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Monday Call 11.19.2012
Host: Wynn Free
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Channeled by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Connie O'Brien
Edited by Terry Brown, Valerie Hawes and David Masty
Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee



Wynn:  Folks, in case you didn’t know it: you’ve tuned into Johnny Carson and Ed McMahon. Gijs is my straight-man.


Welcome to our Monday conference call. Thank you for being here. Thank you all for supporting this work; I have to give you a lot of credit. This is not a bowl of cherries coming into this, as some of you are discovering. Usually it looks really good at first.


Then about a month into it, all your garbage starts to surface and you start to process yourself, because it kind of stimulates growth. Growth for most of us is releasing of old patterns. Releasing of old patterns for many of us means a certain amount of pain, things like that.


On one hand the condition of the planet is challenging; for some people it looks scary. It’s only scary if you’re afraid to die. Don’t worry about dying and it’s not scary. Is that Terry?


Terry:  Yes, it is.


Wynn:  Hi there.


Terry:  Hi.


Wynn:  Let me bring everybody quickly up to date:


I don’t know for sure, but these calls have always been classic on this topic. This is one of those things where we ask questions and we learn things that have never, to my knowledge, been brought forth to mankind. We’re talking to the horse’s mouth: we’re talking to the Source. These are the guys who should know what they’re talking about if they are who they say they are. 


That’s why I tell everyone to decide for themselves. That way, we don’t become a religion or cult, because you don’t have to believe anything except that you arrived at your own speed. Because when you believe things without proving it to yourself or knowing it, that’s not going to be bad, because then it gets into the category of faith. For most of us, for many of humankind, faith is the only thing we have left to validate something. We try to validate it inside ourselves.


In this case, we have experience; we have intelligence; we have communication; we have miracles; we have feeling of energies. You have to just hang in with it long enough. Right now, we have so much stuff available on the web and on, thanks to Bogdan and all of our transcribers. We have a lot of people that I’m not giving enough credit to who are spending hours transcribing all these things so you guys can read them. They’re doing it because they believe it’s valuable to you. I keep getting emails from people that are telling me that.


This is like a university education on other dimensions on The Spirit Channel. As some of you have learned, this is not about information, even though there’s incredible information; it’s about energy; it’s about connection. It’s about feeling the energy; it’s about going through your barriers. As we listen to these Sources in other dimensions, one word is ‘entrainment’: their energy comes through everything they do and that we partake of.


By paying attention, you start to feel their energy or you have that potential. Sometimes it takes a while, because you are coming to this with your past, with your belief patterns, with your traumas, whatever. Sometimes when you look at this for the first time, you can’t see it for what it is, because you’re seeing it through your patterns.


There’s a saying that goes, “When a pick-pocket sees a Holy Man all he sees is his pockets”. I’m not saying that you guys are pick-pockets; no way. It just means that as you approach something, most often you see it according to your view as opposed to what it actually is. You usually have to watch it for a while to get it down.


We started asking questions quite some time ago; we had a series on How the Elohim Created the Universe. I didn’t know what to expect; on some of these calls, particularly in the past, I said, “Can I really ask that in front of people?” I’ve learned to trust Terry’s communications. I’ve learned to trust that her intent is very high; her humility is very high and her sense of service is very high. Usually, what comes through her has purity to it; it doesn’t feel like mixed-polarity. It just feels like, essentially, sometimes there might be some bleed-through.


We’ll have to do a whole show on Dr. Marshall, because he happens to be Terry’s favorite alternative health practitioner. Just coincidentally, he happens to be the Elohim’s favorite health practitioner. There might be bleed-through there, but it doesn’t matter. It’s all good because Dr. Marshall is good. Regardless, we’ve had a lot of people who have been referred to him that have said good things about him.


We’re going to do a quick review before we go into the session today and give you an idea of what we’ve learned so far, so you don’t have to feel left out.


There was a time billions of years ago when there was no physical Universe; there was a time when there was just chaos. There’s this one mystery that we can’t solve: that somehow chaos became aware of itself. That’s the one we can’t figure out. How did chaos become aware of itself?


