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Does Music Resonate Soul Harmonics?



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Wednesday – 9.12.2012

Host: Wynn Free

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Channeled by Terry Brown and Daphne Karandanis

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien

Edited by Terry Brown and Valerie Hawes

Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee



Wynn:  This is September 12th, 2012. My name is Wynn Free. I know there are some new people who are checking us out for the first time tonight. Thank you for being here. I hope you’ll stay the full hour; you don’t have to, but I hope that you take the time to really look at this because it’s very unusual, what we’re doing.


It’s not your normal reality, but you have to come to that yourself. If you’ve read my book, you know that I’ve had this situation occur for me for the past ten years. I was writing a book about a guy that channels, a guy that was having voices talk through him. While I was writing the book, in the middle of writing it, I had that happen to me.


It happened through a woman who was a new personal relationship. We were driving from Los Angeles to Portland. It was raining; I did a prayer of protection. I said “Does anybody want to talk to me?” and she answered. I wasn’t sure what to make of it; I wasn’t sure if she was crazy. I wasn’t sure if I could trust it.


For the next six months, she would tap me on the shoulder and tell me “Those guys want to talk to you.” I did a number of things testing this to see what to make of it.  They never asked me to do anything except to ask questions. In testing it, I asked them “Can you guys predict a newspaper headline?” That was at the very beginning. They said “Watch for this headline in two weeks” and there was the headline.


Somewhere on the path, I got a call from my brother-in-law that my sister was supposed to die; she had this really serious operation. I asked them if they could help and they said they could. Then, something miraculous happened that by medical standards shouldn’t have happened, but it happened. She was cured from a particular ailment that supposedly can never be cured. You can read about that; if you haven’t read my book The Creator Gods Want to Talk to You, the full story is in there.


The woman who was bringing forth these messages was being scared by it, and she left. I thought that was the end of it. A few weeks later, I called up my old friend; she came over. In the middle of the night she said “Get the tape recorder out” and a voice came through her that said it was the same Source that was speaking through the other woman.


I’m not believing any of this; this is a bit like being in a science-fiction movie, but I continued to ask questions. You may not believe in reincarnation; if you’re open to the possibility of reincarnation, over many, many years I have become fairly convinced that reincarnation is real. What happens is it takes more than one lifetime for a soul to get the lessons they need to learn to graduate this realm.


Every time you come into a new body you don’t remember anything, but you carry the talents, the hang-ups, the issues of your past lifetimes.  What’s more, you tend to look like who you were, because the DNA transfers in your soul from one lifetime to the next. If for some reason you get an indication that you might have been somebody and you look them up and you look like them that might be a fairly good indication that you were them.


That’s not really important, who you were, because it’s only important who you are now. People can get all hung up on who they were, especially if they were somebody famous. Usually, for most people, it would be a distraction to their own growth this lifetime to know their past lifetimes.


In Terry’s case, I asked them at one point because I was being amazed by all the things that were happening that were coming through her. I said “Was Terry ever anybody famous in a past life?” They said “Look up Saint Catherine of Sienna”, whom I’d never heard of. I looked her up and I find this story of a young woman who had a voice coming through her. She would attend the local Catholic Church in Sienna, Italy.


This is not a religious thing we’re doing here; this is just something that happened in the past. She would attend the local Catholic Church and they would write down everything she said, because they thought God was speaking to them through her. Saint Catherine’s Dialogues with God is still published on Amazon, still published in bookstores. They’re officially recognized by the Catholic Church.


Again, this is nothing to do with Catholicism. It has to do with some one who has a voice coming through them that comes from another realm that has something to offer us in this realm. That’s the only reason it’s important. As I was studying this, I found that Terry was the spitting image of Saint Catherine. Of course, I already knew that people tend to look like their past lifetimes.


Terry, are you there?


Terry:  Yes, I’m here.


Wynn:  Oh, good!  Where were you before?


Terry:  I was muted.


Wynn:  Okay. So that’s Terry.


What’s going to happen on this call is, we’re going to have a conversation with that same voice and we’re going to ask questions that you have submitted.


This voice has identified itself as a conglomerate of two group souls. One of them is a Council of Elohim. The way they describe themselves is: they say they were a group energy that was here before there was a physical Universe. They, in fact, created the physical Universe. Many times in history, they have been interpreted as God, but when we asked them about that, they say that’s not their preferred way of relating to us. They want to be our energy friends; they exist in other dimensions.


