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Wednesday 1.16.2013
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Hosted by: Wynn Free
Channeled by: Terry Brown
Transcribed by: Connie O'Brien
Edited by: Terry Brown, Valerie Hawes, Susan Rush

Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee



Wynn: This is January 16th, 2013. Boy, it takes a lot of discipline to say ‘2013’ because I keep wanting to say ‘2012.’


Wynn: I’d like to start when Daphne is on the line, because I think she wants to participate tonight. Also, Terry has been tired and is recuperating, so it’s good to share the responsibilities. Terry, when you channel—everybody’s different; does it make you tired?


Terry: Well it depends because in channeling, like I’m with the Elohim and we go different places; sometimes we’re in places where it just takes a lot of my energy. For instance, areas like the Louisiana Sink Hole that just grab my energy and goes slurp. Then I become really tired after that. But sometimes it’s more energizing. It kind of depends upon what we go through.


Wynn: It depends on what the questions are, right?


Terry: Yes.


Wynn: So it’s kind of like you get on their airplane and when we ask a question they go there and you’re kind of riding on it. Would it be like that?


Terry:  Yes, I’m with them, in the sky overlooking New York City or overlooking Tokyo or being wherever. We’re overlooking the Sink Hole and I get the different percepts of that. Like the Gulf of Mexico in the middle of the Gulf Oil Spill, then I start feeling nauseated or something. It’s interplaying with the surroundings.


Wynn: So when we’re on a Wednesday call and people ask questions, it’s kind of like a potpourri; we don’t know where we’re going to end up, right?


Terry: Yes, we don’t know where we’re going to be going.


Wynn: So the Wednesday calls may be not tiring or very tiring, right?


Terry: Yes, or a mixture.


Wynn: Is Daphne back?


Daphne: I am here.


Wynn:  Okay, we’ve been waiting for you, so I won’t tell any more stories. People are saying, “Wynn, shut up and let them do their thing”. Let’s see; we were just talking about being the ‘Never-Ready Crew;’ you know, the ‘NeverReady Batteries.’


Daphne: Very cute. But I think Terry is an Ever-Ready Bunny.


Wynn: Terry, I’ll put you in the position of getting into big trouble, okay? Are you ready?


Terry: I’m Never-Ready, but go ahead.


Wynn: How would you describe Daphne?


Terry: Oh, you should let Daphne describe Daphne.


Wynn: Never mind, we’ll skip that. Folks, this is our little ‘All in the Family from Other Dimensions’ segment; we’re going to start our questions.


As you know, we are working with what we call group energies. As you tune-in to these calls, you may start to notice that there’s a quality that kind of comes into your space. It’s hard to describe until you experience it. I didn’t know how this worked; I learned this from the emails I got. I could feel it happen, but I didn’t know everyone else was feeling it as well.


So there’s a quality that comes into your space which is uplifting, expanded, loving and it’s not me. It’s us. We’re creating a group energy on these calls. Our Sources support, join, blend, (and) connect with the group energy, so it brings a very magical potential experience that you may not experience the first time on the call.  I’ve gotten emails from people that said, “I’ve been coming into the calls for three months and I finally see what you mean; I got it!” In order to have that experience you have to get yourself out of the way; you have to trust the circumstance. Sometimes you have to listen for a while to have trust.


It’s just like a new friend. You don’t necessarily trust them the first time you meet them. You have to talk to them and feel their sincerity over time. Then, that energy comes in where you say, “I really like that person; I trust them. I’ll talk to them about my issues; they won’t judge me.”


It’s a similar thing that these Sources in other dimensions, when I’ve asked them, they’ve said they’d like to be our friends, but it’s because of who they are it’s rather special to have them as a friend. They can connect with you and you can connect with them any time you can tune-in to them. You don’t have to be in the physical with them. One of the things that helps to learn how to connect with them is coming into these calls. There is the illusion that you need to be on the call to make the connection. That’s not true. The group energy that we have does help make the connection.


