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Are the Elohim Really the Keepers of Time?




Monday Conference-BBS Call

Host: Wynn Free
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Channeled by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien

Edited by Terry Brown Valerie Hawes and David Masty
Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee



Wynn: Welcome everybody who is listening on the Internet and who is listening to replays, reading transcripts or who is on the live line. Just letting you know: my tooth is still here, since I’ve made that a point of public discussion. I have to do our preamble talk really quickly because we’re doing a replay tonight. It’s 56 minutes long, and it’s already 7:02.


Sunday, yesterday, I did a long discussion about timelines and dimensions and their correspondence. Some of what I said was based on an amazing, epoch session we did in 2009 that I don’t remember what the original topic was, but somehow the Elohim started talking about how they were the Keepers of Time.


I said “Wow! That’s extraordinary!” We’ve gotten more and more courageous, or they’ve gotten more courageous or we’ve created enough of a loving energy where they can say things and they’re pretty transparent about who they are and how they work with us.


This was a kind of classic call where they were revealing in a very extraordinary way that they were the Keepers of Time; they used that term. In following up from our call yesterday, I’m going to play that call as a replay.


[Music playing is Daphne’s Flute and David Wilcock’s drum]


At one point they said in a session, that the Elohim’s frequencies were in [this music] in the way [Daphne] played and created her improvisations in music—and a bit of trivia: that drum you hear in the background is [being played by] David Wilcock.


At the time, David was living at Carla Rueckert’s house and four or five months after we had separated in 2002, David wanted to record Daphne. So Daphne and her mother went down and stayed at Carla Rueckert’s house. This album which is actually for sale on our site is the outcome.


Note that when Daphne is improvising like this, she is very unpredictable. This is not anything that was rehearsed. Daphne is very talented. She plays harp, she plays piano. Notice how she improvises. Notice how unexpected her fingers are.


Replay Begins


Wynn:  Ok, this is Wynn Free and this is Monday night. We are on the air, our combination Internet-BBS broadcast and our conference call, simulcast. We’re going to prove to you that we have a conference call on line. When I go to three, maybe all you guys on the conference call can say, “Hello everyone on BBS.” But send them love while you’re doing it. Let’s send this huge wave of love out to the universe when we say “Hello BBS.” 1…2…3…


{People respond}


That was great. Is Terry on the line?


Terry:  Yes, I’m here.


Wynn:  I’m just making sure. We’ll introduce some of the people on the conference call because we have some of the most wonderful people on the planet right here on this call, supporting the energy of it.


We started these calls a few years ago. I would say that for the past few years I’ve been going to the ‘Universe-ity’. I’ve been talking to beings in other realms, but I didn’t know I could trust them. How do I know, if a voice comes through my girlfriend and they say they’re the Galactic Sun or they’re the Creators of this Universe, that it’s something I can take under consideration. Am I sure? How do I know that’s true?


So, part of my education was to say, “If it is true, how do you make it work? What do you do with it? How do you make it valuable to other people?” The amazing thing that I discovered was that these voices that were talking to me were not just intelligent voices; they could beam energy into this realm and people could feel it. When I would give talks, people could feel their energy in the room. It was like people would walk out and buy a book and say, “I could see auras! I never saw auras before.”


So we started these conference calls to see if they would beam into the people who are on the call, if they could work with them. It seems to be working. How many of you guys on the line have ever felt energy when you’re on the line – any of you? Now, there are only two possibilities, either I’m hypnotizing you all, which is what a skeptic would say is another case of mass hypnosis or else I’m inspiring you and somehow you’re self-producing the energy.


I’m very analytical; I’m my worst skeptic. I say, “Can we really be doing this? Or else, are you a multi-dimensional being and is there intelligence in the multi-dimensional Universe at the very top of it that in fact can beam into this realm? That’s what they say. They told me that before I even understood it. The experiment was, “How do you use this so it’s valuable to other people?”


Why is it valuable to have some intelligence that’s not in this realm beam into this realm? Why is that valuable? So what? Why is it valuable to have them talk to you? Some of you already know, this but I’ll put it in words. This is why I think it’s valuable. Then, you draw your own conclusions.


