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How the Elohim Created the Universe, Continued


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Monday Call 11.26.2012
Host: Wynn Free
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Channeled by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien
Edited by Terry Brown, Valerie Hawes and Dave Masty
Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee


Wynn:  Alright, this is November 26, 2012. This is Wynn Free and Terry Brown, in Sedona.


Some people wonder: Why am I so corny? I had no idea that I was going to be this corny doing this. I couldn’t imagine it in my wildest dreams. Daphne will sometimes call me the Howard Stern of the Elohim. I’m not sure I even like Howard Stern. I’m not doing this because I planned to do it this way. When they started talking to me, I started thinking of very serious, sacred ceremonies and: how do you ever put this out into the world?


Daphne’s a little bit that way; she likes ritual. She comes from a background of traditional Catholicism; she loves the rituals of that. It’s interesting, because Carla Rueckert goes to church every Sunday. I really see the benefit of going to church every Sunday.


It’s not because, necessarily, you believe everything they say, or all of the ways it’s presented. It’s because, if you’re in a good church, there’s probably a chance that there’s an uplifted, heart-felt vibration in the room. And there’s camaraderie and there are people who will have someone to turn to if things break down. Sooner or later they’re going to break down. Sooner or later I think it’s going to happen. I think it’s inevitable, particularly in the cities.


Some people think it’s going to break down this December. I don’t think so; that’s not what our Sources are saying, unless there’s some fast one pulled by somebody down here to create a world-war or something, if they can do that. It’s not going to break down because of the Universe or because of Bible prophecy. Our Sources have said we’re just going to go through it and it’s going to be the next day.


Early on, they did give a date, after that they say things were going to change dramatically. They gave a year, not a date. I don’t know if this date still holds up. I decided I wasn’t going to worry about it. I suggest to all of you not to worry about it, either. I would be far more concerned about, is your heart open right now?  And if it isn’t, what do you have to do to get it open? 


Because once your heart is open—you’re going to die anyway; it doesn’t matter whether it’s going to be in December of 2012; if it’s going to be in 2017 or it’s going to be tomorrow. We’re all going to die. If you’re listening to these calls, you do get the idea that you continue; that you don’t really die; your body dies. You have an energy body in the astral that continues. If that energy-body is not very hip, it continues as a ghost. If it’s hip, it’ll start reaching. We’re going to do more calls about this, because I think this is an important topic.


One of the things that I learned in asking questions was that there is a connection between what your beliefs are and what happens to you when you die. When you’re on the first leg of the other side, which is the astral, when you’re on the first leg of the astral, you have your memory. Your memory isn’t gone yet; you haven’t gone into amnesia. Then, there are places where, if you’re really going to go up, Terry says; there’s a Tunnel of Light. You have to find that Tunnel of Light or you have to look for it. If you’re just ending up on the astral with no guidance, your beliefs that you died with are going to be with you at that point.


Terry:  I just wanted to clarify that one of the ways of getting to the higher realms is through the Tunnel of Light, but there are other ways to get there also.


Wynn:  We’ll have another discussion about that, but not tonight.


There was something that I had read somewhere, then I asked our Sources about this and they did confirm it. What I read was that many people who are traditional Christians, when they die and they end up on the astral, they’re busy looking for Jesus. If they don’t see Jesus, they don’t do anything; they get stuck in the astral waiting for Jesus. A good question would be, how about if they have their hearts open? The way they have their intention at that point might even supersede where they go.


If that’s true, then I can see that it’s rather important to have a really good idea of what to look for when you die. If you do want to graduate this realm you make the choices that would help you do that. I would assume; I don’t know this for sure; I don’t think I asked this question ever. I would assume that there has got to be some negative guys on the other side that are trying to trip you up and trap you. I would think so.


But then I would ask the question: if the negative can do that, why doesn’t the positive send a guy that looks like Jesus down there to release everybody? These are all questions that we’re not going to ask tonight. We’re going to go more into it fairly soon, because it’s an important topic that is going to be important to every single one of us and the people we care about to know how that works.


Once you get that inner kind of energy that just keeps continuing and you’re not worried and you just say, “Whatever happens is okay”—you can’t get to that if you’re afraid of dying, if you’re worried about your family, if you’re worried about your children.


