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The Ra Group and Edgar Cayce


Monday 12.03.2012

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Channeled by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien

Edited by Terry Brown and Valerie Hawes

Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee


Wynn: This is December 3, 2012; we are Wynn Free and Terry Brown in Sedona. We greet everyone that’s listening on the conference calls and everyone that’s listening on the internet and everyone that’s listening on the replay and reading the transcripts.


I don’t know if you guys truly realize this; it’s only now that I can put it into words. This is a giant experiment and you are part of it. We’re doing something here that I could never imagine that we could do. I couldn’t dream of it; I couldn’t believe it was possible. When you come into these calls and you’re listening all the time, you get used to it and it’s easy to forget or not get the real big gestalt of this.


I live in Sedona and Sedona is a beautiful town. It’s got millions of visitors; it’s got all these beautiful red rocks. Yet I don’t usually notice all of that stuff. I remember when I first came here I did; I’m sure there’s an unconscious lifting of energy from the beauty, from the people. It’s kind of a small town casual thing.  People get to know each other; they say hello to each other.


But I’m even weird for Sedona; nonetheless, I don’t have to tell people I’m weird. Most people don’t even know what I do in Sedona, believe it or not. I like that, because otherwise I’d be scared to show up in the supermarket; I’d have people coming over and saying, “How are you doing?” all day. Then, I’d have to be obnoxious and they’d say “He’s not a nice guy.” Not that I want to be obnoxious, it’s just that one of the things I learned is I have to be very strong, to control my time so I have enough time to do what’s most important and not just be talking to people all day, which I like doing.   I could be on the phone all day chatting with people. So many of you, I would love to talk with you. I’m used to a relationship where you’re talking with someone. Yet what is the experimental part of this?


The experimental part, what’s happening? We have these new ideas about the way the Universe works. A lot of it was first introduced to me as I was studying David Wilcock and as I was studying the Ra Material back in 1999. The whole thing was so incredibly far-out, there was no way I believed it at first. I kind of opened to it, even the fact that David Wilcock was Edgar Cayce.


I had read 25 books by Edgar Cayce or about his readings some thirty years ago. I was so influenced by him. Yet there was something missing in the Edgar Cayce material; I knew there was something missing. It left me hanging.


I’ll tell you what was missing. What was missing was the Source speaking through Edgar Cayce never explained who they were; they let Edgar Cayce draw his conclusions.


I don’t know if you guys have read that material, but it’s fascinating. Not only did Edgar Cayce do all these health readings and talk about different alternative remedies that had never been discovered before; no one had ever used; he was recommending them to people. Then he did all these past life readings going back to Atlantis. People put together books on the history of Atlantis, which I ate up. I was reading them.


Yet who was talking through Edgar Cayce? At various times, they would sound differently. Sometimes, not often, but sometimes, they would sound almost religious, or religiously spiritual. Other times, they just were giving information. Another thing, they talked about something called ‘solar cycles’; now, that was not a big part of Edgar Cayce. It was a brief mention about ‘solar cycles’. I said “What is a solar cycle?” I was a physics major; there was no Google in those days, but I tried to research what a solar cycle was. I had no idea.


So I was left with this big question. Who was talking through Edgar Cayce? What is a solar cycle? I got the idea that it was really big; when I say ‘big’, I mean important, powerful; yet there were those missing pieces.


When I first met David Wilcock I didn’t really meet him; I discovered his website.  How I actually discovered his website was quite funny. It was 1999; David was trying to get himself known on the internet. He wrote an article and the article had to do with this certain guru figure in India. There were all these rumors that he was having sexual relationships with some of his disciples. Some of them got really angry because they felt betrayed. They surrendered to him sexually because he was a guru. They were kind of emotionally wounded.


So, there were a lot of rumors going around; there were articles on the internet. David wrote an article, kind of an expose of this guru, never mentioning anything about the Edgar Cayce part of himself, just this article. It was a guru whom I had been familiar with who had been around for years and years. When I was younger, I was checking out the different gurus. This was one of them I had read about. David wrote the article.


There was a link to the website of the guy who wrote the article. I ended up on David’s website. What was it called? It was called ‘Ascension 2000’.


