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Wednesday Calls – 2012 Q & A

Host: Wynn Free
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Transcribed by Connie O'Brien
Channeled by Terry Brown
Edited by Terry Brown, Valerie Hawes and David Masty
Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee


Wynn:  Hello everyone on BBS, everyone on our line, everyone on replays, everyone reading transcripts. Thanks to Terry and Gijs and Bogdan, who is sending out our emails and thanks to all the people who are volunteering, to make this possible.


It’s kind of exciting, because I’m getting feedback from people who are paying attention to our calls, that we’re replacing television and radio for some of them, which I think is wonderful. Now that we have The Spirit Channel up and we have so many calls and so many transcripts, everyone who starts listening to our calls—gets the hope; some people get it fast; some people click right in; some people say, “There’s something happening there; what is it? I’d like to feel it.” They sense that reality that they’re not able to totally engage.


Basically as I see it, every single one of us has come to this with a lot of conditioning. The conditioning comes from watching television, reading newspapers and even stuff on the internet, a lot of it. There are reality systems that not only inhibit your belief systems, which they do, but when your belief systems are inhibited or when they are compressed, your energy matches your belief systems. When you want to make a shift, one of the easiest things to do is start to open up your belief systems.


What we’re doing here, you can’t believe just because I say we’re doing it, you have to feel it and you have to keep coming in. If you get a sense that there’s something we’re doing that’s valuable, the chances are you’ll get more out of it by totally engrossing yourself for a while, because then your patterns will start to change. Instead of watching TV, start listening to our calls, if that resonates with you. Or watch TV less, because TV tends to hypnotize you; there are even people that say there are weird frequencies coming through TV that are designed to hypnotize you. I can’t prove that, but I do know it does hypnotize you.


We get bored; we’re tired; we come home from work; we turn on the tube and we zone out. Suddenly you’re getting programming, programming—programming. There’s a whole chapter in The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? wherein the Ra group, talking through David Wilcock, is saying how TV is one of the master-manipulators of this realm.


If you’re in that place, where you’re watching a lot of TV and you want to make a shift into higher consciousness, try watching less TV; try listening to more of our calls. If you find other things that are uplifting and inspiring, then listen to them as well. We’re not the only ones on the planet that are holding a higher energy, but we’re doing it for free.


There are hours and hours of access. If you engross yourself—just give it a shot—there’s a chance that you will start to shift and start to feel the energy and start to make the connections with the higher realms.


I keep getting emails from people who are doing that and it’s working for them. If you’re not at the place you want to be in any way, shape or form, whether it’s in your relationships, families, etc. go to and try listening in your spare time. Turn off the tube and turn on The Spirit Channel.


We have some questions; Roseanne sent in a question, good one; let me see if I can fit that in. I’m not going to talk too much; I already did my rant for the day.


We are ready. I just want to add a thank you, to all who are coming into these calls live, who are holding the space for them. You are making something, which is virtually impossible to happen in this realm, become common-place. Somebody said “Wynn, how come you’re communicating better?” They said in the last couple of years I’m really communicating better, and Terry is channeling better.


Why is that? It’s because of you; because you are creating a safe place for this to occur; you are holding the space for us to come in, in such a way that we don’t have to entertain you; we can get right down to business. You are allowing yourself to be shifted and touched just by showing up.


I say this for myself. I deserve credit for showing up, you deserve credit for showing up, and of course Terry deserves credit for showing up. And we’re never ready, which is just how it’s always going to be.


If you want to be ready—some people want to think they can know everything and want to know what’s going to happen and how to prepare for it—I don’t think that’s going to happen or come about. We have told people; store some food; store some water, because anything can happen. We’re on a wild ride on a dimensional shift.


Those of you that keep checking in and are sensitive, you start to get the understanding of how consciousness works, not from something we explain but the feeling that happens on the call, where you start to feel the connection automatically. You start to build a space and the space just holds and you can access it.


It’s interesting, because somebody that I respect was talking about cording. Have you heard of the word ‘cording’? It’s just where people put strings, psychic strings, attached to you. Some people like those strings. It’s okay to have strings with each other as long as there is free will and you can move in and out of it. It’s where someone kind of attaches your energy and holds and sticks there that it’s kind of a negative thing called ‘cording.’


Father-Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light, to surround and protect everyone on this line and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the Solar System, through the outer energy fields of Planet Earth, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth. Right now, we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. And we invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring The Law of One, to join with us and we create a protected space that only the Positive has access to. Anything not of that nature must leave now.


