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Are Angels Real?


Wednesday 1.9.2013

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Host: Wynn Free

Channeled by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien

Edited by Terry Brown, Valerie Hawes and Cindy Izzo

Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee



Wynn:  This is January 9, 2013. Welcome to the New Year of 2013 with Wynn Free and Terry Brown in Sedona. We were talking about how hard it is to make commitments and how Terry and I have both learned that the important aspect of all this is showing up and not worrying about it. You show up and donít worry about it; then we learn to get into the flow, because we donít have any agendas.


Thereís a high agenda here; the agenda is to bring in the frequencies of the higher realms. The agenda is to see if we can find some of the wisdom and guidance that we all need to get through this life on earth. Can we bring in the frequency of loving energy?


I donít know how to do any of those things, other than letting go, showing up and letting go. You canít do the things you really want to do, the most important things, by trying. You canít try to love somebody; you canít try to create a masterpiece. But you can put your brush to the canvas and hope for the best. When you want to do something in your life, there is this predisposition I think, in all humans, that you want to be ready for it. Thereís some idea that one day youíll be ready and when youíre ready youíll go out and do it.


Unfortunately that doesnít work. You might try to adopt our philosophy here of being never-ready and doing it anyway. You know what? If you take that ideaódonít do things that are dangerous, okay?ódo things that, if for some reason you fail, you can still survive at the end of it.


In other words, donít go into some event that youíre not prepared for, that if you donít succeed you will hurt yourself or donít loan money out more than you can afford to lose or be careful whom you risk your emotions with. Donít be afraid of getting hurt, because you might get hurt. Itís okay, because you learn things from getting hurt. You learn more from getting hurt than you do from protecting yourself, but donít risk more than you can afford to lose; understand itís a risk.


When we show up on these calls for a period of time, we have to take the risk that maybe everyone on the internet is going to be saying, ďThose idiots Wynn Free and Terry BrownĒ and saying negative things. Maybe everyone will hang up. 


You know, when weíre on these calls we can hear when somebody hangs up. When I was sending emails out, there was a period of time when I was afraid to send emails out. I said, ďIf I do this, maybe Iím going to offend people. Maybe theyíre all going to unsubscribe from my list.Ē I had to keep taking chances to see how it would work.


We didnít know we could do this. This is not how I envisioned it to occur, but thatís the thing about being in the moment and letting go. Things can take their own direction. This still falls within my intent.


My intent is to contribute this connection to the higher realms, contribute wisdom and understanding, so that people can know how to cope with their lives better and make things happen. And my intent is to do all that without committing to anything, which is impossible, because Iím showing up three times a week.


I try to read all my emails; I try to respond. I canít do it all the time. Please, if I donít respond to your email, itís not because itís anything personal to you. Itís because there are days when I think, ďI donít want to look at my emails today. I donít want to think about anything today. I have other things to do.Ē and I think Iím going to get back to it.


Two days later I have a hundred emails. I look at it and I say, ďIíll get back to it the day after tomorrowĒ and it falls through the cracks. If I donít answer an email, itís not personal to you.


Well, it could be; occasionally we get some silly questions. We have a question for tonight, maybe there was something serious behind this, but Iím not going to ask it; ďCould you ask the Elohim how I can fix the cracks in the ceiling?Ē I donít know if thatís metaphorical or if somebody is joking with me or if they have aliens coming through the cracks, which are all possible. But Iím not going to ask that question.


Oftentimes, people ask questions where theyíre giving up their power. Itís okay, because weíve learned how to answer those questions without taking somebodyís power. We are not psychics; psychics can take your power. They like to tell you what to do; they like you to keep coming back and paying them. Since weíre not charging anything, we have no obligation to anything other than to bring through whatís most important.


Now, Iíve put you guys sitting in the supermarket with me and Iíve put you through driving home with me. I donít usually do that, but I was catching up. I got caught up. I thought I was in one of those Elohim zones where I could get more into an hour than I did, okay?


Iím going to send this; Carla and I are going to do a three-hour session on this Saturday which is going to be similar to our Monday sessions but weíll get into a groove for a longer period of time. She may be giving way some angels; weíll see about that.