David believed at the time that the whole world was going to go through a transformation in the year 2000. He had two sections on his website: One where he was writing online books and the other where he was posting his channelings.


I started reading his channelings and I was being blown away because David did not seem like he could ever come up with the kind of wisdom that was in those channelings. Of course, his story connecting him to Edgar Cayce was impeccable. There were so many synchronicities, so many things that tied him to Edgar Cayce. Having studied Edgar Cayce, there was no doubt in my mind that he had to have been Edgar Cayce.


I remember the first times I ever talked to him on the phone after I started writing the book. I could barely talk to him; it’s like this the embodiment of the guy that wrote I had read thirty books of. I couldn’t believe it; I was stumbling. I looked at him like he was my mentor at the time. He was very reticent to have a book put out about this. I think he was concerned that everyone would think he had all the answers and that it would be a huge amount of responsibility. Plus, I don’t believe there was anyone he was close to in his personal sphere that was accepting that he was the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce. In fact, he got a huge amount of static for talking about it, for telling people he thought he was Edgar Cayce. The more I studied everything, the more the pieces fit. I would say it was like pulling teeth to get that book going. Terry worked with me; she helped to edit it.


At the time I was kind of at a stopping-point in my life. I was doing things that I didn’t want to do; I thought I was supposed to be a musician and a poet. I didn’t want to do what I was doing and I didn’t know how to transition. I think I talked about it a little bit on Sunday. I made the commitment to write this book. I will say David fired me twice; he was my co-writer. When I first started writing it, I was trying to please David.


What happened was that David did fire me. He said I was not the right guy to write the book. My first attempt at writing it was fairly pathetic. I didn’t know how to write it; I didn’t know how to approach it. Then I got angry with him when he fired me, and I told him I was going to write it anyway.


He’s a public figure; he was beginning to go public at that point. I started writing it and I wasn’t trying to please David any more. When I first started I was saying, “Gee, I hope David likes this.” I suddenly got this idea of pleasing David out of my mind and I wrote four chapters. I said “This is really coming out well; I’m really getting it. I’m getting how to communicate this.”


Finally, I sent an email to David and I said, “Listen; this is your life. I don’t want to write this book unless I have your approval. I think I’ve got it; I think I’ve got a flow going. I want you to read it; if you don’t think I’ve got, if you want to reject it, I’ll quit the project.” I sent him the four chapters and he liked it. That’s some of the stuff that went on in the beginning stages of this.


I was aware of this Cayce prophecy. This is probably one of the most amazing things, that I was kind of an expert on Cayce, a semi-expert. Cayce said he would return in 1998, live in Virginia Beach and he might be a liberator of the world. David was being told by his Source to go to Virginia Beach in 1997.


He had no idea he was Cayce at the time, but he had been having these voices in his dreams for about a year or two; they were making predictions. They were communicating all kinds of stuff. So he did go to Virginia Beach.


That’s when he found out and he started to deepen this idea that he was Edgar Cayce. He would go study Cayce at the Institute there. People would stop him because he was the spitting image of Cayce. Of course, at one point he asked his Source, whom he called his dream voice for the longest time; he asked this Source, “Why do I look like Cayce?” They said “It is because you were Cayce and if you study Cayce you’ll see all the parallels.”


That’s when David found out that not only did he look like Cayce, but his father looked like Cayce’s father; his girlfriend looked like Cayce’s wife and that his astrology was the same as Cayce’s. Here he is: he’s got this Source that’s correcting some of the Cayce prophecies even, and identifying certain things as coming from negative sources. I’m just learning about all of this.


I kept thinking: I’ve got to be making a mistake! David was young; he was insecure. You would look at his website and he would say things like, “Don’t worry, I’m paying the rent this month; we got the money together”, or he would say something like, “Wilcock has another hit!”, because he was making predictions.


A lot of his predictions didn’t happen and still don’t happen. I certainly don’t recommend looking at David and thinking that on the back burner he knows everything that’s happening, because I don’t think he does. I’ve learned so much more about how this interface between dimensions works, since the time I first had that exposure through David. David was raving about the Ra Material and so I started reading and studying the Ra Material. It was amazing the way things dove-tailed.


