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December 21, 2012 

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Special Calls; 2012
Friday Special Call (12/21/2012)
Host: Wynn Free
Audio Link -
Channeled by Terry Brown and Daphne Karandanis
Edited by Terry Brown and Valerie Hawes
Transcribed by Connie O'Brien
Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee 


Wynn:  Welcome, everybody.  My name is Wynn Free; it’s 8:07 p.m. Pacific time on December 21st, 2012.  Of course, this is a date that many people have been anticipating; many people are talking about.


I have this unusual experience for the last ten years of talking/communicating to these intelligences – now let me just say: they say they’re intelligences – in other dimensions.  Because, when you’re talking to an invisible something that you can’t see, you can’t necessarily believe they are who they say they are.  So, you have to test it; I had to test it to see: Do I trust them?  Are they consistent?  What do they want?  Why are they talking to me?


Of course, one of the things that caught my attention very quickly was the fact that – it was in 2002 – and I was in the midst of writing The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce.  I had met a new friend who would start channeling spontaneously [and] was telling me “Those guys want to talk to you.”  I didn’t know what to make of it; I only know they said they created the physical universe.  The explained how they worked; they called themselves the Council of Elohim.  And, all they did was say, “Ask us questions; ask us questions.”  They didn’t lecture me; they didn’t make me prostrate myself.  I was very curious about this; I was a physics major at one time.


I asked a series of very intelligent questions.  One of the things I asked – was asking a lot about – was about the book I was writing and the premises of the book.  The book was very much talking about this shift that we’re in, in 2012; and, what was going on.  They gave me the same answers as was coming through David Wilcock’s source, who was the subject of The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce.  That really caught my attention.  When you have information that’s out there that you can’t personally validate, it’s hard to believe it.  You don’t necessarily have to disbelieve it, but how do you know that it’s true?  And, I didn’t.  I said “I’m writing the book, and people can make up their own minds.”


So, now I have this intelligence talking to me and confirming everything that’s in the book.  And, they are also explaining how they operate; what they said was, “We have the ability to project (what they called) love light energy into your realm and make connection with you.”  I didn’t know what that meant, and I just put it in my table of transcripts and table of things I was saving.  I think we did about twelve or thirteen sessions in the first six months.


Then, the woman – her name is Daphne – who was bringing forth those messages was scared of it, and was having negative attacks or going through personal changes that were uncomfortable.  And, she left; I thought “That’s the end of it.”


Then, a few weeks later, I was with my friend Terry.  Terry had sat through one of these sessions with Daphne; I wanted somebody to witness it.  The next thing happened is Terry said, “I’m feeling this pressure in my head and I hear this voice in my head” and they started talking to me through Terry.  And, I continued my questions.


Quite frankly, it took me about two months to say “I think maybe they really are the same intelligence.”  I continued asking – I’m not going to tell you all the stories; it’s in my book.  If you haven’t read the book, you should read the book because the only way to validate that anything I say is true is by studying my story, studying their messages, studying all the phenomena [and] see how it connects up with previous things like Jesus, like the Bible.  But, it’s not Jesus or the Bible; it’s in this moment.  But, it’s connected.


These sources say they have played the part of God sometimes in our history.  They say they’re not God in the way that humans normally think of God.  They explain themselves completely differently.


Over time, I had this experience – the first time I had it was when I gave a talk in 2004, when the book first came out.  I was in San Diego, and there was all this energy in the room that I could see; I could see it.  It was like a light surrounding people.  I said “I wonder what that is?”  When people left the room they went to buy the book The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce and they lined up to Terry.  Terry was selling – Terry, are you there?


Terry:  I’m here.


Wynn:  Okay great.  Terry was selling books and they were saying “I could see the energy!  I could see auras.  That must be what people talk about when they talk about seeing the light.”  I later asked them, I said, “Could you explain that energy that was in the room?”  They said that was them; they were helping.  I remembered how they said they could project love light into the room, and I had the experience of it.


So, this has been gong on for ten years.  I have been learning how to use this connection in a way that some people get great benefit.  On these calls – on this call that you’re on right now over the next two hours – you are going to hear a message from this source, live; from both Daphne (I think) and Terry.  Daphne said she would be on.  They’re going to address us about this particular day that’s happening right now and the significance.


Now, I’ll give you a quick, quick – I may repeat some of this on George Noory; excuse me if I do, but I’m doing this as an introductory thing.  We invited people to invite people to this call.


What’s happening is, according to these sources – all of them; they all have the same point of view about what I’m sharing – is that the universe is basically one energy.  That energy radiates from a central point in the universe.  Everything in the universe is that energy in different forms, including you and me.


Early on, in the creation of the universe beings were aware that they were part of each other.  At a certain point, there became this veil of forgetfulness – and, particularly beings on earth – began to lose that connection, that awareness of being all the same energy.  When you start to go into that experience, you start seeing people as part of yourself and you have compassion and you have care because, even though you’re in a separate body, you see that other people are expressions of that same energy.  And, [that] they’re separated and they’re alienated.


Because we’re at the end of a cycle, that energy that flows through the universe has peaks and valleys.  Those peaks and valleys come over long periods of time.  So, there is a 75,000-year cycle where there is a peak in that energy.  It doesn’t happen today; it’s been building up to today.  And, it doesn’t stop after today, it continues.  We are in that flow of energy right now.  What happens when that energy hits a peak is it gives speeded up evolutionary capabilities for all of us.  We can speed our evolution up as souls when we’re in this energy.  But, you have to know how to do it to make it work, because you have to be able to receive those energies.  You need to be able to feel those energies.  That is one of the things we’ve been doing on our conference calls; we have been bringing in this energy in a way that people start to feel it who attend our calls regularly.  Some people feel it the first time; some people after a few times.  Sometimes I get emails from people after six months they say “I got it!  I got it!”


This energy is conscious, it’s aware, it’s alive and it pays attention to you.  At the top end of the energy that we feel on this line are these group souls who are able to project love light into this realm.


