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The Rubber is Meeting the Road in this New Year

Wednesday 01.02.2013
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Host: Wynn Free
Channeled by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Connie O'Brien
Edited by Terry Brown and Valerie Hawes
Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee




Welcome everybody; it is January 2nd and I’ve got to get used to saying 2013. This is our Wednesday night call and we’re going to ask questions that you guys have submitted. What do I want to say? I was talking.


I don’t know if you heard the last Monday night call, but it was with Carla Rueckert. We ended the call with Carla revealing a secret talent that we exhibited on that call. I was talking to Carla about this today; she never explained it before; she made friends… now you know this is all so crazy; here we have a woman who has brought through one of the most important contributions perhaps in the history of mankind with her Ra Material. On the side, there’s this angel Rosie, who acts as an intermediary between us and other angels.


What we did at the end of the show, we did this once before, is: Rosie picked an angel and assigned it to someone. You could feel the energy as the angel flew through space and connected with the person. Now, either we really did that or we were crazy. But Terry has this knack, I don’t know if maybe Daphne can do this too, but Terry picked this up from Daphne. She picked up the frequency of the Elohim when Daphne had started it. Carla said maybe she would come onto any one of our calls and come in at the end and cast some angels to people.


The only problem is, the only problem I can’t figure out how to resolve, is that we’re going to have such a huge demand. She doesn’t want to do it for more than a half hour. If we do it on one of our regular calls, we’d have to change the whole call. We’re all in an experimental stage about how to make this work, so stand by.


On this coming Monday, there was something that I re-discovered a couple of days ago that I originally discovered, I think, in 2004. I’m going to maybe focus the call on Monday on this thing that I re-discovered. And, what it is, is that there is a very famous science fiction movie writer who is now dead; he died, actually, a long time ago. 


He didn’t know he was a movie-writer; he was writing stories for trashy science fiction magazines. He lived in Berkeley at the same time I did. If I had met him, he would have just looked like another hippie-guy that was probably smoking dope. After he died, his movies became huge. I’m not going to tell you what they are; I’m going to tell you on Monday.


Here’s the thing that blew my mind in 2003; I think is when I discovered this guy. I was doing searches for the word ‘Elohim’ when Daphne was first channeling. I was just reading everything I could find on the web to try to figure out who I was really talking to, if they were them and what I could find historically on the word. What I found was this science-fiction writer had kept a journal for quite a few years.


He was keeping notations in it, and after he died and after he got famous, people put his journal on the web. It turns out he was communicating with the Elohim, he thought. He didn’t even say that; he just assumed it. He had this one entry in his journal where he gave this long description of beings that came in from other dimensions into this dimension to try to lift the vibration here. It was extremely literary; he was very smart. He was talking about Wanderers. This entry in his journal was in 1978, three years before Carla Rueckert ever started on the Ra Material.


I remember, when I discovered this, it kind of blew me away, because having studied spiritual things most of my life, I had never come on this idea of Wanderers. There are all these beings in this realm that come in from other dimensions. This guy who was famous—you’ll know his movies when I talk about him on Monday.


He was writing about Wanderers in 1978. I’m going to read that thing that he wrote; it’s about a page long; I’ll probably send it out to everyone. I think you’ll find it very validating in terms of the work that we’re doing. That’s all on that.


Let me see here; let me get today’s questions up. We have a lot of questions today. I see Jason in Brooklyn sent me a question. This is one of those nights that we have more questions than we can answer. Maybe we’ll do another one of those marathon sessions that we did with Daphne and Terry a while back where we were on the call, on the line for almost five hours, answering questions. Daphne tells me five hours is too long, that we have to keep it at four hours. At least we got a lot of questions in.


It’s not just the questions; it’s the energy that we hung out in because when we start these things, for me, the energy always goes really fast, no matter what. Even if it’s four-hour sessions, five-hour session, eight-hour session; sometimes we do live things for eight hours and it never really burns out. I’m going to call in the Light. I know Terry’s not ready and Daphne’s not ready and I’m not ready and you guys are ready, though. So we’ll start.