The problem with thatówe were having a conversation about that and I was trying to understand more about the processóIím always testing things. I asked her, ďWhere are these angels coming from?Ē I said ďAre they from the Elohim and Ra groups?Ē and she said ďOh, no. Rosie is nowhere near that high.Ē


These are beings that are on the other side that want to help and theyíre not so different from you and me, apparently. But they will work with someone from the other side. Itís kind of like having a friend on the other side that canít do much to take advantage of you like humans can and can be a support system.


Weíre going to ask some questions about that tonight to understand more about this idea of guides and how they can help and how you can be sure theyíre positive, et cetera. Weíll ask some questions about that; itís a good line of questions.


There are a lot of people that take things for granted. It is really easy to take things for granted and not realize you are. For example, if somebody comes up and says theyíre talking to the Elohim or talking to Source, are they really? How do you know? How do you know anything?


There are all these areas of things that you canít know. Other people answer them and they say, ďThis is how this works; this thing you donít knowĒ. Then you believe them. I would be really careful in that area; I would consider the possibilities, but donít believe anything.


In fact, whatís most important is not what you believe, but what you can take into your life and cause something to shift inside of yourself, where you feel youíre a better person; youíre a more loving person. Youíre a more competent person because of something you internalized.


Being part of a group that all believes weíre in shift, that everythingís changing, that this is going to happen and thatís going to happen is not bad. But a lot of times, groups are formulated on things that nobody can prove. Yet people bond together because there is some kind of belief system, like: Weíre the group that believes in Jesus. Weíre the group that believes in the Mayan calendar. Weíre the group thatís New Age.


One of the things that I reach for in this group is not to base it on a belief system. There are a lot of great bits of information that come through and I do think that our Sources are very positive. But to me, the most impressive thing that happens on this group is the energies that come in on our Sunday calls and the way that Iíve experienced this myself and I come in on the call.


 I donít always come in on the call like, ďOkay, here we go guys!Ē You know that Tony Robbins motivation-thing: ďLetís go, 1-2-3!Ē Oftentimes I come in wherever I come in and my energy transforms on the call; your energies transform on the call. It transforms in a way that feels so extremely loving. We become more loving and caring and expanded and you feel it; youíre not believing anything; you feel it. Youíre changing; youíre expanding; itís working.


To me, thatís an extraordinary validation of the work weíre doing and that we are getting support from the other side and that itís opening people up, to increase synchronicities and shifting their karmic patterns. Mondayís call that I did about Philip Dick, so many of you emailed me. Iím so glad I decided to share that, because we are plowing new territory. When I was in the original stages that was a huge validation.


How do you know Carla Rueckert is right? How do you know sheís not nuts? How do you know thereís such a thing as a Ra group? How do you know Terryís not nuts? How do you know Daphneís not nuts and Wynnís not nuts and maybe weíre in a case of mass-hypnosis and hallucination?


I talk to people and occasionally they run that by me: How do you know this is not this? I tell them, ďIt could be, but I donít think so. I donít see what the indications are.Ē Or:  How do you know weíre not having a real hallucination and the rest of the world is the crazy hallucination?


Some people would say that and there is truth in that the reality system of the world which we take for granted on some levels, is a mass hallucination that weíve all agreed to. How do you know whatís what? Thatís why each person has to have free-will. Groups that are based upon common belief systems are weak. They may not be bad; they may even have things to offer. But theyíre limited, because theyíre based on a belief system; theyíre not based on experience.


On that note, I donít know if you guys have been checking out, but we have a little counter at the bottom. We have almost twenty countries; people from twenty different countries that have checked in and we have over 12,000 people in the last couple of months. Every day, people are checking it out.


What does that mean? It means, I believe, that weíve created this body of sacred information that is now grounded in the public. Do you know, for years I never wanted to do that; I was scared to it. I was scared; ďWhat are people going to think?Ē I was thinking we would get negatively attacked; people would make fun of us and then I wouldnít want to do it anymore or Terry wouldnít want to do it anymore. So we would invite people to things and test it really carefully.

Now here it is in the public, on the web and 12,000 people are going through it, which means theyíre listening to our sessions. Theyíre reading the answer to our, questions and theyíre building energy. You know, if there are 12,000, there can be a million. If thereís a million, there can be ten million. Itís wonderful. It kind of liberates me a little bit; I feel liberated by having that going on, because now I donít have to focus on doing that and this is the only chance we have of putting it out. Once itís in it just stays out there for as long as the internet lasts; hopefully thatíll be a while.


