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Steps of Light with Wynn, Terry, Daphne and Carla




Monday Call  1.28.2013
Host: Wynn Free
Audio Link - mon_bbscall_2013-01-28.mp3
Channeled by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Connie O'Brien
Edited by Terry Brown, Valerie Hawes and David Masty
Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee





Wynn:  Hello everybody. This is Wynn Free and Terry Brown in Sedona, Arizona, Carla Rueckert in Kentucky and Daphne in Half Moon Bay, California. This is our Monday night conference call. This is January 28, 2013.


You know, thereís something going on which some people call Ďshift symptomsí. Weíve been talking for years now about the fact that thereís going to be this high energy coming into our planet and itís going to cause changes. Weíve been talking about what those changes mean and what I notice is that everybodyís experiencing them differently.


Some people are having super break-throughs; everything is flowing great. Other people are dizzy and going through feelings in their bodies. Itís good to have a call like this.


We got an email from someone this afternoon that has just had this huge shift for the positive. What I notice is; I tell people it works this way: When youíre going through a lot of garbage and you think it will never end, donít run away from it. It will come to an end. Letting that garbage all surface is really good, because itís helping you to release it.


Iím getting emails from people now that are absolutely having that experience. They were going through stuff for a long period of time. The thing about it when youíre going through stuff, it feels like itíll never end; it feels like itís going to go on and on and on and on and thatís who you are. But, in this particular case at least, many people are going through stuff and suddenly, itís like they pop through what would you call it?


Carla:  A trouble-bubble.


Wynn:  They pop through a bubble did you say, Carla?


Carla:  A trouble-bubble.


Wynn:  A trouble-bubble? Okay, they pop through a trouble-bubble and suddenly, itís clear sailing. Thereís no explanation for it; itís non-linear. But part of it is your willingness to endure, because when youíre going through garbage, when youíre going through that stuff, thereís a great tendency to want to run away from it and to find some kind of distraction.


There are all kinds of ways to distract yourself. It feels like distractions give you temporary relief, but it doesnít stick. You go back to it again, until finally you endure; you go through it and youíre a new person.


Itís good to have these kinds of calls, because this is happening for everyone including Daphne and Carla. I donít know if it ever happens for Terry; she might have been in a bubble of this and it doesnít faze her, because sheís sailing on top of the matrix in this energy.


Terry, are you there?


Terry:  Iím here.


Wynn:  Are you going through any what you would call, shift symptoms?


Terry:  I have my own growth-program it seems like. Itís just when anything comes up then I work on it and attempt to work it out.  But as far as being influenced by the stars, I can feel the impetus coming into me but then I just work with it to dismiss it, if itís an adverse influence. Or, if itís some kind of symptom, dizziness or something like that, I just work to see the cause of it. I just attempt to go to the cause of it and then kind of catalog where itís coming from.


So I really havenít noticed a bunch of ascension symptoms or anything like that.


Carla:  You know the great thing about these new energies is that theyíre very pliable; theyíre very permeable. We talk about the veil of forgetting. At least I have found it to be true lately, that I sure have had a lot of catalysts lately. But the more you practice seeing a positive, construe it positively, the more positive things you see. Itís like I think if you chose to construe it negatively, then you would start to see more negative things. Itís a very subjective Universe right now, more so than it used to be.


Thatís what Iíve experienced about the shift, is that I am more able to get to my affirmations and to get to the heart of who I am. You know, I am as I am and I can get there and make the affirmations that have to do with very deep things like being healed. I just affirm that Iím ready to be healed and I would be glad to be healed, and I intend to be healed.


I say those two or three times and I get stronger. Then I go ahead and deal with whatís happening to me, which is usually much more on the surface and not apparently having to do with the deeper lessons. But it seems like thereís so much on the surface that just roils the water and confuses you, unless you are working to construe catalysts to a positive way.


As Terry said, to see the reason for stuff. Where did it come from? Why did it happen? I have things happening to me right now that are so odd; theyíre just plain odd. I think to myself: Well, this feels like almost an attack, but itís really not. This person has nothing but goodness in his heart; heís a little bit on the naÔve side, shall we say, and heís plunging ahead regardless of other peopleís plans, and so forth and so on.


