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Introduction and Replay of 12/5/2011 Call “Stay Positive with Discernment: Love Trumps Fear”

Monday Call 10/22/2012
Host: Wynn Free
Audio Link:
Transcribed by Connie O'Brien

Channeled by Terry Brown
Edited by Terry Brown, Valerie Hawes and David Masty

Formatted and sent by
Aharon ben Or

Wynn: This is October 22nd, 2012, our Monday night call. We’re going to do something different tonight. I guess we’re always doing something different, but tonight I invited Gijs to come in, to work with myself and Terry and to be a co-moderator with us. We’re playing a replay. Terry, are you there?

Terry: I’m here.

Wynn: How many years do you think we’ve been doing Monday night calls without taking a night off?

Terry: Let’s see, five years.

Wynn: Five years. Five years we have been doing Monday night calls and we’ve never taken a Monday off.

Terry: Six years.

Wynn: Six years. I actually really enjoy doing them, so I don’t really need to take a day off. Except, right now, we’re moving into spaces where I feel for the moment I have an important thrust going out and doing a lot of talk shows like we’re just starting to do.

People are being open to me to do that. It’s been a long time for that to occur, for me to be able to figure out how to be credible enough so that people would take me seriously. I give George Noory a huge, huge thank you and his producer Lisa in particular, because she’s the one that made the choice to have me on.

The way it seems to me is people were scared to have me on because I was too controversial; what would their audiences think? How about the religious people that listen? I think that we have blazed a path, and we’ve shown how important people are finding this work. In truth, it doesn’t really conflict with religion unless you’re totally fundamentalist, then it might.

We’re going to do a replay tonight. Gijs, you’re helping, right?

Gijs: I’ll do my best.

Wynn: I remember when I did this show, I was a little nervous about putting it up. Personally, I like to avoid going anywhere that puts me in direct confrontation with traditional belief systems. Yet, in many ways our work is not contrary to the traditional belief systems, but it’s a higher octave over-lay that brings clarity where there might have been a lot of mystery about things.

If you notice, I avoid asking our Sources to clarify certain of the mysteries of religion, because people ask those questions all the time. I don’t know if they would even answer the questions, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to do that publicly, because many people are using those systems successfully. Not everyone is using them successfully, but many people are using them successfully.

The particular, linear truth of how something happened or what really happened is not nearly as important as, “Are you making a resonance with Jesus or the Sources? Are you feeling a connection?” That’s what’s important, not the specifics of: Is this true? Did Jesus die on the cross? Did they revive him afterwards? All those are kinds of questions that people might think that we could historically shed some light on, which I don’t want to do. That’s not why I want to be out there.

I want to be out there because we help you make connection to the higher realms, to what I believe to be the positive higher realms. According to so many of the emails I get, they’re beyond our wildest expectations, the kinds of experiences people are having as a result of listening to our calls, everything from having certain kinds of epiphanies about how it all connects, to healings, to God-knows-what.

I’m going to take a moment here. I’ll read a couple of things. I hope, if you’re one of the people that sent me these—I didn’t ask everyone for permission—that it’s okay. This is from Deb in New Jersey. She said:

I listened to the last eighty-five minutes of your webcast. This was the first time I listened to you during the daytime. About a half hour after the show, I went for my daily two-mile race-walk. On a typical day this takes about thirty-five minutes and longer on a cold winter day. Yesterday I did it in thirty-two minutes, which is the fastest time this year. But today I went so much faster; I finished in a smidge over thirty minutes, two miles in thirty minutes.”

She hasn’t gone that fast in years. “A decade ago I could do a fourteen-minute mile, but I have slowed down considerably with age and arthritis and mercury poisoning and I believe that positive feedback brings you joy so I thought I would share this with you. I don’t think it was coincidence that I could go so much faster after experiencing the energy from your program.”

Here’s a good one. This is from a fellow named Brian:

I was deeply moved with Sunday’s call which I was on. A tickling feeling about three feet above my head was present before you inferred I would feel something. My aura system was breathing, I would say, in the very least.”

By the way, did you guys notice when I said that, a shift in the energy? You see, they’re tracking us; they’re tracking everything we say. When I say something like that, they say, “Okay, that’s our cue to put some energy into the mix.”

My aura system was breathing; I would say in a state-wide radius means I could feel my source light pulsing outside my state of Nebraska from twelve inches outside of myself. Right after you guided the Light back in and into the Earth; it was like a white, glowing cocoon pulsing in such distances as Des Moines and the borders of eastern Wyoming and with a dinner-plate 3D shape over the plains.”

Of course, if I listened to something like that, I’d say, “How does this guy know how much he’s expanding?” But then this happened; check this out further. This is the one that is the amazing thing. Let me just make a comment before I read this. Do you know what ‘RealPlayer’ is? It’s like a certain audio player that when you click on certain things, it comes up on your computer. It’s got a certain color; it’s always the same color.

So, this guy was listening to our call, and his RealPlayer started changing colors while he was listening. He actually took a picture of this off of his screen. The video player turned pink; the same shade of pink that’s in my picture when the Elohim surrounded me and said it was them. Some of you have seen that. He shared the picture and it’s kind of amazing.

Here’s another one:

Hi, Wynn. I don’t know if you’ll ever read this, but a few nights ago I started reading your free book as mentioned on Coast to Coast. For some reason, I began to have a terrible stomach pain which would not cease, almost to the point of throwing up. I decided to invoke the aid of the Elohim and to my surprise, within fifteen minutes, all the pain and discomfort subsided. I asked, and I was heard.”

That’s from Chris; here’s from Meridee:

Add one more amazing healing to your list. My sister has recovered and will be discharged home today. The bleeding resolved and all her blood work was back to normal within twenty-four hours. That’s an amazing recovery time and perhaps a down-right miracle. I am so grateful. Thank you. Love, love, love, Meridee.”

I get those all the time. I just want to say, if you’re hearing me say this: I am not doing anything other than showing up. I am not healing people. I would be scared to heal people. I get so many people emailing me thinking that all they have to do is ask me to ask the Elohim to fix them and they’ll get fixed.

Those of you who are on our call, particularly our Sunday call; there are these moments where we have silence. They can look at you; they can tune into you if you would like that. You can ask them yourself; you don’t need me. I’m just showing up; they’re just showing up. You’re just showing up.

