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Seat of the Pants



Monday  12.10.2012

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Channeled by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien

Edited by Terry Brown and Valerie Hawes

Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee



Wynn:  Hi everybody. This is 12.10.2012 and you can hear people checking in as we go.


Actually, Carla was supposed to be on with me tonight and she has the flu.


I was saying about the Don and Wynn Show; here I was, all by myself. Maybe I was in my RV or living at Terry’s place. I’m having all these conversations and I’m saying, “How do I start? Where do I put this out into the world?”


There is this woman; I don’t even remember how I knew her. She lived in Georgia or somewhere. She said; “I know this guy that’s just starting a radio broadcasting thing and I want to put him in touch with you”.


So she did and Don and I had a conversation. I told Don a little of my story. Doug is Don’s brother. [Don] said; “Wynn, you have the most far-out story I’ve ever heard!” He said; “Do you want to have your own show?” I said “No. What am I going to do? Tell my story over and over again?” What we’re doing now is an outgrowth. I didn’t want to do a weekly radio show.


Then I told Don; “How about if I tell my story in an hour-long cassette and you can just put it up? If you ever have a blank hour, just go ahead and play the cassette.” So he said, “Okay” and I sent him the cassette. He put it up, and I don’t know if there was one person listening to it. No one knew about it.


People think that when you’re on the internet and you have a show everyone is listening to you. The fact of the matter is; it’s not true. People don’t listen to you; no one knows you’re there. The hardest thing in today’s world is to figure out how someone can know that you exist. Why should they look for you? Otherwise, you’re invisible. I did that show and no one listened.


Don started calling me up; we were having these very creative conversations. At one point I told Don; “Why don’t we just record our conversations and put it up on the air and call it ‘The Don and Wynn Show’?” So we did; I would record the conversation; I’d send it to Don and he’d run it. Eventually we started doing our conversations live.


At the beginning of that, there was nobody paying attention to BBS. He had two shows. Don started getting other talk show hosts. He started becoming a little bit more aloof, in my opinion, because he had an image to connect with all these people and he didn’t want to look like he was specially connecting to me. My thing in doing these shows was, “Maybe I can get some of my work out there and we can develop some kind of following”.


Probably somewhere about five months into it, Daphne, who was always thinking that I was really crazy and that this stuff was too far out, had withdrawn and gone back to Cape Cod. I called her and I said; “Guess what? I got my own radio show with Don. How would you like to be a guest?” She said “Okay” and she came on that show. Really, I was just trying to demonstrate to her that there were people who thought that what she started was important.


I don’t know if you guys can realize this, but when she started giving me those messages, it was just she and I. We had no idea where it was coming from or what to do with it; particularly, Daphne didn’t know. She said; “How do I know what this is? Is this negative?” There was no one to validate it; no one to say; “Wow, that’s great. Those are interesting.”


So Daphne came on the show. Somewhere in the middle of it, she said; “They want to give a message.” I said; “Don, what do you think? Should we let them through?” This is a little scary, because I  was aware at that point of the potential for negative sources. What if she said something that wasn’t cool, that didn’t come from the right place?


I thought we’d take the chance; we probably had thirty-five listeners or so. There was this awesome channeling, which I think I have up on our store page for a $3. donation; you can get it for less; you can get it for free. It’s where this voice came in that said that they were the Council of Twelve.


They were like a sub-set council for the Elohim. The way that I got it, they monitor this level. Then they petition the Elohim to send energy into a certain area down here. They find a group of meditators and  say, “Send those guys energy”, they find a good use of liaising and paying attention down here to where energy was needed.


They were brilliantly wise; it was a phenomenal channeling. It was, I think, the first time there ever was a live broadcast on the radio like that. Then Don would say, “Bring Daphne back on” and then, “Bring Terry on”. They both would come on.


This is really funny; you have to listen to this to really grasp it. These were really amazing shows. Sometime I’ll play them on a Monday night. I think you’ll really enjoy them. They put everything in a context.


I believe the next time that Daphne came on, when I called in for the higher Sources, this voice answered. Do you remember what the voice said, Terry? 


Terry:  Hello. Okay; here I am.


Wynn:  The second time we did this, this voice came on and said it was Bucxoi the Dolphin. I said, “What is going on here—Bucxoi the Dolphin?” To this day, I can’t understand if it was one of our higher Sources, or if it was really a dolphin. 