Father-Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light to surround and protect myself, Terry, Daphne and everyone on this line and everyone on the replays and everyone on the internet right now. We let our negativity go; release it from our bodies into the highest realms of Light to be transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the outer energy fields of planet earth, through our bodies and into the center of the earth. 


Right now, we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. We invite those sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring the Law of One to join with us. We create a protected space that only the positive has access to, and anything not of that nature must leave now!


And Daphne, would you like to give a brief introduction of our Sources through you?


Daphne:  Thank you, Wynn.


Council of Ra’An:  Greetings. We greet you and we honor you and we acknowledge you in the light of The One Infinite Creator. We join with you on this day as we move into the New Year, the 2013 year, the new transit, the new direction, the new collective, the new beginning of what we say is a new chapter; a new chapter, especially, for many of you who have been wondering and to have been wandering as you have made previous reference to and coming to understand that your wondering and your wandering has brought you precisely to an alignment and to an attunement of discovery of your own magnificent Divinity, yes; your own magnificent Divinity.


So we shall tell you, that what you seek without yourself, on the outside of yourself, is actually contained within yourself. And you would not know to seek it outside of yourself if it were not first contained within yourself. You seek expressiveness of compassion without, because it is inherent within. You seek expressiveness of joy without, because it is inherent within. You seek expressiveness of artistry, or balance, or beauty without because it is first held within.


It is the guardian template; it is the ground-force of who you are in actuality. You are learning what you are in actuality. You are learning this by making choices; you are learning that your experiences are not thrust upon you. You are learning that you make choices; that by a choice, an attunement of your consciousness, of your feelings, of your senses, you can choose peacefulness.


You can choose serenity. You can choose tranquility. You can choose to go to the place of the interior witness; the quiet self and watch those situations which would be uncomfortable for you. You can learn to watch your reactions to those situations which you feel you have no control over. You can watch yourself; you can monitor yourself. You can start to become the witness-self.


When you start to become the witness-self, you can learn to shift your perceptions into a neutral equanimity. The neutral equanimity, the peacefulness allows you to go into a place of non-judgment, non-judgment of yourself and non-judgment of others. It allows you to remove the energetic hooks and strings and thus it frees the situation to change. Once it is free to change, it may more easily move into a situation which you would more willingly choose.


You are learning choice; you are learning that you do not have to remain stuck in sadness. You are learning that you do not have to remain stuck in depression. You are learning that you do not have to remain stuck in fear. You are learning that you do not have to remain stuck in anger; that these things you do have control over. You do have choices. It is not necessarily something that can change overnight; but, it is something that we are working with you on all of the time at this point.


You have gotten to a place in your development where you are aware enough that there is a connection you are making in your mind between that which you feel and that which you think and that which you experience. This is a very good thing, because they indeed are connected. They are inherently connected. You are co-creators; you manifest not only your exterior experiences but also your feelings.


We would say practice going into neutrality. If you feel depressed, practice going into a place of neutrality. Alright, so you are not happy. But, don’t be invested in being sad. Perhaps you are angry. Again, let go of the anger. Perhaps you are not ready to forgive and embrace the other person, but perhaps go into neutral about the other person.


In this way you will start to see the power of shifting your perspective and shifting your attachments. And, you will start to see your exterior circumstances, and thus your life and life-force and life-stream change very, very dramatically.


This is our message; a message of new hope and new empowerment and new ‘rubber-meets-the-road’ for the New Year; because we see a fledgling race of beings who are learning to be master co-creators of a glorious and Divine experience making a life that works, not for some people, not for a minority of people, but for each. Every human being is a sovereign God-child of the Universe, having God-child given abilities which we would see manifest in joyous abundant and fulfilling soulful ways.


This is our wish for you. This is the Council of Ra’An. Adonai, Adonai. Omm;

Sabaoth. Ommmmmmmm Shanti, shanti, shanti. Pax Christos.


