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Monday Calls; 2012 Conferences

Introductory Notes by Wynn Free

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Channeled by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien

Edited by Terry Brown, Valerie Hawes and David Masty
Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee



Wynn:  Hey everybody this is Monday February 18th, 2013. You’ve been listening in on the Internet and you’ve been hearing everybody kibitz just before the call starts. This is going to be a very first time we’ve ever done [a certain] thing on a Monday night. Do you know what it is, Carla?


Carla:  I haven’t a clue. I think it’s something about our Law of One workshop, because you were so excited about how well things were going earlier today when you talked to me. But, I’m not sure precisely what.


Wynn:  This is our first ‘infomercial’, okay?


Carla:  Our infomercial; oh, good. I’ve always wanted to do one of those.


Wynn:  This is our first infomercial on the Law of One workshop that we did on Saturday. It’s easier to do this after the fact because I know it went well and tapes are available. The hard thing about promoting something beforehand, which I force myself to do—it usually comes out okay; things usually work out okay; but what if it doesn’t? What if you tell everybody you’re going to do this great thing and it doesn’t work out? It’s easier to talk about it after the fact.


It is really unusual; everything we do is unusual, so let’s go through that. Before we start, we have Daphne. Daphne, are you on the line?


Daphne:  I am here, yes.


Wynn:  Very much ‘hello’ to you. If you’re not familiar with Daphne, probably most of you are; Daphne kind of was the inadvertent founder of what we’re doing here; not what Carla’s doing, but what I’ve been doing.


Terry, are you on the line?


Terry:  Hi. Hello.


Wynn:  Oh good, hi Terry. I’ve got to tell you that you are getting really good at unmuting.


Terry:  Yeah, right.


Wynn:  That was fast! Terry is also one of the co-founders of this work. 


This is extraordinary, to have Terry, Daphne and Carla all together. I would venture to say that these are some of the most extraordinary three women on the planet. They’re all pretty shy or humble; they won’t toot their own horns very well. Terry, toot your horn. What would you say if you were going to toot your horn?


Terry:  I really don’t know. I’d have to think about it.


Wynn:  Daphne, do you want to toot your horn?


Daphne:  Oh, you want me to toot, toot my horn, horn?


Wynn:  Yes.


Daphne:  Do you want the synopsized version or do you want the spiritualized version or the silly version?


Wynn:  Don’t think about what you’re going to say.


Daphne:  I always think about what I say or maybe I don’t. Who knows? I’m spontaneous.


Well, am I shy? Actually I don’t think I’m a shy person at all. I think I’m a pretty dramatic person. I mean I’ve got my shy moments.


It’s happening, folks. We’re accelerating towards now-ness. Be all you can be and joy is the name of the game. If you don’t like it, don’t do it. If you want the litmus test for now, it is happy, if you’re in your heart, you’re on the right track.


Wynn:  Carla, do you want to toot your horn?


Carla:  Was that her tooting her horn?—Daphne, that was a really good toot. I’d got to give it to you.


Daphne:  Carla, God bless you sweetheart. It’s good to have you here.


Carla:  I keep my promises.


Daphne:  I send lots of love to you there in Kentucky.


Carla:  Love, love—yes.  Love, love -- yes.  I can feel it rolling tonight;


Daphne:  It is. It is.


Carla:  There’s a lot of love around.  Isn’t it wonderful?


Daphne:  Firing up.


Wynn:  Since I’m the only male on the call…


Carla:  Would you like me to get my husband?


Wynn:  Well, if he wants to. There’s all this goddess energy, but I’ll toot my horn. That is: I show up, which is a big accomplishment for me. I keep my appointments, at least within two minutes late. I’m on time, almost, today.


In any case, I’ll toot these women’s horns for them; I’ll do it better than they do.


Daphne:  Keep your hands off! I’ll toot my own horn.


Wynn:  Well, Daphne is this person who has been in and out of history. When she shows up and starts channeling or transmissions or whatever she wants to call it, the fate of the planet shifts. She didn’t even know she did anything, but regardless, she did and something big happens on the planet.


