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What Questions Would Our Sources Ask Us as a Group?

Wednesday Call 10/10/2012
Host: Wynn Free
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Channeled by Terry Brown and Daphne Karandanis
Edited by Terry Brown and Valerie Hawes
Transcribed by Connie O'Brien
Formatted and sent by Aharon ben Or 


1. Can you explain the questioning process in terms of how it works, why it works, when it works and importantly – if you were to ask us as a group one important question – what would you ask us?

2. It seems that the vibratory rate of the planet has been changing as we move towards the fourth density. The change has been gradual but steady as I perceive it. Will the gradual change in vibratory rate of the planet continue until the shift completes, or will there be a sudden, major shift?

3. What is the potential for destabilizing events to occur as of this moment?

4. Why do we have such horrible murders of dolphins, whales and other animals? Why is there not something done to protect them?

5. Are souls who choose to end their own lives put through the same after-life process - or a different after-life process - as those who do not take their own life after they have transitioned over.

6. How can Lisa help her husband with his rage and shame issues?

7. What could be going on when I walk under street lights and they go out, and does this mean anything or signify anything about me – or, is it just nothing?

8. Why do I feel an imperative response to become a martyr?

9. Why don’t the Elohim materialize in bodies and make themselves visible to some of us who would like to see them in solid, 3-D form?

10. Why can’t you speak openly to people, and why must they communicate through the voice of a person?

Wynn: Welcome everybody. This is Wednesday, 10-10-2012; Wynn Free in Westminster, California, of all places. Thank you all for bearing with us on Monday; believe it or not you can probably hear I have kind of a cold. We over-did it over the weekend; we were at the Conscious Life Expo. It was a three-day show, and by the time it was over on Monday, I was falling over – literally – there was so much energy output I had to concentrate not to fall.

How are you, Terry?

Terry: I kind of over-did it too, trying to keep up with everything and get everything done – and driving half the night to get there to the Expo. So, I’m recovering, too. Also on Monday, we were just really, really dead tired. So we did a replay and I understand that some people couldn’t hear it.

Wynn: Next time, if we do a replay, we’ll prepare it in advance and edit it and make sure that it comes out okay on BBS Radio. Just letting you know that we are very human and we get really tired. I don’t know if you heard the Sunday grid healing, but it was really unusual because it started out at 10:00. For some mistaken reason – it was a mistake – they booked my lecture at 11:00. We actually just went from the grid healing at 10:00 into the lecture; it’s something I never did before. It was interesting, because I was holding the energy for both things. It was like it was a very intense lecture.

Nonetheless, we’re still recuperating. Believe it or not that when we do these things I think what happens is everything we do – everything everyone does – we’re always combining our energies if we’re open to what we do; what we involve ourselves with, who we’re with. Sometimes it can be overwhelming, depending on who your energies are combining with; so particularly with a bunch of people that are hearing me for the first time, which is what happened at the Expo. It takes a tremendous output of energy to reach them, or to try to reach them. Then, we did a workshop – which you guys weren’t privy to – Sunday night for three hours. That’s why Monday we were so out of it. I’m still kind of out it; I’m still recuperating. You can probably hear it in my voice.

Tonight’s the night that we ask questions that you have submitted. We never know what’s going to happen and what’s going to be brought forth. Just for the constant disclaimer that channeled material is not meant to be believed blindly. It’s always possible, when someone is channeling, to bleed through part of their conscious mind. I know that happens with both Terry and Daphne at different times. It’s also possible to have a negative source take over and start talking; that one, I don’t think, happens that much but still - it’s possible. If I’m ever sure that it occurred, I certainly will give everyone a heads-up because a negative source doesn’t sound negative. It sounds like it knows what it’s talking about and it uses all the same vocabulary.

