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What are Twin Flames?

Wednesday Call 10.31.2012
Host: Wynn Free
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Channeled by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien

Edited by Terry Brown and Valerie Hawes

Formatted and sent by Aharon ben Or

Wynn: This is October 31st, 2012. It’s Halloween, so do you guys have your costumes on? Terry, do you have your costume on?

Terry: No, but what if somebody comes to the door?

Wynn: I guess we won’t answer.

Terry: Okay.

Wynn: Let’s see. I could put a costume on: “Excuse me, everybody. This is Wynn Free and I’m buying old clothing.”

Terry: He used to call up the law office and talk like that and say he was very dissatisfied and he was going to sue.

Wynn: When I was a kid, you know they had a guy that used to go up and down in our back driveway. He would be saying “I’m buying old clothing!” I don’t know why I said that. I guess he would buy clothing and resell it. I think that’s before they had Goodwill Stores, right? Maybe.

Terry: You aren’t that old!

Wynn: I might be; who knows?

You know what? We have questions tonight. Terry is saying “I don’t like to channel when I’m feeling hoarse.” Are you feeling hoarse, Terry? Your voice sounds better.

Terry: I’m better; Jim made a whole pot of chicken broth and it’s really helping.

Wynn: I see. I might answer some of the questions. I told Terry I would answer some of the questions.

Also, I want to take a bit of time tonight to share something about Team Shift. I don’t usually like to talk about it; I just mention it here and there. I’m afraid we’ll have too much demand. It’s basically being administered by Edna. It’s been labor-intensive. I’ll talk a little bit about it now.

One of the most powerful ways that we have of lifting our frequency that everyone can do, is to get together with another person, or a small group, that has a high intent, hold that high intent and put things in the Light, or do things that represent that high intent. Most of us don’t have anyone in our sphere that we can stop and do that with. Yet, it is powerful and it is a way of keeping your heart open. It is a way of processing stuff.

Of course, on these calls which we do three times a week, we’re doing that. That’s probably why many of you keep coming back, because you feel that energy of connection. Even though I’m talking, this is not an entertaining call. It’s got a lot of space in it and it’s got a lot of energy in it. That energy comes in, and you guys feel it.

The illusion gets created that I’m doing it, or that this is the place that it’s happening. I am doing it and it is the place that it’s happening, but you can do it as well. All you need is one or two other people to gather with and do it.

There are certain criteria to make sure that works okay. I want to share a bit what this is, because I want to give you all who are listening the opportunity to participate in that. We’ve been doing it now for quite some time. We have a small group of people that it’s working for.

It doesn’t always work for everyone; I want to talk about it a bit to give you the reasons why it works and why it doesn’t work and give you all the opportunity to participate. Maybe on Saturday morning, we’ll have a special call for those people that are interested and go over it again and start putting some groups together.

Obviously, if you keep coming to these calls you’re getting something out of it; you’re feeling the energy. You’re feeling a sense of connection. The game is to learn how to feel that in your life. Many of you have done that; you’ve taken the energy that you’ve felt on these calls and you’ve carried it into your life and you’ve seen things shift. Some of you are believing that could happen, but it hasn’t happened for you yet.

Team Shift is a way of helping to speed that process up for people. It was an experiment and it has worked; I get lots of emails. Edna, who has been coordinating it, has got her finger on it. One of the reasons I’m afraid to mention it is because suddenly we have thousands of people paying attention to us. What if 1,000 people want to come into Team Shift? We need to find a way to put people together that’s faster, more organic and with a higher probability of making the groups work.

One of the things by doing this, as good an idea as that something might be, when you actually start to implement it, you always learn the glitches. Let me tell you some of the things that go wrong when we put these groups together. That way, if you choose to be in a group, you can monitor this and perhaps we’ll have a higher percentage of successes with groups.

One of the things that happen is, we all have a need to be liked personally. It’s natural; it’s a human need to be liked. When you come into a group of strangers, or even one other stranger, that need to be liked wants to create a personality interaction with the other people. That personality interaction, if it’s established too quickly, will block the energy of the spiritual vibrations, which is the reason for the group.

