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Wednesday Call


Host: Wynn Free

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Channeled by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien

Edited by Terry Brown Valerie Hawes and David Masty

Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee



Wynn: Hi. This is Wynn Free; today is February 6, 2013. This is our call where you submit questions.


I just want to share with you, before we start. I feel like there’s something I’m supposed to do that we haven’t done. There’s an aspect to these calls where they kind of “feel good”; we all get to know each other. We bring in energy and you can feel it and you can feel the connections. I know that many of you, when you go back into your life, feel unclear and you don’t know how to do it. And you can’t figure out how to do it.


There was time, quite some time ago, when I was doing workshops over the phone. One of the workshops we did, I called “The Dark Night of the Soul” workshop. There was a little bit of channeling, but mostly I did it; it was kind of confrontive. I think I might like to try to do that again. When I say ‘confrontive’, maybe ‘confrontive’ is not the right word. It was an opportunity to help people surface some of the garbage that they don’t know how to work out. You have to do that in a small group. It’s not just listening to me talk; it’s where people talk, where you talk. I get right in it with you. I say whatever I feel. It’s not necessarily a feel-good workshop.


I think I should do one of those workshops again for those people that feel really stuck. If that sounds interesting to some of you, send me an email and say, “Yes, I’d like to do that.” I’ve got to charge for that, because it’s a small group of people and it’s a huge amount of energy on my part.


One of the things about this is that when you start to open up to who you really are and to the energies of who you are, when I do that with people and when Terry does that with people, we go into something you could call ‘processing.’ Probably the reason that I can do this in the way that I’m doing it is because I have learned how to process quickly but not all the time.


Believe me, it’s like if I don’t get enough rest and relaxation and I’m taking on lots of people’s energies, like when Terry and I do expos, we’re sensitive and we’re in the traffic of thousands of people going by a booth; we’re feeling all those energies. When we’re doing the expo it’s fun, but afterwards I sleep for three days; I know I’ve been working the energies of everyone there. All of you have these same issues I’m sure, that on some level you’re processing everything around you.


When you go into a state of constant processing, you’re in a state of reality that you’re holding. Now, you’re stuck at a level of, let’s suppose you’re married and you’re always processing your wife or husband; you get stuck in a reality and you don’t even know you’re processing, it just becomes a reality.


One of the things you need to be able to learn, if you really want to be effective in terms of lifting the environment and lifting the people, is how to process, how to process and let energy move through instead of getting stuck inside you. To some level, it’ll always get a little bit stuck and it always gets stuck at the level where you have your own distortions, if you follow what I’m saying. It doesn’t move through your distortions, it gets stuck there.


If you’ve ever noticed, you tend to judge other people who have some element of something that’s inside you. That’s one reason for judging them. It’s like you look at it; you don’t like it because you don’t like it in yourself. Oftentimes, you don’t even know that’s the reason. It’s not conscious; it’s not at a conscious level. I’m just putting this idea out, of doing a workshop like that for those of you that are really stuck, to see if we can’t unstick you.


A lot of you have gotten tremendously unstuck just from these calls. But in these calls you’re always listening to us. You’re not usually expressing yourself. I’m going to do a workshop where people express themselves so we can have dialogues, move through stuff, and see how well that works. We’ve done this in the past and it has worked at unsticking you.


Another workshop we did that was really interesting is getting people to be able to connect with their High Self and actually have their own High-Self give them guidance from them, not from me or from Terry or the Elohim. I think we did that right on the workshop; it wasn’t like it happened afterwards.


People went into a semi-state of channeling and looked at themselves. Suddenly all this wisdom was coming through them in evaluating themselves. It was amazing how perceptive people could be and how much guidance-information they could get without us telling you. The goal here as I see it, my goal, is to create situations that are empowering.


Because we do so many of these calls, it’s easy to just lean on the energy of the call and not empower yourself. Once you start to move into your own process of self-empowerment, you’re going to confront your stuff really strongly. It’s okay to confront your stuff because the way things work is by letting stuff come up and experiencing them. That’s the way to release it.


To some extent, I’ve allowed myself permission to do that. Sometimes when I’m on these calls I get touched and I get tears. I’m embarrassed from a professional stand-point; I shouldn’t be doing that on this call, but yet I do it. I get emails from people saying they liked it. I don’t know if that’s the desired response; what it is, I’m releasing some kind of grief that’s in me. I’m releasing it; I’m going through it.


Each of you needs that opportunity to cry, be angry, be sad, but to know how to move through it to get to the other side of it. Pay attention and we’ll be doing that in the next few weeks if I get emails from people that say, “That sounds like a good idea; I’d like to participate.”


We have questions tonight; we have some good questions that have come in. Let me see. Terry, are you not ready?


Terry:  No, I’m Never-Ready.


Wynn:  Thank you, The Never-Ready Battery.


