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Wednesday Calls 2012 Q & A


Host: Wynn Free

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Channeled by Terry Brown

Edited by Terry Brown and Valerie Hawes

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien

Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee



Wynn:  Welcome everybody. It is December 19th, 2012. This is Wynn Free and Terry Brown in Sedona, Arizona and people all over the world on this line, listening on the internet and on the telephone. I was just making a comment, for which I haven’t fully resolved the right term; I was talking about Jesus. Oftentimes I’ve said this: we just show up and things happen; we let them happen and we show up.


The experience from my end is that we’re not doing anything. We’re going through the motions; we’re answering questions; I’m talking; we say hello to everybody; we have fun at the beginning. But, the truth of the matter is, it’s not exactly happening--except other than showing up. Then while we show up during the course of this interaction, energy shifts; you shift; I shift; we all shift. Truthfully, I’m not doing it and you’re not doing it. It happens.


I was thinking that Jesus said something; “It’s not me that does these things but the Father that works through me.” In a sense, that is what I’m saying when we’re just showing up and things happen. We’re not changing these energies. It’s happening because we have these Sources that we have been communicating with and asking how this works. They explain that they can be present with us in this physical world in a way that we can feel them, in the way that they can support our intentions. 


We’re all learning how to do this, especially me, Terry, and Daphne; we’re learning—learning how to deal with our human side, because I think one of the things on these calls is that our human sides are very present; we’re all pretty transparent. There’s nowhere to hide; there’s no pretense. Yet things keep happening.


We’re going to ask some questions from last week. There are a lot of unasked questions from last week. I’m going to ask them. Last week I tended to talk a long time.


Terry, you’re there, correct?


Terry:  I’m here.


Wynn:  Yes, okay. I’m going to call in the Light; it is only 7:15. We could do worse.


You know, some people say, “Why don’t you just start out? Why don’t you just do this?” Do you know what? We have to make ourselves present; I have to make myself present. Terry has to make herself present. We have to do whatever ablutions—do you know what that word means, Terry?


Terry:  No.


Wynn:  You don’t? Just checking.


Terry:  Even the Elohim use words I don’t understand sometimes.


Wynn:  When Terry started bringing through messages, they were complaining. They said, “You need to get a bigger vocabulary.” And, actually Terry does have a pretty big vocabulary, but they wanted her to learn five new words a day.


But, ‘ablutions’ means, “the preliminaries before you do something”. Like, if you’re going out to dinner, the ablutions might be shaving, taking a shower, putting on nice clothes, all those things. “Ablution”—I think that’s what it means.


When we’re going to do a session like this we have to do the ablutions, the things we need to do to make ourselves present. It’s not magic.


Some people think that I can just go tap Terry on the shoulder and say, “What do they think about this?” And she’s going to say, “They think this about this.” They don’t realize that every time we do a session, even if I want to ask just one question, we have to create a zone, even if it’s just Terry and me. We have to get out of all the other energies that are upon us and create a zone.


We can’t be in that zone all day; we could actually, if somebody sent us enough money so we didn’t have to worry about money, so we could just be in the zone. Then we could do that. But we have lots of things to co-ordinate, which means getting in the zone has to be a special thing. Every time we go on these calls, we have to get in the zone.


Sometimes you are impatient, but that’s one of the reasons why there’s a preamble, just to help us and to help you and to help the energies become present. Some of you are very sophisticated spiritually and metaphysically. Some of you are not so sophisticated. Do you know; it’s not your level of sophistication that’s going to cause you to graduate this realm? It’s not your level of metaphysical knowledge. It’s your ability to be in your heart and generate love.


Some people think they do that when they don’t; they think because they’re so smart, they’re doing it. But, their smartness can get in their way of doing it; it can get in their way. I have to say; when I was younger I used to do this. I used to feel superior to other people because I was a smart kid.


Underneath it, really, underneath my smartness I was insecure; I was unworthy, all those things. I didn’t want to face those things, so I just said, “I’m smart; I’m smarter than most other people. That makes me worthy.” The truth of the matter was, it was a false worthiness. It wasn’t real worthiness.