You can come to all these calls we do, but you’re missing something if you’re not studying the material. This is so expansive that your mind has to expand. It has to expand into this dynamic of the history that you’ve been around for many lifetimes. This is historical.


In most of our lifetimes we’ve showed up here; we had our talents, but we never figured much out, most of us. Even if we did figure it out, we would die and get amnesia. We’d come in again and we might be lucky and be able to implement things we’ve figured out, but we wouldn’t remember them.


You’ve got to remember; you’ve got to have experiences that tap you into it. In most cases, anything that you commit yourself to, that will be your karma for the rest of your life.


For example, you’ll be running around and you suddenly find a woman that you have a great affinity for. You’ve been indoctrinated that you’re supposed to get married and have children and have a job. That’s not bad, but this is a woman from another lifetime and you get married. Suddenly, to a certain degree, you’re frozen into the matrix of the past lifetime. You can expand it out of there, but you’ve got to bring input into your family that’s higher than the old matrix or you’ll just be in that lifetime.


When I was younger and I had this aptitude for electronics, I was building transmitters. I thought I was supposed to be a physics professor because I had such a good aptitude for electronics and how things work and wanting to know how things work. I was taught that you’ve got to find a career, you’ve got to go to college; then you’ll get married and have children. Somehow I escaped that, but I don’t even know how I escaped it.


When I was in Philadelphia I thought I was going to go to Drexel Institute of Technology and be an electrical engineer because that’s where my parents were. I think if I did that, my life would have gone in a completely different direction. I ended up going to Berkeley. I barely got accepted, but I did. Then everything happened that kind of ruined everything that I thought I was supposed to be at that time.


In fact, my friend in Berkeley and I ended up travelling around the country in a Volkswagen bus. I’ll never forget how we ended up in Philadelphia and we were staying at my parent’s house. My father came downstairs and we were there in the living room doing yoga together and my father was pulling his hair out because I was his brilliant son that was going to be an electrical engineer, a physics major and now I’m driving around the country in a Volkswagen bus with this woman and we’re singing in bars and doing yoga in his living room!


But going back to the Ra group, here we have what seems to be the positive force in other dimensions that’s made up of billions of individual souls that graduated from this realm and are hanging in there, trying to make a contribution to evolve people on this planet. Here’s a quote from the Ra group, from The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?.


“Our ultimate goal is to help you so totally find that God within yourself that you merge with it and all illusions are penetrated in the light of truth.”


The Ra group approaches everything differently than the Elohim group. The miracle is that we have these voices that identify themselves as both groups; we have figured out how to tune into their frequencies. We can put it out on a phone line at no cost, no travel and you can be in your living room and tune into this and we’re not charging for it. We could have a billion people listening to this!


This could change the world; this is one of those things that is so rare to occur. I’m pointing it out because just like I mentioned, I was in Sedona and I didn’t look at the red rocks. You guys are coming into these calls. I want you to pull back and look at it from an overview.


Here is this group soul that has been around for thousands of years working with people, working with groups, channeling through people. If I have it correctly, they’re very connected with the Jesus episode and maybe these Sources were what were known to Jesus as ‘Father’. They have to come in and get heard down here to give people the option to grow.


You would think that because they can channel they can talk through people. Somebody asked me, “Why don’t they just talk to everybody so everyone could hear them?” The problem is, just like in life, there are a million things vying for your attention. There are all these points of view, there are all these religions, all these philosophies that are vying for your attention. It’s hard to figure out which one is valid; what do you want to believe?


Most of the time, people are trying to figure out in their heads rather than their hearts; or even worse, they’re not trying to ‘figure out’. They’re just adapting what they’ve learned from their parents, what society tells them. They’ve developed a bunch of beliefs that they feel comfortable in. They think it’s about changing their belief system.


It’s not about changing your belief system. We’ve heard that even if you believe all of this stuff that we say, even if you think there is a Ra group and an Elohim group and all of that, it doesn’t quality you to graduate this realm until your heart is open.


Beliefs are subsidiary, although when you have the right understanding of things it greatly increases your discernment and your ability to make choices and your ability to withstand the negative. Because of the things pulling on your attention down here, many of them are negative. The problem is, they don’t look negative.  They don’t look it; they don’t sound negative. They can talk about love and light, they can talk about ascension, they can talk about DNA evolution and yet, it’s not positive.