There’s something called the Law of One, that everything is part of everything else. So, at the highest level, they’re us and we’re them. But, we’re in this realm. If you’re listening to this and this sounds strange and weird you just have to say “I’ll be open to the possibilities.” You don’t have to believe anything.


You don’t have to believe they are who they say they are; you don’t have to believe Terry was Saint Catherine. Just have an open mind and if anything makes sense, study our materials. Many people are studying them and having huge cognitions, like “This makes more sense than religion.” If you’re religious and that’s working for you, then I am not telling you to stop being religious; this is separate from that. You can decide how it fits. 


This is not about believing in something; this is not about a belief-pattern.  If you want to create it as a belief pattern, that’s your problem. I’m not asking that, nor do I suggest that. I suggest that you consider the possibility; read our materials; listen to our conference calls; look at our archives; you decide if it resonates with you, if it makes sense.


Many, many people have had all kinds of amazing things happen, because they keep showing upon this call. The basic premise is that you, as a human, are contracted into this physical Universe. You are bigger than you ever believed yourself to be. But, by being in this realm on this planet, you lose connection with the parts of you that are bigger. Part of my mission in this call is to help people make those connections with who they really are and not just how they feel in this moment.


As you know, in this moment you can feel any which way. You can feel depressed; you can feel angry; you can feel hurt; you can feel loving. It all passes. Is there something that’s you, that’s beyond all of that? That’s what we’re exploring. We’re talking to a voice that says they’re beyond that and they can give us help in making those connections.


On that note, we have this little thing that’s called Calling in the Light. It’s creating a protective energy for doing this in a public way. It’s very unusual to do this in such a public way. Many of you are holding the space for that to occur.


What do I mean by that? I mean you are putting out a vibration that you’ve learned to put out by coming into these calls. You can’t do it by trying; it just happens. You’re putting out a vibration; you’re holding a frequency.  The vibrations come together. There’s an energy on the call that’s a result of all the vibrations that we all individually put out. These Sources are vibrations as well. They’re in other dimensions and they come into this call as part of our energies.


In truth, as I’ve said, they are us. But in our actual reality, lower level reality, it feels like they’re separate. One of the things is to learn and feel the connection. To do that you have to be curious enough to keep reaching back.


Father-Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light to surround and protect each person here. Any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through the outer energy fields of planet earth, through our bodies and into the center of the earth. Right now, we invoke a group energy connection amongst all of you who are present who are free-willingly choosing to be part of that. We invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring the Law of One, to join with us and we create a protected space that only the positive has access to. Anything not of that nature must leave now.


Do our Sources have an opening greeting for us this evening?


Ra’An:  We greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator. We have been connecting and getting in touch, making ourselves available, to each and every person within the sound of our voice. We see that there are people on the telephone line and that there are people in front of their computers on the internet. We make contact with them all; everyone that wishes contact to be made.


It brings us joy to be able to make this contact between realms. We look at each individual who may think that they are alone or they are separate.  We are all tied together and you are our brothers and sisters. We are so happy to make contact with you, those that wish it.


Do you have questions?


Wynn:  Yes. We have a question from Helma. This is kind of a philosophical question:


“Is fear the opposite of love and is love the opposite of fear? If I am afraid of the dark or the unknown, that means I have fear. Does that mean I have less love or that I am less love? Thank you.”


Ra’An:  We say that you are looking at love in reverse. If you did not have love, you would not have fear. You care; you care very, very much. You have things that you love. So, when there appears to be danger, appears to be a threat, then, there is a mode of thinking to protect the thing that you love very, very much. You love your life; you love your families. You love ice cream. You love. We say this generically, as the individuals might have different likes and loves.


You have the things that you really, really care for. When they are brought into a question of continuing, then there is a fear that the object, the life, the thing that you love, may disappear and you won’t have it anymore and that there will then be lack.


We let you know that you cannot have one without the other. In a way, they are both legs of the same thing. If you put them on a scale, then you could see different emotions in relation to the things that you consider stable and non-threatening and the things that you may be afraid of that would happen. It could stretch out into a various range of emotions about the thing that you care about. You could get angry because it might be taken away. You could get sad because it had been taken away. So, there are other emotions involved.


We hope that sheds some light on it.


Wynn:  Thank you. This is a question from Cecil in Seattle, who is on the line, who is Cecil Sea Serpent. In the last two years he lost two daughters.