Terry:  The dolphins are able to go back and forth between some of the dimensions, some of the higher dimensions, just with their own beingness, because they have a higher range of frequencies than humans. So Bucxoi had gotten a hold of Daphne and said, “We want to communicate with Terry; I want to get to Terry and I haven’t been able to. Could you get her for me?” I remembered Bucxoi from a past life. It was extraordinary that Daphne picked that up and brought it through, so I could have a conversation with Bucxoi through Daphne.


Wynn:  That happened on the show? I remember one time we were doing channelings over the phone. One time Bucxoi came through Daphne to cheer you up.


Terry:  Yes. That’s when Bucxoi first came through to me. I think that the call with Bucxoi on the radio was later.


Wynn:  You think it was really Bucxoi, right?


Terry:  I do; I think it was Bucxoi and I think that he’s a dolphin; he’s off of Hawaii.


Wynn:  I was always wondering if it was really a dolphin, or that Don was so irreverent that our Sources said, “We’ll just be a dolphin so we can get across; we don’t have to worry about the irreverence”.


Terry:  No; Bucxoi is a soul. But Bucxoi has a dolphin body in this life.


Wynn:  I see; okay. Maybe sometime we’ll invite him back if Daphne will show up again.


Terry:  Okay. That would be fine.


Wynn:  One of the things that’s cool about Bucxoi is that we had listeners asking questions. Gina would probably love Bucxoi, right?


Terry:  She would, yes.


Wynn:  Gina is our dolphin emissary who comes in to our calls.


For new people, this is kind of a silly call, because Carla didn’t show up and is sick. I might go through a passage or two of the Ra Material and see how that works. That’s how it all started, with Carla; I did it once and I said “Hey, as long as I’m doing this, I’ll invite Carla in.”


For those that are listening for the first time, the people that are listening to these calls regularly are kind of entering a whole new alternative reality, not just in ideas but in energies. There are energies on these calls that come through and people can feel. They open them up and their hearts open up.


My explanation for this, and our Sources concur, was that there are these group souls that really exist. They’re not just a voice that comes through Terry. This is unusual for channelings.


Most channelings are not group souls; they’re individual angels; they’re deceased people and they’re even negative sources. The unique ability of group souls—I asked this; if you read The Creator Gods of the Physical Universe Want to Talk to You book, I asked them—“How do you relate to this realm?” They said; “We can project energy”; they didn’t use the word ‘project’, that’s my word. They can project energy into this realm.


At that point I don’t think I had experienced that energy directly. I was just having conversations. It was just a mental idea that they could project energy into the room. Then one time I was doing a session with Terry. At that point, I didn’t know whether anyone would ever be paying attention to it, but I thought it was important.


I said; “Why don’t I ask questions that everyone would like?” She’d be working in a legal office, and every day she would come back. When she was not too tired, I’d pull out the tape recorder and I’d start querying them about things. The Creator Gods of the Physical Universe Want to Talk to You was a result of those questions.


So I asked them; “Who are you?” and “Where do you come from?” “How do you work with us?” Their answers were extraordinary. The truth of the matter is, I wasn’t sure they were who they said they were at that point.


I was certainly open to the possibility, but I said; “Well, if they are who they say they are, why don’t I ask them the tough questions?” So I asked; “Who are you?” “We create focusing mechanisms for life.” That was their answer. I should have the book here. “We create focusing mechanisms for life.”


What is a focusing mechanism for life? We are; everything is; trees, etc. okay? I said; “Okay; how do you do that?” They explained it in that book. I said; “How did you really create the Universe? How did the Universe get created?” Then they went back to the place before there was a Universe when there were just souls and entities that were spirit-forms. They didn’t think of themselves as God; they had an awareness of themselves and they communicated to each other as spirits. 


They would project energies, frequencies and when those frequencies would come together, would create nodes that would create points in time and space. From where they stood, there was no time and space. Time and space was something which was being invented by them.


They were learning how to create time and space and it wasn’t like they knew how to do it, because it never had been done before. At one point, we were having one of these conversations.


Do you know what an orb is? An orb is a little colored ball that appears. Some people can see them and sometimes they’re picked up by cameras. There’s one picture of me that I sometimes put out where I was giving a public talk and there was this blue orb on my elbow in a picture. It’s striking and it’s hard to believe that it was some anomaly from the camera.