So I have a little invocation; you know the connection has already started. Many of you have been coming into the calls where you hit the ground running; you feel the energies. In fact, some of you have emailed me that just as you start to anticipate the call, an hour or half hour before, your energy starts to shift.  Because you see, you’re already connecting; you’re already connecting in the group energy. We have a little invocation which is like an invocation for this group energy to come in. It helps some people tune-up:


“Father-Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light, to surround and protect each person on this line and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through the outer energy fields of planet Earth, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth. Right now, we invoke, we’re creating this, a group energy connection amongst all of us present.”


Now this is just Wynn speaking: this is like we’re giving our high selves permission to join with everyone else on the line energetically.


“…‘while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls.” That means when we do this, we’re not glomming, we’re not stuck together. It’s a free-will choice of coming together. “We invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring The Law of One to join with us.” We’re inviting them; we’re asking/requesting them to join us. We’re very specific that we want positive, service-to-others energies connecting. We don’t want service-to-self, so we ask that. We could say we want all those Sources operating in the Christed energies; there are different ways, but that’s my way of saying it. “And anything not of that nature must leave now or must leave now.” That means we’re expanding our holograms.


As we do this, we’re moving through realms which could have service-to-self in it and we’re making very clear that this space we’re creating is moving right through that, anchoring way up at the positive. Anything that was already there, in your space, we’re asking it to be pushed out right now. That’s why we do that invocation. It’s the strength of our intent that makes that real; it’s not the words, but it’s the intent that attaches to the words.


We have some great questions tonight; there are more that came in while I was talking. First question is from Dan in McKenzie, Tennessee; I’ll ask this one to Daphne:


“We are told that we are continually creating our reality from instant-to-instant, in a linear third-density way. If this is so, then if our body is ill, we are re-creating the ill body from instant-to-instant. If we place our intention on a healthy body is it not possible to create that one instead of perpetuating the ill one?”


I’ll add the post-question: “What do we have to do to re-create, moment to moment, so our bodies are not ill?”


Daphne: Thank you Wynn, for the question. One moment, please—a bit of integrative tuning here:  O-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m.  O-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m.


Ra’An-Daphne:  We greet you in the Love and the Light of The One Infinite Creator. This is Ra’An of the angelic celestial realm interfacing with your current transitioning third density of experience. We address the question which has been asked in the following manner from our perspective: the perspective of the bridging from the 3D through the 4D into the 5D.


At current there are many bodily functions, many metabolistic shifts, which are occurring; these are occurring on myriad of levels. The question has been architected from a mental construct place of patterning. Therefore, from our perspective, the questioner himself is enmeshed in a kind of time-space stationing. From this place of the time-space stationing, the questioner sees himself as a being who is perpetuating a certain patterning. And from his perspective, this is correct. He is not, however, from our perspective re-creating a sick or ill or somewhat defective bodily functioning by an act of volitional free-will from moment-to-moment, as these architectural differences or architectural contrasts, are something, from our perspective, which are super-imposed or are moving out from a higher dimensional place, than that which the conscious construct is involved with at the moment of creation.


To be more clear, within the third dimension, one can have only a limited view of what is happening outside of the third dimension. When one starts to become more conscious of the continuity of the continuation in-between dimensions, one then is able to access the zero-point consciousness and one is able to stop time and alter space. In this way, the old laws of physical reality, the old laws of constructs, begin to lessen their hold on the physical body. And in this way one can start to, for example, move through metabolic changes. One can alter one’s body temperature; one can alter the rate at which one physically ages or ceases to age, or actually moves the DNA to a place of the reversal of the death codes.


