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Christmas Eve with Daphne, Terry and Wynn


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Host: Wynn Free
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Channeled by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Connie O'Brien
Edited by Terry Brown and Valerie Hawes
Formatted and sent by Gray Brownlee


Wynn: This is December 24th, 2012, Christmas Eve.

I thank all of you for choosing to spend Christmas Eve with us. We did something really unusual today and that was that both Daphne and Terry were greeting everybody. You know, when you’re doing awesome things, when you’re bringing through messages from these Sources, particularly when you first start, it’s so immense that there’s a part of you that says, “Well, my human side is really nothing; no one wants to really hear my human side.”

People, of course, exalt you, because it’s so touching and reaches at such a deep level. I think the three of us, Daphne, Terry and myself, have all gone through that kind of experience. Luckily, I had an easier time being human. Also, I wasn’t channeling or I wasn’t bringing through transmissions as Daphne would rather I said. So I didn’t have to have this gap between my human side and this ‘high side’.

Since I’m talking about it, Daphne, are you there?

Daphne: I’m here, yes.

Wynn: Do you want to share something about your experience, because I think this is one of the first times that you’ve been on the call and I’ve felt like, “Hey, my humanness is okay; my humanness is part of everything.” I think that when people first get introduced to hearing these messages, there’s an automatic kind of thing that comes up for people that can look like unworthiness, because this seems so awesome and I’m nothing. Yet, that is absolutely not true. But that is something we all have to go through, including me and I think, Terry.

I’m going to play a re-play, but we can go over a little bit. I feel like this is a big thing, reconciling your human side and the part of you that brings through messages. So, maybe you’d like to share something about that.

Daphne: Well, it’s interesting. I would say that yes, it definitely does come up. On the one hand, we all have tremendous uniqueness and gifts. We’re all called forth in different ways, sometimes more reluctantly than others. As Wynn has often said, “99% of it is just showing up and being willing to present yourself, and being open.” And realizing, on a really concrete level, that God-Source is what animates us; God-Source is our life. It’s every breath that we take. And with God-Source, we really can do anything.

It’s a hard thing for people to recognize, because they feel limited by bodies and finances and problems of all types and magnitudes. But I really feel that we’re called to address; that’s what we’re doing down here. It’s a divine play; it’s a divine orchestration.

We’re also called to infuse it with love and infuse it with joy and infuse it with beauty. The more we can understand that when we open to ourselves to God, God works through us. I say “God”; some people say “Divine Creator,” the “All That Is”; it’s whatever you’re comfortable with.

When you start realizing that force is inside of you, it makes life, it takes on really, really tremendous importance in terms of everything that you do, every way that you touch another person. It’s not just an isolated act. You’re actually moving God-consciousness through the creation. It’s very wonderful and it’s very powerful and it’s very, very touching and very feeling. It’s what we’re called to do at this time.

So, I’m not very good at this yet. I’m a musician; I consider myself much more of an artist. I don’t have Wynn’s gift in terms of being able to translate this into the vernacular. But, I can do it through music and I can do it through what I feel is touching.

Okay, that’s my spiel.

Wynn: I just want to say one thing: that when you target yourself, when you take what Daphne says seriously, that you are a point of ‘God-source’, you’re an expression of All-That-Is. You’re a tiny little expression in a little body. Each of us has the challenge to figure out how to work it. There’s no one way fits all; so how to use your gifts in a way that you can bring that energy through and feel worthy to do it in your own way.

Daphne has talents as a musician and as someone that can bring through messages. I have talents. Not everyone has talents like that, but they have other talents. Everyone has capability of finding their talents and using them. In everyone’s case it’s showing up. Showing up might be making a phone call to someone you care about; it might be volunteering in an old age home. It might be sitting in a coffee shop and calling in the Light and blessing everyone in the shop and experimenting to see where you can express yourself to bring energy in.

There is something you can do; everyone can do. We just have to find it. All of my life, I’ve had wonderful talents and some part of me didn’t want to do them. As I came to learn, even though I had all these talents I had expressed them in other lifetimes; I had mastered them. It was fun in the creative role, but the actual execution of it suddenly became boring and I said, “I don’t want to be trapped into this the rest of my life.”

One of the best things I did was write songs and play music; I had done that in other lifetimes. I probably had become famous doing it in one way or another. So it was wonderful to write these things. Then, I used to play in front of audiences and it was wonderful to play in front of audiences. When Daphne came into my life, it woke up a whole other set of potentials which was like going to the university all over again and learning a new skill-set on how to do this.

I remember I was getting dream messages: they were talking to me in my dreams in the first couple of years. And, they still do. They’re very funny the way they talk to me. I believe it was the Ra group saying stuff like: ‘You finally found a job you won’t get tired of.’ I wasn’t sure what my job was when they said it because we were not manifesting; we were all just scratching our heads and saying “What do we do with this?”