I asked them; “Could you guys create an orb in the room?” They said; “There already is an orb; we’re already creating it, but it goes from the sky into the earth”. It was a big orb; it was so big we were inside the orb. They were explaining it was the Ra group that created small orbs and the Elohim group created these big orbs.


Of course, those of you that come into our Sunday grid healings have learned to know what that means. It’s hard to put it into words when you feel that energy. Yet, we’ve learned, only by trial and error, that we could invoke that and they would support it. This is my interpretation for that energy that comes in that’s so huge and you end up feeling really expanded.


I found the Elohim book; the question was; “We are a soul group whose purpose is to bring life and life-forms to planets such as earth. We then work with life-forms in the hope that they will align themselves with higher interdimensional energies bringing heaven into the third dimension, transmuting third dimensional experiences into a fruitful playing ground for learning the lessons of love and bringing wiser entities back into the fourth and the fifth dimensions.”


We give that whole book away for free. It’s at; you can download it and then you’ll get emails from me announcing all these calls that we do. I started to be quite predisposed to thinking that maybe they were who they said they were.


We have so many of those old, classic channelings which I’ve never put up. We’re getting around to it; mostly on our archives we have the more recent ones. But because so many people are paying attention to the archives, I started looking through some of the old transcripts that we have. They’re awesome; they’re amazing; these are from Daphne.


I’ll just give you an example here of stuff that was from 2005, of the kinds of conversations that were coming through Daphne. Let me see here. If you’ve read that book, you know that when I was asking them to direct me somewhere where people would find this important, they sent me to Mesa, Arizona.


I thought they were going to send me to some New Age woo-woo channeling group, but they sent to Mesa; then they sent me to a Mormon church; they told me the street name of the church. We have Dave and Donna in Mesa right now. It’s always interesting because in that trip to Mesa there are a number of things that keyed me into, “I think this is real.” My conscious mind was having a really hard time believing it.


Then I started asking them all kinds of questions about Mormons. Apparently, the same Elohim group was connected to Joseph Smith, who started the Mormon religion. I was curious as to what was the idea behind that religion. One of the things that came out was that Elohim souls can take bodies in this realm. There are many who have.


All beings from other dimensions who take bodies on planet earth forget why they came. They have no memory, just like all of you. We have amnesia; it’s part of being here. We have to re-discover our celestial lineages, and many of us have them. Those people that highly resonate with this material are very likely people with some kind of celestial lineage.


This realm would get screwed up; we know the Ra group had lots of volunteers coming back to this realm and so did the Elohim group. Invariably, those beings that came in from the higher realms, when they would come into this realm, would get lost; they’d forget where they came from. They’d forget they were supposed to be of service.


The real reason, the value of those beings being here, was that they had the resonance to connect with the celestial Elohim; they had the ability to do it, but they didn’t do it because they didn’t know how, once they were here. No one was being a representative. In a sense, that’s one of the things we’re learning how to do; how to connect with those frequencies and bring them into this realm.


There are certain things about Mormonism that have gotten diffused over the years and certain ideas that were, like in all religions, in the original principles.  Then they got distorted over a long period of time.


For example, I asked the question; “I’d like to ask about the Mormon idea of praying for the dead. Can you explain the origin of this ritual and give some understanding for its current manifestation?” If you’re aware of Mormon practices, you’ll know that they actually try to keep records not only of people who are Mormons, but people who are of any dispensation. They pray for them all.


Here was their answer. “The origin of this ritual, similar to many rituals in the ancient Egypt culture, the Jewish culture, Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism, is for the safe passage of the souls through the upper layers, through the upper dimensions, back to the Source of Light, to free souls from places of entrapment such as the astral realm, such as the nether-worlds between dimensions. It’s a prayer for safe passage. It originated thousands and thousands of years ago and mixed with religions and traditions. The Native Americans also pray to their ancestors.”


Interestingly enough, there have been a few situations where somebody has died and we worked with that person because somebody asked through Terry. It exactly matched what Terry would say; “They’re stuck on the astral.” Then the Elohim would come in and they’d work with that person. Do you want to describe that, Terry? How does what you know match what came through Daphne that I just read?


