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Group Energy, Greek Gods, Eating Meat and More

Wednesday Call 10/03/2012
Host: Wynn Free
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Channeled by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Connie O'Brien
Edited by Terry Brown and Valerie Hawes
Formatted and sent by Aharon ben Or

1. How does Source blend with groups?
2. Does a congregation of humans make connection with our sources easier?
3. Are Greek gods and goddesses negative?
4. Can our Sources disable the negative effects of chemtrails?
5. Do torturers and murderers go to the same place as good people?
6. Does eating meat lower your vibrational frequency?
7. Is voodoo something that can be thwarted through prayer and intention?
8. Are my dreams of a tsunami either memories of the past or prediction of the future?

Wynn: Welcome everybody. This is Wynn Free in Sedona, with Terry Brown in Sedona. Hello to Daphne, if she’s on the line. This is our call where you guys send questions and we ask our sources [for] the answers. Occasionally, if I happen to know an answer, I might give my shot at it. After talking to them for ten years, a lot of times people ask the same question. In fact, tonight I got two questions that were the same. So it’s always interesting.

If you’re listening for the first time, or I think you’ve been listening to the replays, we’re presenting here a new way of understanding the Universe that I don’t believe has ever been presented in it’s totality by anyone else, as far as I know. I don’t think I’m smarter than other people; I just ended up in a circumstance where I became convinced that in general, it was accurate.

All of you who are listening also have to be convinced, not because I think so but because it’s got to fit together. I do get many emails from people that are telling me how this puts a lot of missing pieces together like: who is God? How does God work? Who are all these messianic people that have come forth, that have made huge contributions and religions have formed around them?

Who is the negative? Why is the negative? How does the negative interface with this realm? How can we learn to identify it? This is very, very important because it will trick you; it will scare you and it will grab your energy. It’s hard to know it until you’re kind of stuck in the middle of it sometimes. It’s okay to listen to anything, and use your discernment.

One of the things I have learned is that everything has an energy attached to it. When you pay attention to anything, you’re also entraining yourself to the energy of what you’re paying attention to. That can often keep you contracted, even though the words sound good. That’s how tricky this realm is.

One of the things that we’re getting—we’ve been saying this for a long time—is that we are in a dimensional shift. We are in this time right now, approaching December 21st, where there’s a galactic configuration. There’s going to be more energy hitting our planet. I would guess it’s already happening; in many ways, it’s here right now. Some of you are tuning into it; some of you have learned how to tune into that energy by being on our calls. Some of you want to tune into it; I hope you get the guidance from what we’re doing. It’s really a good idea to read our materials, to read The Creator Gods book; to read The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? These are both not-normal books. They are full of communications from our Sources. They say, “As you study us, we study you”; or, they say that their energies are in-between the words.

So, it’s not just the information; many people have had this experience. I had it when I was first studying David Wilcock’s channelings, that as I would read the channelings I would feel my energy shift. I kept wondering what that was. Eventually, I came to believe that was actually the Ra group making connection.

When you listen to these calls, when you want to connect with these Sources, it’s not like it’s something separate from you. Suddenly—this is the experience that I have and a lot of other people have—it’s like the sense of who you are expands and you feel connected in ways that you didn’t before.

As the sense of you expands during the call, that’s an indication that you’re making connection. They are on the other side of the expansion. The way they describe it and the way I’ve come to understand it is, there’s a oneness in the Universe. They are us and we are them; except they’re far more expanded than we are. In this realm, most people lose the connection. They can lose it for many, many, many lifetimes.

It’s my hope and goal that on these calls many of you will have that chance to make the connection. It’s really a valuable thing. One thing that happens is you start being more functional; you start having more synchronicities; you start feeling better. I think when you die, if you really have a strong connection, that connection carries over after you’re out of this realm. It gives you more options and choices on the other side.

We are here on this edge of a huge transformation and they keep saying through Terry, through Daphne, that this is a critical period between now and December 21st. I’m going to do some things – keep paying attention – to try to accelerate the work we’re doing into the world by a quantum leap. I’m going to need your help, so pay attention. Probably next week I’m going to do something; if it resonates, you’ll have to do your part. It’ll be really easy. You’ll to see what it is when we get to it.

