Falls. I would like to say thank you, Wynn, for accepting me the way I am.


Wynn:  You are welcome; thank you for accepting me the way I am; weíre even.


Donna:  I do; I do that for everybody.


Wynn:  When I was picking songs last night, when I was going through UTube, one of the songs that came up besides ďKnock, Knock, Knocking on Heavenís DoorĒ was one of Sly Stoneís. Remember Sly Stone and the Family Dog? And it was ďWe Are Everyday People. The fat one, the short one.Ē I donít know; you guys may be either too old or too young, but it just felt like a good song.


Thank you, Donna. Letís see if anyone else has something.  Do I see Ray Wheeler on there?


Ray:  Yes, you do.


Wynn, when I heard the message from Daphne, first I thought it was very unusual that she was actually shattered out of her channel when she said this.  I wasnít afraid; I was pondering how many people needed to actually hear either this or something like this to make a move in the right direction because we need to get moving.  I donít think it was a coincidence that so many people actually heard that, because I think it was your biggest conference call, wasnít it?


Wynn:  No, weíve had more people on the weekly calls, but it had quite a few people.


Ray:  I think there was a definite synchronicity about it. It wasnít just thrown in there just to scare people; I think it was to make them think. It certainly did for me.


Wynn:  Yeah, like I say: If itís true or not true, weíre not going to know because they didnít say the world was going to end in three months. They said the time period to make a difference; that would mean things could decline for ten years, then it could hit the fan. It doesnít mean that in three months our lives are going to change significantly, but it means that the balance of power between the negative and positive.


It alsoókeep in mindóthereís a graduation taking place. Itís like I donít know all the ramifications of it. When I was asking a lot of questions early on, it seemed to indicate that they couldnít pin themselves down because everything was reconstructed in the moment.


If they said something, that would tack it down as being true. If they said it was true theyíd start the re-creation of it. There were a few different points-positions taken regarding this ascension, regarding this graduation from this realm. So, we canít tack it down. I was surprised that they tacked down a three-month timeline. Thatís why Iím going to question it and you should question it.


You can also look at how you respond to that and say ďIf it is that urgent, what am I going to do?Ē If a guy knows heís going to die next week, heís going to live his next five days differently than if he didnít. And, you do whatís really important. Somebody said itís not a bad idea to think that youíre going to die everyday, and what would you do if you were going to die that day? The only great thing about dying is that once you die you donít have to worry about taxes and houses and worldly responsibilities. If you know youíre going to die you might as well shrug them off right that moment, or put your affairs in order.


Otherwise, many of us have responsibilities to other people. We donít want to see them hurt so we have to do what it takes to make sure we keep the people around us sustained.


Ray:  Maybe it also changes us from service-to-self to service-to-others when thereís something at stake.


Wynn:  Yes.  Thank you, Ray.


Let me see who else is on there that would like to say something?


Carol:  Wynn, can you hear me?


Wynn:  Is that Carol?


Carol:  Yes.


Wynn:  Hi Carol, what city are you in?


Carol:  Iím in Israel. Itís a quarter to five in the morning here; I just walked my dog. I came back and saw thereís a live program. This is the first time Iíve been able to be online. I had some problems with Skype and figuring it out. Iím really happy to be here. I love your program; I feel the energies very strongly. I work with a psychic healer here on my Kibbutz and I know what youíre going through with the negativity and all the problems. I really resonate with everything that youíre saying.


Thank you very much and I hope to on more live programs in the future.


Wynn:  Please, on Sunday when we do our grid healing.  Are you in Tel Aviv, or near Tel Aviv?


Carol:  No; I live in a very small kibbutz on the Jordanian border which is relatively a safe area, I must say, with some of the things going on here.


Wynn:  Safe as Israel goes. Why donít you go out and put a sign at the local liquor storeódo they have liquor stores in Israel?


Carol:  Yes, they do. But I donít go there.


Wynn:  Put a sign that says ďMy friend is talking to the Elohim and youíve got to come listen.Ē


Carol:  Okay. Iím really happy to talk to you guys though; really it made my day.


Wynn:  Thank you. Itís so nice to be connecting to someone and holding energy from here to Israel. Thank you for coming up and saying hello.  Anyone else?


Willow Morning Sky:  I would like to say something.  This is Willow Morning Sky.


Wynn:  Hi Willow. We have to give a big public fight. Everyone thinks weíre enemies.