I’m not saying you shouldn’t worry about your family and worry about your children, but I’m not sure worry is productive. How do you be productive? I remember in one session we did when they were talking to somebody who was having their children be somewhat errant—is that the right word, Terry, errant?


Terry:  Are you meaning they’re wandering away; they’re not quite on track?


Wynn:  Something like that, errant, yes. They were just all concerned about their children. The answer to their question was to be a good example; be successful; be loving, so that you can draw them to you. When you’re sitting in a state of worry about somebody, you’re not very attracting to them. In other words, they see you worry and they stay away. Some people are that way; they gravitate towards you when you don’t care. When you’re chasing them, trying to fix them and trying to make them better, they back off. They feel judged; they don’t feel accepted.


When you have people like that in your life, probably the first thing to do is to accept them; accept their ‘wayward ways’. To accept that they may not be doing what you think is in their best interests. Realize that they are going through the lessons they need to go through. I say that famous quote of William Blake, I’ve said it before, this impacted me when I was younger; it was: “It’s the path of excess that leads to the palace of wisdom.” The path of excess; what is excess? Too much sex, too many drugs, too much this, too much greed; you do all those things and eventually, you get to learn where they all lead in a very experiential way.  It might take five hundred lifetimes or something, but at the end of it you’ll end up wise. Probably the reason I can do this job is because I’ve done that. I can see what people are going through; I can see it from an overwhelming, encompassing perspective.


I think Terry can see it. Can you see it, Terry? Can you see all the stuff?


Terry:  Yes, I can see it. I’ve gone through a lot of stuff too and it really helps me to understand.


Wynn:  So you see: for someone to be a really good, I hate to use the word teacher; I don’t know a better word, but really good at creating empathy for lots of different people, then one would have had to go through a lot of lifetimes and would have had to live through, “The path of excess leads to the palace of wisdom.”


People who are angelic and they’re wonderful and I love them, usually don’t have this kind of wisdom to get into the nitty-gritty of other people’s understandings. But they can hold really high space; they can do that. I don’t imagine that every angelic being that comes into this realm gets stuck and goes through hundreds of lifetimes.


Some of you are going through hundreds of lifetimes and this is your 576th lifetime. The thing about it is that it’s really hard to break the cycle: the cycle of reincarnation, the cycle of being attached to this realm, the cycle of wanting to help your children, the cycle of saying, “I really want to be successful and I didn’t make it this lifetime” and you keep coming back. Probably those of you that keep coming into these calls might fit those criteria. This is something that stands potentially, as a beacon to get you out of those patterns. 


With that all being said, it’s 7:21. Terry, I promised them in my announcement, which I just got out at the nick of time. I said that we were going to do another session about how the Elohim created the Universe.


Did you guys notice we never run out of topics? I can’t believe it myself; when we started doing these calls I said, “What are we going to say every Monday?” Then I said, “What are we going to say every Monday and Wednesday?” Well, Wednesday we don’t have to worry about topics, because you guys send questions.


No matter how much we talk about this, we never run out of things to talk about. Actually, I don’t think it’s what we talk about. I think it’s coming together; it’s creating the space; it’s creating the connection and it’s not about being interesting. 


If you’ve been listening, a couple of weeks ago when Carla Rueckert was on, there was a phenomenal bit of information that came through that was having to do with the fact that you can know everything you want to know about the shift, about opening your heart. You can have the most esoteric understanding and even with all of that, you may not graduate. Someone else that doesn’t know any of it could graduate. It’s not about knowledge.


A lot of people think it is; a lot of people think, “We’re one of the in-group; we know about this shift.” Look in the mirror in the morning and make sure your heart is open. If you’re going to worry about anything, worry about your heart being open. Of course, the worry will keep it from opening. Now you have to figure out how to walk through this dilemma of having your open heart, but you can’t use your willpower; you can’t use your willpower to open your heart. How are you going to do it?


That’s why we keep having these calls. If there was one thing that I could say that everyone could do and their hearts would open, then I would say it. Better people than I have challenged this particular topic and they haven’t said it. They haven’t said it in a way that works for everybody. It can’t work for everybody because each of you needs to hear something different, because you’re all totally unique.