You could say he wasnít being very considerate. But, how do I construe that? Do I construe that as, ďOh my heavens, my plans are going to get mixed upĒ? Or, do I construe it to,Ē I see how everything always works out; isnít it going to be great to see how this works out?Ēóand just leave it there, because I canít do anything more with it than that.


But, itís construing it in a positive way. That means that the next time something happens, Iíll have even more chance of seeing it in a positive sense. Thatís sort of how Iíve been working with the shift in energies.


Thereís a lot more information coming around, but itís not necessarily clear on the surface. So, if you know what your incarnational lessons are, you can always just drop everything, go and do a little deep work real quick and then, get back on the surface and deal with whatís happening with the people that are happening to you and so forth and so on.


Itís sort of a dance, you know. Itís dancing with the catalyst.


Wynn:  Dancing with the catalyst?


Carla:  Yes.


Wynn:  Alright. Letís see if DaphneóDaphne uses the words ascension symptoms. When I spoke to Carla earlier, she and I had both the same prejudice about the word ascension, even though ascension was used particularly at the beginning of the work I was doing with Daphne and even though it was used with David Wilcock; his website was called ĎAscension 2000í, when he first put himself on the map.


In his website, his original website, he was saying there was going to be this great event that was going to happen in the year 2000 and that all of humanity was going to move to a new level. For whatever David does right, even then that didnít make sense to me.


There are a lot of people that are saying that and it is a nice and hopeful image that all of us move to a new level. But, the question that I would ask myself is ďHow does that honor free will?Ē Because many people may not want to move to another level; theyíre just happy where theyíre at and they want to keep doing the patterns theyíre doing. I asked questions about that, and I asked about ascension.


Daphne:  You know Wynnóthis is Daphne speakingóI think people do have free will, absolutely. I think what David was talking about is that the Earth herself has decided to ascend; in fact, she did. All the information that Iíve been gathering for the past few months, Gaia is definitely in 5D right now. We have a choice whether we as individuals will resonate and calibrate our own frequencies with that 5D and start living the unity consciousness or not. Depending on our own individual choices and also on our karmic template, our karmic track, weíll experience life, supposedly, accordingly. That is kind of my own experiential take on it.


I think free will is definitely at play. Supposedly, if you look at the kind of astrological and astronomical divine timing of everything, the more that you hang on to those old dualistic paradigms, the more that you hang onto hierarchy, the more you hang onto the material foundations, the old 3D foundations, then all the more as we head into 2015, 2017, 2020,  youíll find your foundations rocked to the core. The frequencies of Earth are no longer resonating in a way that supports those old, dualistic structures.


I just know from my own experience in the body; Iíve got this heavy-duty Capricorn moon. Iíve got a past life track, itís all wrapped up with like old foundations; old foundations of the United States, Massachusetts, Ivy League Schools, all that old stuff. Itís not on a psychological level; it must be in my track, in my template.


On a physical level I know that Iím doing work with 1D right now, the mineral kingdom. It is really hard. I feel that Iím doing grid-opening work; grid-anchoring work, working with shifting stuff down in New Zealand, down in Australia, Europe the last few days. This is really, physicallyómy spirits are good; I feel happy; itís really wonderful to connect with everybody on this line. But physically, my bodyóI feel like Iím being terrorized. Itís not matter of not cooperating with it, because I am, in every way that I know how.


I think there are things happening for some of us. I also think that different Light workers, different path-pavers, different star seeds, have different contracts; they have different, Divine contracts. Depending where you are geographically, depending who you are connected in with, depending what templates youíre ushering in, a lot of us are anchors.


Thereís a woman, Denise LeFay, who works with a lot of Lisa Reneeís people. She basically says that we are density transmuters; certain people have made contracts to transmute density.


