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Personal and Planetary Healing Session

Sunday Call 01/20/2013
Host: Wynn Free
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nneled by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Susan Rush
Edited by Terry Brown
Formatted and sent by Aharon ben Or

Wynn: Thank you. Good morning everybody, this is [our Sunday Grid Healing]. One of the things about going into this timeless zone is that when you have to announce the date, there is this moment of pause - it is January 20, 2013 and welcome to our Sunday grid healing.

Today’s a special day. Why is it a special day? Because it’s another day but actually there’s a reason and Carla’s joined us today! Carla..

Carla: Wynn.

Wynn: Are you there, Carla?

Carla: I am.

Wynn: Well since you’re here, this is the first time you’ve come on at the beginning of one of our calls, right?

Carla: First time on Sunday.

Wynn: On Sunday. Do you know what we do on this call?

Carla: I do, you’re healing the grid.

Wynn: We’re healing the grid. [Laughter] Well, I hope so. We’ve been doing this one for a long time and it was kind of like an experiment to see what would happen if a group of people could come together and create a-group energy and bring in the higher Sources to join our group. Could we penetrate through the veil so they could see us and, would they join us and, could we feel it, okay? Could we do it not just on faith but could it be something that people could feel the energies of and feel the connection with?

They very first time we did it was kind of an accident and it was New York City and with Daphne. We were there to do a TV show and while we were in New York we decided maybe we should go to the site of the World Trade Center. It was fairly close to when that occurred. We went there and we tried calling in the Light, tried to bring energy in and we couldn’t do it. The energy was too overwhelming so we did a session, and we were doing conference calls at that time - we did a session and I asked at the session, “Would it be advisable to bring in the people on our conference call – actually do a conference call right at the site of the World Trade Center?”

And they said, “What a good idea.” So we went to the World Trade Center and we did it and we could feel the energy. Something shifted, it was easier. That was, I guess the first grid healing ever and after we did the World Trade Center - we had all these people on the conference call and we started driving through New York. We went to the United Nations and we crossed the Brooklyn Bridge and we went to the Statue of Liberty, we went to the United Nations and it was pouring rain and here I was in the middle of New York City in the pouring rain with Daphne next to me and we were - at least I - was totally spaced out! It was like I wasn’t in New York City, I was somewhere else. Finally, it was time to leave New York. We finished all our business there and they told me when I was in NYC with Daphne they said “Don’t let her out of your sight! [Laughter] New York has too many, weird energies.”

You know, Daphne is very short, she’s like 5’ I think, she’s not here to back me up. So it was pouring rain and I had to go to Starbucks to figure out how to get out of the city, the right route, and we went to Starbucks. Because it was raining, I dropped Daphne off at Starbucks, parked the car and went back to Starbucks. You know, in doing that I kind of forgot what they said, “Don’t let her out of your sight.”

She was in Starbucks and I came in and just as I walked in (she was sitting at a table) someone walked up to her and threw their drink in her face. Luckily it was not hot coffee and the woman ran out the door. It was like, wow! This is tricky, you know, we just got in the car and left at that point and it wasn’t serious but what I understood was - and Carla certainly understands this. I don’t know if she’s ever had anything like that happen.

Carla: Yes, I did.

Wynn: Have you had those kinds of things happen, Carla?

Carla: Yes. You know, I had an interesting thing happen with a reading on the World Trade Center. They said that the Indians of Manhattan had come in after 9-11 on 2001 and had collected all of the people that were dead and didn’t know that they were dead because it happened so quickly. They gathered them around a campfire on the 37th floor and they started telling stories until the people came to themselves and then they were able to discover that they were dead and they guided them to the people that could help them go on.

Isn’t that a beautiful story about the Manhattan Indians? I guess they’ve forgiven us for stealing their island. [Laughter]

Wynn: I guess it was a different crew that stole the island. So Daphne and I were on our way across the country then. So we went to Philadelphia and we decided to do it again. We got everybody on the line and we were driving through the streets and went around Independence Hall and Betsy Ross’ house, driving around downtown Philadelphia calling in the Light and then continued.

The next place we did it was St. Louis. We went to that place where those arches are and did the same thing and they said we were doing something. They kept applauding us for doing this. So finally when we got back to … I think we got back [to] - California. We were going to California. When we got back to California, everyone that was on the conference line (we probably had like fifteen people at that time, twelve people - ten people) - a really small group, they said we want to do more of that.

So we started out doing Sundays and this is how this all started. This was the beginning of it. We started out and people that were on the line would go drive somewhere and we’d all envision putting an anchor of Light where they would park so they would park in the center of their city. Or they’d go to the top of Mt. Shasta. It was kind of like The Rose Parade, I was moderating it and somebody was in such and such a place and I’d say that’s Gino and he’s there and Jeff is there and we’d go through each place and the group would come together and call in the Light and bring in the energy to that place.

That was the format for the calls for quite some time. We never did channelings on the call - we just brought in the energy. Then it started to be where people said I’d like to send the Light to some remote place and I wasn’t sure if that would work but we did it anyway. Slowly but surely it all evolved to where we’re at now. I guess it’s been going on for four or five years. So in a strange way, Daphne was responsible for this call. [Choking up] Because she’s the one when we were in New York - we went to the World Trade Center.

So many of you who are on these calls … pardon me?

Carla: I said thank you Daphne.

Wynn: Thank you Daphne, yeah. Since we’ve been doing these calls, I mean I have been amazed at some of the things that have happened. Sometimes I tell this story you know for the longest time I was scared to tell it because it sounds so crazy but I think the most spectacular call we ever did, the most spectacular Sunday was a couple of years ago when Hurricane Gustav was barreling down on New Orleans and on the news, all the news reports were saying that it was going to hit the same way Katrina did and devastate New Orleans.

