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Happy New Year with Carla and Wynn


Monday 12.31.2012
Host: Wynn Free
Audio Link - Channeled by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien

Edited by Terry Brown and Valerie Hawes
Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee

 Wynn:  This is December 31st, 2012, Wynn Free and Carla Rueckert. This call is going to be centered around this discussion that Carla and I have been doing for the past couple of months, where we have been taking parts of the Ra Material apart. Weíre trying to interpret them.


Most people, when they first look at the Ra Material, find that itís over their head; is that a way to say it, Carla?


Carla:  Itís a little intense.


Wynn:  Itís intense; itís complicated. Itís concepts that are hard to assimilate; theyíre so far out of the way we normally think about things. Let me say, just before we got on this call, Daphne and I got into a big argument. She said, ďHow can you do a serious call on New Yearís Eve? It should be a party!Ē Daphne, are you there?


Daphne:  Wait a minute. Hey, am I here? I have to speak up for myself.


Carla:  I can hear you.


Daphne:  I didnít say we should have a party; I saidÖ


Wynn:  You said it should be a party.


Carla:  So letís put on our hats.


Daphne:  I said that this should be a time of celebration and acknowledgment. I didnít say just, ďLetís have a partyĒ.


Wynn:  I think a time of celebration and acknowledgment is a party.


Daphne:  You missed Christmas, Wynn; so I was thinking, ďWell at least we can get New Yearís Eve in.Ē


Wynn:  Carla, Iíve re-named this segment of our Monday shows ďAll in the Family with a TwistĒ.


Carla:  Daphne, do you remember that weekend that you and David [Wilcock] were recording?


Daphne:  I certainly do.


Carla:  And David spent the entire weekendÖ.


Daphne:  My mother was always trying to drag you out some nice restaurant.


Carla:  Yes; well she was dragging us out to see pretty houses. Then, weíd end up, because she was thirsty and hungry, weíd go to a restaurant, because we were out of food; because I had a broken foot and I couldnít cook.


What I was remembering about it was that David spent the entire weekend, except for the last day, getting the software ready. You and your mom and Vera and I were stuck. We were just trying to think of things to do to pass the time. It was amazing.


Daphne:  Youíre absolutely gracious.


Wynn:  Go ahead, Daphne.


Daphne:  I was re-calibrating my remembrance of being there at the house. I remember David was a late sleeper; heíd stay up most of the night and heíd get up around noon-time. He was in his own zone there.


Carla:  Yes, he had his own little sleep-cycle thing going; then, he had to do his journal. He wasnít ready.


Daphne:  Right. He and my mother got into a little bit of aóit wasnít an altercation so much. She made some comment and David came back at her with some sarcasm and she didnít know how to handle it. After that, I think she was a bit afraid of him.


Wynn:  Okay guys; do you see what I mean by the ďAll in the FamilyĒ?


Carla:  But we had a good time, didnít we? You made some pretty music and your mom and Vera and I set out and saw a lot of pretty houses.


Daphne:  We had a wonderful time, Carla.


Carla:  We had a good time, yes.


Daphne:  Iím sorry I didnít get up to see you when I was in Atlanta this last pass through; but you never know. You never know.


Carla:  You never do. Well, God bless your mom. Iím glad I got to see her.


Daphne:  God bless you, Carla.


Carla:  Thank you sweetheart. God bless you.


We love each other. Thatís the thing about families; we do love each other.


Wynn:  Yes, we do.


Carla:  If we didnít love each other, we wouldnít bother arguing, right. Weíd be going ďWhateverĒ. So letís have celebration; let me think.


I do celebrate you Wynn and you Daphne and everything that makes us come to this moment. Thank you Lord for being here and for being able; weíre finally past that 2012 whatever thing. Iím so glad, because I felt the changes; I felt the calibrations going. I felt the things that were happening. But, nobody that was looking for something to happen in the physical was satisfied but I was thrilled to death and I think a lot of people are that weíre working in the spiritual. Weíre working in the metaphysical and did feel those wonderful new energies not just come in, because theyíve been trying to come in for some time, but being able to come in without any real resistance because itís time, you know. Itís now time.


We are getting those beautiful energies if we just knew how to use them. The problem always is that it takes courage to face yourself. With these new vibrations comes the ability to process a tremendous amount of information. Some of that information is about our shadow-side. And, a lot of people donít want to look at the shadow-side.


Thatís really the deal is if you get the shadow-side going, you just say, ďOkay; I love you. I love you, shadow-side. Letís deal with it; letís go into it. Letís go right to middle of it and come out the other side and hug the wolf.Ē And the wolf is no longer a threat; the wolf is part of us and we can set that wolf to doing positive things.


Terry:  Well said.


Doug:  We can barely hear you here in the office, barely, barely, your guests.


Wynn:  All of us, me as well?


Doug:  No, youíre fine. Itís just the lady speaking was so light it was almost impossible to pick up.


Carla:  Iíve got the microphone right at my mouth, so I donít know what else to do.


Wynn:  Iím just going to have to dominate the show.


Carla:  There you go, Wynn.


Wynn:  And, go back to theÖ


Carla:  My volume is all the way up; is that better?


Wynn:  I hear you okay.


Doug:  It is minorly better, but very little so; very little. Youíre just, you have one of those vocal tones.


Wynn:  We have a very dynamic team here, and a very dynamic audience who has chosen to spend New Yearís Eve with us.


My momentous New Yearís Eve, my most momentous, was when I was in high school. I had a date; one of my few dates in high school. I dropped the lady off and we had been drinking; one of the only times I drank. I went on to have a head-on collision with a guy that was more drunk than me. I havenít gone out on New Yearís Eve since then.


Caller:  Wise choice.


Wynn:  Yes. But Iím going to right back into the Ra Material. I was just going to give one personal note that I donít think I ever shared.


Those of you who read The Creator Gods of the Universe Want to Talk to You book know a little bit of the story about how this started with Daphne and Terry. Daphne and I had been together for six months and she left.


