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Monday Calls; 2012 Conferences

Host: Wynn Free
Audio Link -
Channeled by Daphne Karandanis

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien
Edited by Terry Brown, Valerie Hawes and Cindy Izzo
Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee


Wynn: My name is Wynn Free. We welcome you all. This is Monday, December 17th, 2012. We are five days away from the end of the Mayan calendar and about nine days away from Christmas. This is going to be a really hot end of the year. Are you on the line, Terry?


Terry: I’m here.


Wynn: Daphne, are you on the line?


Daphne: Yes, I am Wynn; I’m on speakerphone and Valerie is here.


Wynn: So, anything you’d like to say [about the journey we’ve been on]?


Daphne: It certainly has been a journey; it’s been over ten years. It was ten years back in April of this year. I can’t say that I understand everything that has happened.


It does seem that we’re in a very important time on the planet and that it has to do with opening the heart, shifting our consciousness. It has to do with holding and anchoring an elevated, Christed consciousness for ourselves, our friends, our family, and our co-workers, for everyone who is in our environment.


It’s a path that has a lot of wonderful things, a lot of joyous experiences. At the same time, it can be very challenging on a physical level. Some people, myself included, have been experiencing myriad ascension symptoms, anything from extreme hot flashes, bouts of vertigo and feelings of ungroundedness. 


Then there’s the interesting phenomenon of old things, people, places, events, circumstances, falling out of our frames of reference to be replaced by new frames of reference. It can be a very trying and difficult thing to go through. That’s where this group that Wynn has put together and held together for a number of years is extremely important and powerful. I’m sure there are other people doing other kinds of work similar to this all over the planet.


I see our group as being as a light anchor or light pillar, literally, for building what some would call a fifth dimensional reality, a new heaven on earth. Some people would call it a portal. I don’t pretend to have answers; I myself am a seeker. It does seem to be very much about being in the moment of now; time has done something strange, at least in my experience and in what I’ve read of other people.


Thank you so much for participating and your love and your prayers holding the energy. I think I would dedicate this call to the families in Connecticut tonight, for their loss of the children and that this energy might go to heal them and all the questions and agony that have come up for so many people as we transition into a deeper understanding of events.


Thank you.


Wynn: I am constantly in a state of learning and when this started happening for me I didn’t know what to do with it or how to make it work. I couldn’t make it work; I felt like I was in a movie. It didn’t feel real and I must’ve been mistaken; that went on for a few years. I don’t know how Daphne felt or Terry felt, but I know that it has a tremendous sense of unreality to it.


There was an aspect where part of me actually didn’t want it to be real, because if it was real it was really important. I didn’t want to have that much responsibility; in fact, if I had it my way, I wouldn’t have any responsibility. Responsibility has not been my strong point this lifetime.


But it was so important that I had to take the responsibility. I felt the same way when I was starting to write the book about David Wilcock, that I had to write that book. It was that important. I had never written a book before and I didn’t know if we would get it published.


Some people say, “Why do you say the same stories over and over again at the beginning?” Part of the reason is that there are always new people coming into this line. They’re not sure where to fit in and what it’s about, so there’s got to be a broad-band spectrum of things that we address.


What I’ve learned is that what’s most important is the connection; it’s not the information. The information can help bring the connection. What progresses as we do these calls is the connection of all of you who are listening and the connection that the people around us are making. We are making connections and those connections hold energy above this reality system down here for those that can make it.


Every time we start it’s the beginning of a new connection. It’s only an illusion that there’s a residual because the Wynn that’s here today is not the same Wynn that was [here] yesterday on the grid healing. The truth is that the “you” that’s here today is not the same “you” that was here last week. If you can move into that then you can recreate yourself in the energies of these calls. That’s what I’ve learned.  I didn’t know that.


Going in front of the public looked like we had to create a good show; we had to prepare. All of those things would go backwards because whatever I think is going to happen is not what happens because what happens is always in the spontaneity of the moment. It’s in the moment that the energies of the Universe exist. As you can move into this moment, you start moving into the center of your own being, the center of the space around you. You start to experience what we call ‘flow’. It sounds easy but it’s not, because we all have so many patterns that we drag along from lifetime to lifetime to lifetime, sometimes for hundreds and even thousands of lives; we drag them along and we can’t get rid of them.  Here you are and there’s this demand to be in the moment.