Terry:  Right.


Wynn:  I want to apologize to you. I don’t think you took it personally, but I got at least one email from our grid healing last Sunday where people thought I was being mean to you, somebody did. I think we were talking about your headset and background noise. What was happening, that was on the Sunday grid healing and I was in the zone of talking about something; I really get in the zone. When I hear those noises, it starts getting me out of the zone; I get out of focus.


The same thing happens when Terry channels; if we’re doing a channeling and there’s noise in the house, she kind of loses it and says, “Could you tell so-and-so to be quiet because I can’t concentrate?” So I put out a little bit of irritability when she was doing that. If it came out as disrespect, it wasn’t; it was just part of me going through just saying, releasing something. Actually I don’t think she took it personally. You didn’t, did you?


Terry:  No, I didn’t take it personally. You had spent hours and hours setting up a telephone system with telephones every place in the house that I could possibly be near. Then, I still didn’t get it. It was like I couldn’t find the telephone.


Wynn:  One of the things about Terry is that it goes with being transparent and it goes with, how can I say it?—letting things surface. One of Terry’s, I don’t know if we call it a weakness; it may not be a weakness, but one of her attributes is she can get spacey and she can get unfocused. I can show her how to do something, and then three days later she’s saying, “Can you show me that again?” Three days later she’s, “Show me that again”, then I get irritated and I say, “How come she can’t remember something really simple?”


Terry:  Because I never got it in the first place! So I can’t remember it.


Wynn:  Because you never got it in the first place! Part of her nature is being spaced-out and unfocused in certain ways. That’s good for being a channel I think, because she’s able to zone-out and get these amazing answers. But in the real world, it takes her a while to get something that I think should be very simple.


I understand her process and I’m patient with it; usually I’m patient. Occasionally I’m not, and sometimes I think that when I get intense she can get it better. I say, “Pay attention right now, please! Pay attention to this.” Sometimes when I say it like that, she goes unconscious and then she pays less attention.


Terry:  I know I’m like that!


Wynn:  So I get very frustrated. This is like the dynamic of humans. It’s like because we’re doing this work, we’re not exempt from being human and dealing with not only our own issues, but the issues of the people that are in our environment; the people we care about.


We’re learning how to flow around issues, and learning how not to judge somebody; learning how to be patient; learning how to curb anger and learning when anger might be appropriate. These are things that you have to be ‘in the moment’ to figure out. It’s not stuff that you can follow a rule about.


For example, there are a lot of people who are spiritual, or would put themselves under the label of being spiritual. In fact, they’ve been trained never to have anger, that anger is a negative emotion and never to express it and only to be kind. For some of those people, that works beautifully. For other people, it’s like they’re really repressing their anger and they’re always acting nice.


What I’ve learned is that repressed anger, unexpressed anger, that doesn’t mean you have to be going around yelling at everybody all the time; you can just express it to yourself. You can let yourself have the anger come up and not say “I’m supposed to push this down; I’m not supposed to feel this.” That’s part of releasing it.


Another thing is, anger, if you take the energy of anger and really tap into it, it can create a lot of motivation. Let’s suppose you’re having trouble getting a job and you’re depressed. You don’t want to go out and ask; you’re thinking “Nobody is going to like me.” You’re actually repressing a lot of anger. When you tap into that anger and re-direct it, it can become high energy and motivation. That is good; if you repress anger, it turns into depression. That’s one of the reasons sometimes people are depressed, because they have a lot of repressed anger.


On that note, I’m going to start this session:


Wynn:  Let’s bring in the Light and we’ll turn it over to our Sources.


Father-Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light, to surround and protect each person here and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the Solar System, through the outer energy fields of planet Earth, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth. Right now, we invoke a group energy connection among all of us present, while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. We invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring The Law of One, to join with us while we create a protected space that only the Positive has access to. Anything not of that nature must leave now.


We await our Sources to greet us; introduce themselves and say what they’d like through Terry Brown.


Ra’An:  We greet you in the Love Light of the One Infinite Creator. This is Ra’An and this the 6th of February, 2013 in your time zone. We look over the planet; as we look at this and see the different time zones and also the dateline. We see England and we see Sweden. As we ground into your Earth plane, we then bring Love Light, the color of pink into your sphere. For each and every person who wishes to be connected with, we are there and we offer connection. For those that don’t wish connection, or wish to still just listen and find out more, we are there whenever and if ever you would like us to make contact.


We are very high frequency, so we don’t get into the perception-zone of a lot of humans. So being on these calls can open the channels for you to eventually extend your perceptive ability and to begin to sense us. It is the reason why, when people pray, they do not always realize that their prayers have been heard, although their prayers have been heard. For the majority of people it takes faith to believe that their prayers have been heard. But when you are able through tuning to sense the high frequencies, then you can begin to know and to sense that you’re prayers have been heard.