It was at her auntís house. I guess it was four months later. Her aunt is very protective, a spinster, a very nice lady. Sheís a former doctor who had graciously taken Daphne in, who was under what we call negative attacks when she was with me and couldnít figure out how to get out of them.


Some months later, Daphne and I were talking and she said, ďMaybe what we were doing was really important; maybe we should get together.Ē So we picked a weekend that her aunt was out of town. I flew to Atlanta, picked Daphne up and we said, ďWe should go visit Carla on the way backĒ. David was at Carlaís house at the time. I had never met David up to that point, although we had talked writing the book, working on the book.


We got to Louisville, Kentucky, which is where Carla is. Actually, itís a suburb of Louisville, right, Carla?


Carla:  Thatís right; itís called Anchorage.


Wynn:  We were driving by Carlaís house. It was probably about 10:00 p.m. or something. We were going to get a motel and Daphne said, ďLetís go say hello to CarlaĒ. Sheíd already been at the house and recorded some stuff there. I said, ďNo, no, no we canít go there without calling.Ē Particularly, David was so protective of his privacy and I felt that he would feel invaded if we just showed up without making some prior arrangements.


Well, Daphne jumped out of the car and knocked on the door. I donít think David talked to me for the rest of the visit there. We were staying at this motel and we were doing sessions in the motel. And in the sessions they kept saying, ďMake a good connection with Carla; you and Carla can work really well together.Ē At the time, I was fairly intimidated by Carla.


Carla:  Thatís hard to believe.


Wynn:  Your reputation preceded you. If you ever look up Carla on the internet you will see so many people have been influenced by her work; so many people have called her work the Ďepitome of channeled materialí. They kept telling me, ďMake a connection with CarlaĒ. I would say that at time, I didnít feel worthy of this kind of connection weíre having now. I didnít feel worthy in general.


For those of you that stay tuned to these calls, you find out that really, they have me doing this because Iím a really good example of a clod who pushed himself through his own obstacles. Iíve learned how, still learning, to let this light energy flow through me and clear these patterns that I had been going through my entire life.


On the level of really creating affinity that I thought we would have when we went to do that visit: it didnít happen.


Carla: Except it did happen with us because I remember you and I sittingówe went out to a dive. I loved this place; it was a place where they had good music on the weekend. It was, at the time it was just a dive; thatís all there was to it. I loved it, though. You could get a great burger there. You and I sat down and we had burgers and we talked. We had a great time. I enjoyed it; I really did. Thatís what I remember about it.


Wynn:  I remember that; I remember that.


Carla:  I didnít catch the angst you know. I was happy. David was walled up in his room, like ďIím so scared! Heís going to come up and get me.Ē


Wynn:  We love you David.


Carla:  Well, we do love you David; but, letís face it; that wasnít your finest moment.


Wynn:  Heís done a fine job being out in the world and rattling a lot of peopleís cages.


Carla:  Yes; Kentucky just wasnít his town. He really needed to get to Hollywood where he could sort of expand a bit.


Wynn:  Right, right. I was concerned. One of the things I was concerned about was that in that period of time, even though there were all these sessions coming through Daphne that were just amazing, I said, ďMaybe this is something negative thatís trying to take over, thatís trying to intrude itself.Ē I was afraid Carla might think that and David, Iím sure, did think that at the time.


I didnít feel like a confident person talking about this work or the channelings. In fact, I was kind of like sharing it with Carla and kind of looking for some kind of validation through Carla and I was getting it. She was giving it to me.


Daphne, since weíre talking about this is there anything you want to share about that experience?


Daphne:  You know, being in the middle of it as I was, along with you and Terry, it wasnít easy being in it. First off, where do you look for stabilization? If you were to look in traditional kind of western forms it was hard. I was experiencing so much of the negative greeting-type stuff which is extremely hard to deal with.  You do ask yourself, ďIf this is so good, why am I feeling so bad?Ē


Having come through that, being on the other side of it, I see that itísóDavid always used the word and maybe Carla uses it too, Ďcatalystí.


It was just tremendous catalyzation. Itís interesting that Carla brought up what she did about making friends with your shadow, because indeed, I think that is whatís on the plate for a lot of people right now. Itís all us; itís all us, everything we experience, itís some aspect, itís some facet.


Depending on where we hold our integrity and how much weíve been able to resolve and synthesize polarity inside of ourselves, we can choose where to stay in balance; where to stay in that point of equilibrium.


Itís been quite an arduous journey. Iím glad that part of it is kind of behind me. There are always new challenges; you never stop evolving, from what Iím understanding. It just continues to spiral on and upwards.


What do you think about that, Carla?


Carla:  When I was doing the Ra sessions, I had constant psychic greetings. I was in a very stable situation. I wasnít at all floating; I was in a stable situation with both Don and Jim. There was a tremendous amount of love; I was very settled. I knew that this was a wonderful situation and these were the golden days. I just couldnít wait until I did the next session because my baby Don was justóyou call a six-and-a-half foot guy a baby, itís obviously, itís from my point of viewóbut I loved him so much. He was a melancholy man; he thought this planet was crazy. He thought he was in an insane asylum. He said all you could hope for was a private room.


I never saw him happy a single day, except when we were doing the Law of One sessions and he was happy and chirpy. It was wonderful; I was just so happy to do it.


But, it was the kind of psychic greeting that wasnít just, ďOkay, you have physical problems now. All your physical problems are being emphasized.Ē  I had a lot of physical problems in the first place and they had a ball with all those. It was things like, I would be out walking and Iíd look both ways to cross the street, see nothing. If somebody hadnít been with me I would have walked into the path of truck I didnít see.


Or, I would be out walking and I would not be able to breathe. I thought to myself, ďOkay, itís a psychic greeting; all Iíll do is eventually Iíll lose consciousness. Then, they wonít be able to do this anymore and Iíll be alright.Ē I was just walking along; things were getting gray. Apparently, they let go because I refused to be afraid. So, I didnít actually have to lose consciousness. But, that was the kind of psychic greeting that I was getting.