Terry similarly, we only know one instance in history where Terry was doing something and something really big shifted on the planet. Terry is shifting things right now, as is Daphne. And Carla, we don’t know her history karmically, I guess we could say that.


But we know that Carla did something in [1981-1984]; she’s still doing extraordinary things. But, that was probably the pièce d’résistance, because she became a voice for what you might call the major group Over Soul for our planet.


It has been the major, as far as I can tell, intervener from other dimensions, from higher dimensions that is administrating, overseeing and making contributions as best they can to the evolution of humans. They’ve been doing it for thousands and thousands of years. They have a very hard time finding anyone to talk through and bring their message in. Do you know why they have a hard time?


As soon as a Source that is that big starts talking through someone, so often people become self-aggrandizing, messianic or how can I say it?—not knowing how to handle it; how to bring it into the world. Carla has dedicated herself because she knew what she did; she knew the importance of it. For years she’s had a small group, getting larger and larger, of people who have been transformed by the study of the Ra Material. Loads of it is up on her website for free.


It was one of the things that totally inspired me to reach into all the stuff that we’re doing now. It was one of the things that convinced me that this was real, because I couldn’t believe it was real at first. I didn’t know how to validate it. The unusual circumstances, situations, if you have a voice from another dimension and they make predictions that happen; that’s one thing; they bring wisdom in, but these were voices that were explaining things that a human couldn’t validate on their own, could not validate. So, how do you believe them?


First, David Wilcock was saying it. Then I go back and I study Carla Rueckert and she’s saying it. Then, Daphne starts; I’m not supposed to use the word ‘channeling’, but whatever she does, voices start speaking to me through her. I’m asking all the questions about the Wilcock-Rueckert materials and this premise of a dimensional shift and who the Ra group is. They’re answering exactly the same as I was already getting through the Rueckert material, that’s through Daphne.


Then of course, Terry starts coming in and they’re answering the same way through Terry. So now we have four people bringing a cosmology forth that is totally, by and large, unknown to mankind; never, ever been expressed. I have four people giving me the same cosmology, the same answers to questions. I ended up being in the uncomfortable position of saying to myself, “Oh, geez, I think this is real.” That is why I’ve committed myself to it.


Over time, Carla and I became friends; we have worked together. She’s been on our Monday show many times. We’ve discussed various things; then, a month ago I said, “Why don’t we try this?” We did a little workshop and we went through the Ra Material and we went through a few paragraphs of it; it’s very deep. It’s the kind of thing that you cannot speed read and we went through a few paragraphs. Then we interpreted them; then, we went through another few paragraphs and interpreted them.


It seemed like we had a good synergy, so we did it again last Saturday. We went through some more of it and we talked about it. It’s hard to describe actually what happens when we do that. It’s not linear, but for whatever reason I kind of have an intuitive understanding of that material. It’s probably because I’ve had lifetimes where I’ve been involved in The Law of One.


Carla has an intuitive understanding, so the goal was to take these paragraphs, which were incredibly sophisticated and deep and convert them into a language that everyone could understand in a fun way and we did it! If everything goes as we’re planning, we’ll be doing those sessions once a month. We got through the second one. The second one was more nervous than the first because I said, “I wonder if we can hold the energy, if we can continue?” The first one was like the romance.


Carla:  I was sort of like “This is not a problem; I’m not nervous”. Wynn was nervous; Wynn’s never nervous. That was funny.


Wynn:  Do you know why I was nervous, Carla?


Carla:  You steadied right down as soon as we got started. Why were you nervous, Wynn?


Wynn:  Because I had to prepare for it.


Carla:  Oh. You had to decide what to talk about.


Wynn:  I had to actually go and re-listen to the first one and make sure I covered new things. I didn’t know what I was going to say, but I had to prepare for it in a way that like on this show I’m not prepared; I am prepared because I like talking off the top of my head; even channeling we go into that and it works out. 


On that, I had to prepare for it; the first one I didn’t prepare for. The first one I just free-wheeled it; the second one I had to prepare for. To prepare for something and to keep it non-linear as well is a challenge. It’s easy for me to be non-linear if I don’t prepare, but I prepared and it had to be non-linear. I think it ended up really well.


