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  Carla Rueckert and Wynn discuss the Ra Material,
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Monday Call 11.12.2012

Host: Wynn Free
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Channeled by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Connie O'Brien
Edited by Terry Brown, Valerie Hawes and David Masty

Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee 

Wynn:  Now, you see, we were just talking about perfection and flow and imperfections and how mastery means learning how to flow, this is my take on it, through imperfection. In this planet, as you flow through imperfection you learn to make it perfect or at least treat it like it’s perfect.


As things come up which would be dilemmas, which would be panics, which would be, “What do I do now?”, somehow or another you make it through. And you don’t make it through like an amateur. You make it through like you know what you’re doing and you handle it.


All of us on this line, all of us who are the anchor-points of this line, meaning: Terry, myself, Carla and I don’t know if I want to include Gijs, because he’s kind of perfect. The rest of us are learning to flow through our imperfection. The fact that we’re on this call and you guys are still listening means you must be learning it as well, because you’re listening to us and we’re not getting boring.


Yet this is by intention the way it is; that it’s kind of seat-of-the-pants. One thing about seat-of-the-pants is; it keeps me interested; it keeps my energy heightened, because I don’t know what’s going to happen next and neither does Terry and neither does Carla. But I did do more preparation for this call than I usually do for our calls.


We’re going to go through some of the Ra Material. For those of you who are listening and are not tuned in yet as to what the Ra Material is—excuse me; I say this, but I know there is someone who will be feeling left out if I don’t say it. Ra is a group soul, or says they’re a group soul. From 1981 to 1983, this group soul spoke through Carla Rueckert, who is on the line with us, when she was in a trance and was answering questions of a very bright Ph.D. I don’t know if he was a Physics major. Was he Physics, Carla?


Carla:  His degrees were in mechanical engineering and general engineering, but he taught Physics.


Wynn:  Right. So he was really smart. And this group soul was inviting him to ask questions; so for three years, he asked questions. They seemed to indicate that they “looked for someone in this realm that they could trust for 200 years” before they would come forth and do this.


Carla was the person. I shouldn’t say just Carla; it was Carla and the group who were holding the energy, as Carla corrected me on last week. It was the group who was holding the space while she went into trance and brought through the messages.


This group soul was explaining their place in history and how the Universe works, in ways that have never been explained in the history of mankind. There were four books generated out of this called Ra: The Law of One. If you read some of the reviews on Amazon, which I suggest, they’re just through the roof.


As we do this, like I do with all of our materials, I say, “You don’t have to believe any of this; you don’t have to believe it’s a group soul.” We know for a fact that Carla went into trance and voices were speaking through her. They answered some amazing questions. For some people, these answers, some of them, trigger deep, subconscious memories which they already knew. It did that for me. I knew, at least to some extent, it was accurate. I think you will find this dialogue mind-blowing.


Carla has been my guest quite a few times. Oftentimes, we just have talked about things from our own human conscious levels. We never tried going through this stuff on the Ra Material until last week. The reason I did it was the week before, I started doing this just by myself and I got a lot of really good feedback from people.


We did this; I don’t think too many people have. Has anyone ever done this kind of live thing with you, Carla, on the Ra Material?


Carla:  Not with me; there have been study groups all over the world that have been on line and have talked about the Ra material on line, but not with me. So thank you very much.


Wynn:  Thank you! I think the only reason we can do this is because we’re both good. I seem to be able to understand this material at a deep level, on an intuitive level. I don’t approach it intellectually.


There are some amazing things, even today, every time I read it I say, “Look what they just said!” I want to mention this; I think I have this right; you can correct me. When I was putting together some of the things for tonight—I don’t want to miss this one—one of the things that knocked my socks off was: does it help for a person to understand what fourth density is for them to graduate?


They said “No, it doesn’t help.” For all of you that are asking questions: Well, will we be flying? What does this mean? What is it going to feel like? Don’t worry about it; it doesn’t help to know. Do you remember that, Carla? Do you remember that one?


