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Wynn Opens the Lines to Community




Monday 2.11.2013
Host: Wynn Free

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Channeled by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien

Edited by Terry Brown, Valerie Hawes and David Masty
Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee



Wynn: This is February 11th, 2013. Weíve made it! We are about six weeks from December 21, when everyone said the world was going to fall apart. We havenít fallen apart; weíre still here. Iím not guaranteeing the future, but day-by-day, one good thing about being on these calls and hearing how the Universe works, you get to know that you go on and that you donít die.


Your physical body is going to die, but part of you goes on. Once you really, really get that at a cellular level, I guess thereís less panic about whether the world falls apart or not. Once you donít have that anxiety, you start to learn to cope with everything that comes your way. Thereís no such thing as death; itís just a transition.


Today I put up an interesting non-topic. I was thinking about community. Itís the little rivulets that change the world. I donít know if you understand what I mean by that. We keep showing up and yes, thereís really great stuff here and yes, thereís conversations with Sources that are very high. They say they created the Universe and yes, they can work with us and yes, we can feel their energies. You start to realize that they are real, if you keep listening.


For a long, long time on these calls, we talked to them almost every time and weíd ask them questions about how the Universe works and how they work. We still answer [peopleís] questions every Wednesday. We thank Bogdan and Gary and all the people doing transcripts: Valerie, Pauline, Connie Ė Connie never shows up on these calls, but sheís the unsung hero of transcripts editing, listening to the audios and getting something down on paper which other people then work on. 





You know what? Weíre in a hotel in Los Angeles. Their internet connection is slower than our connection in our house. Some people wonder why we have all these problems with the phones at the beginning of these calls, and Iím sorry we do. I want you to know; we are a shoe-string operation.


These calls are volunteer efforts on our part. Itís not easy to always have it together perfectly. Weíre not doing it in a studio; right now weíre on the road. As I once mentioned, you kind of have to be space-cases to do this job and Terry and I qualify. At the last minute we say, ďWhere is the headset? Where is the phone? I lost my headset.Ē Now, I will say Terry is worse than meÖ


Terry: Ohhhhhhhh!


Wynn: Öbut not much, okay? We joke about this. Iím going to say this again, when I kid Terry about this, itís not meant in any kind of demeaning way. Iíd much rather have her being a little spacey and being able to bring through these messages than perfectly focused and not be able to. In fact, itís a blessing for all of us


The truth is the truth; I certainly have my, what would I say?óweaknesses and dysfunctionalities. Letís see; what are some of the complaints weíve gotten?


ďWynn, you talk too much. When are you going to let the Elohim talk? Wynn, why are you smacking your lips? Donít cough into the mic,Ē et cetera, et cetera. Itís okay; I donít mind if you complain, because I know that part of being imperfect is you all have permission to be imperfect.


Weíre not coming down from the mountaintop and saying, ďHere we are: perfectĒ and making a presentation. I would say even when people look like theyíre doing that, theyíre probably not perfect. They probably have all kinds of things and if you ask their wives or husbands youíd find out what they were. But, theyíve learned to present themselves perfectly.


I donít think thatís okay to create it so you present yourselves perfectly; except in this particular case I think that being who we are, being authentic, being transparent, gives everyone else permission to be that way and to realize that there is no perfection, ultimately.


When things look perfect, if you look under the rug youíll find theyíre not perfect. Theyíre just looking perfect and all the imperfections are hidden underneath. Once you start to truly accept your imperfections, I think you take a quantum leap in your spiritual evolution, because many people donít accept their imperfections. In polite society itís always appropriate to look good; you like to look perfect.


You act like nothing ever is wrong, and you have to, because people donít want to hear your problems all the time. Being imperfect and expressing your imperfections doesnít necessarily mean dumping your problems on everyone else. I decided a long time ago that it was only worth talking about my problems to someone who could fix them. If someone couldnít fix them there was no reason to bring them up. That works; and it makes better relationships with people.