My take is that when you come into a group, don’t be too quick to be personal with the other people. There’s a little routine that we established in these groups; go through the routine for a couple of weeks. Bite your tongue for a while about being too personal or telling somebody all your problems or, vice versa. Establish the energy for a period of time; when you can feel the energy with the other person, just as you feel it on this call, that’s the time to be more personal. That’s the time to let that aspect of yourself share, because it’s a natural, organic flow to becoming friends.

But, if you do it right at the beginning, it turns the call into a conversation all the time. Everyone wants to keep doing it: How are you doing? How are you doing? And, everyone is reporting how they are doing. The idea of all of these calls is that as soon as you’re on the call, however you are doing, changes because we’re suddenly in a new energy field.

It’s okay; Gijs does a good job of asking everyone how they are doing. Of course, some people are not honest and they say, “I’m doing fine” and their life is falling apart and bless you all, but the key to this is lifting your frequency.

This is non-linear; it’s not something that your mind can do. It has to come from beyond your mind. If you keep trying to do something with your mind, you will probably not succeed. It’s really getting your mind out of the way and getting your mind to stop blabbering that allows you to open to these higher frequencies.

I think one of the reasons I happen to be good at doing this is that I can talk and I can create what looks like a linear thread that keeps your mind occupied. While I’m doing it, these other energies are working through and around me, which you start to pick up on.

Sometimes I stop talking and you can feel energy. Its’ not like when you’re in your mind and you’re in a personality-type interaction with someone else. You can test this; you can notice in your own life whether this is true or not. When you stop talking there’s a pregnant pause. Everyone wants to jump in and talk, or say something, because it feels uncomfortable.

When you have what we could call an energetic connection with another person, when you stop talking, everything is fine. You can feel the energy. When you have an energetic [connection], or you start blending energies at higher levels--this is true with your friends, with your wife, your children, everything--when you blend energies at the higher levels, you stop talking and there’s energy there.

When we are living with other people, we usually always have some kind of energetic connections with the people that we’re living with. We feel it; we feel more secure just because somebody is in our environment. You can kind of start monitoring that and noticing that.

The goal of Team Shift is to create those kinds of connections with other people. Basically, the way it works is, people are on a phone line every day and they call a conference line number. There’s a small group of four people or five people. They call in the Light; they rotate calling in the Light. Then, they put things in the Light verbally; they put their own issues in the Light. Then, the official part of the call is over. It’s supposed to take five or ten minutes. Then, if they want to chat and talk to each other, they can. The worse thing is to start chatting at the very beginning, especially when the group is new. That immediately turns it into a personality interchange.

In a personality interchange, the energy starts coming in at lower levels. It’s not coming in through your crown chakra. When it’s coming in at lower levels, it always needs to be reinforced.

Another thing people on Team Shift do, since they’re a group and they’re bringing in the higher energies, the Team Shift groups were putting Hurricane Sandy in the Light and different planetary things. As we have learned, the more people who are expanded that are praying or putting things in the Light or holding high intentions, the more interactions are possible in our realm from the higher dimensions.

Team Shift is a tool that you can use. What goes wrong is, sometimes there’s one person in a group that’s a know-it-all; they think they have a lot to teach someone else. They keep taking a position of talking too much and attracting energy to themself. Then, the energy of the group goes down and no one wants to show up. Edna has to trouble-shoot that.

Another thing that happens is some people have overwhelming problems. It’s okay to have overwhelming problems and its okay to keep putting them in the Light every day. The people on that call probably are not going to be able to fix your problem. They can help you lift your energy. If you go beyond putting it in the Light and you constantly say, “Woe is me”, then the energy of the call starts to go down.

The goal of the call is not to be a complaining place. It’s a place to help you lift your energy, so things get solved because you have a synchronicity, because you have a healing; you have something occur that helps solve the problem, hopefully. It’s worked for enough people so we know that it can work. It can work for you.

Where the administration comes in, I keep saying, “I think we should charge a little, charge just for administrating this and pay some of the people who are doing it, who are all just volunteering for free”, because somebody’s got to mentor the group. If there’s a problem, somebody has to fix it. If somebody doesn’t get along, somebody has to switch them to another group. Edna has done an awesome job of doing that, in between having a job and having a life.

There’s a place on our website,; there’s a form to fill out. It’s a wonderful way of creating a little community. One of the things is, as people come together on Team Shift, they actually do, over time, get to be real friends, not people just to blather to. They start to care about each other; they start to understand each other. Everybody wants that and it’s hard to find it and it’s actually occurring. But, you can’t rush it. It’s got to develop as a natural flow.

