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Wednesday Calls – 2012 Q & A

Host: Wynn Free

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Channeled by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien

Edited by Terry Brown, Valerie Hawes and David Masty

Wynn:  Everybody, hello, hello, hello! This is November 14th 2012; we’re barreling down on December 21st, 2012. This is Wynn Free in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Terry Brown in Sedona, Arizona. This is our call where people submit questions and we ask them.


Many of you have been asking about my sister and I thought I’d share a little bit just to get started. This has been really interesting being here. My sister had this little miracle a while back, which is probably the thing that set me off to keep exploring this and figuring out what it’s all about, when her lupus disappeared.


Even though her lupus disappeared, she still had a lot of problems; things did not get better. She has all these autoimmune disorders; she has extreme osteoporosis where her bones are very, very sensitive. When she goes into the hospital, usually something happens to make it worse; her bones break; they break her ribs, not intentionally. Her husband, Larry, has found that he has to stay in the hospital room to guard her to make sure they don’t screw her up.


Just to give you an idea of the kind of things that happen, they come in and they don’t know how sensitive she is. She went to the hospital a couple of weeks ago and they actually called security on Larry because they looked at it like he was obstructing their work. In fact, they took him out of the room and they had to move her and then they proceeded to break her hip. She’s not in good shape; she’s in a lot of pain; she’s fairly unconscious.


Actually, I say she’s in a lot of pain but she was in a lot of pain. Now, she’s kind of spaced-out; out of it. She can’t move; her body is like a paraplegic. When I’ve come into the room it’s like she can’t talk; she has tubes in her mouth. She’s in ICU. It doesn’t look like it’s recoverable from; the doctors don’t know what to do. They’re keeping her alive and her husband wants to keep her alive, but they can’t fix her. This will probably make me cry, but that’s alright. I’ll go through it.


Larry never had an idea that there was anything spiritual going on most of his life, I would say. He’s a very nice guy and my sister had that healing and he was aware of it. He’s been trying to integrate it and he’s coming in on our calls. Some of you have heard him say hello.


There’s this idea that these Sources can talk to you. Most of you don’t understand how it feels when they do.


They started talking to me in 2002, and they were giving me dream messages. If you read the book The Creator Gods of the Physical Universe Want to Talk to You, you read the story of the dream messages and how they were coming through. It feels as if you’re making it up; it doesn’t feel like “Hi, this is the Elohim; we have a message for you.”


It feels like it’s your imagination. I would wake up in the middle of the night and write these messages, things in my mind that seemed like I was daydreaming. In the morning I would find this amazing wisdom, every night, never telling me what to do but guiding me in my own process.


I remember a couple of them in those early periods; one of them was “It’s the insanity of passion that makes things happen in the real world.” Wow! Here I am, trying to figure out it out. I said, “This is important; how do I make this happen?” They told me. It was easier said than done, because how do you make yourself be passionate? It has to come as a spontaneous feeling. But, over time I can see that I incorporated that and I had the ability to be passionate publicly, which was not easy at first because all these people are listening to me; what are they going to think?


Another one they said was, “Through your dedication to love, serve and care the negativity goes away.” At that point, I didn’t feel extremely positive in myself. I was struggling; I was with Daphne; she was struggling. Things were difficult. Every day was an exercise in getting through the day; I’m sure many of you have had that experience. Some of you might be in it right now. They gave me a clue. They said, “Through your dedication to love, serve and care the negativity will go away.”


It took me a long time—maybe not a long time as far as the Universe is concerned, but a long time in terms of the way time moves in this level—to be able to clear myself enough so that I could be effective in doing this. I could be centered in doing it and I could be confident in doing it.


None of that came naturally; it came through a lot of me pushing myself, believing that it was important, but not believing that I could do it, that I had the inner tools to do it. I see that I have done it; it’s not that I’m finished. I’m never finished, unfortunately.


Another one was, “You finally found the job you won’t get tired of”, which I thought was a good one. I think I also found a job that I can’t retire from either.


Today, Larry said to me that he had this voice talking to him; he heard this voice in his head. The way he described it, it sounded exactly like the way I was getting messages. His—I’m going to get teary on this one—his message was very poignant. They said, “In your marriage vows they say, until death do you part, but in this case that’s not true. Death is not going to be a separation between you and your wife”. He got it. I just wanted to share that with you.