Carla:  Yes, I do. They said that the only thing that was really necessary was that you understood that you couldn’t know anything.


Wynn:  Exactly. So many people get so hungry to know when they hear about this stuff. They think if they know things they know where they’re going and they have some sense of control. It doesn’t work that way. It’s not controllable.


Carla:  You’re climbing the stairway to heaven; you can’t build one.


Wynn:  You can’t control yourself here; you have to let go. What I hope what we demonstrate on these calls is like a letting go; that you can let go. Just let go; let go; forget it; don’t worry about it. Don’t worry about whether you graduate or not; don’t worry. Just say, “I’m going to be in the moment”. If you have my own understanding in order, everything you worry about is a step backwards. That’s one of the problems of even knowing about this idea of graduation, because it starts people worrying.


You’ve just come through a thousand lifetimes and you’ve arrived here. You’re still going and in a worst-case scenario, you’ll just continue like this and you won’t remember between lives. You’ll keep coming back and learning lessons.


In the big space of the Universe the other thing is: time doesn’t exist. If time doesn’t exist, what’s another 50,000 years coming back and forth from no time to time to no time to time? Time doesn’t exist; it’s only an illusion so that we can experience our own lives. It’s kind of a silly thing; the Indians call this ‘Maya’; this is illusion; it doesn’t exist.


The problem is; when you’re in the middle of the illusion, it feels like it exists; it feels so real; the pain is so good! That’s where they have this illusion down with pain and suffering. Yet, it’s an illusion. How do we reconcile this? We’re going to be talking to Carla and reading some of the Ra Material.


Ra is a group soul that’s made up of graduates of this realm. What does that mean? They mastered the illusion; they got outside of time. Then, they were spirit-forms and they were energy-forms. What does that mean? It’s hard to imagine, although when you empty your mind sometimes you can feel their energy-forms visit you if you invite them. They have a reality to them, but not like the reality we experience in 3D.


Carla, why don’t you add anything you want or correct anything I said to that intro?


Carla:  Alright. I think it was well said and there wasn’t anything wrong with it.


It’s true that everything is an illusion. But our science has been telling us that for as long as I’ve been alive, talking about how if you look closely enough with a microscope you get down to the atomic level. You’re looking at atoms and molecules and they are mostly space. If you put the middle of an atom in the middle of a 50-yard line on a playing field, a football field, the first electron is up in the highest stand in the big house; a little peep up there in the top seat in the big house, you know, that’s mostly ether. There’s nothing to us; it’s an illusion.


It’s a wonderful illusion, because it is the basis for our taking life; each life is an opportunity for us to learn and to serve. When we break away from whatever is holding us back from loving this illusion and loving this ‘school of souls’ and get free of all that, all of a sudden: “My goodness! It’s like here’s all of nature and all of mankind and everything we ever run into that’s a catalyst for us.” We get to meet it all; we get to experience it all. Even if it’s difficult—I think maybe sometimes especially if it’s difficult—it brings us right into the deepest part of ourselves and we learn about our essence and we learn about how strong we are, and how much help we have that’s unseen. And we learn about the beauty of other people.


I’ve got the most beautiful husband. I know beautiful people like Wynn and the people who work around me at L&L Research; it’s all a labor of love that we’re in here. It’s wonderful that each of you is part of this collaboration. I want to thank each of you for just being you; it’s such an appreciated thing. I’m in love with all of you. It’s so vivifying and so wonderful.


Wynn:  Thank you so much. I have a whole series of questions that comes under the title Before the Veil. Remember that series, Carla?


Carla:  Oh yes. Don was really pressing to get information.


Wynn:  Yes. What does ‘before the veil’ mean? When we take a body, we forget everything about all of this stuff above our body. We’ve asked a lot of questions like that to the voice that says they’re the Elohim. They’ve explained that we come into a body, we get the senses of the body and the body can’t sense the things that are not in 3D so you have to pick it up in other ways.


When you have things like vibes, intuitive flashes, and certain kinds of people who channel then you start penetrating this veil and get an idea of how things work in the big picture.