Willow:  Donna just called in; thank you for accepting her. I want to say to Donna ďDonna, I accept you too. I just hope youíll accept me. Iím so sorry we had a confrontation.Ē


Wynn, we have no even strands left of anything in conflict between us; not from my part. What I wanted to add to the conversation is: I donít acknowledge a polarity between positive and negative. I think itís something that we humans create for ourselves that we do not have to create. All we have to do it keep our focus on the positive, on where weíre going. Anything that wants to be negative will just fall by the side. 


Wynn:  Willow, thatís interesting because I had a conversation with Daphne about something like this today. She was saying ďIím just here in duality; itís so hard to be in this realm.Ē I said ďYou can be beyond duality.  In order to make a contribution to this realm, you have to master the ability to move into duality and then move out of it without getting caught in it and move out of it again. Otherwise, you just hang out and you say ďEverythingís perfectĒ. You canít say everythingís perfect. You have to be exactly on the edge where you can make a difference and figure out where that is. It was just like we had a very interesting conversation; it kind of relates to that.


You know, beyond duality means beyond good and bad; it just means neutrality. Good and bad, positive and negative, service-to-self/service-to-others, all happens underneath that umbrella. But, youíre above it. The point is, if you stay above it and you want to hold that space, then you have to withdraw from life; you have to go into a cave. You have to mediate all day. Thereís an art-form to be able to move in and out.


Willow:  I think itís a matter of focus, that you acknowledge and you know that ďOkay the world could end; yep, tomorrow.Ē We could all blow up and go sky-high and be gone. To remain in that reality and fight that negativity just feeds that thought energy.


Wynn:  Exactly. I think sometimes of the Titanic when the ship was going down. I think the people who had it right were the band that was just playing; everyone else was screaming and getting to the lifeboats. They were playing and singing, and they were happy. That would be how it would be if that happens. Iím not saying it is happening, but if it did thatís where Iíd like to be.


Willow:  If we actually believe, really thoroughly, that our thought creates reality, which I do, then I need to recognize that this is true and then alter my thought to ďOkay, thatís out there,Ē but really and truly what I want to do is work with kindness and love, the way you are.


Wynn:  I think youíre doing it.


For any of you guys that want to know, Willow and I went through a huge altercation Ė it was last Wednesday. I thought weíd end up killing each other; we werenít going to kill each other.


Willow:  So to speak; out of each otherís lives.


Wynn:  But, we had this huge energy. Willow, in this situation I remember saying ďDo I want to risk going into that? Or, do I just want to stay in the distance and say ĎAlright, I never want to talk to Willow againíĒ. To me, as an example, I kind of risked going into it and we switched it all around. You risked reaching back. There was this huge mistrust of peopleís intentions and we turned it around. It was miracle that we turned it around; Iím not going to go talking into it because I never even thought weíd turn it around and I donít think you did.


Willow:  No, in fact if it hadnít been for Donna I would have just thought you were a fraud and gone away. Actually, Donnaís anger at me; her rage at me and her interruption into my life which made me so much more upset that I contacted you again, and actually, that was the step up. Donna, as much as I railed against what she was doing and saying, she was the step up for me to contact you.


Wynn:  Okay.


Willow:  Did I say that in a positive way or did I say it in a way that would be harmful?


Wynn:  No; you said it fine. The biggest thing here, if we didnít do that right, Willow, we would have become like the Israelis and the Palestinians, or the Hatfields and the McCoys.  It was set up to go in that direction.


Willow:  Right.  I could have been just all your worst nightmares and you could have wasted a lot of time. You took the risk and I thank you for that, Wynn.


Wynn:  It was an example of where we put something into practice.  And, we did it publicly. You didnít hear all the stuff, but maybe Iíll send our email exchange out and you can hear what happened.


Willow:  I already gave you permission.  I want to thank Donna and I want to acknowledge Donnaís part in there. I think the way Donna was drawn in was very productive. I think she needs to be recognized for that.


Wynn:  Thank you, Donna.


Donna:  Youíre welcome. Willow, let me say this Ė this is what I do.  I cause things to happen.  Iíve been called a key; when I step in your life Iím there for a reason and itís to make you change; either you go down or you go up. Iíve done it all my life. Thatís what I do; thatís what I was made for.  Thatís why the angels are with me all the time; thatís what we do. Thatís what that was all for; Iím glad I could be of service to you.