At some point if we have enough people, we’ll try to put people together within the same city, which would be a really good thing to do, to create community in a city. Things can go wrong in the next months and years. Things will go wrong on this planet, as we see with Hurricane Sandy in New York, the precarious finances, the potentials for earthquakes.

As you become friends with people all over the country, if for any reason you had to leave where you were, you might have somewhere to go, because you’ve developed the connection. It’s far better to develop the connection when things are good, than when you are desperate.

There’s something about desperation that everyone wants to run away from it. It’s kind of like: If you go through certain neighborhoods, there are a lot of people who are homeless who are sleeping on the street. You can have compassion for them, but on some level you’ve got to blank it out. You can’t possibly help all those people; you can’t do it. Many of them couldn’t be helped even if you tried, but some of them could be in the right circumstances.

Just imagine that one of those people had a job. At some point, they lost their job and they were going down. That’s the time to catch somebody, before they hit rock-bottom, to see if they can turn around. It’s easier to help somebody at that point than wait until they’re homeless.

That is what we are establishing here, ways to keep ourselves pushed up and feel supported and not feel like no one cares, because that does happen in this realm. People get to that place, some people, where no one cares. It doesn’t matter whether they’re alive or dead; they have no motivation. Things start falling apart.

We don’t want to find ourselves in that place. Having people you have spiritual affinity with is a way of keeping up and out of that space. In the way we create value for others, we find a reason to be alive. I want to say that again; it’s a really important concept. In the way we create value for others, we start valuing ourselves. That’s another way of saying it.

When you have a group that meets every day, a small group where people get to know each other and you know you’re helping to keep those people lifted and they’re doing the same for you, you’re creating value. That goes right back to you. It carries through your entire day. That’s what I want to say about Team Shift.

Another question that comes up is: Where is Daphne? I know many people are asking. Basically, if you’ve been watching our group for a few years, you’ll know that Daphne comes and goes. Oftentimes, when she’s channeled, she has negative attacks. Sometimes she gets mad at me. If she and I don’t have a good rapport, it’s not a good time to channel, because that lack of rapport between us could turn into a negative source coming through.

In any case, that’s my rant for starting this call.

We have some questions here. What do we have as a good question? We have a good question from Susan in Denver and I can’t answer it. Actually, it’s a question that I’m curious about. I don’t know if our Sources want to answer it. There are certain phenomena that are occurring on our planet that are inexplicable. Some of them may be tied to negative sources doing various things. I don’t really think I want to answer those questions, or ask our Sources.

As some of you know, when we’re dealing with a group matrix, a group soul energy that is above this realm, above the matrix of this realm, every time we ask a question, we are moving into the matrix of what the question is about. The energy just moves there. When we’re in a group matrix energy, it’s not a good idea to ask questions that bring in negative sources.

We’ve had that happen occasionally on this line, where the energy’s just switched around because we asked that kind of a question. In general, I try to avoid them. Sometimes I know the answers because it’s something that I had researched myself, or googled; or I might have asked a question privately, which is probably a little safer than doing it on the line publicly. It doesn’t bring the energies in, at least for everyone else.

On that note, are you there Terry?

Terry: I’m here.

Wynn: You’re there. Okay.

Terry: Yes.

Wynn: Is there anything you’d like to say before we continue?

Terry: No. I think I’m ready.

Wynn: You’re ready?

Terry: Yes.

Wynn: Okay, good. I’m going to call in the Light.

Terry: Alright.

Wynn: If there are questions here that I can answer, I will answer them. Otherwise, I’ll give it to you.

Terry: Okay.

Wynn: Father-Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light to surround and protect each person on this line and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through the outer energy fields of planet earth, through our bodies and into the center of the earth. Right now, we invoke a group energy connection, while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. We ask those Sources that positive, service-to-others, honoring the Law of One, to join with us and we create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.

We invite our Sources to introduce themselves and we’ll ask some questions.

Ra’An: We greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator. This is October 31st, 2012. There is the embodiment of the holiday of Halloween. We see that on this date there may be visions or there may be, in the consensus reality, influences of the generally-considered negative, scary things, for instance, like witches and spiders and cobwebs. It is an embodiment of some of the things that are happening in the environment, the cobwebs and the spiders that have been generating over the fall.