Terry, would you like to address the same topic? You don’t have to.

Terry: Well, let’s see. I started out and I noticed that I had certain gifts and I didn’t know what to do with them. For instance, I had the ability to control my heart-beat, so when I went into the doctor to get the examination and he put the pressure to measure my blood pressure; he put that thing on my arm and I thought I’d just see if I could stop my heart and wondered what it would do to the blood pressure. So, I stopped my heart; and, he started fiddling with all the connections and his face blanched white. I said “What’s the matter?” He wouldn’t answer me. I said, “No, it’s okay; tell me what’s the matter?” He said “Well, according to this you should be dead.” Then, I said “Oh well, start over and take it again and it’ll be okay now.” So, I started my heart.

I just had to be different; like the ability to make myself warm when it was snowing and I didn’t have a coat. I just had figured out how to—this is kind of strange—to put different conflicting beliefs next to each other and cause them to create friction; then my body would heat up. So I developed some interesting things. I noticed that I could see ghosts. It’s some extra-sensory stuff. I noticed that…

Wynn: I wish you had told me that thirty years ago. We could have gone to a fair and put a sign up and let people pay $2 so you could tell them about the ghosts that were coming into the room.

Terry: Yes.

Wynn: I don’t think I would have done that!

Terry: No! Wynn thought I was crazy. And sometimes we didn’t have any money. One time we went to a parking lot and put a T.V. on the hood of the car and just watched it through the window and pretended we were at a drive-in. Sometimes we were really broke.

Wynn: I think we had more fun than if we actually went to a drive-in.

Terry: Yes! It’s been a really interesting life. I’ve been really blessed too. This thing, being able to channel the Elohim, is really a blessing. I used to, I would see spirits that were in trouble and I’d help them out.

One day, there was this guy; he showed up and he had a uniform on. I never saw that uniform before. I talked him through his problems. What had happened was: he was in Yugoslavia and he was a fighter. He had broken into a room where he shouldn’t have been and gotten shot. The room exploded, so I was just orienting him because he was pretty disoriented. I was just orienting him and then he was able to go off and have a meaningful existence again.

There are a lot of gifts that I have been given and I’m really appreciative of them.

Wynn: Terry is also a great painter. She has a memory of being, was it Rembrandt?

Terry: No, I wasn’t Rembrandt. I studied under Rembrandt.

Wynn: I was going to finish: she has the memory of being Rembrandt’s assistant. I wasn’t going to say Rembrandt. When she was younger she had beautiful paintings she had done. This is the interesting thing about reincarnation, that when you’ve done something and mastered it and become successful at it, you could repeat that in another life. But there’s not that much interest in it; you lose the interest.

Daphne tends to honor the arts. She probably never became famous as a musician, even though she’s great at it. So, she still wants, on some level. Actually, I think she wants to share her music because it’s the joy of the sharing. It’s a way of sharing spirit.

Daphne: Wynn? You know it’s interesting about the arts. In terms of past-life track; information came in from my grandmother who was a Native American. She was Cherokee. It had to do with a charge that I was given back when she passed in 1990. I was down in North Carolina. I didn’t understand it at the time; it’s become more clear to me now. It had to do with some kind of a role that I was to play at this particular time. It had to do with stewardship; stewardship of the land and also of the arts.

It was intrinsically tied to the birth of the sacred feminine. I think one of the reasons that spirit, God, has me so enamored of the arts is that it’s through the arts—it’s through all of the disciplines, but it’s through the arts—that people’s spirits oftentimes are inspired to reach for the Divine. It’s tangible; it’s concrete. It brings it into physical form; it brings it into physical manifestations. It allows humanity to reach the pinnacles of their expression in whatever form: film, cinematography, dance, architecture. You name it; the list goes on and on.

I really feel that 5D and up—you know, the now time, or the ‘no time’ as Daniel Pinchbeck would say, is about becoming creators, whatever that looks like to you. Whatever you’re passionate about, to roll yourself into it with wild abandon and know that when you do that with Divine Source you are expressing God-Source; you are expressing God consciousness. That’s the healing for the planet now; that’s the shift. We’re in the shift; we are the shift. We are God-Source in action; we are God-Source in dance. We are God-Source in joy.

It’s about getting out of our heads and it’s about getting into our hearts and getting into our hands and into our paintbrushes and into our instruments and into our hiking and into our animals and into our kids and into our families and doing it really, really passionately and really exuberantly. It’s about integrating all of this stuff.