If someone can extend compassion, that can help with talking about your problems. Compassion helps lift you above your problem and make you feel cared for. Nonetheless, on some level we have to be working our way through, to get through our problems, to get through our lack of money, lack of this. One of the ways that can help accelerate everything is Ďcommunityí. What I realize is, in spite of how oftentimes I donít feel like I fit anywhere and Terry doesnít feel like she fits anywhere, I donít know if Daphneís on the line, but Daphne finally found a place to fit, because sheís staying with Valerie in Half Moon Bay. Valerie understands her in a compassionate way.


Community is where we get to connect with other people. I see that community is at the beginning stages of building, in the work weíre doing. I know at the Expo we were at, two people who are on our calls, Tammy and Norma, were standing in line to see David Wilcock. They got to know each other; they just recognizedóI donít know how they knew, but somehow they knew they were both on our calls and they connected. Gary and Vaughn in Burbank have talked to each other on the phone.


When people connect around something that is a higher vibration, then itís a higher connection. They have higher rules of the game they can follow in their interaction with each other. Like for example, this whole aspect of understanding that you donít have to be perfect; understanding helps people to be compassionate. Itís a fine line and thereís not a rule about it; thereís a fine line between developing compassionate relationships and just dumping all your negativity on someone else. No one likes that; no one likes to hear somebody complaining all the time; if thatís all youíre ever doing, the chances are the person is going to get tired of you.


On the other hand, people donít like you to be ebullient and enthusiastic all the time when theyíre feeling down in the dumps.


I wanted to make a call tonight where people could step up and share because youíre listening to us all the time. We do listen to you; I do read my emails and I try to respond, particularly to emails where I think my response will make a difference.


I keep learning that there are people that are listening to us that have been listening to us for months and sometimes years and theyíre getting a huge amount out of what weíre doing, but we donít know who they are. They never talk to us; theyíre probably shy and they think, ďI have nothing important to say.Ē


Actually itís not about having anything important to say. Even an expression of gratitude or saying something that happened to you that someone else hears, can cause someone to identify with it and look deeper themselves. Thatís a very important contribution to another person. You never know; there are a lot of people listening to our calls.


Everyone responds to different things; some people like the way Terry brings messages forth; some people like the way Daphne brings messages forth; some people like the way that I talk. For some people, there can be one little sentence that totally strikes someone and changes their whole life. Iíve had that many times in my own experience, where one little bit of wisdom that I kept dwelling on and kept dwelling on, finally gave me a new way of understanding something in my life. Some of you have something to say thatís going to be important to someone else. Iíll give you an example.


Some people come on these calls and they expect something to happen immediately; if it doesnít, you never hear from them again. Or, they come into a call and itís one of those calls where we fumble and they never come back again because we didnít do the perfect presentation job.


Then there are some people that come on the calls for months and then suddenly they have an epiphany and they get it; something releases inside of them. I guess one of the biggest things that happens is their minds stop trying to figure it out.


We are so used to trying to understand something in our mind, but this has a non-linear aspect to it. Itís not something that understanding it with your mind is going to help. In fact itís a fine line; itís not like your mind has no value; your mind is filter. It looks at things; it thinks about things; it makes decisions about things you should be interested in and things you shouldnít be interested in. Some of you might say one thing that changes someone elseís life and itís not because youíre trying to be profound; itís because youíre being authentic.


If you stay on these lines, people have told me after a certain period of time, sometimes itís months; in some cases itís years; nonetheless, if you keep showing up here, thereís a really great chance that something is going to happen that you didnít think was possible; that connection with the higher realms will occur. I wanted this call to be where you could share.


Share whatever you like. If youíve had some kind of experience about our work and youíve been listening to it for months and itís really affected you and you never called us and told us, this is your chance to express yourself.