Terry:  It’s different every time when somebody has died and somebody else requests to look in on them or see if they can ease their path to the other side. It’s an individualized thing; they get in touch with that particular person that’s transitioned. Sometimes they are stuck on the astral, because they don’t want to let go of something in their life here.


Sometimes they don’t know that they have died or crossed over and they just keep trying to walk around and talk to people as if they were alive. Sometimes they just see the Tunnel of Light and they move into the heavenly realm and get debriefed and get connected up with lost relatives that have died previously. The relatives meet them on the other side.


There are different circumstances, depending upon how the person died. Like there was one person that committed suicide and he was really sorry that he did it. He was just stuck in the astral and now he couldn’t talk to anybody.


There was another guy; he was something to do with the New York Fire Department; he seemed to be like the head of the New York Fire Department or something; he was killed in 911. He showed up and it was really interesting because he showed up and he was really an extraordinary being.


I was with Wynn at the time and he said, “I’m going to be your kid”. I said; “No, this is not going to happen. I recommend that you go and find a body of somebody, a woman that’s pregnant and then you can get to be her kid.” He said; “Okay” and he left.


After a half an hour or so he came back and he said, “Nobody else can talk to me except you; nobody can understand me”. So then I said, “If you get a body of a woman that’s pregnant and then she has the baby, that’s you and then she will be able to talk to you”. Then he said “Okay” and he left.


At one point he left and came back, and he said, “I got to go now”, because there was all that happening in New York about the Twin Towers coming down. Anyway, he was a very strong, beautiful being.


There are all different circumstances, depending upon the individual. If people can talk to the person, like very often people will be in the hospital and they think, “Oh, the person can’t understand me because they’re unconscious.” But there they are; they’re listening to every single word and they’re right there, even though they aren’t in their body right then.


Those are my comments.


Wynn:  Terry used to talk like this fifteen years ago and I thought she was nuts.


In any case, if we send light to a deceased person, does it have a positive impact?”


Council: “Yes, of course. Each deceased person is still a soul. So even though we can’t see the impact, there’s a window where the energy reaches that person – yes? You can’t see electricity. Isn’t that real?”


Wynn:  “Yes, but there’s an act of faith. With electricity we can see lights; we can see manifestation of it.”


 Council:  “There’s an act of faith in everything you do. There’s an act of faith in waking up in the morning that you will breathe. There is an act of faith in believing the sun will rise.”


 Wynn:  “If we’re sending light to deceased beings, could we assume if they’re deceased beings that we know personally we would have more pathway access to them, rather than to deceased beings that experienced some tragedy from an earthquake in another country?”


Terry, do you remember? Was this you or was this Daphne?


Terry:  I think this was Daphne.


Wynn:  I think this was Daphne, yes. These are the kinds of questions that I would ask you, too, though. We’re talking about sending Light to deceased beings.


Terry:  Yes. I think that would be true; you would have more knowledge of the person, more sense of what their vibration feels like. If you picture, with all your senses, the person’s vibration and essence and beingness, you can do it easier if you’ve known the person. For somebody in another country that was in an earthquake it would be very hard.


One of the things I do is like [when some disaster happens,  I often go there my own self and see if I can render assistance]. There was that San Francisco earthquake and that freeway pancaked. So I went there during that time and I could see the beings coming out of their cars that got pancaked and their bodies had died. They were really excited, like, “What the blazes happened here?” They were coming out of their cars, their spirits were and they were all meeting above the freeway and all talking to each other excitedly saying: “What happened here?”


Wynn:  Did they know they were dead?


Terry:  No, they didn’t know they were dead. It was like they had just exited; it was like they were so excited; they had so much energy from this freeway coming down on them that they were just in a high state of excitement, noticing each other spiritually and just excitedly talking to each other as if they had their bodies still.


Wynn:  Yes. Let me tell you; I’ll tell you how Daphne answered that: “Not necessarily.” The question was; “Could we send light to deceased beings that we knew personally, where we have more pathway than those who experienced some tragedy from an earthquake in another country?”


The answer was; “Not necessarily. It depends upon the soul contract. You know consciously only those contracts which you are aware of vibrationally in this lifetime. There could be many other lifetimes, multiple lifetime contracts, which you are not aware of. It behooves a soul to pray for all of humanity, both personal knowledge of the people and non-personal.”