On that note, we have some great questions tonight. I’m not going to talk too much longer. The energies are together and you guys are helping that tremendously. Terry, are you there?

Terry: I’m there.

Wynn: Alright. We do this thing called calling in of the Light. If you haven’t been on our Sunday call, please do. If you want to make the connection with the energies, the Sunday call is the best. We focus on that. These calls, the energy is always present on the calls, but the call is conducted to help our conscious, logical minds know things that can help us. Our Sunday call is directed towards connecting with the energies.

Many people have emailed me; this is the only reason I know this works, because they’re having experiences on the call.

Father-Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light to surround and protect each person on this line and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and be transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through the outer energy fields of planet earth, through our bodies and into the center of the earth. Right now, we invoke a group energy connection, while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. We invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring the Law of One, to join with us and we create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.

We’ll just let our Sources give an introduction through Terry.

Ra’An: We greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator. We are delighted to be with you this October 3, 2012. We greet each and every person who wishes to make contact. We are there; we are not even coming over the telephone line or over the radio. We are just straight there, in your space, to the degree that you wish us in your space.

Do you have questions?

Wynn: Yes. A good question from Ron in Mexico:

How does Source blend with groups, two or more gathered on the internet and how does that compare to the telephone or in a congregation of humans in physical form?

Ra’An: Thank you.

When two or more are gathered, then I am also there” refers to when they are gathered in the Christ consciousness, as that when we are available to each and every one of you and are with you, then if you wish it, we are able to share space with you or to be in the outer place of your space, as you wish it.

When we are all gathered and the people on the telephone line are gathered, we can discount the telephone line; we can discount the radio, we can discount the computers, because we are together. We are one energy. There is a place from which we are all one, which, as vibrations enter, then the vibrations which one focuses on is what one is experiencing. So it appears like we are all different, because we are having different experiences depending upon what we are focused on. At all times, at the base of it all, we are one. In fact, if you go step back further, we are manifesting in the Universe and we are not of the Universe. We are beyond the Universe. We are awarenesses.

There is, beyond that place, a place where it is all quiet. We are one in that place.

We hope that answers, or sheds more light on this.

Wynn: Thank you. Just as an addendum to that question: Is it easier to connect in one situation or another? In other words, if there is a congregation of humans in a room does that make an easier connection, or does it matter?

Ra’An: It depends upon where the individual is at, what vibrations they are putting out. As if two people are in a room and one person is very angry and one person is very happy, they are putting out different focuses, they are putting out different emotions. So, they are not connecting at the same level.

If two people are in the room and they are both angry and they are even at the same thing, then there would be more of a connection. When people are at the same frequency, vibrating at the same tone, we talk of musical tones here, with the chakras vibrating at different tones, like the foundation chakra vibrates with the note of ‘C’.

So that if somebody is very grounded, really knows what it’s like to put a home together, to make a home, is organized, does his finances really well and another person is similar, then they are vibrating at a similar frequency and they will have a lot in common together and they will be able to feel like comrades. They will be able to get along.

If someone is vibrating very strongly at the foundation chakra in the note of C and has all these attributes which go with it, like the ability to handle finances, to be organized and to be grounded and to make a home, then somebody comes in that is missing the note of ‘C’ in their foundation chakra—maybe they come into the family as a child—they will feel like they don’t fit in, because they will resonating at a different frequency than the family.

So there will be divergence between just the vibrations of these individuals. The person that is not vibrating at the grounding frequency may find themselves spun off and not even know why, but it will be because their resonances were different.

The person that was not resonating at the fundamental grounding frequency might not even realize that at some point, before they came in perhaps, or at some point, they had decided to not get involved with family and home. So their decision then becomes what sets their vibrations. Being of a different vibration they tend to get what they had wanted, what they had set for themselves.

Does that make sense?

Wynn: I think so. What you’re saying is that it depends on the group and their ability to affiliate their energies. All things being equal, I know when we started doing our calls, our Sunday calls were not nearly as powerful as they are now. I see the only thing that’s shifted is a number of people have tuned into the frequency and are holding it; so they’re holding it for the group as well.

Is that accurate?