I didnít care; I just didnít care. I wanted so much to see Don happy one more time. Like, if it killed me I didnít care. I loved that man with my whole heart and soul and mind and strength. I just wanted to see that man happy one more time.


That was the Ė I donít know; what do you call it, when itís two things at once?


Daphne:  Dichotomy, paradox?


Carla:  Coincidence? Jimís here and he said, ďCoincidenceĒ, but it was to make him happy at the same time I was being tremendously challenged. Letís put it that way.


Wynn:  Dual motivations.


Carla:  Yes, right. And, the motivation that always stuck with me was the motivation of love. Thatís why they couldnít get at me; thatís why, no matter what they did, they could not stop it. Because, I loved and I was totally focused on love, loving that man and loving the work I did. Since he died, itís still there. For one thing, heís with me every time I tune up to channel heís with me. Heís part of the Holy Spirit that I call to myself for balance when I channel.


For the other thing, you canít imagine how many people, like you said Wynn, all over the world have written in to say, ďThis material has made such a difference. Thank you so much.Ē That just lifts me up for the whole day. Iím so thankful that I have been able to serve. Thatís all I ever wanted to do and itís all I ever do want to do. Thatís why Iíve been at this clap-stand for so long is that itís so rewarding and so blessed. I do feel totally blessed here.


I havenít been able to channel for the last couple of years because Iíve been taking pain medication.


People say, ďThatís okay, youíll be alrightĒ. I know that when I tune up to channel Iíll just go to sleep; thatís the pain med. I cannot hold a really deep focus. One of these days, my back is going to heal up and itís going to be sewn up. Iím going to be able to do without the pain medication and weíll get back to it. But, for right now, itís such a blessing that things I have already done have continued to touch new people. New people are writing in all the time. Thatís just such a blessing.


Iím always moving from love; thatís the whole deal with me. Itís hard for me to imagine anybody being intimidated by me. Iím a little Episcopalian lady, used to be a librarian. Iíve done some work in this area, yeah. And, Iíve been for a long time, uh huh. Iím still me and weíre all bozos.


Thanks Wynn for finally getting through that because we work better when youíre not doing that intimidation thing.


Wynn:  Thank you. Itís alright.


Carla:  Thatís where you were.


Wynn:  I find really interesting the fact that Iíve gone through so many things in this life and really gone through and I wonít say conquered them, but mastered them. I donít think you ever conquer things like they disappear. But, you learn how toÖ


Carla:  No, theyíll come around again.


Wynn:  You learn how to work around them; you learn that they donít block you. Theyíre just there and you skate around them. It gives me a lot of wisdom in order to be able to help other people. I think when youíre sitting behind your obstacles, thereís some part of you that thinks you can just make them vanish and everything will be okay. Thatís not been my experience. They donít vanish; they get smaller and you work around them. Then you amaze yourself because you realize that you can do things that you couldnít do before.


The topic tonight, we decided this because weíve just gone through the December 21st date, is to take some of the quotes from the Ra Material and try to turn them into language that makes it really easy for everyone to understand.


This material, if itís accurate, which I think it isóone of the things that convinced me that it was accurate was that when I first started reading the Ra Material and the Wilcock material, my mind kept saying, ďCan this be real?Ē


When Daphne came into my life and started bringing through messages, I kept asking about all this material that was coming through Carla. They would answer and give exactly the same answer to a question that was coming through Carla. It was like getting a second opinion. It was just dropped in my lap.


Carla:  Thatís a lot of validation, wasnít it Wynn?


Wynn:  That was a lot of validation. And, it was a little scary. Itís one thing to sit there and say, ďHereís what Ra says and you can make up your own mindĒ. But now, hereís what Elohim says and theyíre saying exactly the same thing. Theyíre even confirming who Ra is. I said, ďMan, this is a lot of responsibility. How do you deal with this?Ē


I guess this is how Iím dealing with it now; this is now ten years later from the time it first happened for me. Actually itís twelve years; it was twelve years ago that I ran into Wilcock and discovered Carla and ten years ago that I ran into Daphne. I scratched my head for about five or six years, saying, ďHow do you do this? How do you put this out into the world?Ē


One of the reasons having the kind of conversation that the four of us are having right now is important is, because I know when you just read material and you donít know the people you wonder if the people made it up or if they had an agenda. When I was younger I read lots of spiritual books of people having miracles and I said, ďDo those things really happen? He has such a sincere face.Ē Yet, I had no experience in my life that this is possible.


So the manner in which weíre sharing this now, some day there are going to be people who have that attitude. Theyíre going to listen to this part of the talk and theyíre going to say, ďThose are real people. And theyíre all validating each otherís experience and they have no agendas.Ē Thatís the importance of this kind of conversation, this part of it because now weíre going to move into talking about the actual meaning of this shift.


Most humans think of themselves as a body thatís on earth thatís going through their struggles on life. They donít think of themselves as an evolving soul in a body thatís going through thousands of lifetimes, perhaps, of which this is one and that theyíre going somewhere in all these lifetimes.


The Ra Material explains this process in quite great detail. It gives you a whole other perspective on how to view what seem to be your little life on earth with all its dilemmas and all its problems and all its challenges from a much greater vantage point.


So what is this shift? Iím going to put this in my words; Iím going to put it in my simple Wynn-language and say that the whole Universe is made up of one energy; this energy recombines. What that energy is somewhat of a mystery. Some people call it the unity field, some people call it prana; some people call it shakti. Some people call it qi. [In traditional Chinese culture, qž (also chi or ch'i) is an active principle forming part of any living thing]; some people call it Holy Spirit. Even the rocks, the mountains and our bodies are different configurations and concentrations of this energy.


As I understand it, the energy starts at the center of the Universe and then moves through the Universe and everything is constantly re-created via this movement of energy. The energy, as it moves through the Universe, is impacted by everything that it moves through before it gets to hit planet earth.


Some of you may be familiar with how astrology works. In astrology, the movement of that energy is explained how it goes through its modifications as it passes through the fields of the planet based on their various locations. We have this energy moving through the planets and theyíre in the locations that are described by different constellations. The quality of the energy changes by the time it gets to the earth.


