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What is Déjà-Vu?


Wednesday – 9.26.2012
Host: Wynn Free
Audio Link - Channeled by Terry Brown and Daphne Karandanis

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien

Edited by Terry Brown and Valerie Hawes

Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee



Wynn:  Hey everybody, everybody listening on BBS and everybody on our phone line, this is Wynn Free in Sedona. Those of you that are checking in for the first time, you are in the middle of an experiment and it has to do with, are there voices talking to us that created the Universe? Can they make themselves known to you in a way that you can feel it? In a way that’s uplifting?


They say they can and I get numerous emails from people who can feel energies on the line. While you’re on this line you may notice and I’ll tell you how it feels; at least, it’s different for everybody. I don’t want to say this is how it’s going to feel for you.


For many people it’s not like a stranger coming in. It’s an energy; you know how you walk into a room and there’s good vibes and you can feel the energy in the room and suddenly you shift? It’s kind of like that, except you’re on a conference line; you’re not walking into a room. There’s nothing in your physical proximity like another human, that’s bringing energy in.


When you walk into a room and there’s something going on, you’re around other humans who all have energy and when they have good energy, some of you can feel the energy; many of you can feel that. When they don’t have good energy you can say its bad vibes.


What’s happening is; people keep coming back to these calls. Sometimes this really, really profound information comes in, but most of all there’s an energy that helps lift your spirits. The energy comes in, not because of anything I do and not because anything you do, except to be neutral; you don’t have to try. Just be relaxed; be in a quiet place and that doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you’re going to feel it, but many people do.


The people that feel it the fastest are those people who our Sources would identify as star seeds or Wanderers, that is, people who actually were in other dimensions, graduated this realm, came into this realm to be of service and, invariably, they got lost. 90% of them get lost; they go into the reality systems here.


Inside themselves, they have a tuning-fork that is very much connected to the higher realms and when they come into these calls, their tuning fork starts to vibrate because it’s got a resonance with the energy. Those are the people that get the most immediate reaction.


Everybody can get the reaction; it’s not limited to anybody. But if you’re having lots of trauma inside yourself, if you’re in pain, if you have un-worked-out karma, your circuits might be a little bit clouded, fogged, so it’s hard to feel the energy. We do talk about those things and we do look for keys to help clear those things. Many people, after they’re on the line for a couple of months or a couple of weeks, suddenly get it; they open up.


Consider it your personal experiment. I’m only a reporter here; I’m sitting in the middle of it. I’m telling you, if you’ve read my book, which I hope you have and by the way, reading the material helps open you up—read the materials; they say their energy is in their words.


Read the Creator Gods book which we give away for free; reading The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, reading the Ra material from Carla Rueckert,, it all starts to help tune you in and you learn how to fit into this physical realm in a different way, a different perspective, instead of that part of you that’s saying, “What am I doing? Where’s the money? What am I going to do? What am I supposed to do? What’s my role?”


Your first role, if you’re looking for a role, has to do with tuning. Tuning, getting your tuning fork vibrating in resonance with the frequencies of the higher realms. Then you automatically start being of service, because you’re lifting the vibration around you.


We’ve got a lot of questions tonight. Some of you listened to the replay of the interview on Darkness Radio with David Schroder which was on Monday night. For the very first time ever, we did a channeling; Terry brought in our Sources live. I was on the show a week before and David talked to me for two hours. Some of you listening probably heard that.


We had a bit of a misunderstanding, because I asked him to run all the questions through me. The reason we do that is because my role in this is to hold the space, hold the energy. By doing that, it creates safety for the person who is channeling. The questions that are asked have to be carefully reviewed prior. Why is that?


It’s because certain kinds of questions can bring in negative sources. One of the things as I understand it:  when you’re dealing with a group matrix energy, you’re not dealing with a single being that’s answering questions. We’re not dealing with an ascended being; even a high being in other realms that has wisdom. We’re dealing with group energies and they do have wisdom, but they’re a group matrix. Whatever I talk or ask about, the energy starts moving into that.


If I ask a question that has a lot of negativity attached to it, the energy suddenly shifts. You can actually bring in a negative source. I think we’ve had that happen occasionally on the line.


