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Unconditional Love and How to Express It



Monday – 09.17.2012
Host: Wynn Free
Audio Link - Channeled by Terry Brown and Daphne Karandanis

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien

Edited by Terry Brown and Valerie Hawes

Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee



Wynn:  Hey everybody; this is Wynn Free. This is our Monday night conference call. I welcome all of you who are on the internet and all of you who are on the conference line. This has been going on for quite some time.  It suddenly has a lot more people since I was on George Noory, so I’m very honored to welcome all our new guests. Some of you don’t feel like guests anymore; you’ve been coming onto all our calls and checking it out.


What we do on these calls is fairly unusual. As I tell you verbally, you’re not going to understand it until you hang in on some calls and you get it on a cellular level.


I can tell you the theory is that starting in the year 2002, while I was in the middle of writing The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?, I had this experience of a voice talking to me through two women. Check out the website: It has a little intro video which tells the whole story. 


The voice was engaging me to ask them questions. They said they were the Council of Elohim. I looked up the word ‘Elohim’ and it said it was the name for God in the Old Testament; it was the name for God in the Book of Mormon and that they were also the creators of the physical universe. I asked them if they were the same and they said they were part of the same. 

But they didn’t ask me to defer to them; they didn’t ask me to worship them, or get on my knees. They didn’t actually say they wanted me to do anything; they just said, “Ask them questions.” I said, “Why are you talking to me?” They said “You’re like a cosmic midwife; you know how to bring these things out into the world. You don’t have ego about it.”


Whatever they said, it took me a few years to finally convince myself that they might be who they said they were; not that I believed that they were, but they might be. I started experimenting with it. I found out when I gave lectures. I was giving lectures on the book I had written about David Wilcock, The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? 


When I gave lectures, there was this light in the room that people could feel; many people had never experienced anything like that before. I had experienced that at different times. Years ago I would go to different spiritual teachers; sometimes I would experience this energy in the room. 


Now I was showing up and the energy was in the room when I was there.  People would leave the room and they could feel the energy. They’d walk up to where Terry was selling books and they’d say, “Wow!  I saw light!  I could see auras!”


At the time I was not even talking about my personal experience; I was just talking about the book. I was going to a series of talks all over California at something called The Holistic Living Expo. The fellow that was the producer of that kind of liked me and said “Anytime you want to, you can come give a talk.” I didn’t make any money. We sold some books. If I sold books or we did something, I was lucky if it paid enough for the motel.  Sometimes it didn’t; sometimes I slept in my car.  I was learning how to do this. His name is Dean Price and I give him a lot of credit for giving me that carte blanche to talk at his expos.


Eventually, I started talking about my own experience. It took me a few months, but I said “While I was writing the book, this is what happened to me.” I wasn’t sure how people would respond. If you can imagine, it was almost, like, embarrassing. Here I had written a very controversial book to begin with, The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? And that was really pushing me over the edge, to even go out publicly and talk about that. Suddenly, the guy who wrote the book is having his friend, his personal relationship, saying “Excuse me; they want to talk to you again.”


This voice starts talking to me that says they created the physical Universe. I was not anxious to say that. I was like “No one is going to believe this, and I’m going to sound like I’m a wanna-be.” I did talk about it; and, people did listen to it. In fact, some people from those original calls, which were in 2002, are still on this conference line.


I asked the Sources at one point, “If I do a conference call, could people sense that energy on a conference call?” They said that was possible. I started doing some conference calls, and mostly it was me talking. We weren’t channeling; sometimes I would play an audio of a channeling, sometimes I would read a channeling, but, there was never any live channeling.


Until one day in I believe, 2006, when I invited Daphne, who was living in Cape Cod at the time, who was very skeptical of all of this; “You should hear these conference calls.” We had maybe eight, ten people coming on the call.  All of them had their lives changed in a certain way. I said “The work we started is really important.”


So she came on one of the calls, and in the middle of the call she said “They want to say something.” At that time, it was a little nervous having a live discussion with them on a call. The reason it was nervous, from my point of view, is I had already come to the understanding that with channeling it was possible for a channeled source to be negative. In fact, at any time, a negative source had the potential to take over the line


When you do something publicly you can never take it back. You put it out, and if a negative source comes in it’s a done deal; they’re there. I can say something afterwards and say “Pay attention to that.” I would; and I have. But in general I don’t believe we’ve had negative sources on this line.


