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Special Guest Carla Rueckert of the Ra, Law of One Series—

                         Was Terry the wife of Socrates?



Monday – 09.24.2012
Host: Wynn Free
With Terry Brown, Daphne Karandanis and Carla Rueckert
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Transcribed by Connie O'Brien
Edited by Terry Brown and Valerie Hawes

Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee


[We enter the call early where Wynn is teasing Terry and Marilyn]


Wynn:  Terry, are you there?


Terry:  I’m here.


Wynn:  I let a certain cat out of the barrel earlier about Terry; something she’s never said.  We don’t know if this is true, so you can just take it as fantasy. Marilyn provoked me, and I thought I’d let Marilyn share what happened.


Marilyn:  I don’t want to share.


Wynn:  This is 6:04 P.M. on Monday, September 24th (2012); this is the Wynn Free Conference call and the Wynn Free-Terry Brown-Daphne Karandanis-Carla Rueckert conference call.


Marilyn, are you there?


Marilyn:  I’m here. But I don’t want to share. I don’t remember what you called me, but it wasn’t very nice. He was being mean to me, Terry.


Gijs:  You’re on the wrong subject, Marilyn. Wynn, please; you continue.


Terry:  I should have come in earlier, so I’d know what this was about.


Marilyn:  Yes, you should have.


Wynn:  Marilyn, you’re not going to share how it all started, right?


Marilyn:  You mean. I’m supposed to tell her that we were talking about her and Saint Catherine?


Wynn:  No, no, no, no, no, no. What about husbands?


Marilyn:  Oh! No, you go ahead. You’re much better at this.


Wynn:  You should say how you provoked it.


Marilyn:  I didn’t do a thing! I just was telling you that you’re too loud on the phone.


Caller:  Janice provoked it.


Marilyn:  See? There you go. And, he picked on me.


Wynn:  She said I was too loud on the phone. But, the way she said it, I said she sounds like a former wife that was hen-pecking me from some other lifetime.


Then, she said “And you’re not married, are you?” [Laughter]


Marilyn:  I said “You’re not married because?”


Wynn:  I reminded myself of a Socrates quote and I shared the Socrates quote.


Carla:  About Xanthippe?


Wynn:  Wait a second; the Socrates quote was, “If a man has a good wife, he’ll have a lot of joy in his life. But, if he doesn’t have a good wife he’ll end up being a philosopher.” [Laughter].


After I said that, here’s the cat I let out of the bag; Terry has this feeling that she was Socrates’ wife.


Terry: That’s right and that I knew Plato. It’s like I was his [Socrates] wife and he was a very difficult husband. He would stay out all night and he wouldn’t bring home any money for support.


Caller: That sounds like Wynn.[Laughter]


Wynn:  Terry believes that this guy, John Sanborn, who has been a long-term friend of Terry’s that lived in Terry’s living room for thirty years and was a writer—she was always supportive of him and paying the bills, so he could stay home and write. It was like she thought he was Socrates.


I studied it; and I studied Socrates. I studied John. Not only did they look alike, but they said the same kinds of things. They looked like they thought the same way. So I thought that it might have been true.



Socrates believed the best way for people to live was to focus on self-development rather than the pursuit of material wealth. He encouraged others to concentrate on friendships and a sense of true community as the best way for people to grow together.