But it did; this having awareness and it was just one awareness. It didn’t think of itself as God, but it became lonely and it said, “I’d like other awarenesses.” And it found that, in some mysterious way, it could sub-divide its energy like an amoeba and suddenly there were two, then there were four. Then, there were hundreds, and then there were millions.


Those subdivisions became known as the Elohim. They could commiserate with each other; they could be friends, but they were pure energy; they didn’t have bodies. Nothing lasted; everything was energy. So if they would think of something it would be there and then it would disappear until the next thing came up. There was a constant building up of new, you could call them projections and they could see, feel or whatever the word is, each other’s projections, but nothing persisted.


Then the idea came up of, “How can we make something persist?” They were energy, and without going into the details, you can go into our archives because this is a fascinating series of talks, How the Elohim Created the Universe—they learned to concentrate their energies.


They would work together at doing it; they would all focus energies and frequencies and it would create. Keep in mind there was no time as we know it; there was no space. There was time; there had to be time because existence requires times; it requires a before and an after. There were the beginnings of time but there was no space. But time was arbitrary; it was constantly changing, moving at different speeds.


They started to collaborate on sending frequencies out. Two of them would send a frequency out and there would be a node. That node would become a new point in space-time; a point of creation and the beginning of galaxies and planets. Initially this whole exercise was a game; it was like an aquarium. They said “Wow! Look at that!” This is the way they described it and they were excited at creating persistence out of nothing.


Eventually they created the first animal life, which they said was an amoeba. We have a whole audio, probably two years ago, on how they created amoebas and how they were excited when amoebas shared energy with each other, which was the first sex.


It was obviously a very long time, but it wasn’t a long time in their realm, because time moved at a different speed and things were evolving; everything had free will. Everything in the Universe is alive and everything has free will. As we learned in the Carla Rueckert Ra Material, and we talked about for the last two weeks, where the Sun has its level of jurisdiction, the Solar System has its level of jurisdiction. In the Ra Material, they call it the logos, the logoi, the sub-logoi, even to sub-sub-logoi.


We all have free will; why did they give us free will?—because they’d have to pay a lot of attention to us if they didn’t. They just wanted to let it go where it goes; they were creating this hopefulness of beings that would grow into God-head; grow into Spirit. Some of the Elohim came into this realm. Initially, they would come into this realm and they would work with the Elohim in the other realm and they’d be engineering DNA.


Then, some of the Elohim that came into this realm and many of them got trapped here. Once they got trapped, they realized that they had a lot of power over the indigenous people that were occupying this realm. It was more fun in this realm when you had slaves, because this realm took a lot of work to be in. So they started creating slaves and they lost their connection, over time, with the celestial Elohim.


If you read the Bible, it says, “The sons of God mated with the daughters of men.” Now we have these descended Elohim having sex with humans. You know, a couple of interesting things that I never heard before in the course of this “How the Elohim Created this Realm” were:


I asked them the question, “Where do new souls comes from?” When there’s a new being in this realm, once this thing had its own momentum, a lot of the new beings that would end up here were engineered by the descended Elohim, including humans. They were very advanced, but they weren’t God; they never were God. Even The One Infinite Creator, which was the First Cause, was not God; not in the conventional sense.


The Universe is God and we are all little cells in the Universe, each of us, everything, and it is One Being. It was the sub-groups of All That Is that were administering it: the Elohim and the Ra groups, and maybe others. But they were trying to make it all work. They watched it go negative; maybe it got more negative than they wished.


The thing about it is, that it’s playing out down here. Guys like me are pulling people into the positive so they can hold the space so they can make the connections with the Elohim and the Ra groups and the Law of One; that’s the game. If enough people make connection, the Positive wins. If they don’t, the negative wins; it’s as simple as that. It’s free will choice, so it’s your free will choice realizing, how many people have you told about our calls? How many people have you reached out to? That’s the game. If you’re not doing it, we’re doing it and if there are not enough people, the negative wins.


That’s not what a lot of New Age people say; they say it’s a pre-destined game; the positive is going to win. Quite frankly, I hope they’re right, because I’m not attached to this point of view. I’m just telling you; I can’t validate it; I’m just telling you what we’ve learned from talking to them over such a long period of time.