I can feel that in my own kind of calibration and in my own place. Itís like I go into places and I transmute. I drive Wynn crazy, because I basically chew his ear off and I bitch. I go, ďIím tired; this is hard work.Ē He goes, ďWhat are you doing? Youíre just sitting there.Ē I go, ďWell, it might look like Iím just sitting here, but, you knowÖĒ


Itís like Carla said, ďÖdancing with the catalystĒ. I love it; I love it. We all have different dances. I really envy Terry; Terry can go into places and itís like nothing fazes her; she can keep up her energy. Sheís just really consistent and she can just keep on going, keep on going. I go, ďGod love her.Ē


Anyway I guess weíre all being served up a different kind of pizza, you know?óso, whatever.


Carla:  Thatís right.


Wynn:  Iím on vacation. Iím about 20 miles from Sedona, in a little town; itís called Camp Verde. Itís about 10,000 people. I always like this small town; itís like one of those places, that when you were young and thought when you grew up America would be a certain way, this town is kind of like that. Itís like everyone knows each other and theyíre friendly. Theyíre really cool.


I went into Dennyís last night. There were like four or five waitresses there. I had never seen so many waitresses that were like beaming, having fun. They were all likeóI hope theyíre not listening now.


Carla:  Nobody had sore feet, huh?


Wynn:  They were like genuinely radiant and they were also bouncing off of each other. Itís like I said, ďThese guys understand how to work energy.Ē They donít know anything about the shift; they donít know anything about anything, except, theyíve learned to share energy in Dennyís.


It was a group of Wanderers that had come together and they didnít know theyíre Wanderers, they didnít even know anything metaphysical and yet they were doing it. I started talking to them and they immediately all loved me. They were around the table, I was telling them about themselves and it was fun.


Carla:  I can just see this.


Wynn:  I mean; I know Terry has seen me to do this many a time.


Carla:  It reminds me of Saint Francis with the birds, you know?


Wynn: Yeah. Terry has seen me many times go into a restaurant. There really are a lot of Wanderers out there; there really are a lot of Crystal Children. When I see one and we catch a little smile, I look at them and I say, ďDid you know youíre from another dimension?Ē Do you know, they love it when I say that! Some part of them knows.


I remember when I used to go to college in Berkeley; I used to sit on the steps of the Student Union. I was totally anonymous. I kept thinking, ďDonít these people know who I am?Ē It wasnít exactly like an ego thing; it wasnít an ego thing.


It was like I was radiating my energy into that whole plaza and I didnít even know the vocabulary for that at that time. I say, Ďradiating energyí but I didnít have the vocabulary; I was doing that. I [thought], ďDonít these people know who I am? When is somebody going to sit down and discover me?Ē


If [someone] sat down with me and I said, ďDid you know youíre from another dimension?Ē whoever would have said that would have had my rapt attention. The thing is; youíve got to say it with the right energy; if you just go around and say it with the wrong energyóexperiment in another town besides your town, because you donít want to be branded as a wacko.


Itís a fun way to open up the door to a conversation, particularly with young people. Older people, even if they are Wanderers, probably have a harder time, but young people love it. They love it when somebody says that and you have to be authentic; you have to look at them; they have to have that wild look, that deep look.


We started talking about ascension symptoms and Daphne uses the word ascension. The reason I donít like to use the word is, because it sounds like youíre going to disappear from this realm and thereís going to be a rapture. That may be true and when that happens I will be very happy to participate in it.


When Iíve asked questions about that in our channelings, they said and this makes sense to me, ďThe majority of people are not going to qualify for that kind of experience. In order to qualify, all of your chakras have to be open slightly more than half.Ē


The way this works is that somehow, thereís a part of you in the astral or higher that pulls your body through. Most people are not going to qualify for that. But many people will qualify for what our Sources called, an Ďastral ascensioní, which means you would die a normal death, or an abnormal death, but when you died, if your heart chakra was open slightly more than half, you would then graduate this realm. You would be worked on, on the other side by angels, angelic beings. That would cause you not to have to come back to the 3D realm.