So, I came to the conclusion that my most important function was to be able to be a bridge between them and us so that people could experience that energy.  When you experience that energy, it can put your life into a high gear of transformation.  It’s always something that you have to do, you have to want, you have to trust so you have to check it out really carefully to make sure that you do trust it.  Because they won’t violate your free will.


The importance of this – if my story is correct; if what they say is correct – is really important.  Because of this high degree of energy that’s flowing into our solar system, into us and into our planet – remember I said it gives you opportunities to evolve faster than ever before in your history; in your evolutionary history?  I’m assuming that reincarnation is real, and that everyone on this line has gone through many lifetimes that they don’t remember, including me.  I’ve had unusual ways where a few of my lifetimes were validated to me that would stand up in a court of law if I gave the evidence.  I know reincarnation is real.  When you – we keep coming back because our energies are connected with this planet and we need to keep fulfilling our own destiny.


What’s happening is: the earth is also alive.  The earth has a consciousness.  We are part of the earth’s consciousness; we are in the field of the earth.  In other words, the earth has an energy and our energies are in the field of the earth’s energies.  But, oftentimes we’re separated from that; we don’t feel it, we don’t know it.  But, it’s true.  The Indians, the Native Americans, are very much aware of those connections.


The earth decided she was going to go through a spiritual evolution because of this new energy.  If you’re familiar with the word ‘chakra’, the earth is moving from being a third chakra planet to being a fourth chakra planet, which means it’s going from power and individuality to compassion and empathy.  The power and individuality is the nature of the third chakra.  Compassion is the nature of the fourth chakra.  In your body it’s the solar plexus and the heart.  Some people have located what they say are chakra points on earth; but, I haven’t validated that.  Nonetheless, as a general principle the earth is moving to a new paradigm.


In order to move with the earth, your heart chakra has to be open slightly more than half.  Otherwise, you don’t’ fit into this new earth.  What these sources are saying is that you have to repeat the lessons of the third chakra, and you get moved to another planet by the very sources we’re talking to – they do these movements – and repeat third chakra lessons so you get another chance to move up to the fourth chakra; some people will go higher: the fifth chakra, sixth chakra, seventh chakra.  If you haven’t read my books, I suggest you eat them up: The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce and The Creator Gods of the Physical Universe want to Talk to You, because you need to validate me; you need to kick my tires.  [You need to] decide if what I said was really true; because if it is, you’re going to be highly motivated to open up your fourth chakra.  That’s exactly what we do on our calls: we give loads of stuff away for free.  We have hundreds of our calls available for free download at .  You have to take advantage of it and see how it resonates.


If it doesn’t, just quit.  But, be sure and test it before you decide to quit, because if you notice what I’m saying is kind of an esoteric explanation for the prophecies of Jesus:  One will be taken, one will be left behind.  There’s a New Earth and this new earth is the fourth chakra; some people call it the fourth density earth.  We are talking directly to those sources right on these phone calls.  You can listen to them over and over and over again until either you decide we’re full of it or it’s the most important thing you ever discovered.  I can’t tell you that; it has to be your discovery.  I can only share my experience as honestly as I can.  I know there’s hundreds and hundreds of people whose life patterns have changed as a result of connecting with this work.  My job is to intrigue you to be curious.


On these calls – we do three different calls a week – and, our Sunday call; this is like our Sunday call.  We call it a planetary and personal healing session.  We do a group visualization to bring these energies in.  Many people feel the energy during the visualization.  We have a moment where people can bring the energies into their own bodies and some people experience healings or lifting of depressions; all kinds of things happen on these calls.  But, the important thing is – it doesn’t matter what happens to someone else – it matter what happens to you.


Let me see it – we have loads of people on the line.  We have a number of people listening on BBS Radio.  This is a 2-hour call.  You know, I would normally – if we were going to go on ad infinitum tonight – I’d stop and see if there are any questions.  I know there are new people listening.  In most cases, if you go to our archive website – – and you do a search; it’s got a searchable thing through all of our archives.  We have hundreds of archives of these conversations and me talking and explaining things.  If you go there and do a search – you put in your topic – you might just find your answer.


For example, on our Wednesday night call people submit questions.  We ask the questions and they answer them live right on the call.  You’re welcome to take advantage of that yourself, but it’s best to do it after you study our materials and get into a little bit.  Your questions – I used to let all the questions through; people would say “Should I marry John or Joe?”, “Should I move here?”


One of the things about this work is that it’s meant to empower you; it’s not meant to take you over, it’s not meant to make decisions for you.  It’s meant to teach you how to make decisions.  In this realm, there’s a predisposition for people to want to give up their power.  When anything goes wrong, it’s always somebody else’s fault: it’s the government’s fault, it’s this fault, and it’s that fault.  Sometimes we become a victim of circumstance, but all of it is designed – should be designed – to empower you so that you learn to have discernment; that you can tell negative from positive [and] that you can make the connection to the frequencies of these higher dimensions and realize that you are not just your little body.  Your spirit lives in your body and your spirit can fly, potentially.  Your spirit can be as big as the solar system.  Learning how to expand yourself and learning how to get over the limitations that we all have in this earthly life we have.


One of the main, great points about this shift and about this high point that we’re at, and this end of the cycle – is that never, in the history of mankind, never has there been such an opportunity to use your intentions to transform yourself [and] to get over your karmic patterns.  What happens is: your intentions to do that start to resonate into higher dimensions and you start accessing parts of yourself that you’ve lost track of.  But, it won’t happen unless you make the intention for it to happen; unless you passionately desire for it to happen.  Otherwise, you’re just going to be an audience and you’re not going to empower yourself.  You’re going to be following me or something else.


I’m not here to follow; I’m here to set an example to bring forth the wisdom of the higher realms to give you tools to transform yourself.  We give the most important things away for free.  So, I’m not trying to suck you in to come to an expensive workshop or travel to a beautiful place and have a weekend retreat for a thousand dollars.  I’m not saying I’ll never do that, but people won’t need to do that to get the most important things in this work.