I want to start out; we’re going to just read this. This is Don Elkins; the question is:


Carla:  Let me look it up.


Wynn:  This is 77:17. That’s what I’m doing this session. Do you have it open? Are you going to open it up?


Carla:  Yes.


Wynn-Don:  “Would it possible for this work of our density to be performed if all of the sub-logoi chose the same polarity in any particular expression or evolution of the Logos? Let us make the assumption that our Sun created nothing, but through the first distortion, positive polarity, there was no product except positive polarity? Would work then be done in fourth density and higher as a function of only the positive polarization evolving from the original creation of our sub-logos?”


Wynn:  I’m going to interpret that; I know most of you didn’t understand that, so I want to just explain what’s really being asked and the use of the words.


In the Ra language, they called the original creation the Logos and everything that came thereafter was a sub-logos or a sub-sub-logos or a sub-logoi; we are sub-logoi. When I read the material and they talked about the Logos, I felt that they were talking about the Elohim and the original One Infinite Creator, which was here before there was a physical Universe. But they never used the word ‘Elohim’, so we can leave that idea open. They’re saying, according to the Ra material, that the way the Universe was created, each of the sub-logoi or the sub-intelligences; the sub-creations, would create the laws or the rules for their realm.


In other words, if there was a galaxy, the galaxy had a consciousness and the galaxy would create the rules for the solar systems in that galaxy. The solar system would create its set of rules for the planets and the planet would set its set of rules for the inhabitants of the planet.


In other words, this goes right down from original Source; there’s a downloading of different ways that things can evolve by the rules that are being set up by each of the sub-logoi. The question that he is asking here: what would happen if the sub-logoi was only going to choose positive polarity; In other words, nothing negative. If I understand this correctly, the negative can only exist because the sub-logoi has said, “We’re allowing the negative to exist in this creation that we’re part of.”


So, what would happen? Would people grow into the fourth density if everything was positive? Let me turn it over to Carla and see if she agrees with my vocabulary explanations, and we’ll go on and read the answer.


Carla:  Okay. The only thing that I would say is I think the correct pronunciation of all of us is ‘sub-logoi’; otherwise, you’d have ‘lo-guys’ and ‘lo-gals’!


Wynn:  Okay and that would get you in trouble with the feminists.


Carla:  Other than that, you were fine. He was just trying to find out what would happen if there were no products of our lives; there was no vibration except positive. What would happen to the densities above this one if there wasn’t any choice to make between service-to-self and service-to-others.


Wynn:  Yes, I would like to make a qualification of the way Carla describes service-to-self and service-to-others.


Sometimes Carla, the way you say that that makes it sound—I hope we don’t lose our whole thing; this is an important point, though—it makes it sound like a person could actually choose. There is a choice, but if a person could say, “I’m going to be service-to-others” and then they think they’re going to be a nice guy and that makes everything work; or, “I’m going to be service-to-self, and I’m going to be cruel and I’m going to be acquisitive”. I got that it’s not quite as easy as a choice, although for some people it might be a choice. For some people it might be; for most people, it’s more difficult than just a choice.


Carla:  I agree with that. You’re born with a certain personality. A lot of people, sad to say, are born selfish and bullies. We see this in our schools; there’s no question about it. You don’t get very far in negative polarity just being a bully. That’s a blunt instrument. The people that create high levels of negative polarity are the people that use it like a scalpel and are very aware of what they’re doing and are into doing it more and creating situations in which the people are truly pawns.


Wynn:  At the higher levels of negative polarity.


Carla:  There are a lot of bullies around that have no idea that it is good or bad; it’s just the way they feel.


Wynn:  Right, you have black magic masters arranging templates.


What’s a template? A template is something that is outside of this realm; it’s like a pattern that things fall into and they’re setting up templates at a very high level; they’re not even in bodies. They’re setting up templates so that humanity will fall under these templates and end up enslaved.


Am I saying that in a way that makes sense to you?


Carla:  To me? Yes.