So that is my story. I donít like to use the word Ďascensioní because itís too much of a buzz word and a lot of New Age people are using it. I donít think they ever really explain what they mean, because the connotation of the word ascension, ascend, is, to me, that you disappear from this realm and you end up somewhere else. When you say that it kind of hooks people, because they say, ďWell, if heís a spiritual person and heís talking about ascension, I want to make sure that I donít miss that train.Ē


Nonetheless, whatever you call it, whether you call it graduation, ascension, or transitioning, most everyone agrees on one thing and that is: There is another dimension thatís a different level than this one and some people, when they leave this realm, are going to end up in a higher dimension.


When you read, I think itís in the Ra Material, itís really not Ďone size fits all.í Itís like everyone ends up in 4D earth, or up in 5D earth, or up in 6D earth or whatever.


Carla:  Right.


Wynn:  We can go to where the furthest reach that our energy can reach to.  It would be like, how much gas is in your car? Do you have enough gas to go 400 miles?


We donít have to go 400 miles; we might only go 100 miles, because you think you can do more service there; you can help people. You see this is free will; so when youíre on the other side and you leave this realm, on some level you can make a decision if you have enough gas for 400.


Carla:  Do you want to know what the Ra described this as?


Wynn:  Yes, I do.


Carla:  They call it the Steps of Light, Wynn.


Wynn:  Steps of Light.


Carla:  Itís not a matter of choosing where youíre going to be of service; itís a simple walk into the sunlight. Every step is a little bit further along the line of densities. At a point, which is not expressed, you move from third density to fourth density. Youíre using a slightly different word, but it means the same thing; dimension and density are used interchangeably.


People are just walking into the sunlight; it gets a little bit more sunny. The Light is a little bit more intense with every step. Angels guard this process, so that you canít fall off the edge of the step; you canít make a misstep. Youíve got all the time in the world. So, youíre walking up these Steps of Light.


Thereís a point at which it stops feeling good; it starts feeling like, ďGosh this is going to burn me. I donít really want to go any further.Ē Thatís where youíre most comfortable; thatís where youíve gotten to in this incarnation. Thatís how much Light youíve learned to use comfortably. Maybe itís in third density; maybe itís in fourth density.


But wherever you stop and wherever youíre comfortable, that is where youíve chosen your next incarnation and if itís in fourth density,  itís across the line, youíve  graduated. If itís still in third density, you will go to another planet that is just starting third density and youíll go through a lot of incarnations in third density just like you have already done, still learning to make that choice.


Thatís what the Ra sessions say; thatís the nature of graduation. Itís nothing punishing; no judgment whatsoever. You make the choice; you choose just exactly how much light feels good to you. Wherever you stop, whether itís third, fourth, fifth, sixth, that is where you have the right to be from then on.


I would not be surprised if a lot of Wanderers that were sixth density Wanderers just walked right back into sixth density, because they really enjoy the higher vibrations of Light. This third density Light has always felt Ďoffí to them, so theyíve spent a lot of time in higher densities in meditation.


Wynn:  When people hear this, most everyone says, ďI want to go to as high as I can get.Ē Everyone says that in their mind. ďI want to get up there.Ē And, they want to get up there because it sounds like a prize; it sounds like a gift. But, you donít really wantÖ


Carla:  Yet, what you really want to do is be comfortable.


Wynn:  Yesóand they also donít want to let go; they donít want to let go of attachments in this realm. Itís kind of funny to watch, because somebody will say they want to graduate. Then theyíll be saying, ďIím so worried about my son; what am I going to do about my son? Heís doing drugs, who is going to be there for him?Ē


Thatís exactly what will keep you in this realm. Itís like thereís an unconditional way you can hold the space for somebody, but you donít let them pull you out of the higher flow with sympathy or worry. Itís just a very fine line, to care but to be detached, because all the things you hold on to, evenóI donít know if you can relate to this, Carla, but thereís even holding onto failure, the fear of success.


If you got really successful, all your friends would be jealous of you. You like those people and you donít want them to be jealous. This goes on a subconscious level.  People are always talking about their plans and what theyíre doing to the very people that would be jealous. How can you be successful if youíre attached to all these friends that are jealous?