Youíll find that once you express yourself, thereís this benefit to yourself where you start to feel more a sense of the community thatís forming around us. Other people get to hear you; after a while they get to know you. Iíll give you a secret. One of the communities that forms is the people that call early, before the call starts. Usually people will call in twenty minutes or fifteen minutes [before the call]; then they start talking to each other. They just keep showing up and thereís a sense of belonging or connecting-with that starts to occur.


If anyone wants to call BBS, youíre welcome to. Of course this is where Iím going to put my foot in my mouth and find that no oneís ever really paying attention to us and no one is going to call BBS.


Doug: Wynn, you have a call Ė line 2.


Wynn: Oh we do! Oh my gosh; letís see if we hear them now. Are you on?óour  caller on line 2. Hello?


Eric: Hi, Wynn.


Wynn: Hi! Who are we talking to?


Eric: Wynn, this is Eric in Phoenix.


Wynn: Eric in Phoenix?


Eric: Yes, how are you?


Wynn: Iím fine; thank you for calling. I did thank you; you sent me that book, the Philip Dick book, right?


Eric: Yes, I did; I hope youíre enjoying it.


Wynn: I am. I wonít tell you where it is; it helps relieve my constipation.


Eric: I just wanted to reach out and thank you so much for your insights and your communication and your talk before Terry and Daphne come on, because thatís my favorite part of coming into calls, to listen to what you have to say. Of course, Daphne and Terry are magnificent as well, but I just think what youíve learned over many years of doing this work is just an incredible share that you give out to the people of our world and I really appreciate it.


Wynn: Well, thank you. Eric is one of those people that we met; he lives in Phoenix and he came up to a little workshop we did in Sedona. It was great meeting people there. Listen, thank you, Eric. Let me see if anyone else has something to say or anyone wants to call BBS, anyone on the conference line? We have about fifty people on the line; they can do *6 and they will break through.


Ray: Hey, Wynn, this is Ray from Nevada.


Wynn: Hey, Ray!


Ray: Just kind of a short story:


Since Iíve started listening to the conference calls and participating in them, Iíve also been doing hospice work. I just lost one of my clients last Saturday. How this ties in is that the day before I was visiting with her. She was listening to Bible Verses, something I kind of bristle at, but she loved it.


When she was listening to them she was answering questions; she was saying ďYes. No. Okay, okay, okay, yeah.Ē At the time Iím thinking, ďOkay, the woman is 97; sheís having a senior moment.Ē But then when I found out she passed away she probably was actually having a conversation with the Elohim, trying to find out where she was going, when she was going to be going. She passed away that day.


So this does help; Iím not sad about it. Iím rejoiceful for it; Iím glad that sheís on the other side. I was glad I was there to help her see that Light.


Wynn: Thank you; thank you so much for sharing.


Ray: Sure.


Wynn: Anyone else? *6.   I think Iíll just call on somebody; Iím looking here at all the people on the line. We have some really interesting people in our groupÖ


Heika: This is Heika from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.


Wynn: Okay; say your first name? Heika?


Heika: Yes, Iím originally from Germany, but Iíve been here for over thirty years. I started listening to you in September after that Coast to Coast show. Iíve been a devoted follower ever since; I love to listen to you also. I want to tell you, when I listen to you, the scripture came to mind, ďWherever two or more of you are gathered together, Christ will beĒ. I looked on the Internet for a metaphysical church here in Baton Rouge; I came upon the Unity Church. Iíve been going there every Sunday. They also have little like meditation groups. Iím into a Goddess meeting for women; a spiritual meeting.


The interesting thing I want to tell you thatís so encouraging I think, for your listeners: In one of our meditation meetings we did like a healing; there were just four people. I was the first in the middle because I had requested it; it was just a general healing, there was nothing wrong with me.


There are people in this church who are sensitive to energies; they can sense energies and see spiritual beings. So this might be a good church, if someone wants to go to a church, to go there; of course, we can still listen to you. Iím telling everyone about you in the church; Iíve already told like thirty people. 