You might be listening to our calls for three weeks, four weeks, you’re enjoying the energy and suddenly, one thing is said that strikes you to the core and that’s what you needed to hear to change your life. You never know when that’s going to come up. Everyone needs something different; it may be the thing that changes your life, but it won’t be the thing that changes someone else’s life.


We have this Universe that started from nothing except a bunch of Energy Beings. They, I assume, got bored or got creative. They’re going to talk to us, so they can tell us. I’m not going to repeat; we have about five or six calls on this topic. If you go into the Spirit Channel and do a search on “How the Elohim created the Universe”, you’ll find those calls. I recommend listening to the whole series because it is really fascinating.


First of all, if any of you have doubt that we’re really talking to who they say they are, I think that doubt is very healthy. You have to ask yourself, “Where do these answers come from?” They certainly don’t come from Terry. It’s hard to believe that there’s someone who is making them up that’s not who they say they are. It doesn’t sound like it could come from something negative, because they are loving and they’re caring. “How the Elohim created the Universe” sessions are on www.thespirit; look them up and listen to that series. Put them on a CD and put them in your car when you’re driving to work or something. It’s a fascinating story.


It’s about the way it started, the way free will was granted, the way that each part of the Universe—the Ra group calls it the Logoi, the sub-Logoi and the sub-sub-Logoi. It starts off at the center of the Universe. Each part of the Universe sets up its own rules. The things underneath it set up the rules underneath those rules.  For example: It’s like walking into a big company.


The company has a mission statement; it has a certain set of overviews about how everything should operate. Then there are all these different departments, and each department runs in its own way. It comes down to the people in the department. There are little signs in the bathroom that say: ‘Wash Your Hands Before Returning to Work’.


I’m oversimplifying it, but the Universe steps down so that each little section makes its own rules. For example, our Sun makes certain rules for the solar system. Each planet makes rules for itself; the Earth makes rules for us. We make rules for our children when they’re growing up.


This all started because of free will. Does the whole Universe run by free will? We’ll find out. The negative is part of free will; but then, they don’t allow free will for the people that get hooked into them. But above them there’s free will; they had the free will to be negative, to be service-to-self.


DNA plays a part in this, in that beings developed DNA, there are twelve strands of DNA, and each strand of DNA is an expansion like an antenna into the greater Universe. As a strand of DNA gets activated, you start to be able to tune into a bigger hologram and you have more awareness. The first seven strands relate to your first seven chakras and after that it goes out of your body and you start feeling space outside your body.


That doesn’t mean you’re leaving your body, it doesn’t mean you’re floating around in outer space and peering into other planets. I don’t think it works that way; maybe for some people, but not for me. I can feel the space when I’m in an expanded space and I can feel when I’m sharing an expanded space with someone else. I know that all of us here, many of us, have felt those expanded spaces, particularly on our Sunday calls.


I’m going to call in the Light. I hope I can start at a place where, if you’re listening for the first time, you don’t feel lost because you haven’t been part of a series.


Father-Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light, to surround and protect Terry, myself, everyone on this line and everyone listening to the replays and reading the transcripts. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the outer energy fields of Earth, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth. Right now, we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. We invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring The Law of One, to join with us and we create a protected space that only the positive has access to. Anything not of that nature must leave now.


Do we have our Sources present to explore this topic with us and make any comments on any of the things I just said?


Ra’An:  Thank you.


We greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator. This is the 26th of November, 2012. We take a moment and we are available to each and every person, non-linearly, as we are speaking through Terry. We are not only non-linearly with Terry; we are non-linearly with each and every person who wishes to make contact with us at the same time.


We are available tonight for your questions, Wynn and in what you have discussed; we see that all life is a flow and it is in movement; it is in transition, day to day. The transition continues after the body leaves, in that the soul, the entity, you, continues. And you can, in your lifetime, in the Earth realm, learn the difference between what is your body and what is you, the you that is you, the you that you can center and feel the essence of ‘you’.


One of the biggest gains a person can make in the Earth realm is to learn to distinguish what is yours and what is another’s. Once you can distinguish that, then you know what you can take with you; you can take your memories with you. You can take your essence, your being, with you.


