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Monday 1.14.2013
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Host: Wynn Free
Channeled by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien

Edited by Terry Brown, Valerie Hawes and David Masty

Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee




Wynn:  This is January 14th, 2013; we’re Wynn in Sedona and Terry in Sedona.


Today, if you notice, our formats are always changing. One of the things is, we have to keep interested. Another thing is that since we’ve put up the Spirit Channel we have literally hundreds of our sessions on there; it’s like I have to think of topics we haven’t already discussed just to do a channeling.


For whatever reason, I started out with the idea that we were going to talk about the sacred architecture of the Universe. That’s something that Daphne is somewhat versed in. Then I looked up a quote and it ended up downloading into a poem. I said “Okay, I’m going to put my poem up.”


Actually, that is a really historic poem because if you notice I wrote that in 1999. I think I’ll read it, for those of you that didn’t see it. It was when I was selling things at street fairs and I was at a street fair in Southern California. I felt like my life had come to an end, like I didn’t want to do this anymore; I got caught in a rut. Any of you ever get caught in a rut?—of course, all the time. I said, “If I have to sell at street fairs for the rest of my life, I would rather die now.” I remember thinking that.


I went across the street to the liquor store, bought a notepad and started writing poems in it. That was the first poem I wrote and I said, “I’m going to write poems about street fairs.” It was called “A Vendor’s Bird’s Eye View”.


In any case, because I wrote that poem and because I wrote some other poems, I started sending poems out on the Internet. I ended up getting offered a job writing articles for this magazine. I never wrote articles before; I only wrote poems and songs. In fact, I wasn’t sure I could write an article, but I gave it my best shot and they loved my articles. I was writing articles for them every month and they were paying me, not much, but at least I felt like I wasn’t just selling on the weekends, I was making some kind of contribution.


About six months into that, I ran into David Wilcock’s website and I convinced the editor of the magazine to let me interview David. She did, but she thought he was a wacko. She said, “I’m not going to run this until I read the interview.” So I ended up doing the interview. She loved the interview; she called me back and said, “I think you’re supposed to write the book about this.”


Of course, it was my stretch to write articles for them. I never believed I’d have the discipline to write a book, but she put a buzz in my ear. I kept thinking, “This is really important; this is going to be really important.” I didn’t quite understand or comprehend the depth of everything, but I wrote the book. Of course if I didn’t write the book, I wouldn’t be here now.


It was that one episode of walking across the street, going to the liquor store and I started off, writing that poem. I said, “I’m going to write poems out of this”. In other words, I was stuck; I was selling things and I didn’t know how to get back into being creative again. I wrote a poem; then I wrote another poem. I was writing poems all about selling things. Well not about selling things, but my experience being at a booth. I sent that poem out today.


Of course, because I was writing for that magazine, about two years later, I went on an assignment and I ran into Daphne on my assignment. I drove 400 miles and there she was.


So that’s a good example, if you wonder how intention works and you wonder how synchronicity works. Everything happened inadvertently, it didn’t happen like I aimed for it; like I didn’t decide to write a book.


So I got to my point of great, great frustration. I had been doing this for twenty years. I thought I was a song-writer and I totally got off track. So, I wrote the poem. This was the poem I wrote and it was called “A Vendor’s Bird’s Eye View”. This was the first poem of that period. I had written poems before. Daphne, are you on the line?


Daphne:  I am here, Wynn.


Wynn:  Do you happen to have that poem of yours, what was it called?


Daphne:  “Liquefaction of Love”?   


Wynn:  Yes.


Daphne:  I don’t have it at hand, no.


Wynn:  Well, I was going to have you read it. Nonetheless, here is the poem.



“Looking into the eyes of the multitude,

The eyes as windows to the soul.

Young eyes, old eyes,

Spanish eyes, black eyes,

Arabic eyes, Sephartic eyes,

Gay eyes, gang eyes

Tired eyes, enthusiastic eyes,

Rock and roll eyes, jazz eyes,

In love eyes, lonely eyes,

Angry eyes, happy eyes,

Bedroom eyes, kitchen eyes,

Hurt eyes, silly eyes,

Dense eyes, wise eyes,

Friendly eyes, impovershed eyes.


