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The Training Wheels Are Coming Off



Personal and Planetary Healing Session 9.9.12


Host: Wynn Free

Channel: Daphne Karandanis

Edited by Terry Brown and Valerie Hawes

Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee



Council of Ahn:  We greet you in the Love Light of the One Infinite Creator. We attune and calibrate our frequencies now and we assess the various design structures and various orchestrations by which we can best serve this particular group, which is ever-expanding and moving to different frequency centers and different nodules of attenuation on the face of the planet.


Our planetary structure, Gaia, as you would know it, from our perspective and correlating to your 3D perspective, is indeed in the throws of a birthing labor similar to that which a mother undergoes when she is giving life to another being, to her child. There is, from our perspective, a preparation, a preparation at hand and there are pains. There are labor pains and these pains are intensifying. The contractions are coming at ever greater frequencies of tension and ever greater—one moment, please.


To continue, the birthing pains are coming at ever-increasing frequencies of intensification and with this intensification, the consciousness is literally being squeezed. It is being squeezed from the containment “vessel” of 3D and expanded on the other side of this birthing canal into something much greater, into something which is beyond 4-D.  


We don’t know if we have addressed this to this particular group in so many words, but the 4th D, the 4D which we have referred to as the bridge, as the place of balance, as the heart center, as the heart chakra, as part of a dimensional construct, the 4D is actually, from our perspective, time. Time is the 4th dimension.  And as we are moving in this “time construct” of the now, into an ever-increasing possibility via your technology of the internet, of having almost everything available, almost everywhere to almost every one, this creates in your expression of time, a kind of transcendence of time and a kind of transcendence of space and as a critical number of people on the planet experience this phenomenon within their individual consciousness, it creates a collective wave,  and the collective wave is now reaching a proportion of critical mass.


It is reaching a critical threshold. It is indeed reaching a proportion which can precipitate into physicality. It can translate itself from the etheric into the physical and the result of this translation is that the boundaries of linearity of all space and time will no longer apply when one is living in the heart. For when one lives in the heart, the boundaries of limitation and of dualistic nature fall away. 


The laws of your 3D physics are actually altered when one is no longer trapped in the dualistic perception of time and space, when one is no longer trapped in the dualistic perception of self and other, when one is no longer trapped in here and there. You are at the epicenter. You are the epicenter. You are part of God. You are part of Source. 


When you see yourself as part of Source and you see everyone else as part of Source, there is no reason to cling. There is no reason to grab. There is no reason to fear. You are an infinitesimal expression of the All That Is.


You and everyone else on the planet and everything else in the Universe, is part of a divine, provocative ever-expanding, ever creative, cosmic consciousness which is ever-spiraling upward through a multiplicity of dimensional reverberations and orchestrations and over-tonal lines—ecstatic, brilliant showers from our perspective! 


You are learning to go beyond, beyond the here, beyond the now, learning to expand your consciousness to include not just your physical body, not just your home, not just your town, not just patriotic feelings about your country, but to include everyone in the entire world, and every thing in the entire world: the plants, the animals, the minerals—especially the natural world, for the natural world contains an organic, beautiful, rarified, pristine ordering of things, which is indeed your teacher. It is the template of the Divine architecture from which you have emanated. 


When you were at one with nature, when you are at one with yourself, when you were at one with your celestial origin of All That Is, there is no reason for selfishness. There is no reason for lack of compassion. There is no reason for uncaring, for you see that these things are implicit in a natural ordering of All That Is.


You are learning to understand that your technological achievements now are but an outpouring. They are a precipitation of what is intrinsic to your biology. It is not separate from your biology and many of you will soon learn that the technologies that you experience now are but training wheels—training wheels. Look at the analogy.


The training wheel still pre-supposes that the child riding the bicycle has not mastered balance and yet, when the child does master balance, guess what! The training wheels are removed and the child goes forward through balance, through a balancing in the moment—in the moment—of things that would be seemingly impossible were the child not moving, and that is the key.


There has been mention in this group about the analogy of connecting with the celestial Sources, especially the Elohim, but this is true with the Ra group as well, of riding a bicycle. Connection must be through intention and emotion. Emotion is motion through time.


It is also passion, emotion meaning passion. It is with the intention and the focus and heart, an open heart, of emotion and passion, movement occurs and it is through movement through life, through love, through creativity of the individual and a willingness to connect with the intricacy and beauty of All That Is. 


This is how evolution happens and this is the hallmark of true love. If one looks at the first four letters of the word evolution, E V O L, it is love spelled backwards. There is no accident in your syntax. There is no accident in the way your words form. These thought patterns, these packages of sentient precipitation into word form encapsulations, these are showing you an aspect of how you have been bringing your magical expedition of the love light vibrational frequency into physical form and have made cups for it.  When I say cups, I mean holding containers, holding essences, for it.


You yourself are a holding essence for Love Light vibration in 3D. You are learning to perfect your cup. As you learn to perfect your cup so that there is no leakage, when you learn to perfect your cup so that you can give your cup fully and perfectly to another and know that you are not the cup, but you are the Divine essence contained within the cup and that you have created the cup only to be able to contain the Divine essence in this structured densiality (and we make up the word ourselves),  you have orchestrated a Divine dance, a Divine dance which you yourself are the makers of, the orchestrators of, the builders of. You are playing now with the game of Divine and celestial archi-tectonics.  


To go back to our original point, we are moving to a place of jumping off. Once the heart center is stabilized, once it is open, the laws of 3D, the laws of duality, the laws of limitation, the laws of negativity, cause and effect, cease to have any effect on that which does not judge itself in opposition to anything else. This is the path to freedom. This is the path to knowledge. This is the path to wisdom. You are indeed sojourners on a path to most beauteous wisdom and knowledge.


When you free yourself from the constraints of linearity, when you know that you are indeed part of All That Is, nothing can hold you back from accepting that you are indeed a child of God and you are one with God, for God has created you and you are exploring the creation of the Divine All That Is in the now moment present time, which is sacred time.


This is the Chiron. You are graduating from the Chiroth into the Chiron, from the chronos into the Chiron, chronos meaning chronology, linear time, constructed time of the old and into the sacred time, the Divine time, the now time, the magical time. You are magical beings. Nothing can stop you when you awaken to your Divine divinity, the seat of Godhood, which is within you. It is your Divine birthright.


We are pleased we have been allowed to share this space, this sacred time-space with you and we ask each one of you to spend the time honoring the sacred which you are.


Knowing this at the very heart of your selves, you have nothing to fear. You are part of the Divine plan and the Divine plan is very quickly, within the next few months, coming to a very brilliant execution, the realization for very, very many that they will organize the dreams, organize them in the now moment, of a perfect precipitation into what we would call the shift or the singularity, wherein the old laws of time and space are no longer holding water. The old laws of separation are no longer valid because enough of you have moved your consciousness over the threshold to create the golden chalice, the golden chalice of the most magnificent Love Light and the most beauteous architecture of the Christed consciousness on the planet. 


You all hold Christed keys. You are all plugging into them in your own particular locale, your own particular way station, your own particular talents, your own particular groups of people that you know. Be with this knowledge. Feel this knowledge. Feel the precipitation and the roots, the absolute roots of truth-of-self. You are beholding to no one except God. God is your true, Divine consulate. We bless you.  









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