A human is a multi-dimensional being. There is something actually more profound about this than just an interesting phenomenon of “I can feel the energy.” I believe it’s quite extraordinary; this is what I think happens, and the way it works. I say, “I think it works this way” because I’m just a little human; I figure things out by what I call ‘reverse engineering’.


In other words, I watch something over and over again and I try to figure out what it is by how it looks down here because I can’t see it any more than you can; it’s happening in realms which are invisible to me. Yet, I can see the effects in this realm. So, what’s the benefit of having connection with some Source outside of this realm that can beam energy into this realm that you can feel?


Well, here’s how I look at or I’ve come to understand it, that you are energy. You are a compressed bundle of energy in a physical body. In fact, your physical body is the energy. Your energy keeps un-compressing into other realms, i.e. the psychic realm, the astral realm; we don’t even know what those are. Some people define them, but we can’t see them. Try to understand it, but they’re just words. Nonetheless, there is something going on outside your physical body.


There’s this idea that the whole Universe is one Being, one Energy, one Intelligence that has broken itself up into countless individual units. Some of those units could be said to be aware that the Universe is one Energy. They can see it; they can feel it. They’re in a realm where they’re not separated from that truth.


But in the physical realm on planet Earth we are separated from that. We cannot see it. Most of us are separated and as you start to grow in this realm, you become more sensitive to that. When you become more sensitive to that you develop the quality of compassion, because that means you can see other people as part of yourself, extensions of yourself. Even though you are in separate bodies, there is one energy that comes through.


Of course, most of spirituality and religion and shamanic work is trying to bring us to the point of getting closer to that experience. In this realm, there is a veil; we are cut off from other realms. We can’t get through it directly, so we have to get through it indirectly.


Here is the wonderful advantage of communicating with Sources that have described themselves to me by the names the Elohim group and the Ra group. They are, particularly the Elohim, at the top of creation. They are at the top of the hologram. Between them and us is this huge Universe of both positive and negative and all of us have carved out an imprint in that Universe over many lives.


Within that imprint, you could call it your expanded hologram; there are all the programs that you are living in right now. In other words, your physical expression is connected to this huge hologram which could be likened to a computer that has all these programs of you in it over many lifetimes. Many times there are screw-ups; there are painful deaths; there are bad relationships; there are hurts and there are people that have murdered each other or whatever. We are in that hologram.


When you connect with a Source that’s at the top of the hologram who is also you; they’re not, not you. They’re you, but you don’t know it. They’re too far away; they’re too separated in the hologram. When we make a connection from them all the way through down to here to the point where you can feel this energy now, what happens is you have the opportunity to heal your hologram with their help. But it’s not a ‘them’, it’s a ‘you’; they are you and you are them. By coming into these calls and connecting to the energy, you’re starting the process of accelerating your evolution.


Accelerating your evolution goes right down to your DNA because you start to expand your strands of DNA by making these connections. That’s what I’ve come up with as to why this can be so important. It’s because in this realm you can go from lifetime after lifetime and never have the opportunity to make that connection and repeat the same patterns which they call ‘gross repeating patterns’.


In one of the channelings they said apparently many of us have been here for thousands and maybe millions of lifetimes. We keep repeating the pattern because the matrix never gets fixed; it’s always carrying its distortions from one lifetime to the next. You get different aspects of different experiences, but it’s a circle rather than a spiral or it’s a very slow-moving spiral. I think that by making this connection it’s like we can start an upward spiral going.


One of the things in the Solar System right now is that this is this end of a 75,000 year cycle, so it makes it easier for all this stuff to happen, because the cosmic energies are so much stronger. If you start a cycle going or a spiral going and you really start it, it can go really fast. But, you have to start it; in fact, you have to intend it. You have to ask for it. One of the things about these groups is they don’t respond unless you ask.


I had put a notice up on ‘message a day’ that I was going to talk about the Pleiadians. I started having these communications when I started writing the book The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? That was back in 2000. Then, in the year 2002, I met Daphne and this voice started talking to me that said they were the Elohim. Later Terry started channeling them.