His question is:  “Do they know each other on the other side and are they happy?”


Ra’An:  Give us a moment.


Do you have a further name?  Cecil—


Wynn:  Cecil.  It just says Cecil in Seattle. I don’t have his full name.


Ra’An:  Cecil in Seattle.


Wynn:  He is on the line.


Ra’An:  Yes.  Give us a moment.


Wynn:  Shall I ask him to say something?


Ra’An:  We are working to get a fix on the situation. We are using our GPS, so to speak. Our GPS extends not only into the third dimension, but into the higher realms. One of your daughters is in the highest realm. The other is not. They are connected. They are connected, as they are connected to you, vibrationally. They are connected to their mother also, vibrationally.  They strengthen this connection as we are talking and there is a bond between the four of you.


This bond is starting to strengthen their whole experience through their trajectory where they are now, as they feel supported by you and the connection between the sisters supports each of them and acts as a love-bond between them and a support that buoys them up, as they move into new experiences in their lives.


We say their lives; although they have transitioned, they are still alive and going through new experiences. So, they are connected and they are connected to you and their mother. This is supporting them as they move through their new circumstances.


You have done well.


That is our answer.


Wynn:  Thank you.


Next question is: There are certain tools of divination and the person brings up the Tarot. We can bring up other things like I-Ching. According to the Ra material and David Wilcock, these tools of divination can be helpful.  Yet, the religious mind-set states that divination is demonic and is forbidden. Could you give us some guidance? I’m re-writing this question here, because I want to ask it so we get the best answer.  He says “Please ask the Ra’An-Elohim group for their input.”


I would like to add “Is it ever appropriate to use these tools of divination, and if so, when?”


Thank you.


Ra’An:  It is appropriate to use these tools of divination. They are used, or can be used, when you have a practitioner that is very knowledgeable about them and is mystically oriented, so that they can use them to the best advantage. They are very old tools that have been used throughout thousands of years. When one is a very clear channel and yet they wish to have a tangible, material thing to ground the information, then the cards can act as such.


They have gotten a bad name in some realms and if they are used correctly by an individual who does not read in their own interpretations, but can clearly bring the information through the cards, then they will be a positive addition or way to bring through information from the higher realms. It depends upon the reader too and the reader’s training and clarity. Very much it depends upon the reader.


Wynn:  The Universe is very expansive; oftentimes, we talk about expanding holograms; expanding energy fields. These divination tools are designed to correspond to different actual holograms of energy in the Universe. Like astrology is the same way.


At lower levels, which all of us to some extend are in lower levels, they may prove valuable. But, at the very highest level, the highest level of Source, if someone can access that, then they may be to a certain extent operating above those holograms? Then those tools may be less important?


Ra’An:  Give us a moment.


It depends, again, upon the reader, as some readers can be very facile with the cards and bring in even higher information. It depends upon the reader.


Wynn:  Thank you.


Next question: this is from Sherry L. Hampton. I don’t have her city. In the future when you guys…


Ra’An:  Sherry? We wish individuals would give your city, as it makes it easier for us to connect in that there is more than one Sherry Hampton in the world.


Wynn:  I’ll tell you what; let’s pass on that for next week. Sherry, please submit your question.


Ra’An:  Read the question and we will see if we can still connect.


Wynn:  Okay. “I would like to ask about how to get unresolved answers from a departed loved one.”  I suppose, this is Wynn speaking, inserting:  Many people, when someone passes, they have a level of incompleteness with that person. They want to feel complete. That person no longer has a body to help them communicate with. This is Sherry again:


“I know for me, it has kept me blocked in ways that are not good for any of us. I feel such an emptiness and so much confusion and lots of guilt as well.  I would like to know how to get what I need to move on and know that he is at peace. Thank you.”


Ra’An:  Thank you.


Often, when someone passes and there are unresolved issues, unresolved communication and guilt involved, that is not just with the person that is left on the third density side. It is also left with the person who has transitioned to the other side. Very often the person will keep checking in, in the hopes that they can be seen, noticed or communicated with. They may be desperately trying to communicate to resolve those things, as Sherry has one half of the communication and the departed person has the other half of the communication.


What we would suggest is for you to know that the person is really just transitioned; he is just without the body or the mechanism of the body at that time, but still is there, is still functioning, is still intelligent, is still able to communicate, but does not have the voice box and is able to telepathically communicate and also wishes to resolve these things with you, but does not and is at a loss of how to go about it, just as you are, because there is not that communication.