Anything you’d like to say, Carla? I don’t want to hog the stage here.


Carla:  No; you’re doing just fine. I thought that something you said was interesting earlier; you were talking about how you and Terry and Daphne have a lot of karma back and forth, whereas I don’t seem to. That is probably true; I think I came into this incarnation with balanced karma, no karma with anybody.  Hopefully, I’ve kept it that way. That makes it easy for me to cooperate and to dance with people that are talking about stuff I’m interested in. Of course, I’m very interested in The Law of One.


I think it’s a different thing and it has sort of plangent undertones in it to have the energy of you and Daphne of Half Moon Bay and Terry, beautiful faithful sister Terry. The energies are very energetic, very family-oriented. You were talking about “All in the Family with a Twist” or something like that. The information that has come from these two channels is really good, astoundingly good.


Anyway, you have one thread of fairly calm seas with Wynn and me, and then you have this tremendous sea of love in between us three women and Wynn, as far as just the love of all of us goes. But, with Wynn and Terry and Daphne you’ve got a family; you really do. It’s a family that’s worked in different relationships and different ways and different incarnations over vast reaches of time, that’s pretty astounding. That’s kind of dramatic; as you said, Daphne, dramatic, very dramatic.


Daphne:  If I could just comment a little bit on what Carla was just saying, I think it’s about to get a lot more dramatic on the world stage, because the timeline that we seem to know about with Terry—maybe Terry wants to speak a little bit on this; if she’d to comment on it—is that the Vatican is in the process of being de-stabilized in a huge, huge way.


I think that we’re just beginning to see the very first rippling of things that are going to become a complete overhaul of world systems; of banking systems, of government systems, of education systems, of all those institutions that we’ve given away our authority to and our power to; those externalizations of correctness and people.


We’ve given the authorship of ourselves and what is reliable, to those institutions and those things outside of ourselves. We’ve given these institutions the power to tax us and to tell us how to live our lives and what morality is and what is ethical and what’s not ethical. We’ve chosen to live our lives by their edicts on one level or another in this grand cosmology of the illusion of separation from the Creator.


It would be real interesting to hear what Terry has to say about what’s going on in with Rome right now.


Terry:  I think that it’s a good thing, because things are getting more transparent. What a number of people very high up in the church have done is catching up with them, as one person by another person by another person has been exposed in what they’re doing, in the area of sexual abuse of children and in the area of money-laundering and other areas which we don’t even know about.


I think that is good that it’s becoming apparent and being exposed.


Carla:  Not that one is trying to embrace the negative aspects of destabilization, not that one is anarchic, but that one is happy to see systems busted that didn’t work.


Terry:  Exactly.


Carla:  That’s why so many of the people that are younger have come in with dual-activated DNA. They’re system-busters from the word go, because they’re much more able to look through instead of at these systems, whether they’re in the classroom or whether they’re in the world-scene. whether it’s small or whether it’s large. I think the stage is being set for all kinds of very interesting times. What’s that Chinese verse?—“May you live in interesting times.”


Terry:  Yes. And, I think that The Law of One is becoming more known. One of the things that’s been happening is David Wilcock has been lecturing on The Law of One. He’s been preparing say on a Friday for a speaking maybe four hours, then five hours on The Law of One, say on a Monday.


So more and more people are going to get to know The Law of One and how it operates in a person’s life and how karma, the wheel of karma, is affected by it and how things that they’ve perpetrated come back on people.


I think this is very healthy and is going to put people on a whole new level of grounding with their own self.


Carla:  Yes. What do you think, Wynn?


Wynn:  I thought I’d shut up and see what happened.


Carla:  You’re not going to think this time, eh?


Wynn:  I think that what is important is to etch out a groove in the consensus reality and etch it out so strong that it won’t go away. Because the groove is based on Truth, it keeps expanding.


It’s like in my part here, the way that this has come out people don’t believe this stuff. Most people can’t believe that this is possible. What they’ve done is, they’ve put me in a position; life has put me in a position, where between my story, between these four people that are all coming up with the same thing, it causes people to turn around and look twice. Many of those people that turn around and look twice are Wanderers.