Do we have our Sources present to give an introduction to us on this Wednesday?


Ra’An:  We greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator. This is the 21st of November, 2012. We look in on your planet.


We see the darkness over the United States (it is evening). We make connection; we see the beginning of the Thanksgiving Holiday; we see people coming together for a pleasant but, in many cases, a somewhat worried Thanksgiving. We make contact with each and every person who wishes contact to be made with them. We do not use the telephone lines or the radio; we have a direct line. We are available to you, each and every one of you.


Do you have questions?


Wynn:  Yes, we do. We have a question and I’ll probably add a couple of questions to this question; the question is:


Does it help to pray for deceased souls?


The things I want to add are: In what circumstances is it helpful? For example, if there’s a deceased soul in your family or your friends, someone you had an energetic connection with or if it’s a deceased soul that’s a public figure, or if it’s a deceased soul that there’s just a newspaper article about that got killed somewhere; in what circumstances is it helpful to pray an effective prayer for a deceased soul?


Ra’An:  Thank you.


Wynn:  We should say a deceased ‘body’, not a deceased ‘soul’. I don’t think souls get deceased, but a deceased body that’s now in their soul.


Ra’An:  Thank you. We see that it always helps to pray in each of those circumstances; to pray for the person whose body is deceased. We see also that if a person is included in the prayer as if the person is present it is helpful, but yet not a calling to call the soul away from where he is.


It is helpful if there is a very light prayer, a very light greeting to the person, but not heavy, so as to call the person away from where he is moving to, as when a person passes over, it is a time of transition. The person goes through a transition phase where he-she learns to operate within the new framework of operation wherein they move by intention. They learn the new parameters of their new life.


They are making choices; the choices of going into the Tunnel of Light and moving to the higher dimension and meeting friends from the past or they are in a possibly sudden shock of the change in their relationship to the body and cannot understand it. Because if they move from having a body to not having the body, they still have the sense of being alive; therefore, they do not realize that people cannot hear them.


They may continue talking as if someone can hear them, but they do not get an answer; then they get frustrated. If the person who is close to them is weeping and weeping and not including them in the possibility of being there with them, then it can be very frustrating to the individual who is trying to get through, is trying to say perhaps, “Look! Hey, I’m still okay. I’m here.”


Individuals go through different things when they pass over, depending individually upon that person, what they were doing before they passed over, what their goals and intentions were. We’re reminded of one gentleman who had an apartment house and was unwilling to let it go when he passed over and would keep walking through the apartment complex, even knocking on people’s doors. Then, when they would answer he would show up; he would be there and they could see him. Then he would gradually disappear.


If, when you make your prayer, you realize that you can include a person as if you were talking to him as if he-she were there, then you can magnify the results of the prayer a whole lot.


Wynn: How about for strangers, of people that are in the newspaper? How does prayer help them when you don’t have an energetic connection with them or maybe you do, from the newspaper.


Ra’An:  Thank you. You may pray for them.


For instance, we give you an example. Terry prayed for Mother Theresa after Mother Theresa passed over. Mother Theresa was greeting people in the crowds of people that turned up after her death; she was greeting the people; she was making contact with them, even though she no longer had her body. Terry showed up also to give her support. She did not really know that Terry was there, based upon the fact that the many people were there that she was cognizant that those people were there for her and her focus was on those people.


If the person who has passed over, their frequency—[their] focus on what they are paying attention to--is very concentrated; then they will not realize that you are praying for them. However this prayer will, in general, go to help that individual.


Wynn:  Thank you.


Next question is from Carol. She is frustrated because she sees people repressing things rather than letting them come up and heal. She asks:


“Is there a way to impress upon people how important it is to clear the air and clear emotional issues, which will eventually manifest into physical problems”—I guess she means diseases—“if they’re not cleared? Do you have any suggestions on that topic?”


I think we should ask that for ourselves; how do we do that for ourselves? How do we make sure we deal with our issues first, before we start worrying about everyone else? How do we surface our stuff so it can be dealt with?


Ra’An:  Thank you. If you observe your own responses; if you observe your own reactions, and then keep this in mind, each individual has a magnificent body that is working to coordinate their belief systems and their surroundings around them, what is happening and coordinate their body responses to all of this. So if they got startled then the adrenals would kick and you’d get an adrenaline rush and you would begin to come up to the level of response to whatever startled you.


If you keep in mind this beautiful machine, the way that your body biologically responds and handles the flow of adrenaline to the body, the flow of bile to the body, the flow of blood through the body, the heart rate and that it is all delicately tuned. You are like the master controller of it.