It’s not just like, “Oh, you’re spiritual, you’re metaphysical. You don’t drink wine.” No, I do! I do drink wine; not overly-so. It doesn’t control me. Life is sacred; it’s the sacred-ization of the ordinary. The ordinary becomes Holy. It’s about bringing it all together. God is now, God is here.

There was a really wonderful book that was written back in 1990. It was called The Coming of the Cosmic Christ. It was published by Baron Company and the author was a really good friend of Barbara Hand Clow, who wrote Chiron: The Rainbow Bridge.

Anyway, I’m going on and on.

Wynn: You know what? We have to start our replay.

Daphne: Okay. Thank you for indulging me.

Wynn: That’s wonderful; it’s wonderful to have you express yourself. That’s part of it, being able to express and be who you are, realizing that just because somebody can bring through these messages, theyhave a human side.

It’s really wonderful for Daphne and Terry to be able to share their human sides with us. It helps us; it helps me. I’ve lost my words, so now we’re going to do what we had scheduled for tonight. We can go over a little bit. It’s a Christmas Eve show we did in 2009. Both Terry and Daphne both brought through messages on that show.

I think you’ll hear the difference in that whole show because I don’t think any of us were as adept as we are now at dealing with this two years ago, three years ago.

You can hear how we were then. My brother-in-law came on and talked about JoAnne. JoAnne was in the background; I said I’m dedicating this show to my sister who has passed. Just take a moment and just send her the Light. If it wasn’t for her, I don’t know if any of this would be happening.

It was not easy for her, because even though she had that healing from her lupus she had a lot of other things disabling her. Eventually, she couldn’t get out of bed. Her husband was just totally taking care of her; feeding her, helping her with her bathroom stuff, washing her, bathing her. He was 24/7 in the room with her. When I went to Florida, it was obvious that it was not even fair for her to stay alive for herself. She was aware; she could look at me. I held her hand and she looked in my eyes and beautiful energy passed between us. Just a few days after I left, she was gone. Everyone knew she was going. I think she might be on this audio, so we’ll see. Here we go:

Wynn: So, everyone is muted. Just to do my little quick introduction. Most of you [or] all of you… Did someone just say, “Wynn”?

Larry: Yes, Larry from Florida.

Wynn: Hi, Larry; oh, good, great.

To do my introduction, you all probably have been reading enough of my material to know that voices talk to me through two people in my life. The voices identified themselves as group souls who were responsible for a lot of spiritual evolution on our planet, in particular even connected with Jesus. I had asked many, many questions about this. A story came together that seemed to fit together for me, a lot of missing dots, connecting a lot of dots in the way things work in terms of an overview of what the nature of human evolution is in this realm.

It had to do, not with believing in something, not in having a specific belief-pattern like believing in God or believing Jesus is the Savior of the World. The real essence of evolution had to do with breaking out of the contraction that everyone in this realm experiences. The contraction is connected with the opening of your own holographic field to fields which are greater aspects of your field, which we’re cut off from. Some people call it the veil of forgetfulness or just ‘the veil’, period. Everything in this realm that we are usually exposed to is also contracted, so we’re looking around, if you’re a seeker, for how to uncontract on some unconscious level. Everything around you is contracted and so it’s hard to find a way to uncontract.

What I started to experience when I would do my public talks and on these conference calls is, that there was an energy that would come in. When I would talk and communicate with these group souls and ask them about that, they would say that it was them and they had the ability to move through all the dimensions, move through the veil and meet us and connect with us.

I wasn’t sure I could believe that at first; it’s quite a big premise. Anyone that’s looking at me, I don’t tell them, “Believe it.” I say.” Rather, pay attention and see if it works for you; see if you make that connection. Because each of us is like a radio receiver and it’s not easy to tune into these higher frequencies.

So this has happened enough and enough people have checked into the calls. Enough people have emailed me that are intelligent people and have observed this and have experienced the shift in their lives.

What happens is, when you tune into these higher energies that are beyond the veil, you start tuning into it on the call and you feel the energies. Some of you can feel the energies now, while I’m talking, because they love to connect with us. This is like the essence or the epitome of interaction between realms, I believe.

When they connect with us, when you can feel that energy, it’s like the first step in holding a bigger space. These energies, these group souls that we feel, are actually us; we are them. They’re not outside us; that’s just the illusion that we experience because we’ve been separated for so long, particularly having so many lifetimes in the third dimension, 3D. One of the natures of being in this realm is to disconnect and forget.

According to the cosmology that I’ve presented, when there are many, many people who have volunteered to come into this realm who had graduated - who had actually been spirit-forms, once they came in here, they would forget why they came. And they would forget that they came here to be of service. Before you know it, they have experienced lifetime after lifetime in the trap of this realm. Many of the people, I believe, who are attracted to my material fit that description. Ra calls them Wanderers; the Elohim has called them star-seeds.