The key to this is, “Can you open to the frequencies?” That being said, Gijs is helping me to today. I’m trying to figure out how to get your help, Gijs. I’ll get you to start the recording and see if that works.

Gijs: I’ll take over as soon as you lose your voice.

Wynn: One day I’m not going to be talking and Gijs will be talking. He’s going to do a good job, though, from his own space.

Gijs: It might turn into a comedy though.

Wynn: Gijs started out doing this because I used to not like to show up on time. In fact, every time I would do a call, it would be, “Do I have to do this call tonight?” I had made the commitment, and I would always show up like on the hour or a couple of minutes after. Gijs was noticing this pattern and he would come on and start saying hello to everybody while I was sitting there trying to avoid showing up.

In those days, the calls were not as easy as they are now. I was not as seasoned; I was not confident. I said, “People are going to think we’re crazy. You can’t really do this publicly, but I’m going to do it anyway.” I would keep showing up and doing them; that’s what Terry said, we’ve been doing it for five years.

Suddenly, people believe us. If you really pay attention, it’s pretty believable. How do you explain all these situations?

Nonetheless, it’s like we are working building consciousness; we’re not building belief, we’re building consciousness. Your mind has to be open to the possibility that this is real as a first step. Otherwise you don’t hear us from where we’re coming from; you hear us inside your own room of projections. That’s the way it felt for a very long time.

People kept hearing us inside their own space. It would filter in instead of move to a new place. It took you guys keeping coming into the calls to ground the energy to the point where we can do this so effortlessly now. You have helped anchor a shift of something into the collective just by showing up.

Gijs could probably comment on this, because he’s been on the calls for how long? A few years now, right?

Gijs: Yes. It was in ’09 when I joined.

Wynn: You can see the shift in the consciousness that’s happening on the calls over time, right?

Gijs: Definitely. It started pretty small and things are getting smoother and keep getting bigger; it’s really getting more beautiful.

Wynn: It’s not just the size; it’s not just that it was small. What was small? Ten to twenty people.

Gijs: The energy, too, it’s different; it feels a lot bigger right now.

Wynn: Yes. If you remember, I would have to talk for like fifteen minutes sometimes before the energy would come in. That’s how it felt to me. I would just talk about anything; I would just talk about interesting ideas. But, I couldn’t get the energy to come in right at the beginning of the call. It would happen somewhere into it.

People would get angry because they’d say, “Wynn, why don‘t you shut up and let Terry channel?” What they didn’t understand was, that until the energy came in she couldn’t channel. It wouldn’t have been appropriate to have her channel. She channels, she talks, to the energy that’s on the call. It’s like it’s us talking to ourselves through Terry.

Am I right, Terry? Uh-oh, Un-mute University. Are you there Terry?

Terry: Yes, I was muted.

Wynn: I was psychic, how did I know?

Terry: Right. It’s like they come in and they talk and they have relevant things to say. It’s like I’m coupled with them and then I relay what they are saying.

Gijs: Terry, does it happen that they tell you, “Please, let Wynn shut up; let us talk.”

Terry: No. They’d never, never, never say that, never, no.

Gijs: May I ask, “How do you feel? Does it like slowly come, or all of a sudden they are there?”

Terry: Like they lock-in around my crown chakra. It’s like a vapor-lock or something around my crown chakra. Then they start showing me the colors of pink and if I’ve got something going on, they might send a loving energy so that it dissipates while I’m on the call so that it doesn’t interfere or intrude until their energy is entirely there. Then I usually feel very much better after the call.

Gijs: Do you always do it with your eyes closed?

Terry: I think a lot of the time I have my eyes closed. Every now and then I might open them; but I’m not too aware of whether they’re closed or open, but I think they’re mostly closed.

Wynn: You saw the pictures of Terry, I think, at some of the live events we’ve done and how expressive she is. It’s just mind-blowing.

Terry: Yes. They start waving the hands and gesturing like as if to emphasize what they’re saying.

Wynn: Nonetheless, I announced we’re going to do a replay. Now, I think we’re having such a good time talking. I think I should still do the replay and go through it. I thought this was an important replay; we’re approaching December 21, 2012.

Many people have a lot of anticipation about that. There are a lot of prophecies; there’s Edgar Cayce. In the book The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? the Ra group corrected, through Wilcock, the Cayce prophecy—this great devastation prophecy of Japan falling into the sea and California falling into the sea—I can’t remember, but he had said it was going to happen in the blink of an eye.

When I had studied Edgar Cayce, I remember that prophecy really impacted me. There was another prophecy somewhere else in Edgar Cayce that said these things will happen gradually. I read both of those and I said, “Why, in one case, did they say in the blink of an eye and in the other case they said these things would happen gradually?”

I found out, through Wilcock, they said that the devastation prophecy came from a negative source, and that they tried to remediate it or correct it and they said, “These things will happen gradually”, but the other prophecy is the one that got famous.

That’s why I say all the time to never let your guard down with channelings, including ours. Even occasionally through ours, there’s something that comes through and I’ll usually give my opinion afterwards if I think it’s negative. Something can come in and say it’s the Elohim, but how do you know it’s the Elohim? In general, I think our intent is high. Terry, if she gets something she’s not sure of, she’ll ask them three times, “Could you repeat that, please? Could you repeat that?”

It has to do with the tuning. If you’re tuned into the right frequency, you get the right Source. If it’s just the voice that’s talking it may not be the right Source. The tuning is crucial. If you wonder what the tuning is, it’s exactly what we do on these calls: we tune to the frequency. We don’t have to have them channeling to feel their presence, as many of you have learned.

Sometimes, I can talk for the whole hour and the energy is present. With the call that we’re going to replay we can go over tonight, BBS is allowing us to do this.

Gijs: Let me tell you something Wynn, quickly, because you mentioned December 21st now being the big date, sort of. It’s actually the 22nd that is the first new day of the new energies, right?

Wynn: Yes. On the Sunday grid healing I actually asked the question, “What’s going to happen on December 21st? Should we be concerned?” And they answered it; what did they say, Gijs? Do you remember?

Gijs: It remains pretty much the same; there’s nothing to worry about, no changes. It is an energetic change. You won’t see any devastation or glomming or anything. It’s just a day like yesterday.