Willow:  Very good.


Wynn:  Thank you Donna; thank you Willow. Does anyone else have something theyíd like to say? 


Callers:  Many people respond.


Wynn:  Wait a second, weíve got too many people answering; you guys are getting brave now. Do you see that? You were all shy.


Don:  Iím holding off until next week.  It has to do with synchronicity. 


Wynn:  Is that Don?


Don:  Yes. Don in Pembroke Pines. 


Wynn:  Don, since youíre holding off, why donít you come in and say something?


Don:  Just a few things; thereís this negative idea out there. Iím not going to get into politics, but that the negative forces would like the population of the earth reduced to 500,000. Youíve probably come across that figure.


The synchronicity:  I just started studying the Bhagavad-Gita and what you mentioned about not fearing death. As you know, the Bhagavad-Gita is 6,000 years old. I was wondering whether the Elohim or the Ra may have had anything to do with that. This lack of fear of death, this no fear of death, is a prominent feature of the Bhagavad-Gita.


Wynn:  Donald, let me say quickly. I am sure that they had a lot to do with a lot of things throughout history but I want to be the last person to declare that publicly; I donít want to. You realize what Iím doing is Iím telling people who have a religion that are following something, Iím saying Iím talking to the same Source and they said they were talking to a Krishna or Arjuna, or whoever; Iím challenging their religion. Iíve got enough problems!


Don:  Could you ask them if they may have?


Wynn:  No! I would not ask them.


Don:  I see, okay.  I understand now.  I understand now.


Wynn:  I donít even like to ask them myself and put them on the spot to have to say something. I know even today there are people who channel; Iíll tell you one guy. Thereís a guy Steve Rother in Las Vegas and I was on his TV show.  We went outóheís a channel and he channels something called Ďthe groupí. I thought there was a connection between the group and our Sources and we had a conversation and he saw the connection too, like maybe we had the same Source.


Otherwise, it would be violation of how they work to ask them ďAre you talking to Steve Rother?Ē Then, you create competition and fights between people down here. Like: ďHeís saying heís talking to the real Elohim and Iím not.Ē Thatís why itís best to let Öitís best to letÖ


Don:  sleeping dogs sleep.


Wynn:  Sleeping dogs sleep.  Right.  Right.  Iíve got enough problems; Iím controversial enough!


Don:  Wynn, I see your point.  Very well taken. One more thingóvery fastóthereís a book, another synchronicity-type thing. I had this book; I looked up on my shelf and I brought it down. I was going to be in the doctorís office. Itís entitled Frequency by Penney Peirce. Are you familiar with the work?


Wynn:  No.


Don:  If you just think of the movie ďFrequencyĒ thatís one of her favorite movies. Itís very upbeat; she deals with personal frequency and also with the Sources you mentioned. She said, ďYes, these things come from some Sources but Iím not sure from where.Ē


Itís a very interesting book. Thatís about all I have to say; if you want to go on to someone else if thereís still time. Thanks for talking with me.


Wynn:  Thank you for sharing, Don. Don, youíve been paying attention to us for quite some time and Iím just really glad. Am I right?


Don:  Yes.


Wynn:  Youíve been paying attention for a couple years at least I think, right?


Don:  Yes, I have Ė mostly reading all the Messages-a-Day and the transcripts, although I try to listen as much as possible on Sunday.


Wynn:  I have to mention now. Terry kept telling me, ďWhen youíre on George Noory everything starts to crash on the internet around you.Ē  We had been doing really well up until yesterday, when the company I use to send all our downloads and everything out said, ďYou have too much volume and youíre temporarily disabled.Ē I think thatís miserable; why donít they give me warnings and say ďGo find something else.Ē They didnít even say ďWeíll charge you more money.Ē They just disabled it for two weeks.  [It is fixed now.}


Who else wants to say something?


Jen:  I did. My name is Jen; we donít have much time. I did want point out that I guess I went down a rabbit hole on the internet back in August.  Have you seen the interview by David Wilcock and others of Bill Brockbador? Itís on UTube, itís David Wilcock Ė itís interviewing Bill Brockbador, which is the Bill Wood incident going back to January Ė itís on UTube; itís very long. 


Itís quite interesting, because the technology is talking about the military and itís talking about the date youíre talking about in December. Itís talking about two timelines that may intersect. That part; then yesterday I heard Scott Mendelker interviewed; he also worked with Wilcock, although he got into the Ra material. He was praising Carla Rueckertís work and giving it validity.