Wynn:  Thank you. The next question: Okay. This is from Vaughn. I don’t have his city, so I’m going to ask the question for everyone that would have this question, so we’ll ask it in a generic way. And he can fit in where it is personal to him. The question has to do with, what is the purpose of my life? If there is no purpose, could you ask the Elohim to pull my spirit out of my body? I’m just going to make a comment before we go to Terry.


Do you know, at the point where you feel there is no purpose, you are at the fulcrum of your maximum thrust forward, because you have every choice possible in front of you. What’s being asked of you is instead of thinking that there’s a purpose that’s thrust upon you, you have that moment to create a purpose. You have that moment to be of service to other people; to do something that contributes to people.


Everyone has something they can do that will make a contribution to someone else. When you make a real contribution to another person then you suddenly have value for yourself. You have a reason to live; you have a reason to be here. When you ask someone else, even if it’s the Elohim, to give you a purpose, you are giving up your power in doing that. They may say differently; this is what I’m saying, because your job is to create the purpose. There’s not a purpose that comes in from destiny; it comes in from your creation.


At that point where you feel there is no purpose is the point that you have probably let go of all of those 3D things that might have been considered your purpose at one point in your life, like your job, your family, your relatives, your ambitions. Those were all purposes, but those purposes, for those people that are on the new paradigm, and it doesn’t mean that you can’t hold the energy for those things. In the new paradigm, you’re being asked to hold a higher purpose.


When you hold that higher purpose, you can still flow it into your family and your job and everything else. But those things are no longer your purpose anymore.  You have to transition from the old, 3D-way of looking at a purpose to a new way of looking at a purpose, and taking responsibility for creating your own purpose.


On that note, I’m going to turn it over to Terry. They may say I’m all wrong, but that’s what came up for me.


Ra’An:  Thank you. We make contact. We suggest that you look back over your memories, over your life and see what you really enjoyed when you were, say, eight or nine. And although there may have been different avenues, different things that at the time you would have really liked to accomplish in the world, some of those things were just passing and moved aside as you saw broader opportunities. 


However, there was one thing which you really enjoyed, and it seemed to have a broader purpose. It seemed to have something that was connected with something meaningful, something almost, that was with you, a talent, an ability, a desire to express.


We see that this had something to do with letters and with geometric building blocks and we suggest that later on you moved past that. We would suggest that you examine your desires in the area, for when you have a desire like that there is a reason that you carry this desire. It is something for self-expression.


We suggest that you examine, you might even get a book, a notebook and write down different occupations that at different times you had considered. Write it down and then examine what has happened afterward. Was your family desirous of you moving in a certain direction? And, you set aside something that you really desired to do and wished to move into something that would be connected in some way, either positive or a rebellion against something that your family was desiring you to do. For your purpose is here; your purpose for coming into the 3D is here.


Purposes have a way of showing up again, as they are travelling, the individual is imbued with these. Sometimes an individual can move onto a greater purpose. So we suggest that you take a look at your life; get a notebook and write down what each of these instances were where you were attracted to something. It doesn’t matter so much what the profession is. The most important thing is working with other people, making connections and learning and growing.


These occupations are a perfect environment to be able to connect with other people and to learn the ins and outs and the nuances in connecting. The actual connection is more important than the individual thing or occupation that one is doing. The occupations are a perfect way to set one up to have communications with others and to learn to value the relationships with others, as the relationships and development of the relationships and the expressions of caring for others are a higher purpose to many of the things or perhaps to all of the things that one finds oneself involved in.


Later on, in one’s life review, these are the things that will hang with someone and they will be able to say, “You know I had a really good relationship with Charlie. I really feel good about it.” So those are our comments. We wish luck and invite further questions after you’ve done the preliminaries here.


Wynn:  Thank you.