It’s been really interesting being here. I have my cousin Richard visiting; he lives in Florida. Richard and I were really close when I was a kid. We were both ham radio operators together. I became a ham radio operator and then he did after me. Then I became a commercial-licensed person and then he did. He got a job and for most of his life he was working as a radio operator on ships, going out and travelling the world. I was long gone; I was playing music and hitchhiking around the country. We probably haven’t seen each other for thirty years. He was visiting my sister.


Of course, I was talking a little bit about my experience. He was trying to integrate it, because he is so logically brained. I think that’s [left-brained], but I mix them up. He said, “Well, everybody has something they believe in.” I said, “Richard, this is different.” We had dinner tonight. He got a little bit open, but it is so hard, when you’re in this realm and you’re watching the news, going to universities, to not get programmed. No matter what comes in, no matter how much evidence there is, it’s just transparent. It’s like it goes right though you; you don’t hear it. It’s really hard, as some of you know when you talk about this to other people.


On the Monday call with Carla Rueckert there was the thing that I thought was incredibly interesting, that knowing about this doesn’t help you graduate; it’s not the knowledge that helps you graduate. Some people think the knowledge is going to cause them to graduate.


The knowledge, hopefully, is the impetus to realize what do I have to do to get my heart open? What do I have to do to keep my energies open? The knowledge in and of itself, doesn’t do it. I thought that was quite profound. I think I knew that on some level, but it was just so clear in the Ra Material.


If you haven’t listened to the last two weeks of calls, they’re quite different. On our Monday calls Carla was on and we mostly went through short excerpts from the Ra Material and discussed them. If you’ve ever tried to read the Ra Material, you will know that it is really hard to understand; it is really deep. I think on Monday we got through about forty words and we spent the rest of the call on those forty words.


I could tell when I read it that people weren’t [getting] it; I could feel it. It is understandable; between Carla and I we brought it into translation. It’s quite extraordinary to have us both doing that, because I think that we both—she respects me on this at this point—have a really good comprehension of that. I don’t think she runs into that many people that have this depth of comprehension of the material.


Of course again it’s, “How do you turn that into a change in your reality system?” When you guys are asking questions, oftentimes you ask questions that you’re curious about. I think it is okay that we ask those questions and that it intrigues you with the answer; it makes you think. It also gives credence that maybe we are talking to whom they say they are and it gives you reason to study the material because there’s so much depth in it.


Many of you are discovering that we have all these archives. We have hundreds and hundreds of things in our archives, everything from my original conversations in 2002, when I was first discovering this [which is not up yet], up to last week’s conference calls.


Bogdan in Sweden, who has been helping send emails out, took it upon himself to start organizing everything in a way that was easy to navigate. We have that site up and I see it’s getting more interest and more repetition and more visits than anything we’ve ever put up. If you haven’t checked it out, it’s We will be adding to it. Every time we add, we’ll make a note that we’ve added stuff. Right now, it probably starts around 2007 or 2008. We have loads of things before then and I’d like to look through them to see what’s relevant, so that you can all benefit.


Terry, are you there?


Terry:  I’m here.


Wynn:  If Terry gives permission, one Monday, I think Carla and I, if Carla agrees, will go through a few things out of Saint Catherine’s Dialogues. There’s a lot of indication Saint Catherine of Siena was a past life of Terry. Carla and I will then comment on what they mean by that. I will say that Saint Catherine is easier than the Ra Material. Nonetheless, it’s still extremely deep.


If you ever look up Saint Catherine and read the story, you’ll find this young woman, who would go hang out at the local Catholic Church and she would start talking. They would write down what she said. Part of her message was explaining how to have a deeper connection with God and part of her message was trying to fix the corruption in the Catholic Church, because the Catholic Church had gotten corrupted, just like everything does in this realm. Once there are jobs and money and followers, it’s so easy to lose sight of the original energy, the original intention.


I was reading something about Saint Catherine to Terry. Do you mind if I read this, Terry? 


Terry:  Go ahead.


Wynn:  The person who was translating Saint Catherine into the English in this book was describing the way she gave her messages. I said, “That sounds just like Terry!” I thought I’d read this. “The task of translating Catherine is not an easy one; in the torrent of her thought, she frequently loses sight of her pronominal antecedents.” Terry, do you know what pronominal antecedents are?


Terry:  Pronominal pronoun antecedents; isn’t it who they’re talking about?


