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Wednesday Calls; 2013 Conferences

Introductory Notes by Wynn Free
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Channeled by Terry Brown and Daphne Karandanis

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien
Edited by Terry Brown, Valerie Hawes and David Masty
Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee


Wynn:  This is Wednesday, February 20, 2013. Today we have Wynn and Terry in Ventura, California—we are getting around—and Daphne in Half Moon Bay, California. As you know, this is the call where you folks submit questions and we answer them live on the call. I want to share something before we start.


There is a certain attitude about all this that I adopted quite some time ago. We are bringing through information live on this show. As we have said many times, you have to use your own discernment to decide if it’s legitimate or not. We’re not defining what you should believe or what is true.


There are many people who channel and bring through loads of information that I, personally can’t validate. Things like: we’re going from 3D to 6D and the crystal grids are doing this and that. It may be true; I can’t personally validate it. The other thing is, I don’t know how to apply that to change my life; maybe there’s a way, but I don’t know it. In other words, if I give you some celestial information that’s true, but it’s way beyond the human side, then it’s just like a curiosity; it’s a curiosity factor in certain ways.


Now both Daphne and Terry have certain kinds of experiences where they see things that I don’t see. Terry believes she’s riding with the Elohim when she’s talking and as they’re looking at something she’s seeing it. Daphne believes she is working in the grid lines and helping balance the grids, even when she’s not on the calls.


I can’t see these things myself. I’m just a human and I don’t fly around that way; I fly around in different ways. I’m very sensitive to the energies of people and responding to them; I feel one with people on a human level.


We’re integrating all these energies all the time on our calls. I have to be the facilitator and the decision-maker of certain aspects of how the call is presented. I have to be very careful that I create a balanced energy that doesn’t go over people’s heads, doesn’t bring information that you can’t understand and doesn’t bring information that you can’t validate personally, that you can’t use personally. If it’s information that you can’t validate and you can’t use, I’m not sure of the value of bringing it through.


On the other hand, Daphne tends to see these things and really looks at them. Many, many times Daphne has pioneered something in this work through something that has come through her, just as Terry has pioneered things in our work. So I have to walk the balance of checking something out that’s new and preferably not put it out over the airwaves until it’s passed my own litmus test.


Daphne has been bringing through different Sources that I have been checking out. We had a conversation just before this and I said, “It would be best that we keep any Sources that come through at this time to Ra’An, Elohim or Ra’El , which is another one we’ve talked to before, another division of the Elohim, Ra and the Elohim. She agreed.


Another thing she’s doing is something that she hasn’t done in the past and that is she’s chanting. Some of you have heard her do this; she’s done this on the calls. She’s brought through chants, sometimes Ra, sometimes Om. This call is a bit conversational, so I wasn’t sure if I was comfortable doing that on this call. Then we decided it would be okay.


I’m just explaining this all to you because I do not want you to give up your power to the information that comes through. The best-case scenario of this work we’re doing is that it delivers you certain wisdom. Here’s what I see as being the valuable thing of these conversations: first of all, there’s a lot of wisdom in it that you can apply to your life and hopefully make shifts and changes.


The other thing is; most of us who are paying attention are fairly old souls who have gotten stuck in this realm. There are certain truths that when they come through, create cellular resonances that help wake you up to past things and you start having ‘aha!’ experiences. There may be other benefits, but those are the two that I see most prominent.

Especially on our Wednesday call when people are asking questions, people often ask questions outside of the parameters of what I just described; they want to know things very specifically. Sometimes I consider those questions; it depends on what the question is.


I may answer them myself, because many things people want to know I have studied and I don’t ask our Sources. As some of you have learned, when we asked certain questions about the negative, sometimes there’s the potential to bring the negative in, just because we asked a question about it. If I choose to, I’ll answer those questions myself.


This is not a place to give up your power or to find definitive answers that you can’t apply to anything—are we going from 3D-4D to 5D, to 6D? Well, you’ll see. As we go through this, you will kind of get what I’m talking about. We have our questions for this evening ready to go.


Daphne, would you like to make any comments about anything I’ve said?


Daphne:  Thank you, Wynn. Thank you for that introduction.


Yes, I think what you’re saying and the terrain that you’ve covered is very applicable. These calls are very much to be used, in my opinion, as a tool; as a map if you find a map helpful; the definitive decisions, anything that you do or don’t do in your life, are entirely up to you and always should be up to you.


Take what resonates; take what feels right to you in your heart. If something does not resonate, disregard it. It doesn’t matter if it’s coming from me or Terry or Wynn or Carla Rueckert’s material, or David Wilcock or anybody out there. If it doesn’t resonate with your heart, with what you know is true inside, let it go.