So beyond that, we look at each and every person who wishes to make connection. We are available in the vicinity of them, not over the telephone line, not over the radio but just directly, for those that wish to make connection.

Do you have questions?

Wynn: Yes, I do. We have a question from Janie, who has been sending me this question now for quite some time. I promised her one day I would ask it. It’s about her mother Betty, who lives in Ontario, Canada.

She’s been putting her mother in the Light. Her mother does seem to be feeling emotionally more upbeat. But the interesting situation that has been happening to her is that, “She sees my deceased step-dad sitting on the edge of her bed or sometimes lying beside her. She can even see what he is wearing. She has felt a movement at her feet area and has looked down and seen her beloved pet cat who has also passed on and even noticed her pink nose.

But the thing is, my mother is blind. How come she can see these people, pets in detail, yet cannot see her hand in front of her face? She is a bit disturbed by this; not scared, but confused as to how this can be.”

Ra’An: Thank you.

Did you have more?

Wynn: “Whenever she does speak to these figures, they disappear. She’d like my dad to stay, but as soon as she speaks, he vanishes. Needless to say, she’s confused. Can you offer any insight as to what is going on?”

And, that’s it.

Ra’An: We surround this whole view in Love Light, as we see there is much Light in these visions. There is much caring and concern and love between Betty and her husband and between Betty and her cat. They love her and wish to be around her.

Vision is not dependent upon the body; vision is a part and parcel of the soul matrix. One does not need a body to be able to see.

When one looks at it very, very strongly and clearly, then the frequencies they are looking at may move out of the frequency range of the extra-sensory perception where she is seeing her husband and seeing the kitty and may then move out of the frequency range where they are there with her, experiencing the connection with her. As she attempts to bring them into focus in the physical range, they disappear as she is moving out of the extra-sensory range.

This is beautiful and it is a beautiful experience that she is able for the instance that she experiences their presence, to be able to focus within the extra-sensory range and to perceive these people. When she can look at this scene obliquely and not try to move it into the physical sense, then she will be able to hold it more and more. This is a beautiful experience not to be afraid of, but to be enjoyed.

Wynn: Thank you.

Rick in Iowa City asks about this concept that people talk about: ‘twin flames.’

The idea is that at some point in original creation, souls were created simultaneously that were of opposite polarities, one male and one female and when they come into this realm, if you can find that particular part of yourself that was the opposite polarity, then you have a wonderful relationship, friendship, lovers, whatever. Is this true, that souls were put together in pairs of two, or is this just a New Age mythology?

Ra’An: Give us a moment.

We see that some souls were put together in pairs of two. However, not all souls and one can find more than one individual that can be one’s soul mate. They are ones that share similar frequencies, similar goals and yet hold up for the other one opportunities for growth, challenge for moving into higher, expanded awareness by being in the presence of one another.

So if two souls are exactly alike, then there may not be as much room for growth or avenue for growth, as when one is in some ways different and can then share opportunities for growth and expansion and increase of knowledge and awareness.

So there is a putting together between two people of not exactly the same, but ways that one can grow in the presence of another and can feel loved and nourished and then can, in that environment, have room to grow within their own purpose.

Yes, there were souls that were put together, were made at the same time that could be considered twin flames.

In fact, if these souls are exactly alike it can create great friendship, but it may not produce opportunity for greatest growth. However, it can provide opportunity for an individual to relax and to feel loved and to feel nourished. One needs to look at the individual that one is being presented with at the time and observe how they react and if this feels like an opportunity to be nourished and to be loved and in what capacity there is opportunity for growth.

Two people can fit together and can be stronger for the union and move forward together and have a much better life because of it.

Wynn: Thank you.

Question from Susan: This is about some of the strange sounds that are coming from underground. Many people have reported this. If this is something that’s going to move into negative stuff, we might want to just pass on it.

Is there anything you can say about the sounds, the thuds, the things that sound like trains to some people, that have no reason, logical reason, understandable reason, for occurring?”

Ra’An: Thank you.

Is this the question you were referring to that you couldn’t answer?

Wynn: Right.

Ra’An: Thank you.