Wynn:  You know, Terry has been sayingÖTerry are you there?


Terry:  Yes.


Wynn:  Terry, Iíll pass this on; Iíll just introduce it. You can make a comment on it.  We arenít having any channeling, so I donít have to worry about burning out Terry and Daphne.


Terry has been always studying things; both Terry and Daphne are always on the internet looking things up. I used to do that, but now I donít have time to do it. Thereís this incredible thing that Terryís coming up with; we donít have this through a channeling and we havenít asked it. When she comes up with it in her conscious mind Iím afraid to ask it, because Iím not sure if her conscious mind would bias a channeling.


If you guys have noticed, Iím really careful about to not just believe channelings; I have to keep checking them out. It has to resonate even now, even when they say something, to be neutral. I know that like on that Saturday call [Saturday, September 1, 2012], there was a huge amount of wisdom that was coming up. I know it was really helping people.


I can recognize wisdom. Iím smart enough to recognize wisdom because I guess I have some levels of wisdom.  But, when it comes into other things, like galaxies moving into galaxies and two timelines coming together, if somebody said that was happening to me, I would say ďWell, Iíll consider that.Ē I have to work on it a while and see if I can validate it.


Terry had been coming up with it; Terry, are you there?


Terry:  Yes, I am.  Can you hear me?


Wynn:  Yes.  Why donít you share a little bit about what you came up with about that?


Terry:  Okay.


I guess itís NASA, that sends up some of these satellites, theyíve sent a satellite out of the solar system. Itís just about leaving the solar system at this point. Itís been sending back data, so theyíve been correlating the data of that mission they sent out. Then, theyíve been correlating it with some of the other satellite data. Theyíve determined that the solar system is moving at 60 to 90° perpendicular in direction to the direction that the Milky Way is spinning.


So, this brings up all kinds of thoughts, that when you have the solar system and itís cutting magnetic lines of force thatís itís moving through, then you have a sort of an action like a motor.


Another thing that theyíve come up with is that the solar system is moving through one of the arms of the Milky Way Galaxy right now, so itís moving through a more dense environment. But then there was another thing: that the galaxy Sagittarius is moving into and colliding with the Milky Way galaxy and that one of the arms of Sagittarius is just about cutting now and moving through the same arm of the galaxy where earth is, the solar system is. So, thereís the Sagittarius debris field and the arm of the Milky Way Galaxy and earth is in the vicinity of both of those things right now in the solar system.  I donít know what this all means but thatís very interesting information to me and itís scientific.


Wynn:  Thank you.  Does anyone else want to say anything? *6.


Caller:  Hello?


Caller:  I would.


Wynn:  Weíve got two of you.  Letís have the lady say something first.


Yvonne:  Hello.


Wynn:   We hear you.


Yvonne:  Hi Wynn, this is Yvonne from Florida. I just want to say that this show, this conference and the whole thing is very good because, like for me when I first started listening to it, I did feel the energy. I started reading the books and listening to the tapes and the workshop. What happened Saturday, when it came to that 3 [month] timelineóat first, I was sort of like panicky. Then after that, I listened to a tape. I was listening to one of the tapes and I was reading a book.


I think itís so good because a lot of information thatís on the tapes and the books, a lot of people can understand a lot of things. For me, things that I went through that other people would say ďThatís crazy. Thatís weird.Ē I can understand a lot of myself right through the series of the Wanderer. I was reading Edgar Cayce last night; it was like 3:00 in the morning. I was going through it; I had to start reading it from the beginning. It just really opened up my energy; it opened my insight and really gave me a whole different perspective about life and death.


Thereís more insight of, like, myself, things I went through. I went through astral projection. At one time I had an experience of, I guess, maybe having contact with another dimension, the vibration of another dimension. There was like a vibration, but it was just like I was able to see in high-intensity. There are a whole lot of other things. I have experienced so many things throughout my life and just felt so different.


Wynn:  Yvonne, you are different.


Yvonne:  Right.


Wynn:  Do you know whatís most different about you? You have the greatestóis that a New York accent?


Yvonne:  Yes, it is.


Wynn:  Is that a Brooklyn accent?


Yvonne:  Actually I was born in Queens. Iím in Florida right now. I think I sent you an email; Iím the one that Iím here taking care of my mother, because she wasnít well.  I left New York to come take care of her.


