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Personal & Planetary Grid Healing Session


Sunday Calls 11/11/2012
Hosted by: Wynn Free and Gijs Minderhoud
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Channeled by: Terry Brown
Edited by: Terry Brown

Formatted and sent by: Gary Brownlee


[Wynn is in Florida to visit his sister. He is at an airport in Florida about to board a plane. Wynn will be turning the major amount of the call over to Gijs to complete.]


Wynn: Good morning everybody. This is Sunday, November 11, 2012. This is our Sunday morning grid healing. It’s where we come together as a group all over the world, not only on the line but on the replays. We create group intentions to change the world.


It’s really interesting. About 3 days ago I was in a health food store in Sedona. This lady kept staring at me and I didn’t recognize her. Some people joined her. Then she looked at me and she said, “That guy teaches people how to pray.” I [thought], “Oh my god, that’s my worst nightmare.” No, it’s not prayer, it’s positive intention for the highest good. It’s really the same thing. It’s just that prayer makes it sound like traditional religion. This is not religion.


Those of you that know my story, most of you probably do by now unless you’re new. Know that I had a series of events in my life that are pretty bulletproof that gave a very strong indication that I was communicating with group souls that were part of the creation of this realm. On this line they talk to us live through Terry. You’ll hear one of their messages later. They’ve been doing this for three to four years. People check into our lines, they have miracles, they have changes of attitude, and they have epiphanies. So if you’re here and you’re new, be patient. Check it out for a while.


Our archive section on our website has 100’s of past calls where we ask them the tough questions, like how does this work, how does that work? We have transcripts for many of the audios. It’s becoming the most popular page on our website--our archive site. [It’s at ] I thank Bogdan who has taken the time to [create this site].


Anytime you can go there, and pick a topic, listen and zone out. Those of you who keep coming know what I mean by zone out. It’s kind of like there’s an energy that combines with us on this line and it’s teaching us how to expand into higher dimensions. It’s kind of like the free home study course in expansion.


My sister has been one of those reasons we’re doing this call because at one point she had a miracle healing--not completely healed, but her Lupus went away.


I asked them a couple of times, I asked, “What would it take for her to have a complete healing?” One of the things they told me about her Lupus was that: She’d gone in for an operation and I did a cheer up committee and I called her everyday and told her jokes. They said if I didn’t call her every day and tell her jokes, they couldn’t have taken her Lupus away. That is a very important principle because that 2-3 week period of time that I was telling her jokes, she was in a rehabilitation home and she was very, very happy. She was repeating the jokes to the nurses. It was as if she became blessed in a magical way that she didn’t usually do in the past. They said if we didn’t do that, they couldn’t have healed her. They said for her to have further healing, she needed more stuff like the cheer-up committee and she needed to reach for her own happiness and part of her felt like she was in the way and nobody wanted her.


She’s been on our call a number of times and I always felt if she started coming on the call of her own volition and started enjoying the process of being the person who was healed and talking about it she would have had a longer life. She didn’t do that; she was too shy and too self-conscious.


Why am I telling you guys this? Because the same things apply to you, the same rules apply to you. What do you need to do no matter what’s happening in your life--some of you, this is not true for all of you but some of you--What do you need to get out of that woe-is-me aspect and I’ll never get out of this, nobody loves me and I’m worthless? I know those feelings, I’ve had them in my life many times. In fact, Terry’s had them.


If you want to change, it’s not like something magic comes in from the other dimension and says, “Here.” You have to meet it all half way. You have to figure out what you have to do to change the energy. There is something. Do not thing that there’s nothing because there is definitely something. You have to figure it out. Once you do things will shift. You’ll have more synchronicities, more miracles.


Gijs, you know how to do everything now, right?


Gijs: Yes, sir.


Wynn: You checked out all the audio controls, right?


Gijs: Yes.


Wynn: Why don’t you go into Gary Grant’s music and play Gary’s song with the trumpet.


Gijs: Yes. I have things listed over here, Wynn, so I’m ready to get it going.


Wynn: You have it under control. I’m not going to micromanage this. I’m going to say goodbye to everybody. My plane is loading in a few minutes.


By the way, Carla Rueckert and I had a great response to our discussions on the Ra material. We’re going to it again tomorrow. That’s two weeks in a row. If you didn’t listen last week you might want to because I read some excerpts from the Ra material and then we both discussed it, we interpreted it. The Ra material is extremely, extremely deep. I told Carla, I think people understand it better when we read it in a group situation than if they try to read it themselves and she agreed. So listen in tomorrow for Carla and I doing that. On that note I’m going to sign off and see some of you tomorrow. Thank you, Gijs, for taking over.