Wynn:  Yes. She would lose sight of what she was talking about; her tense sequence would screw up, and even “sometimes of the fact that she has left in mid-air the sentence with which she began, while getting lost in a whole series of parentheses”. 


The person in this realm is saying, “I have taken the liberty of choosing the most comfortable pronominal reference or tense and staying with it. The choice is, in a limited sense, a happy necessity, for it makes it possible, at least in the case of pronouns and impersonal references, to avoid the thorny problem of sexist language.” I’m not sure what they mean by sexist language.


“But, there were ways in which Catherine was in tune with her age, glaringly sexist in her attitudes. Though I have translated her virulmente [manly] as courage for her, the words definitely carried overtones of manliness as such.”


“Structurally, I have tried to steer the theoretically sound but practically difficult course of translating Catherine’s style with equivalent English style. In any case, Catherine’s style is not only repetitious, but often grossly redundant. Since her repetition is seldom without some new layer of meaning I have, to that intent, left intact all but the clear redundancies which I have deleted in translations.


“Catherine’s repetitions are however heavily framed in elements such as ‘has been said’, or ‘as I have told you and the like’. Where these serve only to clutter her flow of thought rather than support it, I have omitted them.”


I will say that Terry has gotten incredibly better since the very first time we started having messages. That description of Saint Catherine’s style was—Terry would repeat things, repeat things and “wait a moment”. I was afraid at the time to ever do anything publicly with Terry, because I said, “People are going to think she’s making it up with all of the ‘wait a moments’”; she’s trying to think of what to say next. As I’ve learned, Terry very carefully filters what’s coming through and makes sure that she’s on the right track; that it’s nothing negative leaking in, that she’s not delivering anything inappropriate. A lot of times when she says “Wait a moment”, she’s considering what’s being said.


Terry:  Yes, because sometimes they come in and they say something that I wouldn’t have thought would be true. Then,  [I say] I wait a minute and I ask them again and I ask them again and I ask them again and see if they give the same answer.


Sometimes then we go out and we look at the whole audience, at everybody in the audience [the audience out there in radio/telephone land, not there in person usually] and see if it’s something that maybe somebody in the audience might take personally when they shouldn’t. So then there are more pauses while they’re considering how to handle that. There’s a lot that goes on that I don’t talk about.


Wynn:  Yes. It’s very important, because even when you have things that are true or are mostly true, no matter how you phrase it, it’s so easy to say it in such a way that somebody doesn’t get it and it screws them up. It’s such a responsibility to bring these things in and to keep it at the highest level so that it doesn’t fall into negative sources or sloppiness; so I so appreciate how careful Terry is and how highly intended she is.


On that note, we are going to call in the Light and ask questions. Thank you for letting me share all of that; I felt that thing with Larry was so especially poignant. I thank you all for all the emails you sent me on behalf of my sister; I share it with her. She can’t talk; she’s just lying in bed. Her face looks beatific; she doesn’t look like she’s suffering. In fact, I asked her, “Are you suffering?” and she said, “No”, when previously she was. I think a good portion of her is out of her body now.


We’re going to call in the Light. I know you’re not ready; neither am I, but we’re going to go for it.


Father-Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light, to surround and protect Terry and myself and all receiving this communication and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the Solar System, through the outer energy fields of Planet Earth, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth. Right now, we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. We invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring The Law of One, to join with us and we create a protected space that only the Positive has access to. Anything not of that nature must leave now.


I turn it over to our Sources to give any words of introduction to this call.


Ra’An:  We greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator. We greet each and every person on the call within the sound of this voice, each and every person who is listening or reading a transcript at a later time, or is on the call, either on the replay or on the original call. We reach out; we are in the space and available for each and every person who wishes to be communicated with, who wishes to be touched. We don’t come over the telephone line, we don’t come over the air-waves; we just are there, non-linearly there, for those that wish us to be in contact with them.


This brings us great joy. We see the things, the different interactions that one goes through. We will cover this later, as people ask their questions and we answer. The importance of the interactions and connections with others when the interactions are loving helps to bring a better outcome. But it is not the outcomes that are the most important things; the most important things are the interactions between you and the other people involved in the transactions you are making and communications you are making with them.


It is a tremendous growth process to have this opportunity as one lives in the third density to be able to connect with others and have the growth experience in how one deals with and works through issues within the framework of the things that come up in the third density.


Do you have questions?


