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Wednesday Calls; 2013 Conferences

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Host: Wynn Free
Channeled by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien
Edited by Terry Brown Valerie Hawes and David Masty
Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee



Wynn:  This is Wednesday, February 13th, 2013. This is our Wednesday call, Wynn and Terry in, guess where?—Los Angeles, actually, North Hollywood. Those of you that have been tracking us know that we did the Sunday grid healing from LAX, our Monday call from LAX, and now we’re doing our Wednesday call in North Hollywood


We’re staying in North Hollywood by the graciousness of Vaughn, who happens to have a spare, empty apartment and I’m camped out in it. Thank you Vaughn!


What are we doing here? I’m not sure. We’re experimenting, seeing what happens. We’re meeting some people. We met a person last night who is producing a comedy show in Hollywood, a friend of Vaughn. We’re kind of getting grounded.


Yesterday we did an experiment that was really neat; it could be something that could continue in other locations. That is, we did a flash-lunch at Denny’s. We were staying at LAX and all these people said, “Are you doing something? Are you doing something?” I thought of Denny’s and they put two tables together and on a very short notice about six people showed up. It was really nice because everyone got to meet one another.


There are two outcomes of this work, probably more than two because everyone’s an individual, but two general outcomes that I think everyone can get something out of. One of them is having this understanding of how everything works, which I believe we’re presenting. It just stops your mind from asking so many questions—“Is there a God? How does it work? What happens?”—et cetera, et cetera.


The second thing is learning how to have a direct, energetic connection with positive Sources in other realms and understanding what that feels like, how to invoke it, getting used to it, getting comfortable with it. I think that’s an awesome outcome of paying attention to our work. I know many people are having that outcome. If you’re not having that yet, just keep hanging in and be open-minded. I’ll tell you, the more you read the materials and the more you immerse yourself in it, the more chance you’ll have of making that connection.


Normally when you think of making a connection with someone, you shake hands, you look at them and there they are, but this is not that kind of connection, at least for most people. Maybe some people will have a connection where they’re aware of a physical presence of some sort, but this is a connection that happens in your energy field. It’s learning how to feel that connection and identify it; make sure you’re not crazy; listen to other people’s experiences and see if it holds fast.


The third outcome, which is one that’s been somewhat hard to bring about although I know it’s important, is community. We have community over the phone; we do have community over Team Shift. If you’re interested, go to Team Shift; people call in on a line every day and they talk to each other. It’s been really hard to create community ‘in person’.


One of the obstacles is finances; we don’t have enough money to travel around and bring people together. I don’t like to charge people lots of money because then you only are creating community for the well-to-do. It’s okay if you’re well-to-do, but I want to be able to create a venue that can create community for everybody.


When we held our ‘flash-lunch’ it was like an attempt at creating community. I thought it went really well. It was like everybody kind of identified and said what they did; they talked to each other and they shared their emails. Now there’s an opportunity for people in a given geographical area to connect with each other, to hang out with each other, to support each other if there is some kind of emergency, which I think is really important. That’s very possible, and probably over the next years it’s not only possible, it’s likely.


When you have a support-system, you’re going to be much better covered; a support system and some food and water stored. Then you have motivation; you have somewhere to go and people to work out problems and issues. We’re doing another one tomorrow night. I decided to do it at this restaurant in West L.A. that is owned by Steven’s Spielberg’s mother. Terry and I used to go in there, really often, well, not really often. We’ve probably been there—how many times have we been there, Terry?—seven or eight times?


Terry:  Yes; I’ve been there even more often, because sometimes I’d go when you didn’t go.


Wynn:  Her name is Leah Adler; she’s an older Jewish lady. It’s a Jewish Restaurant of sorts and she is charming. It’s a small place; she greets everybody. She sits at the table. It’s like the way she’s chosen to live her senior citizen part of her life out, being like a little, glowing light for people. She’s not the least bit aloof, unless you ask her to take a script to Steven, then she glances down very fast.


We are ready to start:


Father-Mother God we ask for the presence of the Light, to surround and protect each person on this line and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the Solar System, through the outer energy fields of planet Earth, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth. In particular, we bring this energy down through ourselves here in Los Angeles. Right now we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. We invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring The Law of One, to join with us to create a protected space that only Positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.


Can we have our Sources let us know they’re present and give an introduction?


Ra’An:  We greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator. This is the 13th of February, 2013. We search for the words: we are honored and we are happy and glad to connect with each and every one of you who is within the sound of our voice or reading a transcript or listening to a replay. We are honored to be here tonight in this sacred moment.


And we ask: do you have questions?