Can you be honest enough to look at them; can you be honest enough to say that if you were really successful, would they still be your friends? Would you be their friend? Oftentimes, people hold certain kinds of friendships in place because of fear because if they didnít want me, nobody would.


So you lock yourself in, is what Iím trying to say. You lock yourself into these lower realms by those thoughts and you wonder and you pray, ďGod, I want to get out of hereĒ and yet you donít let go of those things.


Carla:  Yes.  I think thereís a tremendous skill and goodness in practicing. It isnít a detachment where you donít care; itís a detachment where you respond to the need, by knowing that all is well, by affirming the lack of strength of whatever catalyst it is that is holding your son down.


If itís drugs, you spend time simply affirming that there is no power in drugs. You spend time affirming that your child is completely worthy of being able to realize that there is no power in drugs. So you do these affirmations; instead of worrying you see, you know, you spend time holding the Light where the healing takes place.


This is the way some healers work all the time; they simply sit there and they know the truth. They know it with such clarity that they are able to transfer that knowledge to the person and suddenly the drugs have no power and theyíre able to walk away; theyíre able to be rehabbed. Iíve seen that happen time and again.


Wynn:  Youíre not talking about pharmaceutical drugs, right? Youíre talking about street drugs.


Carla:  Yes, Iím talking about pharmaceuticals or alcohol or whatever. You can even be addicted to an idea; you can be addicted to so many different things. Physical, emotional addiction is that which is binding you and your needing to be free of that. Addiction takes many forms.


What you were talking about was being held back because youíre worried about your son, right?


Wynn:  Right.


Carla:  So I was saying that instead of spending time worrying, you spend the time on that, but you spend the time positively making these affirmations on behalf of your son, knowing that all is well, knowing that healing is very real, knowing that the substance that is being abused has no power.


This is the way Christian Science practitioners work, I believe. They simply sit there and they spend time with the client and they know. Thatís it; thereís no preaching, thereís no judgment and thereís actually nothing much in the physical at all. Yet, healings have taken place for a century and more by practitioners like this.


Wynn:  Even just going into a meditationóevery Sunday we do this Carla, where we tap into the power of group energy. We create. It kind of blows me away that we do this, because most people do it in a room and with people where their energies are together, but we have people all over the world and I donít see them. I get so many emails because the power of invocation, the power of intention, and everyone agrees and trusts me, and we move into a space thatís really expanded, that people can feel.


Oftentimes I get emails from people that have had phenomena, like this computer screen suddenly changed color, in the middle of it, then Terry is talking and they say, ďYes, that was us; you can feel us when weíre beaming into your realm.Ē Itís like moving into the experience of the Law of One as a reality not as an idea; not as a mental idea but where you can feel other peopleís energies.


This is a tricky thing, because when you start feeling energy of the things that are invisible, you have to be sure that you have a lot of protection around that and a lot of love to start with, so you donít get anything negative in the mix. It will ride in on those energies, on distortions in your fieldóbut we do it. When I first start doing it, I was afraid that would happen and it didnít; by and large, it didnít happen. Itís an amazing experience.


When that group energy is established, you can project that energy and surround someone you care about. Iíve come to the conclusion youíre not just saying a prayer, youíre actually including them in the love. I occasionally get an email like ďI put my relationship with my son in the Light and he called me the next day and we hadnít talked for three months.Ē


So, Iím doing this by learning and watching and seeing over and over again the amazing results it has when we do it. Then it becomes a reference point; itís like a new skill, how to become one with everything. You do it one time on a conference call and you do it a second time and before you know it, the callís over but the energy is still going and youíre projecting that out, okay.


Carla:  You know, it comes to me Wynn, what Daphne was talking about earlier. It would be great if we could do some conference calls for planet Earth. There are different places where the grid, itís a feminine grid and it doesnít just come down Ďplunkí into the earth like the old masculine grid. This is a newer grid and itís more hovering over the Earth in a way, but it also needs to be anchored into the Earth.


There are different grids for different parts of the Earth. Wouldnít it be great if we could like go to Australia one time and take Europe another time? I donít know; I think it would be great if we could focus, do a little helping of the planet, too because the planet is going through this.