Obviously – in this period of time right now – we are approaching this December 21st, 2012 date which many people have a lot of anticipation about. One thing I’m going to – we had questions about this – I’m probably not going to ask these questions directly. We have asked many, many questions about this particular topic in the past. It has to do with “Are E.T.s going to save us?” There is a lot of E.T. activity on our planet right now. Many groups are saying that these E.T.s are going to intervene and stop some of the negative agendas.

According to our answers to the questions concerning this, that’s not the way it’s going to work. Many of the E.T.s that we see – many of the spaceships – are actually service-to-self groups. In one of the agendas, there are service-to-self groups that would like to take us over and that are actually channeling through what call the elite and giving them instructions. When you try to figure this out by googling stuff – which I have – there’s so much [how would I say it?] layers upon layers of disinformation that it is really hard to find up from down.

One of the things that I’ve learned about the Elohim/Ra group is that they’re concern is for us to evolve spiritually and to create energetic connections that allow us to evolve our DNA. Giving up your power to an outside source does not evolve you spiritually. In general, anything which makes you disempowered and waiting for an outside source to do something is probably not positive. That has to do with E.T.s landing, it has to do with waiting for a Messiah, it has to do with waiting for something to abolish all the debt. In my observations, I haven’t seen anything like that be actually any reason to believe it’s positive.

When we asked the question, “Are there any E.T. groups that are helping us, and how are they’re doing that?’ the answer was that the higher dimensions there are certain groups that are working on creating portals and wormholes – that’s all they said. The E.T.s that we see – even the messages that people get from the E.T.s – I would be very leery of. I could be wrong; I’m just telling you what my information is. I did run this by Carla Rueckert and she has the same information. You can draw your own conclusions about this.

We have some really good questions tonight. Let me see here – are you ready, Terry? No.

Terry: As ready as ever.

Wynn: She says “AS ready as ever.” You’ll have to excuse our low energy for this evening, but it is what it is. We’re showing up, regardless. Let me call in the light:

Father Mother God we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect Terry, myself and every one on the line. And, any negativity be taken to the highest realms of light and released and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through the outer energy fields of planet earth, through our bodies and into the center of the earth. Right now, we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. We invite those sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring the Law of One to join with us and we create a protected space that only the positive has access to. Anything not of that nature must leave now.

We will turn it over to our sources to say hello to us through Terry.

Ra’An: We greet you in the love light of the one infinite Creator. This is October 10th, 2012 on planet earth; location: California is where we are centered. However, we are also non-linearly connected and in contact with each and every person that wishes to have contact made with them wherever they may be and whenever they may listen to this channeling or they may read a transcript. It is our honor to have such contact, and it is a sacred moment that we are able to make contact.

Do you have questions?

This is a question from Ron in Mexico. It’s a two-part question, and it is about power or energy contained in a well-formulated question.

Much has been written and demonstrated about the energy contained in the asking of a question. A question is what seems to initiate our communication with source, and that may be because asking a question of source demonstrates we are taking the first important step towards source; we are acknowledging its presence.

Can you explain the questioning process in terms of how it works, why it works, when it works and importantly – if you were to ask us as a group one important question – what would you ask us?”

Ra’An: We are smiling. We like this question.

When we are able to connect with you, it is a very important moment in time. We want the connection to be pertinent to you. We want the energy to flow, so we want it to be on a subject that you care about; that you are interested in, and you wish to know more about, because it is this interest that carries your vibration through the veil to us.

So, we determine what the topic will be by asking you to ask us. That will put us on the same page, and will allow us to provide an avenue for whatever growth we can for you, and an avenue for you to expand in some area which you wish to expand into, to know more about; some area you wish to open up to release a stuckness and to grow.

What question do we have for you, and is that question for you personally or is it a question for the group? We are here; we are visiting in your density, as we are from the tenth density, and we, then, are vibrating in your sphere. We are vibrating with you, if you wish that. If you do not wish that, then we do not interfere with your choices.

Could you repeat any part of the question that is still open?