When we did this show, David took it upon himself to ask the questions, which was not our prior agreed upon protocol. It was the last question which was unfortunate, because it was the one left hanging in people’s minds. Up to the last question, he did a really good job. I let him ask the questions, although it was not supposed to work that way. It’s much safer if I ask the questions, but in general his questions were okay.


The last question was a strange question, because he said “Can you tell us about Renard?” and he just left it like that.  [The exact question was, “Do you know who is the being is that calls themselves Renard?”] If you’re listening to these calls you know that we don’t take inventory of other people, of other groups. People ask us, “Is this positive? Is this negative?” It’s not up to me to tell you; that’s part of your lesson in discernment, to figure it out. We do set a frequency here and if you learn to feel the frequency, you’ll be able to tell if somebody else is coming from a high frequency.


It’s a frequency that is not a show-off frequency; it’s not a self-aggrandizing frequency; it’s a frequency that can lift your spirits, make you feel loved inside yourself, if you open to it. When you’re looking in anything, you can learn to feel the frequency and decide if that’s there. It’s my feeling that if something makes you feel loved inside of yourself and if it makes people love each other and open to each other, then that’s a very good criteria for positive.


If something is just being an expert all the time, knows all the answers, you may learn something, but it may not be positive. Both the negative and the positive can channel through people. The negative is tricky; they can say they’re the Elohim, they can say they’re Jesus. How do you figure out if it really is or it really isn’t? You have to look for that loving frequency; you can’t just go by the words that are being said.


When he asked this question about who is Renard, I didn’t want to ask it. David insisted. I said “Okay, let’s let it go through”. We got a rather strange answer. They said “Renard is a composite of different things” and that was it. I thought that might be their way of side-stepping the question. Terry, I think, wants to clarify something about what she felt when that question was being asked.


By the way, this has become a really big thing on his show and this evening somebody who put that question there was going to be on the show and talk about it. I called David up and I said “Okay, he’s going to talk about it; I want to talk about it”, because I didn’t know what they were going to say, if they were going to try to discredit us, or if somebody was trying to trick us and just made up something; I didn’t know, and I still don’t know. [Interestingly enough, this show was cancelled due to “technical difficulties” and they ran a replay of one of their archives.]


In any case, Terry what did you want to say about that?


Terry:  I wanted to say first of all, if someone listens to it and then senses [David’s] energy like when he was talking about the healing of the girl, his energy was really good. When it got to the last question, if you noticed his energy; his energy became adverse. The whole energy…


Wynn:  We’re talking about David’s energy became adversarial.


Terry:  David’s energy, yes. His energy suddenly became adversarial on the last question. I noted that. The question, I don’t know that he knew what the answer was at the time, like in full. But, what came through, the first thing that came through, was of evil and good vying for supremacy. That would fit how the energy shifted on the call at that point.


The Elohim didn’t want to say that; they then looked at the audience and there are people by that name, Renard. It’s a French name with a silent ‘d’.  There would be people listening or come to listen to the call at some point that had that name and the Elohim didn’t want what they were getting to be attached, in any way, to those people named Renard, because it really didn’t fit. 


They had said at the start “Give us a moment.”  [The first level of looking during that silence was that they did not know of a being named Renard that the questioner was asking about.  Looking deeper, the second level of looking was that there were both evil and good thoughts involved. Some of these thoughts were intellectual, some were emotional with an element of practicality and some thoughts were changing. Going deeper, the third level of looking was that there are actual people named Renard.  The fourth level of looking was that there was a ‘being’ named Renard who had elements of both evil and good.  They felt extremely uncomfortable using the word ‘being’ in relation to Renard] and this was what was going on during that moment of silence. They were trying to decide how to handle that question of the supremacy of good and evil. Then they commented about a ‘being’ who was a composite, every being is a composite, but in this ‘being’ of Renard, the composite parts were not working in harmony with each other. That was their sort of a dumb-downed version of this very strong concept of pure evil vying with pure good.  [Note: After the call I looked up the word ‘Renard.’  It is the French word for fox. Fox can denote trickery or cunning. I did not know if the Elohim was referring to David’s questioning as being of mixed polarity or if they were referring to Renard in the television drama Grimm--an American police procedural fantasy television drama series. It debuted in the U.S. on NBC on October 28, 2011. In episode 2 of season 2, "The Kiss," it revealed Renard as a half-human/half-creature who morphed from human into an evil creature.]