They have an immediate affinity and connection with this material because on some level, it reminds them and wakes them up on a cellular level of the real reason they’re in this realm. Once they start to make and hold the connections of the higher degrees of Oneness that can be had by learning how to hold this reference point, they can do that in their own lives. It may not happen quickly, but the people that are coming into our conference calls regularly, many of them are having this experience. Many of them are finding their old patterns going away and finding that obstacles you used to have are not in front of you. Sometimes it takes a period of months for this to happen.

It doesn’t matter, because it’s happening. We set up something that is available to anybody. It doesn’t cost money, so no matter what happens to the economy. As long as we can figure out how to pay our bills, which is a challenge—people making donations, who can afford to do that, keep that up; it sustains us so that we can put something onto the planet that anyone can partake of without regard to finances. And that’s been my goal.

When these energies come in, I’ve come to believe—this is just my idea and it’s fairly consistent—that it’s not so different from what traditional religious people might call the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit—and this is again, my take on this—was actually the flow of energy from these group souls coming to meet us very close. When that occurs, amazing things can happen. Our matrices can heal; miracles can occur. When I speak about miracles, I can introduce… Larry, are you on the line?

Larry: Yep, I’m on the line.

Wynn: This is my brother-in-law Larry; some of you have read about what happened to my sister, which was in really the first six months of the time when Daphne started channeling. She was going into the hospital for a critical operation. Larry, why don’t you take a moment and would you share what happened?

Larry: JoAnne had gotten sick and we found out that she had cancer and they had to do an emergency operation on her. They operated on her and after the operation the doctor said she had a 50-50 chance of surviving; I think it’s been over seven years now. She’s okay; she’s cancer-free. And an unusual thing happened; she’d had lupus for a number of years. For twelve years she had lupus and she was having a lot of aches and pains. The lupus is sort, the feeling she was getting from lupus was more like she had the flu all the time. You wake up every morning and you have like a 105° temperature and a very sick feeling. She was having this feeling for years.

After this operation, they tested her for the lupus and she came out negative; she was at zero, which was unusual because her ANA was always at a higher level. They said that’s very rare that ever happens. Since then, she rarely has the feelings of the lupus anymore. She used to have the malar rash, the red rash, across her face; that’s not there anymore. I think by her not having that it helped her get rid of cancer.

Wynn: Is JoAnn willing to say hello to everybody?

Larry: Yes; she’ll say hello.

JoAnn: Hello, everyone; I just want to wish all a very Merry Christmas. I hope that no harm comes to anyone in the following year; that it’ll be a good year. I want to say hello to Daphne and Terry; give them my love. Bye. That’s all.

Wynn: Thank you so much, hey, JoAnn? Are you there?

JoAnn: Yes; can you hear me? Wait.

Wynn: Larry, here’s what I’m going to do. I know she gets anxious when I say “JoAnn.” Why don’t you do me a favor: everyone that’s on the line. I just unmuted everybody; would you like to say hello to my sister? Hello, JoAnne.

Callers:  Hello, Jo Anne.

JoAnn: Hello. Thank you.

Wynn: Thank you all so much. My sister is very shy. I don’t even know if Larry told her that I was going to put her on the line tonight; we concocted this between Larry and myself, just about an hour before we were on the line.

JoAnn, thank you so much for coming on. I want you to know your healing not only saved you, but—I’m getting emotional—your healing has been an inspiration for many people, to believe that this kind of work can be real. Since that time, a number of people who have come into my line have had healings of different sorts.

Thank you for getting healed and doing that; not just for yourself, but for the world.

So, there’s an energy on this line and they say they’re paying attention to us and we’ve had a lot of indications that that’s true. I can tell you a couple of stories.

One of them is that they come on and they usually just say, “We say hello to you all; we’re with you. Our energy is with you.” One time they mentioned a strange word, this is through Terry and no one knew what that word was.

Then, I get an email from a lady in Turkey named Betule saying “They said hello to me on the line.” I couldn’t believe it. We checked it out and sure enough; they said “Hello, Betule” in Turkish.

Another time, someone was reading a channeling, one of them who did our Tuesday night Q’uo channelings; hr got stuck on a word. He couldn’t figure out how to pronounce the word, and there was this hesitation on the line. Everyone was muted; suddenly, a voice came on the line and said the word.

Those were two little incidents; there are lots and lots of incidents that happen. Those of you that are new, I hope you start coming into our other conference calls and check this out, because they’re very non-linear; the energy is always there. Particularly on our Sunday grid healing, the energy is really, really powerful.

We have Daphne and Terry on the line. This may be the first time that both of them have actually been on the line at the same time. Do you guys want to introduce yourselves? Daphne? Terry?