Wynn: We’re in the middle of the shift right now; it’s just like summer changing into fall; it’s a gradual change. Maybe on that particular day that it changes there will be something a little more dramatic and maybe not. What they said was that it was the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new cycle. It wasn’t the death of a cycle; it was a shift; just as on December 31st we start a new cycle of a new year. It’s just that this is a 75,000 year cycle.

I did a whole talk last November on Revelations and I drew the conclusion that I did not want to channel this. I don’t want our Sources to be correcting scripture. I took that onus for myself and I felt like I was really stepping out; I wasn’t sure I wanted to do it, but I did it anyway, because I had looked at Revelations. I decided that was not from Jesus; it was from somewhere else.

I want to share with you all the things that I came up with to back up that conclusion. We’re going to run the rerun of that call of December 5, 2011, because so many people have so much anxiety about what’s coming up.

I will say; it’s okay to have a little anxiety about finances and economics, because they are very unstable. It’s okay to have anxiety about things that the ruling powers do, because they may not always have positive agendas. But thinking that there’s some horrible event that’s coming down that’s delegated by God into this realm is not something to have anxiety about. In fact, if you really get the gist of our work and you really get the energy of it, you don’t even have to have anxiety about dying. You may as well get over that now, because it’s just a transformation.

Imagine that you could come into this realm and go back into Spirit; come in and go back and come in and go back and just have fun. Well, you can and dying is the way that works. We’ve had lots and lots of questions and answers about that.

Gijs: Wynn, we need to start the recording in the next minute, else we run into the 8:00 show.

Wynn: Alright, Gijs, go ahead. I’ll turn it over to you.

Gijs: Thank you very much. I want to give heads-up; the recording we’re going to start here next is one hour and eighteen minutes. So, enjoy the show!

Stay Positive with Discernment:
Love Trumps Fear

Monday Call 12/05/2011
Host: Wynn Free
Channeled by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Connie O’Brien
Edited by Terry Brown and Valerie Hawes
Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee

Wynn:  This is Monday, December 5th, 2011. My name is Wynn Free and we are on our Monday night conference call. I announced a topic tonight; I’m going to do something a little different. We do these calls every Monday and those of you that are regulars know that we pick a topic.

If you’ve read my book The Creator Gods of the Physical Universe want to talk to You, you know it’s a fairly compelling story. I always tell people, “Don’t believe anything, particularly just because it’s channeled, just because they say they’re creator Gods. Don’t believe that just because we say it; believe it when you come to it yourself.

If you’re listening and it sounds like it makes sense, when you hear my story, everyone has to evaluate whether it’s positive or negative. It certainly is real, because there are too many phenomena attached to it. It took me three years of having these conversations to come to the conclusion that they were who they said they were and to understand the value of putting this into the world.

Again I say, the important thing is not to believe anything. Believing things in your mind is one of the ways the world has gotten screwed up. You have to know something, past the mind and it’s not enough to believe it because it feels right or it feels good in your heart; as a level of discernment, that’s a good start.

There should be evidence. In my personal case, there was so much evidence that it was real. The purpose of this particular call tonight is not to present that evidence. It’s available in my two books,
The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? and The Creator Gods of the Physical Universe want to talk to You. I’ll tell you one piece of evidence, something that seemed to prove the case. A great exclamation point for me was I started writing the book The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? and I learned that people tend to look like their past lives. If you’re on this call and you have no belief in past lives, just go along with me for a moment, because it takes a lot to come to a conscious understanding that maybe it works this way. I can talk about this for hours and sometime I will and you’re welcome to listen in.

When you die, your DNA imprint is held in the soul matrix and when the soul comes into a new body, it programs the DNA of the past lifetime. So according to theories of reincarnation, people tend to look like their past lifetimes and you tend to meet the same people. You come into this life with a blank mind; you don’t remember anything.

Unless you happen to be famous and unless there is other evidence connecting you to somebody, then this bit of information is usually not that important. Except for me it was very important, because I was researching the case of David Wilcock and Edgar Cayce.

I had been very much influenced by Edgar Cayce and if any of you are listening and have never heard of Edgar Cayce, he was a guy who died in 1945, who for forty years of his life would go into a trance and voices would come through him and he was able to diagnose people’s illnesses; he was able to recommend alternative cures; he was able to make future predictions and he was able to tell people who they were in their past lifetimes.

He did 15,000 readings and many people went to study his readings to prove that he was a fake and ended up writing books in support of his work, because he wasn’t a fake; the evidence was real; there was just too much evidence proving that he was doing that.

What does that mean for us? Are we all going to read Edgar Cayce and start another belief system and repeat, Edgar Cayce said this; Edgar Cayce said that? The Elohim said this; the Elohim said that; that’s not important. The only thing that’s important is, can something help you make a better connection with something that’s positive, that’s out there and how can it help you? How can you add it to your life without a belief system? On some level you would have to internalize it. If you were Christian, somebody would say, “Well, just have faith.” Having faith is okay; it’s a good first step, because it makes you start looking. The act of looking increases the chances that you will find.

If you just stop at faith, if you just have a belief system, a belief system is not good enough, because how do you know your belief system is right? If you happen to be of a religious persuasion or have been of a religious persuasion, you’ll note that most of the belief systems of most religions usually make their religion superior and others inferior. So you start feeling better than other people. If you really go the route, you start saying, “Let’s kill them! We’re the only chosen people.”

Which belief system is right? I’m obviously having conversations with what I believe to be positive Sources in other realms. They don’t really put forth a belief system, other than everything is part of one energy and we’re all subdivisions of it. They call it The Law of One. When you are able to access this energy you will then have compassion; you can’t help but have compassion, because you start seeing everybody as part of yourself. It doesn’t mean you have to be friends. When people are going through really negative things you may not want to be friends with them, but you can have compassion. Let them go through it and the people you are meant to connect with will flow towards you and you will make the connection.

This is all a preamble to the topic tonight which is “What about the
Book of Revelation?” The Book of Revelation is a book in the Bible of prophecy. Many traditional Christians believe that it is foretelling the future and that we’re in the times right now described by the Book of Revelation. Because of the work I’m doing I’ve had a lot of opportunity to try to figure out who Jesus actually was, who actually God is, and what can you trust and what can’t you trust.