The eyes have it,

Always telling a story

About the being

Looking through them.

One hundred thousand eyes,

One hundred thousand stories,

All connected to one energy,


Stepped down into the physical world,

Via the karmic path of the being.

The eyes of the multitude,

The eyes of God,

Looking back at me.


P.S. Wanna buy a pair of sunglasses?”



Well, that was my poem. Without writing that poem I don’t know if I’d be here now doing this. The Universe works in very strange ways.


Intuitively, I was understanding when I wrote that poem; this was before I was talking to the Elohim, it was before I met David Wilcock, but somehow I had an intuitive understanding of the Law of One and that each person was connected to Source. When I would be at a booth selling things I could feel the connection. I could look at people and I’d feel this great sense of love for the multitude. I think I learned a lot about loving all kinds of people standing at a booth, having no superiority attitudes.


Soon, I’m going to put a little book out of the poems I wrote in that period because I started out as a creator, a creative person, and looked at my creations as a way of sharing things. Then all of this stuff happened and I was stymied: “How do you put this into the world? How do you do it?”


Really, I‘ve learned how to do this because of you guys; because of you who are paying attention; because of you who are being touched and reached and the emails I receive. I know it reaches Terry and Daphne as well, because I could never believe I could do anything like this. Yet here we are doing it.


The truth of the matter is: I don’t really feel like I can take any credit except for recognizing that it was important and persevering. I did persevere; once I got that it was important and real, I didn’t let it go.


Now we have the Spirit Channel there and if you haven’t checked that out I highly recommend it. Sometimes people say, “Wynn, why don’t you just start out with the channeling? Why don’t you just start talking to them?”


In the Spirit Channel we have hundreds of audios and transcripts and we have a team of probably six or seven people working on that project, volunteering to put that up. In a certain sense, we have the history of this work; we have all kinds of topics we’ve discussed with our Sources, all kinds of questions and answers and we put them up to the public so that anyone can browse through them.


To my complete surprise, thousands of people are going there and reading everything. It’s like we’ve put up a free University of the Higher Realms with all this inspiration, information that you can browse through. The people that are doing that, the people that are paying attention, many people are going through permanent changes; things that they’ll never have to go back to their old ways of being.


I’m not doing it; they’re doing it, but they’re applying themselves. I’m saying this because if you’re one of those people that feels stuck, you might try applying yourself; you might go to the Spirit Channel. You might look up all the questions and see the ones that relate to you. You may find that something happens.


Some of you have noticed just by checking into these conference calls three times a week that we’re very corny; it’s not because we’re brilliant; it’s not because we’re teaching anything; well we are teaching stuff, but the main benefit of these calls, as I see it, is you start changing your timelines. Time starts moving differently because you’re paying attention to something that moves at a different timeline than normal reality.


As you keep paying attention to it, you’re re-programming yourself to ride that higher timeline and things can start happening automatically. You may as well try it; if you’re not having that experience, try it at least for a month of coming into the calls every week and notice if you have a shift.


What does a shift feel like? Many of you are faced with your obstacles, your pain, your challenges and you’re focused on them. If you want to change them, you have to stop focusing on them. It’s like if you go to a good movie that can make you laugh and you stop focusing on it. When you go to a good movie and the movie goes through really quickly, it’s really entertaining; that’s like moving into another timeline. The problem is: you go back from the movie and you go back to your old timeline when the movie’s over.


When we have three calls a week and we’re bringing in these Sources and when you come listen to this stuff, you are re-programming your timelines so that you start operating at a higher timeline. Then you have this opportunity for synchronicities to occur; for little deviations in reality that wouldn’t normally happen. It’s not linear, so I can’t explain it to you in a language where you can say, “I’m going to do that. I want that to happen.” All I can say is, by the repetition of being in a situation where the timelines are moving so fast, then that can occur.


The topic tonight is the architecture of the Universe. Well, when we normally think of the Universe, we think of the physical Universe; we are in the physical Universe on planet earth. But we are also in the multi-dimensional Universe, which means that there are layers upon layers upon layers of different parallel universes moving at different speeds.