The same information that’s coming to me is coming all the time; I’m experiencing a lot of intense physical, physiological changes. I do work with what I perceive as the Gaian Earth grids; I work inter-dimensionally. These are very real experiences for me, as they are for a lot of people in the Light-Worker community. That’s my experience; other people have very different kinds of experiences and they are just as valid as mine.


We have different roles; my role is path-cutter, way-shower. I’m bringing new things into consciousness for people; I’m inter-dimensionally grading. I’m a Light bridge builder, actually.


Wynn seems to be a master at being able to create a forum for people, being able to bring people of all different walks of life together and allow them to communicate; he really is a consciousness-builder. Terry is a wonderful guide and a soul-sister and a nurturer; she’s brought in tremendous wisdom in her own way, which is quite different than the way I bring it in. These are all to be respected; it’s not a one-size-fits-all here, although it all does dove-tail. I see it as a symphony orchestra and we’re all playing different instruments.


Again, I’d encourage people; if something resonates, play with it; use it in your life. If it fits, good; if it doesn’t, disregard it or put it away; try it later. This is a time of tremendous change and you will probably find your own experiences and your resonances changing very quickly in the weeks and months to come. The Earth herself, from my understanding, is going through tremendous energetic and interdimensional shifts now.


Wynn:  Thank you. Just to add to that; when Daphne was saying what other people’s roles are, that’s from her perspective; that doesn’t mean it’s true. This is one example of what I mean. It may be true; it sounded somewhat close. Nonetheless, when I say something or when Daphne says something or Terry says something as if it’s true, you have to test it against your own intuitions to see if it resonates.


I happen to have been very metaphysical all my life: I studied astrology; I studied all kinds of spiritual things, so has Daphne. Terry has studied in different ways, from a different angle. I’ve learned in doing this work that many of you may not have that metaphysical background and yet you’re Wanderers; you have very high consciousness potentials in this realm.


That’s why you’re attracted to this work. You don’t need to understand all the metaphysics to graduate this realm, to be a Light-Worker, to ground the higher energies. You don’t need to understand it; you can go through the feelings and do it. Some of you will want to understand it; you’ll study it. Others of you won’t.


I try to make these calls so they’re broadband, so it doesn’t get so sophisticated that you say, “What are they talking about?” Then it brings all these questions up.


There are other people on the Internet that do bring in very sophisticated metaphysical understandings; some of them may be even be negative and they still can know all that metaphysical stuff. Knowing the metaphysical stuff, knowing or having a lot of answers to what’s going on, doesn’t really necessarily prove somebody is being positive.


Many of you have noticed that the energies on this call are very loving; you can feel the loving energy. Our Sources say they’re using the call to help reach people and access a loving energy that’s not in the physical world, which is an amazing thing to do.


When I was younger and I was very metaphysically savvy about things, I used to think I was superior to other people because I knew all this stuff that they didn’t know. It became an ego-trip; it was a negative aspect of myself, because it separated me from people and it addressed my levels of insecurity; I felt special because I knew all this stuff.


That was not a positive way of relating, but I went through it. Now I’m not interested in the recognition level of this work. I’m interested in what can we offer that helps you connect, helps you get rid of your fear and helps you transcend your own karmic patterns. I know what we’re doing is working. I just wanted to address that.


If I do some testing in private sessions with Daphne and there are some points of view that I have come to the conclusion are valuable to share, then we’ll do sessions where we share them. I have to go through my own assimilation.


There have been many times where I have started a session with Daphne or with Terry, more with Daphne and things came through and I said, “Who is this talking to us?” There was a period of about five sessions where Ramtha came through, another series of sessions where Q’uo who talks through Carla Rueckert came through, another series of sessions where Michael Jackson came through. In each case I had to decide whether this something that would be valuable to share with the group.

Sometimes I’ll talk about these, but I won’t actually do a live session, because in doing a live session we can’t take anything back. I could say, “I don’t trust that” later. But I don’t want to do anything that has the potential to mislead anybody.


So that all being said, let’s start tonight’s session:


Father-Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light, to surround and protect Daphne, Terry and myself and that any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the Solar System, through the outer energy fields of Planet Earth, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth. Right now, we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. We invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring The Law of One to join with us and we create a protected space that only the Positive has access to. Anything not of that nature must leave now.


The first question: this is from Ray in Henderson, Nevada; I’ll address this to Daphne:


“Once a soul leaves the physical body, can it get trapped on our earthly plane in an attempt to help their grieving partner cope with the loss? What can a Light Worker do to allow this spirit to journey into the Light?”