Then, I asked: “On the non-personal level, does that just go into the collective and disburse?”


Council: “Not necessarily. One may pray for an individual in Sri Lanka or Thailand.”


Wynn: “And our consciousness will direct to an individual in that area?”


Council: “Yes; to the higher self of that individual.”


Wynn:  “So, we could say there is some benefit to the Mormon idea of putting all the names on a list and directing a collective prayer towards the list?” They said;



“In terms of ascension, I have postulated that perhaps ascension was another name for emergency evacuation from this planet, because it might have disasters. Perhaps the reason ascension was necessary was because it would be needed to retain the DNA and the imprints of the people to re-populate the planet.” They said:


Council:  “That is incorrect. Ascension is not evacuation. Ascension is more likened to an electron reaching a critical mass of velocity and jumping orbit. An analogy on your musical instrument, the piano, would be raising the tone an octave or over-blowing on a wind instrument thus producing a harmonic, or pitching a string on a guitar very high on the fret board and producing a harmonic.


The evacuation scenario is based on fear and based mostly on a negative agenda, permeating the etheric vibrational field of the earth at this time.”


Wynn: Remember; this was in 2005. “There are people who say the negative is no longer impacting our planet from the outside and it’s just a residual that’s inside.” 


Council: “That is approximately true; the negative influence from off-planet is down 4% to 7%”.


 Wynn:  “Is that because we’ve been protected?”


Council:  “This is because there’s a grand, cosmic plan for ascension. Earth itself is a sentient being; she has decided to ascend; whether or not her inhabitants ascend with her is totally up to their individual soul choices, but she as an entity will ascend.”


Wynn:  “Could you explain the connection between DNA and Mother Earth? Is human DNA the interface that allows Mother Earth to receive planetary vibrations?” This is a really interesting answer:


Council:  “You have it backwards; Mother Earth does not need us; we need her. Mother Earth is perfectly capable of ascending were there no humans on Mother Earth. Our DNA allows us to process and to evolutionarily experience this dimension by being a guest on the home of Mother Earth.”


Wynn:  “If someone comes here from another planet, say an ET lands here, what is the connection between their DNA and their vibratory field in relationship to the earth’s vibratory field?”


Council:  “It varies with the species of entity.”


Wynn:  “Can you explain some of the variances and the specific planetary groups that can and can’t?”


Council:  “There are literally hundreds, from all sectors of the galaxy. There are Andromedans; there are Pleiadians; there are Orions, Zeta Reticulans and Greys, Draconians and Betelgeusians. The list goes on and on.”


 Wynn:  “Are they all able to exist in this dimension, if they choose to, if it were permitted?”


Council:  “You do not understand. We are of those lineages. We are all of mixed genetic lineages.”


Wynn:  “So they do exist here as us and each is inter-dimensionally connected to the group whose DNA it contains?”


Council:  “Yes. Some people are more connected to the Sirian group; some, such as myself, Daphne, are more connected to the Andromedans and Pleiadians and some such as David are more connected with the Ra group.”


Isn’t that interesting? Each of us is connected to our expanded group.


There’s a book by Barbara Marciniak who channels Pleiadians, they indicate they are interested in the evolution of earth, because they played some part; many of their souls are connected here. It affects their ability to evolve, apparently; we hold the Pleiadians back if we’re not evolved.


Here’s an interesting line of questions:


“How many souls make up the conglomerate of the Ra group?”


Council:  “Of the earth?”


Wynn:  “Of the galaxy”.


Council:  “Of the Milky Way galaxy?”


 Wynn:   Does Ra extend beyond the Milky Way?”


Council:  “Let’s talk about the Milky Way. We read about five billion plus.”


Wynn:  “Those souls have come from all kinds of lineages and have voluntarily joined the Ra group?”


Council:  “Yes”.


Wynn:  “How about the Elohim? How many souls comprise the Elohim group?”


Council:  “In the third density we read twelve million, in the solar system, forty million, in the Milky Way galaxy, 123 million.”


Wynn:  “Does each soul make independent decisions and collaborate with the group?”


Council:  “The soul’s higher self, along with guidelines and dharmic advisors, make the ultimate decisions concerning what incarnational path it shall choose in order to best rectify evolutionary gaps in its knowledge and to help move forward the process of returning to God-head.”