Wynn:  Carla, why donít you sit through one of my two-hour Sunday calls sometime? Sit through the whole thing.


Carla:  Well you know I didnít sit through the whole thing, but I did listen to part of it and it was really inspiring, Wynn. I think itís a wonderful thing, I really do. I couldnít be more excited about what youíre doing; itís definitely healing.


Wynn:  You didnít listen to the part though; I donít think you stayed on long enough where I did the healing part. I usually talk.


Carla:  I donít think so; you were talking. As a matter of fact, I wanted to tell you that I had to go; I couldnít find the place to get in.


Wynn:  Even if you come in 45 minutes into it, about 45 minutes in, I do this guided visualization where many people on the line experience the feeling of energies coming together. Then we invite these Sources to join with those energies.


Itís unbelievable; the feelings that come in. Even I go in there and I think, ďIs it going to happen?Ē Iím not making that happen; Iím just saying the words with a high intention. Thereís this energy that comes down through your crown chakra and starts moving through your body and goes into the Earth. You can move the energy.


Carla:  Are you saying youíre already doing that?


Wynn:  Iím doing it. And then, we send it around the Earth.


Daphne:  The thing is though Wynn, for many years you were sending it only to the Ring of Fire. The information Iím getting is that there are other places on the Earth, especially Europe right now and Australia and New Zealand, there are very specific places that are having someóthereís some dark, dense stuff there that needsóof course you should to continue to stabilize the Ring of Fire, but there are also other places we need to be transmuting densities.


Wynn:  Iím open for you and Carla, if youíre on that line, to come up with things and participate; take over at a certain point.


Carla:  It was really weird. Today I was cleaning out tax files and I came across a very carefully drawn set of grids for planet Earth, the feminine grids instead of the masculine grids. What that was doing in the tax information I donít know. I felt sure, when this came up, that I was supposed to mention it especially after Daphne said that.


Daphne:  Oh Carla, that makes perfect sense. Thank you so much. That has to do with the overhaul of the old Capricornian tax structure; it has to do Pluto. It has to do with eighth house stuff; it has to do with Capricorn stuff.  It has to do with power of the land and itís connectedness with the 1D and the fiat banking system versus the real gold and real silver standard banking systems, which are in incredible flux right now.


There are billions of dollars being moved out of the U.S., actually just in this last week, and exiting to places like Switzerland or basically just going overseas. Anyway, thatís just very interesting.


Wynn:  You know Daphne; I wanted you to share with people some of the symptoms youíre going through. Youíre an unusual person, so youíre more sensitive to energies. Youíre more connected to the planetary and solar system energy and even star energies. There are probably people who are going to listen to this that have similar things that you do, that are going through these changes in their own unique way. They might relate to it if you share, if you want to. Do you want to do that?


Daphne:  Yes, thanks Wynn, okay, physical symptoms:


Iíve always been too sensitive for physical comfort; thatís a given. I also was really physical and athletic for a good part of my young adulthood; did a lot of hiking. I was a pretty dedicated runner there for several years, up until my mid- to late-thirties. I also had a lot of body work. I had a lot of Rolfing; a lot of cranial sacral therapy, a lot of Reiki, a lot of deep tissue massage. I was really pretty cognizant of the body-mind-spirit connection. I also had this incredible love of nature. I was a national park nut; I still am.


And then what I started understanding a bit more: Thereís this concept of the earth herself having these hova bodies. There is something, in some esoteric systems, thereís something called the planetary antahkarana or the planetary logos or the planetary monad.


As the human body system, as the chakras, are sufficiently cleared and the hova bodiesósupposedly we have seven of them as human beingsóas these are activated, you as a human soul, start to activate the monadic consciousness; your physical body starts to literally plug into Gaia to the grids at a planetary logos level.


What this means is that you as a physical person, when you start moving around and youíve got your hova bodies opened up, you are not just moving to the grocery store; everywhere youíve ever been gets moved to the grocery store. Youíre not just sitting at the Starbucks; every contact, you becomeóletís see; how would I describe this?