Suddenly, there are millions of Wanderers out there. You guys that are listening, that keep coming into these calls, I’d be willing to bet dollars to donuts that you’re Wanderers and that this stuff resonates with you because it is bringing you back into your own recognition.


In any case, the fact that we are developing a community, a family, and putting this stuff out in a way that anyone who pays attention to it, it’s hard to walk away from it. It’s hard to get people to pay attention.


Part of my job is to be the guy that gets people looking, because I can be so corny and so—how  can I say it?—entertaining? I don’t know; it’s really not that. The thing is, to take it seriously.


Carla:  You can be every man, Wynn. How’s that? I think you can be every man, trying to figure this out. You can act it out; you can say, “I went here and then I went there”; you could tell stories about it. We go here; we go there, but we don’t write it down; we don’t tell stories about it. I think it helps to have a story teller among us that can touch these chords as it goes by and those chords have resonance for us.


Speaking of Wanderers, by the way, in 2001 I wrote a book called A Wanderer’s Handbook; it’s free online at I get letters from people often saying, “Thank you for writing that book”.


If you’re having trouble dealing with this world, you might want to take a look at that, because it’s a handbook for spiritual outsiders, let’s put it that way. I put it that way in the subtitle. It might help you to cope, because there’s a lot to cope with if you’re a Wanderer. There’s a lot to do, because we didn’t just come here wandering, we came here purposefully.


Wynn:  As I get it, as I look at it, most people who are Wanderers have spent many lifetimes kind of lost in this realm. Even I, who had advanced lifetimes and did advanced things, I see it’s kind of a—I’ll say the word; the word that comes to mind is a crap-shoot;  having the synchronicities and the circumstances that come together that suddenly bring you into a state of awareness.


One of the cool things is that we have brought ourselves into this state of awareness, so it puts it out there so that you guys can get it. You don’t have to go through all that stuff. All you have to do is pay attention and the cellular resonance of things will wake you up or help wake you up.


Carla:  Or at lease act as a snooze alarm, you can always go back to sleep.


Wynn:  A snooze-alarm, right. We do three conference calls a week; Carla’s out there. So, if you start falling backwards, you’ve got all these things to be snooze-alarmed. Listen to our calls and it brings it back to center. I’ve watched it and it works. The people that keep coming into our calls and paying attention are having experiences. Oftentimes, they started out thinking, “This won’t work for me; what is this stuff? This is too far-out.” It’s just showing up and letting the energies come in.


I thought I’d take a moment and any of you who attended our workshop, since this is an infomercial, anyone who was there on Saturday and wants to say anything, we’ll just take a moment and let people come forth. Does anyone want to share anything about the workshop? 


Lucy, you’ve been sending me emails. Don’t be shy; we need you.


If anyone wants to say something—let me tell you that I know somebody on this line got a lot out of the workshop.  When you come forth and say something, when you get over your fright of speaking in front of people, you’re doing a great service because I know that the information, the way we do these things, is helping people lift karma. If one person hears you and they shift their life, you’re responsible and it starts coming back to you. This is one of the ways of being of service.


Daphne:  If I could just mention something; I think that what I’m becoming aware of, especially in the last few months, is that this entire ascension process, we’ve been talking about it in terms of cosmic law and spiritual law and the emotional component, the psychological component, the mental component and the day-to-day life experience.


It is all those things and it does permeate through all those levels. At its very basic, elemental level ascension is a physiological, biological reconstruction of your light body and of your physical body.


The act of speaking up, the act of participating, the act of being willing to share, you are actually physiologically biologically infusing yourselves with Light. You are able to start accessing the 5D Gaia Light grid, which is now fully in place and you start being amplified. It starts literally burning through the dross and the miasmas and those places in your body and your cellular structure and your biology which are not resonating at a higher and higher hertz level.


I was looking at some information from various Sources that I’ve been working with for a long time. There was a mention of the 3D life experience of a human body being somewhere around 100,000 MegaHz per second. Going to a 5D experience, we are actually aiming for, we are on a trajectory of, accelerating to 9,000,000 MegaHz per second. You can imagine the kind of dross and the kind of what has to be re-calibrated.