“Are there are any other groups besides the Elohim and Ra who closely are working with the ascensions process?”


Council:  “The Council of Twelve”.


Wynn:  “Can you explain who they are?”


Council:  “They are an over-soul collective group similar to the original disciples of Christ, that are overlooking the planetary and solar system evolution into the Christ consciousness in our solar system.”


Wynn:  “Are they also called The Guardians?”


Council:  “That is a different group; that is the White Brotherhood.”


Wynn:  I actually didn’t finish my discussion on the Mormons; let me go back a moment. This is based on other channelings that the idea of the Elohim was to create some kind of dogma, a religious-spiritual teaching, that they could bring the Elohim souls into that group so they might not lose themselves. That was the idea.


The Mormons were the creation of that and the original first-born Mormons were all Elohim souls. That’s why Mormons are different. If you observe Mormons, you will notice that they take care of each other better than any other religion. They tend to be very successful when they put their minds to it. They tend to be very good-looking; if you look at Mitt Romney, whatever you think of his politics, he is a handsome guy.


The fourth aspect of them is they don’t have wisdom of this realm. They’re new souls here, so they’re easily misled because they can’t figure it out without having experience.


I kept dwelling on this and thinking about it; you know it has to make sense to me, not just believing it. I started to look at, for example, Donnie and Marie Osmond, who would be very good representatives of Elohim souls in this realm. If you look at them, they’re full of love; they’re full of angelic energy. This is when they were younger. If you’ve tracked them, you know their lives are not so easy; they’ve lost some of that angelic sheen. But they definitely had it and you can see them as representative of Mormons who have those same qualities.


The Mormon religion is the only religion that says in their doctrines that when you die you’ll go back into other worlds and be creating planets and stars and galaxies. It is the only religion that says that.


For me, this all started with Mesa; what happened in Mesa is they directed me to a church. I went there by myself; I introduced myself to the Bishop. He talked to me for two hours.


He then invited me; at the end of our talk he said; “Wynn, Mormons believe anybody can be a prophet, so I’m not going to say there’s anything wrong in what you’re saying.” He asked me if I would come to someone’s house and tell my experiences there.


I told him I would. Terry was in the motel and I invited her to come to that meeting with me; I didn’t for the first meeting. I’d thought I was going to get thrown out. So we went to somebody’s house and I told my story again, at which point Terry interrupted. She said; “They want to say something.”


This was in 2003; I was at the very beginning stage of figuring all this out. When she said, “I want to say something”, I remember thinking; “What did I bring her for? What is she going to say?” Of course, all eyes were on her and all she said was “They want you to know they’re hearing your prayers.” That’s all she said!


She said from her conscious mind, that she was seeing that they were sending their prayers up, but they didn’t know anyone was hearing them; they couldn’t feel the Elohim directly. Why don’t you share that from your side, Terry?


Terry:  Well, what happened was, I was asking the Elohim; “What are we here for?” The Elohim then showed me all of these Mormon people that were praying and they had their crown chakras open. They had a light column going up from their crown chakra; they were really praying. The light was going up like four feet, or even some more. This group of people was really, really attempting to connect, but they didn’t know that they were connected. It wasn’t totally real to them that they were really connected and that their prayers were being heard. It was very important for the Elohim to tell these people, “Your prayers are being heard. You are making the connection.”


Wynn:  Thank you. We did a lot of stuff over the telephone, around November 2005. In this channeling with Daphne there’s an interesting section. I said; “I know Terry has played a huge catalytic role in this lifetime in this work we’re doing.” Then the voice that came through Daphne said it was Ra; it didn’t say it was the Elohim in this case. It was the Ra group; this whole thing was answered by the Ra group, not the Elohim:


Ra: “You would liken Terry Brown in what the Catholics call a saint. Seriously, we connect her with the one known as Saint Catherine of Sienna. Ask her to read about Saint Catherine. It would behoove the entity to wear a medal of Saint Catherine.”


Wynn:  “Was she Saint Catherine?”


Ra:  “It would be better for her ask this question.” 

“Terry must have been involved in some of my previous lifetimes, yes? Do you think it would be good for her know about this Saint Catherine connection, particularly because she is so selfless helping behind the scenes?” Then they said:


“It’s best for Terry to ask questions.” That’s all they want to say.