Wynn:  According to the Ra material, this is all done in some way with the co-operation of the Solar System, the Sun and the Earth. Or at least, it was originally set up with them setting up these rules of how beings in this realm would evolve. Let me read Ra’s answer to the question.


The Ra:  “Elements of this query illustrate the reason I was unable to answer your previous question without knowledge of the Logos involved. To turn to your question, there were logoi which chose to set the plan for the activation of mind-body-spirit complexes through each true-color body without recourse to the prior application of free will.


It is, to our knowledge, only in an absence of free will that the conditions of which you speak obtain. In such a procession of densities you find an extraordinarily long, as you measure time, third density; likewise, fourth density. Then as the entities begin to see the Creator, there is very rapid, as you measure time, procession towards the eighth density.


This is due to the fact that one who knows not, cares not.”


That’s a good one to interpret; that’s deep. If some of you phased out while I read that, don’t worry because even I slightly phased out. I’m going to say first of all; they’re saying that to have just positive you can’t do that without losing your free will. Did you hear that? Is that what I said?


Carla:  It’s the other way around: it’s only in the absence of free will that this can obtain.


Wynn:  Yes, “It’s only in an absence of free will that the conditions of which you speak obtain.” In other words, why is it that to have all this positive, just to have the positive, requires an absence of free will? That’s because there’s no choices.


You’re giving everybody what they want; you’re making them happy. It’s like a guy that is brought up in a rich family who can have everything he wants. Oftentimes, he’s not in the position where he will grow, because he has what he wants all the time.


Carla:  That’s where the Buddha’s travels began, remember? He had everything he wanted and all of a sudden he thought, “You know, it’s not enough”; so he went on this long journey. That’s the beginning of the story that the yogis are interested in, and the Buddhists believe in.


Wynn:  Yes. Now, let’s go to another sentence in there. They’re also saying if you’re brought up in that kind of set-up your evolution is going to be really long, to go from third density to fourth density and particularly from fourth upwards.


You would think it would make it faster, but it doesn’t. It is coming through the polarities that propels you to higher growth, not just having a good time in this realm. This does not propel you to higher growth. Let me go on:


The Ra:  “Let us illustrate by observing the relative harmony and unchanging quality of existence in one of your, as you call it, primitive tribes. The entities have the concept of ‘lawful’ and ‘taboo’, but the law is inexorable and all events occur as predestined. There is no concept of right and wrong, good or bad; it is a culture in monochrome.


“In this context, you may see the one you call Lucifer as the true Light-bringer, in that the knowledge of good and evil both precipitated the mind-body-spirits of this Logos from the Edenic conditions of constant contentment. It also provided the impetus to move, to work and to learn.


“Those Logoi whose creations have been set up without free will have not in the feelings of those Logoi, given the Creator the quality and variety of experience of itself as have those Logoi which have incorporated free will as paramount.


“Thusly, you find those Logoi moving through the timeless states and what you would see as a later space-time to choose the free will character when elucidating the foundations of each Logos.”


Alright, Carla, we’re confusing everybody; that is so deep.


Carla:  Did you lose the sand there? It’s nice to have the sand between your toes. Just think: all is love, all is one and that’s the sand; that’s the foundation.


What they’re saying, basically, is that the agony that we go through is very helpful because of the fact that it brings out in us our true self; it brings out in us our true choices. When we catch on to the fact that we actually do have choices, we don’t just have to be a victim of the incoming catalyst, it’s wonderful to play with it; it’s wonderful to dance with it.


All of a sudden, you become a player, a dancer. It’s very tempting to use games that call for a lot of body skill: football, soccer; these people that go to great lengths and hurl their bodies in various attitudes just to get a little ball to where it’s supposed to go. You know exactly where you want to go at the point at which you sort of awaken. You go “Okay, I want to serve. I love people and I want to make something of my life. I want to leave this life having been of service to somebody.”


The Creator is in the wings applauding, because now it’s going to get interesting. Now, there’s going to be a true choice because this person has suffered, has asked, has cried out on their knees “Why?” That person is ready for the Light, is ready to see what’s happening. It’s a wonderful thing when people wake up.