Three times a week we’re showing up and we’re talking about it over and over and over again.  We’re asking questions to get guidance.  They’re actually answering right on this call.  Please take advantage of this for your own self, for the good of the people you care about and the good of the planet at large.  [Because] if you’re here now, you can do it.  You can have an open heart.  Having an open heart does not mean being a nice person or a charitable person; it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be those things.  It doesn’t mean wearing your heart on your sleeve so everyone takes advantage of you.  Having an open heart is a projection from you, energy into the space around you that automatically uplifts the energy around you.


If you have a relationship, you may have experienced this in your relationship; you may not have.  It’s certainly a good place to experience it, but it’s not the same as personal love.  It’s unconditional love that you radiate from your being that other people can feel.  It’s like – I’m sure you’ve all had the experience of having a stranger smile at you.  And, they were so genuine in their smile that it went right through you and lit you up.  That’s an open heart; that’s an example of an open heart.  And, you can do it.


I know many of you are going through obstacles, constrictions, fears; the world is changing.  Those are all your challenges to work through.  You know what?  If I have it right, that’s exactly what you’ve gone through for a hundred lifetimes.  The difference between right now is because of this high energy, you can actually work it through, and fast.  Just takes your intention, your desire to work it through – and I believe our calls are offering one of the best ways that can assist.  But, it’s not the only way; you have to find ways that resonate with you.  if you feel stuck in yourself and going around in circles, your intention has to be to find the thing that’s bigger than your circle and plug into it.


I’d like to introduce you to Terry Brown.  If you’ve checked out my website, one of the things – there are a number of things that convinced me that what was happening was real – one of them had to do when I asked a question about Terry.  They indicated that I should look up St. Catherine of Sienna.  And, St. Catherine of Sienna was connected with Terry.  I wasn’t sure what they were implying, but I did look up St. Catherine.  I found the story of this young woman who would go into the local church.  They would write down everything she said because the priests and the nuns thought that God was speaking to them with her.  St. Catherine’s Dialogues with God became an official part of Catholic history; still available on Amazon.


As I learned in The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, as I was writing the book about David Wilcock, people tend to look like their past lives.  David Wilcock was the spitting image of Edgar Cayce; and, Terry was the spitting image of St. Catherine.  I started to see – it’s not about exalting her, or anyone, because of a past life they had.  It’s about looking at the way that these sources in higher dimensions try to find people down here to work with that can operate without getting self-aggrandizing, that can operate with humility.  Oftentimes, when they talk to the wrong people, it gets screwed up.  Many of you have gotten to know Terry, and even when I say these things about her publicly she has absolutely no ego with it.  She is like dedicated to the work we’re doing.  If it wasn’t for Terry we wouldn’t be doing this; and, if it wasn’t for Daphne we wouldn’t be doing this.


Terry, are you there?


Terry:  I’m here, yes.


Wynn:  Would you like to say anything about what I just shared, or anything?


Terry:  It’s exciting; these times are exciting and doing this work is exciting.  Bringing through the messages and getting to know the Elohim and the Ra group better and better is a big growth experience for me.  I’m making a lot of personal advances just by being in contact with them.  I’m sitting here in the living room with a pink blanket over me; that’s the same color as the Elohim color.


Sometimes when I connect with the Elohim it’s like they show me the pink color.  Sometimes the pink color shows up in pictures, too.  We’ve got some pictures of Wynn and there’s a picture of Daphne too where the pink, this light pink color is all around them.  There’s one amazing picture where Wynn is in Philadelphia and he’s calling in the light on a government building.  The whole building has pink all over the top and around the sides, like the sky is silhouetted with this same light pink color.


We have more pictures too of Wynn with that.


It’s really exciting, like the time we went to Santa Barbara.  I was trying to take a picture of Wynn, and Wynn didn’t like how the picture was coming out.  He couldn’t get the right expression and everything, so we called in the light.  Then, we took some more pictures and he still didn’t like the pictures.  But, we looked at the pictures later.  Before we called in the light his sweater was white.  Afterwards, it was pink all over his chest.  So, there are some amazing clues here.


Wynn:  Actually, we got an email from someone a couple of months ago who heard about this.  He was listening to one of our meditations.  While he was listening, his computer was tuned to RealPlayer.  He has like this black RealPlayer icon on his screen.  While he was listening it turned pink.  He sent me an email; he took a screenshot of it and sent it.


There is all this phenomena, but more than the phenomena… do you hear any noise, Terry, on the line?


Terry:  There’s a hum coming in.


Wynn:  Is it really bad?


Terry:  I just started.


Wynn:  Is it gone now?


Terry:  Now it’s gone, yes.


Wynn:  I hear it coming and going.


Basically, we do get a lot of phenomena; we do get people feeling energies.  Most of all are the people whose lives change.  This is not about magic and feeling energies and saying, “Wow!  It’s magic.”  It’s not.  At the higher realms, things are magic – I won’t say they are magic – at the higher realms, there aren’t limitations that we have here.  So, things can change very quickly.  When we connect to the higher realms – when we connect our consciousness to the higher realms, things can shift for us.


The amazing thing about this work is the emails I get from people whose lives have shifted.  I don’t even know them.  They sent me an email, and they show up on our calls.  They’re listening for a year and they tell me “I’m getting along with my husband.”  Terry, you’re making background noise; stay still.  “I’m getting along with my husband”, “I put my son in the light and the next day he called me”, “My breast cancer went away”, “Thank you so much.”


We are like a consistent support system.  We are here three times a week.  It’s like I actually didn’t want this much responsibility.  As it unfolded I couldn’t figure out any way to be of the highest service without doing that.  So, we’re doing that for all of you, and for us and for the planetary evolution.  So far, you can count on us.