At some point I asked, “Where does a new soul come from?” In other words, how does that work? Is the Elohim sitting up there saying, “We got a body; we’ve got to manufacture a new soul and here it goes”? No. That’s not how it works.


In the new being in this realm the DNA attracts energy from the great pool of undifferentiated Light and it attracts it around it, pulls it in. That becomes the individuation. Then when the being dies the individuation remains and comes into another being.


Now you have all these individuations and it happens automatically, apparently. It doesn’t take any monitoring for this to occur; that’s the way the design works. It’s according to the DNA and if somebody’s engineering DNA they have a lot of control over what comes in. So we all started from nothing and we attached to some DNA down here. We became something and the energy continued in the process that is normally called “reincarnation.”


As the DNA gets more evolved, the nature of the energy surrounding the DNA gets more evolved. We’ve asked questions about that; there are twelve strands of DNA. Two strands are considered “real” and ten strands are considered “junk”. What I’ve learned is, that each strand of DNA is like an antenna to the greater Universe, or a microcosm to the greater Universe.


When you have one strand open, you’re in your first chakra. When you have your second strand open, you’re in your sexual chakra. When you have your third strand open, you’re in your power chakra; your solar plexus and when you have your fourth strand open, you’re in your heart chakra, which is compassion and empathy. Then, it goes: fifth, sixth, seventh. The seventh one is the top of your head.


Most people are working on their fourth chakra. In order to graduate this realm, they need it half open; slightly more than half, so they can evolve to the next level. That’s up to the seventh chakra, or the seventh strand of DNA. The next five strands of DNA connect to the greater Universe; they connect outside of your body into different expansions of the greater Universe. How do you open a DNA string?


You “be” in the presence of someone or something or some group that has that energy open. If you are being in it long enough, it opens your energy. Eventually, that strand becomes open. Those of you who are coming into our Sunday grid healing and feeling that expansion outside of your body when we do that, you’re expanding into the Universe.


Over time, the energy is going to hold with your DNA strands in such a way that they just stay open and you can hold that space. In the meantime it’s new; it’s a new experience. You need to have it over and over again before it integrates. It’s probably more than you need to graduate this realm.


On the other hand, just because you’re open to all there that doesn’t mean your heart is open. You still need to get your heart open because that’s the next level. You don’t have to go to the next density of the heart chakra; apparently people are going to return to the highest level they can touch into in this period of shift. That is my rough approximate explanation; we’re going to go back and I’m going to ask some questions about this.


Terry, are you there?


Terry:  Yes, I’m here.


Wynn:  Father-Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light, to surround and protect Terry, myself and every person on this line and everyone on the replays, reading the transcripts and on the Internet and that any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the Solar System, through the outer energy fields of Planet Earth, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth. Right now, we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. We invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring The Law of One, to join with us as we create a protected space that only the Positive has access to. Anything not of that nature must leave now.


I’ll open it up to our Sources to give their opening comments and perhaps make any corrections on the way that I recalled the history of this particular topic.

Thank you.


Ra’An:  We greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator. This is the 19th of November, 2012 and we are particularly focused in the area of Sedona, Arizona at this time. We expand out and we look at the areas outlining the United States and beyond. We see the beginning of winter; we see cold areas and we see blowing snow further north.


We greet each and every one of you who is within the sound of the voice. And we are non-linearly present with each of you who wishes to make contact or wishes us near.


Do you have questions?


Wynn:  The first question was:


Did I give a good approximation in my quick view of the history?


Ra’An:  Thank you. Some of the things that you spoke of in that in the beginning there was awareness; however, to have awareness one must have something to be aware of. So when there were two manifestations, there began to be something that each manifestation could then be aware of; each intelligence could then be aware of the awareness of the other and as such, they began to have their own experience. This was the beginning of experience.


Then each individual, having their own experience which was different than the other’s experience, then began to have the need for sharing, a need for communication and a need for love between the two, a need for nurturing, a need for caring, a need for fulfillment of knowing that another had the experience of connection with them. Then as individuals’ experiences became more diverse, it became harder for some to connect with others. However, at the core, the main desire of fulfillment of true connection remained.