Sometimes people that have less knowledge, that are more simple in their complexities of how they understand everything, are actually holding a higher energy than people that can talk circles around you. When they hear this information, they resonate with it, even when they’ve never heard it before.


You see, there are Wanderers all through this planet; millions and millions of beings that came in from higher dimensions to be here. If you keep coming back to these calls and you wonder if you’re a Wanderer, I would say that chances are very high that if you’re listening to these calls, you’re a Wanderer. The appeal of what we do reaches those people from higher dimensions. That doesn’t mean you had to be metaphysically savvy at all before you heard us.


It just starts to resonate. The resonance starts to awaken you. People that are not Wanderers—I’m sure many of you have experienced this; you can talk yourself blue about things and you know they’re true, but they don’t hear you; their ears just don’t hear you. They hold on for dear life to whatever reality system they have and they won’t pay attention to this kind of work.


It’s very important to get out of your mind, to get into your heart. If you’re in your mind, learn to use your mind as a vehicle of communication not as a vehicle for looking down on people. If you’re one of those people that comes into the calls and says, “When is Wynn is going to say something profound? When is he going to talk to the Elohim?” You’re missing a really big point.


At the beginning parts of these calls we are putting the energies together. Those people that are more highly evolved are learning that their job is to help hold the energy together for the people. I even shouldn’t say, “More highly evolved,” because that creates an illusion of hierarchy. Those people who have learned to stabilize their energies and be in the center of their being, some of those are the people that have just come into our calls and they learn it on our calls. Those people who have learned that, start holding the space for the other people.

You see our energies are coming together on this call. It’s not me entertaining you; that’s just the illusion. You are part of the energy of this call, every single person. If you’re being impatient for me to “get to the meat” of the call, there is no meat; it’s appetizers. The beginning of the call is the appetizers and it just keeps going. When the call ends, the call doesn’t really end. It’s an illusion that it ends, because our Sources say, I’m sure you’ve heard this, “We leave, but we do not leave.” What does that say?


This is all an illusion of coming together, so we can re-member, reintegrate ourselves. It may look like entertainment; it may look like Wynn is funny. It may look like Terry is shy; but it’s a stage. We’re all on a stage; life is a stage. You’re all on the stage. The truth of it is; it’s me meeting me in you and you meeting you in me. We are aimed towards finding that place where we are we as an experience, not as a belief. Many of you know that experience does come in on these calls. It’s very hard to explain when it happens; it’s not linear. It’s like explaining to a blind man what vision is like.


It’s a good thing we’re not syndicated to a million people. Of course if we were, we’d probably have time to get ready, spend two hours in advance and get relaxed. We’d probably go through less integration time. Nonetheless, it is the way it is. Believe it or not, it’s working.


The emails we get from you are amazing. You validate for me and for Terry; I always share those with Terry that it’s working. It’s what keeps us going. So we have some questions for tonight; I’m going to call in the Light. I hope I can find the questions that people sent in.


Father-Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light to surround and protect Terry, myself, everyone on this line and that any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through the outer energy fields of planet earth, through our bodies and into the center of the earth. Right now, we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. We invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring the Law of One, to join with us and we create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.


Would our Sources like to say something before we start?


Ra’An:  We greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator. We are delighted to be with each and every one of you who wishes our presence. We are a free-will agency, so we do not intrude where one is shy, or one does not wish us to enter into their sphere. We are available to each and every one of you.


This is a sacred moment in time when we are able to connect. Do you have questions?


Wynn:  Yes, the first question is from Carol in Anchorage, Alaska. She asks:


“Supposedly, when we pass over, family members are immediately there to meet and greet us. Is this true?”


Maybe we should say: Is this true in all cases, or some cases? How does that work? We know it’s true in some cases because we’ve been told that.


“If so, what if you have family members that were of a lower vibration and you do not want them there at such a time? What happens?”


Ra’An:  Thank you. What an interesting question.


In the higher realms, there are connections made which are vibrational connections, so that if you do not wish another there, then it is intrusive for that person to connect. If you do not wish that person there, then there is the likelihood that they do not also wish to be there.