Daphne: Hello? 

Wynn: Daphne? Would you like to introduce yourself? Say hello?

Daphne: Hello. This is Daphne.

Wynn: Daphne has the sniffles; she’s in Alaska.

Daphne: No; it’s more like the flu. I’m in southeast Alaska; not Anchorage. It’s more akin to Seattle weather, but we do have snow, very pretty. It’s called Sitka.

Wynn: Terry, are you on the line?

Terry: Yes. I am. I’m in Santa Monica, California and it is chilly here, too. Hello, everybody.

Wynn: I didn’t unmute them, but I’m sure they’re saying hello. With Daphne and Terry, they’re both pretty psychic, so you can all just think “hello” back to them and they’ll hear it. Are you guys ready? You’re going to think “hello” back to Daphne and Terry. One, two, three... Okay, thank you.

We’re going to go into having the Sources address us on this Christmas call. We do this on Sunday mornings and we take a long time doing it. I’m going to do it very quickly. For some of you, you will feel this and it will be a reference point on how to tune in these energies from other realms. Take a moment; shut your eyes and feel the energy in your body. You can start with your feet and go up slowly from your feet to your stomach to your heart to your neck and your head. For some of you, you’re going to notice a lot of energy in your head. Maybe that will be a new experience. That’s your crown chakra.

Now we’re going to go through our heads and above our heads. We’re going to meet each other way up high in our energy-forms. You’ll notice you can feel a lot of energy. You can’t see where you are. This is why it’s really good to be careful when you do this and do it in our group and get used to it. You move it to areas where there could be negative forces, and you must always have protection when you do this.

We’re creating our own little group energy right now. It actually exists; it’s real. You might just say, “I love everybody on the line and I love everybody that listens to this.” Just take a moment and send your love out. Now that we have this group energy that we’ve established we’re in a place where these group souls can actually tune into our energies and they can see it; with whatever kind of eyes they have, they can be aware of it. They follow our invitation, so we’re going to invite them to join with us.

And, we could stop right here; we could hold a meditation for the next half hour, in silence, and that would be very powerful. We’re not going to do that, but we could. You notice how your mind has stopped chattering? This is tuning in your radio to their frequency. You may not get voices; in fact, it’s not good to want to get voices, as Daphne can tell you; when we do this, we’re moving into uncharted territories. You have to get very strong holding the energy, so that you learn how to keep yourself protected. We are connected now.

When we have a channeling through Daphne or Terry, I believe that the voice that’s speaking to us is very much directly connected with the energies we are feeling.

I have a question for Daphne. Daphne, are you there?

Daphne: I am.

Wynn: Do you feel comfortable letting Terry go first?

Daphne: That’s fine, yes.

Wynn: So Terry, are you there?

Terry: I’m here.

Wynn: Just to explain a little bit about channeling: this is not meant to be believed blindly. When you have a voice speaking through someone, there are three possibilities. One possibility is that everything is exactly as it said it was. The other one is that the person can mix in their own thoughts and go back and forth. The third is, you’re going to get a negative source. I don’t believe we ever have had negative sources on this line. It’s very important to always use your own discernment.

The energies that we’re feeling you can validate directly. The rest, be open to the possibilities. There’s no way I can prove that who is speaking to us is who they say they are, although over a period of seven years of communicating with them, it has been extremely consistent. There have been a huge amount of synchronicities and indications in my life that way, but I always tell people, “Don’t be a blind believer. Kick the tires; test it very carefully. Learn how to make it your own.” I’m going to call in the Light and then I’m going to turn it over to Terry.

Then we’ll take a moment. You’ll notice that hopefully if we have the same Source speaking through Daphne and Terry, they actually use the personality structures and the mental structures of the individual people. So, it won’t sound the same from a personality level, because each one is using the channeler’s personality as a vehicle to come through. So, you’ll notice a shift, most likely.

Father-Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light, to surround and protect each person here and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of our galaxy, through our bodies and into the center of the earth. Right now, we invoke a group energy connection, while maintaining our individualities. We invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, operating in the Christed energy, to join with us. We create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.

For a moment, while you’re feeling these energies, we take a moment of silence and ask for anything you need in your personal life for the highest good of all concerned. Maybe there’s a healing, maybe there’s someone you care about that needs a healing. Make a space and put them in that space, or put yourself in that space.

Okay Terry; if they have anything to say, we’re ready.

Ra’An: We greet you this 24th /25th of December, 2009; we say 24th and, 25th as our call extends across all time zones. And in some time zones it is now the 25th. It is with great joy that we, meaning the soul groups: the Elohim group, the Ra group and everyone on this line. It is great joy that we greet each and every one of you.

