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Would our Sources Give an Explanation of Their Energies Scientifically?


Wednesday – 9.5.2012
Host: Wynn Free
Audio Link - Channeled by Terry Brown and Daphne Karandanis

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien

Edited by Terry Brown and Valerie Hawes
Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee


GIJS:  Welcome everybody.  We’re about ready to go live on BBS Radio.  We had someone from the audience who is donating the costs for this being broadcast on BBS radio.  The Wednesday call and also the Sunday call.


Wynn:  Welcome everybody! This is September 5th, 2012.  My name is Wynn Free. We’re putting new energies together tonight. Every time there’s something new, it’s a matter of getting the energies to flow into that new situation.  If you’re on BBS, thank you for listening. Thank you all for being here.


Terry, are you there?


Terry:  I’m here.


Wynn:  Are you ready?


Terry:  Yes; as ready as I’ll ever be.


Wynn:  As ready as you’ll never be, right?


Terry:  Right. It’s not me doing it, so it’s like getting ready to get out of the way.


Wynn:  Right. Okay, I’m going to call in the Light:


Father-Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light, to surround and protect each person here and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through the energy fields of planet earth, through our bodies and into the center of the earth. Right now, we invoke a group energy connection, while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. We invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring the Law of One, to join with us. We create a protected space that only the positive has access to, and anything not of that nature must leave now.


Do we have our Sources present?


Ra’An: We greet you in the Love Light of the one infinite Creator. We are joyful to connect and to be available to each and every one of you who is within the sound of the voice, whether it is on a replay or whether it is on the BBS call, or whether it is on the conference line. We are thankful to be here and with you and with each and every one of you who wishes us to be with you.


We ask if you have questions.


Wynn:  Yes. First question is: If someone has died and they’re already dead, is there some assistance in placing them in the Light? My brother Mark was murdered in Houston in 1991 and I had contact with him in dream state for about three or four years after his death. I’ve also recognized the odor of his brand of cigarettes when I have been alone in the car on many occasions over the years.


Will putting him in the Love-Light assist him, or is that something we use to help those only in the physical?


That’s from Melissa in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


Ra’An: Thank you for your question.


You have been getting visitations from him and he comes to visit you. He receives solace from being in your presence or near you. It helps that you can send Love-Light to him. It is just not a physical thing; it is also between [realms]…


When one is so connected by the bond of love with another, it is that love that brings the two back together. It is not just in the physical that the love starts between soul-to-soul; it is in the other realms, not only the physical, but it occurs in all of the realms.


It is this love that eventually brings people back together, or even animals back together. So the answer to your question is: It definitely helps to be able to send Love-Light to the individual, wherever the individual is.


One of the things that happens in the third density is the people have the individual so connected-up with the vision of their body, that they do not realize that the person, the awareness, is there with or without the body.


Often, when one goes to visit somebody in a hospital, they think that the other person is unconscious and is not hearing them. They think the other person has left when the other person has died. But, the connection is still there and very often when the person stays around a little bit, the person that has died, they can hear the other individuals talking in the physical realm. Very often, individuals who have died do not know that they have died.


Sometimes it’s very disconcerting not knowing that they have died and they’re hearing the conversation. They’re trying to answer and they can’t answer [because they aren’t being heard]. So if one has any telepathic ability and when a loved one has gone to the other side, there can be a very great opening to continue to communicate with that person. Even if that person has gone to the higher realm, placing the Love-Light around them can be very supportive of them.


That is our answer.


Wynn:  Thank you.


We have a question from Jennifer in Bristol, Vermont. She’s in planetary healing and she says “with her training wheels.” She’s getting very significant signs in her dreams. For years and years she’s been dreaming, every once in a while, while needing to rescue baby animals in some sort of peril. 


Over the last few days, every dream now is about baby animals in peril. It seems that spirit is sending me a message and what I’m putting together from where my attention is being drawn, is that we may be on the brink of something; perhaps war with Iran. Many innocent lives may soon be lost.


Is my dream prophetic?  Is it intuition, or is it something else?


Ra’An:  Dreams have three, or even four, sources. One is spirit message; one is inner workings; one is premonition and one is visitation from the other side. One of the things, if it is premonition, waiting and seeing can be the solution to that.


When one has a premonition dream, it is often more lucid wherein there may be color in it and it may be very vibrant. When you wake up, it stays with you.