Some of us, me included, are going through really extreme ascension experiences. I spend most of my days walking around with what feels like an anvil, literally, on my head. It feels like someone is sitting on my chest. It feels like I’ve got cement waders, fishing waders, on and that I’m trudging on the ground. I feel like I’m being pulled, literally, to the center of Gaia. I’m doing this incredible connectivity with the Earth’s core.


I follow what’s going on with the space weather and the coronal mass ejections. My symptoms invariably correlate extremely accurately with what’s going on with the corona mass ejections and the electromagnetic field and the fluxes of those fields on the Earth. So, there’s a lot of information and there are a lot of people going through this.


We are experiencing something profoundly biological. It’s not just a spiritual thing; this is not just something to believe in. This is not just a social phenomenon or a belief system or religion. This so far transcends that. There’s a quantum physicist from the University of Oregon, which is my old Alma Mater, his name is eluding me right now, I will go and find it.


I just heard him on soul talk radio on Saturday. He is so on the money with what is happening. The experiential aspect of what we are going through with this ascension process is but just beginning to be touched upon by the people at the outer fringes of the quantum science explanation of what’s happening on the Earth.


I’m happy to share experiences and resources; I know there was a caller earlier on. I didn’t get your name and I apologize for that. Please send Wynn an inquiry and we will do a radio show perhaps in the next week or so, about the emergence of the new 5D crystalline grid and what we can share about that. Thanks very much.


Lucy:  Wynn, do you hear me?


I just want to thank you; this is Lucy. I just want to thank Carla and you Wynn. I got a lot; I’m reading the book right now. That’s my second time. I understand so much more because of you and Carla, the way you’re speaking and the way you’re explaining, it’s wonderful. It’s wonderful; I want to thank you, all of you, Terry also.


Thank you!


Wynn:  Thank you Lucy and thank you for speaking up!


I want to make a comment; I’m reluctant to focus on things that I can’t validate for myself even though they’re probably true. There are certain aspects of the celestial workings that Daphne taps into. When she talks about them, I say, “I wonder if this is true; I wonder if this isn’t true.” The one thing I do know is that when things come, to make these things practical and applicable it has to come down to the human condition, the human ability to give and receive loving energy.  This is one of those cosmic things that is inside us.


I just wanted to share that. I don’t want to talk over people’s heads; the Ra Material is enough over people’s heads. But the fact of the matter is; the Ra Material gives a huge amount of wisdom about how to work things out on the human level.


That is what’s most important. Each of us is here on this planet and there are a lot of energies coming in. Have you learned how to take advantage of those energies? Have you learned how to ride them, or are they oppressing you? Are you feeling still contained and oppressed in patterns that are old?


Each of us, no matter what’s happening on a cosmic level, has to be able to rise to the occasion. It’s not a passive exercise to be in this shift; it’s an active one. It’s the challenge of moving through your stuff, so that you can access these higher energies that are coming in. At least that’s how I see it.


What do you think, Carla?


Carla:  I agree with you very much. I think it’s all fascinating, just fascinating.


I have a really good feeling about what we’re sharing on the Saturday workshops.  I think that when you start with quoting, I try my best to find the session that we’re quoting from and the actual question using that, you can find not only the session but the question now. It’s really a good help, so that people can go and look it up. “Oh there it is. That’s what they were talking about.”  It’s not just out there; it’s right there; it’s right there in front of your eyes. That helps a lot to bring it front and center, I think.


It’s just that connection between, “Okay, we’re talking about Session Six, Question 15”. We might talk about that for a half hour, because it has that much depth to it that you kind of have to chew it over. It isn’t just, “Oh yeah, well you do it this way.” It’s very solid material. Because of the fact that it’s solid it takes some thinking about.


Like what we were talking about Saturday; we were talking about healing. The Ra group says there are three basic parts of healing: first of all, know yourself, oh, that little thing. Then they said, “Okay, that’s your mind; then as far as your body goes, you have to use love and wisdom working with your natural functions.” What are your natural functions?