I’m not going to have time on this call to back up and give all the long explanations, the footnotes where everything came from. There will be enough cross-references; if you want to write things down you can do some of the on the web and do your own references.

I know we have new people on the line tonight so I’m trying to give enough backup so you have the context we are speaking from. For all those people who have been coming into my calls every Monday, please bear with me; I know you know these things. I want to make sure new people on the line know them. What I’ve learned is that in most cases, the major religious events in history were caused because somebody was channeling.

What is channeling? That’s when a voice speaks through someone else from somewhere else. Either there’s a voice speaking to them or they’re crazy. If there’s a voice speaking through you from somewhere else, then somehow or another, if you are listening to that voice, whether it’s in your own head or whether it’s, as in my case, through two women who are in my life, you have to figure out if you can trust that voice.

Why should you trust the voice, because it’s speaking through somebody? If they say they’re something, how do you know they are who they say they are? If your wife suddenly woke up and said, “Hi this is God; I have a message for you”, how could you believe that was true?

Somehow or another, they’d have to do certain things to convince you.  If they convinced you and they said, “We’d like you to share this with other people” you might do it. Then you’d get a bunch of believers and you’d say, “I have a bunch of followers.”

The big problem with the idea of channeling is how do you know the voice that is talking to you today is the same one that talked to you last week? They could speak the same name. In the physical world if somebody knocks on my door and says, “Hi, this is John”, I know it’s John. I know what he looks like.

This is in case he’s not cloned because now people say people are getting cloned and you never know who is a clone. Assuming he’s not a clone, then you recognize John. But when you have a voice speaking to you through someone, how do you know they are who they say they are and how do you know it doesn’t change from one week to the next?

One of the things that was coming through David Wilcock—the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce—the guy who was the spitting image of Edgar Cayce--now that was something that couldn’t be faked. If you have ever not seen the pictures comparing David Wilcock and Edgar Cayce, you should look it up on the internet, “David Wilcock-Edgar Cayce”: too close.

As I first read the Ra groups’ communications, my first feeling was, “These guys are wise” and they seemed to be very caring. They’re wise and they’re caring; those things you don’t have to validate. If somebody tells you something that’s wise, you can apply it to your life and if something shifts in your life you can say, “It doesn’t matter where that came from. I don’t care who is speaking through that guy; there is a lot of wisdom there.” If you hear them talk and you feel a tingling sensation in your heart, like your heart’s opening up. You don’t have to wonder who they are; you can say, “I have this feeling in my heart.” You can feel that.

If they’re talking about prophecies, if they’re talking about future events, if they’re telling you to do things, if they’re telling you, “You’re better than someone else,” that’s hard to validate. When you get the idea that a voice that’s coming through someone may not be the same voice from one week to the next and that a negative force, a trickster, can take over the line and suddenly say they’re the same name, if they’re telling you to do things; you see, you can never give up your power to an external force. You can only co-create. You can always discern. If somebody is bringing forth a source, you have to look at how sharp they are, because if they’re not sharp they won’t have discernment and they could switch from one source to another and never know the difference and think they’re doing God’s work.

That’s how tricky it is, because the other realms are filled with what we would call negative sources, sources that want to tap into the energy fields of the planet, of you, of me. It’s very tricky and if I didn’t go through all the experiences I’ve gone through for the past eight years, I think I would be fooled. I want to say, they were knocking me over the head. This is only one of many things that convinced me.

As I said about David Wilcock, I had learned that people tend to look like their past lifetimes and David was the spitting image of Edgar Cayce. When I say that, you shouldn’t believe me; this is stuff you have to research to prove I’m right. I convinced myself that I was right. I can’t explain on this call all the things I did, but I did convince myself.

Then two years into writing my book I had a woman in my life suddenly start telling me, “Those guys want to talk to you.” I had this voice in my life that predicted a newspaper headline and that created a medical miracle with my sister, saving her life. I’m asking all the questions about the Wilcock book to this voice and they’re giving me the same answers.

All during the time that was happening, especially in the first six months, I was asking myself, “Do I have a trickster entity here, or is this real?” They didn’t ask me to do anything; they didn’t ask me to go out in the world and tell everybody, but they did say they were the Elohim. I looked up the word Elohim and it said, “The creator gods of the physical universe.”

I was given the chance to question them in a very normal, human way; they didn’t ask me to genuflect or worship them. In fact, I asked them, “Do you guys really like to be worshipped?” And, they said, “No, we’re available to be your energy friends. We exist; we’re in another dimension. We’re real and we can beam into your dimension, but we don’t violate people’s free will so they have ask for us.”

Everything was making sense but I didn’t believe it. It was very hard for me to believe that I have a woman in my life who’s tapping me on the shoulder saying, “Those guys want to talk to you,” and I’m talking to this group soul that says they created the physical Universe and they were the first breakaway from what they called The One Infinite Creator.

They didn’t want to be God; they weren’t God. Except because we could connect to them energetically, they could cause transformations in the physical realm that couldn’t happen without that energy connection.

The woman left me and my old friend came over to comfort me a few weeks later. She woke me up in the middle of the night and they started coming through her. She’s on the line. We may have them say hello to you through her later in this call.

This is like being in a science fiction movie. I have something in another dimension tracking me through two women. It took me about another six months to say, “I think it’s the same Source coming through Terry as is coming through Daphne.”

I asked them, “Was Terry ever anybody famous in a past lifetime?” I didn’t expect them to answer, but they did. Those of you on this line know that Terry’s very shy; she’s been very great in coming forward, but you can tell in her voice that she’s shy and wouldn’t normally be a public person. I’m different; I used to be a singer-songwriter, so it’s easier for me to be a public person. I asked them, “Was Terry ever anybody famous?” And they said, “Look up Saint Catherine of Siena.”

I looked up Saint Catherine of Siena, whom I’d never heard of. I assumed she was connected to Catholicism and I find this story of a young woman who was only 14 years old, in Siena, Italy in 1300 A.D. She would go to the local church and they would write down everything she said, because they thought God was speaking to them through her.

Saint Catherine’s Dialogues with God are an official part of Catholic history and recognized by the Vatican. I’m not saying that’s good, because I don’t believe the Vatican’s positive, but they’re recognized by the Vatican and they’re still on Amazon, Saint Catherine’s Dialogues with God.