There was no doubt that was going to happen. Well, we put Hurricane Gustav in the Light on that call and Terry was channeling. This was the most unusual session we ever had on a Sunday, with a channeling--and Terry, are you there Terry?

Terry: I’m here.

Wynn: Why don’t you tell what your experience was when we did that?

Terry: The Elohim and myself were in the sky overlooking the hurricane and it looked small from our perspective up there. It was spinning and like spinning hurricane clouds. We contacted--it was the Elohim--contacted the hurricane and let it talk. It’s like a rudimentary consciousness and it was so delighted at its power and it was so delighted at seeing houses being knocked over when it went through south of where it was and just delighted in its power.

So the Elohim congratulated it on its power. And then like the hurricane really liked the congratulations and then the hurricane was moving towards New Orleans, over the water then, and the Elohim pointed out the people that were praying along the mainland for the modification of the hurricane and for it not to do damage. Each person praying was like a light along the shore and inland and the Elohim pointed out to the hurricane all of those people that were praying and we could see the lights being put there by all of the people that were praying.

They said, the Elohim told the hurricane, “Look at all those people that are praying for no damage and you could really do something wonderful because there are other areas of the world that need your energy so badly that would really love to have some of this tremendous great power that you have and it would impart to them very much needed energy. And the hurricane was just delighted and said well we’ll be glad to donate power to those areas which the Elohim asked them if they would do.

So there started to be elements of the hurricane’s power that went to … Like there was an airfield in southern California that where the soldiers had just been tramp, tramp, tramping on the ground and it was lacking energy and so some of the energy went there. There were some earthquakes faults that needed energy and some of it went there and some of it went into the vortexes in Sedona.

They said that the hurricane would decrease in power and so then somebody on the line said that they just heard the news and the hurricane had dropped one magnitude of strength right then when we were doing that. So by the time it hit, instead of a 5 which was predicted, it was a 2 in category. That was amazing.

Wynn: I remember on that line and you know, at that time I was thinking you know when I was doing things I was always worrying about, “Okay, when people hear about this they’re all going to be all over the Internet [saying] Wynn Free thinks he’s stopping hurricanes.” Or, we do such crazy things that I think/I thought this is going to damage my credibility. What if it hits full force? We just announced that it wasn’t going to hit.

Well, immediately after the call I went on the Internet and it kept saying Hurricane Gustav has mysteriously dropped from level 4 to level 3, I believe is what it was. Then it just continued to drop and yeah, as Terry was saying at the time it hit there was no power in it. And everyone was saying - How could that be? All the conditions were set so that it would hit full power. In other words, hurricanes have to do with winds, ocean temperature, I don’t know, all those things influence hurricanes.

All the conditions were that it should keep getting stronger and instead it didn’t. And in fact, later that week on George Noory, somebody was on George Noory saying … you heard that show right, Terry?

Terry: Yeah, it was a weatherman and he was specifically spotlighted on George Noory saying that there’s no way that hurricane could have done what it did. [Laughter]

Wynn: Somebody must have been messing with it.

Terry: Yes. [Laughter] [The weatherman said it must have been tampered with.]

Wynn: So a couple weeks later we did a session and I asked them, I said, do you mean if we didn’t do that it would hit full force? The answer was yes. Now remember, I don’t believe any of this. I’m just sitting here saying this can’t be real. This can’t be real. This must be a science fiction movie. But nonetheless, that was … Gijs, were you on that call?

Gijs: Yeah, I believe so, yes.

Wynn: Do you remember …

Gijs: Actually I remember Terry talking to the …

Wynn: Hurricane.

Gijs: Yes.

Wynn: Terry has never talked to a hurricane since then. But we haven’t had one that I think we’ve put into the Light since then. [Laughter]

Terry: Well, there was one but it was really different and that was Hurricane Sandy. That hurricane was totally different, totally different circumstances and that hurricane was just keeping on, keeping on what it was doing like a freight train and there was no communication with it.

Wynn: Actually, when we put Hurricane Sandy into the Light didn’t they say there weren’t enough people praying?

Terry: Yeah, there wasn’t all the people praying and there wasn’t the same moving circumstances. It’s like Hurricane Sandy had just been going, going, going over the ocean and it didn’t … it just was in to what it was doing and wasn’t communicative at all.

Wynn: Yes. So in any case, there are probably lots and lots of things that we influence. We don’t …

Gijs: Wynn, closer to the mike.

Wynn: There’s lots of things we’re influencing that we don’t know that we’re influencing them on these calls. Occasionally we get some feedback and often times if something shifts it looks like a coincidence. Or it looks like I wonder if we made a difference? You know, as Carla knows, the Ra Group talked about The Law of Mystery? Was that a law, Carla, The Law of Mystery?

Carla: It’s The Law of Confusion.

Wynn: The Law of Confusion.

Carla: Otherwise known as free will.

Wynn: Right and it wouldn’t be good for us to show up here and then we have this laundry list of things and for them to say, okay, we’ll fix that, we’ll fix that because there’s no confusion. Actually they’re not fixing, we’re fixing it. They’re fixing it with us. As you come into these calls often, you start to get the feel for how it works. That we’re part of the group energy. We’re not asking them to do it. We’re doing it with them. They’re doing it with us.

Of course, the criteria for them to participate in it, it has to be for the highest good of all concerned and honoring free will and if it’s not they back off. But the negative can use the same principles of group energy to make things happen. That’s why you have satanic circles, that’s why you have covens, why you have secret rituals and but the negative can’t pull in the support of these group souls which are huge. I mean billions of individual entities that are willing to come in and put their energy in to make something happen.