I was trying to figure out if they were nuts, if I was nuts; what was real here? When a voice talks to you, how do you know they are who they say they are? How do you know you can trust them? How do you know they’re not a trickster and masquerading as something positive? In my study of David Wilcock I became very aware that was a possibility.


I did a lot of cross-referencing and I found so many things from all kinds of different sources all pointing in the same direction: everything from Ramtha to Neale Donald Walsch and of course, Carla Rueckert, who is my guest once a month. Just recently I happened to pick up a book by Barbara Marciniak called Earth. It says Pleidean Keys to the Living Library. It really caught my attention immediately, because I remembered there were a couple ways they described Daphne. 


First, they called her an ‘outpost messenger’. The indication was that she was in fact an Elohim soul that came into this realm eons ago, like millions of years ago and from up there it looks like, “I’ll just go on down there and help.” Then, a million years later she’s still going in circles. Her original function was to be an outpost messenger; to try to be a link between the Elohim and this realm.


Then, they called her a ‘living library’. I never heard of anyone who was a living library before. As we were channeling, there were so many different Sources that would come through her. At first I felt a little uncomfortable with this because I wondered; I learned to trust this one, but who is this one now? Who is this one now? Could I trust this one? And, who was this one?


I actually read in Carla Rueckert’s work that it was really smart to stay with one Source; yet, they were choosing to rotate. There were different things that different Sources would find a value to express here. It was almost like her consciousness was like, “Let me take this book off the shelf and let me take this book”. So we talked to P’tah; we talked to the Elohim; the voice said this was Ra; we talked to the Solar Logos. We talked to whom else?—The Council of Ahn; one time a voice came through her and said, “Hi, I’m Jupiter.”


I’m telling you: I used to be a physics major. My friend is now telling me that Jupiter is talking to me. I said, “I’ll turn on the tape recorder, I’ll ask questions and we’ll see what happens”. This was going on for quite some time and I’m saying “Can this be real? Am I making a mistake?”


Then of course we started having these miracles and my sister’s healing and people would come into this line and they’d get off and they’d call me back and say, “Some condition went away.” In general, I think it’s real. If you’re one of those people listening for the first time, let me tell you not to believe me. But, pay attention for a while and see what you come up with.


Now, one of the things when I was reading this Pleidean Keys to the Living Library by Barbara Marciniak, there was a little section here that was called “Re-dreaming the Living Library”:


“As the concept of library immerses itself within you, you will begin to understand the value of feelings and how you are a key to the vast knowledge stored here. We work with very ancient beings.” When they say, ‘we’ they mean the Pleideans. Actually I have not studied the Pleideans. When somebody says ‘Pleidean’, the first thing that comes to my mind is:


A couple of years ago I asked a question in a channeling, “What was John Lennon’s celestial lineage?” The answer was he was a Pleidean. It’s hard to understand that many of us, many of you, many of those who are attracted to this work and are curious, come from celestial lineages. You’ve had incarnations in other solar systems, in other galaxies.


I have no idea the extent of it and it’s just the matrix keeps rearranging itself. At a certain level of evolution, you seem to be able to program your future. At a lower level, you can’t. You’re just trapped in a cycle that is reincarnation, but I don’t think there are choices. I think at one time they said about 50% of the people on this planet have choices.


“…So we work with very ancient beings called Keepers of Time, who steer your Universe…” That’s in this book. When I read that I said, “I wonder if the Keepers of Time are the Elohim?” So we’re going to ask that question.


What’s interesting here is that we end up having conversations with these group souls right on this line. It’s taken me a long time. Some of you might notice; I don’t go out of my way to promote this call. I mention it occasionally; I don’t hype it up.


It’s very important that I don’t try to fulfill anyone’s expectations and I stay very centered and Terry as well, so that our intent is so high that I don’t believe we’ve ever had a circumstance of having a negative source communicate with us on these calls. But, I do know that’s a possibility. I do know that negative source can look like a positive Source and will try to act like one.


