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Communication Opens You Up 

Personal and Planetary Healing Session
Sunday Morning Grid Healing
Host: Wynn Free
Channeled by Terry Brown
Transcribed by a Friend
Edited by Terry Brown, Valerie Hawes and David Masty
Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee

Wynn: Good morning everybody. This is December 23, 2012, one day before Christmas Eve.


My name is Wynn Free and we have Terry Brown on the line. This is what we call our Sunday grid healing. Itís an amazing experience where we can gather on a phone line and on the internet and have this invisible consciousness which we call the Elohim and the Ra groups join us. They say it is them and then they talk to us and create an experience of a huge group energy. If youíre listening for the first time today, just get your mind out of the way. Itís like getting on a flow, getting on a train and either youíre on the train or youíre watching the train go by. The way to get on the train is just to be neutral, stop thinking about it and go with the flow. You donít have to do that. Sometimes for months people watch the train before they feel comfortable getting on it. Itís a consciousness train. Itís not a physical train. Everyone has a multi-dimensional consciousness. Most often we donít access that and we hold our consciousness in a fixed position. We donít even know weíre doing that and that fixed position feels like this is who we are. Thatís an illusion but weíre so used to it that we donít realize thereís other possibilities. You canít expand who you are using your brain because your brain is inside that model of who you are. You can access larger parts of yourself by going into situations that are holding the energy of the larger part of yourself so something happens. Itís like magic. Itís not really magic but if youíre not used to it, itís like magic because suddenly something shifts. Now everyone has had the experience of something shifting in them and expanding. You donít have to come to these calls to have that experience.


Itís like if youíre on top of a mountain and looking at this wide expanse of valleys and cities thereís that moment where you feel really expanded where sometimes thereís a chill that comes through you and in fact, you are expanded because you are top of a mountain and thereís no impediments to the expansion of your auric field. It expands for most people into the whole area that they can see. You experience that as a sense of expansion. Thatís an example, except thatís not a train you can stay on unless you move to the top of a mountain and live there and even in that case, youíll probably lose it because everything becomes contracted to your normal way of viewing things.


Like if you live in a beautiful city, usually you first go there and you say, ďWow! What a great city,Ē after a while it kind of flattens out. So the key is, how do you move to this higher vantage point and be able to hold it. One of the things is to keep going somewhere that provokes that in you and it starts to internalize. Even when it internalizes you get to the place where the experience flattens out. It flattens out because there is nothing to compare it to. The way we know weíre in a certain experience is because we have a reference point of another experience to compare it to. In the comparison you say, ďIíve arrived somewhere.Ē Once you hold that new space where youíve arrived to it flattens out. You know that youíre different than you were before. You can use your memory and go access it but you still feel the same. You donít feel expanded or exalted. Itís okay because you can operate and do things you could not do before. You can be of much greater service to people than you were before because now you have the new responsibility of being a reference point for other people. Then you can see, ďI am somewhere different because I can do this and other people are being touched and moved.Ē


Now youíre a teacher. Maybe teacher is not the right word. You are an inspirer. You are holding the energy. When you are going through this place of comparing yourself from being at a lower place and a higher place, when you meet somebody who is holding the space of a more contracted consciousness youíll move into their space and youíll think you are losing it. Then you want to avoid people for a while so you donít get pulled in and you anchor yourself. As you anchor yourself youíll learn how to do that for other people. One of the things is to know how to enter into something and pull back. Enter in and pull back. That way you donít get pulled into the contracted consciousness but you move into it and pull back so you leave a trail from where that consciousness is to the place youíre holding and the person then has the choice to follow that trail. Thatís how you become a teacher. Not by the words you say. You can say the right words and help someone but itís not the words. Itís leaving a trail into higher expansion without getting caught in a more contracted energy. So thatís whatís happening on these calls, weíre creating trails. It didnít happen in one big fell swoop; it happened tiny bits at a time.