So this is an example of leveraging yourself. It’s an example of, the way the Elohim described it, riding a bicycle where the energies transfer from the little pedaling you’re doing to the rear wheel through the gears and the Elohim described that’s how they come in. We do the pedaling and they come in and work the rear wheel and make the extra energy so we’re moving much faster. So when we do these calls we’re doing incredible service by showing up.

As crazy as it all might sound, you can look at the track record and you can see the things that are happening. Another time on a Sunday call they said hello to somebody and it was a strange name and Terry wasn’t going to say it and then the next day I get an email from a lady in Turkey that said they said hello to me on the line. Of course, sometimes some of you have some kind of healing that occurs and you’ll note that we don’t want to take credit for that. It’s all part of The Law of Confusion.

Could it have happened anyway? Maybe so, maybe it was coincidence. You showed up on the line and something healed. It’s not the credit that matters it’s that the work be done.

Carla: That is so true. Wynn, I just wanted to tell you, I need to go now. But I wanted to tell you that you are just the beloved of my being and Terry, I love you so much and Daph if you’re on the line. Hugs and hugs.

Wynn: Did you come in early because you were going to do [the angel work?] … did you mix up your times?

Carla: I had it down to come in at one o’clock to work with angels and you want me to come in at [three] o’clock next Sunday. Well I will you see you at 3:00 next Sunday and meanwhile, I love you all so much.

Wynn: So you’re not going to be here today at three o’clock, right?

Carla: I can’t, I’m sorry. I got the number wrong and so I arranged my day around it and but I know the angels are waiting and I will see you next week.


Wynn: Hello, Rosie.

Carla: Rosie says hello. Cheerio.

Wynn: Alright, goodbye.

Terry: Bye.

Wynn: In order for something to happen you have to look at their criteria for a miracle and what are their criteria? Being as long as we’ve done this and as many questions that I’ve asked them they’ve explained it fairly in a detailed way. Because a lot of people hear about our calls and they hear that sometimes people have miracles and they come on and they say, “Okay I want a miracle; fix this, fix that and at different times I said maybe that will happen.

But it doesn’t work for everybody all the time. It works sometimes and then there’s a whole agenda for when it works and when it doesn’t. Let me give you a couple tips here--clues. Many times when you come into this realm, when you choose to come in, your high self programs certain circumstances so that you can learn certain lessons. The goal of having an incarnation is not always what you think it is. It’s not always to have fun. For example, let’s suppose you had a lifetime, a past lifetime where you were doing things that were not nice. [Laughter] That you were abusing people, taking advantage of people and were living a totally 3D exploitive life. The chances are that we’ve all done that. I’m sure I have. I’m not sure Terry has. She might have been good but [Laughter] in general we’ve all had all kinds of experiences and in looking back on that I can see the value of having those kinds of experiences.

I’ll tell you that in just a second. But suppose you had a lifetime where you were doing that and your high self wanted you to learn something so that you could balance those actions. So you might have another lifetime where it’s really tough and that you’re really stuck and you’re repressed and you don’t have the options to do those things. You might even be a cripple just to learn the lessons of how to sit in the chair all day and anchor energies.

Now if you’re in the middle of learning those lessons and you ask for a miracle, I don’t think it’s going to happen. Because it’s not in your highest good to have that miracle until you have really integrated the lesson. Then there is--can they do it? As much as I like to think that it’s totally unlimited, I think there are limitations. I don’t think they can grow an arm back if it gets cut off. Or, Terry, what do you think the limitations are?

Terry: Part of the limitations, are the beliefs of the person because very often the life that a person is living is based upon the beliefs that the person holds; and also on their surroundings and consensus reality that they are taking in from their surroundings and the people around them.

Wynn: Okay, but beyond belief--it feels like there’s a limitation on the kind of disability, like on a personal healing. Like if somebody has their arm cut off which is the example I used, I don’t think they could grow an arm back. Do you think they can?

Gijs: Wynn, a little closer to the mike.

Terry: I’m not going to say that they, you know, um …

Wynn: We have to ask them. This is a good topic to ask them one day, okay?

Terry: Sure.

Wynn: I mean those are my conjectures. And then, in the world you have this constant vote taking place about the weight of the negative and the positive and who’s ahead on the vote? See you have those that are definitely polarized negative and those that are definitely polarized positive. Then you have the largest majority of the people who probably are fairly neutral in their polarization but they can be followers.

So the negative tries to round their energies up to be supportive of them. How do they do that? Television, newspapers, reality [and] fear--any way to get people to give your energy to them. So from the higher realms it looks like, they’ve described our planet looks like, really one being. We are all making up that being. We’re like the cells in the being of planet Earth and they can take an instant look at any moment and see where the predisposition is between negative and positive. On some level this is what allows them to create an intervention here, or not.

So I believe on these calls we are creating a weight towards the positive and since they are supporting the energy of this call (I believe) - they say they are - then it creates a huge weight towards the positive.

But, what happens is, if there’s a very strong negative intention to have something a certain way and we come on and create a positive intention to have it be another way, what will happen is, even though we’re a small group of highly intended people and even though they seem to be aligning themselves with us on these calls and supporting the energy so we get, you know, maybe 4 or 5 hundred people listening to our calls, to our replays - this is our Sunday call - and we have now millions of Elohim/Ra souls, so they say, this is the invisible part but we can feel them on the call--millions of them joining us--it’s very powerful but we are holding the energy. We are the ones anchoring the energy. When the call’s over, the negative who is also anchoring these energies in their direction, it snaps back. In many cases it just snaps back and they take over something again. So it takes constant reiteration to change the energy on a circumstance. So it’s one of the reasons why we say the same things every Sunday because we’re working with situations that we are balancing with the negative.