Your intentions have a lot to do with outcomes; your thoughts have a lot to do with outcomes. So although you may not have realized it, a spurious thought that you had may have brought in unintended results. Then it is going by at such a fast speed that you do not really realize that you have, indeed, connected with an outcome that, in general, you would not have wanted.


Do you have questions?


Wynn:  Yes we do. This is from Melina in Santa Monica:


“What can I acknowledge about myself to stop attracting ‘wounded women’ in my life as friends? If I decide solitude rather than being around most people, am I isolating myself or just honoring my extreme energy sensitivity?”


Ra’An:  We would suggest that in the nature of your question resides the answer. In your attracting wounded women to you and your then seeking the solace of energy that is harmonious, you then have found one way of handling it. However, by nature of your question, as you seek other avenues of connection you, by seeking solitude, may not receive the fulfillment of connection in people that are women that are of a nature that would fulfill your desire for connection.


We would suggest you look at yourself and your gift of desiring to help others and how it makes you feel with helping others and the desire of those women in needing your empathy and your sense of fulfillment from that. You may then set out on your own to re-create what you would really enjoy and what would fulfill you and move you into a level of higher connection. And you could have two avenues: one of working with these women to help and the other avenue of having a connection that would be a two-way street that you would become fulfilled by that connection.


That’s our answer.


Wynn:  Thank you. I want to ask a question about angels and guides:


There’s a common idea amongst many New Age people, psychics, channelers, that we all have angels, or guides, assigned to us before we’re born, and guardian angels, etc. The person who is asking the question was asking:


“How does it connect with the angels that Carla was giving away?”


For those of you that were not aware of it, this may happen again; this sounds crazy but I trust Carla and it worked out really well. Carla made an association with a being on the other side that seemed to have a lot of leadership and coordinating ability. There were a number of souls that had left this realm that wanted to work with people in this realm. They weren’t really high beings; they were more like you and me, except they didn’t have bodies anymore. So they’d say, “We would like to share space and energy with someone and help be their companion”.


This was Rosie. This is something that Carla had connected with quite a few years ago, twenty five years ago. Rosie was able to find one of these beings and say “Would you like to work with so-and-so?” and introduce them and that person now would have that other being in their energy field to lift their spirits.


At the end of some of our calls, some of you might have been listening, we did this. People said why they wanted an angel and talked a little bit about themselves; and they were assigned an angel. I got some amazing emails from people that got assigned angels.


It’s really good if you’re lonely and can have a companion energetically. Some people had specific manifestations that indicated to them that they had a new companion on the inner levels. They would call their name and it would cheer them up. We did this three or four times; we’ll probably do it again. Carla is taking a break from it.


That is what brought this question up from Dave in Indiana; the idea of angels and guides. Terry, did our Sources get that?


Ra’An:  Yes.


With the angels in the higher realms, the heavenly realm, that have been assigned to work with individuals, these are of an order of angels that have a higher level of training than the angels which Carla is giving out through the angel-guide Rosie. The angel-guide Rosie is an individual that works with angels that are in training, that have crossed over; that were formerly a human; maybe a child or even an older person that has crossed over and decided they don’t want to be a human anymore. So they decided to go into angel-training.


They don’t have a whole lot of skills to help a person with complex matters, but they do have the ability to make a person feel loved and to provide a safe feeling to the individual, to be with the individual, and to give them loving space. They need to be asked in order to not go against free will. So they need to be asked every day to be with a person; and to let the angel know that their presence is desired.


These are angels; we would call them “angels in training.” It is a good growth experience for these individuals who have crossed over and then are called upon and are volunteering to be with a specific person to be as a companion to them, giving them love and stability.


That is the difference between the angels that are assigned at a higher level and these angels [that Rosie assigns] that are on the other side [and] are one step up from the humanness. The majority of them have recently at some point been human and crossed over and decided not to come back as a human, but wish to be an angel and wish to provide love and a feeling of safety for an individual.


Wynn: Does everyone have a high angel on the other side, or a guardian? Do some people have negative high angels and guardians? I don’t think you’d call them angels, but I think you understand what I mean.


Ra’An:  There are myriad of different types of beings that can impinge upon a human, if it is not from the angelic realm then they wouldn’t be called angels. An negative entity that was bothering or possessing an individual and accompanying an individual would not be called an angel.


The angels have a duty to stay connected with the angelic realm and have a duty to fulfill certain obligations, depending on the role that they have chosen, and need to report back to their seniors on progress. So in anything that’s going on: if an angel becomes disconnected from the angelic realm, they may still be working with their original instructions for aiding an individual. However, they in the disconnection, may as soon as they become aware again, be recalled into the angelic realm for de-briefing and further giving them rewards for their service in a difficult realm.


