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To Experience Success, First Create a Context for It


Wednesday  1.30.2013

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Host: Wynn Free

Channeled by: Terry Brown

Transcribed by: Connie O'Brien

Edited by: Terry Brown, Valerie Hawes and Susan Rush

Formatted and sent by: Gary Brownlee




Wynn: Hello, this is Wynn Free. This is Wednesday, January 30, 2013. Geez, I got it right. This is our Wednesday call, where we ask questions and get answers from our Sources.


As I often preamble, these are not meant to be taken blindly or believed blindly or repeated as if they’re true. These are things that, in the best case scenario, have wisdom that will help trigger you into seeing things in a higher way, or make a better connection with the energies of these Sources, rather than having something for you to say and repeat like, “Wynn said this” or “They said this” or “Ra said this” or “The Elohim said that.”


Channeling is an imprecise dynamic where it’s possible for there to be bleed-through from the person who is channeling, bleed-through from their conscious mind. It’s even possible for a negative source to come in and grab the line and give wrong information. That’s something I learned in the Carla Rueckert material.


I’m mentioning that we’re going to do another Law of One Part II Workshop, Carla and myself. If you enjoyed Part I, we’re going to be continuing. I called it “The Ra Material for Dummies” but we’ve renamed it, “The Ra Material Made Simple.” We’ll take some of the really sophisticated, hard-to-understand concepts and translate them in a way that they’re easy to understand and apply. Carla and I seem to be good at that when we do it together.


Tonight we’re with Terry; Daphne will probably be back next week. We’re never-ready, so we’ll start. You’re not ready, are you Terry?


Terry: No. No I’m not; I’m double-not ready. I never know what they’re going to say; there’s nothing to prepare, so I’m just NeverReady.


Wynn: Okay.


Father-Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light, to surround and protect each person on this line, each person listening to the replays, each person on the internet and each person listening to the telephone replays or reading the transcripts and that any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and be transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through the outer energy fields of planet Earth, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth. Right now, we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. We invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring The Law of One, to join with us as we create a protected space that only the positive has access to. Anything not of that nature must leave now.


Okay, our first question tonight is from Rick in Iowa City. It’s interesting; we have two questions about dreams. Have you ever noticed how we get questions about the same topic but it changes from week to week? Rick asks:


“When I see someone in a dream who is alive in the physical, is it really them and if it is, do they know they were in my dream? If not consciously, but on some level?” That’s from Rick in Iowa City.


Ra’An: Thank you. We greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator. This is Ra’An and this is January 30, 2013, from the location of Sedona, Arizona and also beaming in from the location of the higher realms and diffusing over the Earth plane and connecting with each and every person on the line who wishes to be connected with. We thank Rick for his question.


We then move into the area of dreams. When someone is in your dream, is that the other person being in your dream? It is not necessarily the other person being in your dream; the person himself or even from an unconscious level the person him-herself. However, it is a representative of that person. It may be that you yourself are accessing or making up the image as a representation of a figure that you will gain knowledge by interaction with. It can be something that can instruct you, can give you valuable life lessons, working out the play-acting arena in the ethers to give you valuable lessons that further your growth experience. It can actually be, also, someone that is actually that being, coming into your space.


So, there is alot of leeway here, a lot of latitude on creativity in the dream state. It isn’t necessarily that individual coming into your dream however, it may be someone coming into your dream that is actually there and you are both sharing the experience. There can be shared dreams. There are some cultures where, when they wish to have further knowledge on something, they dream together and they have a group dream.


There are lessons within the dream arena that help give a person much-needed experience that they are looking for, much like a play-acting role which they are creating and which the forces in connection with that soul-learning experience will come in and lend their energy to it.


It may be the actual person, but then again it may be a total creation of the person doing the dreaming. When this happens, there is some frequency that is connected to the real person; however, it does not mean that the real person is there also in the dream.


Wynn: Thank you. Edna in Snohomish, Washington says she got up in the middle of the night and believed she was having a conversation with the higher Sources, perhaps the Elohim. She heard them say that Colleen in Vancouver, Canada was her mother in a previous life in third dimension. “I would like to ask the Sources to comment on this conversation; was it real and is it true?” Colleen and she have a wonderful friendship and she feels that Colleen kind of looks over her as if she would be her daughter. Thank you.


Ra’An: Thank you. There is some past relationship; however since it involves so closely another person we wish to allow the two of you to explore the relationship further and to work it out and to bring it through into your own memories. But, there is definitely a past-life caring relationship.


