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Your Chakras Vibrate to Musical Notes


Personal and Planetary Healing Session
Audio: Sunday September 23, 2012
Channel Terry Brown
Transcribed by a Friend
Edited by Terry Brown and Valerie Hawes
Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee


(Channeling only Transcribed)


Ra’An:  We greet you in the love light of the One Infinite Creator. This is September 23, 2012 and we welcome each and every person who is on this call or will listen to the replay or will read the transcript later. The transcript or the replay will have the same energy and share the same frequencies and the same vibrations as you are hearing on the original call.


We have said the word vibrations. We have a very high vibration with the color pink. We are in the space of each and every person who wishes us there. We honor free will and when a person asks, as each of you who have asked today, either silently in your own heart or with an email to Wynn, we hear your call.


We hear your plea and we see that you are a mixture of vibrations and we see that you each have a vibration within the third density which connects you and grounds you to your surroundings and allows you to operate and to stay focused within the location where you are and we see that when you grasp on a certain vibration, a certain explanation, that it then affects your pull and your connection with your surroundings, with your body, with your health.


The chakra system generates frequencies and it is either operational or you exclude, due to your belief systems, certain vibrations, which damps the vibration of the certain chakra systems. When the chakra systems are operating fully and completely, they bring to you attraction of the things that can fulfill your life. 


Some of the things which can damp your frequencies towards bringing you what you wish health-wise, material-wise, are belief systems that you have that fix you into a certain vibration. One such example would be “I have diabetes.” Another would be “I have heart disease.” Another would be “I have the congenital condition.” When you then fix that idea, that belief system, into the whole of what you are, it contains a frequency and it connects you to the frequency of all the other people, all the medical system and all their belief systems about that particular disease and you then, having that frequency fixation in your space, attempt to heal.


You are then putting a different frequency on top of the frequency that you have grounded there and is grounded with the medical profession and all belief systems of people concerning that particular disease. This makes a divergence again between what you wish and what is going on.  


When you bring into your belief system that you are now well and whole and all of your chakras are operating in a full-bodied manner and spinning in a clockwise direction and that your foundational chakra is expressing the note, the musical note of C, then you can begin to attract and pull into you the grounding that you desire.


If you have the belief that you have no home, no place to go, that you have not the financial capability, you begin to fray the vibration of your foundation chakra and the C note may begin to be absent from your foundation chakra and then you find it harder to attract to you, to pull in the finances, to pull in the grounding, the home that you so desire, as we see that many of you on the call are concerned about your financial condition and we look at each and every one of you.


We see which ones have placed this in the Light and which ones haven’t placed it in the Light but have silently placed it in the Light and we see then the importance of restoring the vibration within your foundation of the C note, the vibration that will then connect you to that C note within society and connect you up with finance and with home and with then the higher chakras with loved ones, with the sexual experiences you desire in the next chakra up, which will then express the next note up which is D.


Then you can begin to have some power because you have support and you can begin to support those you love and move to the next note up, the next chakra [the solar plexus chakra], which is E and then, being supported, you can begin to experience the love and you can begin to give love and compassion to others because you have a structure that is supporting you and you can begin to share it with the next note up, the heart chakra which is F.


And you can begin to express. That’s the next chakra up, the throat chakra, the expression chakra which is G.


Then as you open yourself up to the next chakra, to remote view, to extend yourself out, to begin to see around you, you open up the next chakra, which is in the forehead and that is the note of A.


Then, on these calls you have been opening up your crown chakra to the higher realms where we are and that is the note of [B] and we connect with you from the crown chakra and we see you in our light if you wish it. We see you healed.


We see your chakra systems open and working fully and we take the labels off of you and allow you to set your own health, ideals, goals and those around you who wish that also and we help unstick those frequencies where one gets stuck in certain lower level conditions and we open the whole thing up. 


We leave you, but we do not leave you. We are here with you and we, in this very meaningful, sacred moment, touch those that wish touching.




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