Wynn:  Yes, we do. I wanted to make just a comment that some of you that are listening to this, sometime you might try checking into the call early over the phone, not on the internet but on the phone. This is because oftentimes people get to say hello to each other; they get to know each other. There’s a camaraderie that happens that you don’t experience when you’re listening to the call coming in right at 6:00 or on the Internet. You might try it; because it might help you feel connected and add something to your life. The connections with each other are so important. It’s one way of making connection.


We have a question here from Miglina who is in Vaga, Bulgaria, Hi Miglina; thank you for submitting this. This is a really good question:


“When I started to listen to the calls or read the archives, I would cry a lot while I was doing it. I feel tremendous inspiration and at the same time so much loss. Loss like I miss somebody deeply loved; somebody I can’t live without. I feel like I want right now to go to this loved one. Even now, I am starting to cry while I’m writing this letter, feeling so much loneliness.


“I’m happily married; everybody in my family is fine. I have no reason to feel this way. I also have, on the other side, some relatives passed away, but I wasn’t close to them. Why do I experience these feelings and crying and these feelings of sadness and loneliness and sorrow that I am not with my loved one, whoever it is? I don’t even know; it comes only when I read or listen to the words of the Ra group or the Elohim group. Thank you, Miglina”


Ra’An:  Thank you. We see you are very loved; we see that in your past you have had very close loving relationships and we see that some of this sadness is not yours totally, it is also some of the individuals who feel that they have lost you when they went to the other side, even earlier lifetimes, when you did not remember at this time who or what happened or who they are.


There is this great loving from them from the other side and you have not lost them; they have not lost you, except as you perceive that you have lost them. If you take a few minutes of your day and you send love to the ‘one’ that you perceive that you have lost, just pretend that they are right there next to you.


We see more than one being, and that you will—we give a minute here for connection—we look to that being on the other side and we give a moment. They have had so much desire to have the connection back with you. Part of this is not yours; part of it is theirs. We give a moment to talk with this being.


We see this being has been with you in more than one life and had more than one physical body. We see the different physical bodies that this being has had. In this short time, we open ourselves to listen to what this person is saying and this person’s desire for connection.


They have been centered on intention on you, and they have not branched out to make other connection strongly. We speak with that being of the open possibilities for finding other connection; for moving to a new arena where they are loved and they can connect and have give-and-take and communication. We hold this there for them, although they have great resistance for finding anything but within your own sphere, which is what they greatly desire.


We hope this is some Light upon this.


Wynn:  I don’t think you addressed one part of her question: why is it when she listens to our Source materials it stimulates this for her? Does that cause those other beings to have more openness to connect with her?


Ra’An:  You open yourself to the great love from our realm and from the Ra group. You become open and you have found your side of the equation; then have the connection with the love from the Ra group and from the Elohim group.


Love then triggers the response between the connection of you and the being, as it is a similar give-and-take love, beautiful spiritual love. Then the sense of missing that love in your own environment, day-to-day, begins to come in. It is a feeling of being fulfilled, being loved, being connected, being whole.


Then as you realize what it can be and what the fulfillment can be and realize how much you have desired this love, how much more having this love adds another whole dimension to your life, then the other being feels it also and begins to feel the desire for that connection again.


Wynn:  Thank you. Question from Meryl in Seattle, this is a really good one.


“Is it possible for someone to take on part of someone else’s health issues to make it easier for them?”


Then the second part of her question:


“What about an energy vampire type of person? Can they send part of their condition to someone else to relieve their own burden?”


Ra’An:  Thank you. It is very possible, even at an unconscious level. A person, when they come into the vicinity of a sick person, can begin to take on some of the aspects of that sickness; as such as they take it on, they can begin to relieve it for the other person.


There are instances where an individual is ill and someone with this ‘gift’ of taking on the sickness from another person can take on the illness to the point that the person who was practically at death’s door can then recover enough suddenly to go home. Then the person who took it on is left with the job of dispensing or releasing [from themselves] the condition that they have taken on.


We give you an example where one man was giving a lecture to a group of people. In the audience, someone raised their hand and said, “I have a really bad headache.” The person giving the lecture reached out and took the headache, touched the man on the head and took his headache into the speaker’s arm. The man said, “My headache’s gone! My headache’s totally gone! You must be using witchery or some bad practice.” So the speaker reached out again, touched the man on the head and gave the headache back to the man, wherein he then had the headache again.


It is entirely possible to take on the condition of another. We give you one other example.