You know, you tend to wake up during your college years; some wake up earlier. Others wake up quite a bit later. We have people writing in, that experienced that marvelous joy of first getting it. “I read the Law of One” writes a 70-year-old person “and all of a sudden my life has changed.”


It’s changed for the better; it’s changed for that which calls forth beauty and nobility and all of the qualities that we have within us that leave their mark because of the fact that we have earned them; we have earned the depth that these difficulties bring us.


We couldn’t get there if it was all beautiful and delightful and nothing ever changed; if the Sun was always shining, if the music was always playing in tune and it was all just so beautiful, but it was always that way and there was no one to help, because everybody was just fine.


Now in a situation with a lot of free will, there are a lot of people to help. You know how you help them is by just passively making that choice; you don’t have to do much to make things different for them. The larger picture is changed when you maintain yourself in a vibration of Love.


When you see yourself slipping, which is inevitable every day by 10:30 and all my prayers for living a beautiful day have just been shot to heck and you know I’m scratching my head about something. Then there’s that choice: You say “Okay. Hey! This is time for me to get dancing; I’m going to dance with this.”


Instead of being afraid of it, instead of going around it, instead trying to hide from it, you go straight through it. You learn so much in doing that and it’s all true and it’s all real. You’re living an authentic life and things become not monochrome but 3D. You’re living a very spectacular life.


As Wynn has said so often, just a smile to somebody on the street does so much to change that person. You have no idea, honestly.


Wynn:  When you stop looking for feedback, which is really hard for most people, but when you stop looking for feedback and approval and applause and you just be in the moment, you’d be amazed.


I’m amazed; I look at things over time; the people that I’ve said something to, that I did something with and years later sometimes, it comes back and they tell me, “If you hadn’t said that, all these things wouldn’t have happened in my life.” I’d changed somebody’s life tremendously.


I’ll tell you a story. You know I used to sell things at festivals. At one time I had this idea of saving the homeless and teaching them how to sell and I took this one guy to a festival. He was absolutely miserable; his language with people sounded like a street person. I said, “I can’t ever bring him out again.” I treated him well; I dropped him back at his little spot where he slept and went on with my life.


Two years later, I had my car at the mechanic. I had to take the bus to get to my mechanic and who was there on the bus, but this guy who had I taken to that show. He came up to me and he was hugging me, and saying, “Man, look at this!” He opened up this case where he had all these watches. He said “I learned to sell from you. I’m earning a living; I’m renting a room somewhere. Thank you, thank you!” You just never know; you never know when you’re going to make a difference.


So often most people have the problem that they want some kind of acknowledgment and approval in the moment and when they don’t get it, they don’t do stuff. That’s a very important concept, because when you do things for any reason other than doing them, you’re involved in exchange in the world, even if it’s just approval; that’s exchange.


When you do things just to do them without caring what happens as a result, you become part of the Creator team contributing to this world. You just know you’re doing it and the more you do it, the more you see how it works.


If you want to get out of this realm, one of the ways to do it is to think of yourself as part of the Creator team. Your job is to uplift this realm; uplift the people, give them the tools they need. Stop looking for give-and-take; even if give-and-take is a thank you or “You’re so wonderful” or “You’re so smart!” “Carla, you’re so loving. We love to hear you,” whatever it is.


Carla:  You know that’s so frustrating to me in a way; this sounds goofy I know. I’ve always hoped in my life that people would look at me and see Jesus; they would look at me and see the Christ. I just hope that I’m living as Jesus would have wanted me to live and serving in His house. I always hope and pray that people will look into my face and see the Lord.


Now, if it goes, “Carla, you’re wonderful”, I’m going, “Oh, there it goes again.” “You’re mistaking me for someone else.”


Wynn:  You know what? It’s getting your human side out of the way and letting things flow through you is what it takes. That’s what starts to elevate you into higher flows, into higher realms and not looking at it from the human way.

Look at this; we’re so slow, Carla. Do you realize how slow we are in getting through this?