The incredible thing was; Terry was the spitting image of Saint Catherine. Look at the chances of that; that I asked this disembodied voice, “Was Terry ever anybody famous?” She was channeling a voice that said they were the Elohim, the name for God in the Old Testament, and they say to Look up Saint Catherine and there is this story of this woman who is going into a church who was channeling God. They didn’t use the word channeling; nonetheless it was channeling.

The people believed it and they wrote down everything she said and Terry is the spitting image of Saint Catherine. Look on the web page: If any of you want to see that page and can’t find it just email me and I’ll make sure you get it. That was a pretty striking confirmation that maybe what I was doing was real. Maybe they were who they said they were.

The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce the voice that was speaking through David Wilcock also said it was a group soul and it was made up of graduates of this realm, souls that had had embodiments in the physical. The Buddhist goal is getting off the Wheel of Reincarnation.

This voice speaking through David Wilcock said that both David and Edgar Cayce both had connected with negative sources. I believe they used the word ‘trickster’ entities. They said that they wanted to correct a prophecy of Edgar Cayce’s. If you’re familiar with Edgar Cayce, you know that he had a prophecy, sometimes called the “devastation prophecy” where he said Europe was going to disappear in the blink of an eye, New York was going down, Tokyo was going down, Japan was going down and it was going to create world-wide havoc.

Through David Wilcock, they said that prophecy was not them and that they don’t do doom-and-gloom prophecies. They said that was a trickster entity. When I went back to the Edgar Cayce files and studied that reading, sure enough that reading had a name on it which was “Halaliel.” I believe it said. I don’t want to say his name because I don’t want to invoke him. But forget [the name], that’s it. If I said it wrong that’s okay.

There were other readings where he came through where he said “I am in the heavens; I am in the heavens like Jesus was on earth.” So he’s really exalting himself and saying, “I’m big stuff; give up your power.” And yet, he made this devastation prophecy.

Thirty years ago, when I read Edgar Cayce, I remembered that prophecy. I read a lot of his stuff. There was another place in the Edgar Cayce readings where, in a channeling, it was said, “These changes will happen gradually.” I remember noting why are these things different? In one case it said everything was going to come down like a house of cards; everything was going to come down in one devastating blow and the world is going to fall apart. Everything was going to sink into the oceans. And somewhere else it said, “These changes will come about gradually.” They said, through Wilcock, that was them and the other one was the trickster entity.

See what I’m leading to. I’m leading to the understanding that anytime there is information that comes in from other realms, it has to be suspect. You can’t assume that it’s the same Source, unless there is the same resonance. Then you can start to lean in that direction, that it might be the same Source. But when it suddenly takes a 90 degree turn and is talking quite differently than the original Source, you really have to put it to test to see if it’s the same Source.

I remember reading the New Testament years ago and there were little things that Jesus said that I knew were true because I could validate them in my own life, like, “When two or more are gathered [in my name] I am also present”. If you come onto these calls often, you will know that there are many times that people come together on these calls and there is an energy that comes into the call. Many people feel it; I would say that’s a demonstration of “When two or more are gathered.” Now when it says, “I”, does that mean Jesus is present? Well, the cosmic Jesus is present; the energy from the center of the Universe, the father energy, is present. There’s an energy presence that comes in when people gather for a very high purpose and are reverent.

Another one: “Judge not, lest ye be judged.” That makes it sound like there is some big meany up there who is watching you. If you make any judgments it’s going to come down and point the finger at you and say, “No, no, no, no!” That’s not the way it works.

The reason you’re judged is because everything is one energy and the highest truth of the Universe is The Law of One. There is another statement of Jesus: “As you do it to another you do it to yourself.” Or, ”Treat others the way you want to be treated.” In any case, if you judge somebody, you’re judging yourself.

It’s not up to you and me to make somebody wrong; you may not want to know them, you may want to put them in jail, but it’s between them and their own creative force to deal with them, not you and me, nor can we deal with them.

If you judge somebody, what are you going to do by judging them? You want to go out and hurt them, kill them? Do you think that’s going to make it better? In one of the interesting channelings we had, they said, “You can’t, because it’ll just come back. The energy is still in the Universe.” The best thing is, turn the other cheek and go on with your positive work and let those things that might be negative—you could call something negative, it doesn’t mean you’re judging it, it means you’re observing it—go their own way. Turn the other cheek.

It’s my contention that our Sources are very much connected with the positive Sources that worked with Jesus and they’ve said many things, not just to me directly, but through Carla Rueckert, through David Wilcock, that all correspond about how they operate; how they function.

Their M.O. is to send loving energy to us from their realm. If you’ve never felt that, I would say it’s possible; many people who have come into my conference calls have felt that energy, have felt the sense of lovingness, have opened their hearts. Of course, not only can you feel the energy, but they talk to us. It’s pretty wild; you feel this energy coming into your body, you feel it tingling everywhere and suddenly Terry is talking and it’s the same consciousness.

The energy is that voice and you make that connection and you put things together. They’re not God in the way religion makes God out to be. They are group consciousness in other dimensions that exists eternally and we’re part of that consciousness, but we separated ourselves by being in a physical body.

They have said that they don’t do gloom-and-doom prophecies; they don’t create fear. They said if something creates fear, it’s not them. If something particularly is intended to create fear, it’s not them. What does that tell us about God? Once you’ve taken to the idea that God has been talking to us through channeling, then how do you tell who is and who isn’t?

Just because a voice comes through somebody and says, “This is God” how do you know it’s ‘the God’? Who is it? How does it work? It’s my take that throughout history and throughout the Bible, it has varied. At times it has been these really high Sources that are very loving. If you go into the Old Testament there is that Psalm: “To everything there is a season; a time for every purpose under Heaven”. Beautiful, lyrical, very uplifting, there is a song about that. That feels like my Sources.

Then you come to the God who says, “We’re killing all of the first born. This is the God of wrath; we’re going to get over you”. That is not that Source; that’s another source, another source that’s wanting to create fear and wanting to control you by fear. If you really go deeply into this, you will see that throughout history there’s been an agenda.

