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A Message From Home


Personal and Planetary Healing Session
Sunday 9.30.12
Channeled by Terry Brown
Transcribed by a Friend
Edited by Terry Brown and Valerie Hawes
Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee


We greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator. This is September 30, 2012 and we thank each one of you for the opportunity to connect to you, those of you that wish to have contact and to be connected to. We honor free will so we are in your space if you wish.


We take a look at what each person has put into the Light and we see that these are opportunities, lessons, that you are right up against and your friends whom you have put in the Light are right up against, opportunities for lessons, for growth, for refinement of your gifts, refinement of your abilities, refinement of your knowledge, refinement of your ability to interchange, to take in and free up vibrations that will move you out of these areas of stuckness, of attention-grabbing that, in the third density, these situations grab oneís attention and one then learns how to move through them, past them and come out the other side as a stronger person, as a person with more gifts, more abilities, more ability to survive.


There is another aspect to this and that is you are a being of many densities. You survive the third density. When you transition from this life, then you carry with you the memories and lessons although they may, as you change your focus, dim in your memory. That is why you do not carry with you your memory of your past lives and where you have been before, because when you move into the third density, you take on the aspects of the body and the body is made of stardust. It is made of minerals. It is made of components that are vibrating at the density, in the density, of the earth density. They are vibrating at the lower vibration, so you focus on that and it becomes hard to remember and sense the higher vibrations of which you are also made. 


That is why sometimes individuals have trouble in sensing us because we do not have those lower components and we are very high vibration. 


We, with our high vibration, have abilities which some of you call miracles, but are not miracles; they are merely the expression of our higher vibrations wherein we can move. We can see you in the Light, in the higher vibrational Light and we can expand your range of sensing the vibrations.


Sometimes it takes a while of coming in and sensing and feeling the energies, to be able to expand yourself and this has an advantage in that we have an area called Grace which it sees or it can blend its vibrations into your field which, then can jostle and un-stick areas of stuckness and get you moving again, get your electrical potential higher. When one has experienced illness, then their electrical potential in some area is not high enough to move past it to heal it. One component is physical, maintaining an alkalinity in their body, maintaining the correct electrical spin in their molecules.


We thank you for this opportunity and we send Love. We see each of you. We envision you loved, nurtured, cared for, getting the message from home. You are the Creator as we are Creators. You create your reality and you can step, even if itís for an instant, step out of the reality you have been creating and step into the reality, just for a minute envision it, into the reality that you wish for your life and for your loved ones.


We leave you with that thought. Thank you.


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