On that note, Iím going to call in the Light. Let me just see if Terry is unmuted. Are you unmuted Terry?


Terry:  Yes; can you hear me?


Wynn:  Are you ready? I hear you.


Terry:  No; no Iím not ready.


Wynn:  Good, good. Neither of us is ready, so we can start.


Terry:  Okay.


Wynn:  Father-Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light, to surround and protect Terry, myself and everyone on this line and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through the outer energy fields of planet earth, through our bodies and into the center of the earth. Right now, we invoke a group energy connection, while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. We invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring the Law of One, to join with us and we create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.


Would our Sources like to give an introduction this evening?


Elohim:  Thank you. We greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator. This is the 9th of January 2013 and we are available in this space in the third density coming in from the tenth density. We are in proximity to each and every person who wishes to have us near-by or to have us close. We do not come over the telephone line; we do not come over the radio. It is the voice that comes over that. We come directly, non-linearly, into your space.


Do you have questions?


Wynn:  Yes, we do. On the first question here, actually Dave asked this, but Iím going to revise this from what he asked, so itís more general, but including what Dave said:


There is the idea that people have spirit-forms that are in the invisible realms working with us. Supposedly, everybody has some of these. Some people call them guides, some people call them angels and some people call them the energy of the Elohim and Ra group coming in. In fact, the Ra group said through David Wilcock in The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?: we are surrounded. Youíre always surrounded by a multitude of beings that are there to work with you and to help you.


Can we understand a little bit more about this idea of guides and how they work with us? Do they whisper in our consciousness, give us answers and guidance? Do they send us love when our hearts feel empty? Could the negative be attaching itself in this way to humans for nefarious purposes and how can we tell the difference?


That was one good question; if you would answer it, Iíll try to pick up the pieces as we go.


Elohim:  Thank you. There are various levels of guides. The closest-in level of guides are angels individual, you might call them people; however, they have another aspect to them in that they have wings. The majority of people cannot see them; however, there are people, sometimes children, who can see them and they work very closely with individuals that they have been assigned to work with. They need to give their consent to work with these people, so that they are working with their full intention and whole-heartedly.


The angels are matched up in physical appearance. For instance, if they are working with a man who is tall and of substantial weight, then an angel may look like a Sumitomo Wrestler. The presence of the angel in the physical, although not seen generally, exudes an aura that gives him or her authoritative presence simply by the physique. So that if you have a tall man, a tall stocky man, and you have a fine wrestler-type body of an angel that is working with the man, the man then will tend, if he comes into viewing the angel, to respect him because of his similar stature and size.


So angels are paired up with the individuals to have the most effectiveness in their communications. Angels can have some human abilities and can help heal; they can provide love and care, nurturing for an individual, so that they will provide an atmosphere of being safe and an atmosphere of being cared for or being loved. The individual may not know exactly where this is coming from, but knowÖ


Carla:  This is Carla.


Elohim:  Hi, Carla.


Carla:  Hi, there.


Elohim:  Welcome, Carla; this is the Elohim and we are speaking of angels at this moment.


Carla:  Please, may I listen?


Elohim:  Yes; we are delighted.


We were mentioning the things that you also have brought up about the angels providing a safe space for the individual and providing an ambience of love so that the individual who is being protected or is being accompanied by the angel is able to have a more friendly experience, where they may have been lonely and isolated previously.


Angels have other duties too and some of these duties are to help as a guide with personal transitions and to bring them to the other side to guide them, to show them where the Tunnel of Light is and to be with them step-by-step, as the person walks the Steps of Light into the higher realm and to be with the individual and to have the wherewithal to guide the individual when the individual comes to the place where he is connected at the level that is optimum for him-her to be connected. These are guides that are of a lower-level nature than the Ra group or the Elohim group.


The Elohim group is more diffuse, is more watery, is more able to move with the whole situation, take the whole situation into account and to provide a higher vibration of support. The vibration of the angelic realm is almost similar to the vibration of the earth realm, so individuals can receive help and can recognize that it is help more from the angelic realm than from the Elohim realm.