Now if we’re working with something where the negative is not aiming their energy in a certain [way] to control that particular thing then it seems as if it’s easier because there’s not a conflicting energy that’s balancing it in the other direction. But if we’re going against something where the negative has a lot of intention in holding a positioning then there is a lot of resistance and the chances are it will snap back to the negative. That’s how it seems to work.

So every moment that you stay in balance, every moment that you can personally call in the Light, and not just when you’re on these calls, that you are thinking positive planetary uplifting loving thoughts and energies, you are now increasing the power of your ability to make a difference. We’ve said many times, people who are Lightworkers or think of being Lightworkers, they think that you’re supposed to wear a hat, get an office put a [sign on the] door that says ‘Light worker’, ‘chiropractor’, ‘massage therapist.’

Of course, all those professions are service oriented professions or they should be and it’s great to be doing them and nonetheless you don’t have to do any of it to be effective. You can just hold the energy. You can hold positive intention. People may not know what you’re doing, you may not get acknowledgement but at the level you’re doing it you no longer need acknowledgement. You don’t need it.

You’re just being of service, in the highest sense and I would venture to say that doing that ultimately has more impact on the planet than having an office with a sign that says Lightworker. When I say Lightworker, I could use the word Shaman; I could use the word energy balancer or polarity therapist. Not that any of those things are bad, they’re all good but the point is you don’t need a public image to do.

You can hold this energy - you can clear your neighborhood, you can sit down in a restaurant and you can shift energy patterns. No one may notice what you’re doing and sometimes it’s embarrassing when people notice because it stops the energy. In fact, often times when we’re doing these calls I have to be really careful myself when people give acknowledgement or when something happens to just stay totally focused on the energy of what we’re calling and not any kind of acknowledgement.

Acknowledgement sometimes gets in the way. It’s not that it’s bad, being acknowledged allows you sometimes to do more. People invite you to things - they recognize what you’re doing. But when it’s coming from your need to be important, your need for approval--the acknowledgement can get in your own way. So I’m going to start out by doing our little planetary healing session and we’re rambling around this morning but thank you for going along with that.

As you know, this is like a visualization where we bring the energies in and many people experience the energies during this part of the call. So we’ve been around on Earth and we’ve been this little energy in this little body for probably many lifetimes and in most of them in group energy that would probably be tribal group energy. What is tribal? Well, you can feel fairly good with tribal energy. Tribal energy is your family. It’s your little group that’s concerned with survival. It’s your children, your wife, your parents, your aunts and uncles and there’s nothing wrong with that but it’s still tribal. It’s not unconditional love energy.

It’s good to notice the difference because, to some extent, tribal energy is based on fear. Because ‘God, I hope I survive, I need people there for me’ and that’s all true, you do need people there for you. So it’s not wrong to have it, it’s just that don’t mistake tribal energy for unconditional loving energy. I mean, you don’t have to give up one to have the other. But don’t think you’re in the unconditional love aspect when you’re in the tribal aspect.

How can you tell the difference? You can tell the difference because with tribal love, your love is conditional. It is saved for those people on the inside, those people that are your family and of course, I’m not telling anyone not to love their family. You absolutely should love your family but unconditional love is a love that radiates from you that everyone has access to and it’s not direct. Somebody once said it’s like the Sun. The Sun shines on everything and it doesn’t decide I’m going to shine on this person; I’m not going to shine on that person.

When your love is like that, it’s not unconditional. It’s conditional and you’re choosing who to love. Right now I’m talking and my loving energy is going to everyone on this line. Some of you I’ve gotten to know, some of you I don’t know. Some of you might be judging me. It doesn’t matter. The loving energy is unfocused, undifferentiated--there for you. And that is the nature of unconditional love.

So when you’re evaluating your life, don’t confuse your love for your family with unconditional love. It’s good to have love for your family, it is. It’s wonderful, in fact you should and in fact, it helps you ground. In the highest sense, it helps you ground, it helps you feel secure and actually can be the basis for unconditional love. But one of the ways you can immediately note if it is or it isn’t is -- are people pulling on your energy when you’re doing spiritual work?

Are they saying why are you wasting your time doing that? Well, that is one of the symptoms of tribal love. Because we need each other to give each other energy and when you take your energy and put it somewhere else, someone else feels left behind. They say, “Why aren’t you giving me energy?” You know, today on the top of the mailing it said, Love is not just looking at each other, it’s looking in the same direction. So when you have a really personal love relationship, as many of you have discovered that romantic phase of it does not last, forever.

It lasts so many months and the romantic phase is when people are giving energy to each other. They’re discovering how good it feels to share energy, to have sex, to you know all those things. But after awhile it dies down and it needs to point in the same direction and the same direction could be bringing up a family, it could be--God knows what--whatever it is but it could be in spiritual work, changing the world.

Of course what happens is when people get used to bouncing the energy back and forth with each other and then one of them wants to focus on putting their energy into unconditional love, into the world, the other one feels left behind often times. They’re on a different path. And you know, I’m not saying what you should do in this situation but I can say it is a situation that could be difficult. Sometimes people just end up living together and they have separate lives, they just respect it and they don’t try to have that intense energy romantic exchange anymore. It just dies because there’s no looking in the same direction.

But it’s important to apply this to your life and make sure that this makes sense to you. That you find ways to connect with unconditional love and not just think, “Well, I love my wife, I love my children, I love all these people,” I love my parents because those have all become obligatory relationships, at a certain point, in most cases. Obligatory means you do this and I’ll do that and it’s a bargain and it’s an agreement. Unconditional love is not obligatory. It is the Sun that shines on everything.

That means you move into a zone where you can radiate and other people feel the energy and you don’t decide who’s going to feel it and who isn’t. It’s just there. And 11:01 … we have another hour. Let me go through some of the people on our healing list before we start our visualization.