Can you let us know where this person lives?


Wynn:  Yes. She lives in Bristol, Vermont.


Ra’An:  Thank you. Give us a moment.


We suggest having a dream journal, so that when you wake you can write down the details: the date and the time and the details between the waking and the sleep state. When you first wake up, write down what you remember, because you may be able to pick up even more if you are in that state.


Give us a moment.


In the consensus reality at this time, there is a lot of concern about whether there are going to be earth changes on the 21st of December, 2012. The concerns in the consensus reality do spread to all of the people who are in any way sensitive. They may be, you may be, picking up concerns out of the consensus reality. Whether this will actually move into earth changes right at this time is another whole question.


Each section, each place on earth, is a different setting, a different set of forces. So, as we move into that, there may be some areas would experience things and other areas wouldn’t. We do not see a major calamity at that time.


Wynn:  Thank you.


This is from Roger Mack. His question has to do with comprehending the term ‘vibration’ which is often used to describe the quality of a being or a group.


The Ra and Elohim are said to be of higher vibration, while we in third density are lower. The same context is used in the Ra and many channeled materials.  However, the term vibration is very physical; by definition it involves time as in frequency.


So, in Ra’An’s terms, what exactly is vibrating?  Is it the electromagnetic field, the etheric field, the quantum string or something else? If so, can this vibration be expressed in numerical value, such as in Hertz for 3D, Ra, Elohim and lower entities?


Another question I’ll add to that is: When we can feel the energy coming into this realm as often happens on these calls, when we feel that energy, is that something that can be measured in frequency? Can you share something about the nature of the energy that comes in that many people can feel on this line? Thank you.


Ra’An:  Thank you.


The energies which we describe in terms of frequency and in terms of being very, very high, are similar to the range. So, if there was a range it goes into the sound of my voice or hearing certain frequencies. As we speak through Terry, these frequencies go higher and lower and higher and lower. As we go really, really high it’s a similar frequency, a similar vibration to the sound of the voice; you move into a higher range of colors and you move into the ultraviolet. Then, you move beyond where the normal person can sense the frequencies in terms of any of the senses in a human being.


We move, then, higher, so that what is vibrating is the auric field of the individual, extending up from the crown chakra. It is a very small movement. By comparison, the sound of the voice is a very large movement of the air. But, when we get up to the higher vibration, there is, part of this is the sense of a very light pink color, which is a movement, back and forth of vibration that is moving at a very fast rate. As you move up past that, the rate is even higher, so that the molecules move. It’s a very slight disturbance in the field, as the input information comes into manifestation and then stops, comes into manifestation and stops.  It is creation in progress.


As we then manifest at this very high rate of frequency of repeating information, packets of information, being brought into your field, then as you grow and expand and move up in your awareness, you can begin to become aware of this very high sense, this very high, slight vibration that is very fast. It is this way that we impart communication and connecting with your realm.


Could you read the other part of the question?


Wynn:  Yes. The other part of the question is:


What is vibrating in these frequencies? Is it the etheric field, the electromagnetic field, the quantum string, or something else?


Ra’An:  We see that the whole is vibrating. The quantum string is the closest to us. The etheric field is vibrating in four main concepts:  manifestation, the physical actually is also vibrating, although it is beyond the range that the person can generally sense but through attending these calls, they can become more familiar with how to sense the higher vibrations.


When one leaves the higher realms and moves into the earth plane and is surrounded by the gross vibrations, the gross manifestations in the third density, then, they focus on that. Then, they do not connect so easily in all cases with the higher movements. However, the higher movements are still there. It is just a matter that the person has not focused upon them.


Wynn:  Thank you.


This is an interesting question from Matt Sevino. His question has to do with this dimension:


It’s our understanding that originally when this realm was created, the Elohim could come in and visit or blend or connect with a being in this realm, or maybe not even a being, just to be here as energy. They could go back and forth between their realm and our realm. Maybe we could have some clarification about that particular concept, before I ask the rest of the question.


Ra’An:  Thank you.


When one goes back, comes into the third density realm, and then they go back into the higher realm, when an individual has their first venture into the third density, this is easier to do than after they have had many trips into the third density. When they move into the third density, they tend to pick up vibrations; they tend to pick up concepts; they tend to pick up patterns. They tend to pick up other energies of other beings that then make a web of connection, which then binds them more and more into the third density. It becomes harder and harder for them to move back and forth, because they’re carrying all this baggage with them.