What I’d like to do now is – this is supposed to be a mock-up of what we do every Sunday, except every Sunday I don’t say everything I just said to you because it’s the same group of people and they’ve heard it.  They’re participating.  Many of those people have learned to feel the energies and act – sometimes we use the term ‘ground crew’ – many of the people who are attracted to this work actually came from higher dimensions and volunteered to take a body in this dimension to be of service here.  One of the highest ways of being of service – maybe it is the highest way – is to develop an energy link between yourself and these higher dimensions and these intelligences.


Now, there’s not that many people that can hear them talk or can translate the energy into words; that’s a fairly exceptional ability which even I don’t have.  We are lucky to have two people who are paying attention and working with us – Terry and Daphne; Terry more consistently than Daphne, but they’re both extraordinary – they both have the ability to translate the words from the higher dimension into this dimension.  We can feel the energies and learn, really, to become friends with these new energies.  They become an added tool to our own lives in every way, shape and form.  Probably it’s part of what helps you to graduate this realm, when you start feeling the connection with the energies of the higher realms.


I did this meditation or this visualization probably a few years ago on the call.  I wasn’t sure what was going to happen.   The people on the line could feel the energies.  What we’re going to do is do one of those meditations right now.  We’re going to participate in the creation of what I call group energy.  We’re temporarily – if you want to participate – you can just listen to the words if you’re evaluating us just evaluate.  If you actually want to participate, if it feels comfortable, let yourself go.  You may feel what I’m trying to put into words.


I’d like you all to put your feet on the floor or on your bed with your soles down touching the floor.  We’re working with the principle that the whole universe is one energy.  The earth is part of that energy, and the earth is alive and the earth knows we’re here.  We usually don’t connect with that.  So, we’re going to try to connect with the energy of the earth.


I want you to just use y our imagination and go with where I take you.  See the earth radiating energy from the center of herself through all her levels and through the floor and into your feet.  You might feel a tingling; you might feel a heightened awareness of your feet.  If you do, consider the possibility that you’ve made connection with the energy of the earth.  You can say “I love you” to the earth; try it, quietly.  Or, out loud: I love you earth.  Thank you for hosting me.  Thank you for putting up with mankind in all the ways you’ve been abused.


We can take that energy from the earth and move it up through your body; through your legs, through your calves, through your groin, through your solar plexus, through your chest, through your neck into your head.  It’s like a finger of energy from the earth connecting with you.


Now, we’re going to move the energy through the top of our head.  I want you to imagine that your energy is focused one foot above your head.  Now move it up to the ceiling and through the ceiling and through the roof.  If you have any floors in between [you], just move right on through to the roof and through the top of the roof through the sky, above the clouds… above the ionosphere.  Above that place called the veil where we forget everything; move it through the veil.  Keep moving it up, up and away.


Eventually, there’s a place where we touch each other.  There was a time when you were not an individuated soul; you were part of the energy of all that is and you individuated; every one of us individuated.  We were innocent and new.  Then, we came and descended into this realm and we had many, many lifetimes here.  We all got corrupted because of the way this realm is, it tends to corrupt us.


We’re moving up into the place where we just began.  We can all touch each other there.  We can blend, braid – this is the place that the poets, the artists, the spiritual people talk about where we are one.  We actually are one in that place.  Down here, we’re separate.  We’re both places at the same time.


That’s the key to being able to expand yourself, to be able to be in the place where you’re one and realize you’re still separated into a body and that you can move back and forth; you’re not stuck.  There are times when you need to be separated; there are times when you need to get into arguments and fights and protect yourself [when] people are violating you.  The next moment you can move back into the state of oneness where you can see everything from that vantage point.


Now, let’s imagine that we’ve really established ourselves in another dimension right now.  We’re going to invite our group soul sources to join with us.  Remember, they’re also part of us; it’s all one.  Just like the earth is part of us underneath us; they’re part of us above us.  They’re way high; they can feel, they can talk, they can sense us.  But, they don’t have bodies and they don’t have encumbrances.  They are more powerful than we are.  This realm got screwed up; they look for the opportunities to help fix things.  This work we’re doing is giving them an opportunity.  So, we invite them to join us.


You might be noticing a very uplifted feeling in your body; you’re making connection.  We’re going to bring the energy back down from this group energy that we have created that’s us and them; and, we’re going to move back down through the cosmos, through the ionosphere, through the clouds, through the roof, through your ceiling and right back into the top of your head.


This is a good point to ask for something.  They say they’re telepathic; they say that when we make this connection like this, they can feel you.  So, while they’re feeling you ask for things that you need for the highest good:  Help me find a job.  Heal this.  Help me with my son.  I’m not promising it’s all going to happen, but we do have things happening on these calls.


One time we were doing a call, and in the middle of Terry bringing through a message they said hello to this very strange name; I can’t remember her name.  Do you remember her name, Terry?


Terry:  It was…


Wynn:  It started with a ‘B’ I think.  In any case, it was a foreign-sounding name.


Terry:  Betule.


Wynn:  Betule.  Terry said it.  She kept asking them “Do you really want me to say that?”  And, they kept saying “Yes.”  Then, the next day I get an email from this lady in Turkey who is an artist who said “They said hello to me on the line.”  These are the kinds of things that keep happening that keep validating for me that they really are paying attention to us.


And, they’re paying attention to you if you’re not afraid to be paid attention to.  if you are, you know what?  You don’t have to feel guilty about things you’ve done because they’re not judgmental.  Some people think “If they’re really looking inside me, I hope they never see this and I hope they don’t see that.”  This is a time to go through all those things that you feel bad about yourself and let it go and not to judge yourself.  They do not judge you.  Anyone can have a total change, no matter what they’ve done in the past.


We bring this energy through the top of your head and we’re going to move it down through your body, through your chest.  And, usually while we’re focusing on our chest we can take the opportunity to forgive those people who have trespassed on us; those people that have hurt us, abandoned us, disregarded us, didn’t give you the love you needed, that stole money from you.  You know what?  You’re not forgiving them to be good; you’re not forgiving them because they’re nice people.  You’re forgiving them so that you don’t have to hold that energy in your heart.  If you recall, your heart has to be open slightly more than half to graduate this realm.  If you’re carrying around all this resentment for other people that did things to you, you are keeping your heart closed down.  That’s exactly what you need to free yourself up from.


