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What is Free Will?


Monday – 09/10/2012
Host: Wynn Free
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Transcribed by Connie O'Brien
Channeled by Terry Brown and Daphne Karandanis
Edited by Terry Brown and Valerie Hawes

Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee


Wynn:  This is Monday, September 10th, 2012. My name is Wynn Free, with Terry Brown. We have a whole series of conference calls; they’re now all broadcast live on the internet. 


This is not probably your normal, entertaining kind of experience. We are working with group consciousness, group energies. Especially those of you who are attending our Sunday calls kind of know what I mean by that. If I was putting it in words, we are making connections with each other; we are feeling each other’s energies and even though you seem to be anonymous, many of you  feel anonymous, like “I’m just out here in an audience somewhere.” On some level, you’re not really anonymous. Of course, we can’t prove that. This is something that you have to discover for yourself.


We do these calls and we’re communicating with what identifies itself as two group souls that are in another dimension, who are also attending our calls. They’re attending it two ways: One is, they talk to us through both Terry and Daphne. You’ve read the book about it, many of you; you’ve heard my stories and you’ve heard their live appearances on these calls. 


They’re also attending in a different way; that is: their nature, at least as I’ve come to understand it, is that they have the ability to tune into each one of us individually. They have the ability to be with you energetically.  They have the ability to read your thoughts if you allow it. They don’t violate free will. Everyone has to go through a period of acclimatization to see if they trust that, or else why would you want some strange group energy in another dimension reading your thoughts?


The reason is because when we say ‘them’ and ‘you’, in the highest truth, there is no ‘them’ and ‘you’. It’s all one. ‘They’ being the part of you that’s them, in truth, I’m the part of you that’s me. You’re the part of me that’s you. We come to a temporary meeting, where we attain that experience, that connection. We always say, with free will and honoring the highest good of all concerned.


One of the reasons that there are certain benefits in coming together like this is because, for a moment we become a team; an energy team. On Sundays, we create group energies and group intentions. Because when you create an intention of a bunch of people and a bunch of beings in other realms all hold at the same time, then it’s very powerful.


Each of us has a tiny bit of power, but when we combine our intentions, it has miracle-producing potentials. Everybody likes a miracle; everyone wants things to change. Everyone wants the world to change; everyone wants the economy to change, and, everyone wants the weather to change, both the bad guys and the good guys.


The bad guys, we could call them the service-to-self people, understand this idea of intention. They have groups; they have meetings; they create intentions and they have their agendas. The difference between the negative and positive is the negative agendas, which in the Ra material is called service-to-self, do not get the support of the higher groups, as far as I can tell. They’ve got to just have their numbers creating the agendas.


Of course, they can lie to us; they can misrepresent; they can make pretend they’re someone that they’re not. That’s why this realm is so tricky; you hear us call our groups a name, the Elohim. How do we know the Elohim we’re going to talk to tonight is the same Elohim we talked to Sunday?  How do you know it’s really the Elohim? How do you know something has not taken over the line and making pretend it’s the Elohim?


If you’re going around looking for channels, any channel says “I’m talking to so-and-so”. How do you know they’re talking to so-and-so? How do you know it’s not something negative that’s acting like they’re so-and-so and saying “This is Jesus” or “This is Archangel Michael?”  You don’t. That is why the development of free will with discernment, is so incredibly important.


A lot of people say, like I used to say this: “If it feels good in my gut then it must be okay.” For me, that‘s not good enough anymore. I don’t trust; it’s a step in the right direction, but it’s not enough to draw a conclusion. Those forces that are negative can look so good and they’re so tricky, that there needs to be a better criterion than your gut-level reaction.


There’s got to be a better criterion than the right words being spoken; in other words ‘ascension’, ‘shift’, ‘angels’, ‘source’, ‘love’. Those are all the right words. If somebody uses all those words, does that mean they’re positive? It might and it might not.