Carla Rueckert, who has been one of my sources of study that has put pieces of the puzzle together for me, channeled a voice that said it was the Ra group and my indications show that Edgar Cayce and David Wilcock channeled the Ra group; and that the Ra group has been doing interventions and it’s one of the principal Sources that has been responsible for the creation of religions and spiritual movements from the positive side.

They have talked to people throughout history; oftentimes when they did that, in their track negative sources would come in and steal the line and start talking through somebody and say they’re the same intelligence that was positive.

Therefore, you get a beautiful energy that can bring the words through for that psalm, “To everything there is a season” and down the road, the same energy is saying “Kill the firstborn”, and down the road it’s coming through Jesus and its saying beautiful things.

Down the road you have The Book of Revelation. The Book of Revelation has every earmark of being from a negative, trickster source.  If you’re a Bible person and you believe every word in the Bible, you might study the Bible very carefully and you’ll find that it’s put together by many, many people; it has gone through different editing sessions, including the Council of Nicaea 300 years after Jesus.

Some people would say initially Rome was not into Jesus, but when they saw he was getting so popular they decided to get on the bandwagon. So they totally edited the Bible so it could be used as a tool, to control people instead of enlighten them.

I researched a little bit
The Book of Revelation:

If any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life and out of the holy city from the things which are written in the book.

The book is filled with prophecies, of things to come, of destructions, of plagues, of anti-Christs, of many, many, many things that are scary.

If you read it and you think these times are those times, the only logical response is fear. If Jesus said these things and you could really peg them on him, then you’d say, “This must be real.”

I had all these little sections of
The Book of Revelation where it shows what a fearful tract this is. That doesn’t mean that there might be someplace in here where it’s real, because with channeling, it can go back and forth; it’s like, the Source of the voice can change. But in general I have not seen too much positive here.

And I will kill her children with death and all the churches shall know that I am He which searches the reigns and hearts. And I will give to each one of you according to your works.

I’ll give you an example in the Old Testament what has to be a negative source saying it’s God. If you’ve read the old testament you might be familiar with this tract. If you haven’t, it has to do with this woman Jezebel who was the wife of the king and worshiping the god Baal and trying to convert the Hebrews to worship Baal because the Hebrews were worshiping Yahweh, and there was a prophet at the time, Elijah, and Elijah was trying to protect the Hebrews from being taken over by the influence of Baal and Jezebel and Elijah were enemies although they never met each other. He took it as his personal mission to make sure the Hebrews stayed true to the real God Yahweh. So they had a show down. The Baal king sent all his best priests who were representing Baal to meet with the best priests who were representing Yahweh, and they met and I think the way it went was there was something they were supposed to set on fire. Whoever had the real God would set this piece of wood or some object on fire; it would catch fire. The Baal guys were not being successful. They were doing their incantations. Then Elijah steps to the plate and called on his God and lightning came down and the fire started at which point all the Baal priests were fairly intimidated and in awe and what did Elijah do? God told him to kill all the Baal priests. So according to the old testament, he slaughtered 400 of their priests. Then he became a wanted man because Jezebel said she was going to kill him. He disappeared, he went on the road, ran, he was scared. Of course, if he was really who he said he was why would he worry.

Yahweh is not one of our Sources; in fact, we’ve asked questions about that and our Sources say Yahweh was a bit of a renegade and had turned negative. He was the God of the Old Testament; he was the voice that would come through and he was the God of fear, of wrath, of subjugation, of “Follow me! Give up your power!” So what do we have here? There were two negative sources, each vying for control and the one that won was not God; it was this high negative source.

When I look at who wrote
The Book of Revelation, I’m trying to make a point. We’re in a changing time right now and it’s my take that those negative forces are trying to make the Book of Revelation come true and the more fear they can create the more chance they have because it was all a plot to create this period of time; they can create over long periods of time.

When I looked at
The Book of Revelation I found out that it was a guy who had a vision who wrote the book. He had this vision; there was some controversy about who he was. It didn’t come directly from Jesus talking to his disciples and then writing it down; it was a guy who had a vision and then he sent his vision to seven different churches and it got included in the Bible. In his vision, he said it was Jesus talking to him. As we’re seeing now, there is no way that he could know if it was Jesus or a negative source.

If it wasn’t for the internet, if it wasn’t for my ability to cross-reference huge amounts of things, I would be stymied to figure all this out; I don’t know if I could. How could you decide what’s negative and what’s positive? If somebody told me Terry was the reincarnation of Saint Catherine, I could have never looked to find her picture to see if they looked similar. Maybe I could have gone to a library; I could have spent a week thumbing through all these different books and maybe I would have found that picture. Maybe I wouldn’t have. The internet has made it possible to do so much research so fast and it makes it possible for you to check me out, because many of the things I say can be validated.

I quoted Carla Rueckert, She has a huge website; she posts a lot of her channelings. Again with channeled material, don’t believe it. It has to work for you; it has to bring you wisdom; it has to give you something that you can add to your life other than believing in something, because that is a waste of time. 

The Book of Revelation came from somebody who channeled something who said it was Jesus. My contention is that it wasn’t; it was a negative source. Today, look at all the people who are running around talking about that!

Some of you have heard the word ‘Illuminati’. Some of you have heard the word ‘negative elite’. These are very important things to be aware of; not to focus on, but to be aware. 

If we are to believe Carla Rueckert’s Ra material—I highly recommend every one read that. It’s very complicated; not easy to understand, but after you’ve listened to these calls, it might resonate. If you look at the Ra material, it says there is a group in another dimension that is bent on planetary conquest and they call themselves the Orions. I do believe it’s connected to what David Icke calls the reptilians; I’m not sure, but I’m pretty sure. The Orions are very technologically advanced and they are very high in the chakra system, except for their heart chakra. They have a lot of psychic powers and they can project thoughts into people.

The principal way of taking over a planetary population, conquering a planet, is not going in with weapons or guns and doing it that way. They’re smart enough to understand karma, I’m sure and doing it that way is a way that they might get karma. They project thoughts into the elite and start talking to them and make them think they are the God and then take control of the leadership.

Those groups that we call the Illuminati, which are the most powerful people on our planet financially, most every president has been in that, they have secret meetings; there is all kinds of stuff on the internet. If you want to know about it, just look up that word and keep reading through. Remember, don’t get afraid because the power we’re working with here is higher than that power, but most people don’t tap into that.