Those are some of our comments.


Wynn:  At that time did the sub-groupings start to create groups among themselves, like clubs or sub-affiliations? I know that now, when it’s been described, it’s been said that the Elohim are a number of sub-groups which each have a particular role or function in the administration of the Universe.


When does that start to happen, before or after the beginning of physicality?


Ra’An:  It is a continuous flow from one thing to another. The individuals then naturally fell into their own places, as they saw a need or as they were creative in making things happen. Things were a natural outcome of the individual’s desires and intentions.


So it was from the beginning when there was one awareness noticing another awareness when individuals began to take a role. The role developed over time and each thing was a natural outflow of the other, going back to the desires and intentions of the individuals involved.


Wynn:  Were there ever any arguments about how things should be done? Or was it always obvious, the next thing?


Ra’An:  As individuals developed, had different experiences, then each would develop a group and the group, within itself, would have major agreements. However, another group might have major disagreements with the first group, to the point, even, of warring. However, this was after there was physicality and the physicality then even became fought over.


Before there was physicality, there was a real camaraderie, as there was not the divergence into motives that were so self-centered that it excluded others.


Wynn:  Can you share what some of the groups, the sub-groups of the Elohim, are and their different functions? I know we’ve had the Council of Ahn identified; that it’s the Council of Ahn that is identifying itself with the Ra’An name. The Council of Ahn was explained to be a translator of language in the higher realms into the language of a particular planet or sub language on a-planet.


What are some of the other groups, and what do they do?


Ra’An:  There are mathematical languages that we speak; the language of connection, the language of rotation, the actual geometries that we project that we, within our abilities to send or to impart, we impart the mathematical constructions, which contain hyper-dimensional geometries, which then we are able to propel ourselves to the vicinity of other groups who are working within focusing mechanisms, developing focusing mechanisms; developing potential models for focusing mechanisms, called ‘life’. And seeing which are most appropriate for space, for survival within the areas called the galactic ‘union’; we do not mean this in terms of people.


We mean this in terms of space and the creation of locations that then could be occupied by these focusing mechanisms. We work in terms not of three dimensions, but in terms of astral projection.


When one makes an astral projection, within the projection, inherent in it, it has the essence of life, the essence of manifestation, the essence of awareness that is then able to connect with other focusing mechanisms via astral telepathy, via just knowing.


There are other divisions, such as the coordination of frequencies so that they harmoniously can blend to create matter and they can come together not as a focusing mechanism in the terms of a form, so much as the focusing mechanism to congeal a vibration, that then can respond to other focusing mechanisms of a similar sort and can be available or manifest in harmonics of each other and can make a delightful and aware music of the spheres.


Wynn:  Thank you.


Ra’An:  Give us a moment.


There are other areas such as the translation unit, which is able to congeal the intelligence from other areas of our groups.


We have another area which is ‘Grace’, and in this area of Grace we then can help unlock locked-up geometries that, for example: Individuals moving on their path  for Grace to take effect, the individual needs to have the intention beyond the lock-up of whatever dysfunction is happening.


They need to have the intention to bypass the lock-up and to let the lock-up go. Then Grace can move in and can extend through the areas of dysfunction and can help disintegrate the locked up geometries; for we think in terms of geometry. We think in terms of interlocking patterns and the interlocking patterns can flow. Or if they become misshapen, then they lock up. 


Misshapen, locked-up frequencies can come when an individual experiences conflicts within oneself; conflicts can be of a lower nature but they can extend into a very great refinement of problems. Conflicts in a sense are problems where there is one energy and a resistant energy; there is one idea and a conflicting idea and they are butting heads against each other. This creates a lock-up of flow so that flow cannot happen.


The individual is in a moving Universe, a flowing Universe, and to stay present with all of his body machinery and all his mind machinery takes flow. To have all of these conflicts that lock-up and create problems for an individual, they can be removed to the degree that the conflicts are removed and the person has a clear signal of how to proceed without worrying.