Wynn:   Yes.  You discovered us with George Noory, right?


Yvonne:  Right; I discovered you through George Noory. I was a Coast to Coast member. Then, I was just like ďWow!Ē  Then after I came in contact, I asked myself ďWhat drew me to your site?Ē Iím not the kind of person that everything I see on Coast to Coast I say ďLet me go to their web and look at this.Ē It was just something that just really attracted me to it. I had been going through; like I said, I came over here to take care of my mother. I left my job, my family, and my grandkids who Iím so close to.


That was another thing when I heard that timeline. I was just like ďWow!  Iím not going to be there for my family.Ē I had an incident one time where my son at the time was younger.  He had friends coming in and was going through something.  You know, he was going through a spiritual thing.  What happened then, everything just changed overnight and you could feel it.


Wynn:  Yvonne, let me give some other people a chance to talk.


Yvonne:  Okay, Iím sorry.


Wynn:  No, donít be sorry.


Yvonne:  Thereís only one thing more I want to say. I think itís very good because a lot of people could see. I think a lot of people in the world that we live in sometimes donít have understanding of a lot of things they go through. They think theyíre alone in their situation. Having something like this makes people understand that theyíre not alone, and, that theyíre not as different as they think they are. Thank you.  Have a good night everyone.


Wynn:  Thank you for speaking up. I love your accent.


Yvonne:  Thank you.


You know whatís really interesting when Iím talking to you guys? Iím thinking ďI think I know how George Noory feels when people call.Ē


Yvonne:  Like, get off the phone please.


Wynn:  No, no, no.


Yvonne:  Iíll tell youóit was the energy that actually got me on the phone to talk, because basically Iím a really shy person.


Wynn:  Yes. Terryís a shy person; Terry? Are you shy?


Terry:  Iím very shy.


Wynn:  Iíll tell you the very first time; Iíll tell you a story. Terry was channeling. I was taping all these channelings. No one had ever heard her channel unless I played them a tape. I was giving a workshop in Santa Barbara and I think I had about twenty people in the room. Terry was in the room; I looked at her and I said ďTerry, do you think they have something to say to these people here?Ē She looked at me with fear and panic in her eyes. Somehow I managed to call her up and she came. Thereís a picture of it; she was looking at me like she was standing on the edge of a diving board and I had to hold her so she didnít fall. She did this beautiful, beautiful channeling the very, very first time she ever did a public channeling.


Thatís actually up there somewhere on our sites. Nonetheless, thank you. Who else wants to say something?


Keith:  My name is Keith.


Hello, Wynn. Iím calling from Orange County, California, but I do conference you in with a couple of my friends every time you have a conference call. I basically just wanted to encourage everyone who comes to these calls, being that you are obviously on a different level of consciousness. I would just like to encourage everyone to try to invite people to these calls so that we can raise the number.


Wynn:  Somebody sent me a letter today; they said ďWynn, I wanted to introduce you to some people.Ē They wrote this letter, an email, that was probably 600 words. I said ďNobody is going to respond to that.Ē


Iíll give you guys a tip; hereís a tip:  If you want to introduce me to someone, if you want to introduce this work, I shouldnít say Ďmeí. Iím the guy who is just sticking myself out and making people feel comfortable, but Daphne and Terry are equally important to it all.


The best way is to write them an email and tell them ďIíve discovered this guy and Iíve learned a lot; Iíve had some really great changes through watching his material. Heís a little wacky and he keeps talking about these two women that channel that have amazing Sources come through them.  Go look at his video.Ē The video that I put on, the little fifteen minute video, is very good; it makes people curious.


Then, call them back: ďDid you look at his video? Why donít you come to his conference call?Ē Then, conference them into the call. You might say ďIíll call you up before the call; it starts at 6:00, Iíll call you up at 5:00.Ē If you have that feature on your phone, conference them. Because itís very, very hard; then be very detached about how they respond to it. If they donít like it, just say ďThatís fine.  Itís not for everyone.Ē Donít invest yourself in the way you present it in such a way that you have any attachment whether they respond or not. They could still be your good friend. If you have an attachment, you may screw up your friendship.


Thank you so much, in Orange County.  Right?


Keith:  I thank you so much.


Wynn:   Is that Huntington Beach youíre in?