When one tries very hard to borrow things that are not really theirs; for instance, if one has a hero and one is next to them or one lives near them and tries very hard to imbibe the essence of them, since they are the hero and have qualities one would like to take on.


It is by your own self having those qualities, taking those qualities on and making them your own, that you can gain wisdom and knowledge and experience from them.


Do you have questions?


Wynn:  I made that speculation earlier about people when they die, they have the potential to remember things that they learn when they’re alive when they’re in their astral. The astral is a departing point for some people, not everyone. Many people just stay in the astral. What does a person need to know in their mind to propel themselves out of the astral? I assume they have to have the energetic openness as well as something in their mind. Does everyone remember, when they get into the astral, their most recent physical form?


Ra’An:  One, first of all, needs to get out of their mind and into their heart, as the mind can figure, figure, figure; however, it does not give them the proper energy just by thinking something to move with their whole heart and intention.


Wynn:  Assuming somebody has opened their heart, are there decisions that they can still make in the astral from their mind or from their awareness? I don’t know if you would call it a mind. For example, are there choices given to them where they can say, “I want to go this way; I want to go that way,” that the knowledge of those choices to someone with an open heart would make them more discerning?


Ra’An:  These are choices that they have made before they transitioned; these are choices that stay with them. It is like walking a path and as a body transitions, the being continues to walk the path. So what they have set up for their future continues and they can continue on the other side to walk their path.


Wynn:  So we have to learn to walk our path in this lifetime while we’re alive.


Ra’An:  That is correct, to be centered. To know that it is not the outcome of the thing one is working towards as much as it is the way that the individual integrates themselves with others in working towards an outcome and the learning that individual gets by the interactions with others as they are working towards an outcome.


People tend to lose sight of the inner workings of things and just focus intently on the outcome. It is the interactions with others, the loving relationships, the teamwork, the working together, the opening of the heart that are the things that move an individual on his path and allow him to move through his transition, without being addicted to some outcome of making money or having a new car, some addiction to an outcome in the MEST Universe, which would then put him into conflict when he does move into transition.


Wynn:  Yes. Thank you. MEST means matter, energy, space and time by the way; it’s the vocabulary.


Ra’An:  Yes. It is the manifestation Universe.


Wynn:  I’m going to go back; we’re talking about how the Universe got created. We know we had a conversation a long time ago about how the Elohim created an amoeba and were so excited when they saw two amoebas exchange energy with each other. Somehow, we had to go from an amoeba to an animal to a human.


A question that I’ve never asked: were Elohim coming into this realm and working in Light bodies of some sort, or manifested bodies originally and working on the creation of the beings? Or was it all done by proxy from outside this realm, projected into this realm?


Ra’An:  Possibilities and potentials are set up outside of the Universe and refined and fine-tuned within this Universe. There are the potentials for life, the potentials for bodies, potential for amoebas. They have all been given possibility parameters and we have, in some manner, been discoverers of potentials and how we can develop potentials.


Wynn:  But, was it all set up with potentials from Sources that were outside of the realm projecting into it, or…


Ra’An:  It was not so much outside of the realm projecting into it; it was the fabric as it developed, of all. The potential is within the being of All That Is.


Wynn:  So, if we go back to the amoeba, did the amoeba have potentials to evolve itself on its own and to become a higher form of life without any outside manipulation?


Ra’An:  The answer is yes; however, with manipulation it gives it direction and allows it to transform and move into ways that it may not have without manipulation.


Wynn:  So if there was manipulation, how did the manipulation occur? What I’m trying to ask is: did it occur from outside the realm, by doing manipulations projected into the realm? I know at one point there were humans, there were beings that were actually manipulating and doing genetic splicing and everything else. But initially, at the beginning before that occurred, how did the manipulation occur that caused the evolution?


Ra’An:  There were certain parameters set up that, when you had flows of energy at certain vibration that came near other flows of energy at certain vibration, they would be attracted towards each other. They would attract; they would work together; they would form channels of energy within them.


This is all intelligence. The intelligence was then being molded by these different flows that it came into contact with, so the outcomes would be similar whether one was on a planet or in a different galaxy on a different planet; the outcomes would be similar.