You can also forgive yourself, because there are all these things that you’ve done – we’ve all done, don’t feel bad about it.  We’ve all done it.  I’ve done it in other lifetimes, I’m sure.  That’s why I can understand it.  Forgive yourself and let it go and let that energy flood into your heart right now.  Let it flood into your solar plexus, your power chakra and your genitals.  Let go of any shame you have attached to your sexuality.  It doesn’t mean you’re supposed to be promiscuous; it doesn’t mean you’re supposed to just do it.  Sexuality, at its best, is an expression of higher love.  It’s also part of the animal body.  It’s reconciling it all so that you can understand how to relate to that part of yourself.  It’s best to have a partner and to express with that partner.  In my belief, it’s not good or bad.  Just don’t hurt other people.


Somebody said was an inspiration to me some years ago.  They said “If you’re not going to have a permanent relationship with someone – a life relationship – make sure if you leave them, you leave them better than you found them.  Then, you don’t get any karma.”  If you are always letting people love you and abandoning them, you become responsible for their hurt karmically.  You have to carry it around.  It becomes another thing to clog your heart up; block your heart.


Everyone has to figure out how to make this work themselves.  We move through our legs and back into the center of the earth.  Right now, look at what we’ve created.   Your body is in the middle of this huge energy and the energy goes all the way up through the dimensions and all the way down to the earth.  That is who you are at this moment; you have stepped into a higher experience of yourself.  You’re not going to hold it; you’re going to go back to your life.  You’re going to say “What just happened?”  If you keep coming to these calls – if you do learn how to keep asking for help – you’ll learn how to bring this energy in yourself.


We’re going to have them address us through Terry on this December 21st [2012] Mayan calendar end-date.  I’m just curious; is Daphne on the line?  We’ll see if Daphne shows up.


What I just did in that visualization, is I called in the light.  I brought in the light; we did it together.  I didn’t actually do it; I’m like the orchestra leader.  You all co-operated; you’re all playing your parts.  We actually have created energy that exists that is changing the universe, is changing our planet, just because we did that.  I have a little way of doing that in shorthand, which is calling in the light.  I’m going to call in the light and Terry is going to bring a message in.


Father Mother God we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect each person here, and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned.  We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through the outer energy fields of planet earth, through our bodies and into the center of the earth.  Right now, we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls.  We invite those sources that are positive service-to-others, honoring the Law of One to join with us and we create a protected space that only the positive has access to.  Anything not of that nature must leave now.


We invite our sources to speak with us through Terry Brown.  Thank you.


Ra’An:  We greet you in the love light of the one infinite Creator.  This is December 21st, 2012.  We are connecting and we are sensing planet earth.  We sense the decorations; we actually see decorations. We welcome each and every one of you.  We are delighted to make the connection.  It is as if, in our realm, we connect very rarely with individuals who have come into the third density as our vibrations are so high, so frequency-high, that we have a gap in general between our frequencies and the grounding frequencies of earth.


Therefore, we have also welcomed the Ra group to be with us in our contact, which increases our frequency as the Ra group has had incarnations individually into earth plane-type planets.  So, this gives us broader range of frequency with which to appear.  We do not appear in person; we appear as an energy source.


We look at planet earth at this time.  We hear Christmas music.  We see individuals that are yearning for connection.  This time of year is a time of connection, a time of remembering one’s friends.  It is so touching to be able to see this within the framework of planet earth.  It lifts the tone of planet earth.


We see during this time there are some individuals who have thought that the end of the world was coming.  We speak in a generality there, because the world goes on although civilizations come and go, the world – the earth – goes on.  We see a number of people have so believed that it is the end of the world that they have given up paying debts; they have given up hope that there will be a future.  These individuals are going to have to face reality when this does not happen at this time and they are confronted by their debts and their responsibilities as life goes on.


We see some individuals who have a different viewpoint, in that if they were going to be leaving the earth plane they would wish to have all their debts and obligations and responsibilities wrapped up and taken care of instead of left in the middle.  We do not see that there is going to be some kind of an energy end of the world on the earth, and we see that the world goes on.


We are looking probably three years into the future on this; we do see that the earth – the peoples of earth – have commitments to economic systems that are beginning to fray, and that there can be a whole new paradigm arise, as the male energy at this point is becoming more vulnerable and connecting to the female side.  The female energy is beginning to come in to offer more nurturing, more caring at this point to individuals within the earth plane.


Those are our opening statements.  We turn it back over to Wynn Free.


Wynn:  Thank you very much.  I don’t see Daphne on the line.  Are you on the line, Daphne?


Daphne:  I’m here, yes.


Wynn:  You’re there.  Okay.  How long have you been here?


Daphne:  About twenty minutes.


Wynn:  We have a number of new people on the line.  If you read my book The Creator Gods of the Physical Universe Want to Talk to You which is available for a free download, which I highly, highly recommend.  You can read the story of how this evolved for me.  You’ll realize that I was just another guy that took a right turn instead of going straight and ended up in this unusual situation.  I had to figure out, myself, what it meant, what the significance was.  Daphne is the person that started the ball rolling on the famous rainy night when we were driving from Los Angeles to Portland, Oregon.


I did a prayer of protection.  At the end of the prayer, I said, “Does anybody want to talk to me?”  I said it like a joke, because I was in the middle of writing this book The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce.  I was fascinated with this idea of interdimensional communication.  When I said “Does anybody want to talk to me?” Daphne answered.  She said something to the effect “We’re here; do you have questions?”  I thought she was playing along with me; I thought she was joking.  I asked some questions and it didn’t sound like her.  Afterwards, she said “That was really strange.”