Patricia sends the Light to repair the damage between her daughter and herself … Patricia in Trussville, Alabama.

Susan in Michigan … it’s interesting, notice two in a row, healing a relationship - with my son, okay?

Wynn: It’s interesting that I’m reading these first two things on the list and I’m talking about tribal love. And you know, if you’re in one of those situations where the energy has gotten sticky between you and someone in your family, sometimes you can’t try to fix that. It is good to send Light and Love into it but sometimes you just have to accept that that’s the way it is right now until it shifts. Because the more angst you put on it, the more you’re saying ‘this has got to change,’ probably the harder it is for it to change.

Because one of the things that happen on the lower levels is when you’re attached to something and the other persons attached to controlling you, they actually get energy from things being out of balance. So they have a vested interest in it staying out of balance because it’s taking energy from you from that out of balance situation. So if you can accept the situation and not let them steal your energy, they’re not getting such a reward for the out-of-balancing of it, okay?

We have Ron (Ohio) who needs help with finances and supporting his family; and

Ray in Henderson (Nevada) sending his Light to Sharon dealing with the loss of her husband - married for fifty years.

We have Sri in Hook, (Hampshire) U.K. and he’s got a big job interview tomorrow at 2 o’clock. So let’s send him Love and Light for his getting that job for the highest good; and

We have Thomas in Encinitas (California) … money issues, more money.

Miram in Azusa (California) … help my family heal from negativity surrounding us; heal my brother.

Wynn: Now remember, the way people get healed is you’re part of the healing. Don’t give up your power and think they’re going to heal them. You hold the energy and they might add to your energy. But if you’re just saying, like if you’re giving up your power, thinking it’s an outside source and that is not good, okay? That doesn’t necessarily get the best results, of course it might you never know but it’s much better for you to hold the space of healing.

How do you do that? We do that on these calls. You hold the loving energy and you bring those people into the energy. You’ll be feeling it in just a moment.

David in Tombstone (Arizona) - help with his liver and lungs so he can breathe clearly.

Margaret in Catawissa … healing (me of) my resentments. Margaret, we’re going to be letting go of resentments in your heart. Thank you for being honest enough to know you have resentments.

Dennis in The Netherlands … healing request for Anita who is the partner of Jerry.

So let’s now see this energy coming from the center of the Earth. Put your feet down flat on the ground parallel to the Earth, on the floor or on your bed and see the energy of the Earth coming through the Earth through the floor and into your feet. So we’re like huge antennas and part of our antennas go down and part of them go up and right now we’re focusing our antenna on the energy of the Earth. Most of our lifetime we didn’t know the Earth was alive.

We didn’t know the Earth was feeling us. We didn’t even know the Earth was being nice to us and so let’s send the Earth gratitude and love and care right now. You might notice that little sensation around your feet got stronger. And now we’re going to bring that energy up through your legs, through your calves, through your groin, into your stomach, into your chest, into your neck, up through your head. Feel that beautiful energy from the Earth coming through you. We’re going to pop through the top of our head.

Some of you are noticing a band of energy around your head as we do this. And as we go through the top of our head we can imagine a huge fountain coming out of the top of our head and spreading into our room just like a huge gushing fountain of energy and it hits the ceiling and it goes around our room and we’re creating a protected zone in our space with this energy. It’s surrounding us. But let’s refocus it again and move through the ceiling, through the people upstairs.

Somebody has a problem with their upstairs neighbors so just go right through it and send it Light. Move up to the roof, up through the roof and into the sky. We’re moving through the clouds. We’re moving through the air, we’re moving through the veil, the veil that keeps us contained in planet Earth - that keeps us compressed. We’re moving through the veil and we’re moving through time. We’re not just moving through space, we’re moving through our past lives and we come to a place where we all touch, where our energies blend.

Now this is free will and in doing this you’re always maintaining the integrity of your individuality. You’re still focused on your unique body but out of free will choice, if you’re making it, we’re moving our energies to the place where we can combine. When we combine we’re more powerful. Why are group souls, group souls? Because the group has far more energy, one plus one does not equal two. It equals a greater number than two. And now we will invite our Sources into this group energy we have created--invoked. If you look around the top of your head again, you might note a great increase of energy around your forehead and the top of your head, like little flecks of Light in your brain. [Laughter]

[It’s] hard to put it in words until you experience it. Okay, so now we’ve got this huge group energy and we are going to bring it back down. We’re going to go through all of those places we went through when we went up. But when we come back down we’re going to carry an extension cord plugged into the group. We’re going to bring it, reel it, through the Universe, through the veil, through the clouds and through our roof, through our ceiling, back to our room where we were gushing energy and into the top of our head and wham!

So we have wired ourselves in to the group energy. Now we’re going to move that energy down through our body and everywhere we have a block, an obstacle, we’re going to gently surround it with that energy and let it go. You can direct this energy. Try it a moment. Send it somewhere in your body and with your permission I can direct your energy. So as we move it through our heads I’d like to send it around to our teeth, our gums - an area all of us could use a little help with. I’d like to ask that it just kill any [bad] bacteria in there.

On down through our neck into our heart and while you’re in your heart, of course if you’ve studied our material you know that it is an open heart which qualifies you to graduate from this realm into the higher dimension. So if you want to open your heart you have to release those things in it that are keeping it closed. So let’s look for people we have resentments for. Think of the person, think of the resentment and surround them with this energy. They probably did you in, so forgive them.

You’re forgiving them because it creates more space in your heart. Forgiving someone doesn’t mean you have to be their friend. You don’t even have to like them on a human level. It just means you let it go. I remember when I used to carry resentments I thought I was punishing the person and [Laughter] that was the dumbest idea ever because I was punishing myself by holding this. One of the things about spirit is that whatever happened in the past, you have the potential to totally disconnect yourself from it, to cut it.