So, we did a healing and when I was in there, this woman who is a healer said she saw green energy which is like from the Earth. It was my turn to heal; there were three other people and the woman was sitting in the middle and she said she saw a pink energy. I was like, ďOh my, thatís the Elohim!Ē I was just so excited and I had not told anyone about the Elohim before this. She verified it for me independently. That was a verification that this is actually working.


Then, I went to this Goddess meeting; we had set up a little altar with our wishes and desires for the coming year. And the woman, who is a spiritual person, called in energies and spiritual guides to bless our wishes and desires. I said, ďIíll contributeĒ and I called in the Elohim. She went, ďOh my God!  A lot of power just came in!Ē She could feel the power coming in. She was like, ďThis only happened to me once beforeĒ and she said she felt it in her whole body.


Iím not making this up; I swear this really happened. This is really encouraging to me and I want to encourage you guys, anyone who is listening, to maybe join a church or a group thatís open to this and join these little groups. Get together with spiritual people and work with them and youíll get verification.


One time we had this guy speaking; we have a lot of guest speakers. He was developing, halfway through the talk, a lot of trouble speaking. He was coughing and wheezing; he was not well. He was paralyzed and he was starting to really have a lot of trouble talking to the point where he almost couldnít speak anymore. I was like, ďIím going to ask the Elohim to help himĒ. As soon as I thought that, a half a second later, he spoke without any problems.  I thought, ďDid I do this. Them through me?Ē I may have contributed, like the co-creation thing? But, I called them in and I swear it works.


Itís just a great validation. Iím studying spirituality left and right. Iím calling to people. I really feel like my heart has opened up a lot and Iíve gained wisdom. Biblical scriptures are coming to life for me. I just want to be of service and be a Light Worker. So, Iím very excited.


Wynn: That is awesome! Iím telling you if you ever want to have people come together at the church and have Terry and I on the phone line, put us on a speakerphone and weíll talk to everybody and give them an introduction.


Heika: Okay.


Wynn: If you want to; if people are interested. You can check it out. Thank you so much for sharing. I hear those kinds of validations sometimes; itís always great to hear them again. From our perspective, weíre talking on the phones. Well, we do see people sometimes; we do some workshops and live things. Itís so much more efficient to be able to do this on the phone.


One advantage of doing it on the phone, even though I really enjoy a live event, is when the energy comes in it grounds it in your house. It doesnít ground it in the meeting room. If you keep grounding this energy in your house, you shift your reference point of home inside yourself, because itís where you live. 


Whereas when you go out and do a workshop publically, you take the energy there and you have to pay for it. It costs a lot more money and we have to travel. If youíre just doing workshops, oftentimes you can go to a workshop, you can feel this great lift of energy and when you go home you go back to your old way of being; you canít hold the new space.


But when you ground the energy in your home, as weíre doing on these calls, it sticks; your life changes. Thank you so much.


Anyone else? *6


Susan: Yes. Wynn, this is Susan in Mesa.


Wynn: Hi, Susan


Susan:  Iíve talked a few times. I joined your calls for quite a while before I ever said anything. Iíve been listening off and on probably since 2008, early í09, something like that. Itís really opened me up to being aware of who I am. I really thank you for that.


Wynn: I thank you! You donít have to answer this; you can say, ďI donít want to answer this.Ē You donít happen to have a Mormon background, do you?


Susan: No. My husband is a Smith and he had some Mormon, but I donít think heís the Smith Ė if thatís what youíre getting at.


Wynn: No. The reason I asked is because there are a lot of Mormons in Mesa, right?


Susan: Yes, a lot.


Wynn: Did you read my story about Mesa?


Susan: Yes, we talked about it before on some of the calls. Itís very interesting.