A few days later, we were in Portland and we tried it again.  I tape-recorded it; that was the famous first recorded conversation.  I should mention that Daphne has always been a sensitive.  She did readings for people at a metaphysical bookstore in Mountain View, I believe, called East-West Books.  I don’t think she knew who was talking through her, but I suspect that she was channeling when she did those readings.  She became the most popular reader in the store.


Then, when we got together these voices that she had heard all her life suddenly found a way to identify themselves in a more clear manner.  For six months, whatever else we were doing she would say, “Those guys want to talk to you again” and I would pull out the tape recorder and ask questions.  Many of those original sessions are in the Creator God book.  The amazing thing that was happening was that I was asking all these questions about stuff that was coming through David Wilcock about this shift.  I would ask Daphne – or, these sources through Daphne – and they would give exactly the same answers as were coming through David Wilcock.


Of course, she was scared by it and she was having all kinds of experiences that were disharmonious and she left.  A few weeks later Terry started channeling.  It’s very, very special to have Daphne on the line and to have these sources speak through both people.  One of the things you’ll notice is although they identify themselves as the same source they are working through the consciousness of the person.  It’s not like you’re talking to a deceased entity where they might sound the same from one person that can bring them in, or another.  They sound different.


Daphne is more articulate, I think, and more celestially metaphysical.  You’ll notice the difference.  Is there anything you’d like to say from you human side, Daphne, to introduce yourself?


Daphne:  Hello, everyone.  Welcome to the call.  It’s the 21st of December and the world hasn’t ended; but, the world as we know it may have ended I guess I would say.  Thank you for coming.


How’s that?


Wynn:  Okay.  Would you like me to call in the light again before you start?


Daphne:  Sure.


Wynn:  Okay.


Father Mother God we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect Daphne, Terry, myself and every one of you on this line that would like to make that connection.  Any negativity be taken to the highest realms of light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned.  We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through the outer energy fields of planet earth, through our bodies and into the center of the earth.  Right now, we invoke a group energy amongst everyone present who would like to participate in that while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls.  We invite those sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring the Law of One to join with us and we create a protected space that only the positive has access to.  Anything not of that nature must leave now.


I turn it over to Daphne and those voices that are intelligences that are co-creating with her to bring forth this transmission.


Daphne:  Thank you, Wynn; thank you, Terry.  If you just give me a moment, please.


Ra:  We greet you; we greet you in the love light of the one infinite Creator.  The energy we are bringing forth this evening is the energy known as the Ra – Raaaaaaaaaaaaa – we thank you.  We attune with your harmonic; we attune with your frequency.


We perceive this time, this time of the passage, this time of the transition, this time of the nexus, this time of the nodal point.  We see waves; we see waves on perturbations.  We see flux; we see the consciousness, myriad consciousness/many consciousnesses of many sectors of humanity.  Many sectors of humanity which are vying for a collective reference point from which to launch into a new expression of what it means to be human at this time of the 21st millennium, the 21st century.  What means this to be human in this time?  Does it mean to still be shackled by the third dimensional constraints of polarity and dualistic consciousness and dualistic feeling of antagonism; of one brother and one sister towards one another?


We say to you, “No; the time of the duality has passed.  The time of the old consciousness is gone.”  In this way, indeed, your world has ended; your world-view, your weltanschauung, your zeitgeist   It is different; it is wholly upturned.  It is time for a new turn, a new turn of consciousness; a changing of the guard.


Your economic sector, your banking sector, your governmental structures, your educational structures – everything which is, shall we say, put upon by those forces which would hold power as dominion over others and do not fear the egalitarian cry, the voices.  The voices of the true needs of the people – these shall be up for refashioning in very large ways.


We see, in terms of possibility, those restless times of the ‘60s being re-visited in your culture, being revisited in the way of Martin Luther King and in the way of Robert and Jack Kennedy.  We see these things as essential and probably possibilities.  There is much room for good; there is much room for change.  There is much room for honesty; there is much room for leadership.  It means standing in one’s truth; it means standing in one’s articulation.  It means standing in one’s harmonious balance.  It does not mean giving yourself away and deferring your personal integrity, your own knowingness of source – giving this to others.  Each and every person has the responsibility to own and to hone this for him or herself.  This is a coming home of the Christed self in each and every individual on the planet.


There are waves; there shall be many waves.


Thank you.


Wynn:  Thank you so much.


It is 10:24.  We are going to complete this call with a planetary healing visualization, just as we just did a personal healing visualization we’re going to do a planetary healing visualization.


The fact that we’re doing this and the manner that we’re doing it – to those of you who are listening for the first time – you have to be saying to yourself, “Can this be real?  Did we just hear?”  In our paradigm, there are two group souls that are the major players, shall we say, in the higher realms?  The major positive players impacting our planet.


One of the group souls identifies itself as the Ra group and the other one identifies itself as the Elohim group.  They’re different; they feel different, they speak different.  As you attune to our work you’ll start to understand the difference between them.


The Ra group is a group soul that is made up of billions of graduates of this realm from the beginning of time; billions of entities that went through multiple lifetimes in third density just as we’re in third density right now.  They graduated this realm and they went through their evolution, not just into 4D which is the heart chakra; but, above that – into the wisdom.  [They] ended up – at least as they describe themselves – as no longer having bodies; as being pure energy, and working as a team to help planets at lower levels of evolution like ours.  Through the history of humankind, they have done many interventions here; many people they’ve spoken with throughout our history.


Oftentimes, when they spoke to someone, a spiritual movement got started, a religion got started.  I’m not going to say which ones were or weren’t, but I do believe that they were part of the Egyptian Pharaoh Ikhnaton; they were connected to Jesus.  They were connected to St. Catherine.  They operate closer in than the Elohim group.  And, Edgar Cayce was channeling messages from the Ra group.  If you’ve read Edgar Cayce, you know he had all these weird remedies for people.  He demonstrated the ability to read past lives, diagnose people’s bodies, almost omniscient.  In his remedies, which many people use; even many doctors today subscribe to his remedies; they were drawing on their own collective memories of all their lifetimes when these remedies had worked.