If I didn’t go through all the stuff I’ve gone through, I don’t think I could resist getting hooked by the negative in this realm. They channel and they have secret societies. The people who follow them seem to be successful and have more money than other people and more power. How easy is it to not get caught up in that?


Here is this group soul that is available; people don’t know they’re there. You don’t have to know they’re a group soul. You just need to feel the energy; you need to feel how they interact with you and how you can feel your heart open and you can feel that universal love for all things. If I called it ‘the Christ’ it would work; it doesn’t matter what you call it.


I think our explanation of it is more accurate; it gives you more feeling for it that there’s a bunch of entities that graduated that are hanging around for millions of years willing to surround and connect with people in this realm if they ask. They have a very hard time getting themselves known and every time they get themselves known in an authentic, real way, shortly thereafter the negative comes in and takes it over. That’s pretty frustrating after thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of years and yet they don’t give up on us. They keep coming back.


As I understand it, the Ra group is far more diligent in creating plans and ways and means to interface with this realm than the Elohim group. The Elohim group is more powerful than the Ra group and they are delighted that we’ve made the connection, but I don’t think they work as hard as the Ra group does.


The Ra group has taken that on more as a responsibility. So you have these episodes where the Ra group has made interventions here. As you study the material, as you study the Carla Rueckert material, as you study The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce material and as you study Edgar Cayce’s material, you start to feel the connection that it’s all the same energy.


Even though it’s the same energy it’s going to sound different, just like if you hear Daphne channel and you hear Terry channel; it has to go through that person and it’s going to be modified, but it is the same energy. You have to study it enough to get it. You don’t just have to study it in your mind; there are numerous pieces of footprints that cross over that; I pointed many of these out in The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce; it’s putting through the footprints of the Ra Material of Carla Rueckert and the Ra of Edgar Cayce and the Ra of David Wilcock.


One of the most amazing things that blew my mind initially as I was studying this was that in the Edgar Cayce material there is a description of Edgar Cayce’s past life as an Egyptian High Priest named Ra-Ta, approximately 10,000 B.C.


Ra-Ta was a healer and Ra-Ta was doing miracles of healing. It was the time when Atlantis was going down and there were many people in Atlantis that had come to Egypt. Now, I remember when I read this in Edgar Cayce I said, “How did those people know to leave Atlantis? How did they know it was going down?”


Do you know how hard it is to move?  If somebody said “You’ve got to move; L.A. is going to have an earthquake”, I don’t think you would move. You’d probably stay there and say, “I don’t think that’s going to happen.” How do you believe something like that and pick up and move thousands of miles to a strange culture?


If you read Edgar Cayce when he was describing Atlantis, he was talking about two groups that were in opposition. There were the Children of the Law of One and the Sons of Belial. The Sons of Belial were of the lower nature; Belial sounds like bowel. The Children of the Law of One—we know the Law of One is Ra’s theme. Every time they show up, in one way or another, they’re talking about the Law of One. The Edgar Cayce material never talked about a Ra group or a group soul; they just said the Children of the Law of One.


If it was the Ra group, which I am sure it was, but there’s no way to prove that, they were sending people; they were telling people, “You’ve got to leave.” They had developed enough credibility to leave Atlantis.


Just as they had been talking to David Wilcock and doing these little miracles. They gave him enough motivation to move to Virginia Beach. He moved, because they said, “Please move here.”


They’re able to prove themselves, to be real for people and give guidance; the people will trust them.  But Edgar Cayce never talked about the Ra group; he did say that Edgar Cayce built the pyramids by levitation and that Edgar Cayce at some point became recognized as Ra, the Sun God. If you want to track this, read Edgar Cayce; read about Ra-Ta, because the whole story is there and it’s documented.


In the Carla Rueckert material, it said, from the Ra group talking, “We came upon a High Priest in Egypt that we had an affinity for”; I’m paraphrasing this. “We worked with that High Priest and we did miracles of healing.  In fact, we even manifested in light bodies…” They created bodies that looked human, but they described them as kind of transparent light-bodies, “…and we actually rubbed shoulders with you in the physical.” 