This is not a Christian group by any means in an official religion sense, but Jesus did have some great counsel on this that resonates very strongly. I do believe Jesus was extremely positive in this realm and that he was a representative of the highest forces and that he had a mission. He did say a lot of things that I resonate with.


I read the Bible many years ago. I was brought up Jewish; I wasn’t brought up Christian, but I read the Bible at the time that I was searching. There were things that Jesus said that I had already been experiencing when I was writing music, when I was travelling around the country. I was having a lot of synchronicities.


“When two or more are gathered”: When we gather on this line and you feel the energies on this line, I believe that’s a demonstration of what Jesus said when he said “I am also present.” When he said “I am also present,” I don’t think that meant his body; his body’s not present.


I think it meant that Jesus said “The Father and I are one.” Maybe the Father with Jesus was the Elohim group and the Ra group; that was way too sophisticated and there was no way people could believe that understanding, so it was simplified. So, “The Father and I are one.”


That’s not so different than saying we are all blending energies and becoming one energy for a given time. We’re not staying there; we’re not glommed there. We’re not held in position. There’s no trickery. When we feel that, I know from all the emails I’ve received so many of you can feel the energy of it. How do you know what is going on?


Jesus said—this is not even the topic tonight, but I think I’ll say it and get it through and then we’ll go on to the topic. It relates to the topic. He said “You’ll know them by their fruits.”


Something that’s really positive, how is that working? Is it just a message? Is it just listening to somebody? Is it coming back and listening all the time? It could be, but what is the fruit? What’s happening with the people?  That’s one of the thing I’ve watched as this thing was developing; I said “How does this impact people? What happens when people come into these calls? What happens when people come into Team Shift?


Are they just becoming blind followers of some teaching that I’m giving?”  That would be a waste of my time. Are they really changing? Are they becoming more loving? Are they becoming more open? Are they having more synchronicities? Are better things coming to them in their lives? For many, many people that is most definitely the case. 


I’m always amazed. I thank all of you who send me emails because I wouldn’t know what’s going on if I didn’t hear from you. I’m sitting here and I can’t see you; I’m not watching your life. Maybe these group souls can, but I’m just a guy that says “I think this is important and we’re going to have a conference call three times a week.” It builds up; you are telling me what’s going on.


Then, I send your emails to Daphne and to Terry and sometimes to the people who are volunteering, so they know we’re making a difference, because otherwise we’re in a vacuum. I really, really thank all of you who have sent those emails. It is one of the things that is giving me confidence that we are, at least by the criterion of Jesus, “By your fruits ye shall be known”, having good proofs.


What else did Jesus say? This is my paraphrase; he said “They’ll come in my name but they really won’t be in my name. They’ll be deceiving you.”  That’s just what I said. Anyone, because they use Jesus’ name, does not mean that they are representing the Christ consciousness. What is the Christ consciousness? The Christ consciousness, I believe, is another way of saying the Law of One. We are all part of each other; we are the same energy. What did Jesus say? “As ye do it to the smallest of these, you do it to me”, another way of saying the Law of One.


Why did Carla Rueckert call her books “Ra – the Law of One”?  The Law of One is the highest principle in the Universe. It’s not a law like a law on the books; it’s just the truth. You may not know it’s the truth; maybe you would disagree with it. If it is true it’s something that you have to discover for yourself and think that it might be true.


It very much relates to, almost every spiritual, religious movement on our planet that’s positive. Usually it has some kind of reference to the idea that we’re all brothers. Why are we all brothers? Because we’re all the same energy; we’re all children of the same Father, or the same high Sources.  We all have that potential, the access, to that.


I called this topic tonight “Free Will” because it’s a term that comes up so much. It can be confusing, even to me. I’m just going to explore it here, out loud.


When I was younger, if I was going to give the time that I experienced my own demonstration of free will in the most profound way, it was when I was hitchhiking around the country playing music. I just threw all my caution to the wind and I said to myself, I remember, I said “If there’s a God, this trip is going to make me know that’s true.”