Your belief systems have a major influence on how your body works. How it kicks in the adrenaline and how it responds to situations.  So that if your belief system is that, say you were raised to be really shy and were very much afraid of speaking out, then your body would attune your whole responses to that. If you came into a situation where you needed to speak out, then your body would have resistance to this based upon the past training.


So the whole response of your body is keyed-tied to your belief systems and how you yourself are responding to the stimulus around you. If you were believing in shyness; that you could not speak, then your whole body would be geared to this chemical tying-in together to have your body response be what it is.


People have a certain belief system. Let’s say that one is having too hard a time and they are thinking that maybe they would like to opt out of the life circumstances because it’s too overwhelming; it’s too hard. Then their body would set that tone according to their belief system. They would then maybe not want to eat. They would not get the nutrition they need, perhaps would not drink the water that they need to give their system the life vibrancy that it could have.


This would influence them; this would influence their choices on how to have remedies and how to repair the body. They may slack off on taking their medicine because things are just too overwhelming. So they place their body in a dumbed-down state by being slightly sick. They keep it in that mode to go along with their beliefs.


When One finds somebody that could be getting better but isn’t and they make suggestions that could be good for the person and the person is unwilling to look at them, they can take a look at the person’s desire to keep on going; desire to connect; desire to communicate. Is there something in this area that they could help the person with, that would give the person more of an incentive to get better and to move his body system into a better operating state?


Another thing is the belief in a doctor’s system, medical system so that the individual would fix upon a certain remedy prescribed by a doctor. Say that the person needed to have a certain procedure and that certain procedure, if you looked it up in medical records, might have a very low percentage of people getting better using the medical procedure; however, if the person totally believes and has faith in the medical profession and his doctor, then they may simply go along with that, without checking some of the alternatives and working them; keeping his doctor and not checking out other systems that could alleviate the condition rather than to just keep the condition in homeostasis.


We are not suggesting that people give up what their doctor is saying; however, we do suggest looking at results and looking at optimum ways of providing nutrition for the body, optimum ways of giving the body the exercise it needs. Then if a person is using those optimum ways and they go back to their same doctor, the doctor then will start to find that the individual is getting better; the whole system can work in harmony.


Wynn:  How about things like rage? You know, rage is sometimes hurtful to other people. Yet people have rage inside them and it eats them up; I think it makes them sick. How does a person deal with the expression of rage and anger?


Ra’An:  Thank you. Yes, rage can shut down the whole body. For instance, if the person has just eaten and something was said or triggers something that throws them into a rage the whole body can shut down; the stomach can go sour, the bowels can stop working, the juices can stop being excreted. The whole body can freeze and stop. Rage is a stopping-point; it’s something that sometimes is very hard to express and so one holds it back.


Rage and held-back rage, stymie each other and there’s no place to go. The body can get calcified; the body is responding to those signals. So it just can come into a stopping-point; then things don’t flow. The person can be more open to getting cancer because of the energy not flowing through various areas in the bowels system and in the body, not digesting the food properly.


So how can a person handle rage? Rage can be a magnificent fuel to propel one forward to give one tremendous energy to move through their difficulties. If they can convert this rage into a fuel to use to burn to give them more energy towards moving through something, then this is the ideal way that rage can be used to help a person, as it was intended to give one the impetus to move through some life-threatening or difficult circumstance. Also, finding ways of expressing rage with humor or satire can help to relieve it somewhat. Going into the bedroom and hitting a pillow can help to take the edge off the rage.


Rage is a place on the scale of emotions, and above rage then the person can move into the higher emotions, even up to boredom or cheerfulness. It’s a place to be and it’s temporary. One should not condemn themselves if they feel rage. If they analyze it, if they observe it, if they track it back to why they would have gotten the rage in the first place and how their belief system has been, their belief system has been perhaps invaded by something foreign to it.


If they could analyze all the aspects of it, they would see exactly why they have the rage and if they can begin to get to earlier rages, then they could eventually get to something that happened that was unjust or was wrong for them.


Their rage at the current time is often attached to some earlier rage that was totally, completely justified. If they can get back to the first time that they can remember that they felt that, then what happened just before that, take a look at what happened then. They then can begin to unlock the reasons for the triggering and they can begin to work through that.


That is our answer.


Wynn:  Thank you. This is from Robin and she was wondering about what is often called The Space Brotherhood, which many say will show themselves soon. Is it true? When will the new, abundant economy manifest?


I’m going to answer that and I’ll let our Sources comment on that after I answer it; we’ve got a lot of questions on that. This is different than the normal party line that a lot of people are saying.