They also said, “We built the pyramids by levitation.” That was exactly what the Edgar Cayce material said about Ra-Ta, that he built the pyramids by levitation.  This was a huge revelation for me, because I had studied Edgar Cayce for years and I knew about Ra-Ta. There was no mention of a group soul; the Ra group now, through Carla Rueckert, is saying they met a High Priest in Egypt 10,000 B.C. The children of the Law of One, not all of them, but many of them, had left Atlantis before it went down and ended up in Egypt.


But there was one thing that they said through Carla Rueckert that was never even implied through Edgar Cayce. That was that the work they did in Egypt in 10,000 B.C. was picked up by the priesthood there and the priesthood was into controlling people.


The priests were into power; they were into intimidating people. They took the material and the teachings of the Ra group and instead of connecting with the Ra group, they connected with a lower source and they used everything they learned from the Ra group to take control of Egypt. For thousands of years, Egypt was doing sacrifices and they were bringing in the same sources that the Illuminati bring in today. It started because of the connection with David Wilcock, his early life as Ra-Ta and the Ra group.


This is big, because we are in the world today and those same templates are here.  The Ra group is here, trying to create opportunities to be of influence. The negative is here that was in Egypt. The drama is happening right now.


You guys are part of it; you’re learning to anchor those energies.  You’re learning to bring them in. I started out saying this is an amazing thing, that we’re doing this. Reading this material, the more you immerse yourself in it, the more you start grasping it on a cellular level.


Everyone has to go through these changes, because their minds can’t believe it.  My mind couldn’t believe it and yet, how can I say it? I kept finding something, trying to look for something that would discredit this; thinking that I must be making a mistake. Terry was there; we were like searching it together.


Of course we talked about Terry being a channel in the time of the Catholic Church in 1300 A.D. Probably most of you have seen the incredible pictures comparing Terry and St. Catherine. What was St. Catherine channeling about?  There was a lot of wisdom in the St. Catherine channelings. It was wrapped around Christianity because it had to be.


That’s what the Catholics would accept; but a good portion of St. Catherine’s messages were going through taking apart the way the church had gotten corrupted.  I don’t know if I ever asked this, but I think I drew a pretty strong conclusion that it was the Ra group speaking through St. Catherine.


They made the statement—this is not emphasized in the book; it would not be positive to emphasize this. I’m telling you guys because you’re here. You’re in the energy of it. There’s a statement in The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? wherein they said, “We came to you in Christianity, but we don’t often speak in those terms any more, because of the way religion screwed it up.” There’s an implication there that they were connected with Christianity.


When I asked that same question through Daphne—I’m not saying this is true; I’m just telling you this is history—they didn’t really want to answer. I had to pull this out of them. I said, “When Jesus said ‘Father’, who was answering?” They said, “As you would know it, it was the Ra group.” Now it would take the Ra group coming through St. Catherine. They were trying to uncorrupt the church that was already being taken over by the negative.


The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? is that highest wisdom that you can imagine being delivered to you with all kinds of keys to evolve yourself. 


My favorite chapter, here, I’ll just read a paragraph. I wish we could on and on, because it’s already 7:50. The voice that speaks to us through Terry identifies itself as Ra’An. They say they’re both the Ra group and the Elohim group; they have created an affiliation, because our group has opened up to connecting with the energies of both groups.


This is in our archives and this is quite amazing; the next step on our archives is I’d like to tag some of the really important things. Some of these calls we’ve had have been absolutely epoch! One time we started talking about Egypt and the Ra group and Terry was bringing through a message. One of the beings in the Ra group that manifested a light body in this realm so that they were visible came through Terry. 


He was very cautious about talking to us, because he had the memory of how the work they did became so corrupted and taken over by the priesthood. You see, the reason this work gets corrupted so easily is because we are learning how to be growing Gods in this realm; we are learning about the immense power that we have. That power can be used for negative or positive. There’s a lot of responsibility to realize that. So the power that was taught by the Ra group ended up being co-opted by the priesthood.