That is our answer.


Wynn:  Matt’s particular question is:


If an Elohim soul should move into this density and share space with a being and that being should have intercourse, is that something that particularly traps the soul in this realm? There was something like that was said I believe in the Ra material or Edgar Cayce as I recall. They didn’t use the word Elohim; they said the word ‘the Logos.’


Could you explain that process?


Ra’An:  Yes. We do not like to think that there is a uniform thing that happens in all cases. We would rather, as we look at it, see that it depends upon the individual, how many times the individual has moved into the realm, how much baggage the individual has taken on and, whether the individual is going to be ethical or unethical.


If they are unethical in certain circumstances concerning sex, then they can pick up heavier-duty hang-ups in the area that then make it harder for them to be a pure soul. As one, when they are in the higher dimensions, the higher densities, before they come into the third density, they tend to be very pure and very loving and very aware.


Does this shed some light on it?


Wynn:  Yes. When a soul comes into this realm and gets trapped here is there sadness on the part of the celestial Elohim when that occurs?


Ra’An:  We do have sadness and yearning and longing for the connection.  We do see that individuals tend to forget about the higher realms and their home and begin to think that they are alone. We see that it is their own making, their own shut-down, their own cut-off, that then encapsulates them in their aloneness.


We yearn for them; our energy hearts ache for them that they can recover their give-and-take and they can recover their memory of how beautiful it is to connect and to love and to be loved and to let go of their alone encapsulation.


Wynn:  Thank you. I have a question from Cameron in Memphis, Tennessee. We asked the question to the Elohim about worship. That question is answered in the Creator God Book, where it was said the Elohim really didn’t like worship, that worship created a separation that the essence of the answer was that the Elohim was really a higher aspect of us and we’re a lower aspect of them but in the Law of One we’re all the same energy; worship creates separation.


Cameron is asking about The One Infinite Creator. There’s a concept that goes into people’s minds—this is me making me a comment—maybe The One Infinite Creator is greater than the Elohim. Maybe the one infinite Creator likes being worshipped.


Cameron’s question is:  Does the one infinite Creator also find it irksome to be worshipped as well?


Ra’An:  The One Infinite Creator is a part and parcel of everything. It is our view that The One Infinite Creator has the ability to love and to create and to destroy and that The One Infinite Creator is infinite love in the manifestations and in the connection with the All That Is in manifestation and loves dearly all of its creatures.


The One Infinite Creator is a part and parcel of the essence of everything and is loving for all of its creatures. We feel in that is the answer: that it has no separation between all of its parts and so it cannot like to be worshipped, because worship means that there is a separation between the worshipper and worshipped. There is no separation between The One Infinite Creator and all of its parts.


Does that answer the question?


Wynn:  I think it does. How the idea of worship come about, which is so prevalent in all religions?


Ra’An:  One of the ways it came about was that, in say, the Jewish religion, times were very hard. It was very hard to make a life, to have the crops grow bountifully every year. Things were very hard. One would interiorize into the planting season and would feel separated from the rain and would then begin to ask that rain come, then put themselves on the line, asking that they could have a better life, an easier life and that things could come easier. If they would do this or that, or sacrifice, or do something else, maybe things would come easier.


When one is in the third density there is a duality; there is the necessity to make a living. There are the elements, which seem sometimes difficult and hard to overcome. So the individuals place themselves in a lower category than some of the elements or some of the things they saw as the power to make things go right, to make the rain come. They would not know what to do. They began to feel that they were not as competent as say, the forces that could come and bring rain, that they had to be dependent.


By having to be dependent, they began to consider that there was something greater that they were dependent upon. They began to make supplication to them, to make worship as if they were not as worthy or as good.


They felt that maybe, if they did something wrong, then this would bring disaster upon their community, because they saw within their own life if someone in the community was derelict that it made it very hard for everyone because it was so hard to survive in some of the circumstances people found themselves in.


Does that shed some light on it?


Wynn:  Yes, it does. Thank you so much. Next question:


Oh, let me ask one more question about that particular question:

Was there a particular agenda of the negative to create worship as a way of causing people to disempower themselves?


Ra’An:  Give us a moment.