Things operate very fast at the higher frequencies, so when the frequencies of the individuals, the soul signatures, are in harmony, then they connect easily. When they are not in harmony, there is a resistance to connecting, which creates more of a barrier which neither person wishes to violate.


If one within the family is of a lower vibration, it is unlikely that they would have made it into the higher realms, so without that high vibration they will not be able to be there and to meet with you in any event.


We hope that sheds some light on this. There’s more; give us a moment.


There are different levels at the higher realms and one, according to their purpose and their path and their soul contract, moves into the area which they’re going.  Sometimes, someone of a lower vibration is in that lifetime to trigger growth. That is kept more within that lifetime and they do not, those individuals of the lower vibration do not track to the higher vibrations.


We hope that helps.


Wynn:  A couple of questions that come to mind are:


Let’s suppose somebody has a vendetta towards you; they put a curse on you or they want revenge. They’re trying to do it in the physical. When those two people are in the other realms, can they still interact? Can that person still create psychic damage or something to the person that they are in conflict with?


Ra’An:  The person that is sending the curse is not likely to be able to move into the higher realm as there are material things that they are using to anchor themselves and to depend upon, they then cannot move past that and into the higher realms. So, they are unlikely to meet you in the higher realms.


Now, if one passes over and the other is still in the earthly realm, it is possible that person with a motive that is evil can continue, as if it is a hook that they can hold onto and anchor with and to use for control and they may move into a lower realm yet than the earth realm, at which time their energies will be corralled by the negative and used then for the negative’s own purposes; they may run into much growth about experiencing the effect of things that they have tried to put onto others.


Wynn:  Thank you.  I got an email from James; he says:


“The reason these calls work like they do is because you leave everything in the hands of the Universe, and the Universe knows what it is doing. My opinion only, but I’m sticking to it.”


I’ve put it in the hands of the higher Universe because there are a lot of negative forces that would like to get in here and screw it up.


We have a question from Wilbert; I think this is a funny question. I answered him directly in the email, but I will give it to our Sources as well:


“Whenever the question is asked about why the Elohim do not make themselves visible on earth and communicate directly with us, the answer is usually, “They did so in the past and people treated them as Gods and worshipped them which they do not want to happen.” That was then; this is now.”


“Some humans have spiritually evolved to the point where we fully understand our relationship with the Elohim and will not regard them as Gods to be worshipped. So why don’t they make themselves visible to us who have an appropriate understanding of our relationship to them and would not regard them as Gods to be worshipped?”


What I told Wilbert is that throughout the course of history, the negative has appeared to people in religions. Whenever there was a truly positive religion, shortly thereafter the negative would come in and say, “Hi; we’re the same guys.  This is God; I spoke through Jesus; or, this is so-and-so who spoke to someone else.” People can’t tell the difference.


They think because they hear a voice in their heads—I don’t know if they see a physical vision—but they hear a voice in their heads or see a physical vision. It’s very hard to have the tools to figure out what’s positive and what’s negative.  Most people would feel so honored that a source came down and talked to them that they would lose their discernment.


If the source said, “Hi; we’re the Elohim”, how would you react? Luckily, I must have had enough experience in other lifetimes that when this happened for me I said, “I’m going to test this; how do I know they are who they say they are?” I did, for a couple of years but most people wouldn’t.


The other thing about this and this came through the Ra group: we find in our information that in Egypt, 10,000 B.C., the Ra group actually manifested bodies that people could see. It did not work out well. In fact, they were doing miracles; they built the pyramids by levitation. The priesthood of Egypt took over what they did and made it negative. It became the beginning of what many people call The Illuminati or the secret societies today.


All of Egypt was under the spell of negative Gods; they were doing sacrifices. They were controlling the masses. They kept the secrets private. That was not the intention of the Ra group. Even with Jesus—I believe there was some connection between the miracles of Jesus, assuming they happened, and the Ra group.


The Ra group said it doesn’t work to do miracles; it doesn’t work to do that because people give up their power. They prostrate themselves; that the best way to make connection was to make people curious. If people were curious, they reached back. In the reaching back there would be energy transfer back and forth.