Wynn:  Yes. One question I have and this has been my question, opening things up is:


We are past the December 21st day, 2012 that everyone was looking forward to or not looking forward to, as the case may be. It was indicated that the energies were going to smooth out a little bit; things might get a little easier. There are other people saying that things are going to get harder, that we can expect more earthquake eruptions and of course we just had a couple on the Ring of Fire. We can expect more economic breakdown. Also, that it’s going to be harder for people to move from one paradigm to another, the old paradigm to the new.

Could you explain a little bit about how that looks to you?


Ra’An:  Thank you. We would like to point out that each person is senior to their astrology; they are senior to the local economic system; they are senior to the local political system. One of the greatest influences in an individual’s life is how they have lived their past; if they have been unethical in their past then they will have that similar thing come into their life if not sooner then at some time later when they are more able and capable of dealing with it.


They will re-experience what they have dished out to others. They will experience it within their own life; it is called the Law of Karma. It will come back to them, directed to them, until they learn the lesson that all are One. What you do to another you do to yourself.


Individuals do not know why some of the difficulties beset them and they see them as unjust. As they look, as the past track clears, if they could look back into their past, re-create what happened and look at it, they would see that this is balancing of the Law of Karma. Ethical living is one of the best ways to ensure that you have a good future track, senior to certain conditions.


We look at certain conditions like Earth changes as temporary, as in transition. Individuals continue into a new chapter in their lives. So, if a person is hooked into the lower frequencies, the materialism, then they are more likely to have influences come into their life that can act as a lesson-giver. If they are connected with the higher realms, then they can move through any temporary changes and can come out the other side without getting any hang-ups from it.


We hope that this has shed some light on the issue.


Wynn:  Thank you.


A question: If somebody looks at themselves and they say, “Geez, I’m one of those people that have a lot of karma; I feel really oppressed, I know I want to work that stuff out.” What can they do?


For example: what would be a good idea for them to do a lot of service; a lot of volunteering, a lot of helping of other people. Does that help move a person through large karmic patterns that they have been carrying?


Ra’An:  That does help and that offsets some of the challenges that they have.


Wynn:  If somebody found themselves in a state where they were in the muck and mire of a lot of karmic patterns and they really wanted to get out of it, would it be good for them to do a lot of service? What would be good for them to do? How should they address that?”


Ra’An:  Thank you. The very best way would be to observe; observe their daily life, observe their difficulties. When they see that someone has done them an injustice, to forgive that person; to forgive them for their bringing that injustice about and to open oneself up, so that one in forgiving the other person can also forgive themself for anything similar that they may have done. And, to forgive the other person and to accept what is happening; to love as much as possible whatever it is that is going on, even though it is very difficult.


For when one can get to the point where one has acceptance of exactly what is going on, then they can have acceptance for what it is, whatever in the past similar, that they may have done. In accepting forgiveness for self and for the other person, then they can bring the effect to zero, zero out the effect. They can then be able to move on, as it does not hold their attention anymore and they have eliminated the pattern.


So, forgiveness is a big first start; also, as you have mentioned, to do work of service: that can help to re-format the individual’s patterns.


Wynn:  Thank you.


Sharon from Redlands says, “This is a serious question but it may sound silly.”


She feels blessed when orbs come through her house but she’s at a loss as to what she’s supposed to do. She says, “It’s like having guests in my home and not offering refreshments.” How should she relate to these orbs she’s seeing in her house?


Ra’An:  We would suggest a friendly, “Hello”. That is something individuals who have passed sometimes, who have been very gracious in offering refreshments to their guests, then when they are in a situation where they do not have a body then they cannot give the refreshments, but there is still the impetus to give the refreshments and to welcome the other beings. So a good, friendly welcome can replace that offering of refreshments


Wynn:  Thank you—a question from Joe in Alberta. Joe asked the question about the idea of free will choice to stop one’s existence. Is that possible? In other words to not have a soul; to bring your soul into the Light to say, “I don’t want to exist anymore, body or soul.” If he can’t do that, if one can’t choose that, where is their free will, if they’re forced to exist against their will, knowing that they did not ask to exist or be created in the first place?


Ra’An:  Thank you. We see a couple of answers here to your question. There is free will choice. One has a track in which they have chosen earlier on in some of their earlier lives; they have chosen a certain thing. They have chosen in another life, another thing. These things that they have chosen, that they have been living in those lives, they may not remember. They may have a desire to complete those things.


When they transition from this life they may still hold in their free will choice, the desire, in the unconscious to go back and complete certain things.


When one is totally themselves and has not taken on any attitudes or any ideas that are coming in from others and is totally within their own self and within their own being and within their own framework and they’re not trying to be something that they’re not, or to take on something that is coming in from outside them that isn’t really theirs, like consensus reality, knowing they have to live forever, then one could.