I actually live two miles from the church that Iíve been attending for several years. The things you bring forth are just so much deeper that itís really hard to go back there. Itís like they donít even scratch the surface of reality for me anymore. I do some other things in some other groups that go so much deeper.


Itís just really made a huge difference; again like you said, being able to do it from your home is just so convenient and so wonderful. I just want to thank you because I know what you do is not always easy. So thank you for that.


Wynn: Thank you; it brings tears to my eyes to have your sharing.


Susan: Me too!


Wynn: You too.


Who else? Anyone else want to share something? Marilyn?


Marilyn: Itís Marilyn.


Wynn: Hi, Marilyn, go ahead.


Marilyn: What I wanted to say for me is Iíve always felt so strange on this planet and very different. You talk about it all the time; not feeling like you fit in, like you belong. So this is so helpful because itís so reassuring to hear the things that youíre saying that make me feel like I do have a purpose.


Iím not alone in this; there are other people like myself. They may not be around my area or where I am, but Iíve had a lot of things happen because of the way I think. I have experiences that I canít talk about to other people; I wouldnít dare bring them up because if I do I get criticized.


This is just wonderful; itís helped me so much to get all this information and know that there are other people that are having the experiences that Iím having; and, Iím not crazy. Iím searching and searching for answers that I canít find myself. I appreciate so much this wonderful work that youíre doing that is a blessing for all of us and that youíre here for us now, when we need this information. The fact that youíre doing it; youíre working so hard and so selflessly to help us all. I just want to thank you and say how grateful I am and what a blessing.


Thank you so much. Bless you.


Wynn: Thank you so much for coming forth and sharing.


If weíre correct in all the things weíre saying, between all the different ways weíre getting this information, from Carla Rueckert, from David Wilcock, from Terry, from Daphne, in effect, so many of us who came into this realm to be of service here ended up feeling like such misfits, in truth, are such heroes!


Itís hard to connect with this stuff. Iím so glad you found us and we found you because we certainly fit into that realm of being misfits, just as much as you guys. I know weíre not, and I know thatís whatís a misfit is: someone that doesnít fit into the consensus reality because theyíre holding this need to have a higher reality than that and they canít find it. I know many of you are finding it through this work.


So, thank you so much Marilyn for sharing, anyone else?


Marilyn: One more thing I meant to say: I donít practice any particular religion, but I was born Jewish. The fact that this group calls themselves the Elohim is very interesting to me.


Wynn: They say theyíre the same ones.


You know, one thing that happens in religion is that when you start to channel and you understand that the voice that says theyíre the Elohim today may not be the Elohim next week; it may be someone imitating the Elohim. Then you get all these false gods coming in from the higher realms and giving wrong information.


Thatís why religion is so difficult to follow; you can pick out the things. Thatís why you have to pick out what resonates; you canít just believe it. As soon as you pick out what resonates, you can apply it to your life and it will work. But if you just start believing things because itís in a religion or even from me, you become a believer. Then, youíre like a piece of cake for a negative source because theyíll come in and youíll follow them. Thatís how religions get corrupted so easily. I know it for a fact; I had personal experience with that with one particular religion.


Thank you for sharing that.



Daphne: Are you there?


Wynn: Who is that?


Daphne: Daphne.


Wynn: Wait a second; we have Roy,


Roy:  Yeah, still here.


Wynn:  and who else? Who is the lady?


Anna:  Anna. Hi, Anna in Modesto.


Wynn:  Roy, youíre going to be next. Let Anna share.


Anna:  Hello. Iím new on the calls; Iím not new on the spiritual path by any means, but Iím new on the calls. I find you explain it so well Wynn, when we are able to find one another and talk to one another from our homes, that frequency, that energy, anchors where we live. When I hang up from a call, Iím still holding that wonderful frequency and Iím so grateful for it. Iím also grateful for those that are chiming in and sharing their stories; itís so refreshing.