I studied that and I said, “I can see how that works; I can see that’s right”. I kind of adopted it. On these calls, most of you have reached back because you heard me and my story was so interesting that you said to yourself, “I wonder what’s going on with that guy?” When you reached back, then it became the opportunity for an energy transfer.


But with me saying that, I’ll turn it over to our Sources to give their take on this particular question. I mean: See, the illusion is they could just sit down and say, “Hi we’re the Elohim and we’re going to save your whole planet and everything is going to be fine.”


Let’s let them say why they don’t do that. I think if they thought it was going to work, they would.


Ra’An:  Thank you.


There are two things here. One of them is that we, as Ra’An, are components of the Elohim group and of the Ra group. The Ra group is the one whose members have previously had bodies and therefore are prone to come back into bodies, or in the time of Egypt, to appear to people in their beautiful golden-haired bodies. They found, as Wynn was saying, that it did not work.


Then, there are components of the Elohim here and we have our own definite reasons we do not wish to come in to Earth as a body or a number of bodies. Because we are ourselves and we do not wish to take on the otherness of a body. We find bodies are very localized, which we observe by observing the people who allow themselves a wish to be observed or communicated with.


We find that they are a very localized phenomena and they cannot see 360º around them; they cannot travel instantaneously with their body from one place to another. They cannot expand very rapidly and contract at a rapid rate, to see the circumstance that they are wishing to see. They do not even know that these abilities exist. They cannot move through walls. We do not wish to become localized.


In being non-localized, we have the ability to manifest at whatever point in space or time we wish without taking the body-form. We just at this moment attempted to mock-up a body-form for us to inhabit. It seemed very funny and very odd to us. We are able to blend our knowledge and our support and our loving ability; we have an immense ability to love, because we are non-localized and we do not project into a body that is so linear.


We have an ability to have this free-range of emotion at the higher end of emotions: the love, the cheerfulness, the ability to bring joy and to dissolve locks, wherein locks are in place, that prevent an individual from moving into the higher realms of emotion and keep them stuck in anger or sadness.


We have the ability, if a person desires it and is open, to help them to release those locks.


Wynn:  Historically, there are times when people have said they’ve seen angels. Angels are, I believe, connected to the Elohim group. When people see angels, are they seeing visions in their mind or are those beings that we call angels connected to the Elohim? Are they able to make themselves visible to the physical eye if they choose to?


Ra’An:  If an individual has the ability to see both the range of normal perception, [and the Heavenly realm], they can indeed see angels. Angels do, indeed, visit very often from the angelic realm. In the higher realm of the Elohim, we have the disposition of the angels, but we do not have the body-form of the angels.


We look at the heavenly realm where the angelic embodiment is again being localized. We could borrow one of those localized forms, but we generally do not even embody into an angelic form; although, we do carry the angelic energy.


Wynn:  Thank you.


Next question is from Etar.  Maybe he’s Indian, because he has a question that relates to Indian Gods.


There were many Indian gods; Krishna was Indian, Vishnu. Who else? I don’t remember all of the names, not the Egyptian, but the Indian gods. His question is:


“In pictures, they are blue. It is believed some of the most amazing powerful and mysterious things such as the sky and the ocean are blue. The inventors of the religion perceived blue to be a color symbolizing power and superiority and saw that it would be appropriate for their Gods to be of this color, representative of their superiority to all that is on earth.


Is this perception any close to truth? Can you explain why all those Gods in the present-day pictures are blue?”


Ra’An:  Give us a moment.


We see that in the movement into the realm above the human but below the higher realms there are masters that have affected much of human history. We see that blue is a higher frequency of color than some of the other colors. Blue is the color of some of the higher chakras, with indigo being a mixture that has blue in it and the throat chakra having blue in this area.


We take a look at those masters that have been mentioned. We do not look at them as Gods, except in the perception of the individuals that are perceiving them as such. They have become sacred and have been assigned those attributes by the earth realm and that in-between. It was an attempt, by assigning them blue, to move the individual up into his higher chakras so that they would be closer to being able to connect with the masters, when they assign them the color of blue.