We look across the great land and oceans and land again from a focal point of the west coast, where we are focused in through Terry Brown at this time. We are delighted also to have Daphne with us on the call, as she is our old friend and one of us. We share great love and are honored with her presence, as with each and every one on this line.

We are delighted that each and every one of you are here to call in the Spirit at this time of joy and friendship and connection, although we span different religions within the call, the generosity and the desire for connection and love and giving this present as with them we extend it to all light workers across the world. We give a minute of thanks for each and every light worker and connect with them.

As we look across the land of the United States and Canada, we see that there is much cold and snow, which has taken some preoccupation at this Christmas season and some attention has gone to that, rather than the normal swing into Christmas. We still see Christmas lights across the country and in Europe we see celebrations into Europe and into Poland and across the continent.

It is the joy of giving, the joy of Christmas, sometimes known and embodied in the idea of Santa Claus, that brings us together tonight and brings even people that do not know each other together in connection. These connections create a consensus reality, lifting the whole Spirit and the whole vibration of the whole world. Day by day, would this Spirit of giving and connection be expanded and placed out into the world and extended day by day throughout the year, this would make a great change in planet earth. The vibration would sing; the actual vibration would sing throughout the solar system.

So, we send Light Love and encouragement for the expansion of the Spirit of connection and love to each and every vibration where it occurs, that it may be multiplied and the volume may turn up, but not to a cacophony of chaos or discord, but to a fine-tuned harmony, with sensitivity and awareness where individuals may recognize their fellow soul-mates, their fellow beings as friends and shake hands.

As we shake hands in a non-linear way, since we have no physical bodies, so we shake energy hands with each and every one here and offer you the presents which are not only of Christmas, but the presence, for each and every moment in the present, in the now, as the year progresses and the new year progresses, that you may ask; you may intend. You may desire; you may wish for the things that will make your life happier and better. You may then receive our help because you have asked.

And not only our help, but the help of the Universe, the help of the spirits, the help of other people, as you set into play a series of coincidences wherein you have set the basis for the coincidences to occur by putting out what you desire which would be good for you and then allowing similar vibrations to be attracted to those vibrations that you are putting out. And you thus magnify your personal health and prosperity and success and connection and love with your fellow man.

We are honored to be with each and every one of you and thank each and every one of you for being here with us and inviting us into your sphere today. Adonai.

Wynn: Thank you. We will continue; let me make sure Daphne is up for it. Daphne?

Daphne: Yes.

Wynn: Are you up to address the group?

Daphne: I’ll see if I can make a connection. Okay, we can try.

Council of Ra’El:  Greetings, dear blessed souls on this eve of Christmas in your western hemisphere. We are days past the solstice, the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere; the southern solstice in the southern hemisphere. We are approaching gateways, gateways of energy transformation and transmutation. A major one is in the throes of occurring now with a constellation of Aquarian energy; of Chiron, of Neptune and of Pluto in Aquarius at the degree of 24 in conjunction.

What this means is, on a stellar level, there is an opportunity for the Love Light vibration emanating from the galactic center, also known as the Hunab-Ku, to come through our solar system and to root and implant itself into the crystalline core structures of your DNA, of your awakening crystalline blood structures, as they transmute from a carbon-base to a silicon-base.

Think of a prism and how a prism diffracts light, diffuses the light, so that you have a spectrum; a spectrum of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet; and each of these colors in the spectrum is a frequency. The frequency actually corresponds to tonal, aural, hearing vibrations such as notes on the piano and also to the chakra energies, the vortex energies, in the body. The seven major ones are: the root, the pelvic-sexual, solar plexus, the heart, the throat or communication, the third eye corresponding to the pineal gland and the seventh, thr crown chakra. These are the major; there are also secondary chakras.

There are chakras extending above the head and chakras extending below the auric field of the human, which in general extends about five or six feet. When a human being is wholly awakened, as in the state of what is traditionally known in spiritual semantics as an avatar, it goes out to about 55 feet.

We are in the throes of awakening to this much, much greater luminescence, luminosity of abilities that are inherent within the cells which are latent, which are sleeping; which occasionally poke their heads out. Now they are coming, or we have the ability, the opportunity, the gateway, the pathway to bring them much more fully into physicality, because earth herself is spreading her wings, literally spreading her wings, just as when a 747 reaches the critical speed, the threshold speed of 163 m.p.h. more or less, the thrust from the engines is enough to raise that hundred-ton aircraft into the air.

And, as such we are also being lifted into, not the air, but into a higher dimensional frequency, a higher dimensional vibration, because earth herself has made a decision, if we can use that word ‘decision’; she is evolving. We, as sentient and free-willed beings, can make a choice to move with her and move into higher realms, which necessitates an opening of the heart, not perfection, but an opening of the heart, compassion, of making more decisions from a place of the heart than a place of fear. That is all that is required; and acting more in the interests of other people than of selfishness.