Iíve been learning, watching and observing from the time we started this. I started myself thinking, ďI must be crazy. I must be missing something. This canít be real.Ē When Daphne and I were living in a little apartment in Pomona, CaliforniaÖ We didnít come together to do this, we came together to play music. We were both musicians. She heard my songs and said, ďWow! You should be famous.Ē I heard her harp playing and I said, ďWow! Youíre really phenomenal!Ē


I have to go look and see how long it was after we first met each other that we had that now famous trip from L.A. to Portland, Oregon where I said, ďDoes anybody want to talk to me?Ē and she answered.


Now Iím bringing it back to the comments I was making before we started recording and that piece you heard that opens up all of our talks is Daphneís harp playing. That was Daphneís harp playing today. I remember when we talked about it and we had sessions about it, they said her playing would incorporate Elohim frequencies. So it was a way that people could expand into a higher consciousness. Music does that in general. It bypasses the mind and helps people expand into the consciousness of where that music was created from.


If you listen to Daphneís harp playing or any of her music, there is something phenomenal the way she puts melodies together because sheís always improvising. Letís see if I can put this into words because thereís something about this that is similar to life. Itís something that can be expanded. She will start on a riff, a melody, and you think you know where she is going and just about the point where you think you can anticipate the note or the phrase thatís coming next, she changes it and itís suddenly slightly different and it pulls you in because you say, ďWhere is she going to go next?Ē then it switches and changes so it keeps your attention glued to it. It pulls your conscious in and therein you suddenly find yourself in a new space. That is like life.


By the way, Iíll give Daphne a commercial here. If you go to I think I have Daphneís album up there. There are about seven songs. Youíll notice thereís a back-up musician playing drums, sometimes heís playing flute and the back up musician is David Wilcock.


After Daphne and I had separated after our first time in Pomona, the first six months we were together, David had heard her harp playing (David was living at Carla Rueckertís house) and he invited Daphne to come visit Carla Rueckert because he wanted to do a recording with her and that recording that is on Chiron Wind is David and Daphne.


This idea of always managing to break out of a predictable rhythm which Daphne does in her music. The idea of it is an incredible concept to apply to your life. Because when a rhythm gets established, it holds a space and you start living in the groove of that space and eventually thereís something more and you donít want to let go of the rhythm thatís established and learning how to be in a rhythm and break out of a rhythm and be back in a new rhythm and break out of it puts you on a spiral of evolution. It keeps you in motion.


(Call continues)


Wynn calls in the light:


Father-Mother God, we ask for the Presence of the Light, to surround and protect Terry, myself, everyone on this line, everyone on the replays, and everyone on the internet and we release all negativity to the highest realms of Light, for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the Solar System, through the outer energies of Planet Earth, coming in right through the ceiling, through the top of our head, through our bodies and into the Earth. Right now, we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. We invite those Sources that are positive, service to others, honoring The Law of One, to join with us and we create a protected space that only the Positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.


We are inviting our sources to give us a transmission for this Sunday, December 23, [2012], two days before Christmas, appropriate for this moment in time and space, through Terry Brown.


RaíAn: We greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator. This is the 23rd of December, 2012 and we are delighted to be with you, each and every one of you today and we are also with Earth. We are over the viewpoint of Earth, looking at Earth, looking at the scenery, looking at the snow in places, looking at the warmth in other places and we impart Love Light, as this [earth] is a very beautiful contribution; these frequencies that these manifestations are operating at are a beautiful, rich resonance, that add to the storehouse, the treasures, of All That Is.


For each and every person that wishes it, we are available to you. We do not come over the telephone line; we do not come over the radio; we do not come over the computer. We bypass all that and we are directly there. As you resonate to our frequencies, we resonate with your frequencies and we bring a purity of frequency, a purity of love, a purity of flow, where we unlock stucknesses. We unlock the locking-into paradigms that one wishes to change. We bring flow to that and we bring a little bit of an impetus that can grow, if one wishes, to unlock those stuck points and to begin to open them up, so one can flow. One can, as one expands the stuck points, see things that are involved in the stucknesses that are there.