Then we have something called DNA. DNA is programmed by this energy. So when the energy hits the DNA of the newborn fetus, it programs the DNA so the DNA now holds a mini-microcosm of the entire Universe at the moment of birth. Thatís called your astrology chart. In fact both Daphne and I, earlier in our lives, were astrologers. It was one of the things I did when I was a physics major that made me say, ďThis really worksĒ, because I couldnít believe it worked. I couldnít understand how a planetary position, millions of miles away, could affect life on earth. Now, I understand it in a big picture.


Aside from the planets that this energy moves through, the energy is moving through galaxies. Itís starting at the center of everything and itís moving through the galaxies and the Milky Way. Everything it moves through is changing its characteristics. With planets, the characteristics change rather quickly, especially with the planets that are closer to the sun because they move faster. In fact, with the moon, it changes the fastest, because the moon goes through its cycles in a month really quickly. Mercury goes through its cycles inóhow long, Daphne, is a cycle of Mercury?


Daphne:  Oh, 88 days around the sun.


Wynn:  88 days; Venus is longer. When you get out to Pluto, it becomes a matter of years. So, now when weíre moving through galaxies, the quality of the energy changes over thousands of years. So itís much harder to measure on the earth, because within your lifetime it doesnít shift; it stays relatively the same. It is shifting, but certainly not like the Moon, Mercury or Venus or Mars.


These galactic changes in what controls this energy have cycles. They have a 75-thousand year cycle and a 25-thousand year cycle. And December 21st, 2012 was a galactic configuration that created the maximum energy to ever get to this planet in 25,000 years; actually I think thereís a larger cycle thatís 75,000 years.


Because thatís happening, itís created a lot of change in this period of time. The change can be looked at as catalytic; it can also be looked at as opportunity. For those of us who are becoming aware of how this works, thereís certainly a huge opportunity here that you can take advantage of if you know how.


Thatís why this is so important. What weíre talking about is not just your success in this lifetime and your ability to meet your obstacles in this lifetime; weíre talking about changing your path to possibilities that will affect all of your future lifetimes from this point on. 


That is what the Ra Material, one of the things, that all this information about this cycle-end and this shift is so valuable about, because itís telling us; itís teaching us how we can change things for our future. You canít figure that out just being in a body as a human because the cycles are too long. You may not see the changes in a profound way but you will see changes. You will see changes in your life, but you wonít realize how profound the significance is of whatís going on.


Thatís my introduction; I hope that made sense.


Carla, anything youíd like to add to that?


Carla:  Yes, there is, because I think that if it were just a matter of changing and changing, it sounds as though there werenít actually a purpose there. And there is. These changes have been seen over and over again. Weíre out towards the edge of the galaxy, so there have been a lot of experiments in how these changes work that have been looked over by what the Ra Material calls logii, or we could call them suns or masters of a certain amount of ability to add to the basic plan of the Creator to make things in a certain way.


By the time they got here, there was an experiment that said, ďLetís maximize freedom of will so there is really not much help from spirit as far as changing over from living a life in the box to deciding to live by faith and living a life very much out of the box.Ē Ra described this basically as a school of souls. We described each density as like a grade; weíre in third grade. Weíve been in third grade for 75,000 years.


The culmination of this 75,000 years of the density of choice, which is what the Ra Material calls this particular 75,000 year cycle, is that we make a choice for either service-to-self or service-to-others. We make a choice for either love or fear. Depending on what choice we have made, we can go on to fourth density positive or fourth density negative. Or if we havenít made a choice at all yet, we can repeat third grade.


In fourth gradeóitís very tempting to get onto fourth grade, because you know in a new grade you get all kinds of new information. And you get new subjects and newóitís just fun to get into a more mature spiritual environment and have just lots of more choices on the menu as to how youíre going to serve, which is the basic question always in this school of souls.


So here we are, in our last incarnation in third density. The sun is going down, has gone down, on third density. When we die we will be walking steps of Light to see how we have done in choosing to serve. How polarized have we gotten? Each step of Light is a little bit more dense with Light than the last.


At one point, unknown to us when weíre walking the steps of Light of course, we go from third to fourth density. All we know is weíre just walking the steps of Light; that process is guarded carefully by the angels and by other entities, planetary entities and also entities from outside the planet to make sure that nobody gets lost. Everybody is safe walking these steps of Light.


You stop where the Light is too intense to go forward any more; this is all the Light you can handle. If that Light has crossed over into fourth density, youíve graduated. If youíve graduated in the positive sense of service-to-others youíre going to be able to stay right here on earth and enjoy fourth density earth. If youíve become a negative entity who has graduated, you will go to another planet which is enjoying fourth density negative.


 If youíre going to have to repeat the grade, youíll go to another planet also, so that you can repeat the 75,000 years of McDonalds. Thatís not actually so bad, really; itís nothing like what everyone has talked about in the various world religions of hell, Gehenna and all of those things. This is not a philosophy which discusses heaven and hell.


Basically, the Ra Material suggests that you can create heaven where you are, or you can create hell. Thatís just in the way that you take hold of things, the way you live your life, the choices that you make. If you make them all for love, if you make them all for positive values, grace, beauty, joy, thanksgiving, if you live that kind of life, if youíre encouraging that kind of emotion within yourself, then surely you shall graduate. That is heaven, right there. But you can have that here even before you die and you get a whole new shot at a DNA that can handle fourth density light.


We canít really handle fourth density light very well. What we can do, is use it to the best of our ability. But you know the wonderful things that are waiting for us in fourth density arenít ours yet, because weíre dragging aroundóI should say that differentlyóweíre dancing in a physical body which is a heavy, chemical set of reactions. The body is a chemical still and it takes all the food that we eat; it creates energy and it dumps the stuff that it canít use. The next incarnation that we have, if weíre going on to fourth density, we will have a Light body. There will not be a necessity to have a chemical body.