I wanted to share a little visualization I have; Iím kind of a dreamer. I was thinking to myself, ďWouldnít it be awesome if each one of us had the ability to spot each other walking down the streets or in a crowd, if we saw a little light bulb light up in the heart chakra?Ē Oh, Iíd love that, because I think there is a lot more of us than we realize.


Iíve always felt like I didnít belong, too. Iíve always felt different. I wonder about the people in my neighborhood; which ones would have that little light bulb in their heart chakra? I thought Iíd share that little dreamer fantasy with everyone and just give my appreciation to them and to you too.


Wynn: Maybe when we get big enough weíll come out with a button that says, ďI donít belong here; how about you?Ē


Anna: Good idea.


Wynn: See how many people look at your button and say, ďWhat do you mean by that?Ē


Anna: If theyíre old people like me you have to get right up close and look and they would squint and say, ďI canít seeĒ.


Wynn: Anna, thank you so much; thank you for showing up. You make it worthwhile.


Anna: Thank you.


Wynn: I think Roy is on there; Roy, where are you?


Roy: Hi Wynn. Iím in Cincinnati, Ohio. This is my second call; the first call I didnít talk at all.


The woman that was talking about the Unity Church brought me on the line because I had a spiritual experience that concerned the church. I had a spiritual experience back in 1974. I worked on Wall Street. I was just learning my job, a very important situation where it was brokering millions of dollars. I had to learn stuff that I didnít know anything about.


At the time, I lived in New Jersey and I was coming up the Garden State Parkway. I was going over all of my problems from the week. I was listening to a rock channel on the radio. All of a sudden the rock channel changed, and it was this minister that was giving a sermon. The minister was answering my questions; not only was he answering my questions, but he was answering my questions in which order I had asked them. I thought this was really strange.


I pulled into my driveway. The rock channel came on again. A week later, it was another Friday. I was coming up from my friendís house on the Garden State Parkway. Once again, Iím thinking about all of my problems and trying to figure them out. Once again, my rock channel turned into this minister. Once again, heís answering my questions in the order which I had spoken them.


This time when I pulled into the driveway, the minister did not turn into rock music. He started saying that it was Eric Butterworth and that he was a minister at the Unity Church in Avery Fisher Hall in Rockefeller Center. He talked about a morning sermon that he would give. It just happened to be at 6:00 in the morning, the time that I woke up. I set my alarm clock to his service; it was a clock radio. I would wake up to Eric Butterworth every morning.


It got so I could ask questions at night time. In the morning he would answer my questions in the order in which I had spoken them. Many of the things that he was talking about were exactly the things that you talk about and what Abraham Hicks talks about. It is just so familiar. I got so strong in my faith.


I finally decided that I went into Avery Fisher Hall and watched his sermons. A couple of time I shook his hand, but I never had the nerve to talk to him about him mentoring me. Finally he had this class, a masterís class, on something, I forget exactly what it was, but I decided to join the class. I got to meet him at the end of these meetings. There was a long line to shake his hand.


When I got up to him, I said ďHi, Iím Roy such-and-such.Ē He said ďOh, thank you so much for being here.Ē Then, he immediately turned and talked to someone who had been recording the class. I couldnít believe that he didnít know who I was! He had been mentoring me for four years and I just couldnít believe that he didnít know me from anybody else. I was like really miffed.


My spiritual nature just grew and grew. For forty years, the fact that he never knew me really was in my craw and upsetting me. What ended up happening was that I got married; it wasnít a good marriage. I got out of spirituality. I spent 23 years just getting out of focus. Finally, I got separated and I met a woman, fell in love, things happened and we had the break-up; you know the whole story: Things happen in life.


Iím really at a very low point and I decide I want to get back and listen to Eric Butterworth, his sermons, on the radio. I went on the Internet and tried to get it. It turned out that he had died in 2004; I felt really bad about that. So I decided to go to and find out about a Unity Church in the area. I found this Unity Church and I went to it.