However, when you have the Elohim realm in the very high frequencies and the Ra group coming into a broader range of frequencies and the angelic realm bringing in a level of vibration that is above the earthly realm and then the treasured vibrations, rich vibrations of the earthly realm, you really can have a grounding in other realms and within your own self.


You can find that assistance to help bring any vibrations that you may be missing in the earthly realm. It helps provide a sample or a guide that one can use to begin to resonate at some of the higher frequencies.


So if they are not resonating at a frequency of love, then they can have this as an example in their space and can explore it and begin as a wish that can reach towards it, to vibrate also at that level.


You had asked also if there was possibility of negative coming in from guides. We would say that where it is negative, this is not a guide; this may be a lost soul or this may be another person in third density that has lost their body and is trying to find their way. So we would suggest when you experience, around you, vibrations coming in or information coming in, that you very carefully review and see if this is resonant with positivity.


You can also ask for the Christ consciousness to come in. If you ask three times for the Christ consciousness to come in, then the negativity, if there is negativity, will have to leave. In extreme cases of demonic possession, if there a situation like that, an individual needs to get professional help to help to clear this from their space.


Those are our comments. Do you have any other questions on that area?


Wynn:  As one has an angel so to speak and one hears voices in their head which they think are coming from the angel, the angel is not necessarily infallible, could we say that? So the person should always run any information and guidance through their own consciousness. Could we say that? Is that true?


Elohim:  That is very true; you are your Source, your own center. You have your resonance with the highest good. This is where you come from and you should not take any angelic guidance as being something to be under their control. It is very important.


Also, it is helpful for the angel for you to maintain your own center in your own resonance, as you would in your relationships with an earthly being. Angels still have areas that they are working through. There are different degrees of purity, as one practicing being an angel who has just crossed over may carry some of the karma from his past.


So when you are working with an angel, treat it as that they are a friend. They are someone who is very helpful, desiring of helping you to feel safe; desiring of helping you to feel loved. When you resonate with that, both you and the angel benefit.


Wynn:  Thank you. We have time for one more question now. Carlaís here; that means weíre going to do what we did on Sunday. Those of you who are on BBS are going to miss it, unless you call in on the phone line.


The quick question that we haveóitís 7:55; we have about two or three minutesóis from Evelyn in the 404 area code, which I believe is Atlanta:


ďHow can I tell if Iím on the right spiritual path? If Iím not, how do I get on the right path?Ē


I want to make my quick answer to this: Everyone can change their path and itís very easy. I think that most often people think theyíre on the wrong path, because things are not working and they think they have to catapult themselves and start their life anew and move to a new city and divorce their husband and never talk to their children again. That is not the way you change your path.


Itís very easy to change your path; the way you do it is through random acts of kindness. Itís unexpected gifts to other people that are totally free, with no obligation attached to them. Every day, find ways to do this and your path will change. That changes your path, because you start giving out of grace. You have to do it without any expectation; you have to do it with a total joy of giving. If you do that every day, no matter how bad youíre feeling find a way to do it, and something will shift inside you over a period of time.


Then, new opportunities will come; new possibilities because youíre operating at a higher frequency. Let me turn it over to our Sources. We have a couple minutes; itís 7:56; we have about three minutes. Go ahead.


Elohim:  Thank you. Give us a moment.


You are having some questions. So as you are having questions it is an area where things are moving forward in a way that you wish they could be moving forward differently.


You take a look at those things where you are dissatisfied; where you wish to tweak, where you wish to get better, where you wish to have more harmony, communication and more compassion shown to you, more validation, more satisfaction, more knowledge that you are on the right track, that you are contributing something wherein others are getting your contribution and are appreciating it.


You have a great desire to be heard, to be acknowledged, to communicate and to have others recognize you and your existence in your vibrant way that you have to contributeóand to love you; to recognize the quality in you that wishes to contribute and to have that contribution acknowledged.


However, there is an area where itís as if there is a catch; where it sort of trips you up. You wonder if they quite get it. It is in this area that you can observe; you can see what it is that happens, or stops your forward movement at that time. And by looking at that area and then going back to what happened just before that trip-up and getting a little book and writing down these areas that feel like set-backs and what happened just before and exactly what happened during it, this can help provide the information you need to see what is going on, exactly, there.


Is there some belief that you have, some hesitancy about your own worth, something there that you could tweak, that if you didnít have that, you could flow through these areas that seem like set-backs?