Well, if you studied the chakras, you know that the natural functions expressed by the red ray chakra are sexuality and survival. There is very specific stuff in there, but it has to be drawn out; you have to think it over, you have to talk about it. I think once you do that, it becomes, “Oh wow, this makes sense!”


Wynn:  I’m sure you’ve read those three things they talked about before.


Carla:  Oh, yeah.


Wynn: Did they penetrate you? I’ve read it before, but when we did on Saturday I suddenly saw it in a new way or a deeper way.


Carla:  I think that I had sort of an ‘aha’ thinking about the mind, the body and the spirit. I don’t think I’d really sorted it out like that and that’s really what’s going on.


Wynn:  On Saturday you had an ‘aha’?


Carla:  Yes, talking about that. I’d used the information but I hadn’t analyzed it and said, “Okay, this is about the mind, this is about the body, and this is about the spirit.” I hadn’t looked at that. So just in talking about it, you tossed that out as I recall. It’s not bad to discuss it back and forth because what one doesn’t see the other might have seen and even taken for granted. As you discuss it then it becomes something different.


Wynn:  Right.


Carla:  Also, I feel the energy of the people on the call sort of directing where we’re going to go. Don’t you feel that, Wynn?


Wynn:  Yes. One thing I learned a while back ago was; these words are coming from a group soul. We talked about that on the line, how there’s a multitude of beings, as Carla was describing; they’re in different timelines. They’re in the newsroom putting together all the stuff and sending it down. 


Suddenly it comes out as a word through Carla, or a paragraph through Carla. It’s like when we try to understand those things, it’s easier to understand when you have a group energy, because when we create a group energy we start to access higher timelines and suddenly it makes more sense.


Does that make sense to you, Carla? If any of you are doing Team Shift or doing things, try reading some of this stuff out loud on the phone. Notice how it brings in the energy just to read it because the group…


Daphne:  Do you know what definitely the highest timeline is, Wynn? With all due respect, the Ra Material is incredibly complex from a mental standpoint, but you can really get in your mind, in your body-mind-spirit complex, what the Ra Material is about when you move into joy, when you move into a spontaneous expression of the heart.


When you get into laughter and into joy, you leave your mental body and you leave the survival stuff and you leave the ego and you leave the personality and you just get into joy and laughter. You start becoming the Creator; you are no longer at the effect of anything else. You become the zero point; you access that oneness, that zero-point consciousness, that unity field, right there.


All of a sudden it’s not so much, “Where are we on the map? Where are we on the cosmic GPS station?” It’s, “We’re there; we’re it. We are the Ra group; we are Ra’An. We are the Elohim.” It’s not about they’re up there and we’re down here and they’ve got all the power and we don’t have any power.


They are us; we are them. This time that we’re in now is about learning to access that all the time; being joyful, being happy and expressing what makes you tick. People talk about, ‘juicy living’; doing what makes you joyous.


It’s like about what I was saying before; if you want a litmus test for what this next year, the next three years, are about, do what you love to do. If you want to know if you should do something or not, ask yourself, “Does this make me happy? Is this what I really want to be doing? Or, would I rather be doing something else?” Stop doing things because you think you’re supposed to be doing them or you feel obligated to do them or you’re afraid of the consequences if you don’t do them.


We have to start giving ourselves back the authority, the authorship; we’re the authors; we’re the creators of our lives; we are, not our parents, not our spouses, not our friends, not our university affiliations or whatever; it’s us.


That’s what this whole externalization of the whole Capricorn structure, the whole governmental structure, the whole Vatican thing is. We’re seeing everything fall because we’ve given them so much power. It’s like, that’s Harvard University, that’s M.I.T.; they must know what they’re talking about.

Somewhere in those ‘sacred halls’, someone made an arbitrary decision; some person sat down and said, “Well, I think we’re going to do it this way” or, “I think we’re going to…”  and then through cause and effect, that decision gets promulgated through the whole culture. Then everybody says, “Well, WGBH said it; it must be true.” Or, “This person who wrote a book said it; it must be true”. Or, “David Wilcock said it; it must be true”.