It’s interesting; sometimes I get emails from people that say “Listen, I am talking to Source and they say what you’re doing is not right”; or, “I am talking to Divine Source” or “I am talking to the Elohim and they say this.”  When I read those emails I realize that those people who write those emails—maybe you’re listening tonight—you might think about this if you’re listening:  Those people who write those emails are giving up their power of discernment and believing everything that the voice tells them which automatically flags them as having the potential for having negative sources. 


That’s something that you guys should pay very close attention to as you’re out in the world trying to scrutinize things, because anyone that says “Believe what I say blindly; I am talking to God. I am talking to Jesus”, I wouldn’t discount the possibility that they are; I wouldn’t discount it.


But go on and review it, based on the information and how you use that information to change your life. The bottom line is, it doesn’t matter who’s talking, if you can’t use it; if you can’t get some kind of experience, if you can’t get a direct upliftment of energy, it’s not worth paying attention to. I tell people to use that criterion just on the stuff that we bring forth on this call.


In any case, that’s a very important criterion. As soon as somebody sends me an email that says “You can’t be doing this because my source says this” that’s automatically suspect to me. Maybe they’re right; maybe I’ve got it all wrong. Nonetheless, I like the idea of a Source that says “Let us prove ourselves to you by the way we make you feel; by the wisdom we bring.” Not one that says “I am this exalted being and follow what I say.”  There’s almost a predisposition to give up your power when you hear certain names. Its like, I don’t believe those sources, even with those names, want you to give up your power.


I know that some of the stuff we bring through is very awesome; it’s even awesome for me. It is awesome for me – not ‘even awesome’; it is awesome.  I’m just like you; I’m an observer as well as a facilitator here. I say “Wow!  Did that just happen? Look at that.” I feel the energies and I’m amazed.


If you have not come into one of our Sunday grid healings, I really suggest you do, if you resonate with our other calls. The Sunday grid healings are dedicated to bringing the energy in; they’re dedicated to help people on the line feel the energies to create a group energy. Why do you want to feel the energies? What’s the advantage of feeling the energies?


Basically, there are at least two main advantages. One of them is, when you start feeling the energies of the higher dimensions; since all is one, you’re only feeling an expanded part of yourself. You start to get used to living in an expanded energy field; that’s the potential. That means that you bring more synchronicities into your life; you help lift the people around you.


Another advantage of feeling the energies is that we can create group intentions; we can create a combining of all the energies of everyone on the phone. We don’t just say it. Some time we’ll have some of the people that are on the call say what they feel, because people experience it. People who are more psychically sensitive really experience it.


Some people experience it as a slight upliftment; some people experience it as a tingling, and some people are on the ceiling; they’re flying. They say “Wow!” Everyone experiences it differently, including me and including Terry. We’re not creating this experience; we’re part of the experience.


The experience is being created by everybody on the line and the Sources we’re talking to; they’re not creating the experience. They’re combining with our experience. When that happens there’s a magic that’s incredible.


All of you have experienced that magic in the physical 3D realm, or I’d say, most of you. For example, if you go to a really inspiring music concert or an inspiring movie, there’s an energy that comes into the theatre. Everyone feels that energy. When the concert or the movie is over, you walk out and people are looking at each other. They had an experience of oneness, because they sat through the energy of that movie.


They may not have experienced the energy of the Elohim, but they certainly experienced the energy of oneness. It’s only a slight bit of adjustment to turn that human experience of oneness into a celestial experience of oneness and then you have something new to identify, because it’s not a normal experience. You have to have the experience.


It’s because of this experience, I would guess, that in other times these guys were thought of as God, because they could have that experience and they could participate in group intentions; because they were participating, something could shift in the physical.


Everyone on this line isn’t in a body. You have to integrate this; you’re not leaving your body; you’re not going to walk around, floating around. I don’t; Terry comes close to it sometimes, but even she doesn’t. We all have our human, what’s called ‘human distortions.’ Last week we had the topic of worthiness. If you didn’t listen to that call, I’d go back in our archives and listen to it or read the transcript. It is an issue that everyone grapples with. Why is it that we don’t feel worthy? Why is it that we don’t have self-love?