It doesn’t matter what anyone did to you in the past because there’s no such thing as a past at this point. [Laughter] You’re in the now. You’re in the eternal now. Whatever happened in the past, it doesn’t exist anymore. Now that’s an ideal because it’s not easy to do that, but you can certainly reduce the power of the way the past can overshadow you. Who hurt you in love, who abandoned you, who didn’t pay you back the money? Think of it. What partner robbed your bank account? Who poisoned you in another lifetime?

I had to do that with my father this lifetime. My father poisoned me in another lifetime and all through my childhood I hated him [Laughter] and when I found that out I was able to work on forgiving him for that. You don’t have to know details--you just have to know when there’s a feeling there of resentment, hate, whatever--you can let that feeling go. Of course, what we’re doing is we’re bringing in a higher light and surrounding all these things with a higher light so it makes it easy to let it go, because you have something bigger than the resentment, than the hurt, than the pain.

You know, sometimes when you do this you’ll feel a little shake through your body like a tremor because your body is releasing energy. It’s letting energy flow into a place that’s been blocked. While we’re forgiving in our heart, just keep in mind you have to forgive yourself, too because there’s a pretty good chance that all these things you’re forgiving other people for you’ve done as well.

If not this lifetime, other lifetimes and so forgive yourself; and by the way, you know we were talking earlier about how we’ve all done things or most of us have done things in previous lifetimes that we would consider negative, selfish, hurtful and maybe even murder. Maybe we killed people. You know if you were at a play [Laughter] it would be - you’re watching the stage and suddenly there’s these murders that take place and your emotions are moved and then the play is over and the actors are all jumping around outside going on, “It was a good performance tonight.”

Well it’s probably something like that on the other side when you die. You know as Shakespeare had said, all life is a play, we’re just actors in it and we come in and we do what we do and we do horrible things and then we die and there we are, boom, over. It was just an act. It was all just an act but it seemed so real. So we’re just trying to clean up our act. It’s okay to have done things in other lifetimes. And it’s one of the ways you get wisdom, it’s one of the ways you become a teacher because you understand how it works. You’ve been there and done that and it’s okay. We move down into our solar plexus, our stomach area--the seat of power-- and see your energy focused strong there. It radiates that energy to the people around you. It’s power. You know, to be a fully functional being in this realm, you need power, love and wisdom, okay? You need them all. Power protects you, it protects your space. It doesn’t mean you walk around and say I’m the boss.

It means that there’s a-radiance around you. It’s not just loving but it’s strong. It holds its boundaries and it’s your third chakra that allows you to do that. And we go from the power down the second chakra and our sexual creative chakra and to understand how to work with that. How to work with those energies there--that’s part of your animal body but it can also be the highest expression of love, in the physical. It depends where you come in at it on.

We go down our legs, through our feet and back into the Earth. If you take a moment, this is the time to put people into the Light. What does that mean? Feel your body in the center of this huge immense energy that goes from the top of the Universe to the center of the Earth. And then all of our energies on this line, right now we’re expanded into each other. We have created a-oneness, feel that expansion? Now those people you want to put in the Light and yourself, let this energy expand to them.

Now often times they’re not going to receive it - that’s okay, it becomes a choice in their field. Some will receive it; some will call you immediately after you do this. Someone you haven’t talked to in a couple years. That’s happened many times on these calls. Sometimes something will heal for somebody and that’s happened many times on these calls. You are moving into your God-self and yes, you are an aspect of God, of All That Is and so is everyone else. It’s not an ego trip. It’s an empowering trip.

It’s learning to work with the power of who you really are. Taking that power because you’re needed, you are needed. Our world is in transition. If you want to help people around you, you have to take the power. You have to assume the responsibility; don’t give it up to some invisible beings in other realms. Don’t say you do that for me. You start it - start pedaling and say please join me and help. That’s how it works. Let’s hear what they have to say. Terry, are you there?

Terry: I’m here.

Wynn: I hear you. I’m going to call in the Light which we already did but we just do it as [to] keep ourselves in practice.

Father Mother God we ask for the presence of the Light to surround and protect Terry, myself, every one of you on the lines, every one of you on the Internet and every one of you listening to the replay. And right now we take any negativity that we can identify in our space, in our bodies, in our relationships--we take that and release it into the higher realms of Light for the highest good of all concerned. We ask that it be transmuted and taken before the Universe, totally out of here.

We see ourselves in this flow of energy now radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through the outer energy fields of planet Earth, through our bodies and into the Earth. And right now we invoke a group consciousness of all of us present while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls and we invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring The Law of One to join with us and we create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.

And right now we’re going to hear this voice that speaks to us through Terry (and Daphne).

Ra’An/Terry: We greet you in the Love Light …

Wynn: Go ahead, I’m done.

Ra’An/Terry: We greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator. It is joyous to be with you, each and every one of you who wish us to make contact with you. We do not move through the telephone lines. We do not move through the radio. We are immediately non-linearly there for those that wish us to be there, to the degree that you wish us to be there.

We bring you some information concerning some of the things you have put in the Light and concerning some of the things that you wish to effect changes in your life. Many of these situations are not peculiar to your own self but are general to all others that have similar circumstances that they are working through.

We address the area of resentment and we see that at the basis of resentments there are un-communicated communications. Communications that you have communicated it is felt that they would not be received.

The non-receipt of those communications or those desires or those really fervently desired connections to be different than they are - these are at the core of many of the resentments. And it is felt that one cannot give/get release from those resentments because the main core, the main cause, the main injustice has not been heard.