It was just the hugest collection of spiritual people; you walk into a room and you can feel it. Itís sort of like when weíre on the telephone call and the Elohim starts making your chest buzz, really excellent. I went to the class that the woman was talking about earlier and meeting with the people. The second meeting I went to, they discussed a book that they were going to study. 


Without me saying anything they decided to study ďDiscover the Power within YouĒ by Eric Butterworth. I was just so shocked; I said, ďOkay, everything happens for a reason. This is the reason why Iím here now.Ē I had gone to Avery Fisher Hall and had cassette tapes of his sermon explaining each one of the chapters. I converted the cassettes into mp3ís and I gave a disc to each one of the people in the group. They were very much enriched.


I wanted to give people a background on my spiritual progression. I was typing out a little thing that I was going to hand out to those people and explain things about how my spiritual path, because I was one of those guys that had a lightning bolt hit me in the head and that type of thing; I was not religious in any way before that. As Iím writing this thing and I got to the part where I met Eric Butterworth and he didnít know me from Adam, I got an epiphany.


It wasnít that Eric Butterworth was giving the sermon for me specifically; what was going on is that God had shaped my life so that I would end up asking the questions that he was answering in that order. Once I had that realization, it just gave me an overwhelming understanding of the expansiveness of what God really is. God is really in us, like an ocean is in a wave.


Wynn:  Right. Roy, we donít have too much time. I wanted to give a couple of more people a chance to say something.


Ray:  Thank you so much for letting me say that.


Wynn:  I thank you for sharing it. Iím so glad weíve been contributing to you. Youíre a powerful co-creator.


I donít know if you come to our Sunday calls, but I hope you do, because energy is that is our most powerful call. The fact that you have that little thing, where you think it and he says it, means that for a moment you were like one with the Universe and in harmony. It wasnít power; it was just synchronicity at the same time.


Ray:  I just recently in the last year I have become a healer. God has done some miraculous things.


Wynn:  Great. Let me let the next person say something. Who is on there that wants to share? Thank you so much.


Tammy:  Hi Wynn, itís Tammy in Via del Ray.


Wynn:  Hi Tammy!


Tammy:  How are you? How is everybody?


Wynn:  You want me to show up somewhere in person, right?


Tammy:  I was just thinking since youíre in Los Angeles area it would be fun to meet some people in person that are in L.A.


Wynn:  You know what? I was thinking if I announce it to the group Iím probably going to have twenty or thirty people, maybe, that want to show up.


Tammy:  The coffee shop or wherever it is would just love you, because you bring them all a bunch of business. You know, what I wanted to bring up, because the time is short, is how wonderful your Sunday calls are.


My experience, just real quick, is Iíve been studying different things on the spiritual path for a really long time. Youíve taken all this information; I joke with my friends; I said, ďGee Iíve taken in so much information, Iím in the application stageĒ.


The Sunday call is a great way to get involved and be productive and do something thatís really valuable and really helps the planet. The more people that get involved, the stronger the results. I just really believe in what youíre doing. I just hope more and more people will participate on the Sunday calls.


Wynn:  We are the ones creating this. Everything that happens, either I create it; Terry creates it; you create it.


Norma Rockland was the lady you met, right? I see I got three emails from her.


Tammy:  Itís so funny; some other lady mentioned that. We were just standing in line and she came up to me and sheís like, ďI think I know you; you look so familiarĒ. She goes, ďI know I know you; I feel I know you.Ē I didnít know her from anybody. After talking, we realized we were both on the Sunday calls a lot.


Wynn:  Yes, great. Thatís an example. Who was saying, ďI wish I could see people with little lights on themĒ? I think it actually works; when people start coming into our calls, theyíre here. You know, Norma is asking me if weíre going to David Wilcockís lecture tonight; Iím not.


Tammy:  Iím not going, either.