Worrying is, in a sense, a lock-up: Will this happen? Will that happen? It’s a lock-up of two different things, a potential of two. One needs to be able to get to focus upon the one and to move through from one thing to the next; to move with the time, to move with what is happening, not necessarily to go along with everything, but to accept that it is happening. Once one accepts it, one can dismiss it even, if they accept it well enough and then move to the flow that they wish to achieve; the path they wish to move on. Do you hear us?


Wynn: I do hear you.



Ra’An: So, Grace is another department that we have and they are at a different frequency than the translation unit.


The translation unit, which we are, is of a lower vibration which is like a step-down transformer to connect the higher realms of the Elohim, stepping down through the translation unit, both in English and in vibration, to a lower vibration to further connect with the third density realm and to move into awareness within the third density realm, to create awareness where awareness is needed in your third density realm.


Wynn:  So, as I get it, there is a flow that has to begin from the human who is able to send a signal without conflict into the higher realms. If the human has got fear, if they have internal divisions, if they’re stuck in relationships with a lot of drama, then the signal doesn’t get through.


Ra’An:  Their signal is blocked, yes.


Wynn:  Yes. And their signal starts to get through and as it gets through something picks it up. Then if it goes through a certain criterion where it can go up to Grace and Grace is able to work with the geometries of it and to change something, it downloads into a physical transformation, something that looks like a miracle.


Now when Grace does that, do the mathematicians come in also and help to create that flow, or is it just coming straight from Grace through?


Ra’An:  We could not understand all of what you said.


We go back to the point about criteria. A criterion is not exactly the right word; it is like, “Does the intention ring like a bell? Does the intention create a vibration that moves through all of everything and rings Grace’s bell? Can the vibration of the intention, the pure desire, can it resonate? And if it does then Grace will resonate back and will be called and will come to help.


Wynn:  Thank you.


Wynn:  We know that there are many populated planets in the Universe. Does the Elohim pay attention to thousands of planets simultaneously? Are there enough Elohim to do that? Are other planets calling on the Elohim? Are there many planets that are separated?


Ra’An:  We pay attention to vibration. There are many planets that are not so muddled as the Earth realm and we pay great attention and have great bonding with those planets. With the Earth planet there is much intention, counter-intention and much being wound-up within one’s own intentions and counter-intentions and problems. So, that does not ring through to us as much as some of the other planets.


Wynn:  Could we say the Andromedan System has a very good connection with the Elohim, for example?


Ra’An:  There are planets within the Andromeda System that ring through like a bell. There’s great joy there. There is great beauty there, both in form and in actions, beautiful actions between individuals.


Wynn:  How about, for example, the Sirius System. Do they connect with the Elohim?


Ra’An:  You’re talking about Sirius?


Wynn:  Sirius, yes.


Ra’An:  It has some more of the vibrations like Earth. Planetary-wise it has more problems. There is more of a different sort of life, which out-shadows some of the similar life forms to your planet. There is an energy there of a different sort that is not as connecting to the higher realms, but is more within that planetary manifestation.


Wynn:  How about Arcturus?


Ra’An:  Give us a moment.


There are some primitive societies and there are some advanced technological societies. They do not have the spiritual resonance of some of the planets in the Andromedan.


Wynn:  Thank you. Andromeda is one of the higher locations in the Universe?


Ra’An:  Yes.


Wynn:  This will be my last question. We have groups here in other realms that are considered service-to-self, the reptilians or whatever. Are they off-shoots of the Elohim that have mutated into their present state?


Ra’An:  There are some. Generally those life-forms start out very pure and then as they have experiences happen to them and they pick up adverse wave-forms, it is like a computer that gets corrupted. And they begin to experience blockages that they can’t get past, angers that they can’t get through.


They have a tendency then to have a period of working through those angers, trying to figure out how to break through even if it is by force. Then they can, in some experiences, after they have lost sight of the higher realms, begin to work in the area of greed to great extents and think of themselves and their survival and their lust.


Wynn:  Thank you. I think we’re at 6:59 and it’s time to close this call. I’d like to ask all of us to bless our planet; ask our Sources to work with us to bring energy of upliftment to this planet and to ourselves and to our neighborhoods and to our families and to our healings. I thank you all for being here and supporting this work.


I’m going to unmute everybody. We will see some of you on Wednesday when we answer questions.



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