This is what, from our perspective, is being accessed in your realm at the present moment. There is a recalibration of the fallen codes of the fallen matrix which was inorganic in nature and which was placed upon your fields in the Earth, in the terra Earth place, as a kind of harness; as a kind of harness to siphon the life-force from this very precious place. There is now a possibility and indeed a movement and a shift, towards the freeing and the lifting of these inorganic codes; these ceilings, these siphoning patterns, which have held your entire population hostage for many thousands of years.


You will start to see this more and more, particularly in those sectors of your life which bring the most compression and the most fear, primarily the monetary sectors. As the monetary sectors and the fear-imprisoning sectors, start to lose hold on the population, people will start to be able to access what is innately a God-given quality and that is a perfection of health.


This is the beginning of our address on this topic. O-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m.


Wynn: I just want to ask one more question on that topic for clarification:


When a human is working with their conscious mind and they hear those words and they say, “I want to move into that zero-point where I can heal myself”, from their conscious mind-willpower-intention place, what can they do to move?


Ra’An-Daphne:  Thank you for your question. One moment, please.


Precision of focus, quieting of the mind and an abandonment, an absolute trust, to the perfection inherent in the God-self; stillness, going within and the willingness to give self to God-self, a willingness to be as a child of the Divine in the hands of the Divine. When one asks with all one’s heart, that which one asks for, with the sincerity of the innocence of a child, shall be granted unto the soul. For the soul is the child of the Divine. It is your God-self; you are a child of the Divine. You are of God-source. When you unify your heart with God-source, God-source cannot but help answer your call. When you plead from the heart and cry from the heart, you, fully expecting an answer, shall be answered in the highest way of God-source through self; through the architecture of the high self and, in the physical experience of the body-mind-spirit-complex.


The perfect health attunements, the perfect resonances, the perfect frequencies, the feeling modalities, the persons, places, things, practitioners, helpful persons, helpful associations, helpful locations, these shall start to come very effortlessly into the field as if you are perfectly electromagnetically attuned to that which is your Beingness, your ground of being as an electrical, pulsing, Blue Star Child of wisdom, that which you are evolving towards.


You, as a collective race on this planet, are attenuating and understanding and integrating those aspects of your galactic heritage. You are opening the blueprint, the multi-dimensional aspects, the multi-dimensional galactic cosmic conduit, the library of Source which is in your very genetic blueprint. It is in your DNA and as you trust in this, you shall be moved daily, hourly, minute-by-minute.


When you trust the Divine essence which is you and trust that you are guided, every moment in your life becomes as an articulation of God-source, every moment in your life becomes perfect. Every moment in your life becomes sanctified and becomes an orchestration of the Divine mandate of the God of Christ, of the Love-Light which is in you.


When you choose ‘yes’, when you choose God, when you choose the Christ within, you are making magic miracles happen in your DNA. You are firing your intergalactic codes. You are opening your celestial avenues and not only healing yourself, healing everyone and everything and every location you come into contact with.


You are not in your body by accident. You are not in your relationships by accident. You are not in your friendships by accident. You are not in your physical dwelling location by accident. You are not travelling to various places by accident. You are not drawn to various places by accident. All is purposeful, all is connected, these places, persons, things, situations, circumstances, draw you. Some draw you more powerfully than others.


When you consecrate yourself to planetary and God-service in the Christed Light, the planet herself articulates and calls back and calls forth to you and issues a clarion call. She issues a beacon to come to those places, persons and things which require, at that moment, your servicefulness. You are a Light activator; you are a Light-beacon. You are a Light sentinel; you are a Lighthouse, a walking Lighthouse.


You must understand when you go to a place, for example, your Starbucks, your Whole Foods, your Exxon stations, you are actually anchoring tremendous Light and life currents in these places. You shall find yourself drawn to go to particular places and simply sit and have something to drink or eat and simply hold the space; simply anchor the energy and watch.


Give yourself permission to be in public; give yourself permission to allow associations with persons you do not know. Allow those magic interactions, those magic synchronistic ties, to unravel and to form anew at ever-higher levels.