Those are our comments and we love you.


Wynn:  Thank you. Weíre now going to say goodbye to BBS. Thank you Don and Doug for letting us run a few seconds over. Those of you that want to stay on the line, those of you that know what weíre going to do, you know we did this on Monday.


Carla has made friends with Rosie and Rosie is an intermediary with a bunch of spirit-forms that want to help humans. We canít fulfill the demand on this; Iím sorry; itís hard to put something out that we canít fulfill. Maybe weíll figure out a way, who knows? But at this moment we canít fulfill the demand.


But, if you would like an angel right at this moment, if you know what weíre doing, send an email to Wynn Free at gmail if youíre near a computer. We can only do three people.


Carla, who was that person that we missed last time?


Carla:  I canít remember her name.


Terry:  Her name was Colleen from Vancouver.


Wynn:  Colleen from Vancouver, okay.


Carla:  Thank you. Iíd like to do her first.


Wynn:  Colleen, if youíre on the line weíll take you first; do a *6.


Colleen:  Hi, itís me.


Wynn:  Okay. Do you know what youíre supposed to say? Youíre supposed to say a little bit about yourself, so that Rosie can pick up your frequency. Weíll turn it over to Carla.


Colleen:  Okay. First of all, thank you for allowing me to do this. Iím so grateful.


I live in Vancouver. I have five grown children; Iím 63. A few months ago I got laid off from my job. Iím kind of trying to decide what to do, kind of taking a bit of a time-out. I just, I guess, Iím having an empty-nest syndrome lately and health problems with arthritis. I was diagnosed with lupus, but itís kind of uncertain if I have it or not. I donít really accept it; I just kind of say, ďI was diagnosed with it.Ē


I just wanted to tell a quick little story, Carla, because I had a dream about you a long time ago. It was so cute. I saw you; it was like this real recognition. I went up to you and I said, ďOh!Ē It was like we knew each other. We put our palms together and we said, ďOur palms are exactly the same!Ē That was it. But the feeling with the dream was so nice and such a nice feeling.


Carla:  That does sound lovely.


Rosie, is that enough? Or are you to turn to those who are with you? Rosie says yes. Iím getting a lot of male angels lately; your angel, Colleen, is Edward.


Colleen:  Edward.


Carla:  Edward.


Do you want to tell me anything about him, Rosie? He doesnít want you to depend on anything about him; he just wants you to know that he wants you to feel fulfilled and that you are never alone. And, that you deeply loved. So there you are.


I would like to say on my own behalf: Iím so surprised that all of these phenomena are occurring with everybody thatís received angels. Iíve had Rosie since 1971 and I just rest back into her and feel the love and feel the safety and thatís it. Iíve never had conversations or anything like that.


Rosie, why is that? Rosie says, ďBecause you never asked.Ē Okay.


Colleen:  Thank you so much.


Carla:  Youíre very welcome.


Wynn:  Alright. Let me see; going through the list here. Carla, we have half an hour, right?


Carla:  Okay.


Wynn:  Is that right? You tell me.


Carla:  Thatís right.


Wynn:  Itís actually 8:06; we have about twenty five minutes. Weíll see how many we fit in 25 minutes. We can do probably more than three. We have Debra in Los Angeles. Debra, do you want to do *6? Debra, are you there? You have to do *6 and you have to speak up.


Debra:  Iím here.


Wynn:  Okay, we hear you.


Debra:  I would appreciate just to have known that thereís somebody out there. I guess.


Wynn:  We hear you. Are you in a place where you feel alienated or separated or alone?


Debra:  I just donít know what to do with myself, I guess. Iíve been doing a lot of these conference calls and theyíve really helped out a lot. Iím just kind of at a place where I feel like I need to get off my job and I just feel kind of alone a lot of times I guess. It would just be nice to know that thereís somebody I can connect with, like put a name to, I guess.


Carla:  Okay. Rosie, is that enough for you to have somebody volunteer? Yes; she says thatís fine. Whatís her name, or his name, Rosie? Ethel, her name is Ethel and she would be delighted to be with you and to Ďsail with you on the seas of lifeí, she says.


Debra:  Great; thank you very much.


Carla:  She wants you to know that youíre greatly loved.


Debra:  Great, thank you.