That is where one time Terry walked into a room and suddenly thought, “Oh! I’m getting a cold.” She said to herself, “Okay, I’m going to eliminate the cold” and began to disassemble those concepts, those feelings, those impetuses and energies of the cold; she began to just disassemble them, one at a time.


Then she was thinking, “Okay, I’m getting rid of this cold that I suddenly started to get.” Wherein a person in the room looked at Terry and said “Wow! My cold’s going away!” Wherein Terry realized that it was not Terry’s cold; she was picking up the cold from the other person and was disassembling it.


Wynn:  Thank you. How about the second part of the question:


“Can someone who has a condition use black magic to send it to someone else to alleviate their own condition?”


Ra’An:  Yes, that is entirely possible. One can, using black magic, even create a condition and send it to another person who then begins to experience the symptoms of it.


For instance, there was a person that suddenly had a great deal of difficulty walking; just couldn’t seem to get up out of the chair and was having difficulty walking across the room. It was reviewed and seen that there was a black witch that had sent this energy to the person that the person would not be able to walk.


This was cancelled out and the person now could walk again. It is possible to put a spell over another and to even use dolls to pin-point parts of the body that the black witch might be sending bad energy to.


To use it to alleviate one’s condition is possible also.


Wynn:  Thank you.


Next question, which we’re carrying over from last week, is from Gregory.


When Gregory walks under street lights, they tend to go out. We’ve heard that from quite a few people that have expanded energy fields. His question is:


“Does that mean that I have healing powers? If I were holding plants in my hand, might they grow better if I inject energy to them before planting them?” Are these things he could do because of this unusual ability that he registers by putting lights out when he walks under them?


Ra’An:  Thank you. There is a tendency, when one has a certain energy-field; this has the ability to pull in or transfer out energy. When one is working under the light bulbs or under some electrical appliance or circuit, they can pull in energy from these devices and the energy then leaves the bulb and the bulb goes out.


There is a broad range of consequences that one can feel, so that if one is living, say in an area that has say atomic energy build-up, radiation build-up, then this circumstance can leech off energy from the body and can make the person feel weak and eventually the person could get sick or ill. When the person walks under the street light and the energy moves from the electrical circuit through the perimeters of their field, then it can put out the street light.


Someone can, with this ability, also have the ability to move energy in from their field into the area say of a person that needs to be healed or to help plants to germinate more quickly. There are experiments done in China where individuals hold seeds in their hands and transfer energy to them and then they can begin to sprout in a very short time.


So this is a sign that a person has an ability to transfer energy in and out of areas. They can use it to impart energy to someone who is lacking it and needs that energy within their body to heal.


Wynn:  Thank you. Next question is a general question:


“Why are so many children being born autistic now?”


Ra’An:  There are a number of situations within the environment of individuals. One of them is the genetically-modified food; this being found in the blood of the majority of pregnant women. It is getting more and more prevalent and is moving as the baby is developing [it is] moving and blocking some of the connector-sites within the baby. There is also, within the nutrition of many of these autistic children, a lacking of certain nutrition elements that the child needs to develop properly.


We would say that there are multiple factors and one of the first ones being in the area of nutrition; another being in the area of the environment of the child after he is born with the stimuli being very great, that does not allow individual development of the child’s own ability to create, but the child is more bombarded by TV and stimuli that move the balance of his life into the outside, rather than in his own individual ability to give-and-take and create and relate.


Wynn:  Thank you. Its 7:59 and we’re on BBS. I’d like to ask maybe two more questions. So, if you’re on BBS and we get cut off, you can go to the archives and listen to this when this comes up:  and pick it up.


Here’s another question, this one from Julie in Taos, New Mexico:


“What really is happening when you wake up in the middle of the night and you can’t move and you’re paralyzed?”

I’m sure she’s asking:  Why is that happening to her? That’s Julie in Taos, New Mexico.


Ra’An:  Thank you. When one is sleeping and one is in that state, they may have moved out of their body slightly and not be connected up entirely yet with their body. In other words, when they are sleeping there is a tendency to move into another realm, to go exterior in the dream state and to be connected in their slumber with another realm. Then, to wake and move into connection, full connection, with their body may take a few minutes or it may take as long as it takes to get re-connected with their body.


Sometimes you do not remember this other state, because it is in a different realm and different perspective and difference perceptions. When you come to, there is a bit of a dis-coordination, between where you have been and your subsequent end connection and connecting up with all the perceptics of your body and being able to put everything in synch again to get moving.