That’s why I always say when we’re doing this publicly, always apply your own discernment. Somebody might say, “How do you know something’s a negative source?” Oftentimes a negative source usually will try to gain some kind of control over you.


For example, if a voice suddenly said, “Wynn, you’re our chosen person. We’re going to be telling you what to do on how to save your planet.” Run the other direction because that’s got the earmarks of a negative source. A negative source will be a source that will create fear or attempt to create fear. A negative source is attached to the connection, is possessive of, the connection with the person they’re channeling through and they have an agenda.


In any case, when I asked the Elohim some time ago do they really like to be worshipped? The way they answered that was that they really would prefer to be thought of as our ‘friends’. They’re kind of our friends in another dimension; our friends who are part of us.


Some of you notice when I just said the word Elohim, when I just said that, I felt it; maybe some of you felt it. When I start talking about them they’re kind of sitting there waiting. “Okay, we can beam in now; he said our name.” It took me a while to notice this, but it’s been so consistent I just had no other choice but to think that had to be real; that they’re there.


We’re kind of creating a wormhole, a vortex, into their realm or they’re creating one into our realm. They can come to each of you on this line while I’m talking. If you shut your eyes, we do this so often, you look at the space above your head. Oftentimes, people on the line can feel a Light energy or Light. Of course, we’re moving into invisible realms. Sometimes the body translates it as shivers or a clear space. One of the ways you can tell something is actually happening is to notice that it’s really not a function of my talking. If I just stop talking you’ll still feel it. I’m not entertaining you.


What we’re doing here is, we’re creating a group energy amongst us and we’re doing this for the highest good of all concerned; we’re doing this with a lot of protection. They are blending or joining with our energy and we’re making an energetic connection with them; I say both the Elohim group and the Ra group.


That is the connection that gives them the permission, if you ask, to work with you. Keep in mind, you’re only asking yourself. You’re not giving up your power to some great, powerful God-force; you are loving the part of yourself that you separated from a long time ago and lost track of. Now, you’re re-membering it; remembering it, coming together. At least that’s what they say. It’s interesting, because Terry is the voice for them; they talk to us and share their experience and how we can have a better experience through the connection.


When I was reading The Pleidean Keys to the Living Library, The Keepers of Time are the original instigators, the innovators of the living libraries.


They are creations of the ‘game-masters’;


“…you must be—and we use your human terms here—very highly evolved in order to make contact with the Keepers of Time. Many know of their existence, but how do you find them and get them to communicate?...” 


“…Stories exist of highly evolved beings upon your planet, yet how do you meet them? How do you get them to work with you? How do you get them to impart their secrets to you? It’s simple: you must learn to match their frequency…”


You know, they’re almost saying in this book what I’ve said over and over again on these calls: The only thing is that they spoke about – they made one mistake in this book – at least that’s what with me they said. “Stories exist of highly evolved beings on your planet.”


I think in my case they made a mistake; I just fell into the wrong wormhole. They said “Well, we’ll work with him.” Terry’s known me for a long time. I certainly didn’t feel highly evolved when all of this started.


“…Like the yogis and shamans of your world, the keepers of time possess ambiguous personalities; they are enigmas. Although they are known and respected none know where they dwell, how to contact them or what they look like…”


“It is our fortune”—say the Pleideans—“to be able to work with the Keepers of Time. They are our teachers, as we are one set of your teachers. The Keepers of Time have tricked us into discovering the living libraries. They have tricked us well into figuring out how to activate these libraries, because the Keepers of Time do not want to lose their Universe. The keepers of time will keep your Universe separated until that point of existence when the whole Universe understands that it is one…”


When this occurs, the Universe will collapse in upon itself, so to speak, becoming one with the Prime Creator and understanding what it is. The Keepers of Time do everything in their power not to lose this Universe, because if your Universe destroys itself before it completes, it will not fulfill its purpose.


In order to do this, they separate the Universe by creating what you call time; time separates everything, allowing the Universe to explore itself, discover that everything works together and come to the eventual understanding that it is whole and that it all is one.