Carla:  You have to chew it.


Wynn:  Look at all this stuff.


Carla:  You know, the Ra material is dense.


Wynn:  It’s dense. People think they can understand. The bad news is, even if you read it and understand it, you still may not graduate this realm. You have to understand how to not understand. I’m sure you’ve come across—even I’ve come across them—Ra Material fundamentalists.


Carla:  Yes.


Wynn:  Right? You know what I’m talking about?


Carla:  They want to treat it like a Bible. “Not on my watch” is my only statement there. If they get too much like that, I show them the movie I made, that’ll do it.


Wynn:  I see; the one where you were topless.


Carla:  The one where I was topless, yes. That’ll just knock me right off any pedestal anybody wants to have. Not on my watch, no. That was never the plan.


Wynn:  We were talking about primitive tribes, and they were describing primitive tribes on the concept of ‘lawful’ and ‘taboo’. Primitive tribes have to evolve and they’re at a simple place; there is no concept of right or wrong, good or bad, it is monochrome. In this context, this one I was trying to figure out because they said the word a lucifer, the ‘l’ word. I wanted to see what they were really saying when they used the word ‘lucifer’:


The Ra: “In this context, you may see the one you call Lucifer as the true light-bringer in that the knowledge of good and evil both precipitated the mind-body-spirits of this Logos from the Edenic position of constant contentment…


Carla:  Edenic, yes.


The Ra:  “…but also provided the impetus to move, to work and to learn.”


Carla:  That’s the meaning of the word ‘lucifer’, is light-bringer; looks like light, and bringer is the root for bring, so ‘bring light’; that’s what the word means.


Wynn:  Now if you go into all the occult meanings…


Carla:  Look at all the trouble that brings, then here comes choices. It’s a lot of work to get deeper.


Wynn:  Let’s read that again; this is really deep. Did you understand it completely, what I read?


Carla:  Who me?


Wynn:  Yes.


Carla:  I understand it, I guess, as much as a person can. I understand what the Ra was saying.


Wynn:  Let me read it again. It sounded to me that the reason Lucifer was the light-bringer is that the knowledge of good and evil. In other words, the implication is prior to Luceferic energy there was only, at least in this one Logos, wonderful, beautiful Garden of Eden.


Lucifer brought the temptation that created the duality which separated the Eden conditions of constant contentment, but also provided the impetus to move, to work and to learn. I’m not going to evaluate this statement. I’m just making sure you know what they’re saying.


The Ra: “Those Logoi whose creations have been set up without free will have not in the feeling of those Logoi given the Creator the quality and variety of experience of Itself as have those Logoi which have incorporated free will as paramount.


“Thusly, you find those Logoi moving through the timeless states at what you would see as a later space-time to choose the free will character when elucidating the foundations of each Logos.”


Wynn:  In other words they’re saying there; if you happened to come in in one of those times when it was all Edenic, all beautiful and loving and harmonious, you didn’t grow. You would eventually choose to come at some later point in the timeline, into another civilization, into another society, where there were negative and positive, because you knew that was what you needed to grow. Everything else at that point had become boring.


Did I say that right? Do you agree with that?


Carla:  Well, ‘boring’ might be too strong of a word but it’s alright. Yes, you said that alright. It’s not even bad enough to be boring; it’s just ‘blah.’


Wynn:  Blah, yeah.


Carla:  But The Law was Sunshine.


Wynn:  The next question is:


Don:  “I guess under the first distortion, it was the free will of the Logos to choose to evolve without free will. Is that correct?”


The Ra:  “That is correct. It was the free will of the Logos to choose to evolve without free will.”


And Ra says yes. When they say the Logos, do they always mean the highest of the high there?


Carla:  I think what they’re talking about is the suns, the various suns; the beginning creations were set up without much free will. We’re late bloomers; this galaxy is a late bloomer. We’re out on the edge; it’s late in coming to consciousness; it has the benefit of a lot of experience.