There is the desire in those resentments - for the main communication (the main cause, the main communication - there is a desire for that) to be heard for then the resentment could be let go of and could be dissolved. When one feels these resentments then one might go into their own psyche to take a few minutes for one’s self and to see what the main communication, what the main injustice is that is building into the resentment.

Often the individual towards whom the resentment is felt is incapable or is unable to receive the communication as they are dealing with their own issues. They’re dealing with their own view of how things are and they have a blockage against seeing the other viewpoint. When one can take a look at that clearly and take a look at the other person and can see that there is a blockage within the other person towards the communication release, towards the understanding, that they have something themselves going on that creates their non-looking into the area, non-understanding, non-grasping.

They have some distortion in their space and can look at that in terms of - they are like … there’s a situation that is unwanted but look at it exactly the way it is and then although not liking it, although not wanting it, although fervently wanting the connection because if you didn’t want a connection then you wouldn’t feel the resentment. You wouldn’t feel this tremendous impulse to try to correct something, for something to go differently.

So it’s very important - a very important area in your life so if you can look at all the circumstances as they are, and those are the playing field, that’s the situations that you have to deal with in that area. Although it might not be likable, it might not be desirable, one can make a start by viewing actually what is there without entering your own perspective into it. What is the other person’s perspective and what within the other person is there that you can actually deal with or how could you possibly start to get through in certain areas to that person?

Then we move to look: … many people have put their financial situation in the Light like Ron W. and we see that it is like a puzzle. It is like a free will zone wherein if one is going to be bringing in money and it could happen rapidly it could happen suddenly in unexpected ways, one needs to consider the free will of the other parties involved in the bringing in of money. And to take a look at what ways will end up in dead ends and what ways will provide the way through the maze, through the avenues, through to the financial abundance.

That it is necessary that one desires, that one is asking for and we give Love Light and support to all of those individuals who are looking to increase their abundance. If they look out into the world, they see abundance is there, that some individuals are finding their way through to access abundance and the people that are looking at ways that are not panning out can expand their views.

What ways are other people in similar circumstances finding ways to bring in those rivulets of money?

What is there, there that is available in the area of home business or in the area of assistance? What ability do you have that you can connect with somebody else that needs that ability that is willing to pay for that ability? What new arenas are there that one can enter into outside of what one’s been doing that’s not been working?

We have immense Love, it is so great, our Love is so great that we cannot express how great our Love is and how beautiful it is the connection with you and in the long run, these things that you are being presented as opportunities to find ways to grow and to become stronger in spite of the challenges, in spite of the detriments. These are challenges that you have encountered which are the exact ways in which you need to grow and increase your repertoire of how you can connect with your surroundings to bring you the abundance which you so fervently seek.

We love you more than we can even express. We leave but we do not leave. Thank you.

Gijs: Wynn, back to you. [I] can’t hear you Wynn.

Wynn: Okay, you know I know when people are looking for money, they think automatically of getting a job, or needing someone else to give them something and yet there are things that everyone can do.

You know, a couple of days ago, I went to the thrift store and I bought a telephone system there for $20 dollars and then I looked on the Internet and I said, My God, that telephone system is selling for $450 dollars and I just bought it for $20 dollars! And then I went on EBay and there it was selling for $100 dollars and then there was this ionizing heater at the thrift store which cost $15 dollars; I got home - it was selling on EBay for $80 dollars.

Did you ever try buying something and then reselling it? And EBay, anyone can do it. There was a guy I sat down next to a year ago at a restaurant, it was actually the bar in the restaurant but I wasn’t drinking but they had a Happy Hour and the guy had developed this very successful business cleaning windows for stores and he just walked up and down the block and said, “Hey, would you like me to come in once a month and clean your windows?”

And maybe he didn’t charge them a lot of money at first but the thing about starting a business like that is making yourself cheap at first until people like you and you prove yourself and everywhere there’s windows that need to be washed. Everywhere there are people that need their homes cleaned. There are things that anyone can do. Don’t be proud. Swallow your pride and do what needs to get done because it doesn’t matter. I mean, jeez I just told you I went into thrift stores, right?

I could have said, God I hope people don’t know that I went into thrift stores. But who the heck cares, you know? I mean your future is at stake; your family is at stake, your survival is at stake. Who cares what people think, they’re not paying your bills, you are. So there is something for everyone to do besides just feeling at the effect of some boss that’s going to pay you that could fire you anytime he wants. Hopefully that won’t happen.

But I used to be such and such, I used to be sales manager for such and such; I can’t stoop that low, what’ll people think of me? Who cares what people think of you? Who cares what you used to be? Do what needs to get done and get your intention so high that when you go out into the world, people have to respond to you. Don’t walk around saying excuse me I’m starving, you want to help me I’m broke. No, people don’t want to be around you.

You’re not a pleasure to be around. You know make yourself a pleasure to be around. Make yourself uplifted - hold the energy and somebody will give you a job. You know, some people don’t have skills but they’re highly trustworthy. You know, just by being trustworthy, really trustworthy and having a background of being trusted makes you valuable. Like a store owner really wants a trustworthy person because otherwise they get money stolen.

If you’re a person with a lot of references and people will stand by you, well there’s a job waiting for you because you have that and let’s go to our … what have we got … we’ve got ten minutes left? We’re going to do our planetary healing. Let me just say the worst thing you can do would be like a deer in the headlights with a car barreling down on them. That’s the worst thing because you’ll freeze your energy and you’ll create what you’re afraid of.

You have got to thrust your passion through so that you can bring in something. You have to swallow your pride and do what needs to get done. And if you do that, if you find a need and do it you may even make a lot of money. There’s lots of money out there waiting to be made. You can start selling things on EBay and supplement your income. Before you know it, you get the knack of how to do that. Like anything, you have to go through a learning curve. But with the Internet there are possibilities that have never existed before to make money and even to make a lot of money.