Daphne:  Thank you, Wynn. We’re going to tune for a moment here; ommmmmmmmmmmmm.


Ra’El:  We greet you in the Love and the Light of The One Infinite Creator. We come to you in formation of the One that you would know as the Ra and the El; formation of the Ra’El’ohim.


You ask, dear ones, of those souls which you have perceived as lost souls or trapped souls and grieving souls. We would ask dear ones that you not focus upon loss. We would ask dear ones that you not focus upon grieving. We would ask dear souls that you focus on love, for it is through love that you liberate not only yourself but all those with whom you have heart-connections.


You are at a time and a space of tremendous importance for your Earth. We repeat this: You are at a time and a space of tremendous importance for your Earth, for this Solar System, indeed for the galaxy. For there are episodic chapters unfolding now, inter-dimensionally speaking whereby the light essence, the brilliant Christed Consciousness, which is within the very soul seed center which you have taken in resonance with in this third dimensional body and inserted into the Earth’s envelope, you are taking this and birthing this through the duality, through the dualistic consciousness, through this particulated spectrum and into the Unity Consciousness, into the Christed Consciousness.


As such you are becoming one. You are becoming the All That Is. It is the truth of your existence. Do you not see that that which you focus upon you engender? Do you not see that that when you focus upon, the fear, “Oh, I will leave this one. This one will be sad. This one will be lost. I cannot reach…” you create exactly what you do not desire by fearing it? We repeat:  You create exactly what you do not desire by fearing it. If you want to change the outcome of your life, focus yourselves; put focus; put joy; put the forward positive step of your life towards that which you would have, if you want something in your life.


For example with the radio: if you do not care for a station, it is staticy or it is playing constant commercials, do you complain about the station and say, “I do not like this station. I do not want this station. This station is horrible. This station is not giving me what I need. My life is awful, awful.”? This is what you are putting into the ethers.


Is it not easier, dear ones, to switch the station? Change the station. Focus upon that which brings you joy. Focus upon that which you desire. Focus upon that which you would receive. Focus upon that which gives you a sense of being at peace and oneness.


You are the architect of the experience; you are not a prisoner of your experience. You create the experience. You create the experience by choice. You create the experience by the choice of what you will put your attention on, what you will put your focus on. You are not a victim.


As your great master, Yogananda has said, “Environment is stronger than willpower.” We say again: Environment is stronger than willpower. As such, be attentive to your environments. If an environment is an environment in which you do not feel uplifted, an environment in which you are tempted to, for example, smoke or drink or eat too much, or get depressed, or indulge in negative thoughts, remove yourself from that environment. Remove from yourself that limited circumstance.


You must remember, dear ones, all is energy; all is vibration. Vibration will always settle at the lowest possible resonance. Remember: Vibration will always attenuate, it will settle, at the lowest possible resonance. Therefore, make that lowest possible resonance a resonance of at least peacefulness if not joy; at least neutrality if not upliftment. It is your choice, dear ones, it is your choice. It is your focus.


 Thank you.


Wynn:  Thank you. Just addressing this question, let us just suppose someone has passed and they do have someone they love who is grieving. If they have some element of choice on the other side, what choice can they make to help a grieving partner?


Ra’El:  We, in a round-about fashion, have answered this. But we reiterate. The strongest and most healing way that you may assist anyone is by intense love. Intense love dissolves karmic bonds; intense love brings grace. Intense love removes shackles. Fear is a contracted state; fear is what binds; fear is what cuts off the life-force. Fear is what causes reincarnation.


If one wants to help another, do service first to that which is within, uniting with God-self. For as you liberate your own wounded self, you liberate all others. Remember, it is The Law of One: As you free yourself, you free the ones around you. As you walk into the magnificence of the I Am Presence of who you are, you free millions upon millions of others who are also ready to walk into their I Am Presence.


The particular celestial mechanics of where a loved one might reside after death, this is the choice of that loved one. It is not your choice to have. Where the loved one will reside is not your business. You are learning to step out of duality. Duality is good-bad. Duality is light-dark. Duality is I win-you lose. You are learning that there is positivity-negativity and there is something else. There is neutrality. There is acceptance. There is, this is not of my concern because it is not of my path. It does not mean you do not care; it is learning [to be a] compassionate witness; learning [to be a] compassionate witness for others to make their own choices. And their own choices are letting them understand that they, too, are perfect in their Love-Light expressions.


We never actually lose anyone or anything; we are separated only by illusions of time and of space. We hope this has clarified. Ommmmmmmmmmmm.