The negative attack might be one where thereís a difference between two things, the negative and the positive. The negative is encroaching on the positive and is pushing on it and the positive is pushing back. There becomes a locked problem that the individual cannot move through. This can be coming from the outside in, from a government regulation, to something that the individual is trying to work past.


They become stuck points, which become problems and theyíre stuck, because there are two equal sides; one, one way, one the other way. It could be someone in your neighborhood that is jealous and is trying, at a very low level, to obtain superiority and it becomes a problem. However, one can move past that stuck point and can include other frequencies, rather than narrowing oneself down to those frequencies.


One can include the frequencies that are higher and one can blast through and one can move forward past that. It takes observation to see what it is that is precisely and actually going on, as there are different variations, even in the area of negative attack, to observe and to see what it is. Is it from outside? Is it from something that has opened oneself up to from a belief from the inside?


Beliefs set structures. They begin manifestation, moving into the physical. The beliefs set the structure of what is to be attracted to it, to set up some manifest situation. If one can change the belief, then they open themselves up to moving out of that detrimental situation into another and they allow other beliefs, positive harmonious beliefs, to come in and to supersede the belief that is bringing a non-harmonious or detrimental manifestation into oneís life.  


We can speak more about that at some other time, as it opens a door for change within oneís life for other beliefs to supersede the detrimental belief and for one to bring into their life other options, other openings for other options.


Communication is a big part in opening oneself up. If one is looking for a job, then communicating the things that you have to offer to someone out there to match yourself up with them could be the perfect opportunity for growth for finances and this moves into the area of relationships. If one is looking for a relationship, there is someone else out there that is looking for you. Open up to communicating that, so that someone out there can find you. 


We almost see it like a song; there is someone out there somewhere, not only in the area of the relationships of the family and closeness, but in the area of relationships, of jobs, in the relationships of friendships, so that one leaves loneliness behind.  


Sometimes when one is a child, they are sitting in an environment where the parents, in the effort to make the child perfect, convey that the child is wrong or the child is not worthy. After sitting in that, the person takes on that belief in a subconscious way, so that even if there is someone, other people, out there that are feeling friendly and are loving, then they donít get the message, because in between that lovingness coming toward them is the message that they had gotten and set up as a manifestation in their life when they were a child. So they arenít seeing what is happening, exactly, when the other person is being loving and then the individual might put a twist on it.


The parents had put a twist on their ability to open and to receive love and parents are oneís world when one is very little. So one incorporates that into their view of the world and it needs to be observed and let go of little-by-little, so that the individual can again become open to love without that twist or that interpretation that had been put on by the parents in the parentsí huge effort to make the child perfect. No one is perfect, although one might strive for itóand then on another look, everyone is perfect, when you consider all the things that they are working through and are struggling to achieve.


We consider this a sacred moment in time, the Christmas season, where we feel the love of the families, the joy, the anticipation, the putting forth of something precious for oneís one love, the giving. It is a model time that one can begin to feel not only within families that celebrate the holidays, but in the consensus reality, this cooperation, this love, gets into the consensus reality and is there for all and is, in a sense, knocking on oneís psyche to be let in.


We love you all. Thank you.



 The second channeling of this Sunday call follows below:




You Are Creating With Your Thoughts, Intentions and Actions


Channeled by Daphne Karandanis


Daphne:  The energies of Ra have been present very strongly and Iíd like to do some toning here with some frequencies:  Raaaaaaaaaa, Raaaaaaaaaa, Raaaaaaaaaa.


Ra:  Greetings. We greet in the Love and the Light of The One Infinite Creator.


We are indeed blessed that you have all gathered, blessed that you direct your Love Light and your focus, one to each other and to this space and to the upliftment of beloved Gaia, for she is indeed in a state of sacred upliftment.