This is the beginning of our answer to you. It is indeed a momentous opening and very exciting and very fun time. We would end this part of the question with saying, “If you want to know if you are on the right track, if you are having fun, if you are in joy, you are indeed on the right track.” Joy is extremely powerful; it is extremely contagious. And, it is where God and Christ are calling you to go. O-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m.


Wynn: Thank you. We have Cindy asking a question. Are you there, Terry?


Terry: Yes.


Wynn:  I’m going to ask this question from Deb in Austin, Texas. She says it’s a universal question, which it is for many people: “Why do I feel so stuck-in-the-mud? What is the biggest stumbling block for me right now? If there are any angels to be pushed my way, push! I’ll catch-and-hug.” Maybe she’ll be on after we finish and Carla is here. 


“Why do I feel so stuck-in-the-mud and why do people feel stuck-in-the-mud?” And of course, “How do they get unstuck?”


Ra’An-Terry: Thank you. We bring in some of the elements of the answer from the last question, in that having faith to move beyond the rigid structures that one finds themselves in into the ability to move and to flow and to have faith that there is an ability beyond holding on to the rigid structures that one finds themselves in, including the rigid structures of the body, the rigid structures of the surroundings, the rigid structures within the consensus reality. To know that one can move beyond them into the flow; into the flow of creation where one is before the rigid structures and one is before they have been set up.


One is senior to them and one can then work to change the elements of them. One can look upon the rigid structures but know that one is not the rigid structures and can sense the ability to change the rigid structures, to change the body structure, to make the body more beautiful, to take the facial structure and to move it into a more beautiful configuration, that one is senior to the stuckness, to the structures, to the fixed structures; that one has the ability to step beyond them and to have control over them and to almost chuckle, because these are the building blocks that one may form and one may use in the creation of their life as they create it to their specifications.


If they create it to eliminate the things that they do not wish to be there, the pain in the back, or the situation that one is having with another. that in looking at it from a senior position, can be worked with. And, looking down upon it, know that it can be handled and it can be caused to change and flow into the configuration that is for one’s own highest good as well as for the highest good of the others.


Wynn: Thank you. We have a question. I’m going to answer this question from Cindy because I just passed it. I don’t even know which Cindy it is. The question is:


“I’ve noticed synchronicity for me is huge lately. Will this continue to increase over time? If so, how long before we all have these strong ESP powers I’ve heard about?”


I’m going to answer that. The reason your synchronicity is huge is because you are tuning-in to the very energies we’re talking about. When you do that, things start to happen by magic; they’re not really by magic. You’re creating them. But, you’re creating them outside of your conscious awareness, but through your intent. You’re being the result of exactly the processes that our Sources were just talking about. 


When you ask, “Will this continue to increase over time?” and “How long before such-and-such?” you’re now moving right off of it. You’re giving up your power to an outside source to think that you’re not creating those synchronicities at your highest level. It’s so subtle that as soon as you move off it, you reduce the ability to create them and you can stop it. You are the Source here. By careful observation you’ll learn how to stay in that place where it keeps getting stronger.


I remember there was a period of time when I was younger and I felt very alienated. Then I was playing music. I would go in front of an audience. For quite some time no one ever paid attention to me; it was like I was invisible. Then I did it and I had this magic moment where everything connected. I could feel everybody with me.


At the moment that occurred the first time, I got all excited. I said, “They’re all with me!” Immediately, as soon as I thought that, I lost it and they started talking to each other again. So I had to learn that; I’m kind of demonstrating that ability on these calls.


At the moment that everyone is with you, just take it in stride. Keep learning how to work with that energy. You don’t get excited and say, “Wow! I’m having synchronicities. Wow! I’m at zero-point, wow!” because you’d blow it. You’d move right off of it at that point; then you come back on. You’ll learn as you keep going back and forth.