Wynn: Thank you. I would like to ask a question and it has to do with understanding the grid work from Source into this planet, where we’ve learned—I believe this to be true—that certain areas of energy-fields have been taken over by the negative. When we do our grid healing, it’s not like we permanently change something but we change it for the moment because the negative is still doing what they do. And so it’s snaps back when they have a strong control in a particular area.


There are people that believe that these grids; that the negative has permanently lost control of them. I wanted to have some comments on that, please. Thank you.


Ra’An: Thank you. The negative is a very general term and we do not see that “the negative,” [which] is a catch-all phrase, could apply, because there are so many other things that apply at the same time. For instance, maybe grids around Australia and New Zealand have been weakened by anomalies in the magnetic field over that area. Those are related to the relationship between the Earth and the Sun and between that and the rest of the solar system and between its travels in the galaxy.


So there are other influences; star influences, astrological influences that could be considered negative, because the energy coming in at the time from those star systems are of a reverse-energy type of configuration and the individuals, in some ways, are getting growth from the experience, in learning that the soul is senior to the star configurations and to the astrological influences. It is working to make individuals stronger.


So when  you use a catch-all phrase of “negative”, there are so many influences within that category that even at the bottom of it, for instance, in the star systems creating intense pulls, like the moon at certain periods of the full moon,  that then go to help provide growth lessons for the individuals. Yet, is that considered negative or is that considered not negative? But, it could be considered as a negative influence.


We look further. If you have any further information concerning specifically what you mean by “negative”, we suggest that this might be a good venue to look in, to isolate more information about what you are looking at concerning the grid systems.


Now there are other things concerning the grid systems that are influenced by things like HAARP that are a dumbed-down influence, that is shunted off and doesn’t have full influence, but it can make an anomaly in the Earth’s field which wouldn’t have been there except for the presence of HAARP. This could be beneficial or it might have untoward influences that the individual that’s running HAARP does not know of and then they’re considered to have negative influences. So it could be both positive and negative. Do you have further comments on that?


Wynn: I was thinking in particular, in negative intelligence: reptilians, greys. I would assume that there’s a service-to-self intelligence that would want to have some kind of foothold in the energy fields. I was particularly thinking of that.


Ra’An: Thank you. We also look at the reptilians and the greys and in any influences that they might have of a localized level and of a muted, dumbed-down localized level influence, as the influence extends not only from anything technologically that they might extend out, but it extends to their own thought systems which act as a bubble of energy within the Earth’s systems.


These individuals do have their own sphere, their own frequency, which they tend to apply in a localized manner. We see that whatever they impinge is not the master impingement or is not nearly as great as the relationship of the solar system and the Earth and the Sun to its neighboring stars, to the center of the galaxy, to the influence astrologically of, and positions of, these stellar bodies in relationship to the Earth.


Each of these has their own bubble of influence, as does the consciousness of the individuals on earth, the consensus reality. Although from your standpoint it would be considered large, from our standpoint it is considered small, almost too insignificant, in relationship to the whole and individuals, when they can break through this and maintain their own stellar-burning, beautiful blazing starlight within their own self, can transcend all of this.


Wynn: Thank you. So, if someone is working on the grids, focusing on them, or if two people are working together, they can have a significant impact? Is that possible?


Ra’An: They can. Again, at various levels, depending upon the frequencies of the people and their awareness, they can. For instance, as a group they have a significant influence. This may even make some permanent shift and change, because all is intelligent and all is picking up, even the grid systems, are picking up intentions. If they resonate in a way that could create a permanent change then this is possible.


Wynn: Thank you. I have a question from Vickie; I don’t have her location. It’s a generic question. And I hope if she needs a specific answer she might send it in again with her location if she can’t tune in.


“Why is it that no matter what I have done all my life, even if the odds are all on my side, at the last second, it turns out to be a disaster? Why is that happening and is there some kind of subconscious sabotage?”


Ra’An: Thank you. We would suggest that you take a look at your life and reevaluate, because there are successes along the way; the fact that you were born, the fact that you are alive, the fact that you are breathing air day-to-day,  These are successes in themselves and you are here to grow and learn lessons.


We suggest that one of the lessons that you are attempting to learn is how to break through barriers, how to let yourself go, how to accept love, how to accept success and how to know, even if it is little in the beginning, with little steps and little things, that there are successes that you have every day, if you observe yourself. Observe little successes that you have in eating food and in breathing and in movement and give yourself some credit.