What we would suggest is that you take a paper and a pen and write down those specific things, starting with the most important. Or, it doesn’t even have to be in order. It can be the least important, even, that you would like to resolve. It can be a specific matter as to where the certain information might be about something and how to handle another certain thing.


Write down your questions and get a picture of the person and direct them to the picture. Often when you have a picture, it has the anchor-points of the person; direct them to the picture and read, say, one of your questions that you want to resolve or something you wish to communicate, something you wish to resolve.


Then, put the picture aside and imagine the person. Direct it to the imagination of the person. Pretend, think, make a picture in your mind of the person and address him with that and just work with things that can be resolved without getting critical, so that you can establish rapport, even on a little minor thing, to establish rapport. The other person from the other side you may feel right now; the person, the vibration of that person, you may feel that vibration of that person. You may have a certain smell of that person.


You, then, can direct it. If you get good enough at this, you may be able to establish telepathic communication with that person. It will help resolve things for him as well as yourself.


That is our answer.


Wynn:  Cameron in Memphis, Tennessee asks:


What is hell? Do people actually go to hell? Why do people go to hell, if they go? And, if they actually go, if they go, are they lost forever?


Ra’An:  Thank you.


First of all, we look at this concept of hell.


We see that there is an area of lost souls. The lost souls have different possessions, different viewpoints that they are still trying to get across or resolve or hack their way out of. There are keepers of this realm of lost souls. There are a few keepers of this realm. These keepers consider that they are providing a place for these individuals to work through their discontents and their angers.


They can be teachers of dirty tricks. These keepers can attempt to teach negative power trips to these individuals who are very open to this, because they do not know how to positively express power and to have a working relationship between their life and the expression of power. These people are trying to pound their way through this. There are keepers of this that consider that they are providing a service for these lost souls. We would say that this area is the closest to hell, the concept of hell that is out there, that exists.


The keepers of this area dress with chains and black clothes. They are mastering dirty tricks and evil intent and curses and things of that nature.  They are working through a whole negative education in this area.


Do people ever get out? Yes, people can get out. They could get bored with their situation; they could decide that they’re going to pop out of it. Then, they will have to work their way back into a more satisfactory life for them.


There is lots of activity there, lots of so-to-say “excitement.” That is where we see the concept of hell matches what is in a certain part of the realm.


Where is this located? It is at a different frequency; it isn’t a physical location. It is at a different frequency, where it sets up the parameters for it to exist.


Does that shed some light on it?


Wynn:  Yes. I’d like to ask an additional question. The people that end up in this realm, do they end up there because they’re bad? Do they end up because they don’t know where to go and they end up sucked into it?  What is causing a person to end up in this particular realm?


Ra’An:  Thank you.


There are different reasons for ending up in this realm.  They could have the desire to experience evil or somehow they feel that they might be evil and they just want to express it really badly. They will be noticed by one of the keepers of the realm and given the opportunity to go there. It can be that they have just ended up in their life in an obsessive kind of a situation.


This negative realm is a way, a place where, an energy form-field where they can go and they can express their negativity with another person who wishes negativity to be expressed to them. People are matched up: the victim and the sadist, different people. They get to match up and to act out.  They are kept pretty much within this realm by their own frequency expressions, their own holographic acting-out pictures or means of expressing.


Wynn:  This is from Tommy Hernandez. This is a general question; you don’t need his city.


“Is it a good practice to send out Love Light to all we meet during the day and to all who pop up in our thoughts each day?”


Ra’An:  Yes, it is, as long as one does not have hooks upon it, that kind of say to the persons “You’ve got to go along with this Love Light.” It can be just freely given, freely sent, freely imparted to the other.


As such, it will support the other person; the person on the street that you walk by. It will up the whole vibration and tone of everything it touches.


Wynn:  Thank you. Next question: this is from Marjorie Cole in Seven Hills, Ohio. Marjorie is asking for help for her dog.


I want to say, those of you who are wanting healings or things resolved, I highly recommend you come to our Sunday call. It’s a totally different kind of call than this one. It’s one where we bring the energy of these Sources into your space, with your permission, in a way that many of you can feel it. I have so many emails from people who have their depressions lifted during the call, who have had some kind of profound shift and oftentimes a healing.