Ra’An: Yes, it is; so it becomes a consensus reality. As the consensus reality, there is more supporting vibration at the same frequency and it becomes more of a say.

Wynn: Thank you.

We have a question here from Ray in Henderson, Nevada.

We’ve learned that the gods of Egypt were by-and-large negative, that came in after the incident with David Wilcock, or Edgar Cayce, or the past life of both, bringing in the Ra group 10,000 years ago. How about the Greek gods and goddesses? Are they of that same ilk?

Ra’An: Thank you.

The Greek gods had some of the vibrations and are appended or connected with some of the areas of Greece. They were beings, energy beings that came in. They inhabited certain areas based upon past times in the area; and, they exercised control over certain of the people, depending upon their particular godhood.

One of them is Zeus. He inhabits a certain location as a grounding area, Mount Olympus. He is very possessive of that location. So stories, myths have arisen. They do have energy beings that are acting as those gods in the area. They are supported by the energy of the people, as the people give them credence.

Wynn: Do people learn about them because of channeling? How do they manifest so people knew they existed?

Ra’An: Zeus on Mount Olympus, when an individual approaches the mountain, then begins to bring thunder and lightning into the area. As they move away, then Zeus does not direct the thunderbolts and then is left in peace.

So, there are certain manifestations that have been collected, stories based upon what the individual is experiencing when they are in a certain area. There are gods of the sea and to some degree they are given credence by the beliefs of the people, but there are entities that serve that purpose also.

Wynn: How about the Oracle of Delphi? Was the Oracle of Delphi an interface for these gods?

Ra’An: Yes.

Wynn: So they would speak to people through her?

Ra’An: Yes.

Wynn: Okay. Next question…

Ra’An: There are different levels of gods and the Oracle of Delphi had different levels of gods that could speak through her.

Wynn: Thank you. We have a question here from Eric, who is asking about chemtrails. He wanted to put chemtrails in the Light. I wanted to ask the question:

If enough people asked, could our Sources disable the negative effects of chemtrails?

Ra’An: Chemtrails have been allowed to expand wide and far and in many areas of the world—world-wide. They have such a grounding and there has been no unified action to stop them. They have been denied as being done. So it is as they continue to be done, if the effects of them were negated, they would continue to have to be negated day-by-day-by-day. And they are having an adverse effect upon the soil. There are some consequences that are even unexpected or not planned upon, that were not considered in the spraying of chemtrails.

Again, they are denying that they are even spraying chemtrails. It is unfortunate for the earth. It is hard to turn around the effects of the chemtrails when the cause is within the decisions of a group and are continually being done without much of an outcry.

One time, in Los Angeles, there was a newspaper article about the number of people getting sick in a certain location near Los Angeles, from chemtrails. There was such an outcry in the paper that the chemtrails stopped for a month or so. When it is brought up on a program like George Noory, then the chemtrails tend to stop for one, two or three days. But people forget and then they continue.

We realize that not everyone forgets and that there is outrage against them. It is part of a larger scale plan; it is covert. In answer to your question, if we were to stop the effects, then they would merely re-occur and re-occur, over and over again everywhere that they are spraying.

So if they are to be stopped without permanent damage, then there needs to be some kind of a written display or some groups that can simply observe and say “What’s happening?” and make it available to people to know.

Wynn: Thank you. A very good question here from Anna in Burbank; it relates to right or wrong. She has been reading our materials and she’s trying to explain something that she thought was written in the materials. I’m not sure she has this correct, but:

It seems to me that according to the Elohim there is no right or wrong and that after death everyone goes to the same place. Do torturers and murderers go to the same place as good people? I hope not; the world is such an unjust place. My only hope is that when we die we go to a just and peaceful place.

I believe that there is right and there is wrong as there is pain and there is joy.Have I misunderstood this. I hope so. Thank you.

Ra’An: Yes; people do not all go to the same place.

The individuals write their own ticket. There are very unpleasant places that many of these people have written for themselves. The places are the not the same and all of the disgusting, distasteful places are not the same. One writes their own ticket with their own vibration. It is very hard to be a murderer and to then move; it is impossible to move into an area of the higher realms where one is then open to communication. It depends, also, upon the reasons for a murder. We do not call all those people murderers, because there are some reasons that would not be unjust, if someone was defending themselves.