So we will be able to dance with ever so much more lightness and freedom. Itís going to be a joy; Iím looking forward to it. But, there are things going on here in the meantime, so Iím not saying, ďLetís get on with it; gee I wish that I were on with it nowĒ. I donít. I want to be right here; this is the boot camp that I chose to be part of and I want to work hard and do the best I can to lighten the consciousness of planet earth. Thatís what weíre all here for.


Go ahead, Wynn.


Wynn:  Whenever I hear you say, ďItís just a matter of, are you choosing service-to-self or service-to-others; are you choosing love or are you choosing fear?Ē When I hear that, this thing goes off in me that says, ďI donít think people understand.Ē When you say itís a choice, I donít think, in many cases, people experience how to make a choice. I wanted to clarify how I think that choice is made into manifestation.


Itís not like one day you get up and say, ďOkay, I want to graduate. Iím going to be service-to-others. Thank you, God Ė Iím ready. Take me when you want.Ē I think that the way it works is you have to take your day and you have to look at all the opportunities you have in your day to make decisions.


You have to start making the decisions that create caring for others. You donít have to do this perfectly; you donít have to be all mushy-love; Iím service-to-others; what can I do for you? Can I help you? You just have to do it 51%, so to speak, thatís what they say. And that qualifies you; slightly more than half.


Carla:  Iíve got a good example of that, Wynn. Do you want to hear it?


Wynn:  Go ahead.


Carla:  My uncle Marion, who was one of the most spiritually mature people Iíve ever met in my life, was driving on the expressway one time. He was passing an entrance ramp and a guy was bombing up the entrance ramp at top speed. In order to avoid a crash, Marion had to jump on the brakes with everything he had. I got a sprained wrist out of it, because I was in the back seat. At that point, they didnít have seat belts in the back seat. What he said, as he was braking heavily to let this guy in, was, ďOkay buddy, thereís room for you, too.Ē He made the choice of love at a time when there didnít seem to be any love in the situation.


Wynn:  Right. There are so many ways that everyone has those opportunities every day. It could be as simple as walking down the street and picking up a banana peel so someone else doesnít trip on it. It could be calling your aunt, whom you havenít seen for twenty years, because it would cheer her up. It could be knocking on your neighborís door and saying, ďYou know what? Itís New Yearís. I made you some cookies, here.Ē


You have to do these things with no guile, no pay-back but for the pure joy of doing them. As you do them, you start building up points. You canít even do them to build up points, but thatís just what happens. You start building up an assimilation of points, and before you know it youíre doing things second-naturedly. Youíre starting to understand the joy that comes back to you from doing those things. 


You donít realize it when youíre doing it. Picking up a banana peel may not feel like a big, joyous experience. But, itís a point. All these points start putting little acupuncture into your system where there was darkness. Before you know it, youíre feeling differently; your energy patterns are different.


How do you choose love over fear? On some days, youíre going to wake up fearful. I think that yes, things can happen in this realm. Things can hit the fan. If they do, youíll deal with it when you get there. In the meantime, if you anticipate it, youíre only going to be in fear, wherever youíre going. Weíre all going to die; whether we die sooner or later, weíre going to die. If youíre sitting around waiting and worrying about when youíre going to die, youíre in fear.


I thought one of the really good examples of choosing love over fear was that scene in the Titanic, where everyone was jumping into the lifeboats crazy, screaming. There was this band playing, and they were happy-go-lucky. They all died anyway, but guess which ones graduated? Remember that scene, Carla?


Carla:  I didnít see the movie, but I heard about it. Yes, that sounds like a beautiful example.


Wynn:  It was a beautiful example; they looked crazy because everyone else was panicked. I think thatís a really good example of how it looks and how you actually implement love over fear and service-to-others over service-to-self. Itís realizing you donít have to be perfect and you donít have to curse yourself every time you operate out of a lower motivation because everyone will; everyone does.


Carla:  Absolutely.


Wynn:  You just need a little more of the positive than the negative to keep moving forward in your evolutionary path. Thatís how I would look at it. There was another thought that came to my mind that seemed important but I think I lost it. Oh well; if it comes back it comes back.


So, itís kind of a self-discipline to observe yourself and not judge yourself.


Carla:  I want to share something here because thatís perfect.


Iíve been in bed for almost three years now, canít get out; I lost the ability to walk because Iíve had more damage to my spine since the two operations. Thereís no way Iím going to get on operated on again; I havenít healed from the second operation in twenty months. I donít think Iím a good candidate. So I canít walk anymore.


But, if I tune myself, if I see myself starting to spiral down into how am I ever going to walk again, well, Iím not going to walk again, blah, blah, blah, I start counting my blessings. Itís a positive choice to tune yourself up to the day; I start counting my blessings. Iíve got so many of them.


I sing some of my favorite hymns because Iím an Episcopalian lady; I love hymns; some of my favorite prayers. Itís so easy to let yourself spiral down. It takes some discipline to tune yourself up. But every time that you do it, you reap the harvest of it immediately, because youíve put yourself in a whole different world. Youíre vibrating with less distortion, as Ra would say. The energy of the Creator can come through you better; your heart is open.


You get that heart open, man, and everythingís alright; it doesnít matter. One person can walk, one person canít walk. Well, Iíve got my feet; some people donít even have their feet. Some people have them amputated because of diabetes or something.


Thereís always somebody thatís a lot worse off than you are. Thereís no use thinking about the people that are better off because thereís nobody better off than a person with a heart full of love.


Wynn:  Thank you.


So, Iím looking here at a couple of quotes from the Ra Material on harvest. I thought Iíd just read them and weíll bring them up for discussion. This was Don Elkins who was making up these questions. Carla was talking about him earlier, and he was really, really smart. He could make up a question and then make up the next question based on the answer to the first question. It was really an interview with Ra; wouldnít you say that, Carla?


Carla:  I would. And the thing of it is if youíve never heard the Ra speak sometimes they are so hard to understand. Itís like, ďWhat did you say?Ē Don was so smart; he was very smart and so experienced as a researcher, too, that he was familiar with a lot of different concepts that he would go with them; he would go with Ra.