The Keepers of Time are watching their Universe be taken over. They see that it is headed towards destruction and separation; a separation that they, in fact, support. They keep your Universe separated in order for it and each separate other world to discover on their own the importance of every other world. The separation that Keepers of Time are concerned with is the separation of existing life-forms from their Essence; the separation of existing life-forms from their Essence.


“…It is through this method that reptilian and other energies are creating tyranny. There is a point, far into your future, where the Keepers of Time are very concerned about the direction that this has moved into. We are using the best terms we can to create concepts for you…” That’s of course the Pleideans.


“…We have learned that mastery and teaching often comes about with trickery. Trickery involves confounding a current belief structure in order to perceive another. We are students ourselves, figuring all of this out, just as you are. We have our own teachers who trick us into doing certain things, one of which is working with your planet…”


Some of you got tricked into paying attention to me because of The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?; that’s a trick. This has nothing to do with Edgar…. It does have to do with it because it got your attention. It has to do with the channelings of David Wilcock, and that they actually set that up hoping that down the road a bunch of people would pay attention. These guys up there know that it’s hard to get attention down here.


“…We are on a quest, looking for our own ‘ticket to ride’, adventurers that we are. There is a whole story around how we got involved with Earth. Our quest involved finding the living libraries, and your planet happened to be a key. We said “Isn’t this interesting? Our ancestors have been tip-toeing in and out of that place for eons and here it is the key we are looking for and we don’t even see it under our noses.”


“It is interesting the way things are hidden in realities. We, too, employ similar strategies to entice you to go into realities, to meet other portions of yourself so that you can bring about a change within your own lives and within the Universe itself.


“We come from the future and are searching through the corridors of time. This is our assignment: From the probable future that we are coming from as Pleideans we are intending to alter the past. Our intention is to change the probable future that we are operating with, because that probable future, in one direction of your Universe’s new movement, has turned out to be filled with tyranny.


“This is a free will zone and a free will Universe, and that means: all is allowed. In this particular experiment all things are Prime Creator. We remind you that in this world of duality, shadow defines Light. Go take a walk on a sunny day and see what the shadows do. Begin to study your world literally and symbolically and see that your world speaks to you all of the time.


“Earth is an absolutely miraculous place in existence because it has been filled with the story of the Universe as has the human body. The human was designed in this fashion because of the living library.


“When the Universe is functioning in a harmonic without tyranny, one civilization is free to exchange information with another. This facilitates great commerce and a great trade of ideas for single energies to come and explore. The living library is like a gigantic pot-luck dinner, a collective of civilizations working in harmony generously gave all their knowledge and energies to form it. We created locations in your Universe where information was stored. The information would be available to facilitate the Universe’s development when the time became necessary for it; the time is now.


“There are civilizations in space that are dying because they do not have access to the living library. In the same way, masses of humans are dying because you do not understand and have access to your own bodies. You are integral keys; the courage and faith that you have in yourself will determine the course of experience for all of existence.


“As Earth moves into a place of balance and synchronistic union, she will create the geometric line-up with the eleven other libraries that make up this library system. When this alignment takes place, the twelve libraries will create their own configuration of Light that will re-shape your Universe, signaling connection, the certain victory so to speak, for all of creation.


“You are linked to the eleven other libraries, and your task is to unite all twelve, creating the spinning of the twelve, just as you are spinning twelve chakras to open and connect information inside yourselves, you’re going to spin twelve libraries back into existence.


“The spinning of these twelve systems, twelve chakras and twelve cosmic libraries will draw energies and intermingle and move throughout many information centers. This will trigger new versions and meanings to events that perhaps before seemed irrelevant and insignificant.


“As you piece together the larger pictures you will begin to understand the so-called “Gods in action” and how they employ your world...”


You can see why that intrigued me; now I’m not sure I quite understand the twelve libraries, the living libraries and the coordination of them. But, I do know that when we’re on this call we are creating a vortex into a very high realm. That’s the way I interpret it. This voice talks to me that says they’re the Council of Elohim. 


Terry, are you on the line, Terry?


Terry:  Yes, I am.


Wynn:  Did you find that interesting?


Terry:  Very interesting.


