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Concentrate on Your Ability to Make Things Go Right


Host Wynn Free
Channeled by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Cindy Izzo
Edited by Terry Brown and Valerie Hawes
Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee


 Ra’An: We greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator. We are present and available to each and every person on the line who wishes to make contact with us. We do not need the phone line and we do not need the radio. We are just directly, non-linearly present with each and every one of you at the same time. Today is November 18th, 2012 and this is Ra’An.


We take a moment and we adjust to presence with each and every one of you who wishes contact. We are cognizant of you and your requests and your unsaid requests and the hopes of your heart and your desire to grow and your desire to achieve a higher harmony in your life. 


There are many different sorts of opportunities that the 3rd density offers for growth and for achieving strength and wisdom. Where you are at provides an opportunity for growth and moving through the oppositions that you experience. Take a look at, first of all, the thing that you wish (we give you a moment to take a look at it).When you look at it, is it a clear vision of what you wish or are there interference patterns moving in from oppositions to the goal? 


If there are opposition patterns, take a look at the resistance; just take a clear look, take a moment. Is the opposition based upon something from outside of you, whether the employer will hire you or whether the employer may not hire you? Is it something coming from outside of you that you are seeing as resistance? Sort it out to get it clearly. Take a look at if there is something within you that agrees with the resistance coming in from the outside. 


Take a look at sorting out the difference between your intention and other people’s intentions, to get your intention clearly, so if there is a resistance from outside, you can observe it and then deal with it in the wisest, most sensible, appropriate way, to find another job potential, so that you and the employer don’t have resistance and you resonate with each other. That it is something where you can offer something to the employer. You can let the employer know your excitement about your potential to offer assistance in this area to him or her.


If it is something financial, sort it out. Is the opposition coming from the bank, from the situation? Find all of the parameters. Sort out your intention, your beautiful intention, to make things go right for you, for it is that beautiful intention that can weave your way through the oppositions.


Maybe you cannot just go forward in the way that you have been going forward, but how can you weave through the resistances to set up something viable for yourself? 


Is there any opposition coming from within yourself, such as your doubt of your ability to make things go right? Examine that and then put forth your abilities, what you are able to do, what you are able to make happen and concentrate upon your ability to make things go right.


Sort out all these multitudes of details so that instead of seeing one clump of impossible hurdles, you can see the things about it that you can make go right. Or that you can move into a way that you can use your abilities and your intention, your good intentions, your gifts, to weave a new picture, where you are winning and you are balanced and you are stronger and you know what you can do. You can put that out to people that resonate and make new connections that will support you.


We are mindful of what you have put in the Light, whether you have said it or not. We are mindful that you are concerned about your trip to Israel and the things that are going on in Israel and it is a big confusion, of whether it is safe. See what you can isolate out, that you can trust and rely on, concerning any aspect of the trip and concerning what is going on there.


By handling things in this way you can begin to gain footing. You can begin to gain a secure step forward and know what will support you and begin to dismiss what won’t support you and you can move with what resonates and what makes you stronger and let the other things that don’t, go and not have to have attention on them, fighting something that is not working and may never work. But find what aspects of it will work so you can begin to set down a sure footing. 


We realize that these times are presenting challenges that are very difficult. Through balancing your own self, knowing within your own self that you are a good person and that you have good intentions towards your family and others, you can rely upon yourself and not get that confused with resistances that are coming in from the outside or take them on as a failure of your own.


You can get stronger. These are opportunities for strength that will last you forever and balancing that will last you forever and help you know who you are. 


Thank you.


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