So, of course it makes the conversation go here and there and everywhere. Yes, he was brilliant, absolutely brilliantóthis physicistsí mind, this scientistís mind, you know, sitting there looking at creation and saying, ďWhy? Whatís going on?Ē and finding out that some of the answers are actually akin to physics.


Wynn:  There are actually many things in the Ra Material that hadnít been discovered yet, or that you certainly didnít know about, that other people have brought up. David did a lot of that;


Carla: ÖSo did a lot of people, yes.


Wynn:  Yes. There was scientific validation for many of the things.


This is why itís so important to study this material, because even if itís hard to understand, even if you read it one paragraph at a time and contemplate it the whole day, it starts to have a residual build-up and influence.


Because this is not a fairy tale, although the first time you hear it, it sounds like a fairy tale. You have to ask yourself, ďWhere did this come from?Ē There really is a group soul thatís named Ra? Theyíre really paying attention to us? Theyíre really wanting to help us? They honor free will? They answer our requests? You can feel them?


Can you feel Ra around you, Carla?


Carla:  All the time.


Wynn:  Yes; you can learn to feel them around you. Itís not like somebody sits in your room and you see them but you feel a presence close to you.


Itís very interestingóand Iím pointing this out, that the feeling of the Ra group around you is quite different than the feeling of the Elohim group. The Elohim group is far-away and visiting and the Ra group is, for me, like close-in. When I talk about it, I start to feel them.


They just say, ďIíll show them; here we areĒ. Some of you may have felt sensations around your body. You can start to explore the possibility that maybe that was them and maybe they were visiting you.


Here; Iím going to read some of their words:


The Ra group, through Carla, used the word Ďharvestí. Of course, youíll know Jesus used the word Ďharvestí; ďThere will be a harvestĒ. Personally I donít like the word Ďharvestí; I resisted that when I first read it because it sounds like youíre wheat in the field and somebody is going to cut you. I like the word Ďgraduationí, but what theyíre really sayingÖ


I understand the word Ďharvestí because it means actually that your Light energy is going above the veil where itís compressed. Youíre visible to these higher beings when youíre above that. Itís one of the things that happens when you have a spiritual gathering, any kind of real spiritual gathering.


This is a spiritual gathering. The fact that weíre gathering and coalescing energies is allowing us to expand so we become visible to the higher realms. We are not buried in the dark shadows that can hold this planet in check. So understanding the word Ďharvestí there:


ďAm I to understand the harvest will occur in the year 2011, or will it be spread out?Ē


ďI am Ra.Ē Thatís the way Carla would always answer when they would speak through here; ďthis is an approximation. We have stated we have difficulty with your time-space. This is an appropriate, probable, possible time-space nexus for harvest. Those who are not in incarnation at the time will be included in the harvest.Ē


Now, one of the things that a lot of people question is: Does that mean this is going to be an event that happens all at once? Is this going to be like boom, thereís the harvest? Here are the people who graduated and here are the people who are left behind?


Do you have any comments on that, Carla?


Carla:  I think that a lot of people have been all too influenced, if theyíre interested in the subject, by people who wanted to take some of this important idea and sort of plaster them over themselves, as if they could be part of it. Thereís the ego working there, I think, but be that as it may; there have been a lot of people that felt that there was going to be a discontinuous harvest, like boom, poof; weíre out of here.


There were a lot of people on our radio show on Friday night that were really disappointed because nothing physical happened. Itís a metaphysical event; why should anything physical happen at a metaphysical event? I had been saying this for years; because thatís the way the Ra material comes down.


Itís just that there will always be people that want to make it a more dramatic thing than it really is or make it dramatic in a way that people can understand more easily. Itís not that easy to understand that this is a spiritual event.


I do think that probably those who are not in incarnation at this time have chosen, at this time, to walk the steps of Light and remove themselves from the cycle of reincarnation. The exceptions to this are probably those who are involved in working with people that are in incarnation, as their masters; their unseen advisors.


There are a lot of spiritual advisors that are devoted to helping the people here. I donít think that theyíre going to walk the steps of Light until the last person thatís a real 3rd density person closes the door and then theyíll say, ďOkay, my work is done; Iím going tooĒ.


I think a lot of people in the inner realms, in-between incarnations, chose at this time to go ahead and walk the steps of Light and graduate. I can feel a cleanliness about the inner realms that wasnít there previously; I think that has happened. But thatís just a sense of things and Iím not at all psychic. So somebody like Daphne or Terry, both of them are much more psychic than I am and are much more able to speak on this subject.


Wynn:  Yes. I had asked a lot of questions about this. One of the things that I believe has happened in the past few years is that this idea of having an event happen all at once is very compelling. From a marketing standpoint, it kind of creates a lot of urgency. So if you can create to someone else that you have the keys to this all-at-once event, then itís not too hard to sell them something.


There are a lot of people that channel as weíve said and as I have learned, because someone uses the word Ďascensioní, because they use the word ĎLove and Lightí, because they use the word ĎMother-Father Godí, does not mean theyíre positive. The negative knows exactly how to mimic the words to grab you.


A lot of times people hear these words and then they think everyone that is using them is the same; we are all on the same boat; weíre all on the same platform;


Carla:  Vibration.


Wynn:  but weíre not. In my questions about how this worked, what I was told was that, ďYes, it would be possible for some people to leave this realm with their bodies in an all-at-once eventĒ. But in order to do that, all of your chakras had to be slightly more than half open.


You see, what happens is; the link is made in the higher realm to you physical body. Your energy has to be flowing into the other realms for that to occur. If your energy is not flowing there, your body canít get pulled through. So, it was said there was only going to be a very small percentage group of people that would qualify for this all-at-one event. But there would be many, many, many people who would qualify for what they termed an Ďastral ascensioní, which meant you would die a physical death and your heart chakra was open. And because your heart chakra was open, your energy would move into the astral. They would have various angels and beings working with you and complete it so that you finished third density and didnít have to come back.