Keith:   Iím actually in Anaheim, right next to Anaheim.


Wynn:  I know Anaheim very well; I did a lot of little things in Anaheim, little shows.


Caller:  Will you be at the Conscious Life Expo in L.A.?


Wynn:  I will; Saturday Ė 5:00 p.m.  I will be there.  Usually, when I come to LA, I try to organize a workshop the following week in Pasadena. So keep tuned; Iíll announce it on my email list as soon as I commit to it. Saturday, 5:00 p.m. I will be there and Terry will be there; so weíll have a great time.  Thank you.


Who else has something to say?


Jay:  This is Jay in New York, Wynn. Hello, thanks to you and Daphne and Terry because you guys are great. I was wondering if youíre going to leave the line open after the show tonight.


Wynn:  You are one of the people that likes staying on the line, right?


Jay:  Yes; Keith was actually there the other night. He was really cool, too.  The thing is, I ended up having a lot of stories to tell other people about, just with the conversation afterward.


Wynn:  Can I make a suggestion?


Jay:  Okay.


Wynn:  Hereís what happens; this is what Iíve watched happening; we create a lot of open energy on this line. People are opening their hearts; theyíre opening their hearts to each other, to me, to the Elohim and, theyíre very vulnerable. When everyone then goes to an open line afterwards, thereís no control of who says what.


The thing that happened with Willow is that somebody started channeling on the line afterwards. They said they were channeling Ra and then they said they were doing healings. They might have been doing that, because I didnít take the time, nor did I want to take the time, to find out.


Iíve already had the experience so many times in this group, that somebody starts channeling something negative and they want to take over the group; they want to screw it up. I donít want to talk about that in great detail. There was no doubt in my mind thatís happening.


Now listen, Jay; hereís what I want to suggest. What Iíd like is you and Keith, who have a connection, to talk to each other and say, youíre going to moderate that line so thereís some control and that we have some guidelines about whatís permissible.


Willow:  No, no, no; I heard Keith call me a loud-mouthed, old woman. That was more hurtful than anything else, was hearing the way that all of them that I had been such friends with, after Donna came in and attacked me, all of them were attacking me. That was really [difficult].


Caller:    Weíre sorry.  Weíre sorry.


Keith: I promise that I never called you a loud-mouthed old woman; I have way too much respect for people.


Willow: Did you hear somebody say that, Keith? I thought it was your voice.


Caller:  That wonít happen again.


Willow:  That hurt my heart to have people that I just thought I was friends with talking about me like that behind my back. Thatís not love!




Callers:  [Talking at once]


Wynn:  Wait. Wait. Wait.  Wait a second; Iím going to go on a power trip right now. Just a second, Iím going to come right back. What Iím going to say is, I love the idea of people coming together and networking, because they came together through the energy of this line. Let me say: whatever happened in the past isóall we talk about is; this is the time to reboot and forgive.


Willow did things that I could have been really mad about; which at first I said ďWhat am I going to do about this?Ē I actually started searching the internet, looking at Willowís picture, looking at some of the things she did. I said ďThis is a really nice lady, and yet she attacked me.Ē I said ďUnderneath sheís a nice ladyĒ and I gave her the benefit of the doubt and talked to her. We switched the whole thing around.


I would like to say to all of you, if thereís any hostility or any resentment from anything that happened on that line to whatever anyone said, letís reboot and start over. Part of being spiritual is being able to see the best in people and forgive them for their worst. We all have our best and our worst.  Every time youíre in an interaction, if you start to go into lower-level stuff, like judgments, then catch yourself and come out of it again.


When you go into lower-level stuff and you do it right, you can actually use it, like I think Willow and I are going to know each other in a way that we never would have known each other if we didnít go through that confrontation. If you go through a confrontation, if you go through something, and you can consciously move through it you can then change everybody.


I think that Donna, Willow, Keith, all those people that went through thatÖon one hand, I think that you heard Willow and I talking. You were coming to my defense, which I appreciated, you were coming to my defense. We were all just still working it out. Willow, whether she was right or wrong in that moment, it was working out. Whatís happened is, itís surfaced this huge amount of stuff and we are on the other side of it. So, it was all good even though at the moment it seemed horrible.


My suggestion is, thereís the makings of a Team Shift group here, coming together. Itís kind of organic, calling in the Light. You know what Team Shift is. I could leave a line open, but the thing is, if I leave the line open today and something goes wrong, Iíll probably just dump ever doing it again.