Wynn:  Thank you. This is my question. When the Universe was being created and each Sub-Logos was given free will to establish the rules of evolution within their domain, according to both the Ra Material and our material, everything has a consciousness. The Sun has consciousness, just like you have consciousness and you have free will in your domain; the Sun has free will in its domain. The galaxy is a consciousness that has certain free will, everything else falls underneath the free will of the larger Logos. The question is:


“Did some of those Logoi, like a galaxy or a sun or a planet, choose service-to-self as their expression?”


Ra’An:  The Logoi would have a difficult time choosing service-to-self if they were going to have subsets, because the subsets derive their power from the main Logoi. If they do not have the wherewithal to succeed in their Sub-Logoi domainship, as much of that is given to them by the Logoi, then there would be no eventually Sub-Logoi.


So there needs to be a spirit of cooperation and a spirit of giving and a sense of pride in the achievements and the development of the Sub-Logoi and a sense of allowing the Sub-Logoi.


However, the Logoi can and do establish rules for the whole Logoi and the Sub-Logoi. The rules are not even generally thought of by the Sub-Logoi as rules. If you step off a building from the 12th story and gravity takes you to the ground, you do not think that is strange, because it is part of the rules that have been set up. The individuals within the Sub-Logoi learn these rules and operate according to them or they do not survive.


Does that help a little?


Wynn:  It does. I do understand that; that makes sense.


This is from Merrill in Seattle:


“How can I tell whether I’m on the right spiritual path? If I’m not, how do I get on it?”


Ra’An:  You can tell by observation; you can tell by the sense of fulfillment that you have. You can tell by how your body is responding to you. You can tell by your relationships with other people. Here’s a question for you to ask yourself: what brings you a sense of fulfillment? Is it your connection with others, with your family? Is it your things that you do? Is it both of those things?


The connection with certain people, certain people that you wish to connect with really a lot, but you don’t have the type of connection that you would like to really have, a connection that makes you feel that the other person really gets you and is responding and you’re responding to them.


We would suggest that when there are situations in your life like this that you observe them and see how you can improve the communication with the other person. By providing the sense of love to the other person, giving them the sense that they are loved, this will go a long way towards helping with the relationship. The sense of love to be senior, then the sense of the particulars; whether the other person has done something or not, or completed something, that can be of a lesser value.


Sometimes what happens is that the other person doesn’t feel your love and feels that the instructions are more important than [the other person’s] value or their help. So how much do you feel loved? How much do you feel cared for? How much do you feel connected? This will help as a major guidepost on your path; to then put in perspective these things that you yourself are determining that you wish to accomplish; to put them in perspective with the sense of caring and love that you get and that you give.


That is our answer.


Wynn:  Thank you. We’re almost out of time. I’m just going to answer one question quickly; I think I can answer it:


“What is carried from one incarnation to another with our soul, and how is it determined what we’re going to access in a given lifetime?” Now, this may not be the total answer to this, but it is my answer from my own experience:


Your soul is like a giant hard-drive that goes to a computer. There are all these icons and you don’t know where they are. When something triggers you—it could be your parents, it could be an accidental synchronicity—it starts programming the icons so something comes into being.


I remember years ago I picked up a guitar in somebody’s house and said, “I should learn to play this.” That’s how I became a song-writer; but then I had a lifetime as a song-writer in a previous time, so that triggered it. When I met David Wilcock it triggered certain things. When I met Daphne it triggered a whole bunch of stuff.


There’s a certain amount of randomness about whom you meet, how you meet and what you gravitate towards. Suddenly, you wake up a part of your being that was sleeping. You see, it can’t wake up unless there’s something in this realm to bounce off of. It could be you have an interest in something; you read books about it and that relates to a past life.


On that note… what time is it? It’s 7:57; we’ve got a few seconds for our Sources to say goodbye and we’ll close this call.


Ra’An:  Thank you. You have given a very good answer to that question. If something gets triggered it may bring you into a whole area that you were accessing in a past life. But if something else was triggered it might take you into a whole arena of something else that you had going on in a different past life.


We are so thankful to be here with you and to receive and give a contact with you. It has been sometimes our frustration in that we are so hard to make ourselves known where people wished to know us; we are very thankful for these calls and the opportunity that each of you is giving for the possibility of connection. Our love goes out to each of you; this is a sacred moment. Thank you.


Wynn:  Thank you, and thank everybody who is here. Just remember if you sent a question and we didn’t get it, please send it over and over again. It’s okay, because when I see your question over and over again I will usually ask it eventually, or I’ll tell you it’s forever out; it won’t work. I always get more questions than we can handle. I try to pick the best questions; sometimes I might make mistakes. Please send your questions over and over again.


Marsha, we do send Love Light to that situation with Jim. I wanted to ask that you bring it up again and I will ask a question about it, okay?


We’ll see you all next time!




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