There was an agenda of the negative at various times to disempower people, to make their lives more difficult and to attempt to enslave them, to bring more goods and more survival to some of the negative—negative priests, at various times, negative groups—that would follow the idea of one of the leaders of their group and feel that was the necessary protocol, that the warlords would run over the country and take the farms in a search for power and strength.


So, there was the pre-disposition of certain negative individuals. Sometimes they had a goal that they felt was important that they take over another country so their country could have enough to eat, or for other reasons.


Wynn:  Thank you.


Richard Renauldeau asks:


How do, and at what level, do gurus do their work?


Of course, when you use the word ‘guru’ you probably have as many different kinds of gurus as different kinds of people, from service-to-self to service-to-others. I think I might add to that question: How would you distinguish the polarity of a guru? If a guru is of positive polarity, how would that guru help someone who was their disciple?


Ra’An:  Some gurus have a real connection with the higher realms and are able to bring in wisdom that others can follow. Even in the Christian and other religions, the ministers and the rabbis can bring in wisdom and make a social group to help bring strength and support to their members and to make their lives easier.


There are different levels of gurus and helpers and light workers. We see that some masters have mastered certain areas that are very important and bring through much information and wisdom to their followers. The individuals can read their books and can find things that resonate with their own sense of what is right and resonate with their own orientation and ethics in getting along with others and in how to connect and about life after death. There are different types of gurus, so that a guru that has one foot in the higher realms can help more with stabilization with the individuals from a greater standpoint than just the physical realm.


Wynn:  Thank you.


A question on everyone’s mind—many people’s minds—is how do they make their connection with the higher realms, once they’ve come to the conclusion that it’s possible? Many people on this call are coming to that conclusion and some are feeling the connection and feeling the energy.


How does one, when they come to the conclusion that it’s possible? We’ve asked this question before. I don’t think I could ask it enough, because so many people who are listening want to make that connection. What would you advise?


Ra’An:  We have said to come into the calls, particularly on the Sunday call, when Wynn does his connecting with the higher sources, to come in and go through the procedure with Wynn and the process.


See if you can see the pink color; see if you can feel the love. See if you can feel the very high vibration and read the channelings; read the transcripts that are available on Connect with group, to get on Team Shift and actually get into the experience of it; ask silently, if you have someone that you wish to have healed or yourself, ask silently for assistance and help and connection.


That is our answer.


Wynn:  Thank you. Last question—I think we have time. We have about two or three minutes. This is from Chris in Anchorage:


It’s been explained previously that there is something called a 4D earth; a 4D earth that exists now and that there’s going to be humans that graduate and move to this 4D earth. Most of them will do this by having a natural death and having an astral ascension. A very small percentage will go through what’s called a physical ascension, where their actual bodies move from here to there.


Chris is asking: Is there a body? She asked this before and she didn’t think we answered it sufficiently. Do we see our loved ones that have passed on before us or with us? Do we have friends? Is there an all-inclusive love?  What do we do in the fourth density? And, is there a purpose?


We may not have time to answer all of those, but see if you can touch on that.


Ra’An:  Thank you.


When one moves out of the physical in 3rd density and moves into the 4th density, there are connections with loved ones and they have physical bodies, which are not the same as the third density bodies, but they are made of a higher finer vibration, like the astral body. When one is experiencing that type of a 4D body, then they can have all of the things that they have in the 3D, but the time moves faster.


In the heavenly realm, where individuals have the higher vibration body, which is a rev-up of even the astral in the third density, they even can shine like diamonds. They can have clothes and they can have beautiful clothes with beautiful colors. The loved ones also can meet there and they can be together again. It is the love that brings you together, the need for the other, that when one has a need and a love, then they can use it as a honing device and can find each other and be with each other again.


Could you read some of the other parts of that question?


Wynn:  Yes. How do our bodies feel?


Ra’An:  The bodies do not feel as heavy and they move more easily, more gracefully. There is not as much time between the thought and the ability to act, so things are more harmonious in that dimension. There are other things we could get into, but that is sort of deviating away from the question.


Are there other parts to that question?


Wynn:  You know what? It’s 6:58 and I think we have to sign off. I’d like to thank you for being here; I’d like to thank our Sources for being here. I’d like to thank BBS for putting us on tonight. We will end this call. We’ll see you all Sunday on our grid healing; thank you very much.





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