Wynn: Ron asked “If you were going to ask us as a group one important question, what would that be?” Of course, the group is not going to answer this. I think he’s saying, “From your point of view who is looking at us – if you had a question for us, what would it be?”

Ra’An: If we had a question for you, our question would be nothing that we are trying to elicit information from you - as we are able to obtain information – but, something that would allow you to think further about your future: What do you envision your future growth to be when and if you were to realize that you continue; you continue after the transition, after you end your, after your body passes on and you – as a being – continue. What do you, how would this change your life if you envisioned your life as continuing after that?

We would ask that question with the hopes it would trigger more thought in the area, more investigation, as to how you direct your life so that you can make a smooth transition. It could make differences in the way you live your life; in the way you connect with those you love. In the way that you collect things that you may not be able to take with you.

That is our answer.

Wynn: Thank you.

From Steve in Flagstaff:

It seems that the vibratory rate of the planet has been changing as we move towards the fourth density. The change has been gradual but steady as I perceive it. Will we continue gradual change until the shift completes, or will there be a sudden, major shift?”

Ra’An: In a gradual change that is gradually increasing in tempo, increasing in vibration and thinning the veil between your realm and the other realm – the veil is getting thinner the higher vibration that you experience in the third density as you are moving up the scale into more awareness, more psychic ability, more ability to connect, more perception.

Will this continue? And will it be a sudden jump? We see that there may be some skips and jumps, and that it will reach a point and then will begin gradually, gradually to level off and to – we see a division, wherein some individuals will hold to the higher frequencies; other individuals will not be able to hold to the higher frequency and will then move into an area of the universe that is comfortable for them.

That is our answer.

Wynn: Thank you.

I’m going to add this to Steve’s question – many people are anticipating and concerned as we approach December 21st, 2012 which is the official end date of the Mayan calendar that there might be certain events perpetrated by the negative to de-stabilize everyone. What is the potential for those kinds of events to occur as of this moment?

Ra’An: There are number of avenues that have been explored to make events happen, that would then de-stabilize things in the different areas of biology, viruses, food supply, nuclear radiation release. There are things such as potential for de-stabilization of the electric grid.

We are working to help stabilize things so things can move smoothly on and there can be recovery - recovery from the economic down-turn - and that individuals can prosper and grow. We are working toward that. There are individuals that would work in the area to de-stabilize things through war and through sickness, however we work to stabilize earth so that earth can move past, the people can move past, those things. Those things are there; those things are out there that individuals have been putting together. We work to stabilize things so that these things do not take over or gain superiority.

This is from Erica:

Why are animals being unprotected by the higher sources? Why do we have such horrible murders of dolphins, whales and other animals? Why is there not something done to protect them?” That’s the question; thank you.

Ra’An: Thank you. Give us a moment.

This question is even more broad-ranging than the person asked.

It is that many people are experiencing difficulties; many children go missing. There are many animals that are not treated correctly, and we, as the Elohim, are not the ones to step in and govern how these things are managed. These things are left to the individuals in the third density; they are left to the animal-souls; they are left to the dolphin-souls to work out their connections with each other, and to grow.

We see that many people do not like this answer. However, we are a source of love for everyone; for the animals, for the people, for the different races. When they grow to ask for protection; when they grow to wish protection even – then we can come in and protect them.

Wynn: Thank you. We have a question here from Brigit whose father – after a long illness – chose to end his life a couple of days ago; this has her wondering whether souls who choose to end their own lives are put through the same after-life process - or a different after-life process - as those who do not take their own life after they have transitioned over.

Thank you.

Ra’An: Thank you. Where is Brigit located?

In answer to your question: individuals have a say. Each individual has their own intention, their own desires and are working through their own path. Therefore, each one is handled according to their own disposition, their own desires, their own regrets; as we do see regret. Many people who take their life do not think of all the consequences and all that they are going to be losing, even if they are moving out of a difficult circumstance. It is all geared – all the things that happen – are geared to that individual’s outlook, to their desires, to their movement on the path; what they wish to obtain.