We’re talking about timelines; so now we have different things moving at different speeds that exist right next to you, right now, but you can’t see them because you don’t have the equipment. Your eyes are not designed to see them; you might feel them. You might feel them as vibes; you might feel them as intuitive flashes coming in. Where did that come from?


As you start accessing these other timelines, you start grasping intuitively how it works. There was a quote I sent out today, I don’t even know who this guy is, Daisaku Ikeda; he sounds Japanese. I found it on the Internet and it felt appropriate:


Living here on Earth, we breathe the rhythms of a Universe that extends infinitely above us. When resonant harmonies arise between this vast outer cosmos and the inner human cosmos, poetry is born.”


Then I said, “If I’m putting that in, I’ll put my poem in.” Actually that was what my poem was about. It was about looking at people who are ordinary people; not that anyone is ordinary, but on the surface ordinary, coming to shop at a street fair—looking at them and seeing them as expressions of Divinity, seeing through their eyes that they went on forever. Each of you goes on forever, in spite of the illusion that we have in this realm that this is all there is.


When we talk about how all these timelines are coordinated, this is something I’m really not well-versed in; I have an intuition about it and I’ll go as far as I can. Then I’m going to turn it over to Daphne, because I think she has a greater comprehension of this than I do, the architecture of the Universe. By the way, when I say that, I am not saying, “The great architect of the Universe”; erase that. That’s negative. But I’m saying that there’s an interface between timelines.

Those of you that heard my talk with Carla Rueckert on Saturday and if you didn’t hear it, I highly recommend you listen, because it’s a whole different energy with Carla and what we do there, than what we do here and Wednesday and even on Sunday. It’s the Ra energy very, very strongly. She wasn’t channeling, but we were discussing the Ra Material. Her Ra Material is legendary, but a lot of people don’t understand it, it’s so deep.


We would take a little paragraph of something and I would say what I thought it meant and she would say what she thought it meant. But it was just a good energy and we made it simple.


Part of making that stuff simple starts to give you cognitions; cognitions are cellular memories. Most of you that are listening to these calls regularly are Wanderers; you’ve come in from other dimensions. These Sources, I would speculate, are your soul families. You are having the opportunity to make energetic connection back with your soul family; those Sources you came from, before you volunteered to come into this mishugina—crazy—realm.


We keep struggling to find, “What am I doing here? What am I supposed to be doing? Why do I feel alienated?” You’re going to feel alienated until you start picking up these higher timelines, which resonate more with your home vibration where you came from. That could have been part of the Elohim group, part of the Ra group, one of the Pleiadians; all kinds of beings down here have taken on bodies and come from elsewhere.


It’s very interesting; while I was studying the Ra material to do that workshop with Carla on Saturday, something came up that I discovered for the first time that I thought was totally fascinating. That was: Abraham Lincoln was—this is according to the Ra Material, so this may not be true, but I’ll just tell you what they said—Abraham Lincoln was a walk-in.


What that meant was, the being that was born Abraham Lincoln decided to let a higher level being take over his body and he backed out. This is not a Wanderer; this is something else. This is a fairly rare occurrence. When we look at The Gettysburg Address and how well that is crafted and how touching that is, that was written, according to the Ra through Carla, by a being from another dimension, who came in to help free the slaves.


We have all of these timelines or dimensions or densities as you want to call them. One of the ways the Ra group described them is: imagine pure white light going through a prism; then it comes out all these colors; then it goes through another prism and another prism. There is this geometric organization of the Universe that is a building-block for everything.


There are people who are experts at this geometrical organization. I don’t think I need to be an expert. What I think is, that I learned enough that I can bring energy; we can bring energy, which we do on Sundays, through all these prisms just by our intention. We’re moving through the dimensions or over-riding all these dimensions to go from the place where there’s almost no time, to here where time, as you know, has its fixed way of being.


It’s going through the planets. I used to be an astrologer so I have some intuitions about that. It’s passing through the planets; it’s passing through the galaxies. Of course what this shift is about is an alignment of the galaxies, where everything is in line to bring the maximum amount of energy, the most energy that has ever been brought down into this realm in the history of mankind.