We’ve been talking to these group souls and have been lucky enough to ask loads of questions and get their answers. The key to all this questioning and answering is not to create a new belief system, but to apply it to our lives to make something work. Some of you don’t understand this; you want the truth and you keep looking in your mind and [asking] “What does David Icke say?”, “What does David Wilcock say?”, “What’s happening?” What difference does it make what’s happening? If you knew we were going to have three days and three nights of darkness, well, it would be good go to the supermarket and get some food and get a flashlight and then sit in the moment and say you’re ready.  Whatever happens it’s like the Boy Scout motto:  “Be prepared, be prepared but don’t be anxious about it. This is where you have to move into your own trust for the process of the Universe and your own evolution.


The fact that we are talking to these Sources in other dimensions [and] the thing that really blows my mind is the fact that they said they could interact with us. When I wrote The Creator Gods of the Physical Universe Want to Talk to You five or six years ago I wasn’t sure they were who they said they were; I couldn’t even imagine it. I was asking questions and, of course, there [were] different phenomenon happening. I said to myself, “If they are who they say they are why don’t I ask them questions that only they could answer.” I didn’t know that they would answer through Terry. I would just pick a topic one evening and Terry would come home from work and I would ask the questions.  I didn’t actually write them down. I just picked a topic and I let their answer lead me to the next question. That is what The Creator Gods of the Physical Universe is representing-- probably about six months worth of asking questions.


I didn’t know what to do with it after we had it; we transcribed it, but how do you get people interested? The only way I could figure out how to get people to pay attention was to tell them my story and the crazy events that happened, because that was not opinion or conjecture.  There is nothing you have to believe.


We had tape-recordings of everything and I had voices talking to me; they tracked me through two people. I learned that once people heard the story then they became interested in what was being said. I didn’t know that anyone would understand it or what would happen but we just kept going. 


The first section of the book talks about the story and the second is about the conversations with the Elohim. Who are the Elohim and why are they connected with the evolution of the human race?


Their answer was, “We are a soul group whose purpose is to bring life and life-forms to planets such as earth. We then work with the life-forms in the hope that they will align themselves with higher interdimensional energies, bringing heaven into the third dimension, transmuting third-dimensional experiences into a fruitful playing-ground for learning the lessons of love and bringing wiser entities back into the fourth and fifth dimensions.”


I thought we would discuss that answer. What are they saying? “We are a soul group?”


Daphne, do you want to make any comments on that? How did you take that? How does that relate to you?


Daphne: The first thing that comes to mind is Carla Rueckert’s material, the Ra Material and this notion of evolutionary energies moving toward some kind of soul connection, amalgamation. I know that in the past I’ve had a lot of issues around this. From a personality or ego stand-point I thought that meant the dissolution of my identity. 


I’m not convinced that that is actually what it means, but maybe it means to be able to be of similar heart. Maybe the connection with soul groups is that the hearts are unified, if our hearts are unified, if that’s the foundation of our lives, if indeed we are going into 5D where the new root chakra is the heart. There are many metaphysical Sources now that are saying the new root chakra is the heart chakra.


We’re moving away from survival; we’re moving away from pain, fear, divisiveness and duality. The idea of a group soul or a group consciousness maybe isn’t so much a dissolution of you as an individual and unique soul, as much as it is a unification that all souls are loved and they’re precious. There is a new foundation being built through the efforts of us in this group and many thousands of other groups like this one all over the face of the planet, that we are indeed moving into a place of non-divisiveness.


That’s my initial thoughts on that.


Wynn: I just want to comment on this idea that the heart is the root chakra. It’s something that Daphne has read; it doesn’t mean it’s true. It doesn’t mean I understand it. But it’s not true because Daphne says it; other people have said it. I don’t believe things personally until I can somehow validate it in myself. So I’m careful when I repeat stuff like that to say “This is what people say; it’s not necessarily true and it’s not something I understand.” 


Wynn: Terry, do you want to make any comments on that? Do you remember what I said?


Terry: Could you summarize it in one sentence?


Wynn: One thing Daphne said earlier to me today was that there was dissolution of the magnetic field of our planet and that it was causing people to not have such a good memory. Interestingly enough, I interviewed Greg Braden probably ten years ago and that’s exactly what he said. That in this period of time it’s going to be more challenging to remember things because the magnetic field is getting weaker.


I was at the first line of the book; “We are a soul group whose purpose is to bring life and life-forms to planets like earth. We then work with the life-forms in the hope that they will align themselves with higher interdimensional energies, bringing heaven into the third dimension, transmuting third dimensional experience into a fruitful playing-ground for learning the lessons of love and bringing wiser entities back into the fourth and fifth dimensions.”