Every single one of us, we have that power too, every single one of us. When we start giving ourselves permission—that’s why I feel so, being a musician—I so encourage people to improvise, to write their own music, to do their own painting, to do their own photography, to do their own writing, to do their own blogging, to have their own websites, just for the power of creative expression.


When you start doing that, you empower yourself; you empower other people. 


If you spend time with small children, especially the ones that are under the age of ten now, those crystalline souls, they are so aligned with this. They’re so fired up; their codons are so on. They know that no one else can tell them, they’re kites. They’ve got the wings. They’re flying at this point.


We’re in a time of—I mean; we’re taking off. It’s not about asking permission anymore; it’s about granting ourselves the permission. I would really encourage people to start. It’s okay; it’s okay. Go for it! Yes!”



Wynn:  On that note…


Carla:  That was beautiful.


Wynn:  It is 6:52; I did send out a commercial on our emailing today. Here’s what’s on there:


For $25 you can get the audio of Session Two which is three hours; you can get the audio of Session One which is three hours and you can get the download of the first Ra book, Ra: Law of One that Carla did in 1981. If you can’t afford $25, you can put a discount code in and get it for $20. If you can’t afford $20 you can put a discount code in and get it for $15. If you can’t do that, it goes all the way down to $5. If somebody is really hard up, where they can’t afford $5, send us an email and we’ll send it to you.


This is the kind of material that can change your life; this is the kind of material that can give you the little bits of wisdom that give you the little jogs that make you look at something differently so that you can change.


Carla:  Thinking differently is what it’s all about. The neat thing about this material is that it gives you the thoughts that you might want to consider. Then it says, “Look; it’s up to you. You have the discernment; you have free will. If you think that this is for you, then here it is.” That was the whole energy with which they came in that very first time. They came into Don and said “Your group has had the seeking for this what you might call, advanced material. So here we are.”


Don said, “Talk away.” They said “No. We won’t talk; we won’t lecture. Ask us what you want to know and we’ll tell you anything we know and see where it goes.” That’s the way it always was; it was question and answer the whole way.  They weren’t trying to put something over on us; they were at our service, waiting for us to ask about what we wanted to know more about.


Don was very wide-ranging; he was a scientist. He got into all kinds of things, not just cosmology: how the world was created and what our place is in it and where we are now, where we are going; all kinds of phenomenon like pyramids and UFOs and healing and “What’s a ghost?” All kinds of things: Don would get sort of off on one or another thing, because he’d been investigating questions like this since the mid-50s.


It’s a wide-ranging conversation; you have to say that for sure. But, the energy is always, “Hey, whatever you want to know; whatever you want to know more about. Then, you decide.”


Wynn:  What I would say is that we all go through a huge amount of lifetimes in this realm. In most of those lifetimes, you’d never hear about anything like this. You’d never hear of something that has had so much authenticity and truth to it.  If you’re in here now—this is my salesman in me, but it’s actually true. I’m only telling you what’s true—that this is your rare opportunity to start looking into these energies and getting these keys because you can go a long time and never get exposed to this. This is not like anything else. Many of you know that.


And, it is 6:52; so let’s just say goodnight to everybody.


Carla, anything you want to say in closing?


Carla:  Thank you all for coming; the energy has been fantastic tonight. I love you guys so much; I love you, Daph; I love you Terry.


Daphne:  Thank you Carla; God Bless You. Thank you, Terry. Thank you, Wynn.


Carla:  God Bless everybody.


Daphne:  Thank you everybody.


Carla:  Let’s just keep that one going.


Daphne:  Absolutely!


Wynn:  We’ll see many of you on Wednesday night. Thank you, Gijs for helping hold the space and the energy for these calls. And, thanks everybody who volunteers and people sending out emails.


Carla:  And thank you, Wynn Free.


Wynn: And thank you, Wynn Free; yes. Thank you, Wynn Free, for showing up.


We’ll see you all, some of you, on Wednesday when people submit questions and we ask your questions and Sunday when we do our grid healing. We stay in your hearts even in the spaces all the time. We hold that space for each of you to be in your own loving nature.


That’s all; thank you.


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