Wynn:  Thank you very much.


This is for our Sources as they come through Terry. This is from Don. I don’t know his city but this is a general question:


“A recent guest on Coast to Coast said he was able to accomplish things metaphysically because of intent, which he defined as a balancing of both halves of the brain and slowing the brain waves to the alpha or theta range. Is there validity to what he’s saying in terms of increasing your ability to have intentions come about by balancing both sides of the brain?


We’re not really saying how to do that, but that’s the question through Terry. Thank you.


Ra’An:  Thank you; give us a moment. When one balances both sides of the brain, the left side, the logical side and the right side, the creative side, one releases the chakra systems in the head and in the throat to have the full potential of cyclical movement, which helps with the creation of intent as intent carries two sides, the logical and the creative.


This allows the intent with the chakra system working, to move from the body and to move to the subject of what one is intending. This does increase the potential for the duplication of the intent within the subject which then increases the potential for the intent to be felt and to be experienced in the subject.


Wynn:  Thank you. What exercise could one do, to help balance both sides of the brain?


Ra’An:  There is an exercise that is given on a tape by the Monroe Institute which is particularly geared to balance both sides of the brain. We suggest that you investigate this tape by the Monroe Institute; it consists of an exercise wherein the individual is given tones that help to balance the brain.


Wynn:  Thank you. Next question, this is from Nicolai:


“We have expressed the beginning of the Universe as saying that ‘Nothing became aware of itself’ and that is a mystery that is not really solvable, how nothing became aware of itself and became The One Infinite Creator. Is there any way to understand any better how nothing became aware of itself?”


Ra’An:  Would you like us to answer this?


Wynn:  Yes, you answer that, please.


Ra’An:  When you have nothing, you have nothing to be aware. When you have two, you have one that can become aware of the second and can duplicate the creativity of the second. It takes two to become aware and to begin to expand consciousness.


Wynn:  Is there any other way to understand? Is it accurate to say that originally there was nothing? Is that an accurate premise?


Ra’An:  That is correct; all is illusion and the illusion is duplicated when you have more than one awareness. All is created in the now. And, when the individual who is the Creator and the receiver of the creation which is a creation in itself when they have joined into the illusion that they are separate, then they can begin to become aware of the other and the other’s creation.


Wynn:  Thank you. This is Wynn speaking: It still sounds like a mystery to me, but we will let it go.


I’ll ask this to our Sources through Daphne. This is from Jim, we don’t have his location. When you’re asking a personal question they may not be able to answer it if you don’t give the location of the parties, but:


“My nephew sees auras, or has been seeing them for the last couple of years. My niece called me with some concerns. It would appear that my nephew finds himself in places that he has no recollection of how he got there.


In one strange incident, a girl who was having casual sex with him claimed she got pregnant from him, but that the person having sex with her did not act like my nephew and was more aggressive, something that she liked and so she allowed it to work and she said she had unprotected sex with him. She later aborted the child.


My nephew claims that he remembers having sex with her with protection, but doesn’t remember having the second sex. They have experienced orbs in their house and my niece says that she has awoken with scratches on her body. I tend to believe one of two things: he has developed an alter-ego or he may have a dark entity attached.”


That makes me think: This may be one that Daphne wants to pass on, as I read it. But, I’ll turn it over and if she wants to pass I’ll switch it to Terry. Thank you.


Daphne:  I think I’ll pass on that one. Thanks, Wynn.


Wynn:  Okay; Terry?


Ra’An:  Thank you. Give us a moment to check into the energy; we see some blank-outs. We see some missing time; we see other influences that are affecting the two people. These scratches are an indication of other influences.


We see some placing into consciousness some other script by another group, another star-group. We suggest further analysis of what has happened to the two, if the two wish it, as you are asking for two others. The two others are the ones that need to initiate the inquiries and initiate if they wish, into analysis, further analysis of what has caused the missing time and the missing remembrance of the experiences. We suggest that these people are sacred, these two are sacred, and are in control of their own thrust into inquiry in what has happened.


And, we see your loving concern; we suggest that in counseling them that you listen to their stories and you work with them based upon their own seniority in the situation, to give them any advice or any listening to that can help them or refer them to potential evaluation or to have them go to someone experienced in working with bringing out information of what has happened in an abduction sequence.


Wynn:  Thank you.


Daphne:  I’d like to clear the energies of that last question; I sense very strongly insect-insectoid, possibly reptilian, influence. It’s quite dark. I’d like us to clear the energies, with your permission.