You know if it wasn’t for the Internet, what we’re doing right now would be impossible. Impossible! This is a unique spiritual association that is only possible because of the Internet. If we were in an old paradigm, we would have to rent a building, we’d have to have an association, you know, a group of you physically leaving your home and coming to this building and bringing in spirit. What was that called? That was called a church.

Then you have a huge upkeep … and now we do have, we do need money and when you see a donation button and if you put one or two or three dollars if we’re helping you - that just doing that, even a little bit, do it unconditionally though, it helps you. But we don’t need a church, we don’t need a building, we don’t need a staff - we do need a staff - we have a bunch of people volunteering. But they can volunteer in their homes one or two, three hours a week, whatever they would choose.

It becomes really pure because there’s not a lot to gain, not a lot of power, not a lot of money. You don’t have to pay anything to come onto this call and it’s only because of the Internet. Some of you are older and don’t realize the power of the Internet. I started realizing it, now I’m older but you know what, I spent months learning how to do stuff so that I could do this. Years, still learning! There is something for you to do if you’ll be creative, if you’ll think out of the box and you’ll swallow your pride. Don’t worry what people think about you.

Let’s go back to our group energy now. We’re going to lead this huge group … and you know what, when we go back to the group energy, when we start tapping into our God-self and we connect with each other tapping into our God-self and we connect with our group souls tapping into their God-self---think of the incredible power of that! We take that energy and we direct it. We say go here, go there. Remember, always with the proviso: “the highest good of all concerned, honoring free will.”

We send that energy like a huge cloud surrounding our planet. Moving through all the nooks and crannies where there might be dark. And we send it really strong and bright and shiny and it lights the dark as it moves through the nooks and crannies. It lights it. The dark is going to turn dark again [it’s] the nature of dark. But for a moment it’s light when it feels light it feels good just as everyone else feels good when they feel this kind of energy. We see this energy coming down on all the people of planet Earth and many of them are very receptive. They’ve been waiting for this, they’ve read about it. They’ve experienced it in other groups and it comes down and they can feel it and they say, “Wow, it’s what I’m waiting for, that’s it.”

You are part of the creation. The whales and dolphins--surround them with energy. The Ring of Fire around the Pacific Ocean from South America to Central America to Mexico to California … we’re moving around for earthquakes. We’re penetrating our energy through the Earth, we’re doing it. We’re directing it and our Source is helping us. We’re moving through California, through Oregon and Washington, Vancouver and up around Alaska. Down the eastern coast of Russia and down through Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan.

We ask for the reduction of radiation - Fukushima, Australia, New Zealand … Wham, we got this huge blast of energy. Some people have said, Wynn, you sound better. I sound better because you’re better. You know I don’t have to like pump it all up, it comes in pumped up and we’re just working with the energy. All of this is for the highest good of all concerned. All of this is honoring free will.

We send this energy to the middle of the country, to St. Louis and the - what’s that fault line called? The New Madrid fault, the Mid-Atlantic fault, the Canary Islands and anywhere on the planet that there’s an earthquake fault and we ask that earthquakes be done gradually and away from population centers. Can we do this? You heard the story at the beginning, of hurricane Gustav so maybe we can. We’ll do our best. We’re going to have the maximum intent on this line and nothing happens we don’t want credit. We will quietly say, I’m glad to be of service.

We ask that rain on those areas where rain needs to fall. We need those synchronicities that disable the plots of what we call the negative from violating the free will of the majority. We ask for Chemtrails to be disabled so they aren’t dangerous. We ask for all nuclear weapons to not go off. We ask for this loving light energy [to] be sent to all those people in leadership positions to open their hearts, to be compassionate in their decision making.

You know, some of you … we started out a lot of this call talking about unconditional love and the difference between tribal love and unconditional love---familial love and unconditional love. Some of you are noticing that your hearts have really opened since you came on to this call. Some of you are noticing a- radiance in your body and I don’t know you and yet you’re feeling it. I didn’t direct it towards you, we just directed it out. It went out and you received it.

You don’t have to give anything back. You don’t owe us. That’s unconditional love. Now you don’t have to be a good speaker to do this. I happen to be a good speaker. You can do it in total silence, just by your intent. Just intend yourself to radiate into your space and people will get it.

[It’s] 11:56, it’s time to bring our call to a close. I want to give my sincere thanks to Terry for being so unconditionally supportive of this work and showing up and doing whatever needs to get done.

I don’t know if Daphne’s on the line, but my gratitude to Daphne for following the prompts of her intuition even when she didn’t understand why and being the catalyst that’s causing this to occur, this event we’re doing right now. And I thank those people who are working and doing transcripts so that you guys have access to these calls 24/7. Hundreds of calls posted at the Spirit Channel dot net (

You know, some people are just playing them in the background. They’re playing them when they drive to work and they’re keeping their energies up. It’s helping to be a reference point and so please take advantage of that. We owe a lot of thanks to … I mean at this point there’s probably ten people on the transcription team and getting around to putting them up on the web and acknowledging them. And particularly to Pauline and Valerie, and Terry! Who are doing all the final edits and keeping it organized.

And to Bogdan in Sweden who’s sending out our emails and is keeping the Spirit Channel up-to-date with Gary in Redondo Beach and I may be leaving people out but you know we’re running a big [Laughter] … we’re getting to the place where we’re running a big operation and we’re doing it on almost no money. It’s because people are volunteering. If any of you have money, we can make this go into the world faster so please consider donating or calling me or something. There are things that money could do to help us reach more people. So I’m going to … Carla’s not going to be here today. I’m turning the recording off and thank you all for listening/participating.

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