We hope that helps.


Wynn:  Thank you. We have question from Vito. We don’t know his city, but it’s a general question:


“I have always read that comedians have a dark side; that there is a hidden depression or sorrow behind every laugh. Mark Twain said, “There is no laughter in heaven”. The question is, “Is there laughter in the higher realms or is laughter just a coping mechanism or survival trait for us three-dimensional monkeys?” Thank you.”


Ra’An:  No, it makes us sad to hear you call you monkeys.


We have laughter in the higher realms, as sometimes we even express the laughter that we have. Laughter is a way of releasing one’s pent-up energy and so one tends to laugh at situations which can be difficult or ridiculous, even. So when one sees something that is dark and yet funny—we think of different examples, for instance:


The comedians that would fall down and fall over and fall off ladders and bump into each other and then it is very funny, because it releases pent-up agitation. One can look at that situation occurring to the comedian and see the overtones in one’s own life, where it has been so difficult and even disastrous: i.e. the paint fell all over the new floor. Then one can get a new perspective on this.


When one laughs, it takes away the pain and the difficult separation between what one wished—to have the perfect floor—and to see it all covered with paint.  It takes away the difficulty to some degree. One can look at it in perspective and can let go of one’s agitation.


Wynn:  So when you laugh in other realms, how does that look energetically?


Ra’An:  Energetically, it looks like when we laugh it is because of a situation that to us seems, we would use the word funny, but we go beyond that. It is a situation that seems ridiculous, perhaps. We chuckle about it and we have a similar reaction to what someone in your density would have.


For instance, we give you an example:


There were a group of beings that said that we were criminal for having created such a difficult realm. We did not see ourselves, we do not see ourselves, as criminal. And we looked at this as being an anomaly, where not all the constituents of it, not all the situations within it, were understood. So it wasn’t true that we were criminals, but it seemed funny to us. That is an example.


Wynn:  I see. When one of you see something as funny, how does that feeling transfer to the others, since you’re a group energy? Does it work the same for the Ra group as well as the Elohim group?


Ra’An:  We give you our experience from the Elohim group:


When we or, say three of us think something may be funny and laugh; we chuckle. We do not transfer to everybody. It is only to the people, the energy-beings that are involved in the focusing upon that particular topic. It does not bleed out to everyone; it is a matter of focusing, and only those that are focused upon that particular item have any response.


The others could, if they wished to focus in, could view it, but this does not transfer to each and every one of us. We have our own energy–body, which is pretty consistent within itself. So we are not one glom.


Wynn:  Thank you. I don’t know if it’s important to ask about the Ra group, but is it a similar kind of experience for the Ra group?


Ra’An:   We at this time do not wish to pull the Ra group in to review that.


Wynn:  Alright. You know what? We’re coming to the place of closing this session. Thank you so much for sharing the dynamic of how things work inside your group. That was really amazing to feel the way you interact on that level.


All of you on the line, with our Sources on the line, since we’re going over, we should take a moment of silent intention. You know that if you’re feeling the energy, if you’re feeling it, it usually comes in through the top of your head and you can assume you’re being paid attention to.


This is a good time to put your issues, your circumstances, your challenges, into that energy field and ask for support. The way they describe it, it’s like spreading WD-40 in your field and suddenly you can attract a synchronicity, a chance encounter, because your energy field is expanded into the place where that’s possible. Also, for your personal healing, you can ask for that.


I’m going to take two moments of silence. One is for our personal issues, anything to do with healing or attracting something towards you. We ask that each person might have this delivered for the highest good of all concerned and honoring free will. So we’ll take a moment of silence and let your thoughts go upward.


Let’s take another moment of silence and let’s send our positive intentions to those earthquake faults on the New Madrid for releasing of any potentials that they not happen in such a way to create devastation, that they’re small, the New Madrid fault, all the faults in California and the Ring of Fire.


And all of those plots of what we call the negative elite—we put our energy in, that we might play a role in side-stepping [them] and those other people on the planet that are having positive intentions, to shift to the positive any outcomes caused by negative agendas on this planet for the highest good of all. We’ll take another moment of silence.


On that note we’re going to end this call. Thanks to you all for being here; thank you to all our volunteers. Thank you, Terry. Everyone says our Sunday call is our most powerful, intense call, where you feel the energies. If you’ve never participated we hope you’ll show up. We hope you’ll check out and take a look at our archives.


We’ll see you next time. Thank you.


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