Because at the time, I had been reading, studying spiritual things. I read Yogananda, which was one of the things that Daphne always talks about.  I’d read Edgar Cayce, but I had not implemented that in my life. It was just mental stuff and I couldn’t; it was kind of far-out. Is this true; is this true?  Could it work this way?


When I hitchhiked around the country, it’s like I was blowing in a cosmic wind. I didn’t know where I was going; I didn’t know where I would end up. I didn’t know who I would meet. I didn’t even know if I would survive; I didn’t feel that world-wise, when I left Berkeley with my guitar. I put my thumb out; it was like I stepped on a magic carpet ride for about three or four years.


I ended up all these places; I slept in people’s living rooms. I had one synchronicity after another after another, things that couldn’t have happened. I don’t want to go into them, but I said “This is real.” I didn’t have any cares; I didn’t worry about money. Somehow or another I would be led to the next thing to the next thing to the next thing. Nothing was grounded; nothing stuck. It was all in a flow.


I couldn’t figure out how to ground it, until I decided “I’m writing good enough songs.” I wanted to go to Los Angeles and to be successful at that. That was my way of grounding it, although I didn’t use the word ‘ground’ at that point; going back, I can see that’s what I was trying to do.


In the way I was experiencing everything with this total kind of flow, everything was in the moment and nothing stuck. I shouldn’t say nothing stuck, because I’m sure there were people who were influenced. Maybe they still remember this strange guy sleeping in their living room. Maybe I said something and maybe it contributed to somebody’s life. In general, there was no building; it was all in the moment, day by day by day by day. 


I was having this experience; some of you might be having those kinds of experiences now in your life. I would say “Wow! This stuff works, but, how do I work it? How do I integrate it into my life? How does it work?  What is it? What am I going to do, stay on the road the rest of my life?” At that time, it seemed appealing, because it was so much fun.


When I started to want to succeed at that and I went to Los Angeles, now I had to make money so I could stay in Los Angeles. I got a job that I didn’t want to do; I didn’t want to do the job. I needed to do something to make money. I said “What about my free will? Why isn’t God just laying this out for me?” It almost happened that way; it almost did.


Every time I stopped, I felt like I had to do something I didn’t want to do. I was trying to figure out how to work it. Then I didn’t want a committed career; I wanted to be an artist. Life went on and I ended up doing a business that I could do one weekend at a time. In a sense, I’m still that way; I’m doing one conference call at a time.


Yet, now there’s a momentum and there are a lot of people playing attention. There are people visiting our website. In my mind, that’s all to the side. I’m showing up for one conference call Monday, one Wednesday and one Sunday. Then, people are helping, including myself, putting materials together, because the work is being valuable to people.


The next thing that happens as the work becomes valuable to people, meaning you, suddenly I feel this sense of responsibility. I said “People are changing their lives over this.” Now I’ve got this sense of responsibility to do this better. The sense of responsibility says “Where’s my free will? How come I can’t do what I want to do when I want to do it? Now, I feel like I’ve got to do this.”


Truthfully, I don’t have to; I could say I’m not going to do it. But, once you know that you’re contributing to someone’s life and then you suddenly stop, you end up feeling guilty. You have to walk the walk; you have to talk the talk. This idea of free will is a complex understanding. I thought it would be a really good topic to talk to our Sources about.


One key that I have come upon for myself, in my own observations, is that as long as there is co-creation, there’s a lifting above this realm. If there’s just following orders or doing things out of responsibility, or because you’re supposed to, or you going to feel guilty if you don’t, that is a lower vibration. There has to be co-creation.


What is co-creation? That means…


Terry, are you there?


Terry:  Yes. I’m here.


Wynn:  Are you following on all of this?


Terry:  Yes, I’m following; I’m following you.