My thought was, if I was going to leave lines open, there should be some kind of moderation; some kind of faint little bit of overlooking it to make sure that Ö


Iíve watched this happen Iím sure you all noted this: There are people who really need energy and they come on a line and they just start talking; they talk all the energy for themselves. They ruin it for other people. When somebody tries to stop them, it goes really big-time negative. I donít want that to happen; everyone is on a process of enfoldment. I donít want anyone to turn away from the work weíre doing because they have some kind of conflagration on the line after the call.


Those are my thoughts about it.  Now, who wants to say something about what I just said?  Willow, do you want to say anything?


Willow:  Okay.  I asked a question of that woman that said she was Ra; she was channeling Ra; I asked a question of her.


Wynn:  Willow, I donít want to talk about that situation. If you donít mind Iíd like to talk aboutÖ


Willow:  Okay.  I wasnít going to talk about the confrontation; I was talking about my question. Itís like a big-deal question with me, and I didnít want to ask it of Terry or Daphne because I want to believe in Terry and Daphne and I think my question would require very special, special answer. I was afraid if I asked it of Terry or Daphne and their answer didnít feel trustworthy to me that it would have that negative wedge with you and whatís going on.  So I really asked it of this other person who meant nothing to me, because I just wanted to hear what the answer was.


Caller:  Hello? 


Wynn:  Yes?


Caller:  Iíd like to think that your invocation is powerful enough and it protects the full call. So thank you for that great invocation.


Wynn:  The invocation is not perfect because it all works on intent. If you establish a strong enough energy amongst people on the positive, usually if someone comes in who wants to steal the energy they wonít be able to get through that. Itís when people first meet that no one knows whatís going on that somebody will steal the energy.


Keith:  Can I say one thing? 


Wynn:  Yes, who is that?


Keith:  Itís Keith.


Wynn:  Yes, Keith.


Keith:  I kind of wanted to say this: ďThe reason why I joined this call is because Iíve been searching for a group like this being that we are on the precipice of something major happening. Iíve been feeling it for the past several years. Iíve been knowing with a select group of my friends who consider ourselves to be mystics, that something is going to happen. It is hard to find a group that converges like you are able to bring together. So I would never do anything to taint what I feel to be one of the most enlightened groups of people to get together.


So to Willow: Me, Iíd like to love everyone. I say ďLove thy neighbor as I love thyself.Ē Thatís pretty much how I live my life.


When I saw the confrontation between you two, I thought it was a good thing because the people that were there got to see how you would react, Wynn. The way that you handled it was just beautiful  because I got to see that you were who you really said you were. Thereís no ego came out in that. I really appreciated being a part of that.


Afterwards when you stuck around on the call discussing other things and Jay was very helpful to me just from the way he looks at things I said to myself, ďThe conference calls are very helpful, but the fact that I can sit there and speak to other people that pretty much are on the same, letís say Ďlevelí, not to say Iím better than anyone else; I can get a lot more out of this as well.


Thatís the last thing Iíll say.


Willow:  Maybe we could have a code-word is something is starting to happen and one or more of us feel that there is an energy coming in that is not productive or loving, maybe we can just individually say a code-word.


Wynn:  Iíll make a suggestion.  Why donít we take a person Ė does everyone feel Jay is a fairly neutral guy? Does everyone feel heís okay?


Keith:  I do.


Wynn:  Okay. Willow?


Why donít we try this as an experiment?  Weíre not locked into it.  Let Jay kind of be like the moderator, helping hold the energy together.


Jay:  Gladly!


Willow:  Will he have a mute, then, that he can actually have some power?


Jay:  No, I donít need to be powerful.  I think weíll do alright.


Wynn:  Heís got a good voice.


Willow:  Heís got a powerful voice; Jay is a good choice.


Wynn:  Let Jay just kind of like, if anyone goes out of line, let him be the mediator; let him say ďI think thatís out of place.Ē See how that works; then give me a report back? How does that sound?


Willow:  Can we have Jay and Steve? I would approve that now.


Wynn:  Okay. This is not the ideal; the key to this is people who are on spiritual paths hate authority, including me. Iím the first guy that hates authority. The point is, if you donít have the slightest bit of authority in a thing like that, through somebody you can trust, it often goes down into the path of the lowest person on the line and theyíll try to take the energy over. Thereís no one that has any authority to say ďI donít think thatís appropriate.Ē


Try it with Jay; next week it could be Willow. You could transfer the authority; that way Iíd feel more comfortable. Honor my thing that itís not a place for people to channel, okay?  