I think the sub-logos, our Sun, and the angelic entities, you call them the Elohim, tried to make a challenging free will Universe in which it is boot camp. But it is a boot camp that is startlingly beautiful and amazingly ugly. All kinds of polarities exist; it’s fascinating. It’s fascinating in so many ways. There are so many ways to look at things and there are so many ways to be, and so many masks.


When you think about the Garden of Eden, I’ve always thought it was kind of a really good story, because what’s the first thing that happened when Adam and Eve ate the apple? They saw that they were naked and they put on clothes. Well, isn’t that a kind of symbol for all of the masks that we wear to hide ourselves in one way or another? They didn’t say that by eating the apple by the light-bringer; he didn’t bring sex. They’d had sex before; that’s not it. It’s that they had to hide the sex under a mask.


Look at other things that happened after they had children. One child grew up and killed the other; that wouldn’t have happened if there was no free will and nothing but the Garden of Eden. But they were cast out of the Garden of Eden because the Light had come.


The Light of spiritual inquiry is like a tiny bit of Light in a very large amount of darkness. It’s always enough, because the darkness will never overcome the Light.


You’re studying and trying to learn and trying to figure these things out in a dark, dark room, a dark place where you can’t see very well. You’re seeing through a glass darkly, to use some of the cliché phrases of the past. It’s a challenge. I think it feels a lot like boot camp to me sometimes, like “Oh my God! Did you say twenty-five more push-ups?”


Wynn:  Did you read Enki and Enlil? Did you ever read that?


Carla:  What is it?


WynnEnki and Enlil.


Carla:  I don’t think so, no.


Wynn:  Someday I’ll talk to you on the phone about this…


Carla:  Or just send me the book.


Wynn:  Well, it’s not a book. It started out with Zechariah Sitchen talking about these Annunaki visitors to Earth.


Carla:  Oh yeah, sure! I read the whole series. We read them; we read them out loud at the morning offering. It took about six years.


Wynn:  They’re two brothers.


Carla:  Yeah, right, the two brothers. It’s coming back. That’s quite interesting, yes.


Wynn:  When we asked about that in some of our sessions, they seemed to give verification through Terry that it was true and that’s the way it did occur.


On that note, we are coming to the end of this time. I don’t mean the time of December 21, 2012, I mean the end of the time of this program on BBS Radio.


When you’re listening and we’re talking, we’re making group energy. Many of you have experienced this. As we talk about these Sources that are pure energy, they’re able to flow into the space in such a way that we can feel them. When we have intentions in that space, we give wings to our intention to create shifts and manifestations in this realm.


I’d like to have a minute of silence bringing these all forth, because there are a lot of energies vying for control here. We are not vying for control; we are creating free will space to—I’m getting tongue-tied and I don’t have enough time, so let’s just shut our eyes and bring in those Sources that are Positive and service-to-others into this space.


Some of you can feel the energy coming through your crown chakra. We are making connection and we ask that every opportunity be given to this planet in its transition. We ask for any amount of support that can come from those invisible Sources who look at us with compassion and empathy. We ask for the reduction of and the protection from, those negative sources that would take away our free will, turn us into slaves. And that each of us has the strength to know that can’t be done without our letting it happen.


We ask for the protection from earthquakes and chemtrails and HAARP and every such thing, so that the growth of so many people who are growing now can occur to the point where they all qualify to graduate this realm, those people that understand the game being played.


Carla, would you like to add anything to that?


Carla:  Sure. Let us rest in the vibration of the Creator. Let us cease to struggle and relax into the arms of the Universe.


Wynn:  And Terry’s in the background, holding the space; she didn’t talk this show. Thank you, Terry, for being here and holding the space and thank you, Carla. We’ll do more of these calls, taking the Law of One material apart like this.


Thank you all for listening and I hope you learned something from it. If you did, send me an email, because I think this is a really special thing with Carla, to be able to bring this kind of explanation and simplification to people.


On that note, we’ll tell everybody goodbye. We’ll see you next week, or see you Wednesday when we ask questions that you send in.


Carla, anything from you?


Carla:  Adonai.


Wynn:  Adonai.


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