There are a lot of channelings coming through that are identifying themselves as The Space Brotherhood, which according to our information are coming from negative sources. There is a whole manipulated design in other dimensions to manipulate us. They go any way they can, to look like this and look like that. According to our information, that’s not going to happen.


There are interventions and when we asked about, “Is there anybody up there that’s positive?” they said “Yes.” They’re working on creating positive energy flows in higher dimensions. It is the Ra group, according to our information, that is making crop circles. Certain groups of ETs are interested in making sure that nuclear weapons don’t go off, because it affects them. In that case, there may be some nuclear weapon intervention.


The future, what happens on December 21st[2012]? Basically, we’re in a flow where things are going to occur; now there are already things that are happening. December 21st is not necessarily a pin-point day for things to occur. It’s like when winter changes into spring; the date of spring, the day spring starts; it’s not like a door opens and a door shuts; it’s a gradual thing. So December 21st is the highest point of energy.


There are possibilities that there are intelligences that will use that date and use people’s anticipation to try to create certain calamities in this realm. One of the things the negative would like to do is create fear, because fear cuts us off from the higher dimensions. If they’re trying to control us, if they can create fear, they will have effectively cut off our signals into the higher realms. It’s very very important that we all face these things courageously and the more we hold together, the more we send our positive energies into the higher realms, the more our Sources can assist and help, which we know they do.


I did run this question about ET intervention by Carla Rueckert and she had the same information, that basically, the Positive Sources are not going to show themselves as ETs.


They operate where we can’t see what they do; they don’t want to be seen. They don’t want—let’s just say that a bunch of ETs would land. People would give up their power to them and that is exactly the opposite of what’s needed to graduate this realm. That is my information and I’m going to turn it over to Terry; anything they want to add or subtract to that, we’re open to hear.


Thank you.


Ra’An:  Thank you.


There are a number of races that do visit Earth. There are some of these races that have other agendas that are self-serving. They have a program for the use of the materials on Earth and for the use of some of the life on Earth, to further their own objectives and their own goals and their own lives.


There are other races which have the objective of helping; however, they are not making themselves known. There are some races, like the grays, that are working with the government. By government we do not mean the President and the Congress; we mean the shadow-government beyond. There are programs, and these are self-serving. We take a look further.


There is, beyond that, a federation. The Federation has rules that they abide by. So the individuals working for The Federation do have star ships and they do visit. They do follow, in general, the rules of The Federation, which are for the service of The Federation. However, they are also not as self-serving as the other race known as the grays.


These individuals, in their federation, are observing to see what mankind is going to do. They do not wish atomic war; they do have some forays where they will disarm nuclear missiles. They have our best interest at heart; they have the best interest at heart for mankind in general. It is part of their rules which keeps them on the straight-and-narrow within their own visitations.


That is some information.


Wynn:  Thank you.


Merrill in Seattle asked a question about praying and humans:


“Some people are instantly, completely healed, whether they believe or don’t or don’t even realize someone is praying for them. Others may be healed partially or gradually over time and some others receive nothing.


‘Aside from those who are choosing the secondary gain from illness, what makes the difference? What makes the difference in healings?”


Ra’An:  The secondary gain from illness is broader than you might think, in that when a person has an illness they need to check their belief systems and how much they wish to be healed. If a person has a disease, it could be because their belief system is holding that disease in place. Or it could be because they have had contact with an area that is imparting disease to them. In a case like that, the individual does not have a systemic desire for the illness and can be cured much more easily. Their body will heal much more easily. Prayer can help the individual to kick the disease; it can be an impetus to shed the disease more easily.


Other people have a contract that they would be here, say, for 34 years or 64 years and however long. Then, they had made up their own mind, subconsciously, that they then would leave. So, to pray is a good thing; however, their body is following a different programming and will not then use the prayer towards their healing.


Wynn:  Thank you. You know what? It’s 7:54; we’re supposed to be off in a couple of minutes. I think we should take the last couple of minutes and bring in the energy and just put our planet in the Light right now; ask for support and help for the Positive Sources in other realms for whatever can be done to help shift our planet into a higher, positive mode and taking advantages of these shift energies that are happening.


Hopefully, BBS won’t cut us off because they hear silence.


Okay, thank you all for being here. We’re wishing everybody a great Thanksgiving. If you’re not spending it with someone, go out and feel the energy of the public, because people are more happy; it can cheer you up. Don’t be locked away on Thanksgiving Day. We’ll see some of you on Sunday.




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