Gijs: Fantastic, Wynn. Thank you for being here. I’m going un-mute everybody so they can say goodbye and wish you safe travels. One at a time please.


Callers: We love you, Wynn; Be well; Safe journey, God Bless, Wynn. Love and light; Wynn; Blessings,


Gijs: Thank you, all, thank you, Wynn. I’m going to take it from here. What I’ll do first is play an audio, we can listen to an audio from a personal healing session that Wynn did a couple of months ago. It’s a great session. Please enjoy this session. At the end there is a moment of silence and you can put in things into the light, personal or planetary. After that we’ll take it from there. All right, here we go. Enjoy.


[Audio of personal healing session]


Wynn:  If you’re in bed, crack your knees so your feet are flat on your mattress.


There’s this theory that the entire universe is made of one energy and the Ra group calls it the Law of One. That ultimately, you and I are the same energy. You and I and the planet are the same energy. You and I and the Elohim are the same energy.


It’s just that we’re all positioned in different places on the hologram and there’s this pre-disposition on planet earth that people feel separated. They lose the experience of knowing by direct experience that they are part of each other. Now in the higher realms the Elohim for example and the Ra group are group souls but they have the experience that even though they are many, many individuated energy forms, they know they are part of each other. The goal of this vision is to move into the experience, the experience not the belief, but the experience of the connection of the energies of oneness.


So we start out with the earth, the earth is alive, the earth has feelings, the earth is aware and the earth is part of the energy of this oneness. As we talk about the earth, we could imagine that the earth is hearing us. Maybe the earth is thinking, “Wow, they know I’m here. They’ve taken me for granted so many lifetimes, they’ve abused me. They’ve put explosions into me; they’ve killed people on my surface in wars. They’ve had nuclear blasts. They didn’t know I was feeling anything,” and the earth was feeling it all and it was hurting and it was enduring.


We’re going to ask the earth to send her energy from her center through the floor and into our feet. You might notice a tingling and if you feel that and even if you don’t you can silently say, “Earth I love you. Thank you for being my host for so many lifetimes.”


We bring the energy up from the earth, into our feet, through legs, through our calves, through our groin, through our solar plexus, through our chest, through our neck and into our head. It’s like a finger of energy coming through the floor and moving through our bodies and we are now grounded. We are connected to the earth and that connection is always there waiting for you to tune into it.


Now, we’re going to move that energy—and we’re just using our imagination-- through the top of our head and imagine it is 1 foot above your head. Can you place the focus of your attention on the area a foot above your head? You might see the energy moving through the top of your head, sometimes called your crown chakra, to that space above your head.


And we’re going to continue to move the energy up through our room, up to the ceiling and now we’re going to pop through the ceiling and for some of you, you’re going to be under the sky and for others, you’re going to be in somebody else’s room, and we’re going to move through all the rooms until we get to the roof and we’re going to pop through the roof and now we’re in the sky above our home or wherever we are, and we’re going to keep moving. We’re going to move through the clouds. We’re going to move through the outer energy fields of earth. Some of you can feel something shifting in your body.


We’re going to keep moving up, up and away and we come to a point where all of our energies converge, where we touch each other and we can imagine that we’re really doing this, that we’re really touching each other in our energy fields and while we’re doing that we can say, “I love you,” to everyone on this line and to everyone listening to the replays.


Now we’re in an invisible area, so we really can’t see anything, but take note of how you body is shifting, how it’s relaxing, how it feels a sense of connection, a sense of belonging. We’re moving into a place of truth, of oneness, and we’re not glommed there. We’re just temporarily touching into it, this is [by] free will and you’re visiting that place where everything is connected. You can imagine just the fact that we’re doing this in a group is projecting an energy through the veil, through the contraction. You’re moving above whatever level of contraction you have and we’re now creating a shining light in the cosmos, all of us together.


We’re going to invite our group souls to join with us. We’re going to imagine that they can see that shining light. They said, even when I was first asking questions to Daphne. I said, “How can you notice us when there’s so many billions of people down there,” and they said, “We can see it when people penetrate through the veil, we can see their light penetrating through.”


So right now, just image that you’re being seen and they are joining us. Some of you might have noticed when I said, “They were joining us,” there was a shift of energy inside you.


Some of you are feeling around your third eye, around your forehead, around the top of your head, all this energy. Remember, you are here and you’re there and you can’t take inventory there, this is like faith that maybe this is happening, but you can take inventory of how your body feels and notice the shifts. It’s your own question: Why is that shift happening? Why does my body feel different when he says that?