That’s what; there’s the whole story right there [from my side].


Wynn:  Yes. Thank you very much.


We’re going to call in the Light and that means our invocation to create a protective energy. You are going to be part of the protective energy. When we do this, you might feel that energy come in. This is not a magic ritual; it’s a bunch of intentions that, when we intend something we start to make it happen.


Father-Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light to surround and protect each person on the call, listening to the replays and reading the transcripts and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through the outer energy fields of planet earth, through our bodies and into the center of the earth. Right now, we invoke a group energy connection between all of us present on this line who would wish, of their own free will, to participate in that.


If you’re new on the line, just stay in the background and watch and observe until you say, “Okay, I’m open to that”.


We do this while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. We invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring the Law of One, to join with us and we create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.


I’ll mention that the way the Universe works, as we’ve learned to understand it, is: the entire Universe is one energy and everything in it is a subdivision of that energy, just as if you might have a house with electricity coming into it with all these electrical outlets. Different things plug into them and they all do different functions, but they’re all plugged into the same circuit.


The Universe is the same way; there’s one energy and all of us are plugged into that circuit. In the higher realms, beings, entities, recognize that they’re part of the same energy. In the lower realms like earth, people usually lose track of that experience. In this moment, we want to feel what we’re plugged into; we want to feel the connection. Not as an isolated, alienated being.


The Elohim and the Ra groups are actually us, but they’re expanded versions of us. They’re part of the same energy. We are contracted versions of them, but many of us came to this planet and took bodies, because one of the highest services anyone can do is to learn to be the ground-crew for this energy. They can help us, but they need people down here to work with.


On these calls, many of us have experienced that and have agreed to do that. You don’t have to do anything, other than make the connection and open yourself up. You’ll end up being more loving and people feel your presence differently, but most of us have certain things we have to get through before we can do that.


The reason for these calls, one of my reasons, is to help you get through what you need to get through so that you can be of higher service while you’re alive. When you die, you have a greater connection to the other side and you don’t have to be afraid.


Do we have an opening comment from our Sources?


Ra’An:  We greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator. We spread our Love Light across the planet, not only to the people on the call, but to the light workers and to the workers who are working in areas of dangerous jobs: to the paramedics, to the medical workers. We spread light and support to all of them and our thanks for the work that they do. We appreciate each and every of you being on this call and the opportunity to connect with you, those that wish to be connected with.


Do you have questions?


Wynn:  Yes. One question is, I don’t know the person’s name, but this not a personal question:


Besides the group souls that are communicating with us, are there other positive group souls interfacing with our realm that have different functions that you would like to share with us?


Ra’An:  Thank you. Yes, there are other groups that are interfacing; there are groups of angels in the angelic realm that are interfacing and they have their own specific jobs. They are guides and helpers and they work in the heavenly realm and they interface with the earth realm.


There are other groups that work in the area of India and they interface through some of the religious tenets in the area, with the people in that area and some of the rituals that they have and the burial rituals. They work to help transport beings to the other side. They think in a different language; however, their function is much the same.


We look at other countries and we see that there are other groups also; in Africa there is a group that is connected to help the African people to transition.


So the answer is yes.


Wynn:  Thank you. We had two people asking questions about the moon tonight. I’m going to just integrate their questions together under one umbrella.


One thing is, that when people are reading about the moon or listening to George Noory or different metaphysical things, there is this idea that the moon might be artificial and that it is also a place for alien bases. And, there are funny structures on it that seem to have been made by intelligence.


In my studies of Egypt, the word Ra became known as Amun Ra. Amun related to the moon and the moon is a receiving energy, as opposed to the sun. I came to the idea that the Amun Ra name was a service-to-self name and it wasn’t the highest name, even though religion has taken that and I believe amen is derivative from Amun.


On the other hand, we have astrology which has all these ways of interpreting the moon’s influence. We have the Hebrew religion, which uses the moon as a calendar as opposed to the sun.


Can you share anything with us about the moon that might be helpful in understanding for those people who are asking those questions and that are curious? Finally, how do we relate to the moon as an energy?


Ra’An:  Thank you. During certain times when there is a full moon, the moon has a very great pull upon the people of earth that are on the side where the moon is shining. It not only pulls the tides, but it pulls the molecules of the person’s body and it gets things moving within the body.