My first introduction to this idea of interdimensional communication – at least up close and personal – was through David Wilcock; through the source that was coming through him that aligned itself with the Ra group.  Then, I learned about a lady named Carla Rueckert who for a few years of her life, brought through a series of messages from the Ra group that impacted many, many people – this was in 1981.  It’s available at Amazon; she has a website.  Her books are called “Ra: The Law of One”.  Her website – if you want to write it down – is  She puts a huge amount of material up for no charge on her website, including all of her original Ra group material – Ra: Law of One material.


Carla and I have developed a very deep mutual respect for each other, and camaraderie.  Once a month, she’s a guest on my Monday night calls and we talk about the Ra material, information about how this group interfaced with our planet for tens of thousands of years.  This is all available to you for free; this is a Ph.D. course we’re giving you.  All you have to do is use your own initiative and go to our websites and take it in.  You will see how coherent it is and how it explains some of those things that we would normally think could never be explained – some of these mysteries of life.  I hope you’ll avail yourself to taking advantage of this.


Of course, our sources, we have oftentimes – and, this started with Terry – we developed an energetic affinity with the frequencies with both of theses group souls; the Ra group and the Elohim group.  As Terry was saying, the voice that was speaking through her said that it was the Elohim working with the Ra group.


So, the difference between these two sources:  the Ra group has certain wisdom about this realm because they have gone through your experience.  They have been stuck here; they understand the pain and the suffering that can happen here.  And, the Elohim group also understands this, but they don’t have the experience of being stuck here.  They have the experience of observing it and feeling it; feeling us vicariously.  So, the Ra group has more ability in certain ways to bring forth certain wisdoms that the Elohim group doesn’t have.  The Elohim group has the ability to bring in huge energies of transformation from the center of the universe, which the Ra group doesn’t have.


And, we are blessed to be accessing both groups and have both different approaches available in our work.  It’s all available for free, online, between my archive site – our archive site, which is called; and, Carla Rueckert’s website –  All you have to do is start studying it.


One reason to study it is because there’s so much understanding and wisdom in it.  But, even a greater reason to study it is their energy is in their words.  As you read the materials, you can start to shift your own energy patterns, expand your own holographic field and become a “New You”, or a new expanded you.  Your old self doesn’t ever leave; even your hang-ups don’t leave.  They’re still there; you start operating above them.  It’s like being in a skyscraper and instead of being in the basement you’re at the top floor; your vantage changes.  Your awareness changes.  Again I say: never in the course of human history has there been the opportunity to make this change so quickly as right now because of this energy that’s coming in.


One addendum I’d just like to mention about the Ra group: many people hear the word ‘Ra’ and they identify it with Egypt, because Egypt used the word ‘Ra’ as their name for God for thousands of years.  According to our materials, there was a Ra intervention on our planet ten thousand B.C., and there were a lot of miracles that happened.  They actually manifested bodies that people could see.  The priesthood of Egypt tried to co-opt this intervention and use it for personal gain, personal aggrandizement and control.  So, they took the word ‘Amun-Ra’ and used it as their name for God since all the peoples had seen these miracles and seen these manifestations.


So, for thousands of years, Egypt was under the auspices of the negative that went by the name Amun-Ra.  Then, there was another attempt to shift this through this Egyptian Pharaoh Ikhnaton who declared all the Egyptian religions at the time illegal, because he knew – he got the knowledge – that it was lesser than; it was negative.  They were doing sacrifices; they were doing – if you’re aware of some of the stuff that goes on today in secret societies and rituals – they were doing that.  And, that is not anything to do with our sources.  So, even the word ‘Amen’ in so many religions used is derivative of Amun-Ra.


I wanted to quality that, because some people hear the word ‘Ra’ and they start studying it.  They’ll end up somewhere reading about Amun-Ra and it is not the group soul energy that we are affiliating with.


On that note, what we’re going to do is take advantage of this group energy.  We’re going to go back to that place of the group energy of all of us combining our energies in another dimension, asking our sources to combine with us.  Do you notice how something shifts when I say that?  Do you notice how still the energy gets?  Some of you can feel it in your room; you can feel it moving through your body.


So, when we do this we have a very powerful force and we can put things into this energy field and ask for transformations on every level.  And, when we do this we are honoring free will and we are operating on the principle for the highest good of all concerned.  So, for example: honoring free will means we can’t eliminate the negative.  We can’t ask people to drop dead.  We can’t override and change people of negative intentions; we can only inspire them to shift.  Operating for the highest good of all concerned means we can ask for things, but we don’t know the outcome; [or], all the ramifications of an outcome.  For example, somebody might be sick.  That disease they have might be the very thing that they have called in to learn certain lessons.  Even though they might be suffering, until they learn the lesson it’s not for their highest good to have that disease lifted.


So, in The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce it was said that things were going to fall apart: economic systems were going to fall apart.  This was back when I writing this back in 2000 – 2003 and they said that was good, because it was going to cause people to help each other in ways that they never would have if it didn’t happen.  Because people would help each other, they would open their hearts.  In the opening of their hearts, they would get the ticket to graduate this realm.


So, we have to look forward to those times.  We have to look forward to rising to the occasion.  We have to look forward to having the courage to cope, and to create camaraderie and fellowship with people, because that will give you the wherewithal to go through anything.  The bottom line is that we’re going to die sooner or later.  One of the by-products of connecting with this work is that, eventually, you stop having the fear of dying.  You know that you’re going to continue.  You know that your soul never disappears.  It’s going to show up again and again in whatever dimension it has set itself up to be in to gain the lessons it needs to keep going.