We see, in this case, regret; that it was not known that the individual would continue and would have perception and would miss things. We recommend that you talk to your father; you tell him what you have wanted to tell him during your life. Even write it down; in some way, to some degree, he will get it.

Thank you.

Wynn: Thank you. Lisa asks:

How can she help her husband with his rage and shame issues, which are a result of childhood trauma? Can you offer any suggestions?

Should I encourage him to meditate? I want him to have a passion for life instead of the rage he so often exhibits. I’m nearing a time when I must make a decision after nineteen years of marriage [and] now a five-year-old daughter.”

Thank you.

Ra’An: Her name?

Wynn: Her name is Lisa and I don’t think I have her location.

Ra’An: Thank you.

We see that your husband does have passion expressed. It is coming out as rage; he has great passion and he has not known how to move forward. He is trying to make huge break-throughs against something that has stopped him; against a barrier during his childhood - a barrier at being able to do something that he wishes to. This rage has great power. He has chosen different targets that are not the same as when he was a child, but in dealing with it – although it is difficult to deal with – perhaps you can get him talking about his childhood and see if you can make a game of it, to see if you can determine where he was thwarted when he was a child; what he wanted to do and wasn’t able to do – where he was stopped and he couldn’t move forward as he wanted to do, as he is still trying to break through those barriers.

Wynn: Thank you. The opening line that Terry said might have been muted. She said “We see that your husband does have passion.”

Next question is from Greg. Greg, when he walks under street lights – he’s in Post Falls, Idaho – they go out; it happens a lot. Once I walked under eight lights in a row and they all went out, one right after the other, when I walked under them. It’s too often to be coincidental, and it’s happened for years. It makes me feel kind of weird. When I heard this happens to Daphne and Terry it made me feel a whole lot better, but it’s still mysterious to me.

My question is: What could be going on here, and does this mean anything or signify anything about me – or, is it just nothing?

Thank you. Greg.

Ra’An: Thank you. [This] implies that you have a very large field; a very large field electrical potential, and that you re-route the electricity when you walk under it.

One thing that happened once to Terry was that she was sitting in a restaurant in British Columbia, Canada – and, she was playing in the electrical wires up near the ceiling of one of the rooms in the restaurant. As she did it, it drew the whole current off of its center and knocked out the electricity for all of British Columbia. It is a moving-off the centering of the electrical current, which then causes the devices to go off.

Wynn: Next question is from Andrew; Andrew – I don’t have his location.

Why do I feel an imperative response to become a martyr? I mean this on psychical, emotional and physical realms. Moreover, how can I live the rest of my life in the fashion with growth rather than detriment?”

Ra’An: Thank you. Give us a moment.

When you feel the martyrdom, notice the contraction, notice the pull-in of energy; notice the lack of reach-out to others. Notice the feeling that you have; check the emotions with that. Is there some grief, some loss? [Is there] a loss of connection, a feeling of sadness, a feeling of wanting to cry? You are a beautiful being, and this is a long-time pattern; it is a feeling of not wanting to intrude, not wanting to be in the way.

Take a look at these feelings when you have them and then see if you can erase that feeling. You can release that feeling; and then, think of the feeling of joy, of connection and how beautiful your extension out to others really is and the joy of connecting. What – when you are in a martyrdom state – what other people will lose?

In a way, it is thinking of yourself and leaving others out, and projecting to your image of what they are doing as being better than, or against you, and you having value in your martyrdom. Take it apart; what are your exact feelings there? Even write it down and then notice the grief that you feel at the martyrdom, because at the bottom of things, you are a part of everything and you are wanted to be a part of everything and, to let the martyrdom go.

Wynn: Thank you. We have a question from W.N. Stevenson, and I think I’m going to answer this question because this has been covered.