Each of us is doing that. For some of you, you think, “This is impossible, I’ll never have this.” Then suddenly you have a moment when you get it and the chances are, you’ll get it and you’ll move off of it, then you’ll say, “What happened?” then you’ll get it again. After a while, you’ll hold it.


You’re creating the speed by your ability to observe, react and discern, also by learning the things that you participate with in your life that pull you off center, because there are certain things that support that higher flow and other things that don’t. You may have to let go of the things that don’t, because if you keep participating in them, they’ll keep you in a lower, how would I say it?—timeline.


This is part of your learning experience: to observe things very carefully and get your discernment razor-sharp so you know, “This is good. This is what I don’t want to do. This person is a good person to hang out with; this one isn’t.” You’ll make mistakes, but learn how to read your mistakes.


The faster you do all that, the faster it’ll happen. It is in your hands. It’s not in the Shift’s hands. It’s not in the evolution of mankind’s hands. It’s not in the Elohim’s hands. It’s in your hands, by sharp observation, good decisions, high dedication, that you make these things happen.


Next question here, I’m going to ask this one to Terry; this is from Dave. His question is this:


When Fukushima first happened, it was forecasted to be hundreds of times worse than Chernobyl. There were a lot of things saying this was potentially going to be a world-class disaster and that life was going to end in North America. And much of the world was at risk. Dave’s question is:


“Were higher beings responsible for reducing the harmful radiation effects of this accident?” I guess he could mean the Elohim group, the Ra group or even ET groups. Terry, would you like to address that?


Ra’An-Terry: Yes. Although the results from the Fukushima incident were and still are, severe, they were lessened by the prayers of individuals. We went in and we blanketed the area with vibrations to help to disintegrate some of the activity, the detrimentalness. This cut it down to some degree.


We are in a kind of a situation where we do not wish to totally eliminate the problem, as it is mankind’s problem. They need to know that what they are doing has harmful results. We do not wish to go behind them, cleaning it up and not letting them realize the seriousness of their handling of the energy problems.


These have consequences and they need to be able to see the results of their actions. Yet, the innocent people in the surrounding area do not deserve the detrimental results that ineptitude has been bringing. So we have taken a balance in helping to lower the radioactivity level and to lower the problem and to increase the resistance of the people to be able to handle all radioactive situations.


Wynn: Thank you. Ron has sent a question: “What is the best way to get out of a financial rut?” Let me start to handle that myself. If I don’t feel I do a good job we’ll ask Daphne to add to it.


You know, one of the things that happens is, you’re being taught to detach from the issues in your life. When you’re in a financial rut there is a predisposition to go into panic, fear, lots of things. While you’re in all those feelings, you can’t create the pathway out of the rut. So the first thing you have to do is, to the best of your ability, handle those feelings. Like, do something just to the right, to the left; go out, have a good time. See if you can afford a cup of coffee. Sometimes, even if you’re in a family, spend a night in the motel by yourself. Everyone will get mad at you but go ahead and do it.


Detach yourself, so that you can look at the situation from outside of it and see what is potentially there. Because right now, if you can hold the spirit of joy in your space—so many other people are not doing that, even business people, businesses—if you have talents to do something and you hold that spirit of joy, they will want you, because you will uplift them.  They’re in their own states of anxiety.


If you’re looking for a job, and saying, “Woe is me. God! Life is hard. Everyone is rejecting me”, you’re going to continue creating that. So you’ve got to rise above your situation. You’ve got to rise above the fear and the anxiety. Then you have to think creatively as to where to go with that. Maybe that means making a hundred phone calls a day. Maybe it means making a hundred phone calls tomorrow. Talk to people out of a sense of confidence, not like desperation. Don’t call somebody and say “I really need a job, I don’t have any money” or even have that in your voice. Call people with the confidence that you have something to offer them. But, if you’re going to have that confidence, you’ve got to believe you have something to offer.