Carla:  And she would love to be with you; you have only to ask.


Debra:  Okay, great. Thank you.


Wynn:  Carla had said previously, you have to call on Ethel to get her to come present. She doesnít violate your free will.


Debra:  I will.


Carla:  It doesnít hurt to thank her.


Debra:  I will; thank you.


Wynn:  Next on our list here is Gijs. Gijs, are you there?


Gijs:  Yes, sir.


Wynn:  Why do you want an angel?


Gijs:  Oh, man I want like 27 angels. I do believe I have my guardian, but Iím very anxious, also, to get to know more about my guardian angels. I know I have my guardian angel; I donít know if itís one or more, but I would like to know the name. If Carla gives me a guardian angel then I know the name, and that would be a great thing for me.


Carla:  Just as a matter of interest, Iíve gotten in readings, I donít know about you, Wynn, the readings that have come through L&L Research have suggested that you can have as many as twelve presences with you.


Wynn:  Twelve angels?


Carla:  Usually everybody has three. But there are, like Rosie, entities that feel called to your vibration. So the more you do, the more you love, the more you???, the more you do Wynnís random acts of kindness, the more you draw entities that want to walk with you.


Wynn:  Is that enough from Gijs?


Carla:  Okay, let me see. Rosie, is that enough from Gijs? Rosie says yes and your angel is Elizabeth; you can call her Betty.


Gijs:  Elizabeth! Betty, thank you so much.


Carla:  You bet.


Wynn:  Gijs, donít tell your wife. She might be jealous.


Alright thank you. Next one, we have Lucy; Lucy, *6.


Lucy:  Yes, Iím here. Iím a 67 grandma; Iím helping my daughter with the grandkids. I wasnít going to call from the Y (YMCA?) now for a few months. I was looking into, studying to be more and more a light worker. Iíd like to have an angel to share my love and support and helping with the kids. Sometimes I get impatient a little bit, so if she can-could give me some support for that. Thatís about it.


Carla:  Okay; Rosie says thank you very much. Whatís the name of the angel? This is an odd name: Estadio. I have never heard that name, but thatís the name I gotóEstadio. Estadio, do you ever have a nickname? He says, ďYou can call me ĎStoddyí.Ē


Lucy:  Thank you. Thank you very much.


Carla:  Itís my pleasure.


Wynn:  Did you get that name clearly, Lucy?


Lucy:  Estadio, yes.


Wynn:  Okay, good. Thank you so much. Next, we have Michael Adler; Michael, *6óare you there, Michael?


Carla:  Itís hard to find the Ď*í sometimes; I squint and look at it; ďWhat is that? Is that the number or is that the star?Ē


Wynn:  Michael Adler.


Michael:  Here we go. Yes, Iím here. Thank you. And, gratefully so; I did not realize this would come up so quickly. Thank you.


I know Iíve got plenty of guides; I know I have connections in a lot of places. I just donít always seem to communicate well with them or to separate them. I have healing guides; Iím looking for someone to assist with creativity and also with healing, very much with healing, from all aspects. Iíve been having quite a bit of spinal discomfort for a long time. It gets rather depressing to be in pain for that long.


So I would like a high-powered healing guide or whatever is most appropriate for me.


Carla:  Rosie says she doesnít have anybody like that. All she has is those who are able to make you feel loved and make you feel safe.


Michael:  You know, that would be enough; that would be wonderful.


Carla:  Rosie, what do you think? Somebodyóyes, she says Susan wants to take you on. She says she really does want to make you feel loved and to make you feel safe. Sheís very sorry that she doesnít have any more abilities than that.


Michael:  You know, I was thinking about all the different expressions of the Divine that come through. Sometimes I think getting to that space to be able to communicate with them is often my biggest challenge. So I think this will be just fine. Thank you.


Carla:  Okay. Youíre welcome.


I think it has to be really clear that Rosieís echelon is angels; I didnít get to hear all that you said, Terry, on the subject when you were channeling Source. Itís just so right; there are all different kinds of angels. This type of angel that Rosie was is close to human, but has been given the choice of not incarnating anymore and just helping and helping in this way.


So itís not a high-powered Source in the sense that itís able to heal or is able to do those things. Itís able to bring you to a space where that which you have is more relaxed and more vibrant and therefore perhaps more able to do those things that you hope to do.