Caller:  Okay.


Wynn:  If somebody wants to channel, have them invite you to their own thing, give them the number and then go somewhere else. But, not on my line, okay?


Caller:  Okay.


Wynn:  Okay. Fair enough. Thank you. Next.


Pamela:  Wynn, may I say something as a new person?


Wynn:  Yes.


Pamela:  Wynn, this is Pamela from Texas.  I was fortunate enough, I believe, to be in a room with Keith. I had arrived a little late in the call, but I had listened to many of the archives. I can tell you that my first experience with you brought tears to my eyes and a very joyful feeling in my entire body. I greatly appreciate yíall.


When I found that, even though I had arrived on the call late, we were able to be in these little rooms it was just fascinating because I was so ecstatic.  There was a way to communicate afterwards about our experiences and how we felt. I, for one, really appreciated it. I did want to tell you that.


Also, a real neat experience that I have had is recently my family just went haywire and I found myself full of hatred, just wanting to blast away at everyone. I got onto the archives and went through one of the Sunday sessions and it took the anger away from me. I just think that when we get angry on the phone and talk, it helps. Iím just grateful; thank you. I think sometimes that when we feel that anger if weíll just go back inside and recapture what youíre directing; thatís what itís all about.


Wynn:  Thank you so much. Itís like everything we do is major, even going into a little conference room and getting along. If Jay and Keith go there and they make that work then they can come back and teach me how that works. Iím going to say ďI donít want to cut that off.Ē That can be responsible for me saying ďIíll keep the lines open every Sunday.Ē I want to; I want people to connect with each other.


If you notice when Iím on these calls, I have toóyou guys donít realize this, but Iíll just tell youósometime Iíll do a whole hour and tell you, explain this; the negative chases what Iím doing. This is like a venue that the negative would grab and destroy if it could. The negative doesnít come only in the form of the New World Order or from anything else. It comes in people who donít even know theyíre negative; they grab the energy and take it for themselves, then just hurt other people. If you guys understand that, youíve seen me be tough with people sometimes, I have to not worry what people think about me. I have to stay true to the moment.


Jay and Keith, if youíre going to do that, learn how to do that, and then Iíll trust that you can do that. That can be the beginning of bunches of people meeting each other. You are like plowing new territory.


So Iíll just leave these lines open.  Iíll tell you what Iím going to do. Weíre still on BBS, by the way.  This is not a private.


Sherry:  Wynn, Iíd like to share something really quick with you. This is Sherry from Michigan. I just wanted to give you some gratitude for the call on Saturday. You asked the question that I had posed about the animals.  Terry had given the answers and I just was blown away.  I just have to tell you I was just blown away.


Wynn:  Are you the person with the dogs?


Sherry:  Yes.


Wynn:  The thirty dogs, right?


Sherry:  Yes; I absolutely was blown away. When Terry came back and had to confirm or clarify the answer because they said that they could tell I was really upset about it, I was in tears at that point in time. It was an unbelievable experience.


When you had done the visualization-meditation right before that question was posed, I was following that meditation very calmly and respectfully and I started feeling a tingling in my head. I felt at that time that I thought, it came to my head that my question was going to be next. I put that thought out of my mind because I thought ďNo, thatís a selfish thought.  My question couldnít come up because there are a hundred people on this line. Why would my question come up?Ē The next thing that happened was you asked my question.


The whole experience was just amazing.


Wynn:  Well, thank you for sharing.


What weíre going to do is Iím going to close the recording here; thank you all who are listening on the recording. You can hear how we are as humans, not just being celestial emissaries. Weíll see you Wednesday when we answer questions.


We stopped the recording; BBS are you still on the line? Are we still live?  Terry, are you still there?


Doug:  Yes, youíre still live.


Wynn:  We can close down our BBS thing, Doug. Thank you for letting us keep running.


Doug:  Alright. 


Gijs:  Probably Wynn, those who want to talk, probably go to a private room because we have left the lines open; it might create noise.


Wynn:  Yes. Those of you who want to talkóJay and Keith and Willow, send me an email about how this goes. If it goes well, itís the beginning of how to do this. Realize this is how the universe changes.


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