We’ve all gone to the New Age talks that say you’ve got to love yourself.  Why is that so hard to do? Why is self-love such a challenge? One of the reasons that came up, this is important, is that there are negative forces in this realm, on our planet, that have been involved with it for millennia, that would like us to be slaves.


Some of you who are studying alternative stuff, who listen to George Noory, are very aware of all of that stuff. I’ve come to realize that a large part of it is true, is accurate. But even that is hard to figure out exactly what’s so; I’ve done a lot of research to try to understand it. Nonetheless, I do believe that there are negative forces that want to control this planet. By creating a kind of hypnosis that makes you feel unworthy, you’re easier to control.  If you start to look at that, you realize your unworthiness is not you; it’s been programmed.


How do they program unworthiness? I’ll give you an example. Everyone knows this example: On the media, on advertising, when they show a very sexy person, a very handsome person, being very desirable, if you don’t happen to match up to those standards, you think you’re undesirable. If you’re undesirable, you’re not worthy. Of course, if you buy a certain brand-name clothes and you wear that brand, you’re suddenly more desirable.


If you have the right car then everyone stares at you and says “Wow – I wish I was him!” Now you’re more desirable. Has this fixed your unworthiness? No. Most people never get to have those things and if they do get them, they just go on another trip being egotistical, condescending and, they’re not very attractive people if that’s all they’re going for.


Tonight I brought up the topic of unconditional love. I don’t know if all of you have been aware of that term ‘unconditional love.’ I think when you hear terms like this, your mind interprets it in such a way to think “I have to be nice.” Or, “I have to love everybody” or “I have to wear my heart on my sleeve.” I don’t believe that is what unconditional love is; not even close.


Unconditional love is where—there’s something called chakras in your body—chakras: c-h-a-k-r-a-s. That is an Indian word, Sanskrit word, meaning wheel, energy center. There are seven energy centers and each one is a potential connection to the Universe light energy running through your body. It goes from what’s called your root chakra to your crown chakra. Your crown chakra is at the top of your head and your root chakra is at the base of your spine. If we went through all seven, we have the root chakra, we have the sexual chakra, the second chakra; the power chakra the solar plexus, the heart chakra, which is the chest, the heart, that’s the fourth chakra. The fifth chakra sometimes is called the wisdom chakra, in your throat. The sixth chakra is your third eye, right in between, above your nose in between your eyes on your forehead, which relates to psychic awareness, remote viewing, and visions. The seventh chakra is at the top of your head; it’s called the crown chakra. If you look that up, look up crown chakra, you’ll find sometimes it’s the gateway to Intelligent Infinity.


As each of those chakras opens up in a person, you start radiating an energy into the world that starts from that chakra. People can feel it. Most people can feel it. For example, if all you have is your second chakra, people are going to feel that energy. If all you have is your third chakra you’re gonna look bossy and unapproachable, like you’re going to boss everyone around.


If you have your fourth chakra open, you’re generating a space that people around you, that are open to it—this doesn’t afflict other people; somebody has to be open to the receiving of those energies and they don’t even have to agree to it consciously; they just are—the fourth chakra is the heart chakra, which is what generates loving energy into a space.


When you look at people who are generating loving energy, then they are generating unconditional love. Why is it called unconditional love? It’s because it radiates to a space and you don’t have to try to aim it, to point it, to be nice; it’s just there. I remember one yoga teacher, Swami Satchidananda, whose talks I used to go to years and years ago, used to say, “Love is like the sun; it doesn’t decide who it’s going to shine on. It radiates into the space and everyone who is in the space can feel it who wants to.”


Even if you’re in the sun, you have the option of pulling covers over you; that’s your free choice and you won’t feel the sun. Unconditional love is radiating into a space. When you do that, suddenly people will be attracted to you that used to reject you. How people will respond to you is different.


Now, you have to learn how to work with that. If you try to be nice to everyone who responds to that unconditional love, very quickly you will get burned because people will take advantage of you. We often talk on Sunday; Sunday we work on opening these energies. I get amazing emails from people who have been on our Sunday calls, who have had huge breakthroughs in releasing energies in their body on a call. Again, if you don’t experience it yourself you won’t believe it. Since it’s a free call, this is your chance to tune into it, 10:00 a.m. Sunday morning.


How do you open up your fourth chakra? You can look at yourself and say “Oh my God, my fourth chakra is not open; it’s not open. What am I going to do? I’m not going to graduate this realm.” You can go into fear and you can do all kinds of stuff and you’re making it worse at that point; you’re not making it better.