I’m hypothesizing that this group sets up long term plans, because they’re in another dimension so time works differently for them. They can set up long term plans, so they can set up by talking to someone.

Carla Rueckert said that when they’re channeling to a negatively disposed person in this realm, someone service-to-self, they’ll just say, “We can give you power, we can do all this stuff for you.” It becomes like devil worship. When they’re channeling to a positive person, who is oriented service-to-others, they trick them and make them feel important to be delivering messages of doom and gloom.

The Book of Revelation totally fits the profile of an Orion transmission of doom and gloom to create fear. Those sources today who we would call the Illuminati or the negative elite, in their own quarters they’re worshipping the negative. That might be Lucifer; but who is Lucifer? Who did Jesus mean by the devil? I believe that this is the source. I don’t know if he understood that in his time, but even if he did he could never say it; no one would understand it. 

If we have a bunch of guys in spaceships that can channel through people and they’re going to mimic the positive. It’s easier to just say “the devil” and make people be very careful. “People will come in my Name but they won’t be me”; he gave all these kinds of warnings; ways to check it out. Yet, millions and millions of people are believing in that book right now and thinking, “This is the way it has to be.”

If you listen to our Sources; if you come into our channelings, they say that there is no prophecy that is locked in stone. Things could look a certain way at a given time, and based on our consciousness, we have the ability, together with them, to cause things to shift.

If enough things shift, the entire planet will shift into a loving space. We do conference calls three times a week, particularly our Sunday call which is totally focused on shifting things, on changing things. Why do things shift? Is it because those guys like us and they change things? No, they are us; we are them. They can help; we help each other. It’s all one energy; when we become that one energy it becomes very powerful.

Each of us by ourselves has a little bit of energy, but when we combine and create a group energy then that huge energy is a miracle-making machine. Their criteria is honoring free will and “for the highest good of all concerned.”

If I talk about all these, what sounds like bad guys, here on the planet, we’re not supposed to judge them; if you judge them, you’re polarizing with them. You have to notice they’re there and find an area where you can create positively. If you polarize against them, you lose your connection to the higher forces; you become embattled in a war in this realm. They have the power, so you’ll probably lose as we have, in most cases.

When we come together as a group and team and create a group consciousness and we add to our group consciousness these millions and billions of high, positively disposed souls we have a lot more potential to succeed. In one of the readings they said, “There are ten times more of the positive in other realms than there are of the negative.” Essentially, there is a huge edge that this planet has, if it connects to the positive and invokes all that energy for transformation, ten times more energy than the negative.

The positive honors free will; the negative does not. The negative does everything it can to trick you, enslave you, lie to you, and create fear so you give it energy. It’s one of the reasons it’s been so hard to transform planet earth, because the negative has so much influence in the way that it controls things down here.

I hope that those of you who are listening will really take the time to investigate more of my work. If you want to come into my conference calls I have a schedule posted:
. On these calls there are huge amounts of great information; there are live conversations with the Sources I’m talking about, which I believe are very positive, uplifting, helpful and informative:

Our most important call is Sunday morning. Sunday morning we have the same format every week, in that there is this incredible energy on the line, an incredible loving energy which people can feel. It comes in through your body in the way that if you’ve never felt it, it’s hard to explain. When you feel it, you know it has occurred.

Many people have sent me emails. Not only have they had miracles; their depressions lift; they start feeling more centered; they don’t feel alone; they feel connected. Sometimes people have miracles; sometimes they have healings.

This is not a religion; there is nothing to worship. This is something to kick the tires and either I’m one heck of a loony guy, or I’ve got it right. You have to figure it out by applying yourself. The fact that you’re listening right now means you have the chance to apply yourself. This is a fairly rare and unusual thing we’re doing. It’s not like other things, although people tend to compare things to other things to make them familiar.

This is not familiar. There are so many people that have emailed me, telling me that they’ve experienced these transformations on the line; oftentimes I don’t even know them. We don’t charge for these calls, not because I don’t need money, because I do, but because it’s my conviction that why would you pay for something that you don’t even know what it is? You haven’t experienced it.

People give us donations. Anyone who wants to support our work, wants us to reach more people, go to and it helps us, because this is the only way it’s going to get out to people, because we’re not charging.

Why don’t I charge? Because I don’t want to be controlled by money and I don’t want to turn this into a business to get more people to come to a call. Occasionally I give a workshop, occasionally I do something. Some of you have noticed. I say, “Suggested donation of $3, $5 but put in your own amount.” It creates a relationship of gratitude between us; it creates a relationship where I appreciate you and you appreciate me. It doesn’t put me above you; you are creating me by your donations. If nobody donated, I’d figure no one cares; why bother doing this?

I do know people care; and, I do know we are making a difference for a small group of people. Sometimes people think we’re reaching lots of people. I would say we are reaching a few hundred people, yet it could reach thousands. And it could reach millions and if it did, this planet would shift. I am always making efforts to reach more people.

Some of you are here because I ran an advertisement; some of you are here because I gave a book away for free; some of you saw an advertisement on Google. I pay for those things and you’ve gotten years of support. Very rarely do I say, “Here’s something for sale”. Now that I’ve said that, I’ll say, “Here’s something for sale.”

I do have a workshop that elaborates on some of the things I’ve been talking about; this is a four-hour workshop. It was one of the most amazing workshops I ever did, and I remember when I did it I was scared when I did it.

I was a little scared tonight about doing this talk because I don’t really like to go against people’s sacred cows; and of course the Bible is a sacred cow. There’s so much chance for so many people to be in fear and it’s artificially created. I wanted to put something on record. If this makes sense to you, do feel free; we’ll have an audio and a transcript of it sometime this week. Share it with other people, because you’re not going to get somebody who is a fundamentalist, who believes everything in the Bible is accurate, just per se, to change their minds, it’s unlikely.

But there are so many people who are wondering, who are in-between. There are so many people that conventional religion is not working for and people who are not believing in it and it sounds like fairy-tales. If it does work for you, if it brings you closer to the higher forces, if it brings you joy, if you can feel the energies of higher realms, then it’s working and you don’t need this.

But if it’s making feel superior, if it’s making you look down on other people, if you’re not finding the kingdom of heaven-of God inside of you and you’re looking at some of the guys that have been accused of sex crimes that are ministers, you may be caught in the control mechanism of religion. In many religions, at the core of it, there is a control mechanism; there are people channeling the negative. I speak about this very confidently and I’ll share with you one of the things in the course of the history of these calls that happened where I had a direct experience of that.