So we made a huge conglomerate energy outside of the earth realm, somewhere in another dimension. It’s all of us here, all of us on the replays and our group souls.


Now we’re going to bring that energy back down and directly move it through our body and see how that feels. So we’re coming down the same way we went up. We went up through the clouds, we went up through the cosmos but when we come down, we’re plugged into this energy. When we went up, it was just us and the earth. Now we have a lot of energetic friends sharing space with us. We’re coming down and we come through the crown chakra, the top of your head. Can you feel that in your head? Can you feel the energy? Remember how it felt when we started.


Now you can move this energy. If there’s any place in your head that feels tense, ask it to relax and let go into the energy.


We go through our neck--any place where the energy is stuck. You send it there. Everybody could usually have a little help with their teeth and their gums. So see this energy as little clouds surrounding your teeth and gums and ask it if it can heal any cavities that it does it, any dysfunctions.


We went through our neck. Now we’re going to look at our chest. The chest is where your heart is. It is where compassion starts. We’re going to look at our hearts. Everybody has things in their heart that they are holding and that are compressing your heart. What compresses your heart energy?


Remember that they’re telling us in order to graduate this realm our heart has to be 51% open. So this is a time to let go of things and get that heart open.


Do you have any resentment toward anyone? Surround them in this energy. How about your parents? They brought you up and they left you with all these hang ups. Do you have anger for your parents? They did what they did because they didn’t know any better. So let’s forgive our parents if you need to.


How about all the people you loved that abandoned you? Do you feel angry with them? Remember how hurt you were? You opened up, you were vulnerable and they discarded you and they took you for granted. You’ve got to forgive them. It doesn’t mean you have to be their friend. It doesn’t mean you have to condone their actions but if you don’t forgive them, you’re holding points against you in opening your heart. People that didn’t pay you back money, people that really left you broke and didn’t care and you thought they were your friend.


Finally, the chances are all the things I just said that other people did to you; it’s a good chance you did it to other people, if not this life or other lives. It’s okay that you did those things because that was in the past and right now you can forgive yourself and let it all go and be free of it. If you don’t free yourself from those things in the past, it leaves guilt and if you have guilt it closes your heart down.

Now don’t keep doing them, though.


If you want to have an open heart, if you want to start reaching high spiritual realms, never ever lie. Be very aware of your relationships with other people and don’t create new karma. Learn how that works. You can’t use somebody and abandon them because that creates karma. That creates guilt. Be very clear in your relationships if you want to open your heart.


Let’s move from our heart to our solar plexus. Now having an open heart does not mean wearing your heart on your sleeve. There are two qualities to add to an open heart that make it much more effective. One of them is wisdom. Wisdom is up higher; it’s up in the neck, third eye area. Wisdom has to do with having discernment. When you have discernment, you learn how to read people before they do something to you and you say, “I’m staying away from that.” When you don’t have discernment you keep getting involved and you get hurt and after enough times you start having discernment. There’s no quick way to bring discernment. Although consider things carefully. Learn from the wisdom of other people. Learn from the experiences of other people.


Something I told a friend of mine yesterday, “Don’t trust people. Trust is not the same as unconditional love. Don’t trust people. Realize that every time you have a new relationship with someone that trust is something that will be earned over time. It’s not something to be given blindly. If you decide to give something blindly, it’s okay to do that. Just don’t give more than you can afford to lose. In other words, if you are going to loan somebody money, maybe you can loan them $10.00 and if they don’t pay you back, just take a breath and say, ‘Okay, gone. It’s okay.’ You’ll learn from that that you can’t trust that person perhaps. But don’t loan them $10,000 because now you might be homeless if they don’t pay you back. So never risk more than you can afford to lose even in relationships. Let people prove themselves over time. That’s why courtship can be important because over a period of time you’ll find out what really makes someone tick.”


The solar plexus is power--another important force that a human has, quality that helps with an open heart because power protects you. It gives you the ability to create boundaries and to chose when your boundaries open or shut. When you have an open heart, you don’t have to monitor it. An open heart radiates into the space. You don’t have to decide who to love and who not to love. The heart opens and it changes the energy around you but when you get personally vulnerable with someone that’s not the same as unconditional love and that’s when you need qualities of wisdom and power.

People who have open hearts, sometimes they go to the supermarket and they feel the energies of everyone so your power solar plexus allows you to project an energy around you that keeps people’s energies at a distance.