This is a question. I think I’m going to answer this question; this is actually a question that is in so much of our material. This is from Shridar in Buffalo Grove, New York. His question is and of course, those of you who have read our materials know the answer to this in a flash:


“When I look up in the night sky, why do I strongly feel there is some place up there I want to be? I feel so disconnected from my surroundings in this realm during those moments. When I look down again, I feel depressed. It’s nearly the same as being away from home for a long, long time. Why do I feel this way? I don’t know if this feeling is common with others. Thank you for answering my question.”


Shridar, what you are talking about is one of the major things of our material. I highly recommend you read The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? and our Elohim book: The Creator Gods of the Physical Universe Want to Talk to You. Because you are what they call a Wanderer; you have the symptoms, exactly, of being from another dimension. What’s described in our materials is how all of these beings who graduated this realm, tens of millions of them, chose to come back here and take bodies to volunteer to help with this period we’re in right now in particular where we’re moving into a new paradigm.


You made the decision to come here to help with that; except, once you’re here you have absolutely no memory that you made that decision. You have to re-discover it.


That is why you’re looking way into the sky and thinking you’re from somewhere else, because you are. The important thing is to reconcile that the person who you really are from another dimension that’s come to take a body with a way to exhibit that in your life. If you keep coming to our calls and look at our archives at, it’s full of keys about exactly how to do that.


I think when you read it in our materials, you’ll resonate. I am sure that many of you listening right now fit that description. Because you’ve come in from a high level, because you’re a Wanderer, doesn’t mean you have it all together down here. In fact, it means you probably don’t, because you have a hard time fitting in; you have a hard time setting yourselves up with the goals of other people. You have to find a unique way to be of service.


That could be being a bus driver; it could be being a paramedic or a hotel concierge, some way where your being cheers the vibrations of other people up. Of course, you don’t even have to understand all these things to do that. As you gain in the understanding of it, it gives you more opportunities to be of service.


So, the next question here, let’s see, maybe I’ll ask this to Daphne. This is an interesting question; we’ll see what we come up with. This is from Diane in Clearwater, Minnesota. Her question is, she became aware that she is one of the 30% of the population that has what’s called Rh negative blood:


“Is there any spiritual or celestial lineage of significance to having Rh-blood?” That’s Diane in Clearwater, Minnesota.


Daphne:  Thank you, Wynn. Just one moment, please.


Council of Ahn:  We take one moment; this is the Council of Ahn. The question has been poised about the significance of the so-called or postulated Rh negative factor in the human blood-typing system.


From our perspective, there are certain blood-lattice matrix geometries; there are certain phenotypes, there are certain genotypes. There are certain collectives; there are certain energetic and magnetic soul-groupings. There are certain systems within which there are certain variances. And within these systems and within these variances there are certain propensities.


The soul has chosen a certain group in a similar manner a soul chooses a certain incarnation as, say, an Italian in a Catholic family, perhaps from Sicily; or another person from South Africa speaking Afrikaans; or, another person as a Hindu Brahman, or as a Hindu untouchable.


There are certain categorizations of life experience, and there are certain categorizations of a body type. And there are certain categorizations of abilities: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and other, which the soul has architected for its own experience-design-implementation. The soul, on some level, has chosen to architect and experience a particular set of parameters, a particular set of so-called “constraints” and we put that in quotes, because the soul itself is a limitless architecture; it is a Divine architecture.


But it plays games with itself, because it is learning to become a master manipulator of this 3D physical reality and as such, will “play” or “architect” within the biological parameters of what is given as blood-type, genome type, phenotype, DNA type, culture type, religious type, social type, social-economic experience, all of these things are malleable to a certain extent; the experiences thereof.


In terms of this particular question: Is the Rh factor itself, the negative factor itself, the variance of this itself, significant? We would say, “No, it is a variance; it is a relativism”. It is the same as if someone has lighter skin or darker skin, is taller or shorter, is heavier or thinner, is female or male. Some are more female and some are more male.


In the totality of All That Is, we are all everything and we are all no-thing. We are All That Is. We have simply been selecting various attributes to teach ourselves that which we believe we hold in a certain segment, a certain chapter of the time-space continuum.