But, if someone is murderous in their heart, then they will end up with others that are murderous, with others that are devious, others that are undercover and others that are not up front. They will end up having to deal with that because of their frequency and where they end up. These people will have to work it through and come to terms with how it is to be afflicted in such an area, by others that are in the same zone.

Wynn: I have noticed that sometimes someone will have a reading and they are having overwhelming blockages inside them. It’s come up that they had done something in the past that was creating huge shame, huge guilt. It was necessary for them to forgive themselves, even if they didn’t know what it was and the forgiveness would allow them the freedom to release their past. Sometimes they need to do incredible good works to balance the past.

For example, when I was getting dream readings, it said, “Through your dedication to love, serve and care, the negative will go away.” At that time, when I first met Daphne, I was very oppressed inside myself and I couldn’t figure out how to get out of it.

When Anna is saying that everyone goes to the same place, it seems to me that people who have done huge, negative, self-serving actions, murder, whatever, are left with huge shame and guilt. They probably go through many lifetimes before they can extricate themselves from that.

Am I fairly on the mark on what I’m saying?

Ra’An: Yes, you are. As one is in that vibration they attract others to them that are in that same vibration. They attract circumstances to themselves that are in that vibration. Therefore, they are unable to survive in the higher realms which are full of love.

Wynn: Thank you.

Our next question, this is my question added to that one:

We do know that service-to-self can go fairly high. Is there a place that you can go high enough in service-to-self that you can do actions without consequences?

Ra’An: When one is totally dedicated to some service-to-self cause, one can go fairly high with it, like, into the fourth density. However, when they get up into the sixth density, they will no longer be able to be in that density. They cannot go higher. It is questionable about the fifth; they begin to have great trouble in the fifth density and some of the people that are expressing total negativity can realize the effect and realize that they won’t be able to keep it up and realize the detriments of it to their own soul and to their own growth and to their own life. They then can change around.

Wynn: Thank you. Thank you, Anna, for that question.

We have two people that have asked about meat and killing animals: Alex and Chris Kraus, Chris in Pacifica. Alex said, “Should we kill other living creatures for food?” And, Chris asks “Does eating meat lower your vibrational frequency? Is it healthy for humans to eat meat at all?” Thank you.

Ra’An: Thank you. There are lowered vibrations that can come into the body from eating meat. It also depends upon how that animal has lived and how that animal [was killed], if they were killed in a torturous way or if they were cooped up in a very unpleasant way for a very unpleasant life. The vibrations of that food and of that meat will carry that unpleasant vibration and that pain and that fear. Then, that will enter into the person that has eaten that meat.

Some of the individuals are able to survive with less meat or no meat; some individuals, depending upon their genetic makeup, do better with some meat. It is a custom within the human race to, in many countries, have meat as a staple. Whether this karmically affects an individual or not has something to do with how the person believes about it. Ideally, an individual, in eating a lighter diet with not as many heavy meats, will have a higher vibration.

Those are our comments.

Wynn: Thank you.

We have a question here from Bimbola who is Nigerian, but he lives in Chicago. In Nigeria, this is in some other countries as well, there is a whole tradition of casting spells on people, voodoo dolls, controlling people through negative intentions or controlling intentions; and that is true in Nigeria.

He is in the situation where his dad and mom immigrated to the USA thirty years ago; and:

My dad was attacked, he believes, by his family, specifically his dad’s sister in Nigeria, for years. He’s had it rough with problems with his career, his business and his health. If it were not for his faith in God, he wouldn’t be here.

I and my siblings are pretty much successful and have a lot going for us. My evil auntie, as I call her, has been so stubborn and persistent that she has now given up on my dad and wants to attack me and my siblings, specifically to hurt my dad… She has been doing voodoo to take away what is good in our lives.

Now let me say this is Bimbola’s perception; I’m not saying this is true. We’ll let our Sources comment on this:

This, I assume, is due to jealousy. It’s been revealed to my family over the years through church prophets. My question is: I believe that we have power over own lives through faith, prayer, meditation and intention, especially when we pray together.

