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Sunday Morning Grid Healing 1.6.13
Host: Wynn Free

Channeled by Daphne Karandanis

Transcribed by a Friend

Edited by Terry Brown and Valerie Hawes

Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee

We greet you in the Love and the Light of the One Infinite Creator. We greet you on this day of the Epiphany, the feast of the Epiphany of the old Christmas, of the old calendar of the orthodox counting of the days of the Christ mind, of the completion of east to west, of west to east, of the balancing, of the equilibrium, of the harmonics, of the going back, of the going forth, and of the retrieval of the essence.


The time youíre entering is of a time of the bridging. The time you are entering is the time of the going forth. This is a time of the traversing. This is a time of going from the known and the tangible to the unknown to the yet-to-be fulfilled, to the yet-to-be conceived, to the yet-to-be known. You are charged at this point with a great mandate, with a great mission.


From our perspective in the celestial realm, from the perspective of the RaíAn, we see a newness and a necessity, a having to build, a having to fashion, a having to put energetic focus into tangible, pragmatic blocks, building blocks; building blocks that first start with relations one to another, with conceptions of design, of new parameters, of new ways of orchestrating energies in a harmonic that is inclusive, that is satisfying, that is foundational which provides for the All and for the Every.


You are in times of leaving behind those ways, those means, those institutions, which have only served a portion of your collective humanity, which have only served a portion of those who have necessity, for you all have necessity.


Now you are being asked to create that which serves the necessity for all, that which honors all. So the baseline frequency is no longer domination; is no longer competition. The natural excellence shall show itself not as a dominating factor but as a factor which serves most highly for all, bringing all to a level where their unique Light can shine. So this is what this time is essentially is about, honoring the uniqueness and the God-like expression that is inherent in each and every soul, each and every expression of God Source which is each and every one of you. Yes, every one of you. It matters not what you think of yourself; it matters not how you judge yourself; it matters not what you think of your abilities or non-abilities.


Inherently, all judgments against yourself are false. To judge yourself as unworthy is to judge the Creator as unworthy. You are an aspect of the Eternal Divine Creator. For you to judge yourself unworthy is to judge the creation unworthy.


So we would ask you in these beginning weeks of the January and on into the February, to understand that each of you has a unique part to play in the building of what some refer to as the terra nova, the new earth, the ascended earth, the fifth dimensional earth, there are many names.  


But the important thing to remember is that the name is the meaning, is the vibrational change. It is a perceptual change and that is a collective building now coming forth from a place of not survival, but of the heart, of giving each and every person that which they need, that which would be fulfilling and that which is indeed a path-cutting example of God frequency.


This is new territory. This is new land. This is new terra firma because right now itís not terra firma. Right now, itís terra conceiva. This is new earth being conceptualized, because it must first be conceptualized in your mind before it can be made tangible and made real.


That job, that path, lies with each and every person, not just in this group, but in many other like-minded groups and associations, some not even thinking of themselves as metaphysical or spiritual, some thinking of themselves such as for example habitat for humanity, as purely humanitarian; but the goal is the same, to serve humanity.


Think with your heart, weld your heart to your head; balance, trust, fortitude. You have only just arrived. There is much, much work, much creativity, much forging ahead and much fortitude and courage required. This is indeed path-cutting time. Path-cutting requires tremendous agility and tremendous perseverance. Thank you.


Ommmmmmmm  Shanti, Shanti, Shanti



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