As an individual tends to hold within his sphere stuckness-es and keeps things in balance and the moon, when the moon is full, can begin to unbalance those things. So things that a person has been holding within them can begin to become unbalanced. The person has to work harder to keep them in balance.


Of course, the best answer is to be able to clear those things so they are not in a person’s field to be pulled and pushed and come into play during certain cycles of the moon. There is less pull that there are times when this can act as an advantage for the person to make more contact, to be able to accomplish things. These are in the realm of astrology. There is information available on how the moon affects things during the waxing and the waning of the moon. Give us a moment.


The moon has functions which are not generally thought of and are taken for granted. It is a balance for earth, so that it can act as a protection for earth because of it’s interaction in electromagnetics; it can be a deflection for earth in some of the things coming its way from the sun or from other areas within the solar system.


There have been questions as to how the moon got there. It has been there for an extremely long time and it, during other cycles, has been able to be moved into place, so that it has the best advantage in connecting with earth. There were technologies—we look at how long ago—more than millions of years, in the area of billions of years, when earth was first colonized. It was looked at how earth could be set up to be a paradise for individuals to retreat to from other parts of the galaxy.


There were technologies at that time for how to move other bodies into position and there were geometries that were known, about how to coordinate movements and what positioning would be best for protection of earth.


Those are our comments.


Wynn:  Whoever was working with the moon, would you call them service-to-self or service-to-others, or mixed?


Ra’An:  We would say that it was an individual thing, but in general the programs were service-to-others to provide a refuge, a retreat, an ideal paradise where individuals could go to set up a new experiment, a new land.


In general, we would call them service-to-others, although within the group there were service-to-self individuals who were working to make money or working for their own motives.


Wynn:  So then they were constructing, attempting to construct, a paradise on earth and the moon was going to be part of it, yes?


Ra’An:  That is correct.


Wynn:  And, interfacing the energies of the moon so it was created in a deliberate manner by intelligent ETs?  Would we call them ETs?


Ra’An:  That is correct.


Wynn:  Yes, with flying saucers?


Ra’An:  You may call them ETs, colonizers from other parts of the galaxy and other galaxies.


Wynn:  Okay, thank you.


We have a question here from Helma. There’s a lot of talk about this period of time in the shift. I think Jesus said it, and she says the Mayan elders said it. The question is:  Are we going to have three days of darkness when we won’t see the sun in this coming period of time?


Ra’An:  It depends upon what you mean “in this coming period of time”.  We can give you parameters to consider; we do not expect any untoward changes in the area of time, in the near area of time.


There are some of the things that we see out there, possibilities, that could potentially happen at some point; we do not have a date and we do not see them within the next few years.


One of the things is the melting of the glaciers makes a redistribution of weight upon the planet, which could make a movement within the earth’s crust to realign the weight; which, in a movement, a crustal movement, could create an apparent stopping of the sun.


This has happened in the past, millions of years ago and is some of the reasons that you find Woolly mammoths flash frozen in the north, in that they were in a climate that was temperate and then the crust moved.


During the crustal movement, they were placed into a cold part of the planet as the whole crust moved. This is where some of the myths and legends come from about three days of darkness.


There is redistribution of weight in the taking of oil and minerals out of the land and this could even work in favor of individuals living on the earth plane, in that it may help with the redistribution of weight in a favorable way. But we do not see anything coming up right away.


Wynn:  Thank you. So, for the next few years probably we can breathe freely, yes?


Ra’An:  Yes.


Wynn:  Cynthia Ezo asks: What is déjà-vu?


Ra’An:  Déjà-vu is when one has the feeling that something has happened before, that they have seen someone before, that they have been in the same place before. It often is the result of the person actually having been in another period of time, or known a person in another period of time, that is in the current moment, in the now, is reappearing in their life or they are reappearing in that location where they once were.


Then there is a connection in their memory bank between now and what happened then.  It can be an entry-way into information about what has occurred to them in past lives. So it would be good to take a pen and paper and notebook and keep a record if you have moments of déjà-vu; it can be part of an opening into more knowledge about your past.