One does not have to be perfect; one does not have to be a saint to accomplish this. One just must daily strive to open one’s heart and to give love and to receive love. As one does this, one biologically changes; one’s mental patterns, one’s mental structures, one’s physiology, one’s biology, the aging process slows down; it actually can be reversed.

But all of these things are effects; they are not the reason that we are doing this. We have chosen, millions of years ago, as souls, as sovereign entities, to experience evolution of the Love Light vibration in a very, very dense realm, this realm of not only free will, but a realm of very mixed celestial heritage. This is an anomaly; it is not a normal situation. Usually civilizations are evolved in a much more homogeneous, much more slow, much more gentle manner.

This is super-duper challenge place; the place where some joke that the renegades from populations they didn’t know what to do with them, similar to Australia; it was a prison colony. They put everyone, or many people here, maybe  70%.

Of course, there are many light workers here that have come here for tremendous experiences of growth which it’s very obvious that there are now because there is so much – if you were to listen to the mainstream media, or to allow yourself to be fooled by consensus reality; which – unless one takes a break from the media, from the television, from the corporate structures especially of the western world but which are increasingly global. It is a rationalization of totalitarianism and fear. To understand that is something intrinsic in you that is bigger and more powerful and can rise above that is something very, very precious indeed.

It is similar to Michael Jackson’s song, Man in the Mirror; if you want to make a change, take a look at yourself. It’s that person in the mirror; that’s where the change has to happen. And it’s in your heart and it’s the way that you look at yourself and it’s in the way that you look at your connection to not only human beings, but the animals and the plants and the earth, to everything and realize that, as Carla’s work The Law of One states: We are all one. What we do to each other we do to ourself. There is no getting around that fact.

So we are in the final stages of preparing for dimensional gateways; there are some important ones I’ll mention. The solstice, which is just previous, is still in effect. We are coming up on a retrograde as of tomorrow, Mars retrograde, the day after tomorrow. We also have the 1.1, which is January the 1st, then the 1.11, January 11th; then the 2.2, the 3.3 and the 4.4. They are asking me to prepare your consciousness energetically for the stabilization of the higher frequency; they’re saying ‘portal energies’, in order to prepare for a thrust and a huge change in May of this coming year.

There is an anchoring at a higher level of conscious availability of the God energies. Through this, as our other beloved channel Terry has said, “Through this awakening in yourself, you will seemingly, as if by ‘magic’, attract those circumstances, those people, those things, that prosperity, into your life that are so wonderful and beautiful and make life feel like an effortless, magical dream. As if you are a musician and you’re playing your piece perfectly. Or you are a painter and everything is falling into place; or you’re a novelist and you’re writing well into the midnight hours, and you’re in the zone; you’re in the flow.

Imagine the baseline of your life being the most ecstatic experience you ever have had in 3D; imagine that being your baseline; ecstasy being the norm, as opposed to the peak experience. This is what you are headed for; this is what you are awakening yourself so that you can literally light on fire other people. It is what Christ talked about during the time of the Pentecost; during the time that he came back to earth in the flesh, not as a ghost, because he ate fish, if you recall from the scripture. The disciples were not sure if he was a ghost and so he ate.

There were tongues of flame, literally visible, not only over the head of Christ but also over the heads of the disciples. If you look at the Hebrew, it’s one of the five sacred, oldest languages now, in terms of being able to transport this energy, the energy of the Ra and the Elohim. If you look at the word ‘Israel’ you have Ra and El right there. It tells you something; it is a special place for many, many reasons.

We are in the throes of a major kindling. There’s a huge vat, a huge pot of water. Water represents emotion and emotion is being purified and as the heart is being purified, as the collective waters, the collective consciousness, the collective heart, the emotions are being brought to a boil; that is when the water changes state, i.e. dimension, changes to steam. It lifts and it evaporates; i.e. it evolves into a higher, molecular construct of itself.

That is what is happening to each and every one of you and to some extent to everyone on the planet. Everyone is being bombarded and affected by this energy though some are more consciously realizing of it than others. Some can feel it in their bodies. Some can see it in dreams. Some people are writing that they are having very powerful, very significant dreams.

The Council of Ra’El, which is the Council speaking now, encourages you to record your dreams, to record strong impressions you have; to record synchronicities and to keep a journal, to keep a pad, a notebook by your bed. Strong flashes of déjà-vu, things like this are important to record, because you are validating and acknowledging for yourself what it is that is changing and how we are moving from an either-or black and white, linear-constructed place; we are moving out of this limited time-space construction. We are moving into the Trinitarian consciousness; the both-and which is why the symbol of the triangle or the pyramid is interesting symbolically. It is because it affords a view of the correctness of not black or white but black and white; not male or female but male and female. Not the animal kingdom or the human kingdom but the animal and the human; it is all-inclusive. It is all-inclusive.