We see that this has gotten a good deal of media attention and that there are different causes for different sounds in different areas, one of them that there are tunnel systems being built underground. There is, in these tunnel systems, a differential of air. Sometimes there is a release of air, which can sound like a whishing sound. Sometimes there are underground trains that operate in a somewhat different manner and one can hear those trains. Sometimes there are flying saucers that make a noise and can be heard; they are taking off from subterranean areas.

For instance, in the area of Los Angeles and even near the shores: Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, some of the shore areas where there are whishing sounds or it sounds like a plane is taking off. Only, if one fixes on the direction, it is not in the right direction for a plane to be taking off. People can then think that there is plane activity. They can look in the sky and they can see that an airplane is going over. However, if they look more closely, they can see that it is indeed not a plane and it indeed can move in strange ways and have flashing lights that are not on a plane.

So there are different sources. There is also another sound which is like a long sound of a movement of something grating over something else. This can be very gradual, slow, underground movement of one layer of deep underground moving against another layer, very gradual, extremely slow and can be a movement of the crustal area of earth gradually being moved by a build-up of torque energy based upon energy of the earth in its rotational path, in its path around the sun. This rotational energy builds up as a torque on the crustal surface. Very deep down there can be a slight movement, as the crustal area seeks to equal out the torque that is against it.

Also, there are other areas, where HAARP has produced anomalies in the atmosphere and the atmosphere is seeking to adjust to the anomalies that HAARP has placed in certain areas. One can seek on the internet to coordinate where the sounds may be and HAARP activity showing at the time, where the HAARP activity is showing upon a map of the earth.

Those are our comments.

Wynn: Would we consider that, in most cases, these sounds are related to service-to-self activities?

Ra’An: The sounds from the underground tunnels, underground building of railways under the ground not generally tied-in with any known publicized activity are service-to-self, yes.

Wynn: How about the UFOs off the coast of the California towns you mentioned?

Ra’An: There is underwater activity; there are flying saucers that are able to go under the water and they have a technology that they are able to move from in the air to under the water. We do not wish to label them service-to-self or service-to-others. It is a different, a whole different paradigm, where some of it is service-to-others to help mankind and some of it is service-to-self, to put one of the nations behind the flying saucers, as there are about seventy different types of races. So, it would depend upon the particular flying saucer group and their connections.

Some of them are service-to-others and are helpful to mankind. Others are service-to-self and are promoting their own general welfare without a whole lot of regard for mankind. It would depend upon the particular group and their activities. Some of them, coincidentally, match up to service-to-others, although they are generally working for service-to-self, if it matches up, if their goals match up with the highest good for mankind also.

It depends upon which group that is being referred to.

Wynn: Thank you.

Would you normally find mixed polarity flying saucers in the same area and they acknowledge each other but they don’t attack each other, they just let each other do their thing?

Ra’An: Yes, as one group may what would you call ‘sublet’ activity and aid in activity to another group that happens to obliquely coincide with their own goals to various degrees.

Wynn: Thank you.

Okay. Those are our questions for tonight. We had a really good question from someone that we don’t have time for, concerning fourth density and what that’s like. That’s a big question and I think we’ll defer that to next week.

Whoever asked that question, you might send it again. As I said before, feel free to keep sending questions repeatedly. Oftentimes, if I don’t think a question is totally appropriate I’ll email you back and say, “This isn’t appropriate.” Many people ask questions, and we never have times to ask all the questions that come in.

I’d like to end this call. First of all, if you are interested in Team Shift, go to and fill out that form. We may make another announcement and just have some kind of group meeting of people that are interested, soon.

I’d like to take a moment, we’ve got about thirty seconds, to put our energies together, bring in the energy through our crown chakras, have a moment for any personal requests you have, to put them in the Light.

We send the Light to all those areas that have had devastations with Hurricane Sandy recently. We ask for support and help for all those people that have lost their homes and are in difficult situations and that people feel the energy to support and care for each other during this period.

On that note, we’ll bring this call to an end. Thank you, Terry, so much, for coming forth tonight even with your scraggly voice. It was very good.

Terry: Jim made some wonderful broth and I think this is helping tremendously.

Wynn: Wonderful.

Thanks to all of you who are listening and supporting us with donations or just showing up. We will see you Sunday for our grid healing. That has always been our most popular call. I hope if you’ve never attended, you’ll watch your emails: Sunday morning, 10:00 a.m. Pacific. We’ll see many of you then.

Blessings and over and out.

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