You Beloveds, are learning to hone your Earth crystalline seed. You, Beloveds, are learning to attenuate your frequency, to make precise your frequency of the Love-Light-Christed Consciousness, which indeed is being planted now in the new soil, in the new vibrational frequency, of the New Earth.


This is indeed a momentous time, a time of new fertility, a time of new beginning, a time of new ripening, a time of new exploration. You are indeed, understanding that the fabric of your Divine expression is something momentous and something to be discovered and awaiting you. You are learning to be co-creators; you are learning to be conscious co-creators.


We know you have heard these words before, but when you hear words, it is a matter of time and a matter of purposeful intent, before these words can be put into a pragmatic, rubber-on-the-road kind of doing-ness. You are moving from a sense of sacred being-ness into a sense of sacred manifestation, a state of doing-ness. There is a new balance between the being-ness and the doing-ness. You are learning what this feels like.


You are learning what it is to have the pen in the hand and to manipulate with the fingers this writing instrument and this writing tool. When we speak of writing instrument and writing tool, it is you who are the instrument. Your tools, your thoughts, posit a creation on the etheric fabric of The All That Is. You are the creatoróyour thoughts, your intentions, your actions, your words, your deeds, your love, your withholding of love as well. Create what it is you would experience. You are learning this in a very tangible form now.


We bless you. We greet you. We hold you. Know this. This is Ra.


Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Shanty, shanty.


Wynn: Thank you very much. If you are one of those that are listening for the first time or early on just to give a quick explanation: When we bring these messages in I try to remember to say that this is not something for you to give your power over to, that if something is in a message that is wisdom that you can apply, that helps you be more centered, then use it and make it your own.


The sources that speak to us say that they are two group souls. One of them is the Elohim group and the Elohim group say that they created the universe.


Theyíve spent many, many sessions, if you go to and go through our archives, I think one of the most fascinating things in there is the series on how the Elohim created the universe and see if that resonates with you.


Things got a little bit screwy here and because they gave free will they didnít regulate and control everything and things took their own course and they are still available to help us change the course but we have to ask because they honor free will. So putting them on and giving them a visibility on our calls is giving us the opportunity to ask.


Then we have the Ra group. The Ra group is who, we believe, spoke through Edgar Cayce, through Carla Rueckert, through David Wilcock. The Ra group is another group soul that is made up graduates of this realm. The voices you are hearing are not one entity, we believe, but itís a manifestation of a group putting together those words coming through either Terry or Daphne and the Ra group is made up of graduates and that means they are souls, entities that came into the physical universe and had many, many lifetimes. In our work it is usually indicated that people have gone through 1000s of lifetimes and every time they have a lifetime, they forget everything and we get trapped here and we get stuck and we canít get out. Thatís why we keep coming back. A certain amount of beings do graduate this realm and they go on with their evolution and they explain that they have teamed together to create a group soul that is working on behalf of all of us that are trapped. They work more closely in than the Elohim. They work more in creating plans and how to create contributions to our planet that can lift people and the vibration here.


So according to my understanding, the Ra group was very much connected in the manifestation of Jesus. So the Ra group has a bit more wisdom about certain things than the Elohim; the ability to go into our consciousnesses and understand the feeling of being trapped, whereas the Elohim group does not have the experience of being trapped here. They learn things vicariously by watching; they can join with a consciousness here and I think they can feel the pain that someone is going through but they have never been trapped in the pain whereas the Ra group has. So itís two different perspectives and we are as a group very blessed to get access in both of these sources in their assistance in helping us transcend our own compressions and our own hang ups and our own obstacles and our own belief patterns and to access those higher parts of ourselves that many of us have had huge challenges in accessing because weíve been trapped.


So I thank all for coming and supporting this work and I hope that itís supporting you back and I think it is from the emails I get and from just the fact that you keep showing up.


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