Wynn:  There’s something about co-creation; co-creation is when two or more are gathered. Automatically for me with co-creation, there’s a lifting of the energy so I feel free in doing something. When there’s not co-creation, it feels like a dragging of the energy.


Many of you are hearing our Sources say “Just ask and you’ll receive.” Then, you email me and say “I was sick; I had this problem and I have that problem. I still have it and, I asked.” Others of you are saying “Man, this is a miracle. I put my father-in-law in the light. He was in the hospital and he was in terrible shape and the next day they pulled all the tubes out of him and he was there smiling,” or you’ve read some of our little emails: ‘Miracle or Coincidence?’ I’ll keep those up so that you can track the things that are going on in our calls.


Why is it for some of you, you say, “I want this; I want this. I want a job. I want to get better. I want this person to love me and yet it doesn’t happen” when we’re supposed to be having free will and our Sources say, “We’re always there for you”?


That is going to be our topic.  That’s my little setup for that. It’s 6:30; we have about twenty five minutes.


Terry, is there anything you want to say on that whole line of thinking?


Terry:  I think that I kind of have some ideas about free will also.


When one is in the physical realm, they’re operating within the realm, of the laws of the physical realm. As long as they are in third density, then they need to take that into consideration, so they can control and become master of their lifetime, but within the constraints of what the physical parameters are.


Wynn:  Yes. Existence entails contraction. I would guess even our Sources have to go into a certain degree of contraction, perhaps not much, to exist, to have a definition of stuff. In this realm, how you have defined your existence is also how you’ve defined your contraction.


Everyone is distorted to one degree or another. Learning how you form yourself, how you contracted yourself, is a first step in getting over your distortions.


I just want to say this before I forget; over and over again, recently, our Sources have been saying to read the materials. The materials are full of keys to help you free yourself. The materials are “The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?”; “The Ra material”, which is a foundational material, the Elohim book, the Creator Gods book. We’re putting up more and more of our archives of our shows. These shows—what we’re doing, has an energy to it.


I was up in Flagstaff yesterday and I have my friend Steve, who actually came to see me a number of years ago, when I gave a talk at the local Unity church. He was kind of paying vague interest; then, he got really into a lot of interest about six months ago. He started listening to our conference calls regularly.


He said “You know Wynn”, this is what he told me yesterday, he said “I get bored watching television now; I have problems doing all the things that I used to find entertaining.” I have to say, I’m the same way. I never watch television; I barely go to the movies. It seems like everything is under the energy of this work.


It’s like: If you want to move into the higher timelines, the higher levels of dimensions, you have to give up a little bit the things that are forming you into the lower dimensions. As you move into the higher places, there is more free will in a genuine way.


It’s kind of like you become cosmic, where you think of things and suddenly they appear, not in a magical control way; it’s a flow. It’s just in a flow that it happens. Some of you, many of you, have had that experience and you know exactly what I mean.


I think what I’m going to do is call in the Light; we have twenty more minutes. We’re going to have a discussion with our Sources on free will. If we had more time, I’d have some of you make some comments, but I think we’ll forgo that in order to make more time for our group souls.


Father-Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light to surround and protect Terry, myself and everyone on this line and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and transmuted, for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through the outer energy fields of planet earth, through our bodies and into the center of the earth. Right now we invoke a group energy connection for all those on this line who would free-willingly like to participate in that. We invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring the Law of One, to join with us and we create a protected space that only the positive has access to. Anything not of that nature must leave now.


Do we have our Sources present to answer these questions?


Ra’An:  We greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator. We are delighted to be with you this day in September, the tenth of September, 2012. We take a moment and we come within the vicinity of each and every person on this call and each and every person on the internet line, each and every person in the future who will read a transcript. We take a moment and we look at the topic of free will. We see that there are certain things that bear upon each and every one of your free will.


One of them is discernment, looking at all the situations, all of the parameters, all of the factors and seeing within the third density realm which things will provide an avenue for success.