[Daphne chants to tune]: Ommmmmmmmm; ommmmmmmm. Shanti, shanti, shantihi; we re-consecrate this space, as space of the Christed Consciousness, the space of the Angelic Ones, the space of the Elohim and Ra. We re-iterate: we are non-victims here; we are non-victims here. All experiences are chosen; choose to go to the God-Source Self. Ommmmm, Shanti, Shanti. Thank you.


Wynn:  Thank you.


One comment I would make to this is that these kinds of experiences are real, and there is a war of sorts going on ‘in heaven’. In our experience, many things are still being resolved. It’s not a done deal that the negative is eliminated and that our intent here is to help lift the vibration above the level where those things are possible. It’s a loving energy that protects one from those kinds of attacks and experiences, or the Christed energy as some would call it.


Terry-Ra’An:  We would like to say thank you to Daphne for clearing the energies; it is much clearer now.


Daphne:  Thank you, Terry, you’re very welcome. It was getting a little thick there.


Wynn:  Thank you. This is for Daphne; this was something Daphne mentioned on Monday, I think it was February 11th, (2013) and it had to do with changes, including the completion of the Earth’s crystal grid, but we ran out of time.


Could Daphne finish what she was saying? Thank you.


Daphne:  Thank you. We will continue that from the perspective of Ra’El; one moment please: [Daphne tunes:] Ommmmmmmmmmmm.


Greetings beloveds; greetings to you. This is Ra’El. We speak to you now of the crystalline gateways. We speak to you now of the crystalline Earth bridging. We speak to you now of those very nexi and nodes within the sacred self, within the sacred Christed architecture that is the human genome that is currently awakening from the two to the three to the four to the five to the six strand of the children now being born.


Yes, there are proto-architectures that are now being implemented through the 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 architectures. Yes, these are being implemented through places and portals; through the old Lemurian gateways, through the old architectures of Atlantis, off the coast of Florida, Bimini, across your North American continent going down to Australia, going down to New Zealand. The Gaian grids and gateways are being architected now and each of you humans, ascended humans, the ‘aaah’ expression; where you physically implement yourselves, where you physically walk and talk and work and architect yourselves, you are a living light filament encodement.


And your little codons, as you are bringing in the Christed Light through the high-heart space, through the space between the heart and the expressive place of the voice, between the glands of the sinus and the thyroid, you express the Christed self, you create the bridging and as you create the bridging, Gaia creates her bridging.


You are the living Light architectures of the building codes, of the building blocks. You, my dear ones, are making this happen as you speak and as you walk. There is much information which is available on that which you call you Internet. There are many working with these architectures. You can do searches on the celestial architectures.


From our perspective of the Ra’El, the most important thing to remember is that you are the living Light architecture; it is you who are lighting up the Gaian grids. Listen to your instincts; listen to your hearts. If you are called to linger in a certain place, perhaps you are called to linger in a restaurant or a grocery store or the post office or the shopping mall or the National Park or your park down the street; wherever it is, wherever you enter into a deep affinitive and affirmative appreciation of the people, of the place, of the land, of the environment where you go and open your heart, there also you open and merge with the heart of Gaia.


Gaia is you; you are Gaia. You are not separate; you are one with her, your mother. The very suit of chemicals which you wear as your seashell, your bodily suit, is an earthen vessel. It is a clay vessel made out of her. This is a space suit that she has given you so that you may walk upon her terra firma.


You are helping her; you have made a contractual resonance with her to enable her to lift herself into a higher octave. In fact, she has already decided to lift. Now it is your own experience which you have decided to experience within the space-suit to architect your own Christed-Consciousness Light to a higher level of Source, to an understanding of the divinity which is yours and uniquely yours alone. You are one with her; you are dancing with her.


As you dance with her and show her your joy of being in the aliveness experience of the now, that joy radiates and resonates forth. The Schumann Resonance, the base resonance of Gaia, has moved from the 7.8 Hz up to 14 and more. She is ascending; she is recalibrating. She is moving, moving, moving and it is up to us to move and to help her in her birthing pains.


Thank you.


Wynn:  Thank you.


It’s 6:58 and that’s the end of this call. I thank both Daphne and Terry for participating; I thank all of you for participating. We’ll see some of you on Sunday when we actually work with these energies in the upliftment of Earth.


If you’re not aware, Gaia is another name for Earth.


Just to mention, today Terry and I visited with Barry Morrow. Barry Morrow is the fellow that wrote Rain Man and he agreed to come in as a guest on some Monday night and talk with us. We’re working on a movie project and I hope you put that in the Light because it would be amazing.


On that note, I’m going to unmute everybody. We will see you all next time.







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