These individual’s “gods” have the colors of blue and spiritual-ness in their auras. This is also one of the reasons that they have been colored as blue. It is a higher frequency; when you look at the spectrum and you move into the ultraviolet and the blue and the upper ranges of perception in the area of colors, there is blue in that area. An individual, in looking at these masters, can reach toward them more easily if they are thinking of the color blue.


Wynn:  Thank you.


We have learned that many of those beings that have been identified as Gods actually come from lower levels, maybe even from ET alien levels and have been interpreted as Gods, because of their sophistication, their technology, their ability to do what appeared to be miracles.


So for example: some of those Egyptian gods and maybe even Greek gods were of the lower, even service-to-self. Is that the category of some of these Hindu gods, if you want to answer that? We don’t want to discredit people that are using certain religions and maybe making connection—if you feel clear on answering that.


Ra’An:  We do not wish to discredit any one of those Hindu gods, as each one has its own place and purpose. The connection with them, for the people who it is so important to, is a sacred connection. It helps with those individuals growth and helps them to be anchored in a difficult world.


Wynn:  Thank you.


This is a question from Margaret in Auckland, New Zealand. Margaret has guides; she has beings that talk to her. She was going to the hospital and she was getting a lot of reinforcement from her guides about what she was doing. It didn’t work out well. I’ll read her question:


“In November I was admitted to the emergency cardiac part of the hospital, as a doctor was concerned about my long periods of angina pain. I was on the waiting list for a CT scan but now could go straight to a CT scan and possible artery-widening procedure. After ten diabolical days in the hospital, with three positive signs from my spiritual guide, I underwent this procedure, two attempts in one day.


Now, a month later, I find myself in a worse state of continued angina pain. My guide was there, but what happened? All of this preparation in doing my best to cope for months leading up to now equals a step closer to transition. Is this the plan, then? Thanks, even if this is too late.”


That’s from Margaret in Auckland, New Zealand.


Ra’An:  Thank you. We look at each lifetime as a chapter in the whole and your guides similarly also do. It was not meant to turn out badly. Give us a moment.


The prognosis of difficulty is a situation difficult to treat without always success. We suggest that you look within your desires and see if there is anything within your desires that finds life overburdened, or finds life difficult and sees the other side as a relief.


We use words, and the words do not always totally express the concepts. So we hope we have conveyed to look within your own feelings and see, in your connection to your life, what are the joys, what are the things that bring you happiness and connection with other people?


Then, weigh this against the difficulties and see if you have the motivation for the moving through the cardiac situation into total healing. How would that make you feel and in your life, what is it that gives you the desire and the joy and the connection to wish to stick around?


Or is there a connection through your guides to the other side that thinks of this as some relief or a way go; in other words, to weigh your motivations and your true feelings. If your motivations are to stick around with joy and to work with the body that you have, then we send you a concept of the moving-through of some of the difficulties that you have with the body now. This is a work in progress and so please report back to us.


Wynn:  Thank you very much. It’s 7:58; thank you so much for being here and answering our questions. I’m going to close this call; I just got an email from Gabriel. Since we just sent a thing out on our pendants today, I thought I’d read his comment. If some of you are on the edge about whether to get one or not:


“It was the etheric flow, model B; within thirty seconds of wearing this very beautiful piece; I love the chain as well. I could feel what I call little electric storms in my brain, awakening cells so to speak. It was very similar to what Grace does to our frozen constructs as she loosens things up for a better flow. Only when it is Grace that does this I can always see her spark, although it is certainly a beautiful alchemical design, it is a beautiful piece of art as well. It is much brighter and beautiful in person in real time than the picture on your site implies. Thank you very much for making this available to us.”


Thank you, Gabriel. Now, Gabriel is a very sensitive person. Not everyone may get that immediate response to it. So many people have had amazing testimonials.


On that note, we’re going to say goodbye to everybody. Thank you to all of our volunteers. Thank you, Terry. Thank you Daphne, who is not here, and thank all of you for showing up and making this incredible interaction between dimensions possible, by holding the energy for it on this line.


Remember Friday night we’re doing our December 21st public grid healing, so invite your friends. There’s a website up: We’ll see you next time.


Daphne is there! Hi, Daphne!









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