Why don’t the Elohim materialize in bodies and make themselves visible to some of us who would like to see them in solid, 3-D form?”

You know, there was an incident in 10,500 B.C. where the Ra group did materialize in bodies that were visible to people. They register it as one of their greatest errors, because it caused people to become blind followers. When you take into consideration there are high negative sources that can do various things in this realm, like they can speak through people, they can do prophecies, they can be very psychic. How could you tell if a body was walking around saying “Hi, I’m the Elohim” if it was the Elohim? How could you prove it?

They want to say something.

Ra’An: We are amused, in that if we took on a body, bodies are very limiting. They cannot see in 360° areas; they cannot get bigger and smaller suddenly. It is an imposition in space and time; it is a frigidity. We then – even in the area of thinking – can think in more dimensions than simply in the third density, as the third density leaves out a lot of the frequencies that are available.

We do not see that this limited frigidity would be very much fun.

Wynn: Thank you. How about the situation that happened with the Ra group where they mocked up a body that wasn’t a real physical body just so people could see them?

Ra’An: When you mock up a body, it is a little bit better but you still have the limitations of time and space to be able to appear in time and space.

Wynn: Thank you. To the person regarding your court date in Amarillo, Texas – we just send you love and blessings and light that you be treated fairly on that, and we’ll leave it at that.

Somebody [here] – I’m not going to talk about your multi-level marketing company, although I have heard that’s a good product and I wish you well on it.

Anna you had sent me a really important one, more important than the one you just did right now about things that were happening to you. Please, send that to, otherwise I can’t find it. Keep in mind that I have to make this easy on myself, and when you send them to that email address I can find your questions. If you just reply, it’s very easy for it to get lost in the shuffle. Please ask again; it was an important question.

Elizabeth asks:

Why can’t you speak openly to people, and why must they communicate through the voice of a person?”

Again, I’ll just make my own little side-comment here:

Both the negative and the positive can channel. Certain people have the talents to expand their fields to be receptive to this, but most people don’t. It’s kind of a gift, just like playing guitar or being a painter for somebody that has that talent. Also, they would be imposing on somebody’s free will just to start talking to someone, and how would that person know if that voice was the Elohim or some negative source? It’s very tricky.

Ra’An: Thank you. We are a very high frequency and we have tried, when people pray, we have tried to communicate. However, we do not have a physical voice, and we have a very high frequency. So, most of it goes right over people’s heads. Maybe they get some sense that something has been answered or said, but they do not figure – very often – that it is real because it is so high a frequency and so light; it is ‘airy’ and it is not as tangible as a real human voice.

Wynn: I will mention that both Terry and Daphne, when they both started bringing these messages forth, both had the experience as if they were making it up; its got a surreal quality that it seems like it could be your imagination. It’s only when you look in depth at what was said that one realizes that neither of them could have possibly come up with most of the kinds of information and the wisdom and the knowledge of things out of their conscious mind. Although, it seems like imagination; it seems like day-dreaming. It’s like mastering the art of doing that.

It’s not like in a human body we can decide “I’m going to talk to this person” or “I’m going to get a megaphone and talk to lots of people at once.”

We’re coming to an end; it’s 6:57. I thank you all; those were great questions tonight. There were a couple questions that we didn’t get to. Again, I tell people if you ask something and we didn’t ask your question tonight, please submit it again next week.

There were some good questions that we didn’t get to - I’m trying to see the lady’s name here – about the relationship of the Elohim and the Ra to Jesus. We’ve asked that before; we can ask it again next week. It’s a good question. On that note, we can have them say goodbye to us and then we’ll close this session.

Ra’An: Thank you. It is our honor to be with you, it is our honor to be with you, to have the opportunity to connect. It is so long a time between times that we are able to connect to individuals in the third density, and it makes our life fuller and richer and happier. Thank you.

Wynn: Thank you all; thank you BBS. We’ll see you Sunday on our grid healing.

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