One of the reasons I decided to do three calls a week is, because I felt that if I was going to tell people this whole thing about graduating this realm and then just say “See you later” it’s kind of scary. “Well, I want to graduate; how do I graduate? How do I get my fourth chakra open?” We started doing these calls when I learned that people could feel the energy on the call. We didn’t start doing three calls a week; we started doing one call a week.


Quite frankly, I didn’t know what I was doing. I’m still not sure I know what I’m doing. In fact, I’m working this as I go; I’m trying to figure out “How do you do this? How do you work it?” Suddenly I get all these people sending me emails. How do I fix everybody? I can’t fix everybody; in fact, I can’t fix anybody; that’s an illusion. But, I can set a reference point on these calls, so the energy on this call is something that, if you keep attending, starts to shift your energy or you start to shift your energy.  Because you can’t do this out of willpower; it just starts to shift. The first thing is to be curious; think of it that there’s something there. The second thing is to pay attention and see if anything happens. See if Wynn is correct in what he says.


One thing I do notice is that some people make up their minds too quickly and they miss the opportunity. We come into this realm, almost all of us, with many, many lifetimes of being contracted. Then, you come on a phone call and people make all these promises. I don’t make promises; I’m just telling my story.


Even hearing the story, hearing that the Elohim is on this call, you think, “they’re big guys; they created the Universe. The Ra group is on this call and they’re big guys. So let me go and have an epiphany experience.”  You go with that expectation and occasionally somebody has it; occasionally, they do.


You have to realize that you have spent huge amounts of lifetimes contracted. This un-contraction process takes time. You have to do it. We give you energetic support; we give you a point of view of how things work for you to consider. We give you an opportunity to ask questions to these Sources about your issues. Ultimately, you are the one that’s going to make the change. How do you make the change?


One of the things that I’ve learned is that because of what we’re providing on these calls, the easiest way to make the change is to show up. Just show up and listen. Keep showing up. We’re like a new network. You’re not watching TV; you’re not watching the news; you’re not being programmed by all those things.


We’re setting another standard of energy. I’ve pointed this out many times; I’ve been talking since the beginning of the call. There hasn’t been a moment when you haven’t heard my voice. The interesting thing is, as soon as I stop talking, there’s energy. I’m talking on top of that energy.  That energy, in the space of that energy, is where the other dimensions lie.  It’s where these Sources exist.


Another way of looking at that energy is that time moves at a different speed. You know how, when you’re listening to something and you get restless, you say “When is this going to end?” Maybe some of you are feeling like that when you’re listening to me and that’s okay. I would bet most of you are not. It’s not because of what I’m saying. It’s because that on these calls, I believe we’re setting down an example of time moving at a different speed.


When we look at other dimensions, it’s hard to visualize what another dimension is; you can think of science fiction and time-warps and people walking through machines where they go into the future or they get teleported to somewhere else. What I have come to understand and I’ve asked this question: one way of looking at other dimensions is it’s a zone where time moves at a different speed than this zone.


This is called 3D; if you have a clock here, it moves at a certain speed. Yet, even in 3D, everyone is experiencing time differently. Some experience it faster, some experience it slower. What makes time move faster?—having a good time, having a great time with someone you’re with, having beautiful intimacy. I’m going to suggest that being on this call starts the process of making time move faster.


In the illusion of this call, it looks like I’m doing it. But I’m not doing it; I’m just showing up. You’re not doing it. It’s just happening. There’s the alchemy of connection that moves through this call that changes how time feels. When I stop talking, you can feel the space. If we wanted to do it, I could stop talking for five minutes and many of you could hold that silent space for quite some time without getting restless, without thinking “When is he going to start again?” As time stops, we start getting access to other realms.


If you live with someone, try that. Try it with them. We use that calling in of the Light as a physical way to just say “Let’s gather in the space of higher energies.” Try calling in the Light with someone; or, if that feels uncomfortable, say “Let’s be silent together and feel the energy.” Shut your eyes and send unconditional love to that person.


When you start doing that, you start tuning into unconditional love; it starts to radiate. I would guess that many of you listening right now are feeling unconditional love. This is my wording; it blows my mind that we can be on the internet; we can be reaching people all over the world and I’m sitting here and I don’t feel special; I really don’t. I acknowledge what I’m doing and I see this is a rare thing to do. Yet, I’m sitting here and we’re connecting our loving energies with each other.