Michael:  I do think thatís absolutely appropriate. I was a little bit surprised to hear my name called.


Carla:  Thereís no sense in not asking.


Michael:  I jumped to grab the phone and make it work and that stuff. It was a surprise, so thank you.


Carla:  You bet.


Michael:  Like I said, it will be; itís perfect, is what I was trying to say when I said it would be enough.


Carla:  Okay, good. Donít forget to ask for her.


Michael:  Susan. Does she prefer Susan or Susie?


Carla:  Susan.


Michael:  Susan. Once again, thank you.


Carla:  Our pleasure.


Wynn:  Alright. Next we have Claire; Claire in Grippe, New Jersey. Claire, are you going to do a *6? Hello, Claire.


Claire:  Hi Wynn and Carla.


Wynn:  We hear you. Okay. Are you there, Claire?


Claire:  Yes. Did you want me to say something, Carla?


Wynn:  You have to talk a little bit.


Carla:  Yes; what happened here, with Rosie is; the way she came to me, she loved my vibrations. So she came to me in a sťance once, a materialization sťance. I couldnít see her exactly, but my research partner could see her and described her as a five-year-old child. Of course sheís not five years old anymore; sheís in the higher realms. Sheís able to access love without respect to age.


Itís a matter of affinity. An angel will come to you because of having an affinity for you, so you just need to tell me; you can tell me why you hope to have an angel. Or just talk on about yourself a little bit and describe your hopes and dreams, or those things that troubled you. Anything like that is fine.


Claire:  Weíd go for a long timeÖ


Carla:  That way, gradually, Rosie can get more and more of an idea of what kind of a person you are and who will be compatible with you, because itís not just ďHereís an angelĒ; itís ďThis is a person that has spoken to the heart of an angel and therefore that angel wants to be with you.Ē


Claire:  Thatís wonderful; thatís good to hear. I have been suffering horribly for quite a few years now from a massive negative entity and energy attacks and have been interviewed for it about some of what was involved.


Itís also that I do have a major mission on this planet, so I could certainly use every ounce of love and support from the angelic realm. I think it was Debra or Gijs who said knowing the name of an angel would be helpful; someone that you could call on kind of as a personal relationship with but could help, I suppose, to keep me kind of safe and on-track; and, help me fully recover so I can continue and fulfill my mission.


Carla:  Okay. Rosie, is that enough? Yes, she says your angelís name is Edgard, with a Ďdí. Edgard says that he hopes that he can make you feel loved and safe so that you can deal with all of those things.


Claire:  Sounds wonderful, thank you so much Carla. Iíve been thinking of you also. I only recently learned of some of your difficulties. I hope maybe I can give you some information later that might be helpful to you.


Carla:  Thank you, sweetheart.


Claire:  Thank you for Edgard. I look forward; I hope Iíll be able to see him. Can he make himself visible to me?


Carla:  Not usually; it depends upon your sensitivity. You know how some people can see auras; most people canít, that kind of thing, because itís a vibrationÖ


Claire:  Right; Iíve certainly been able to seeÖ


Carla:  Weíre all vibrations; but, we get fooled because we have this silly flesh-thing going, you know. Angels donít; theyíre just vibration. Theyíre Light.


Claire:  I have seen some in the past.


Carla:  Well, good luck. Let us know.


Claire:  I certainly have seen the nasty, so Iím hoping. At least Iíll be able to speak with him and know heís there. Iím grateful; thank you.


Carla:  Yes, certainly.


Claire:  Thank you, Wynn.


Wynn:  Hang on. Here we go; can you hear me? Okay.


Next person is Edna; are you there, Edna? *6.


Edna:  Yes; Iím here. Thank you, thank you.


Well, I feel that my angels are around me and I would love to know their names. I feel them protect me. I know Iíve seen them, I think. I just want to know them.


Carla:  Okay; Rosie, can you look at her angels and say? Rosie canít tell you the name of an angel she doesnít know; Iím sorry; we canít do that. Isnít it awful when you canít know? Rosie can send you another angel, but she canít tell you the name of one you already have.


Edna:  Okay; I would like to have an angel then that I could feel closer and I could contact and could touchÖ


Carla:  Could you tell us a little bit about yourself so Rosie can get an idea of the ???