We suggest that the viewpoint that you had that things that you have turn into disasters is the setting of a paradigm that encloses you in a box that it makes it hard to step out of and to move into an area of success.


As we speak about this, we see, beyond this barrier, great success: little success, medium success, successes. It depends upon how well you could accept this success. We send you the idea of success and we see it as a concept. We see it as creating a space for success to be there. We see it as allowing you to love yourself, to bring the joys of succeeding to yourself. First of all, grasp the concept that it is possible and then you will be able to bring it in.


Wynn: Thank you. Anna in Burbank, when she closes her eyes and meditates, sees pink; also she sees green, yellow and orange. She’d like to know, “What do those colors represent?”


Ra’An: Thank you. As you meditate, your chakras are vibrating. Pink is our color, in that we are able to be brought into your space and that will generate the color of pink. You are very sensitive to see these colors. The color of the heart chakra is green and the color of the assimilation chakra or the power chakra would be yellow. Then the color of the chakra below that would be of an orange; and then, the color of the grounding chakra would be red.


So you are viewing the colors of these chakras and vibrating them. Then you might also get into the throat chakra at some point, which is blue; the chakra in the area of the head which is indigo and the area of the crown chakra which is white.


Wynn: Thank you. This is from Susan; this is a general question and she asks; “Is it possible that in this time of bringing the dark elements into the Light of awareness, that we are bringing the dark conditions of our ancestral DNA, which may have played out down the line, into manifestation, now, to be overcome in this time of great power? Might that account for some of the discouraging conditions many of us are challenged with these days?”


Ra’An: Yes, that is true. And, “the sins of the father are visited upon the sons” means, as the individual is growing up, they are sitting in the energy that the parents are generating or, the people bringing them up are generating. This then, is imbibed or duplicated by the individual. Also, in the genetic line as it comes through, even if the individual is raised by a different party, this comes in from the genetic line and it is written in the DNA.


It depends upon the strength of the individual that, if it is manifesting within their life, the individual can simply view it and let it go, as not being theirs. Although, if they have chosen that line to come in through, they probably  have some elements of that distortion within their own field and this is an area that they are choosing to come in to grow with and to heal and to cure. Some people have a very hard time getting past this or around it, because it is an influence that is so subconscious because it has been lived with the individual’s whole life. It is hard to even recognize that one has the pattern.


But you’re entirely correct that this is an area where individuals, both genetically and from their upbringing and training, bring in distortions from the genetic line. Once they clear it in their own space, then, should they have children at that point, if it is cleared sufficiently, they can avoid, to a large degree, passing it on.


But by recognizing this and clearing it, it clears it from their field; it clears it at a very deep level. And can, if they can make the energy and space available to clear it from their DNA, then they have a fresh start; they can re-set their whole genetic history of distortion.


It is sort of hard to get to that point for many people, because the first step is recognizing that it is there to be cleared. Individual family lines hold on to such information as being true and grounding that family line. Their life and utilization of information or distortions are incorporated so hard into their life that it is hard to even recognize it is there. You have to recognize it’s there before you can clear it.


Wynn: Thank you. If a person is looking for these patterns, what would they look for to be able to say, “That’s it.”?


Ra’An: They can look for things that make them uncomfortable, situations that make them uncomfortable. Review back to times that they have had discomfort, or disharmony with their parents and see where they have had disagreements with their parents. Is there something within their parents, connection with the parent’s lives, that they are finding objection to?


Oftentimes, when somebody finds objection to something, it is because they also have that going in themselves and they don’t really like it that much. Observation is a big tool in finding out areas of distortions which are available or possible to be cleared.


Wynn: Thank you. Let’s see here. This is from, let’s see, I’d better get the person’s name. There’s a question that came up a couple of weeks ago that we didn’t ask, and that was, “How does the evolution of Earth during this shift affect the rest of the Universe?”


Ra’An: Thank you. It is All One and that is why there is the effect of the astrological upon Earth and upon the people of Earth and upon the animals. No one is separate from it. It is All One. So when Earth is in the field and in the fields of the star systems which it is all the time, of different configurations of planets, then it is subject two ways:


There is an influence of Earth upon the astrological, the bodies in space, and there is an influence of the bodies in space upon Earth as it is a two-way street. Would you repeat the question one more time?


Wynn: How does the evolution of our planet, the positive evolution, or the negative evolution, impact the rest of the Universe? In other words, to give an example, I’ve understood that Pleiadians have a vested interest in a positive outcome on this Shift, because they have energy-extensions into our planet, a group, a civilization. Could we understand this in a better, more encompassing way?