Historically it’s well-known that geometric figures focus energy in certain ways, which is one of the reasons that there are pyramids; the pyramids were focusing chambers for energy. Years ago I used to read about pyramids; I had a pyramid over my bed that I slept under. There were all these articles, saying how razor blades didn’t get dull, fruits and vegetables stayed fresher if you put them in a pyramid. Right now with this shift and this new energy, our whole planet is like a pyramid.


Daphne, is there any way you can plug into what I’m saying and talk about the I’m dodecahedrons, stuff like that? Do you understand anything at all about how the energy differentiates geometrically from the center of the Universe to here?


Daphne:  From my conscious understanding and from the reading and studying I’ve done over a number of years it seems that between here and All That Is or Organic Source Field or God Consciousness exists at least twelve dimensional fields or layers. Over the course of the last several thousand years, these twelve fields or layers were imprisoned or they were blocked and they were swept into an inorganic frequency or an inorganic matrix that reduced the twelve to ten.


The Tree of Life, the Kabbalah, as we know it, organically was a twelve-system object or a twelve-system idea and it was collapsed into a ten. Thus it compromised the organic geometries, the organic sacred geometries and allowed for fallen, or controller mechanisms to enslave the population to a great extent.


What’s been happening now and the time that we’re in now, is that there has been an organic re-alignment and an organic awakening, primarily of the Wanderers or the Star-seeds, who have been born with an encodement of their DNA which is sufficiently awakened and carries a sufficient amount of Light that the organic original blueprints that they carry since birth is aligning with Gaia, the Earth, as we are walking upon her. Gaia herself is re-aligning and re-anchoring her organic consciousness.


We are actually, again from my understanding of this; we are walking like a light-saber, basically like in Star Wars:  we are columns of Light. Each of us has very particular codings that resonate both with specific physical locations and with specific physical persons, as well as inter-dimensional connections.


The more awake, the more conscious, the more activated you are—I have worked with people who are gifted, who can see inter-dimensionally—there are parts of the Over-Soul that are considered to be ‘hova’ bodies. As these become on-line, as these become enlightened, you actually start connecting vibrationally to the Antahkarana or the Over-Soul field of the planet Earth; the planetary Monad, the planetary Logos. The Ra Material talks about this.


So that when you go about your day; when you go to the gas station, when you go to the CVS, when you go to the grocery store, the Whole Foods, you are actually weaving a web of Light, very similar to the filaments that a spider would spin in her web. You are leaving light-trails wherever you go. Whenever you have these synchronistic kinds of encounters with people it usually is when there are kind of inter-dimensional nexus points or nodal points that are aligning in your field and in the field of Mother Earth, that create a synchronicity; meaning a lining up of time: the lining up of Divine Time and physical time. Then you get the seemingly miraculous things or the extraordinary things happening.


That’s the beginnings of the some of the things I understand.


Wynn:  Let me take how I understand what you said, because I like to try to make it really simple so I can understand it:


As the Universe was created there was the Elohim at the top of it. We have at least three or four awesome sessions on the Spirit Channel with how the Elohim created the Universe. Then they gave free-will out, so it became a group creation, not even the high Elohim. As the Universe was evolving there were beings of mixed polarity.


By the way, the Ra group and the Elohim group explain the same thing about this. They say that each localized area of the Universe would create the rules of conduct and evolution in that localized area. What that means, is that there’s a Consciousness in the solar system which would create a set of rules in the solar system, our solar system, about how the planets would evolve. Then the Sun has a set of rules; it would create it so all the planets had to go by the rules of the Sun.


And then the Earth has a set of rules and we are growing by the rules set by the Earth. Then each of us creates our own rules: we have a home; we bring up our children; we decide with our own free will how we’re going to conduct ourselves in our local place.


Some of the bigger beings in the Universe attempted to co-opt the entire Universe, or large portions of it. So where there would be sacred geometries stepping down from the Higher Realms, they would attempt—this is hard to visualize.


I’m trying to make it simple—we’re not dealing with human consciousness and the way humans work. We’re dealing with gods so to speak, but gods that are controlling gods. Not free-will gods, but lower level gods, that would attempt to co-opt sections of the Universe under their control patterns, so that they could be the god of that particular section of the Universe.