Wynn:  Terry went to one of his lectures. Weíre like a block away. If somebody emailed me and said they were showing up at Dennyís, Iíd show up; the Dennyís on Century Boulevard. Itís right next to the Travel Lodge that weíre staying at for one more day.


Tammy:  Iíll keep an eye out on the emails, if you guys are going to be somewhere.


I just wanted to mention: I heard I think Daphne come in the background and I donít think you heard her. If sheís still on the line Iíd rather leave the floor open for her to get through. I think I heard her on the line.


Wynn:  Daphne, are you there?


Daphne:  Yes. Who was that who acknowledged me? Thank you very much; I really appreciate it!


Tammy:  My name is Tammy; I heard you in the background. I donít think Wynn heard you when he took a couple other calls. I thought Wynn would want to know youíre there.


Daphne:  God bless you.


Wynn:  Thank you! I heard a small, quiet voice in the background of a woman. I kept trying to say ďWho was that?Ē Hi, Daphne.


Daphne:  Itís just your friendly Elohim-Ra transmitter, here in Half Moon Bay.


Wynn:  How long have you been listening?


Daphne:  The whole time.


Wynn:  The whole time! I was looking for you at the beginning and I couldnít find you.


Daphne:  Iíve been here since five of six, 5:55.


Wynn:  Isnít it nice to hear how we influence people?


Daphne:  Yes, it is. Very much; itís wonderful. I know weíre running out of time. I wanted to acknowledge; there are a few people that mentioned this; youíve been talking about it too. I talked a little bit about it with Terry kind of in passing. That is:


There is very strong information coming in these days that we are in a very significant frame of time, that thereís a window right now, especially this week, actually. It has to do with becoming a living conduit, a living bridge, a living Light-bridge from the highest realms, from the Elohim realm, right down through the entire spectrum, through the entire continuation, incorporating RaíAn, incorporating angels, incorporating your guides, coming all the way down through the dimensional spectrum, right down into your body as you are sitting there in your living room, your kitchen or wherever you happen to be.


We are literally becoming living bridges for spirit, for God-consciousness and the earth right now, from all the information thatís coming in through my own private transmissions and through a lot of other people that I respect, is that the crystalline grids of the Earth can actually hold this Christed consciousness now. There is enough of an interest, a laying-down of the grid work.


Of course, our Sunday grid healings have been a huge part of that; also, there are other people around the planet that are doing similar work. We are actually living Light; you know, someone was saying about the light-bulb on the heart; thatís not just an idea; thatís real! You are! You are a living Light unit. Wherever you go, when you go down to the Whole Foods or the Starbucks or the gas station or the vetís or to work or wherever you go, you are physically anchoring that Love-Light vibration now and itís sticking. The infrastructure, the crystalline grid structure, is in place on the Earth; all systems are go; everythingís green now.


Wynn:  The more people that do this, the way this works, itís not through reading stuff. People just start feeling the energy and they shift. Listen, we have to get off. Wait a second; donít say anything more. I love having you on; I wish I would have known you were on earlier; I would have included you more. In any case,Ė weíve got 7:59. Thereís was just one good email that came in:


ďThe other day I was looking up something concerning Khalil Gibran.Ē He ran across the quote: ďHalf of what I say is meaningless but I say it so that the other half may reach youĒ. He says, ďThatís put a whole new light on your conference calls. Each of us has to be sensitive to which half has meaning.Ē


In any case, Iím going to unmute everybody. Excuse me for cutting you off, but BBS is going to cut us off. I just wanted to make a formal goodbye. We hadnít ever done a call like this. I thank all of you who have participated and shared. Weíll do one of these again every so often. Itís really nice to hear your experiences. Iíd like to unmute everybody. Everyone on BBS, we say goodbye to you now.


Weíll see you all Wednesday; come up with your good questions. Thank you all so much for being part of each other and part of us. Weíre doing Carla Rueckert on Saturday morning, ten to one, the Carla Rueckert Workshop. We love you all! Bye.




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