Ra’An: Thank you. There is more than one realm and the different densities are all located, one way of looking at it, one understanding, is they are all in the same space at the same time, although there are different spaces that have been created. So that if an atomic bomb, as an example of a large disturbance, goes off, then it affects the energies of all of the spirits, the watching-over spirits of Earth. It affects their Light-bodies, their ability to survive in the astral.


If the Earth has something like an energy release of that magnitude, it can disrupt life in realms that one does not even know exist. As the influence of Earth, the individuals, the consensus reality, the Earth itself, has a gravitational effect upon others and around the surroundings. The push and pull, the energy synchronization between the different planets, the individuals in the consensus reality, their influence at the lower levels, stops or fades and becomes less as you move away from the bubble within which the consensus reality is contained around the Earth.

So the Earth itself has a bigger influence that goes farther and there are rivulets and channels of energy that flow between the Sun and the Earth and between the Earth and other planets to a lesser degree, as you get further away. Earth itself has an affect upon the other planets, just as the other planets have an affect upon Earth.


Earth is not a major influence, however. It is not the center of things, as there are many centers of things. As you move away from Earth, there is less influence being brought to bear on other bodies and systems. That is our answer.


Wynn: Thank you. Kim in Florida asks, “What is the role of an open heart with respect to the health of the body?”


That’s a good question, because we know there are people who have open hearts that don’t seem to have good health. So could we have a little bit of understanding on that? Thank you.


Ra’An: Thank you. A true open heart, where one is vulnerable and one is open—we say that living within the Earth realm, one needs to protect oneself, if one is in an area that is unsafe in a way that there are vibrations that are negative. One needs to be able to protect oneself, not to have an open heart in a situation that requires fear, because all the energy then is pooled within the body and is rallied with the adrenals to be able to respond. So, the body has a series of chemicals that play upon the scene of what is required and appropriate at the time and interact and interface with their environment.


However, if one attempts to have an open heart in a situation where it is not conducive to an open heart, then they have to really, really be open so that they don’t have all of their endocrine systems jamming and conflicting with each other. It’s like, “Okay, I’ve got to keep my heart open and oh, this person is being really nasty and “I’ve got to keep my heart open anyway.” Then you can burn up energy, so one needs to be able to move in their emotional system and not to be fixed.


It is when one gets frozen in one manner or another, frozen with unreleased anger and yet trying to have an open heart and be cheery and everything. Yet underneath, they’re kind of pissed off and they’re trying to sit on their emotions. Then their body freezes and their digestive system doesn’t work quite well. Their whole system is kind of in conflict and not acting as a whole. Then they can pick up diseases, which have to do with a lack of flow of energy through the body. The body has to be in a consistent mode to be able to interact and flow and work together.


Sometimes many people that are extremely nice and trying very hard to have an open heart might have shut-downs in their system and a flow of energy and digestive problems; or the burning up of their adrenals. They then get tired, no energy, in their body’s attempt to handle the negativity.


So have a true open heart; it isn’t to say that in those situations one can’t have an open heart, because if they get to a very high level without having shut-downs and can be at a very high level like some of the masters, they can still have an open heart without their body shutting down and reacting to negativity in the environment. We hope we have given you some information here that will help.


Wynn: Thank you. We have somebody with an email address but they didn’t put their name. Let’s try the question:


“I’ve been having the experience of time really speeding up and flying by me like never before. I’m feeling even less able to utilize it properly, at least since 2010, if not even before that. I’m just wondering if I should ask for a bit of slow-down or if this is really a good thing or a reflection or side-effect of something that is good and needed and if so, what’s needed?”


Ra’An: Thank you. You can have some control over the flow or speed of time. It takes a little bit of working with and experimenting with, to be able to learn how to do this. But when one moves into the higher realms, times goes, in relationship to your realm, very quickly. In our realm time just seems normal, but when we get into your realm, time seems very, very slow.


If you get into our realm, you may experience a speed-up of time. You may use this to get more done in a short amount of time. But if it is too fast for you, then you can ask for a slow-down of time to the point where it is comfortable for you. One of the reasons for having a slower speed of time in your realm is it gives individuals more time to relax and work with things and to be able to ground themselves. That is our answer.


Wynn: Thank you. Well, you know what? We’re going to close our sessions tonight. I don’t think Carla is here. Stay tuned, we’ll be doing that probably again, but you never know. Let me unmute everybody. You’re all unmuted. We’ll see you next time and thanks for being here.

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