As you learn to do that here, you’ll learn to do it elsewhere. You’ll learn to do it when you go out, or when you sit in a restaurant. You’ll learn that there is the silence everywhere. You can walk in the silence and radiate out from the silence. You’re now in the experience of unconditional love, no conditions, no conditions, just present.


You don’t have to wear your heart on your sleeve; you don’t have to be nice; it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be nice. You should be nice when it’s appropriate. It’s not always appropriate to be nice because people take advantage of you. You don’t have to be nice to radiate unconditional love.


You can go and experiment and sit down on a park bench and say “Okay, I want to bless this spot. I would like to radiate unconditional love here. I’ve asked the higher Sources to work through me and help me. I’m going to re-broadcast that energy into the space.” Try saying that and seeing if something shifts inside of you; see if it shifts.


We recently tried something new. Whenever I try something new I say it’s an experiment.  Believe me, I resist these experiments. I say “What if this doesn’t work? Everyone’s going to say it doesn’t work.” So many people who are coming into our calls are having issues: they’re sick; they’re going broke; their mortgages are up. They email me and they think I can fix it for them. I can’t; I’m just human like you. What fixes this is the group energy of support.


So I started a healing list. I figured out how to do this so it’s automated.  One of the things that is a problem, is we’re doing so much stuff for free.  Every time I do something it takes a certain amount of maintenance. I’ve run out of my maintenance time. Thank God; I would have run out of it a long time ago, if I didn’t have probably ten people who are volunteering right now, who are doing some of the maintenance aspects of things, everything from transcribing, to helping to send the emails out, to answering people who didn’t get the Creator Gods book when somehow they didn’t download it properly, or they lost the link.


All these people are working for free. If this is going to reach a lot of people, it has to create enough foundation so that it can support itself. These people are working in the evenings; they have jobs. A couple of people are lucky enough to have independent incomes. Somehow, we have brought it by the seat of our pants to the point we’re at now.


When I had that moment to be on George Noory, when they asked me, exactly what happened was: I had been calling them for ten years, ever since my book came out. I was on one time when the book came out, one time, to talk about the book. I never talked about my own experience.


David Wilcock was on with me; it’s probably somewhere on some archive on Coast to Coast. Then I happened to call the producer about two and a half months ago. I had just put up my website and I’d sent it to her. I wanted to see if she had looked at the website and she hadn’t. I said “Please look at it.” I think she looked at it while she was talking to me.


It was not easy to put up that website. I liked being anonymous. Suddenly, I’m telling this story and what are people going to think? Am I going to have a lot of religious people slamming me? Am I going to be broadcast on blogs everywhere?


I put it up anyway; I said “I’ve got to do something and put this out.” I called her; she looked at it. She talked to me for two hours. She said “I think I’ll put you on; I’ll call you back.” Then she said “Okay, there’s an hour tonight. Do you want to be on?” I almost said “No. I’m not ready.” It was scary. Luckily, I didn’t say no and I did it.


Of course, a month later I was on again for three hours. You people who are on this call, many of you who are on this call, are here because she said “Yes.” You’re here because I called her on that day.


I talked to her; I was strong when I talked to her. I had all this practice; I had practice sleeping in my car going to expos, learning how to talk about this. I didn’t know how to do it. I had to train myself; I had to see how people would respond and here we are.


I’ve been talking about unconditional love. I hope you guys understand the difference. There’s something called tribal love. Tribal love is loving your family, loving your children, loving your religious group, loving a limited group, going into that group and you feel a certain comfort in that group.  You feel a sense of love in that group. That is love and that is an open heart, but it is not unconditional love. Unconditional love is when you can walk into the world, no matter where you are and keep your heart open.  Everyone can feel it; those that are meant to will feel it. I’ll tell you a story.


Last night, I went into the local Walgreen’s. This beautiful blonde woman, older lady, but very radiant, looked at me and said, “I have to thank you.”  I thought, “Now what has she got to thank me for?” I didn’t remember. I said “What is it?” She said “When you come to check out; I’ll tell you later.” She said that I had come in there a month ago and I had looked at her and said—I didn’t even know who she was; she didn’t know who I was. She had the qualities of being an Elohim soul in this realm. I’ve learned to recognize those qualities—I’d looked at her and said “I think you’re from another dimension; did you ever think of that?”