There was one other possibility that came up; this is a rather unusual one. Did that make sense to you, Carla?


Carla:  Sure.


Wynn:  The other possibility was that the negative really, really took control down here; they started to win. According to my information, there has always been the possibility that the negative could win at the lower levels because thereís a vote taking place. I do believe there are enough people of positive predisposition that you could never say the negative has won now. But, the tables could turn. They could manage to sneak through some event that created so much fear that even though the energy is flowing down here the people couldnít receive it because of the fear.


I do know that the positive Sources in other realms are working very hard to prevent any event like that from happening. I could say theyíre all human, but that would not be the right way to say it. Things slip through the cracks. Itís not so cut-and-dry, the future. Although some people say it is, and I hope theyíre right. The people that are saying, ďThe negative is defeated; thereís nothing to worry aboutĒ, I hope thatís correct.


Carla:  I think it is correct. But I think that there was a time of question and that is simply because people began to be willing to blow each other up to the point where a planetary event might occur that would blow everybody up; and there would be nothing left.


Wynn:  Right.


Carla:  And, that would definitely create such an atmosphere of fear that we would be out of it. Itís not that there would be somebody from the outside coming in and creating fear; it would be that our military thought it was so important to step up to the plate and bomb the other side that we would bomb them and they would bomb us and everything would turn into what Carl Sagan used to call a Ďnuclear winter.í There would be no people left.


Wynn:  Right.


Carla: That would be a way of living. So that would definitely create an atmosphere of complete fear. It is possible, but I donít think itís going to happen at this point.


Wynn:  What was said is that if things came to that point, the higher groups, particularly the Ra group, would be pulling people out of their bodies that qualified, before their souls disintegrated.


Carla:  They didnít have to qualify; everybody qualifies.


Wynn:  I guess everybody qualifies; I donít know. But what I mean isÖ


Carla:  They wouldnít let anybodyís Light body be destroyed.


Wynn:  Right.


Carla:  A physical body, thatís easy to have another one of those. The Light body, thatís something else again. In the case of Maldek, at the point at which the planet bombed itself out of existence, they did pull the entire population off the planet and save the souls.


But they were in a knot of fear; this is Ra Material stuff; they were in a knot of fear that took thousands and thousands of years to begin to loosen so that anybody could talk to them and relieve their anxieties. It was a very long process for those of Maldek.


Wynn:  Now, I hope you guys are hearing who this Ra group actually is, okay? Because I know, at one point, if I imagined a group of ascended beings, I would think of a bunch of guys sitting around at a table with beards and bringing all this wisdom into this planet. The Ra group brings immense wisdom if you read the Ra Material.


To go a little deeper, they are energies that can move souls from one place to another. They can help contribute to the evolution of your soul. They are very much involved, as I get it, with this entire process, more so than the Elohim group. They are paying attention. There are millions and millions, or billions, of Ra group members. So they have plenty of help up there for as much as is needed or asked for down here. Theyíre not too busy. They only live to do this.


We are honored to be the recipients; you donít have to be the recipients of their words to get their help; you only need to have a high intent and an open heart. The value of getting their direct counsel over and over again, the Source thatís in charge of the administration of this entire event thatís occurring--you guys are here and listening, count your blessings. It is rare to find this; itís rarer to recognize it. If youíre here, youíve done both. I wanted to just underscore that so you donít miss whatís actually happening.


Iím speaking for myself here; Carla, anything you want to say on that?


Carla:  I think that the confederation of angels and planets and the service of the infinite Creator of which Ra is only a small part are allÖ


Wynn:  Itís bigger than Ra.


Carla: Öare all devoted to the prospect of helping planet earth. They call themselves, sometimes, the Brothers and Sisters of Sorrow, because they feel the sorrow of planet earth; they feel the many, many people out there that have gone, ďLord, what has happened here? What can we do? What is going on? I donít understand all this difficulty. It should be a much more beautiful life than this. Look at how beautiful the creation is. Why canít we create, in our human way; why canít we create that kind of beauty?Ē


We really do. If you look anywhere, you see people that just would do anything for you; give you the shirt off of their back. You see women that have taken care of their husbands when they were crippled, or vice versa, husbands that have taken care of their wives. People are so loving and itís so wide-spread. We have tremendous amounts to be thankful for.


But in terms of those unseen friends, there is not just the Ra group, not just even the confederation, but all the angels. It all sounds a little silly if you donít believe in angels and if you think that extra-terrestrials are not there and they donít speak through people.


But, Iíll tell you something: I have been channeling for something like forty years, and I could not possibly, in my best day, if it was the best day every day for forty years, I couldnít move that kind of volume of information through. I donít have that kind of mind; Iím really, I think, pretty shallow, compared to the kind of thing that comes through me when Iím channeling. I like to read romances; I like to go shopping for clothes. I am not what youíd call your real dedicated spiritual person that is going to be able to make this kind of stuff up herself.


So I personally am convinced that the angels and the planets do exist and that they are very real presences in our lives. And that what we need to do is open ourselves to that possibility and let ourselves turn to the silence just a little bit every day and sit in that silence and allow the feelings that are within us to express. More and more we will begin to feel the fullness of spirit and the incredible richness that waits for us when we say, ďIím knocking; please open the door to meĒ.


Wynn:  Do you know what? Terry and Daphne have been patiently in the background, supporting the energy. Hereís my suggestion for finishing this talk off: First, letís see if Terry and Daphne want to contribute anything and then, one of the most amazing shows that I did with Carla, it was a number of months ago and I always wanted to do this again, is where Carla started casting angels out into the audience to work with people.


Carla:  People were asking for them. There was a woman that called in to ask for an angel. So I offered her; I said, ďOkayĒ and I went within to my favorite angel. I said, ďWell, Rosie, do you have an angel for this person?Ē She said ďOkay, his name is George.Ē I went back on the air and I said, ďOkay, hereís your angel. Now remember you have to ask for this angel; his name is George.Ē This lady wrote in; I donít know if it was a dog; her favorite dog that had just died; his name was George. So it blew her away.