We have a space in that call where our Sources say they can pay attention—you have to decide this—they say they can pay attention to us and they can feel your thoughts, if you’re open and trusting enough to say “It’s okay to let that happen.”


On the Sunday call, we have two times where we just have silence. We say “If you have something to ask, put it in that space.” If you are in that position, come to the Sunday call and try it out. I don’t promise anything; I don’t even say this works; except we get email after email from people who are having something happen.


On that note, I’m going to let this one request slip through. I urge this person, Marjorie, to come to our call and do that silently on Sunday. The silent connection is extremely powerful. Our Sources can even comment on that.


Marjorie says: “May I please ask to have my dog, Mocha, put into the Light during the next intention? He has very bad allergies and licks the fur off of his feet.


Thank you so much for what you’re doing.”  Marjorie


Ra’An:  Thank you.


We suggest to touch in areas where the dog likes to be touched, rub his ears, see how much you can expand the touching of your dog, to his neck, to his legs, if you can, touch his legs gently, that he can begin to feel your touch in those areas. We see your dog; give us a minute as we look at your dog.


Your dog has a beautiful spirit. If there is food that your dog really likes, give him some treats; give him a reason to want to be here. Move some of his attention off of his feet; move it onto something that brings him interest and brings him joy. Perhaps a toy, also, or a short time to play with him, even if he has not something around; but, to simply play with him and give him attention and let him know that he is loved.


Thank you.


Wynn:  Thank you.


Jimmy from Katy, Texas, thank you for asking your question. I want to point out that’s not the kind of question that they would answer. It would be like a psychic answer.


Years ago, I asked them, when we were struggling for money; I said “If I went to the horse races, could you help?” They said that would take me back to patterns of previous lifetimes and it wouldn’t be good for my present mission this lifetime.


The point is: it wouldn’t be good to use these connections directly, to give suggestions and counsel on making money. There may be someone else who does that, but these guys don’t do it. It would change the whole direction of their connection to this realm, if they were just making suggestions on what are good business deals, what stocks to buy, etc. I’m saying that to you and I’m saying that to every one else who would have those kinds of questions. I do thank you for asking.


We have another question here from a guitar player and a person who does guitar repairs. Where is he located?  His name is David Ferringer and he does repairs for famous people. I don’t have his—but this is a general question. One of his last clients was one of the people in ZZ Top.


He had to loan him a piece of his equipment because one of theirs went out and he had to make an hour drive. He helped to get their back-up rig running; he watched a concert and then he had a chance to chat with Billy.  Billy is the guy from ZZ Top and he was acting excited to meet me. He called me “the specialist.” How cool is that?


He brings up that the energy of the show was tangible. He has a question about music, specifically the electric guitar:


“For players and listeners alike, the guitar is very powerful at churning up emotions. Is it because these vibrations are simply pleasant to the ear? Is there something more at play? Are these musical frequencies literally resonating with the harmonics and-or sub harmonics of the soul?”


I think I would like to expand that to a bigger question; not just the guitar but we can include that. Could you explain the reasons why music has the ability to touch people beyond the level of their conscious mind?


Ra’An:  Thank you.


There are resonances between the musical notes and harmonics and the chakra systems within the body. So, when one hears the music, it resonates the different chakra systems of the body based upon what notes are played. They can help with the tuning of the resonance of the chakra system; they can help to open that chakra system and can help get the energy moving within the individual. 


If an individual is closed down in a certain area, they may not be vibrating or allowing themselves to vibrate at a certain frequency which cuts out a whole range of their experiences as they connect with the earth and with their life and with their loved ones.


Through the music, it can re-establish resonance of the particular notes or note where they are shut off or shut down. So the music does vibrate and help open the individual and help the individual expand and grow and connect and experience the connections that they would not otherwise be able to connect with.


You are looking at this whole range of frequency and its ability to connect and help individuals open up to their lives.


Wynn:  Thank you.


You know what?  It’s 7:00; I kind of forgot that we’re on BBS Radio. We should have probably finished. I don’t know if we’re cut off or not, but if we’re not cut off, I wish everyone on BBS a great evening. Thank you for coming onto the line.


I thank all of you for coming onto the line, and of course, I thank Terry and all the people volunteering that are keeping this alive.


On that note, I will open up the conference line so we can hear you say goodbye if you want to.


 We are open, and we’ll see you later!


Callers: Goodnight, Blessings, Thank you, etc.


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