Consensus reality is another thing that one can look at to help discern what you will need to do to bring your actions to a positive outcome.


There are other things that one can take into account when looking at free will and free will choice. One can use intuition, the sense of premonition, to see if there is some unfoldment of information, of events one hasn’t been taken into consideration that is beyond one’s direct sense. One can use this extension of perception to look further into possibilities of how to achieve positive outcome. One can look to the configurations of the moon and the stars to see if there will be untoward influences that may affect them in their pursuit of a certain venture at a certain time. One can look to the weather. Give us a moment.


Do you have questions?


Wynn:  When you say the word “free will” could you give us your definition?


Ra’An:  One is free to choose a course of action or a particular thing, a task.  One is free to set one’s goals; one is free to set up what one wishes to accomplish and achieve. One is free to take particular actions, as they move through their day, within certain parameters. They’re operating in the third density, so they need to take the specific laws at that time in the third density into account.


In other words, they generally cannot jump off the roof and expect to fly.  Within the framework of where they are located, the realm that they are in, then they have those laws to consider. If they were going to jump off the roof and fly, they would need to take that into account that they would need a device or some means to support them in the air. This is one level, one—we look for the word—realm where within that particular realm there are certain conditions that one runs into.


In other realms, for instance, in the angelic realm, one may have wings and can certainly fly. One needs to take into account their abilities to transcend the third density and their gifts also, when they are taking into account how they can move through their day and they can accomplish their actions.


What one believes has a great deal to do with their success. If one has a certain belief that has been skewed by some intent or some decision about an event, or some belief about survival within the third density, they have a certain belief and they have really taken that to heart, then they are fortifying that belief with certain vibrations. They are operating within a harmonic matrix structure, so they are vibrating at certain frequencies based upon their belief system.


If, for instance, they believe that they are not worthy then that string, that resonance, that harmonic, that ability to put forth the resonance that will bring love to you, is not vibrating. You’re not vibrating it; you are not allowing it to vibrate. You are damping that frequency. So your life, then, will reflect that. This is one of the ways that you have free will.


Some of the things have become unconscious and you do not know that you have set it up that way. You are strumming your matrix to exclude the things, some of the things, which you could use to achieve your goals that you really have and to survive.


This is traced back to a belief that you have that has caused you to dampen one of the frequencies that is available to you to bring you, through resonance, the things that will satisfy and fulfill you, in this case in the area of love and connection and fulfillment with others and with even the higher realms.


When one can observe one’s patterns and one can then see the distortion— and usually these things are so ingrained that it is a part of one’s matrix and one does not see and they get certain symptoms, like, “I’m not getting the love I need” or “Something is missing in my life.”—When they can observe, starting from the symptom “Something is needed here”, then they can begin to observe and see where their matrix pattern has some kind of a distortion or a belief,


For instance the belief that “I’m not worthy of love” or something [similar] that can dampen the vibration, that [could] then shine out and get resonance with another being, and [the dampening of that vibration] can shut down that aspect of person’s life. What the person believes is very important towards them getting the free will connections and goals fulfilled that they wish.


As an individual moves through their life, they do not generally realize that the vibrations, certain vibrations, certain ideas that they have, dampen certain vibrations and create a distortion in their field. So they do not get connected in the way that they wish. So unclogging their field, opening themselves up, realizing any distortions and beliefs and working on them, can really help towards the person coming to fulfillment of their own free will choices and goals and can increase their own free will choices.


Wynn:  You know, “I am not worthy” is probably one of the major things that a huge amount of people have. In many cases, they have that, not even because of themselves, but because of their parents or because of the control patterns in society where they’re watching television. They think to be worthy they have to look like that sexy woman on TV, or they need to have certain possessions to impress people to make them be worthy. Until they have those things, they think they’re not worthy.