Edna:  Sure; my name is Edna. I live in Snohomish, Washington. I have been participating with Wynn and I do co-ordinate Team Shift and I love to help people. Iím always looking for an opportunity to make a difference. To help others is the most important thing for me. I have lots of difficulties, things like debt; it seems like Iím being able to go through that. It has been better now after my divorce ???


Carla:  Rosie, is that enough? Rosie says, ďYes, thatís enough.Ē Oddly enough, the name of your angel is Honey.


Edna:  Itís Honey?


Carla:  And not Honey-Boo Boo; just Honey. Honey said she would very much like to snuggle in there with the rest of your guidance and make you feel safe and loved.


Edna:  Thank you. Thatís wonderful.


Carla:  Youíre very welcome.


Wynn:  Okay. Do we have Cindy *6. Cindy, are you there?


Cindy:  Can you hear me now?


Wynn:  I hear you now.


Carla:  Weíre sounding like a commercial here. ďCan you hear me now?Ē


Cindy:  Like I said in my emails to Wynn, Iím very private. So for me to even ask in front of everybodyóIím really putting it out there. Iíve been really suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder for the last few years. Iím having a difficult time moving through that, I mean from the simplest things.


A few years ago, I was fearless and now Iím having difficulty even getting my mail. Logically in my head, it doesnít make sense. But, physically itís affecting me from moving forward and being productive and getting back on my feet again. I donít know if I need an angel thatís confidence, or wisdom, orÖ


Carla:  Oh yes; Nancy says that she would love to help you feel safer and give you that space where youíre safe and loved and the spirit is with you.


Cindy:  Thank you so much. I appreciate it.


Carla:  Youíre very welcome. I think thatís the point, just to expatiate a minute: Thatís the point of feeling safe and feeling loved is that the Spirit gives you a certain vibration. When youíre in that spiritual vibration, you do feel safe; you feel loved. You feel protected. And you are because that is the way of Spirit. Itís evanescent; it doesnít just plop down next to you.


Itís something that we work at every day by tuning ourselves up, as Wynn said, by random acts of kindness, by singing a hymn to ourselves, those who sing hymns, anything that will cheer us up, anything that we can be a part of feeling better. Having an angel is having a Spirit, and I think we have time for one more, donít you Wynn?


Cindy:  Iím sorry; did you say it was Nancy? Is that it?


Carla:  Nancy.


Cindy: Ok, thank you.


Wynn:  Let us know how these angels are working out for you; weíve never done anything like this. Iíd really like to get feedback.


Next we have the last person for this evening. Suzanne, if you get on early next time we do this, youíll be first, okay?  Weíre not going to get to it. Ellie Kellogg; Ellie, are you on the line? *6. 


Ellie:  I did *6.


Wynn:  We hear you.


Ellie:  I guess my question is: How many guardian angels do I have with me?


Wynn:  I donít know if sheís going to answer that.


Carla:  No, Rosie doesnít know.


Wynn:  It seems to me that the way it was working is that Rosie has this unique little section of the Universe where there are a bunch of beings that are wanting to assist people; she works with that particular group of beings. They want to help and this is their opportunity to have someone ask so that they can work with you out of free will.


Ellie:  I understand.


Wynn:  So now you have to tell why youíd like one of those to work with you so they can pick the right one.


Ellie:  Okay. I would like to have an angel work with me because Iím having all kinds of financial problems and some health problems.


Carla: Okay, Rosie says that there is an angel that would like to help you feel safe and her heart goes out to you. Her name is Georgina; she says sheís very sorry she canít help you with your finances or anything else. All she can do is help you with feeling that youíre protected as you deal with these problems.


Ellie:  Okay, thatís fine. Thank you.


Carla:  Enjoy.


Wynn:  Remember: you have to call on her.  Say, ďGeorgina, are you there?Ē


Ellie:  Georgina?


Wynn:  Isnít that it?


Ellie:  I feel a presence in my room.


Wynn:  Okay.


Carla:  Okay; so I need to sign off at this point. I wish everybody all the love in my heart and you know thatís a whole lot! Bye-bye everybody and lots and lots of love.


Wynn:  We thank you so much for sharing with us tonight, Carla.


Carla:  You know, Wynn, my pleasure. God bless you and so long, Terry.




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