However, the nature of the galaxy or the planet-system would be different and because of the difference in the nature they would then have different options for development, but not other options for development. For instance, if a certain element were missing from a certain planetary system, then they would not have the same opportunities for development that another one would have which contained that element.


Wynn:  Now, if we look at life on Earth, and we look at all of the thousands of different kinds of flowers that all look so beautiful and all so different, all the different animals, all the different breeds of dogs and all the different kinds of humans, it seems to me that there had to have been some kind of intelligence creating such perfect specimens.


I read an interesting book recently that was fiction, but it told the story of how, millions or trillions of years ago, there were companies that would create different life-forms on contract. Like a government of a given world would contract with this company to say, “We’d like an animal that looks like this, and we’d like flowers that look like that” and they would genetically create that and sell it to the planet, or the government of that planet to distribute on the planet.


That’s probably not the way it occurred; I’m just asking the question, trying to get specifics of how something as simple as an amoeba, even over so many millions or trillions of years,  could end up with such myriad different specimens of life through the Universe. We don’t know what’s in the Universe; we’ll just talk about different specimens of life on planet Earth.


Is there a way to understand that, to grasp it?



Ra’An:  Okay. Give us a minute. As we have mentioned earlier, the parameters are set up in accordance with frequency, in accordance with flow, in accordance with electricity available. The constituents on a higher level determine what is possible. Then, as you have fed gaseous formation and in the gaseous formation, there in the center is non-reflection and a density, a coagulation of elements. On the outside, you have reflection of light and a heat.


Within these circumstances, there appears the ability of life. All of everything is not aware, but has a potential of awareness, of intelligence. And within the intelligence of the minerals, the elements within the cloud, the individuals which are not yet individuals can develop. The amoebas, under the right circumstances, can move from the inanimate formations and can begin life.


In other words, there are certain given potentials wherein life can occur and can congeal and become condensed into focusing mechanisms, larger or smaller and depending upon how the elements are formed and are made available by the circumstances, you have the beginnings and potentials for life to become, to manifest, to become aware.


Wynn:  I know that at least two alien groups that we have confirmed with you previously were into genetic manipulation. One of them supposedly, created humans as a hybrid. And another one was able to clone themselves genetically.


If they were able to do that, I would assume they were able to do a lot more than that. The question is: how much of all the variations are caused by those kinds of manipulations and how much is caused by celestial Elohim and how much was caused some kind of natural evolution?


Ra’An:  We look at it as a series of pictograms. The largest would be the potential, and then within the potential, what has manifested in the form of energies that could then give life potential to further expression within that circumstance? And then within that, it’s like a series of spheres within themselves: a sphere within itself and another sphere within itself; and another sphere within that, wherein each one further defines what is available, what life-forms will be expressive, or will begin to take shape.


There is, when one gets to the refinement of humans, humans can begin to further refine the species that they are working on. For instance, dogs in the Chinese culture were bred to be small and for the royalty to be to their specifications: that could be small and cuddly and not overwhelming and could be companions. They were specifically bred for that.


Wynn:  So in other words, there was genetic manipulation.


Ra’An:  That is correct; as there is genetic manipulation now going on with corn. Corn was developed over 1,000 years or so in South America. And the corn would begin as grass. The indigenous people worked with the corn over hundreds of years to manipulate it to become the corn on the cob. And then, as we have now genetic manipulation with the GMO corn of introduction of pesticide genes into the corn, which begins to turn the corn into a poison.


Wynn:  Thank you. You know, it’s 7:59. Doug hasn’t cut us off, but we’re coming to the end of the hour. I see a lot more questions. I’d like to pin this down a little bit more. We’ll continue next time; I don’t know if it’s going to be next week, but we’ll continue again to see what we can learn about all of this. I thank you for coming forth.


I’d like to thank everyone who has been supporting and buying our stuff over the past few days. I’m seeing it’s a great way to support the things we’re doing and offering for free the more important things and so, my appreciation. Thank you Terry and thanks to the volunteers. We’re going to wish everyone a good evening tonight. We’ll see you on Wednesday when we ask our Sources your questions.


I’m going to un-mute everybody. Alright, thank you.



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