Call them and say, “I have a really good attitude, I’m really glad and I want to come to work. I have all these qualities. If you have an opening, you won’t be sorry if I’m your guy. Can I fill out your application?” You have to say that from your own authenticity though, you have to believe it, because it’s true even if you don’t believe it. It’s true.


You have to find the place where it’s true and put that energy out. You will be head-over-shoulders over all those mournful people out there that are feeling desperate and broke. Even if you’re desperate and broke, you don’t have to feel that way.


It’s 7:53; let me see if there’s another question here that’s a short one that we could ask. This is probably not a short one. Daphne, you’ll have to answer this in a short way. We have about three to four minutes and then we’re going to have to cut off. Then Carla is going to be on. Those of you that want to hang on, we’re going to have Carla on for about a half hour afterwards. The question is—we may have to ask this another time, but we’ll see what the answer is.


“Does the evolution of our planet hold up or advance the evolution of the Universe or our galaxies? Are we tied in with other planets and holding it up?”


That’s probably a big question there. But let’s have a short answer and we’ll cover it again at another time if it looks interesting.


Ra’An/Daphne: Thank you for your question. One moment please. O-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m. We greet you in the Love and in the Light of The One Infinite Creator. This is the Council of Ra’An. In response to your question, this is indeed at the core of everything you are now experiencing as a population in the ascension modality: as above, so below. Everything is frequency, everything is vibration. Everything is harmonic or dissonant.


Understanding this, there’s a multiplicity of layers. There are a multiplicity of interactions between frequencies and dimensional constructs. The Earth herself is a sentient being; she herself has her own evolutionary pathway and her own evolutionary course. She has her own evolutionary timeline. The sentient human beings, the body, mind and emotional constructs of the beings, they themselves have their own unique courses and their own unique signatures. Each and every human being, each and every animal being, each and every plant and mineral kingdom being; essence is on an evolutionary journey with its own evolutionary and soul-signature.


There is paramount in this realm that of the free-will. As such, one does not go faster or slower than one wills. However, there are over-riding laws of time codes and time frequencies. The Earth, Gaia has decided; you might say in human parlance, she has gone on to the fourth dimensional realm.


She is vibrating now at the frequency of the Christ, of the Love-Light vibration. This is anchoring now in her 1D construct. This is the electromagnetic; this is the Light-grid, the Christed Gaian grid which crisscrosses your entire globe. In essence, this group in particular is working with the grid primarily in the North American plate system, extending also into Canada and into the South American region. There is also connection to the grids of the old Atlantians and of the Lemurians.


One moment please. There is an architecting through the resonance and frequency of this group which is of a soul-essence vibration. There is a soul frequency architecture of this group which has decided to move with Gaia into the fifth dimensional harmonization. The fifth dimensional harmonization, the fifth dimensional soul constructing, the inter-galactic bridge conduiting, this is the project that is happening now with the body-mind-spirit complexes of the people on this particular telephone frequency architecting this bridge; architectonic structure is precipitating in the now, in the Christ consciousness.


We applaud you; we applaud you from the celestial realms. You have undertaken a very, very noble gesture. You have infiltrated very dense frequencies of the one, two and three D realms with the requisite Love-Light vibration of the Christed Light in order to move the sentients from the lower realms…


Wynn: You’ll have to excuse me; we’re going to have to say goodbye to BBS radio, because they have another show coming on. This is a great topic and maybe we’ll do this on a Monday and do whole show on how we impact other realms by our own evolution.


Forgive me for cutting our Sources off here. BBS radio, you can now disconnect us. Is Carla on the line?


Carla: I am.


Wynn: You can stay on the line. We have a special thing we’re doing with Carla; some of you know what it is. If you’re on BBS, you can look at our email that we sent that has the phone line number; you’re welcome to check into it. We will see you all Sunday when we do our grid healing. Thank you for being here and being part of this exercise of transmutation; of upliftment of the energies of ourselves and our planet.


On that note, I’m going to turn our tape recorder off. 

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