She looked at me, and beautiful love was pouring out of her and she said “You know what? I did think of that.” I don’t think she ever shared it with anyone. People feel that way and they don’t talk about it; it sounds too crazy.


I had told her “You should go to my website and look at my video and then read my book if it resonates.” Now, I said “What did I do?” I had no memory of that. She said “I went to your website; remember you were here last time and you told me to go to your website? I read your book. Then, they visited me afterwards. They came into the room; I could feel their energy.” I said “Oh.” I said “You’ve got to start coming to our conference calls.”


That’s an example of unconditional love; not exactly. I felt the energy, I felt the love. I said something to ground it and I was correct.


Another really good story is:


Years ago, I was living in Pomona, California. It was about thirty miles from L.A. I was going to the Post Office. It was somewhere near Christmas time. There was this down-and-out black fellow standing out in front of the Post Office asking for money. I looked at him and said “If you expect people to give you money, you’ve got to be happier.” I took a dollar out of my pocket and I said “Listen; I’m giving you a lucky dollar. Put it in your back pocket and don’t spend it. Use it to bring more money in.” I went into the Post Office and I forgot all about it.


Again, a month later, I’m going to the same Post Office. I don’t even remember this incident. The same guy was there, but I didn’t recognize him. In fact, he looked better; he didn’t look so down and out. He saw me walking into the Post Office and he ran up to me—it scared me—and hugged me. He said “I just want to thank you. You gave me that dollar.  Remember? I followed what you said and that night I took in like $30. I’ve been making money hand over fist ever since.”


There’s a lesson there; there’s a lesson. I can’t give you all a dollar, but I can give you a psychic dollar right now. Learn that principle. Go out and give somebody fifty cents. Send us a dollar. Give some money away totally freely with no attachment; put all your love into it. And, do it every day, a little bit, even though you’re low on money and see if you can’t change your pattern around.


You can’t do it to change your pattern. You have to do it as an act of love.  If you do it as an act of love, it starts to change your pattern. If you do it because you’re going to say “God, show me. Change my pattern; give me the money”; it won’t work. If you’re going to send us $2—and I really appreciate all those people that send us $2 –don’t think “I’m going to send him $2 and all this great stuff is going to happen to me.” Instead: “I’m going to send it to him because I love what he does. He comes on and he cheers me up and he’s unrelenting and I’m feeing uplifted and I’m going to send love back to him, in $2.” That’s the way to do it; that’s the way you change your patterns. You do things, random acts of kindness; there’s that famous saying.


Here I am talking. Terry, are you there? 


Terry:  I’m here, yes.


Wynn:  You’re there. Now I’ve hogged all this time. We can go a little over, because there’s no show coming on after me. Maybe that’s pretty complete; I did a pretty complete thing. It didn’t leave anything hanging.  Do you feel, not the urgency, but do you feel there is something to offer from their side on this concept of unconditional love?


Terry:  I found something on the internet that people can go look at that’s pretty interesting. It’s connected with the heart chakra, when the heart chakra is open then the people become balanced; they’re sincere and happy.  There’s a strong connection to life. They have the compassion and willingness to help; they feel peaceful and balanced and they feel loving.


The heart chakra is connected to the sound of F; ‘F’ as in Frank, the musical note F. The heart chakra resonates with the musical note of F and the colors of the heart chakra are green and alternately pink.


Wynn:  There’s this Indian idea. People all have heard the word ‘mantra’, that if you say a mantra it gets you back to God. People say Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo; or they say different words.


One of the things about sound is that different sounds resonate in your body. If you want to open up the energies in a given area of your body, if you make a sound that resonates in that area, it helps to start to open the energy. It doesn’t have to do with anything woo-woo—everything’s woo-woo, ultimately. If you’re on this show, it’s woo-woo. The idea of using sound to open up energy is something anyone can do.


What is one of the most famous sounds? “Omm.” Let’s look at Omm. If you take Omm apart—forget about any religious significance or anything like that—notice if you say “Omm”, it starts out Omm it’s down in your solar plexus. Omm, as it goes up the ‘m’ starts to vibrate towards the top of your head. You have a sound that goes o-o-o-m-m-m-m-m-m-m. If people do that for long periods of time, even if they do it with another person, they start opening the energies up. Hare Krishna—remember the guy who said everyone should sing Hare Krishna? It’s the same principle.