So, we would say it is a choice; it is a choice of experience and it is also a choice of the biological mechanisms by which there have been group and soul and over-soul architected choices about humanity and about biology.


These have been made over the course of the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of years. These are collective choices, but ultimately choices. So, we would say to you: It is something that you have decided upon; you are experimenting with, you are learning from and ultimately, you can change; if not in this particular incarnation, in a subsequent incarnation.


We hope this has helped you to understand the malleability and the wonderment of your very essence-being which is Divine.  Ommmmmmmmmmm.


Wynn:  Thank you. Next question I will address towards Terry. This is from Michael from Santa Fe, New Mexico; actually it’s from Amarillo, formerly from Santa Fe. Michael has physical issues which are causing chronic pain and profound chronic fatigue, along with brain-fog, for many years and fibromyalgia.


“This has wrecked my life and left me financially destitute. As a result of not being able to work, while I look relatively normal, all significant family relationships have been destroyed.”


The question is: “I have this dilemma; I’ve been listening to conference calls for six months. The Sources are telling us we’re co-creators in this realm. Somehow, I’m looking at myself and saying, “Look at what I’ve co-created for myself and why?” He says since he’s been on our calls the chronic pain has not gotten better. He feels that the energies that he feels on the calls have helped him cope when he’s hurting. His question is this:


“Can the Sources help me with this dilemma? Personally, in my heart, I have such a large cognitive dissonance between what I feel in my body with chronic, debilitating pain and its merciless toll on my life and the idea that my higher self actively participated in manifesting this condition in my body in the mind. Can the Sources help me resolve this dilemma?”


Why did his higher self—I’m adding this in my own words; he’s asking: why did he choose to have this kind of situation; what is he supposed to learn from it, if anything, when he feels it’s so debilitating? Thank you and I put that towards Terry.


Ra’An: Thank you. We see several levels here of the holding-back of the full force of what you are capable of. We see within your own thought-system a hesitancy to move into a space that would allow free-flowing interaction and give-and-take and expressing the intense creative abilities that you have. You are holding yourself back and your body has formed around that belief system.


Take a look at this; do not just believe us, but see if that is true or if any variances of that can be true. If your body was suddenly released of all the pain and all the disability and you were able to express your intense creativity and interactions with other people that are there, would you experience any pull-back or draw-back of this? 


We look further; on another level your body has some calcification that is preventing the high level give-and-take of systems within the body.


Take a look at the brain-fog and check what could possibly physically be the cause of that. Check a number of systems, a number of possibilities. Your system tends to be acid and if it would move more to an alkaline system, it would need to have alkalinity in the diet. There are ways of moving the body from an acidic system to an alkaline system. This would release more negative ions into your system to help with the healing.


As you think of changing the alkalinity of your system, then think, see if there any resistance to change; or if you are holding your system in a pattern that you would feel nervous to change.


Those are our initial comments.


Wynn:  Thank you. I’d like to say that when we have a comment like that, that relates to a person’s health issues that we recommend you run it by your doctor. These are to be taken and considered, and not believed as fact. Thank you.


I think we’ve reached the end of this evening’s session, so I want to thank all of you who keep coming back for supporting this work. Each of us is part of this group and is feeling the affinity and the connections and the cognitions. Each of you is an individuated part of God that has the abilities inside yourself to find the answers, to be empowered and to be more than you ever believed you could be.


Keep that thought in mind and keep that vision in mind because everything starts with a vision. The vision, if you hold it long enough, will manifest. Start in little ways, not big ways but little baby-steps. Just as we started on these calls with little baby-steps; I had no idea how to put this out.


It’s been ten years and so many of you are paying attention. There were so many opportunities to give up and say, “No one is interested in this.” Something in me said, “No, I think people would be interested.”


On that note, wishing you all the New Year’s Resolution to become empowered and the conscious realization that you are part of all that is. We’ll see you Sunday on our planetary healing session. Thank you.

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