Through Egypt you’ve probably heard the name Amun-Ra. Amun-Ra was not the Ra group; that was a negative source. That was the name that was taken, since Ra was the inspiration for all of this, the negative used the name Ra, but they said ‘Amun-Ra’. Since all of us have gone through all these lifetimes, many times we have been taken into the negative and we didn’t know it. We’d become slaves; some of you feel like slaves now. We’re slaves to the economic system; we’re slaves to paying our bills; we could feel like slaves if we’re in the wrong job. 


So this chapter in The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?  is my favorite chapter and it’s called “Healing the Original Wound”.


“The struggle of the apparent separation from God is re-enacted within ourselves constantly. This is why we refer to it as the original wound. As is often stated, the original wound is an illusory perception of separation from God. If you feel that God has abandoned you, then it makes it very difficult for you to live in the world.  There is a sense of loss, of abandonment, of violation, of anger, of victimization; great loneliness comes up for you as well, since you realize that God definitely exists yet seems notably absent.


“All it takes is one person, one event, one moment, one situation to ready the self for a re-enactment of that original pain. You go off on another tirade of useless turmoil and self-inflicted vibrational damage. When you recognize that the Source within yourself is that same Source that is within all others, the short time remaining for you on earth in this present cycle is a time that will be used to maximum benefit.


“You can fully expect there will be many challenges. Yet you should also remember that the challenges placed before you are carefully calibrated so as not to exceed the capacity with which you possess to solve them.


“Truly, it may be said that a great deal of the apparent randomness of your life is actually quite intentional. It remains as the next valuable opportunity for you to have a major healing of the past. We define healing as that which removes any blockages from recognizing the existence of God within the self and then becoming that self.”


“In many relationships, this duality-play of yin and yang forces will continue to exist in cycle after cycle. You have the good and the bad, the triumphant the disastrous all working together as a collective vehicle for your advancement.  Many times, you have chosen this relationship so that the other self can grow with you and mutual progress is then possible. The relationships become more and more unbalanced if this does not occur and will eventually result in separation or death of one of the participants once a certain age is reached.”


David wondered why we needed to include ‘death’ in the last sentence. Simply this:


“We are talking about relationships that are often consummated in marriage. It is a fact that upon your plane many horribly unbalanced situations between two entities remain constricted within the contract of marriage long after they have outlasted their usefulness. This is not say we are issuing a prophecy regarding the death of someone that is not suitable for you, but whom you have trouble getting away from. More importantly, it is for you to see that many of these relationships become life-long endeavors of personal growth and healing.”


I just wanted to read that to you; we’re coming to the end of this call, but I wanted you to hear a kind of wisdom that was in The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?  It is filled with that kind of stuff. It’s stuff that you can read over and over and over and it gets deeper and deeper.


Terry, we didn’t do a session tonight, but I guess you’re happy. I got on a roll on all of that stuff and I think it’s really important. If you read The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?, the roll goes on for about four hundred pages of that kind of material. You won’t be disappointed.


Caller:  What chapter?  Wynn – what chapter?  Could you tell us what chapter you just read from, or the pages?


Wynn:  “Healing the Original Wound”, I believe it’s Chapter Seventeen.  They’re talking right to the part of you that’s dysfunctional. Right to the part of you that you want to get through. They can do that better than the Elohim can, because they have the experience of being trapped in this realm. The Elohim doesn’t have that experience; they look at stuff and they can feel the pain vicariously; but, they don’t get trapped; they go right back to their space. The Ra group understands the pain of being in the trap.


Wynn:  There are other weeks where we’re going to emphasize the Ra group.  This is so amazingly powerful. Actually, I was going to have Carla Rueckert on tonight and something came up so she couldn’t do it.  She’d like to be on next week.  We never run out of great topics on these Monday calls.


This is amazing, that we have Carla and me working together and Terry, with Daphne sometimes here, having such access to the wisdom and the history and the energy of these Sources. You guys are getting it; I didn’t believe anyone could get it, believe me.


When I first started having this I said, “Who is going to believe all this?” Thank you so much for your support and your showing up and the giving of your energies and making the connections. We are on an ongoing track here and we’re all on it.


We’re on it; I’m on it; you’re on it and we’re growing together.


We will see you again soon, Wednesday, when you guys turn in questions.


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