The river is rushing very fast; we are approaching the rapids. It is time, very much, to get snugly in the boat and trust. And, trust that you will/you are being taken care of by forces that are so much vaster than anything you can consciously imagine.

We could talk much longer, but we feel this is enough food for this Christmas Eve. We don’t want to give you a stomach-ache spiritually speaking. Thank you.

This is Council of Ra’El and we bid you great, great joy; great, great love, and great, great hope, and great fortitude and courage in the coming year and especially the coming months. We look forward to addressing you again.

 Adonai, Adonai, Sabaoth. We should like to close with an Omm.  Ommmmmmmmmmmm. Peace. Pax Christos. Thank you very much;

Wynn: Thank you. I’d like to thank everyone who showed up today to celebrate their Christmas Eve with us. I’d like to particularly thank Daphne and Terry for both being available to share on this call. I thank my sister for her courage and speaking up and for being such a symbol of inspiration just by receiving a healing. I thank my brother-in-law for telling the story.

You guys are all unmuted. Why don’t you say hello to everyone that listens to this on the tape, because we’ll put a tape out on it? Go ahead.

Callers in unison in 2009:  Hello!

Wynn in current time 2012:  That was the people on the tape from 2009. 

Michael: I heard that voice when Daphne came on at one point it referred to lateral feelings, indicating that she had feelings on various levels.

Wynn: Is that Michael?

Michael: Yes.

Wynn   Alright, thank you all for listening. That was kind of an extraordinary session. I wish you all a Merry Christmas. Thanks to Daphne and Terry for being here and holding the space for this call and all of you.

Terry: Hello?

Wynn: Oh, you’re there. Okay.

Terry: Yes.

Wynn: Is that the first time you’ve listened to one of these calls?

Terry: Yes. It was nice to listen to.

Wynn: Yes. How about Daphne? Are you still there?

Daphne: I am.

Wynn: How did it feel to be in your own audience?

Daphne: It was an experience, that’s for sure.

I think that we are grounding and precipitating some very, very huge, huge, huge energies. I think it’s very interesting that this was three years ago and I had been sick in Alaska. Terry was in Santa Monica, California.

Fast forward to tonight, present time: I’m sitting in Half Moon Bay, California and Terry is now in Sedona, Arizona. I’m sensing, I’m getting information that we are actually moving an energy construct that was architected on a higher level. We’re precipitating it into physical form.

Also, right before this show I was up at Valerie’s, talking to Valerie’s nephew who had just had his first flying lesson. We were talking about the speed of the aircraft as it lifts off the tarmac. That 163 m.p.h., the 100-ton aircraft; I had just been talking about that. No accidents.

Wynn: Okay.

Daphne: We’re reaching lift-off.

Another thing, there was an analogy about changing states, water changing state. Water changes state at 212° F, and we are now 2012. Again, no accidents.

Wynn: Alright.

Donna: I have a question.

Wynn: Yes. Who is that?

Donna: It’s Donna in Mesa. Does anyone notice anything different in the sky on the 22nd?

Wynn: Donna, if we start doing questions we’ll end up on here for about two hours. Ask your question anyway. What were you going to say?

Donna: I asked “Did anybody notice anything different in the sky on the 22nd when we got the 8 minute window?”

Wynn: I didn’t look up; what did you notice?

Donna: I saw the sky turn to lilac-color.

Wynn: It had a lilac color?

Donna: Yes.

Wynn: I didn’t notice, but you can submit that for a Wednesday question if you want, okay?

Donna: I’m just wondering what it was.

Daphne: There’s very interesting information by a lady named Sandra Walter. Wynn has also looked at this; she lives near Mt. Shasta.

She had written on her blog experiences that she had over these “three days of energy transmissions,” the 21st, 22nd and 23rd. She’s not working with the Elohim and Ra per se that I know of, but I do have a good [feeling] about her observations. I do believe she is high integrity. If you want to check her out, her name is Sandra Walter.

Wynn: Thank you.

Donna: Thanks, Daphne. I guess that was intended for me, I’m not sure. But thank you.

Daphne: You’re welcome.

Donna: I was just thinking [I’d bring that up] on this call, that’s all. I notice things, too. I’ve also been psychic since birth.

Wynn: Listen, we wish you all a great Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. Thank you for spending Christmas Eve with us all. We’ll see you Wednesday when we answer your questions.

Thank you all very much.

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