Terry: Yes. When I first connected with the Elohim they were saying they were developing focusing mechanisms for life. Then I thought, “I know for sure that isn’t my thought, because it never occurred to me before.” So there must be something to this group and what’s coming through here.


It was also a matter of time getting used to them and seeing what they were about and getting acquainted with them. Sometimes when I channel they throw in words that I don’t know the meaning of. There was a channeling recently where they were talking about ‘censuring’. It got transcribed as ‘censoring’ and that didn’t make sense; but ‘censuring’ was a word I didn’t know which meant “all of the component parts are working together’ which fit into the sentence exactly. They do that every now and then; they’ll throw in a word that I’ve never heard before. I’m really honored to be able to connect with those guys and bring them through.


Wynn: Alright. Here’s what I understand from the sentence. “We’re a soul group whose purpose is to bring life and life-forms to planets such as earth”. What does it mean to “bring life and life-forms”? This is one of the most powerful sections in the archives where we have about four or five series of calls that are under the topic “How the Elohim created the Universe” and I ask questions like, “If they did this, how did they do it?” How would they answer the question?


The first time I asked, I didn’t know what they were going to say. Their answers were amazing. At this point I believe they did create the Universe and created life-forms. According to the Elohim, the first life-form was the amoeba. There’s an aspect of this that I’m never going to understand and neither will you, but when they talk about it, there’s such an air of knowingness that it resonates. They bring in life-forms and these life-forms are on their own to a certain degree and they evolve.


Over millenniums, the life-forms having free will are in a state of evolution. The Elohim is still there and they say they work with the life-forms in the hope they will align themselves with higher interdimensional energies, bringing heaven into the third dimension. When they answered that question I had no idea how they worked with us.  We had not done a conference call or grid healing yet. 


Those of you who come to the Sunday grid healings know exactly what they mean when they say they “work with life-forms in the hope they will align themselves with higher interdimensional energies” because you can feel their energy on the line. That is amazing and that’s something I only learned by experience; I could not have believed it; I couldn’t even understand how their energies felt. We share that every Sunday.


We’re the culmination of these life-forms as they developed. In this particular experience on planet earth, normally we have no way of knowing that we are connected and come from somewhere, that we’re on a track and higher forces are working with us. Some people have brought it down to faith; the belief that there is a God.


For some people that works and by having faith they have an experience. But on these calls, particularly our Sunday call, so many people are having the experience. If you’re not taking advantage of it, I believe you’re missing a huge opportunity to have a quantum leap in your own evolution. 


What does that mean? It does not mean having new mental ideas. It doesn’t mean having a new religion or a new way of looking at things. It may include that but it’s not what it really is. It’s feeling the connection. You can’t put that into words because most of us never felt it; many of us never felt it. Some of us felt it in another way, in a way that we didn’t have the complete understanding of, but we felt the connection.


Through feedback I started to realize people from our calls were having a connection. It was working! Normally, you have to be in the same room in order to uplift somebody, but the Elohim are saying, “We’re working with the people on your line; we’re paying attention to them.” And the people on the line are having some kind of experience. Some of them have healings; some of them have their depressions lifted. Some of them see strange lights and some of them have phenomena. Just to give you an example of some of the responses; here’s someone:


“On my first conference call Sunday I felt energy moving and my heart chakra open wide.”


Here’s another one:


“I attended the telephone conference on July 7th and July 8th. The work you are doing is so inspiring and appreciated; I could really feel the energy. You address so many issues and concerns that I have been struggling with, with such clarity and with the consciousness I have been seeking. Bless you for the work and effort you are sharing with us all the time.” That’s from Marilyn.


Here’s another one:


“I could feel the energy surge through me. It was almost like when you look at a flame and the heat distorts the air around it. It felt like the way that looks, without the heat, as it radiated through me.


I was raised a Mormon. Although I no longer practice the religion, I have opened up to a much brighter and uplifting spiritual, energetic realm. Your work was just one more thing to assure me that I’m on the right path. It was an uplifting, emotional experience that I shall never forget.”


We were talking about Mormons last week. We gave a piece of information that most Mormons don’t know. The Elohim explained to me that at different times Elohim souls would come into this realm. Once you take a body, it doesn’t even matter if you’re an Elohim soul or a Ra soul, once you’re in a body, you forget that you came from another dimension to be here. Immediately your whole consciousness starts to re-form into this dimension. 