Wynn:  Terry had no idea, in fact, she never has any idea, what I’m going to do on these shows. What we’re doing is an actual live conversation, assuming they will come in and we’re going to ask a couple questions about that information.


We’re going to bring the energy in now. It is no small thing to be having conversations with the Elohim, live. As we do this, I’d like to ask all of you to just radiate a loving protected energy into the space. I’m going to do a little invocation. We have about seven minutes here:


Father-Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light, to surround and protect Terry, myself and everyone on this line, both on the conference call and out in Internet-land. I’d like to ask all of you who would free-willingly choose to do so, to make an intention to create a touching of our energies, a braiding of our energies, in that experience that Jesus called ‘communion’ but this is not religious; we’re just actually doing it. You can imagine your energy leaving the top of your head, and each person is leaving the top of their head through their crown chakra and we all join and come together at one point. There’s this huge Light force. We invite the two group souls we’ve been communicating with that are in these same dimensions to join with us. We’re completing the circuit; we’re the descended part of them and they’re the ascended part of us. Right now, we are all one, or we approach oneness.


Many of you can feel that energy as it comes in. Terry, do we have a protected space that only Positive can enter? I’m going to turn it over for them to say hello.


Ra’An:  We greet you in the Love Light of the One Infinite Creator. We welcome the time that we are approaching wherein you may open your house, your body, your chakras to be available to the libraries that are henceforth becoming available to you as the energies increase and as you move into the area of the radiant energy moving through your chakra and allowing it to open, wherein you may then connect up with the houses of the stars.


Terry has no vocabulary in this area: The houses of the horoscopes wherein you are able to connect to the configuration where you first entered and were born and took a snapshot of the energy and oriented and grounded to that energy.


Now other energies, as your chakras are opening, are coming into play and allowing you to exchange energy with other houses and to become more open, so that you may become more multi-dimensional, more psychic and more grounded not only to the Earth, but to your family of stars within which you are living at this time.


We have spoken of the Keepers of Time. We are the Keepers of Time; we have control over time and movement to speed up time, to slow down time. Once one gets into the physical Universe, time tends to be slow in that it is precipitated by matter and manifestations of matter, which are moving at a very slow rate.


A flow of energies are more crystallized and contained within the third density. But as you move into the higher density and as you, as a race, have more access to the other libraries coming in with the energy and the opening of your chakras, to be accepting energies from the other houses and the star system surrounding you as you are part of it, you may interplay more and experience a lifting and an ascension in frequency and in mind and body and spirit.


Flow with it and do not get stuck in the undertow or the undercurrent as some of your Earth at this time is experiencing an undertow.


Those are our comments.


Wynn:  Could I ask a question?


Ra’An:  Yes.


Wynn:  The question is: How are we linked to the Pleideans? Are the Pleideans paying attention to us this evening because we read from the book about them?


Ra’An:  The Pleideans have their own sense, their own shell and their own time. It does not create as mercurial of a connection as you are maybe thinking of. However, within the heart of hearts of their essence, they know that you are speaking of them and the connection is there.


Wynn:  Thank you. On that note, everyone is saying, “I wish this didn’t have to end now”, but it is.


I want to thank everyone that’s on this line. Let me turn it over to you so you can just prayerfully say goodbye to us. I’m sorry to keep you on the time schedule of this BBS – but it’s 6:50. We probably have another 90 seconds and then I’ll just close the show. Thank you; go ahead.


Ra’An:  We are happy to speak of you in these terms, as it opens the heart of the instrument we speak through. The energy is able to flow. We are experiencing this more with the instrument than ever before. We are open to work with each and every individual on the line and be available for them, and to work at their own particular level with whatever issue or interest or intention they may be working with.


We love you all, Adonai.


Wynn:  Thank you so much for being with us.


If you happen to be one of those who is listening for the first time tonight, we do this every Monday. On Wednesdays we have a conference call where people ask questions; on Sunday we work on a planetary healing session.


This conference call we’re doing right now has been the foundation.The people that are coming into it and on the phone line have been so good in holding a protected space. It’s a rare thing to be able to do something like this publically.


Thank you.




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