Within yourself and your own framework you do have the option; this is one of the options that some of the religions have held in the highest esteem: to merge back with God. It would take not having an ego; letting the ego go so that one can, at that point, be one with God without trying to flag another down to the fact that you are making up another identity or you are being other than God.


When one has this ability to totally let the ego go, one in their transition has the option to totally merge with God and be One with God.


Wynn:  If a person was in a space where they were in pain or they were in suffering or they were depressed, can they still have that option?


Ra’An:  It is always an option; however, in order to maintain that space of not being one with God [one has to be separate]—to be one with God is a very beautiful, joyous, light experience and is not in the same category as depression. To be in depression, one has to be withdrawn and does not then have the ability to merge back to God.


Wynn:  Thank you. Merryl has a problem with things disappearing. Sometimes they are later returned to the same location they disappeared from. Sometimes she finds them in a completely different place and sometimes they are gone forever. Often this happens from her car or her desk. Is this really happening? Can you explain why?


Ra’An:  Thank you. Sometimes there are elves or fairies or leprechauns that like to play tricks. They can remove an object and then put it back later. So that is a possibility that this is really happening and you do have a leprechaun that is playing with you to do these things.


Wynn:  Thank you. Caroline in Anchorage, Alaska asks a question. We’ve covered this somewhat when John S. died and we talked about his death, but there might be something new that comes through. She says:


“What does dying feel like?”


Of course, as I ask that it’s obvious to me that it’s going to feel different for many different people. So maybe we can ask:


What does dying feel like for someone that’s fairly compressed and un-evolved? And, what does dying feel like to someone who has done spiritual work and has made connection with higher realms during their lifetime?


Ra’An:  Thank you. When one dies, it is entirely an experience to that one individual. It depends entirely upon their viewpoint. If they have a belief that they are the body and when the body dies they are going to just have to be nothing and decompose with the body, then that individual can stay with the body.


It is pretty hard to shake that individual from the belief if it is a really solid belief. They would stay with the body; then they would be with the body until the body would decompose or would in some way not be available for connection any longer. But, they would stay connected to the body as long as they could, because of their idea that they are the body.


Then after the body had say, decomposed, then they would find themselves as a free spirit or in the air and could then recapture some of their momentum, their astral projection momentum and could begin to observe things and to come out of their situation.


If they believed that they were the body and the body had been cremated, then they could reside in the mock-up of their body to have a projection of their body that then would stay very old if they had been old until at some point, when they had played that projection through, then the projection could unwind and the individual could then emerge with a fresh vision of themself from underneath the old projection.


If an individual were really advanced, then they may just leave their body, they may move into the Tunnel of Light, which would be like concentric rings of like a worm-hole of concentric rings, a very high energy of a white color, that would propel them into a very high frequency and move them from the Earth frequency into the heaven frequency, where they then could speak with deceased relatives.


They could be helped by the angels and could have their life repair and to look at their life and have their life review and then worked with to repair things that had gone wrong. They could have access to the Library of Wisdom which they could go every day and read. They can rejoice or reminisce with their friends and relatives that have met them there in the heavenly realm.


We give you some examples as things are different for different people. There was one individual who owned property and was the apartment manager. When he passed on he did not know. Often people when they pass over do not know they have died, because they really haven’t. They really are still alive, only they don’t have their outer-shell body.


This one individual who owned the apartment house kept walking around the apartment house, trying to fulfill the duties he did when he had the job, not knowing he was dead. He would go and knock on people’s doors and people would see him. Then, he would disappear.


If a person passes suddenly, then they are more likely to not realize that they have passed over and they go around as ghosts talking to people and not being aware of any reasons why the other person wouldn’t answer. But no one can see the person so no one answers, unless it is a more advanced being that can see the person and answer and help them with directions.


Those are some of our thoughts on that.


Wynn:  Thank you. This is a question from Marsha. For quite some time, Marsha has been putting into the light a gentleman who had a vitamin company that had made claims supposedly and that has been receiving a lot of intimidation and worse from authorities like the FDA. Marsha tends to be a hero of the underdog, and her heart pours out because she sees all the good this guy has done while he is in the process of having his life destroyed by authorities. She wants to help him; she puts him in the Light. She doesn’t know how to help.


On her behalf, I’d like to put the situation in the Light. I’d also like to ask:


What is the healthiest attitude and manner of dealing with this situation which Marsha has so much care about?


Ra’An:  Thank you. There are several avenues of approach here:


One sees injustice in what is being done here. Yet, there are lessons to be learned by the parties involved.


All of the people that are missing out on the products that they would have found are also being affected. They could ask for forgiveness for those people [causing the problem]; she could forgive them herself; yet one does not wish to be controlled in that manner, so also search for ways that these products could continue to be made available. These are healthy, resonant products that are of great use to individuals.