Because Elohim souls had a lot of power, when they came into this realm they could become negative because in this realm there are a lot of challenges, the challenge of earning a living, taking care of yourself, et cetera. At the same time you’re supposed to be one with All That Is, while you’re dealing with those challenges. Or you become one with All That Is and don’t worry about those challenges and so you become dysfunctional. Some of you know how that feels.


So there was this problem where the celestial Elohim couldn’t figure out how to keep the connection with the Elohim souls coming here, because once they’re here they don’t even know what to look for! So the Mormons were an attempt at creating a dogma, a doctrine where Elohim souls could come through that religion and not get lost. So the first born of all the Mormons were Elohim souls.


Only 30% of Mormons are Elohim souls now, but when an Elohim soul-Mormon comes on this line and isn’t afraid to pay attention, I’ve noticed that they almost always feel the energy immediately.


What we’re doing here is what I think they wanted the Mormons to do that is, to be a ground-crew for the energies of the higher realms, to bring those energies into this realm so that other people could feel them and uplift themselves which then brings wiser entities back into the fourth and the fifth dimensions.


You see, we’re on a track; this is only one lifetime in many thousands. Where you go when you die and in your future lifetimes, is dependent on the energies that you connect with in this lifetime.


It’s not about a belief; it’s not about believing in God, Jesus, or the Elohim. It’s about learning how to feel those energies. Because once you establish that connection it’s like a magnet constantly pulling you up.


It’s kind of like being on a diet of beans and rice for years. Then one day you have something really exotic and it tastes so delicious compared to beans and rice. You’re now oriented to want to have more of that and find more of it. That’s the way you grow, by starting to have an experience and then looking for more.


That’s my take on it when they said that. I could never have said what I just told you. It’s only been because of you; of watching all of this constantly growing. Here’s another one:


“I’m a truth-seeker and always have had an open mind. I was live on Sunday’s call and I felt the Light energy go through parts of my body when you talked about picturing the Light coming up from the earth and into the heavens. I am so happy I found you. A prominent feeling in my third eye that kind of detaches my ego when I look at things and it just feels darn good. It’s not always there, but it’s becoming more so.”


See, these people are having experiences exactly as I just described it. That’s how I know its working. If you haven’t had an experience, I encourage you to come to our Sunday calls. Our Sunday calls in particular are focused on feeling the connection.


It’s 7:54. See? You just get into this and it can go on and on and on; we move into the timeless zone. I thought perhaps we give them an opportunity to say something.


Daphne, are you connecting with them? Hello, Daphne?


Daphne: Yes.


Wynn: Are you feeling a connection?


Daphne: Yes. Do you have a specific line of questioning?


Wynn: I think I would just say, “Any comments on what we just discussed and anything they want to add to that.”


Daphne: Okay; if you could give me a moment.


The Council of Elohim: We greet you in the Love and the Light of the One Infinite Creator. We speak to this group in the hopes that this time and this place and this gathering can provide an integration, a containment, a solidification, a union, a common purposing of those intentions of the Love and the Light and the Christed sojourning each of you is now in attunement with, in this time of movement towards the heralding, the birthing, the new alignments of the great galactic center, with those energetic frequencies emanating as Love-Light Christed pulse-rays through your solar system, indeed, through your Milky Way galaxy and integrating in the cellular memory and biology of those life-form casings, those body-mind structures, those templates which you carry now forth through the dimensional constructs aligning with Mother Earth.


We, as the Council of Elohim in alignment with Ra and Ra’An and the archangelic sectors, are watching with great anticipation the Love-Light, Christed anchoring now taking place in many of your specified earth locations. Know this, that you are as Light-beacons; you are as Light-anchors and the Love-Light vibration penetrates through the entirety of the mind-body-spirit ‘I am’ complex and resonates in a sequential harmonizing way with the environment.


You need not ‘do’ so much as ‘be’. You are a frequency, a frequency-generator and a frequency-holder. You literally light up the environment in which you find yourself. Pay heed; pay attention to your intuitive promptings; maybe you are moved to go the market, a café, the grocery store, or to visit a neighbor or babysit. Each of these seemingly mundane tasks is indeed a chance for the sacred-ization; to make sacred that which is ordinary.


We are in the task and business of making sacred those very interactions which we would consider normal and ordinary. Some are experiencing difficulties with the intensity of the vibration and the energy flows coming in now; indeed, they are very intense.


Some are experiencing what we would call, in traditional spiritual nomenclature, the kundalini, the sacred fire. This is a sacred fire of purification of the cells; there is nothing to be afraid of. It is to be welcomed. Make sure you hydrate and take good care of the physical vessel, for it is indeed bringing forth tremendous energy of the Love-Light sequential; the Christed consciousness in the moment.