Itís almost as if at the center of the Earth thereís a pencil and it goes all the way up. Youíre sitting at the very top of the pencil on the eraser. The point of the pencil is down at the core of the earth, and every where you move thereís a huge like interdimensional swath of energy thatís literally being integrated and moved through the grid system as you start to move.


Everybody does this at varying degrees of frequency and focus, depending on what your karmic track is, and what your alliances are, what your focus is. I guess that through time and just the physical part of it, it can beóletís see, lately itís been feeling like tremendous pressure, like Iím walking around with an anvil on my head. I also feel like from the back of my head, my skull going down, my spine, I can actually feel there are huge, I would say conical kind of vortices of energy coming out.


There is a woman named Sandra Walter; sheís up in Mount Shasta. Wynn is familiar with her work. She has worked a bit with this kind of stuff. I do believe she understands a lot of the dynamics of this. There are people working at these kinds of levels. Again, thereís no value judgment when I say this; itís just that some of us are working this planetary stuff really physiologically.


Iíve been fortunate; I donít have horrible nausea. There are a lot of people in Lisa Reneeís group, Denise LeFayís group; a lot of people are just, out; they canít eat anything, theyíre throwing up, theyíre dizzy. Some people have been on disability now for many years.


My symptoms are severe, but Iím not bed-ridden or anything like that. Some people itís been very severe. It does change over time. So itís intense stuff. The Internet is a God-send, because for a long time I thought, ďI canít be the only person going through thisĒ.


I found that I wasnít; there are hundreds if not thousands of other people that are also experiencing these kinds of things. Information makes you at least feel better, if nothing else. You can email people and get their forums and you can get the support that you need. Again, everyoneís situation is unique; everyone experiences it a little bit differently. 


Food has become a challenge. One of the things Iíve noticed lately is I can hardly eat anything. And, the body only wants things like fresh fruit or juice or like vegetables; there is very little animal protein at all in my diet. I used to really like chicken and fish and once in a while a steak. But, I was a vegetarian for a long time and I always tended away from that.


I donít know if there are any rights or wrongs; a lot of it is very experimental. This situation, for some people, not for everyone, can be very, very physical. I donít know if thatís what you wanted me to touch on there, Wynn.


Wynn:  I wanted you to say whatever you wanted to say.


Listen, weíre coming to the end. Michael asked a question, but Iím not going to ask your question because we are out of time. I just want to make sure I fit in a little commercial:


Carla and I are doing our second Law of One discussion. Those that read the Law of One, or tried to, most people get stuck, because it is so profound and so deep.


You can take one paragraph and have absolutely no cognition; you might have to read it twenty times to get it. What weíre doing is, weíre going through it and weíre trying to make it simple so that you can integrate this material.


Many people have recognized Carlaís work as perhaps one of the break-through expressions from the other side, even the history of mankind and certainly in the last couple hundred years. Itís the body of knowledge of this group soul that we call the Ra group, thatís made up of millions and billions of graduates of this realm and how they interface with us. Hereís a thing from Amazon:


ďThe history of psychic channeling and channeled material has a long and checkered past. In the last century, at least in the West, the seriousness and quality of such work has been generally dismissed as something between a quaint parlor trick and delusional doomsday prophesying.Ē


ďThe channeled entity Ra claims to be a higher dimensional being of collective intelligence with karmic connections to Earth and its ensouled inhabitants. Öthe seeding of Life in all its myriad formsĒ, they talk about how our life was seeded.


I mean, there is so much incredible information. For many people information is not really whatís important. Whatís really important is that many of you are very old souls and when you hear things that are true, it starts a cellular resonance and starts waking you up, because many of the episodes of the past that are talked about, you were there.


Wynn:  You donít remember you were there, but when you hear about it you remember.


Wynn:  Weíre finished; thank you all. Thank you, Doug. Thank you, Carla. Thank you, Daphne. Thank you, Terry.


Carla:  God bless everybody.


Daphne:  God bless you, Terry. God bless you, Carla. God bless you, Wynn.


Wynn:  Keep tuning in; weíre going to get back to some angels soon.





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