Wynn:  Thank you. We have Claire and Jyoti both listening to our calls regularly and both of them have this circumstance where they feel they’re being haunted or occupied or taken over by other beings. Can you make any comment?


Claire sent in a message about that and she says: Things seem to be a little better. From your point of view, is she making progress?


Ra’An:  Thank you. In the identifying within your own self to musical notes in alignment with your chakra system, this can help, and we see that vigilance is needed to bring yourself to excellent nutrition. There is work with die-off of viruses within your system, with biologicals within your system and detoxification.


We see there is improvement and to keep with the program that is working and to be mindful of having good nutrition. There is also other help that may be available through the clearing of, help with clearing of, biologicals from your system and clearing, cleaning your house, clearing it of old energies.


With Jyoti, we suggest pursuing the work with nutrition and with the program for eliminating Lyme disease from the system, as that will bring a great deal of relief.


Wynn:  Thank you. Gijs asked a question about his bloodshot eyes which get worse throughout the day and painful. Can you give him any help or advice with that?


Ra’An:  Thank you. Give us a moment.


We will take that under submission and we will pursue that off the call.


Wynn:  Thank you. Next question is from Selena in Seattle. She is having unwanted visitors at night; I assume she means non-physical visitors. She wants them to go away and not bother her.


“It’s troubling to be awakened at night with things being poked into me while feeling like my energy is being drained away. Also, the pain in my head can be difficult to tolerate. I’d like to know what I can do so I can go to sleep and not have this occur. Can our Sources help? Can they speak with these energies to get them to leave me alone? They spoke to them before and things quieted down, but it seems like new recruits came to take over.”


Ra’An:  Thank you. When one is lost on the other side, then it can come in through a portal. We are saying these entities are lost on the other side. They are seeking some kind of connection. We look at closing the portal so that they cannot move into your space.


That is our answer.


Wynn:  Thank you. We have Kathleen in Denver. Let me get to her here. Kathleen is having a bad time; she’s having people break into her car. Let me find here her question. She’s having pain in her body, a lot of things. Here it is:


In the past several years, she has had two cars stolen. She’s lost her clothes. The battery on the car was stolen; the driver’s window damaged. “I’m having days when I feel lots of pain.” Is there a metaphysical reason? I’m asking her question this way. She’s wants to know “Why is this happening?”


I think I want to ask, if she doesn’t mind: Is there a metaphysical reason why she’s attracting this to her? Is it a karmic pattern from past lives? Is it something in her thought patterns? Why is this happening to her?


Ra’An:  Thank you. There are two things happening here. One of them is, concerning the pain in your body, is to bring your body into a state of alkalinity, which then should help the pain and stiffness to ease off.


The next thing is that you are in an area which is bringing you down, as there is an energy in the area wherein—it’s the energy of taking advantage, of individuals that are trying to pull a fast one—to get something for free in a criminal way. This is an energy that is with a gang in the area, a group of individuals. We see the energy running through the area. It is an area that car thieves have a ring and they make a detrimental energy, a bad energy; the energy of thievery running between their houses.


This is a hard energy to deal with and brings the whole area down. We look at different ways, of the possibility of handling this. It is a little bit hard to keep clear of their energies, as they are out looking for marks.


We see that it is, in your area, something to be avoided. Keeping yourself squeaky clean can help you to some degree; however, the energies in the area, we keep thinking that there needs to be some police action to shut down this ring, although this ring attaches and connects to other things in the drug area and is fed also by that. It is almost as if it is in a corridor, an energy corridor, where it takes effect. At times, you move near that energy corridor, which then can bring you down.


Those are what we see. You may think of the possibility of checking out other areas that you feel the energy is uplifting. Thank you.


Wynn:  Thank you.


We’ve come to the end of our call. We have probably one minute. I thank you all for being here. We’ll take a moment in the silence and feel the energy. When you get off the call, hold it for a while. Some of you are feeling it, a sense of balance, a sense of connection. That’s always there; it’s just that we separate ourselves from it by our old patterns. That’s why these calls can be so helpful. If you keep coming into them, you can anchor that frequency as a new potential in your own being.


On that note, if you asked a question and we didn’t get to it, ask it again next week, that’s okay. We’ll see you next time; Sunday grid healing, 10:00 a.m.


Good night to you.


Callers:  Goodnight, thank you, etc.




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