Terry:  There was one interesting thing that in this lifetime I had, over my back, I had this prickling sensation over my back and over my arms. I kept trying to get to the basis of it, why I had that, because I couldn’t see any reason because there was nothing really wrong.


Then, I found out that Saint Catherine of Sienna wore a hair shirt sometimes, even to the point where it would cause bleeding. A hair shirt is where there are hairs that are very strong that stick into the skin and it was, I remember, to keep me on the straight and narrow.


It’s like a lot of people were getting the plague and I used to really have to be strict with myself. You know; “Okay, I’m going to go visit some people that have the plague”. Then I’d go; “I don’t really want to; I might get the plague”. Then I’d think; “Where’s my faith? Where’s my faith?” I would sort of use that hair shirt to keep myself in line.


Wynn:  Alright.


You know what? It’s time to end this call. I want you guys to know that we finally figured out what’s going to happen on December 21st, 2012; this is our first public announcement of this. That is, that from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. we’re going to do a planetary healing session and invite the world to come in to it and it’s going to be broadcast on BBS Radio.


Wynn:  I reach high! We’re here now, so stay tuned. I’ll send an email out very, very soon that can be passed on to other people with phone numbers and the instructions. Essentially, we’re going to do a Sunday grid healing. Of course, everything is its own moment; somewhat similar to that format. But I’m definitely expecting a lot of new people. I will use it as an introductory call to try to introduce people to this.


All of you who are regulars on the line who are holding the energy, please show up! because you’re the invisible angels; nobody knows you’re there. We can’t see you, but we do feel you. We know you’re there and you’re holding the space.


Part of the way this works is, we’ve anchored some pylons; you and I and Terry and all of us, we’ve anchored an energy that now it’s time for other people to come on top of the energies we anchored. So you are very important. This doesn’t happen because of me; it happens because of us.


So put that on your calendar, December 21st, 2012. This is going to happen. On that note, it is 7:59; I am so grateful for all of you that keep coming back and the people that are volunteering and the more people that are volunteering coming up and making it possible to put this into the world and hold an incredibly high intent and nothing controlling it, because it’s all coming from the inside expanding outwards.


Particularly I thank Terry and I thank Daphne; I wish Daphne was on the call tonight. She would have enjoyed this call. Maybe we’ll do another call like this and invite her on and see if she’ll show up.


Daphne:  I am here on the call, Wynn.


Wynn:  Oh, you are!


Daphne:  Yes.


Wynn:  You sneaky thing, you!


Daphne:  I’m at Valerie’s and we’re sitting here listening to the call.


Wynn:  Well, you want to say anything? We’re supposed to hang up now. I would have—I was reading your old sessions from 2005, okay?


Daphne:  Yes, I was living in Cape Cod when I brought those through.


I’d just like to thank; I’d especially like to thank Terry. Terry, you’re awesome as usual and you, Wynn. You’re awesome; out of this world awesome. But I wanted to say that I’m doing an experiment with downloading this energy that’s incredibly intense energy that’s coming through. It feels like Hetch-hetchy coming through here. Everyone is a tributary; so I’m hoping that it will anchor. It seems to be moving that way, so a huge thank you.


Thank you.


Wynn:  Well, good. How do you like that? Have you ever heard, when you wish something and there it is? Good work.


Thanks Daphne for saying hello. Maybe another time we can have a free-wheeling call like this and you might like to participate.


Daphne:  We have to give thanks to Valerie, because she’s the person who said “Let’s get on the call.”


Wynn:  Alright, good. Thank you, Valerie.


Terry:  Thank you, Valerie.


Wynn:  On that note, I’m going to unmute everybody. You’re all unmuted. Does somebody think we’re all crazy?


Don:  Thank you; no one has ever accused me of being sane; Wynn? This is Don. I was wondering if you are going to be on Coast to Coast again sometime coming up?


Wynn:  I sure hope so. I’m actually ramping up to call them up and see if I can.  I was hoping that I could get on between now and December 21st and announce that special session. That’s how I’ll have 20,000 people listening. So send your emails to George and Lisa, the lady who produces it; they both appreciated me. I think if I called them and if I have a strong idea, I think there’s a serious chance they’ll put me on again.


Good night everybody, special love to Donna and Dave in Mesa.



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