There’s no wisdom in that; you still need the wisdom to get the discernment to figure it out. You can start learning how to move energy, you can make that sound. When you’re finished, you may find you’ve created some radiant energy in your heart. Ommm.


Terry:  There are some affirmations given here for the heart.  One of them is…


Wynn:  Terry, I’ve got to stop you, okay? I know you’re trying to help. I don’t think we should be reading other people’s stuff on the internet.  At least let me go over it first; send it to me and I’ll send it out in an email for everybody if it passes the test.


If we start that, then someone else will say this. It’s not that I don’t think it’s good.


Terry:  All right.


Wynn:  I’m speaking right now from my experience. If you speak from your experience, in other words, if you had an affirmation and you used it, then you could tell it. I’m talking about Omm because I’ve done that. If you’re just reading it off the internet for the first time and you haven’t used it I don’t trust sharing that with other people.


Terry:  It kind of went along with Monday night, talking about worthiness.  One of the affirmations is “I love who I am.” That’s all I have to say.


Wynn:  I’m not sure; I’ll tell you the truth; I have read affirmations and I have never made them work for me. They sound good, but I’ve never made them work. Unless I’ve made something work for myself, I prefer not to recommend it to someone else. Does that make sense? I’m afraid of underlying agendas in everything, including me and you. I’m really tough on all of this stuff.


In any case, I think we’re complete. We don’t have to do a channeling session on this.


Terry:  Right; there wasn’t enough time.


Wynn:  We could stay on for a long time, but I think I’ve covered it fairly well. I hope that helps some of you. I do know Ommm works; I do know that.  If you’re on our Sunday call, I did that guttural sound to get your third chakra open. I know that works, as long as people aren’t thinking you’re crazy and you go someplace where you can put a pillow over you.


The bottom line is each of you is on a path; each of you is on a trajectory; each of you is creating a future. The future gets created by now.  Everything you add to yourself in the now, right now, starts to change your future trajectory. Every Sunday we do this incredible healing meditation.


I got an email. I don’t know what’s going on; I’m sitting here in the middle of the room and I say these things. Then, I get an email from someone that says how much they released. Thank you for the person who sent that; I forget his name, but he went through a releasing of his rage towards his father. He started crying and he let it go.


Part of this whole process is letting go of the baggage you carry that is blocking you from letting something in. You can only fit something in as you start emptying it. One of the things I can tell you is that we’re afraid to empty stuff because what if nothing comes in? What if we’re just left empty?


I’m telling you it will work; it does work, as you start to empty yourself new things do come in. If you’re aiming for higher things to come in, you get the energy that you’re always looking for. But you have to apply yourself; don’t think this is going to happen by magic, because the Elohim is there or Wynn said so. It’s got to be your personal experiment with yourself to change your track.


I would suggest that everyone listening to these calls and reading our materials has an unusual opportunity to advance their spiritual evolution.  That doesn’t mean we’re the only one. It’s probably one of the few things that’s available for free on the internet that has such high Sources attached to it. If it works for you, it’s great. If it doesn’t, maybe you’re one of those people that need to be in a room with a bunch of people; you need to go to weekend workshops. Find what works for you, but you’ve discovered us so try to make the best of it.


I’m going to say goodnight to everybody. Terry – you can say good night to everybody.


Terry: Good night everybody and love to you. I feel your energy on the line.


Wynn:  Many of you are wondering “Where is Daphne?” Daphne had to retreat for a while. It was just too much doing all this channeling. I’m sure she’ll be back; let’s send her all loving energy.


If any of you send me an email that says how much you appreciate her, I will forward it to her and I know that will make her feel good. It’s hard for her; she’s very, very sensitive. She picks up all the energies around her.  When she’s channeling and on these lines, she picks up the energies of every one of all of you. She has a hard time processing it. I feel those energies and I have more experience processing it, which is why it’s easier for me. She’s like a little crystal chandelier and it falls apart for her really easily. She’s re-grouping.


Thank you all for being here. Thank you, Terry. Thank you, Daphne. Thanks to everyone who is volunteering. We’ll see you Wednesday, when you get a chance to submit questions.


Callers:  Thank you Wynn, goodnight, etc.




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