A few years ago, we were doing calls and unbeknownst to me one of the people coming into the calls said she was channeling the Elohim and they started talking to her after she came in on these calls; that she was supposed to ‘prove’ herself to me and the way they asked her to prove herself was to invite the people who were coming into the calls to her own private call, where they were going to talk to her.

Supposedly our Sources said that it would be very important; after a period of time they would all know she was channeling the Elohim and that I could then trust it. This went on for two months and I never heard about it, until finally somebody mentioned it to me. I didn’t immediately draw conclusions or condemn the woman, but at that time I did do a private channeling with both Daphne and Terry separately and I asked them, “Could you tell me about this situation?” The answer was: “It’s not us; it’s a negative source trying to steal your line and you need to do damage control.”. Both of them said the same thing. I did; I corrected it. I said, “This must be what I’m reading about.”

Another time I had met the former wife of a leader of a major religion. She had divorced her husband. The reason she divorced her husband was because she was a channel and she decided that what she was doing was negative; she didn’t want to do it anymore. She told me every person who was at the head of this religion had a wife who was channeling what she considered to be the negative.

Now you can see how tricky this is, how what I’m calling the negative—I’m going to assume it’s these space guys who are trying to take over our planet—are effectively screwing up an entire religion.

David Icke, and I’m not saying I believe everything David Icke says, has written book after book on how the reptilians have been in control of our planet. Remember when you were in school, learning about how the Kings and Queens ruled by Divine Right? That’s it; that’s the negative. They have rituals; there is so much stuff on the internet. I don’t often tell people to go look at this, go look at that, because it can be scary to realize how much of the influence of that there is. What I do tell people to do is to come into our Sunday conference calls, because each of us who learns how to pick up the frequencies of these higher realms is making a huge shift in this realm.

It’s hard to believe how important that is. It’s hard for me to believe it. It’s taken me watching it for years now to get the feeling for it and I say, “You know, I think this is real.” You have to check it out for yourself.

I’ll give you the website for the call: This call you’re on right now we do every Monday. We have new people who have downloaded The Creator Gods of the Physical Universe Want to Talk to You book and they’re on this call tonight for the first time. That is why I gave so much background information; this is really important to understand.

I’m looking at David Icke’s book
The Biggest Secret: The Book that will change the World. “David Icke’s most powerful and explosive book to date includes the astonishing background, the murder of Diana: Princess of Wales…”

What happens is, if you guys notice, people who are artists, who get very influential and who can’t be controlled, get knocked off. Most of those guys understand. They may not understand it in all the ways I’ve explained it tonight, but they understand the negative, because the system is controlled by the negative.

The movies are controlled by the negative. The media is controlled by the negative. If you get too famous and you become a threat, you’re gone. Look at John Lennon, Jimmy Hendrix, Princess Diana and John Kennedy.

John Kennedy was not playing by the rules, and there are a number of ways where he was not doing that. It most definitely was there no accident in the way that he got knocked off.

I’ve gone a long time tonight. I know Terry’s been holding the energy and I told Terry that I wasn’t going to have her channel. We really don’t need to do a channeling tonight; this is pretty complete in and of itself unless they are sitting there and they want to make any comments. I’m not going to ask them to validate and confirm anything I’ve said because I don’t want them to go on record doing that. I’ll take the hit on the controversy here, but if they want to make any comments, I can leave the space for that, about anything.

Terry: Maybe not tonight, it’s pretty late.

Wynn:  Okay, so we’re not going to do a channeling tonight. Usually every Monday we do and we ask questions.

If you’re intrigued with the work we’re doing, you don’t have to believe anything. Just show up; try showing up for a few weeks to our calls. has got the schedule. Show up for a few weeks; most people who do that become less afraid; they become more relaxed and many of them start having little synchronicities and miracles.

I think one of the things that everyone can get out of these calls is what I believe to be the way the Universe works, where you really don’t die. Your body dies; your energy continues. The one thing is, you do not want to die being totally scared shitless, because then your energy continues in a worse place. So if you’re scared of dying and you know you don’t die that’s a really big step. Coming into these calls regularly I think is pretty convincing after a while.

When you start to feel your energy, you start to feel not just your body; you start to feel the energy in your soul. You will have better future lifetimes when you have that experience. I can say that, but then I’m not going to say, “We’re doing this workshop and it’s $100 and you can have better future lifetimes.”

But that workshop,
The Egyptian Connection, where I spent four hours going into great detail about the origins of Jesus and the Old Testament in Egypt where that came from, the part that I played, the part that David Wilcock played; if you want to download it, it’s four hours. The web price is $19. It’s at Anyone who can’t afford it, email me. Tell me how much you can afford; if you want it for nothing, tell me. Realize that we are trying to support ourselves through this work.

We actually pay for this call on BBS; we pay every week a certain amount of money because BBS is a business and they have to stay in business. If you appreciate the work we’re doing, make a donation; buy the workshop. If you can’t afford it, don’t feel bad asking about it for nothing, because it’s more important that you get it and I’m not sitting here saying, “You don’t deserve it.”

I spent many years of my life not knowing where money was coming from, so I have a lot of compassion for that situation. If you can afford it, get it. If you want to make a donation:

I thank everybody who has been volunteering to keep all of this going. I thank all of you who are supporting the energy that come in every week and special greetings to those people who are here for the first time tonight, who responded to my invitation. Thanks to Lisa, for greeting everybody tonight and thanks to many, many people.

If anyone wants to go look up some of our old shows, you can go to It’s not very well presented, but we have audios. We have transcripts of our conference calls. If you get through the bad presentation, there’s a huge amount of great, great stuff there to check out. Please kick my tires; check it out. If it doesn’t resonate, fine.

For most people who take the time to check it out, it does resonate and there’s no chicanery, no exaggeration. We do this live; we talk to these guys live right here on the calls. There is no way I could fake that. There is information and things that happen on these calls that couldn’t possibly happen in normal human reality.

On that note, I am going to say goodbye to everybody. We’ll see some of you on Wednesday, when we do our question-and-answer call. Have a great rest of the

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