I want you to feel your solar plexus. Take a moment and tap your tummy. As you tap it, I want you to see energy going into that area. Have you ever seen marshal arts or people making sushi? They make guttural sounds from their solar plexus. Why? It increases the energy in their power chakra.


We can do that together for a moment. If you have people in the other room that aren’t going to understand. If you do it, get it down low. Put your hand in your solar plexes. You can practice doing that and help bring energy into that solar plexes area. We’ll do it together.


Then we go down to our second chakra. What is our second chakra? That’s our sex chakra. That’s an area that needs energy in it just as well as the heart and the solar plexus. You have to accept your animal side without judging it and without abusing other people with it. Some of us have different needs than other people. The higher realms don’t care whether you are bi, hetro, mono. The only thing that matters is that you don’t create hurt for other people. Or you don’t create shame.




Gijs: Next let us listen to an audio that Terry is channeling. I think this is a very important channeling. There is very important information in this channeling for all of us. Please enjoy it.


Terry/Ra’An: …We welcome each and every person who is on this call or will listen to a replay or will read the transcript later. The transcript or the replay will have the same energy and carry the same frequencies and the same vibrations as you are hearing on the original call.


We have said the word “vibrations.” We have a very high vibration with the color pink. We are in the space of each and every person who wishes us there. We honor free will and when a person asks, as each of you who have asked today, either silently in your own heart or with an email to Wynn, we hear your call. We hear your plea and we see that you are a mixture of vibrations and we see that you each have a vibration within the 3rd density which connects you and grounds you to your surroundings and allows you to operate and to stay focused within the location where you are.


And we see that when you grasp on a certain vibration, a certain explanation, that it then affects your whole and your connection with your surroundings, with your body, with your health. The chakra system generates frequencies and it is either operational or you exclude, due to your belief systems, certain vibrations which damps the vibration of the certain chakra systems. When the chakra systems are operating fully and completely they bring to you, attraction of the things that can fulfill your life.


Some of the things which can damp your frequencies towards bringing you what you wish, health-wise, material-wise are belief systems that you have which fixes you into a certain vibration. One such example would be, “I have diabetes.” Another would be, “I have heart disease.” Another would be, “I have a congenital condition.” When you then fix that idea (that belief system) into the whole of what you are, it contains a frequency and it’s connected to the frequencies of all the other people, all the medical system and all their belief systems about that particular disease.


And you then, having that frequency/fixation in your space, attempt to heal--you are then putting a different frequency on top of the frequency that you have grounded there and is grounded with the medical profession and all of the belief systems of people concerning that particular disease. This makes a divergence--a gap--between what you wish and what is going on. When you bring into your belief system that you are now well and whole and all of your chakras are operating in a full-body manner and spinning in a clock-wise direction and that your foundational chakra is expressing the note, the musical note of C, then you can begin to attract and pull-in to you the grounding that you desire.

If you have the belief that you have no home--no place to go--that you have not the financial capability, you begin to fray the vibration of your foundation chakra and the C note may begin to be absent from your foundation chakra. And then you find it harder to attract to you, to pull-in the finances, to pull-in the grounding, the home that you so desire. As we see that many of you on the call are concerned about your financial condition and we look at each and every one of you. We see which ones have placed this in the light and which ones haven’t placed it in the light but have silently placed it in the light.


And we see then the importance of restoring the vibration within your foundation of the C note, the vibrations that will then connect you to that C note within society and connect you up with finance and with home and with then, the higher chakras with loved ones, with the sexual experiences you desire in the next chakra up which will then express the next note up which is D. And then you can begin to have some power because you have support and you can begin to support those you love and move to the next note up, the next chakra which is E and then, being supported you can begin to experience the love and you can begin to give love and compassion to others because you have a structure that is supporting you.


And then you can begin to share it with the next note up, the heart chakra which is F and you can begin to express--that’s the next chakra up--the throat chakra, the expression chakra which is G.


Then as you open yourself up to the next chakra, to remote viewing, to extend yourself out, to begin to see around you, you open up the next chakra which is in the forehead and that is the note of A.


Then, on these calls, you have been opening up your crown chakra to the higher realms where we are - and that is the note of [B]. And we connect with you from the crown chakra and we see you in our light, if you wish it.


We see you healed. We see your chakra systems open and working fully and we take the labels off you and allow you to set your own health, ideals, goals and those of those around you who wish that also. And we help un-stick those frequencies where one gets stuck in certain lower level conditions and we open the whole thing up.


We leave you but we do not leave you. We are here with you and we--in this very meaningful sacred moment--touch those that wish touching; Adonai.


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