When  they’re thinking that, or when that’s like a background programming, even when they’re not aware of it, it’s like sending a signal from their own transmitter out to the Universe that “I’m not worthy.” So every time something comes into their life that would look like an opportunity, they’re sending this signal out unconsciously and that thing responds to them and passes. When people say “I want a relationship; I want to connect with the Elohim and Ra; I want this” and underlying, they’re saying “I’m not worthy”, they’re blocking the whole process.


Am I right when I say that?


Ra’An:  That is correct. They’re vibrating at a vibration that carries the information “I’m not worthy”; then, that is what radiates out into their sphere. That is what they get in return, although this is not conscious on most people’s part. It is sort of an underlying program that is running.


Wynn:  The question is: Let’s suppose somebody looks at themselves and they say “Okay, I think Wynn, Terry and our Sources are correct and I’m putting that out.” What do they do then? How do they fix it? How do they change it?


Ra’An:  They can begin, during the day, to look at their good ‘plus points’.  They could even write them down, their good ‘plus points’’; what are they good at? Are they good at cooking a good meal? Are they good at telling a joke? Are they good at communicating with their children? Are they good at communicating with their friends, with their husband? 


How can they increase the communication? Ask before they go to sleep, to send them dreams on how they can work in their dreams on the inner workings of their own self, to increase their own self-worth, to show them how they are worthy, how they are beautiful beings, how they radiate light, how they have warmth, how they have nurturing, how they care, how they are good secretaries. There are things where they are good.


One might be good at debate, one might be very good communicating with others, one might be good at making clothes. They can give themselves credit for whatever they are good at; for drawing, for even doodling and making little caricatures. They can give themselves credit for different things that they feel good about themselves and take a look where they feel good about themselves.


When they look at the TV and they see that beautiful blond and they think “I’d be great if I looked like that”; they can look back at themselves and see their good characteristics within their own self. It might not be a body characteristic, but it might a fun-loving characteristic, how somebody brightens up when they’re around them and telling jokes and even just listening to the other person.


To observe, to see where these are areas are where they don’t feel that they’re optimum, and to even trace it back to when they were a kid and something that somebody said to them when they were a kid, they didn’t carry the tray right or they didn’t walk right or they didn’t hold their fork right and then, say, “Well, you know what? Those are all minor things” and see how they fared well in spite of that. And, see how it affected their view of themselves.


Wynn:  We’re almost coming to an end. If any of you relate to this as an issue and you want to put more questions in for our Wednesday call, I will give those as priorities. I think this I such a big issue; so many people want things to happen; they want things in their lives, but underneath they’re saying, “I am not worthy” and they’re broadcasting that. I want to explore this to the depths, so that you have the tools to release yourself from this.


I know for myself there have been times in my life where I certainly felt that. I found that if I could do a simple worthy thing it would start to change it. Going back to my times of playing music, I used to go to retirement homes, or rehabilitation homes. I would go in and perform. No matter how I was feeling, I would switch my energy every time. I got used to switching my energy. There was one point when I was really depressed.  I broke up with this relationship and I didn’t want to get out of bed. I remember going to the park with my guitar and serenading strangers and playing my songs. I’d just walk around and they would listen. I would leave that and I was lifted.


Find a way that you can do anything to lift someone; it starts to lift you and it starts to open the doors for other things to come in. If you’re sick, if you’re ill, be a support system for other people that are sick that are ill.  Talk to them on the phone; give them encouragement because it all is one; it comes right back to you.


We are going to give you a moment for final thoughts to our group tonight and we’re going to end this call.


Ra’An:  Thank you. We send our support to each and every person and to that place within them that if they have this place that feels like they aren’t worthy or that they are lesser than; we send love to that exact space within them, love and support. We send pink Love-Light to that place. We are doing it as we are speaking. We take a moment and we send this Love Light support to that place within you.


We leave but we do not leave.


Wynn:  Thank you. I’m going to un-mute everybody. We wish everybody a good night!


Callers:  Thank you! Thanks, Terry.  Thank you, Wynn.  Good night, etc.



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