We see that there is a gap here between what should be done and what is being done. We take a look; we ask you and the people involved to take a look and see if there is another way, if under a different product line or different product heading that these could be made available and out of the radar of those who are clamping down.


Also to take a closer look and see exactly what are the complaints of those that are clamping down? By reviewing all aspects of the situation, see if there is some other way that these products could be made available without being in the negative radar.


Wynn:  Thank you. Question from Chase in Long Beach. Chase believes his city is a downer; he thinks that the majority of people are atheists. When he drives into the city his crown chakra gets blocked and covered. Inversely, when he drives away his crown opens up, as though on automatic; his meditation kicks back on almost immediately. He believes all of that is because of the city; he thinks the city is killing him spiritually.


Ra’An:  Wait; which city is this? What is the city and state?


Wynn:  The city is Long Beach, California. I wanted to make a comment before I hear from our Sources. That is that some people--I can be like this; I used to be like this more than I am now; it used to be a predominant factor, that when I would travel, my higher chakras would open. As soon as I stayed somewhere and tried to ground myself, it was as if my karma came down on my head and I lost my openness. It wasn’t necessarily the city I was living in; it was me staying in one place and my karmic patterns would fall on me. I’m not saying that’s the case with this individual, but I wanted to offer it as a possibility. Then, I wanted to turn it over to our Sources to make a comment.


Ra’An:  Thank you. There is some influence of atheists in the area and from individuals in the area who have a certain consensus reality. There are other influences within your own past that are coming to bear as you should be able to eventually come into the city. Also note when you come into the city, is there a certain area that you drive across, then after that your crown chakra begins to open again?


We see an area one quarter of a mile into the city that is shut down. As we look through the area—notice when you drive through the city if there are areas where, like an area where you first drive in, where it shut down, but if you keep going it opens up a little more and as you keep going further it opens up a little more.


There are individuals of Light in the city of Long Beach. To identify with the shut down would close down your crown chakra. However, see that it’s not uniform over the whole city, that this happens and that you could move into a higher frequency, instead of going with the frequency of the land or the people; you can set your own frequency above that and so keep your crown chakra open while in the city.


Wynn:  Thank you. I’ll ask another question.


This is from Rosalie; I’m going to translate her question into something that’s kind of acceptable. She wants us to take inventory on somebody, whether they can be trusted or not. I don’t want to ask that question tonight; we’re not going to ask that question. 


Ra’An:  We did not understand that question.


Wynn:  That’s not a question. I’m not going to ask that question; I don’t think I’m ever going to ask a question on taking someone’s inventory. “Can we trust this person? Is this person positive?” If we started doing that, I would worry about whether we were positive because that’s part of your discernment.


The question I will ask has to do with, for quite some time in the initial stages of my experience; it was talked about going to 4D, graduating to 4D, going to 4D Earth. Then people started saying, “No, we’re really by-passing 4D and we’re going into 5D”.


Of course, 4D represents the heart chakra and 5D represents the throat chakra, the wisdom chakra. Some people are saying 4D is no longer positive; it’s polluted by the negative. So could we have some clarification about this 4D-5D? Where you go? Where you graduate to?


Thank you.


Ra’An:  Thank you. As one opens their heart they can ascend to the level that their heart is open. The energies are increasing at this time as the Earth moves through a trajectory within the Solar System and within the galaxy where the energies are similar to the energies that they were in at that point approximately 26,000 years ago.


As such, the individual at this point in the Earth’s and the Solar System’s trajectory has the opportunity, with the increased energy, to open up their chakras, all of their chakras—the heart chakra, their throat chakra, all of their chakras. As such, they can move into the higher ascended realm-density and can move into the area of the heart chakra, the area of fourth density and then even perhaps higher into the area of the fifth.


However, we see individuals having the opportunity at this time to move into the fourth density with their chakras open and release their karma and be given the opportunity to move past third density life and into fourth density life. If they can move higher into fifth density life, then they will do that; that will be available to them. We see them mostly moving into fourth density.


Wynn:  Thank you.  We will bring this session to a close.


Saturday we are going to do a Carla Rueckert session; Session Two, where Carla and I discuss the Ra Material. We take little passages and make them simple, hopefully. I was going to call it, Ra Material for Dummies; then we re-titled it. Carla said, “…say  Dummies Like Us.” Then we re-titled it, Ra Material Made Simple.


It’s very worthwhile; it’s probably the most elaborate and deep view of the Universe and the Ra group and how things work and the templates that have established themselves on our planet, that has ever been put out there into print.


It’s very complex, so we’re going through it a little bit at a time. Of course, Carla and I always have a great energy when we’re on the line talking about these things. She respects my understanding of that material. Keep Saturday open, 10 a.m. It will be really reasonably priced.


On that note, we’ll see you next time!



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