This all steps down through all the sacred geometries. There are large sections of the Universe that were co-opted. When Daphne was talking about the organic and the inorganic Universe, I believe that’s what she was talking about: the co-opting of the Universe and the control mechanisms and even using computers and organic computers; I don’t understand it. We’ve touched on it in different sessions. We end up here on earth at the bottom level of the whole continuum.


If you heard Philip Dick and that extraordinary thing I read last week on how he never used the word ‘star seed’, but he talked about how beings from the Higher Realms came and took incarnations, knowing they would forget why they were here. That was the only hope for bringing the Universe home again; to be able to tie the lower realm back to the higher realm and by-pass all the control patterns. It sounds like science fiction, I know.


But if you look at what we’re doing and if you look at what we’re doing on the grid healings, that’s us and others like us, that are realizing the power you have as a human to be here in your small body and move through all the dimensions, through all the control patterns. You don’t have to fight them; you move through them. You don’t have to be obstructed; like water, you flow along them, back to Source and become a liaison, to bring the energy, to link the energy, from Source back to here.


The goal is to stop the disillusion of the Universe. That is why there are so many Indigo Children, Crystal Children, Star Children, so many of the younger people who even when they don’t understand all of this, they have great energy and great cooperation.


They built the computer industry and they built the tools to allow us to be able to communicate with each other without needing huge advertising budgets. We are like the little tiny modules at the base here.


What did the Elohim say on Sunday? It was quite extraordinary: they said, “You are creating the seeds…” Terry, do you remember what they said? They said we’re creating the seeds for a new society? Do you remember that?


Terry:  Yes, I do. I remember that.


Wynn:  It was quite extraordinary what they said. It’s hard for me to believe that, yet when I look at this and I look at how unusual it is and how so many of you are getting it, you’re not followers; you’re getting it; you’re internalizing it and you’re living it. Your vibrations are changing and your synapses are making the connections and you’re becoming the volunteers here, to actually make this happen which is, I would speculate, why you originally took bodies in this realm.


Does that sound crazy? Daphne?


Daphne:  No, I don’t think it’s crazy at all. I think it actually makes a lot of sense.


Wynn:  We have seven minutes left; maybe I’ll let our Sources make a comment about this whole topic, since we brought it up. Terry, do you want to do it?


Terry:  I could do it.


Wynn:  Okay.


Father Mother-God, we ask for the presence of the Light, to surround and protect everyone on this line and anyone listening to the replays or reading the transcripts and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and released, transmuted, dispersed for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through the outer energy fields of planet Earth, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth. Right now, we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls.


We invite our Sources to join us and make any comments about this idea we’ve been discussing. Do we have it kind of right?


Ra’An:  Yes. We greet you in the Love Light of the One Infinite Creator. We are with you this Monday the 14th of January 2013 and we do see that you are bringing in the seeds of a new reality, the seeds of bringing in the knowledge that you are more than your body. You are in the third density but you are not of the third density. You have qualities that you have brought with you that you do not even dream that you possess. 


You have the ability to move, to operate independent of the body with your own natural abilities that you have brought with you and are part and parcel of you as you can operate out of your light bodies. You can sense, you can see, you can hear, you can taste, you can smell independent of your body. You do not need your body to take advantage of those qualities that are inherent within you.


You are bringing a new dawn; you are bringing a new tomorrow; you are bringing a tomorrow of harmony and of a higher vibration. You are learning to connect with vibrations that are inherent within you. You are bringing with you also what you are learning in the third density. You are learning to harmonize; you are learning what it is like to bring the golden thread of love into the third density and to expand it and to experience it and to bring yourselves into the third density, which allows a richer experience.


We love you, and we are excited for you. We feel your presence. We know the vibrancy of which you are, the love of which you are. Thank you.


Wynn:  Thank you. That was a beautiful close for this session and a beautiful acknowledgement for all of you who are hanging in with this work. We’re going to end this session right now, but we may have Carla coming in to do her special thing at the end. You’re going to miss it if you’re on the internet, but if you come in on the phone lines you’ll get it.


On that note we will unmute everybody.

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