As you make connection with these energies of these higher realms, when you die those connections may not die with you; they get carried.  Now, instead of having all your energies connected to the physical world – which is what causes people to keep reincarnating – your energies start connecting with the higher dimensions outside of the physical world.  Whether you reincarnate or not becomes a choice.  Many of you have already graduated this realm and chosen to come back.  People come back because they love someone who is still stuck here; they come back to help them or to help many people.  If you didn’t come back from the higher realms and you just stayed there, this planet would be lost.  It would be owned by the negative; you have come to your time to shine – right now.


What we’re going to do is create a group energy, and we’re going to direct that energy.  We are going to surround our planet with that energy.  Our planet has many dark spots on it, many places where there is dark energy, the outcome of negative intents.  We’re going to flow around those dark spots; we’re going to move everywhere there’s an opportunity.  We can’t see it, so we’re just going to use our imagination that we’re doing it.  We are connecting with each other, and we are zip-zapping energy all over our planet right now in those connections.  In order to make this connection, our energy fields have had to move through dark energies.  We don’t know that, because it happens by itself.


As we move through, we are clearing those energies.  We are making votes for the consensus reality of our planet to uplift and shift.  We are important; this shift is not just happening to us.  We are part of that shift; we are the anchors of those energies.  If no one anchored it here, we’d have worst-case scenarios.  By being on this call and tuning into these energies, you are learning something new, something you never knew you could do.  Because when you ask: How can I be of service? There is no greater service that you can do than to hold these new energies, anchor them and radiate it through your body into the space around you; into the people.


Right now when you’re making this connection – when we’re dealing with these sources that are telepathic that can feel you – if you feel comfortable, ask them to work with you.  Ask them to help you clear patterns.  You have to do it yourself, and they help.  The Elohim once said it’s like riding a bicycle; you have to put your feet on the pedals and turn the pedals; then, it’s amplified into a much greater speed because of the way the gears work to the rear wheel.  If you were walking you could only go so fast.  But, if you’re riding a bicycle, you can go ten times faster.  Right now, we’re riding a bicycle and they’re coming in.  And, as you get used to this idea, you’ll start to understand [that] as you pedal and ask for help you start having synchronicities; you start having healings go on.  You change the vibrations of the physical earth you walk on.


The more people that anchor this energy, the less devastating earth changes will be.  The earth responds to it; the earth responds to feeling loved.  Imagine that the earth – what they’ve said is the earth has to release energy in the form of earthquakes – it has to because pressure builds up.  The more people that anchor this energy, the less pressure builds up.  If you’ve learned to feel the earth and love the earth, the earth is under you.  The earth is loving you.  If the earth has any choice, it’s not going to create an earthquake underneath you, because it’s loving you and there’s choices here all the time.  You’re making choices; the earth is making choices, the solar system is making choices – the universe is alive.  It’s alive!  Everything is alive and making choices.  All you have to do is make choices that keep you moving over through the ladder of your own evolution.


We’re offering some great tools for no money:  three conference calls a week.  It’s not about learning things; you’ll learn things.  It’s more about getting used to feeling these connections, making it so it’s second nature.  Do you remember how one time you didn’t have a job and you were desperate and you felt like empty?  Nobody paid attention to you.  Then, suddenly you had a job and you affiliated yourself with a great company.  Everyone is friendly and everyone appreciated you.  Do you know how you changed and you started feeling different?  This is like getting an affiliation with a great company, except it’s not a physical company; it’s not in this world which means once you make the connection – unless you screw it up – you never lose it.  It’s forever; it’s for eternity.  You can do it right now.


Let’s just bless our planet; let’s send this energy as a healing energy to all those people on our planet that are afraid; that are scared.  Let’s send this energy to all those government leaders who maybe operating with negative agendas and ask that they might make different choices; that they get infected with loving energy and they start operating out of compassion.  The more people that hold this space, the more positive our future is going to be.  The future is not locked in stone.


If you’re following prophecy – whether it’s Jesus or Nostradamus or Edgar Cayce – there’s no such thing as absolute determination, because it is the consciousness of us that is the major player in creating the future.  Now that you know this, you have responsibilities to do this.  I hope you all make that choice; I thank everybody for showing up today.  And, you didn’t know what you were getting into, some of you that are listening for the first time.  Take advantage of what we have to offer; come back as much as you want.


Daphne, are you still there?  Hello?  Terry, are you still there?  Oh oh – I think I muted them.  Alright; I’ll say goodbye to you all on their behalf.  We’ll be on George Noory in about – what time is it? it’s 11:00 – about two hours.  Not a long time, just ten minutes talking about the shift.  I hope you’ll listen in if you can; if you can stay up a little late tonight. Tomorrow’s Saturday; it’s midnight in the Pacific time and 3:00 a.m. Eastern time.  We’re going to be another one of these grid healings on Sunday – they’re all different, but they’re all the same.


We’re doing a call on Monday and on Wednesday and they’re all different.  On Wednesday call we ask questions and we get answers and wisdom from the higher realms.  On the Monday call it could be anything; sometimes I pick a topic.  Sometimes Carla Rueckert is my guest.  Our Sunday call is a personal and planetary session.  All of you take a moment – shut your eyes.  Feel that energy; some of you can feel it coming in from the top of your head.  You’re getting it; you’re making the connection.  Ask for what you want; ask for your own transformation and healing – remember: for the highest good of all concerned and honoring free will.  Ask for the divine love to shower this planet.  Ask to be able to hold the energy so you can be part of that expression.


Take a moment of silence.


I particularly want to thank all of our volunteers; there are people doing transcripts, people sending out emails.  This has gotten way beyond anything I can do myself.  And, people sending us donations, people buying little products that we sell.  {We thank] the people that have been coming into our calls regularly for years – even when there were six people on the call – and were holding the energy so I was willing to keep doing this.  [Because] I was saying “Is anyone really interested?” for quite some time.  It was hard to know where to start.  So, [we have] just lots and lots of gratitude for so many people.  And, in particular for all of you who are discovering us for the first time tonight: thank you for taking your time and showing up.  We’ll see you all next time.


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Caller:  Good night, Wynn.

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