Wynn:  Well, would you like to do that tonight? Do you have the energy to do it?


Carla:  Well, if somebody needs an angel. We canít just cast out angels; thatís not the way the thing works. If somebody has a need for an angel and then they can ask. Then, when they ask Iíll be glad to consult Rosie.


Wynn:  Weíll open the line. Weíll go forÖ


Carla:  But, first talk to Daphne and Terry; because theyíre far wiser than I am, I am sure. They deserve the chance.


Wynn:  They have angels to cast out to people. But, weíve never done it and you did it and it was quite successful.


One of the things Carla and I have been discussingóif you send me an email itíll encourage us to do thisóis to do a series of maybe a monthís worth of Saturday sessions two hours long, where we take the Ra Material apart like weíre doing here and try to make it more accessible. Iím sure we can include some angel-throwing on that. We would charge for it; not a lot, but charge for the whole series. Send me an email if that is appealing to you.


Weíre not going to charge a lot; we never charge a lot for this stuff, but charge something to justify spending four Saturday mornings, two hours to do it.


Daphne and Terry Ė Daphne, would you like to share anything?


Daphne:  Iíd like to thank Carla for being here and for heralding in our 2013 season; Carla, itís so wonderful. Youíre such an inspiration; youíre such a bed-rock. For me, you have been steadfast. Iíd like to just acknowledge and send my heart-felt love and my own personal appreciation to you. God bless you, my sister.


Carla:  I appreciate that; thank you so much. God bless you too.


Wynn:  And Terry?


Terry:  Yes. I really love hearing what happened back then because I only heard about it from a distance before. I like hearing about the things, too, even before that about the Ra Material and about Don. I watched a video and heís really amazing. Carla laid down a track that helped ground this whole thing. So Iíd like to thank her.


Carla:  Bless you. I love you.


Wynn:  Alright. Now does anyone want to volunteer?


Carla, when they volunteer to have an angel cast towards them, should they give a reason why they want it or just ask for it?


Carla:  No, I think almost all of us need help in feeling safe; that feeling of safety that doesnít come from the outside, feeling safe in this world and feeling like somebody really, really, really loves them. That is what these angels do; they donít do anything but that.


They want to love you; they want to help you feel safe. They want to be with you. The need to be asked; theyíre very much free-will oriented people. They need to be asked not just once, but every day: Will you be with me? Please be with me. And, thank you so much.


They need to be asked so that they donít infringe on free will. Once theyíre asked, the feeling of love and safety that they offer is just very intense. I donít think thereís a soul in the world that doesnít have some reason to want to feel that.


Wynn:  Okay. Let me open the lines up, then Iím going to close them so people have to *6.


Gijs:  Theyíre open; you got *6 right now.


Morgan:  Wynn? Itís Morgan in California. Iím here.


Wynn:  Do you want an angel thrown your way from Carla?


Morgan:  Absolutely! Oh, what a gift!


Wynn:  Carla, she shouldnít say what she wants it for?  She just says she wants one.


Carla:  No, thatís not necessary.


Morgan:  In my mind, I believe that this was meant to be. Carla, I would be honored to have whatever you can send me. I was even going to call and ask if you do readings.


Carla:  I do readings. Not just now, because of the pain. I believe that will get better.


Morgan:  This is the first time Iíve heard you and I am so impressed with your depth of soul and your honesty and your caring. If you were to send me a bobby-pin, I would be honored.


Carla:  I love it! Okay, let me ask Rosie here. Hang on; Iím going to get in the inner.

Alright, Rosie is going to send you a red-haired angel; his name is Morgan.


Morgan:  That runs in my family. Wow! Now I know itís real. Oh, wow. Iím not kidding.


Carla:  Heíd be delighted to be with you, heíd be happy.


Morgan:  Does the angel have a name I can call it?


Carla:  Morgan.


Morgan:  Yes.


Carla:  Thatís it.


Wynn:  Thatís her name.


Carla:  He was 25 and he was taken at an early time. He chose to become an angel. Thatís a possibility if you donít want ever to incarnate again. He chose to be an angel so that he could do this kind of work.


Morgan:  Iím honored. I will ask for him every day and every night.


Carla:  Good, good. You will feel him.


Morgan:  What blessing!


Carla: Ö. lean into it.


Morgan:  What a blessing! Thank you, Carla. Thank you so much. Iím going to say a prayer and light a little candle for you for whatever you want.


Carla:  God bless. I just want love to abound; thatís what Iím here for.


Morgan:  Thank you.


Carla:  Let it flow through me and let it flow through us all.


I need to go Wynn, because Iíve got a date with a husband. Heís been patiently waiting.


Wynn:  Thatís our only angel for the day, then.


Carla:  The only angel for today.


Morgan:  Iím honored; thank you.


Wynn:  Alright.


Carla:  Iím sorry, Wynn. God bless you; next time.


Wynn:  You guys that want angels, email me if youíd like those Saturday sessions. Weíll certainly include some angel sharing as part of the session. Iím sorry we didnít start it earlier. I know I had everyoneís hopes up. Morgan was the first at the gate. Congratulations, Morgan.


Carla:  Weíll do it.


Morgan:  And honored to be there. Thank you.


Wynn:  Iím honored to have Carla here.


Morgan:  And Daphne, yes.


Wynn:  Daphne and Terry.


Carla:  And Terry, God bless you both.


Wynn:  This show has been our ongoing series. Morgan, remember that we have a whole bunch of Carla talks on that you can download and listen to.


Morgan:  Okay, yes I will.


Wynn:  If you resonate with Carla, youíll get a lot out of them, because we have always a wonderful energy in our interchanges.


Morgan:  Absolutely. She has reached the highest of human-hood, I think.


Carla:  Oh, right, in between my sci-fi and my romances. Letís face it: Iím a bozo!


But, thank you so much. I know what youíre saying and I do love you very much.


Goodbye everybody. God bless.


Wynn:  Everyoneís open if you want to say goodbye to Carla.



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