But how do we protect-shield ourselves from others who want to do us harm spiritually? Is voodoo something that can be thwarted through prayer and intention?

I’ll add on that: Tell me how?

Of course, we know there are lots of people that we’ve connected with that don’t use the word ‘voodoo’, they use the words ‘negative greetings’, they use the words ‘psychic attacks’, they use the word ‘curses’. Could you give us some insight? If somebody is feeling that, under the heaviness of that, what can they do? Thank you.

Ra’An: Thank you. As we, look at your question, we look at the energies and we look at your family and we look at your auntie and we look at the country.

We do see that in the country, this is one of the means of getting energy, of getting control, of getting a feeling that one is getting or has the upper hand, is getting control over someone that they feel has done something that was not in their control that they did not wish to happen.

They did not wish your parents to leave the country; they wished for the tradition to be carried on there. This is a sense of attempting, in a failed way, to get energy and not to give up the idea that they want them back. Were you to all go back, then this would probably lift. It would probably lift and there would be reunion.

They would say, “Okay, now we can give up the voodoo; now we have what we want. We’re a family again and we can give and take and get your energy. We are in control.” We see that and we see the heaviness of the vibration in the connection; the voodoo connection. It is an attempt to gain control, to get revenge. Underneath it, there is a deep sadness of the break up of the family where they felt that the tradition should simply go on within the country and that they should have the family altogether there in the country.

If you take a look at that, you may note that it begins to lighten a little bit and there are little spaces of light among the spaces of heavy control. We see that they are continually putting that out; as we look at that, then they are having trouble maintaining it. However, it is very heavy and we, just for an instant there, saw it getting a little lighter, so we work on it a little more.

Then we take a look at those people, how they could find satisfaction from something else in their lives to replace the loss of the ones that have left.

We leave it there and hope that you’ve gotten some clues from what we have said.

Wynn: Thank you. If anyone is finding themselves in this situation where someone is attacking them or putting spells on them, what can they do if they don’t have the luxury of being on this call and able to have you work with them? Can they petition silently for this?

Ra’An: They can do what we just did to sense the source that’s the heaviness; sense the control and to catch the vibration of it and to go to the source of it and see the reasons for it: the jealousy, as he has seen and the need of the person at the other end for something that they are missing; the irritation of the person at the other end.

And, they can work with the energy to go past what is happening; go past the energy, the voodoo energy and, go past it, as it is almost a hypnotic thing, but, to get past it; we see that these people can put themselves into a state, a hypnotic state which is hard to break through because they are being carried by the hypnosis. It is prevalent within the country [Nigeria].

Wynn: Thank you. Last question: Edna is having dreams about huge catastrophic tsunami waves that take over a community and she sees the waves coming in and swallowing the whole area. She sees herself always with people. She is calm, waiting for the wave to take her and for the event to be over. Other people are panicking and she’s holding hands with others, to provide them support for the last moment.

Are these flashbacks of past lives, or are these potential trajectories that are coming in her dreams for this lifetime?

Ra’An: Thank you. These situations have happened within the area before; there is a memory within the area in which she is living of the huge tsunamis coming ashore. We look further at this; we see some of that is from the memory of the area of the past and we, at this point would recommend the writing down of her dreams and seeing how good that they, how colored that they are, how much they hang with her.

In the future there is potential in that area for another tsunami, although the time-frame is unknown at this time. It has not yet been solidified as to possible time. There are potential for other changes in outcome.

That is all we have to say about it for right now. However, keep track of your dreams and see how they progress or don’t. That is our comment for right now.

Wynn: Thank you.

It’s 6:57; we are out of time. We have to keep a tight ship because we’re on BBS now. I want to suggest to you, if you asked a question and I didn’t ask it, please feel free to ask it again. The best way to submit your questions is about an hour before, at

I’m really busy and people submit questions at other email addresses; I make some attempt at forwarding them to ‘Questions’ because before this call I do a search. That’s how I pick the questions. If you’re not at that email address there’s a good chance you’ll get missed.

On that note: blessings to you all. Thank you Terry, thank you our Sources, thank you BBS. We’ll see you, I hope most of you, on what I keep saying is our most important call, our Sunday grid healing.

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