We are moving towards a gateway. A gateway of the 21 the gateway of the master number 22 and anchoring on the 23, a realignment on the 24, a concretization, a mass physicalization of the Christed energies, on the 25 and moving all the way into January through the traditional Feast of the Epiphany on the 6th of January and into the January time-gate structures.


It’s as if we have taken off; we are no longer on the tarmac as it were. We are in flight. As Orville and Wilbur Wright in 1903 moved from the shores of North Carolina and into the air, we are now moving from the shores of the densification of 3D into the air-aeration of the 4D, 5D, 6D and more.


We send to you our Love and our Light; we are with you in attendance as we witness this global birth, this unification consciousness that is indeed transforming your planet in every conceivable way and notion.


Come together; support each other; speak with each other; be with each other; pray for each other; love each other; help each other. Concrete actions are important now. If someone needs food, give them food. If someone needs warmth, give them warmth. If someone needs a place to stay, give them a place to stay. We have to make the Christed action in the now; we are our brothers’ and sisters’ keeper.


This is our message to you. Ommm OmmmmmmShanti, Shanti, Shantihi, Tsebayoth, Pax Christos.


Wynn: Thank you. Thank you for bringing that through and for being here tonight.


Are you there Terry?


Terry: Yes.


Wynn: Are you having the urgency to have a message come through now or shall we leave it with Daphne?


Terry: I think we should leave it.


Wynn: Okay. One of the things you listeners are realizing is how transparent we are; this is real, we are real humans. We’re not coming here looking down on you, being superior. Every one of us goes through our own stuff. We are in the same flow. We have the challenges in our own lives as each of you has. It’s okay to have challenges.


In fact, somebody said “Use your challenges as stepping-stones.” I believe it was Margaret Mead who said it’s a small group of people that can change the world. In fact, a small group of people with a vision is the only thing that has ever changed the world; we’re a small group of people with a vision. Many of you are getting it; are getting it inside. Those of you that haven’t yet, hang in there, because it will happen.


Invite your friends; invite people to our Friday night call. It will be spectacular. The only reason that we can do this in a public way in terms of announcing it like this is because of you. You are now becoming the anchors for the new people.


It’s going to be a whole new learning experience for all of us; just as when I was on George Noory and so many of you heard me and those people who’ve kept coming into our lines as a small group for months and months and months, suddenly they’re learning how to be anchors for the new people.


Being anchors doesn’t mean you’re better. It means that you’re helping to hold the energy; we’re helping to hold the energy. Let’s all have the vision that this energy can transform our planet. Certainly it can transform lots of people that are here; that are looking, that are struggling, that are in fear. Many of them email and tell me this is what they’ve always looked for.


I thank every one of you for your participation. I can tell you that I have to push myself beyond my own level of worthiness to do this. Every one of you has some level that you can push yourself through to get to the next step.


Ruth had a quote from Benjamin Franklin which said, “If you want to be remembered after you die, you either have to write something that people remember or do something that people remember of that kind of monumental accomplishment and something that touches people so they want to keep sharing it.”


If you need more, turn off the T.V. and turn on The Spirit Channel and let those things run, even in the background. People are playing those audios in the background and tell me it’s keeping their vibrations up. This planet is like a sink-hole; you have to work at keeping your energies above the sink-hole or you’ll fall in. I’m sure you all know that experience.


Daphne, anything you want to say in closing from your human side?


Daphne: I was just thinking about what they said about how we are our brothers’ and sisters’ keeper. There is also scriptural reference that it’s all well and good to say “Love Light” and “peace and joy”, but you have to back it up with action. You have to be the Love-Light, peace and joy. You can start with a very, very small act like a phone call, an email. But take action. Take action; do the Christ. Do it.


Wynn: Don’t wait until you feel like doing it.


Daphne: It seems like it’s time to move this into the world in a very, very large way.


Wynn: Thank you. Terry, anything you’d like to say in conclusion?


Terry: I really thought what Daphne said about taking action was very important. For example, if there’s a couple in love and there’s this big sentiment of love, it needs to be backed up by action or eventually it will just fade. Action and expression of your love in action are where it’s at.


Wynn: Thank you. It’s very special that I have both Daphne and Terry on the line on a Monday. I thank you both for being here and for the huge contributions they’ve made; without their contribution we wouldn’t be doing this today.


On that note I’m going to unmute everybody. We hear you now, we’re saying goodbye.





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